*UPDATED with clearer stock images July 2015* The sneak peeks continue today, with a look at what’s next for the Pandora Rose line! There are no new original designs in this sneak peek (although this is possibly not all of it), but it’s always interesting to see which existing pieces Pandora selects to get the Rose treatment.

Image by Pandora_NA
Image by Pandora_NA

The Pandora Rose collection also seems ideally suited to be worn with the blush pink colour scheme of the Pandora Autumn 2015 collection – it would look great worn with the pink Radiant Hearts or the Fascinating Blush crystal! This collection will be released for Autumn in August :)

These pictures are published with the very kind permission of the Pandora’s Angels Facebook page (and a little extra editing from me), so please don’t reproduce these images without crediting them. :) All prices given are in USD.

Pandora Rose Autumn 2015 Preview

*UPDATED* I now have clearer stock images, which I have collated into two collages for easy reading! I have left the original pictures and commentary as they are, should you wish to read some individual comments on the new pieces. :)

pandora rose autumn fall 2015 charms

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Dots & Ridges – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Love & Guidance – $80 USD / $90 CAD

Sweetheart – $100 USD / $110 CAD

Pandora Signature pendant – $65 USD / $70 CAD

Inspiration Within spacer – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Galaxy – $70 USD / $80 CAD

Inner Radiance – $85 USD / $95 CAD

pandora rose autumn fall 2015  jewellery

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Petite Hearts studs – $60 USD / $65 CAD

Pandora Signature earrings – $80 USD / $90 CAD

Eternal Clouds – $60 USD / $65 CAD

Inspiration Within – $150 USD / $165 CAD

Entwined – $165 USD / $180 CAD

Alluring Brilliant – $90 USD / $100 CAD

Forever Love – $60 USD / $65 CAD

Original Preview

The choice to make a Rose Galaxy charm surprises me a little, as its cosmic aesthetic is quite different to the existing Pandora Rose pieces, which are more based on hearts. It will cost $70.

pandora rose autumn winter 2015

Another Winter 2014 design is also making an appearance, with a Rose version of the Inspiration Within spacer. It will retail for $45.

pandora rose autumn winter 2015

The Inner Radiance has a celestial quality that would work quite well with the Galaxy, I think; it’s priced at $85.

pandora rose autumn winter 2015

The Love & Guidance pendant works very well as a Pandora Rose piece and fits in perfectly with the feathery themes of the Pandora Winter 2015 collection. It will retail for $80.

pandora rose autumn winter 2015

Priced at $100, the Sweetheart charm is based on a limited edition charm that came out with the Pandora Valentine’s Day collection earlier this year. It will be interesting to see whether the UK will get this one, too, seeing as the original silver version was a North-American exclusive!

pandora rose autumn winter 2015

We also have our third Pandora Rose clip: the classic Pandora Dots & Ridges design. It’s a more affordable piece at $50.

pandora rose autumn winter 2015

The Pandora Signature pendant will be $65.

pandora rose autumn winter 2015

There will also be Pandora Signature earrings to accompany the pendant, priced at $80.

pandora rose autumn winter 2015

The Petite Hearts work very well as Pandora Rose and are a little cheaper at $60.

pandora rose autumn winter 2015

Next up, we have a selection of Pandora Rose rings! The glamorous Inspiration Within ring is priced at $150.

pandora rose autumn winter 2015

The Alluring Brilliant will be $90.

pandora rose autumn winter 2015

The Forever Love ring is pretty in its simplicity, with no cubic zirconia accents – it’s priced at $60.

pandora rose autumn winter 2015

Retailing for $60, the Eternal Clouds offers another simple option if hearts aren’t your thing!

pandora rose autumn winter 2015

The Entwined ring is a rather stunning statement piece, and stands out for me as one of the prettiest pieces of this sneak peek! It’s rather costly, however, at $165.

pandora rose autumn winter 2015

Finally, Pandora are also releasing a necklace chain in a Rose finish – it will be available in both 45 cm and 90 cm lengths, priced at $100 and $180 respectively.

pandora rose autumn winter 2015

My Comment

While there is nothing here that leaps out for me as a must-have, I think that expanding the range of Pandora Rose rings is a good move; the Rose line is contemporary and fashionable, and stacking rings are a key part of that. I like that they’ve gone for a few Pandora classic silver designs with the Forever Love ring and the ribbed clip, too. <3 The Love & Guidance is very pretty in Rose, and I think lots of the new Fall 2015 feathers would also look great as Pandora Rose charms.

As the UK is now set to receive the Rose line this month, hopefully this collection will also be released here in the autumn! :)

What do you think of these new offerings for the Rose line? Are any going on your wish list?

55 Comments on Pandora Rose Autumn/Winter 2015 Preview

  1. Galaxy is perhaps my fave in silver so will likely get the rose version
    Disappointed that there is not a new clip or two. I find the selection of rose clips pretty uninteresting

    • I love the Galaxy design as well but my Rose bracelet has turned into more of a floral/white daisy theme so I probably won’t indulge in the Rose version, lovely as it is! There is the new Dot and Ridges clip in this selection – although it’s not an original design. :)

    • Hi Ellie I managed to get a pink leather bracelet out of the sale which. Brings my total up to 11 how many bracelets have you got I would love to,see a picture of your collection. :)

      • Yay, I love the pink leather! It was the first one I got ^^ Oh gosh, I just counted them up and then rather wished I hadn’t ;) the total is 21, including a lot of leather bracelets, bangles and a couple of Essence. Nine of those are the silver barrel clasp bracelets. That is a great idea, I will try and take one for you over the next couple of days!

    • Yep, the clips and the feather really appeal to me too! I will probably end up with the Feather dangle, as it would look great with my Rose Light as a Feather charm. Are you planning on getting some Rose pieces when it comes out here?

      • Omg that’s crazy 21 we really are addict I think I have a problem. I still wear every single bracelete. I will one day I would love a rose bracelete but not at the minute. Are you planning on getting anything.

        • Lol I know, it’s ridiculous! I’m not even sure how it happened. ;) I do wear all mine too, especially as I love stacking at the moment! I am tempted by the Love & Appreciation and the Sparkling Butterfly – the prices are pretty high though so I will see what I think on the day ^^

      • We must have the same taste Ellie with rose pieces, I have the Sparkling Butterfly (my only Pandora Rose charm so far although I do have the bracelet) and love it, and I think the next I want is the Love and Appreciation!

        I counted my Pandora bracelets, 10 total: I have 2 silver bangles (1 small and 1 medium), 1 two-tone bangle (small), 2 single leather (champagne and brown), 1 silver barrel, 1 two tone barrel, 1 rose barrel, and 2 heart clasp snake chain (2 different sizes). I wear them all, but the leathers and the silver barrel probably the least. Ever since getting the heart clasps I don’t use the silver barrel as much, I just love nicer clasps so that’s one of the reasons I like the bangles too since they have the spherical clasp. All from promos, but I’ve only been collecting a little over a year. I have 3 non-Pandora bracelets too.

        • Ah we do indeed! I think it was your Sparkling Butterfly design that definitely convinced me that I needed one too haha.
          That is not bad at all for a year’s collecting! ^^ You have some lovely classic pieces in there, especially the TT bangle and the neutral leathers. I think this past year has been my worst for accumulating bracelets. I only got three in my first year (two silvers and a leather in a promo) but things have obviously escalated since. ;) It’s interesting that you prefer the heart clasp bracelets now; I’m so tempted to get another one instead of a silver barrel clasp, but at the same time I kind of want my original heart clasp bracelet to be special.

      • Yeah Ellie, you should definitely get another heart clasp bracelet if you need another silver bracelet! I love the heart clasp so much, I probably won’t get anymore regular silver barrel bracelets if heart is an option (as they are the same price). The clasp really looks like a charm to me, I wear it so the big “O” side is showing and it reminds me so much of the new club charm! I hope they do a two tone version of this heart clasp bracelet someday, that would be so pretty. It would look nice as a clasp on the bangle too.

        • Ooh I’d absolutely love a two-tone version of the heart bracelet! That has to happen now, haha. There is the pavé heart version of the bangle, which is rather lovely – it would would be nice to have a plain silver one that was a permanent part of the collection too.

  2. I’m a silver type of gal but I’m liking the forever love ring in Rose gold. Might be a future purchase for me.

    • It is a shame that they are plated, but at least it makes it affordable :) Also I hear that, once the plating off, the pink Rose effect will actually intensify as the silver/copper metal is a more intense colour. So it won’t fade and look dull/silvery, on the plus side.

  3. The Inner Radiance and Entwined Ring looks very pretty. I am not sure how to style them though. Will styling them with two toned charms work on a sillver bracelet?

    • Someone else was thinking of doing the same thing just earlier and I think that would work just fine. Three-tone jewellery is something of a trend, but I wouldn’t want to pair lots of yellow and rose gold myself. However mixing little dashes of yellow gold with the Rose would look very pretty, I think :)

  4. I’ve wanted Galaxy for a while now. Not sure if I want rose or silver now. Love and guidance and even the clips were my picks of this bunch. Btw-im am broke just dreaming of what I would like from autumn/winter and now this. So many new charms coming out. Being selective is not my strongsuit.

    • The Galaxy is a beautiful design – I think the Rose and silver versions would look beautiful worn together actually!
      Aha, I hear you. I used to be better at just picking the ones I wanted the very most but, since running the blog, my ability to pick and choose is failing me! ;)

      • I will use my 2 rose light as feather as earring so that it won’t scratch. I am a earring and bracelet girl but no ringand necklace.

        • I have mine on a bracelet and haven’t noticed any obvious scratches so far (touch wood) but they would look just beautiful as earrings <3

        • I have the rose galaxy, but after 2-3 months it is completely dull, and no longer pink whatsoever.

  5. Pandora signature earring and entwined ring are indeed pretty! However, for the price, I will choose to go for rose gold necklace since I tend to change ring often but not for the necklace.


    • That’s a good thought :) I recently got my first Pandora necklace, to wear with my Frozen pendant – I’m surprised by how much I love it and I wear it all the time! I’d be tempted to indulge in the Rose version with maybe the Sparkling Rose pendant :D xx

  6. It’s nice stuff. But does anyone know if it causes allergic reactions in people with nickel and copper allergies? I’ve been wary to try the Rose in case I react badly to it given copper is the fill. I haven’t been able to find information anywhere on reactions. Maybe that means there hasn’t been any? I’ve read some women react very badly to Pandora silver, given it contains traces of nickel. I feel the nickel in the bracelets, but my skin tolerates it, and I have no reaction at all to the silver charms. Anyway, would be good to know before I buy.

    • You raise a good point, Lola, and one that hadn’t occurred to me before. I haven’t hear from anyone who has had a bad reaction to the Pandora Rose pieces, although the copper metal is hidden away under the plating and so probably wouldn’t be able to cause a reaction yet (I’d hope that it’s too newly-released to have faded yet!)? I’m afraid that this is something I don’t have a lot of expertise on – perhaps it would be worth chatting to your store/getting in touch with Pandora themselves to see whether they would recommend the Rose line for someone with allergies :) Perhaps I will do that myself, come to think of it – it would be a good thing to know!

      • It would be handy to know. Pandora says they don’t add nickel to their silver, but nickel is naturally occurring and “trace amounts may be” in the silver. I only have a real issue with the clasps–skin heat and itch, but no ghastly rash, so the “trace amount” is just that. I can keep enough space between my skin and the clasp to make the irritation easily tolerable. For the Rose, the copper is added on purpose, and I’m guessing there’s a lot of it. If the plating holds though, it might be okay. I just did an overspend for the leather promotion, so my next overspend will be end of July for the pre-Autumn release, the cat and camera are must-haves. Then I think I’ll try a Rose piece, maybe the clover-heart dangle on triple black leather, so I can keep space between metal and skin, just in case. :) I’m hopeful.

        • Oh, well I do hope that you are able to wear at least just the one piece. Your black leather design would be really rather lovely – it seems a shame that you might have to miss out! I will definitely check in with Pandora and ask once the collection is out here. :)

  7. I am a earring and bracelet collector. Have Pandora 2 rose bracelet, 2 silver heart clasp bracelet, 1 LE paved heart bangle and 1 double purple leather since March. I like to wear 2 same style bracelet together without any charm on it and same tone of earring. I will put a few charm between the clasp when I wear one single bracelet. Clasp is my focus point not the charm, have to get the winter paved barrel silver clasp bracelet for sure.

  8. Hi r there really 3 clips already in the pandora rose collection. I have the bracelet and want some clips didn’t realise they had done clips? If so do u have pics of them?
    Regards Sarah x

    • I’m not overly keen on the regular Autumn release either. I have a couple of must-haves, and I would like the Arabian Coffee Pot as well, but I will be focusing on Essence instead I think! :)

  9. Dot and Ridges clip is very beautiful in person, concept store show Fall release in Toronto already. The silver feather heart is in big size, dragonfly is good for earring. I will pick up Dot and Ridges clips for Sept promotion to get the $75 free charm.

  10. Hello Mora! I became a fan of Pandora’s after shopping with my girlfriend. Although they don’t specifically market their products directly to men, using some creativity and personality, I ended up managing to put together a couple of great looking bracelets for myself. Now, here’s the reason for posting this message :

    Browsing Pandora’s website I have become very interested in the Anchor Chain Rose necklace model #580412-90. This one listed at the bottom of all Rose products on this page. After much studying, including on your blow, I understood the Rose™ series are made from mixed metals (increased amount of copper and silver) and then plated with 14k rose gold. However, with this necklace in particular the website says: “Please note that this product is made exclusively from 14ct rose gold plated sterling silver.” That statement got me worried that the base metal underneath the gold plating will not be a color matching the rose gold (copper toned silver), once fading begins, but showing sterling silver (silver tone) only spots at the fading areas. So, my question is: Do you know if this necklace is made with the same mixed metals, silver and copper, as the other Rose™ products? Or this one is just gold plating over pure silver? I don’t mind the necklace aging, the gold plate fading, and the metal tarnishing somewhat, showing a vintage copper tone on it. I enjoy the fact it may become even more vintage looking. But I just wouldn’t like it to (after a while) wear off the gold in some parts, showing pure silver tone underneath, making it look like cheap plated costume jewelry… I hope I was able to express my doubt throughly. Thanks in advance for you input on this!

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