Today’s post brings my first Pandora Summer 2015 review with an in-depth look at the new Pandora Green Petite Facets! <3 I’ll also just be reviewing the Petite Facets charms in general and offering my thoughts on how they compare to Pandora’s murano glass beads.

pandora pink green petite facets charms

The colours of each Facet is rather beautiful and jewel-like – they didn’t disappoint in person! Read on for some close-up shots and some styling suggestions :)

The charms

There are four shades of the Petite Facets; purple and pink for Spring, and then green and blue for Summer. The colour of the stock images is not that representative of the actual charms, as the colours inevitably look a bit flatter. The depth and shimmer of each shade is best viewed in person!

I have opted for two of the pink Facets and one of the green. The pink is a pretty shade, with a milky, effervescent quality to it – although it’s a cooler pink than a lot of Pandora’s other pink charms. For me, it doesn’t match that well with a lot of the pink enamel or the pink murano glass, which tend to be rosier in hue.

pandora pink green petite facets charms

The colour of both the green and pink charms looks beautiful when reflected through the faceted surface, adding to the sense of depth. While the pink Petite Facets is lovely, I think my favourite of all four shades is the Summer 2015 green. Its teal-green colour is so vibrant – it instantly takes me back to my lovely Caribbean holiday a couple of years ago.

pandora pink green petite facets charms

The main difference between the Facets and the murano glass charms is the size difference. The Facets are a fair bit wider than the muranos, but blend in a lot better with regular charms in terms of height. The finish of the Facets is also more consistent, as they are synthetic stones; you don’t have to worry about matching them like you do with the handmade Pandora murano glass beads.

(Incidentally, my Green Petite Facets is quite a teal/blue-y green in person, and it goes quite well with the gorgeous Pandora Teal faceted murano, as you can see here!)

pandora pink green petite facets charms

The hallmarks are on one side of the charm – small and unobtrusive. As you can also see, the Facets are threaded charms, and they feel nicely solid and substantial to hold.

pandora pink green petite facets charms

The green and blue Petite Facets are made of synthetic quartz, while the pink and purple versions are cubic zirconia. The quartz Facets produce rather a lovely effect when placed in direct sunlight; like sun rippling over the surface of a pool. It makes for a perfect reminder of holidays and the ocean!



My first styling mixes the green Facets with a little rose gold. I am constantly discovering new ways to wear the Pandora Rose collection; it looks beautiful with bright blue and teal shades, especially when accented with some a few touches of white enamel. Wearing them on the bangle adds to the contemporary, summery look!

pandora pink green petite facets charms

I also found that the green and the pink Petite Facets look surprisingly pretty worn together, too. This is another example of how well the Facets’ size fits with other charms; using muranos in this bangle design would have probably looked uneven.

pandora pink green petite facets charms

If you want to go even further, all four colours of the Petite Facets look beautiful in this styling from Pandora Masonville:

pandora summer 2015
Image by Pandora Masonville

Both the green and pink Facets look great when worn with their matching bracelets:

pandora pink green petite facets charms

And this is how I personally will be wearing my green Facets; I’m planning on adding the new silver Tropicana openwork to this design, alongside another beachy silver charms – perhaps the pearl oyster or the retired silver seashell charm!


I have added my two pink facets to my pink-themed oxidised bracelet; they’re a lot brighter than the soft pink Cherry Blossom clips and the Butterfly Kisses murano, but I like the contrast anyhow. :)

pandora pink green petite facets charms

Finally, as a little extra, my lovely reader Nicola asked to see a shot of my full Pandora collection – here it is! For relevancy, it does offer another shot of my pink bracelet with the new Facets and of the Summer 2015 leather bracelet with the green Facets. ;)



The Petite Facets won’t be replacing murano glass for me any time soon, but nevertheless I like them very much and they add a beautiful depth of colour to your bracelet. It’s great to have an alternative to the murano beads, and they certainly do blend more into an overall bracelet design – the muranos stand out more due to their size. I’ll be excited to see Pandora experiment with more colours for the Petite/Geometric Facets in the future, for sure!

The Pandora Petite Facets are $40 or £40. If you’re in the UK, you can purchase them alongside the rest of the Pandora Summer collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

What do you think of the new Petite Facets? How do they compare to the murano glass beads for you?

65 Comments on Review: Petite Facets from Pandora Spring and Summer 2015

  1. I love the petite facets! I have 2 ea of the pink, purple, & green. The green I have on green leather with 2 of the Tropicana( my favs for summer) open work & the beautiful palm tree between them!!! I have the pink & purples on my bracelet with those colors dominant. I love the Muranos but the size can be a problem on smaller brackets becoming tight with them on it. I would love to have red & green petite ones for my Christmas bracelet!!! Would be much prettier with the small Christmas charms! Since purchasing my first bangle…… I have to admit, I love wearing them!!!! They are so much more comfy for summer wear! Thank you so much for keeping us informed. I ordered 4 charms from Republic of Jewels in Ireland. Have already received. The low prices were awesome!! Love your reviews!!!!

    • Ooh your green bracelet sounds wonderful, that’s just the kind of thing I would like to put together. :D The Tropicana openwork is next on my Summer wish list (I just ordered the Orchid ^^).
      Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we will be getting a nice red PF for Christmas (there is one described as red for the Winter collection, but it looks more like a deep pink) – but I’m sure they would be popular!
      The bangles are great aren’t they? I was a late adopter but now I absolutely love them for stacking with the leathers. They are perfect for summer as you say! <3 Thanks so much Kathy! Glad you were able to grab some bargains – enjoy your new charms! :D

  2. I personally love how the petite facets look in the pictures. However when I went to the store, I was a little disappointed. It’s not the colour I was expecting it to be. I was planning to buy the green and pink ones to match it with my Disney’s Ariel and anna’s signature colour. But I don’t knw why part of me still tempted to buy it. I think it will look great. Looking at your photos make me want buy them even more.

    • Aw, I’m sorry to hear that they weren’t what you hoped. However I’d have thought that the green Facets would look great with the Ariel murano – they look like they are very similar in shade to me! The pinks of the Facets and the Anna murano are quite different, but the contrast would still be really nice I think. <3

  3. Nice collection, Ellie! I see you also have the pink heart murano. I have a daughter who loves pink, and was thinking of getting her a pink heart murano with 2 pink petit facets to flank it. Since you have them, can you tell me how the shades of pink look together?

    And I have to ask, with so large a collection, what are your favorite charms so far?

    • Thank you! Are you referring to the new Valentine’s 2015 pink hearts murano (I also have the original pink hearts murano, which are painted on)? They look nice together; the PFs are quite a lot richer in colour, but they are complement each other rather well. I’ll try and take a picture for you! :)

      That’s such a tough question. :P I probably love the Cherry Blossoms and the Mystic Florals the most, plus the two-tone fairy-tale charms. The pearl Viola Bloom and the Treasured Hearts pendant are just gorgeous too. I also have a soft spot for the London charms (the Guard and the Bus). In terms of sentimental value, my first ever charm was a silver elephant and that is probably the one I most treasure!

    • Hi again Clair! I went with the assumption that you meant the latest pink hearts murano – here’s a quick snap that I took yesterday:

      • That’s exactly the one I meant. Good guess. :-) Those look really pretty together, don’t they? There’s a new clip that has tiny white flowers on it ( reminds me of a hydrangea bloom, but that isn’t the name of it) and I think that would be a pretty combination for her.

        LOVE Eeyore! And Pooh, naturally, since I carried around a Pooh Bear my entire childhood. I have Pooh and Eeyore on a silver bangle together. I’m hoping for more of the characters to keep them company.

        Thanks, Ellie! I’m pretty sure my hubby would hope my collection doesn’t catch up to yours, but it’s growing! :-)

        • They do, the pinks really offset each other nicely! Is that the Darling Daisy that you mean? If so, I really love that clip and it goes beautifully with almost everything – it would definitely be a pretty combination with those two as well!
          Yes, my fingers are crossed for more Winnie the Pooh characters! I’d love a Tigger and a Piglet as well. <3

      • Yup, that’s the one. I can never keep the names of them straight.

        Piglet and Tigger would be awesome. Any thoughts on when Disney’s next release might be?

        • I hear that there will be new charms for AW15 but I have no specifics yet at all. Pandora are being very hush-hush about it! Rumour has it that there may be a couple of LE charms for Christmas, but that’s unconfirmed as of yet!

        • Hi Clair,
          You must be really happy now that Piglet and Tigger are available. I saw them in person and they are wonderful. I do have Winnie myself but he will have to wait for his friends to join him. ? I am literary broke…lol

  4. Thanks for the great review! You have made me excited for when my pandora goodies arrive. I will wear my green petite facet on the green leather bracelet with the ocean mosaic pave and then have the palm tree in the middle. I also have two open work lattice charms coming from Republic of Jewels sale with I think might look good with them. I’m still undecided if I like the tropicana charms or not. I thought they looked a bit flat compared to the openwork hearts, butterlies and flowers. The openwork leaf looks flat too.

    Have you tried styling the petite facets on the necklace? I have seen some pictures online and I think it would look good. I also have a necklace coming so I will try it. I think the reflective colours from the facet would look pretty on the neck, simple but stunning I think.

    Thanks for the picture of your collection, it’s amazing! Another question, have you ever tried linking/clipping your two essence bracelets together to make a necklace? I think it would look good as the clasps are round they would look like charms. Just an idea I had when looking at your collection.

    Thanks again for the review

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! :D Your green leather bracelet sounds great; I hope your goodies arrive soon! I know what you mean about the Tropicana looking a bit flatter; however that effect doesn’t detract from its prettiness for me. ^^ I quite like that it’s quite tidy and regular in design, although I do have and love the openwork butterflies and flowers too :)

      I had never thought of clipping the Essence bracelets together but I just tried it and, you’re right, the clasps are pretty perfectly positioned to look like charms. The overall effect looked great – love it! :D I will have to try your Petite Facet idea, too – their colours are so pretty when they catch the light, I’m sure that they would look great on a necklace chain.

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  5. Your collection is amazing I love all of your bracelets, do you still wear them all, I can’t believe you put me in your post lol.
    The petit facets, the colour is beautiful I would love one of every colour lol. I will try and add a picture of my collection later in the week.

    • Yay, thank you Nicola! Glad you liked them haha! Yes I do still manage to wear them all – some get worn more than others, depending on the season, but they are all still worn regularly. :) I have combinations that I stack together too.
      And yes, please do -I’d love to see a picture of your collection! :)

  6. Hi Ellie! Great post as always!
    I’ve bought the blue leather bracelet and a blue facet! I love all shades of blue and especially in summer! The lovely thing about this facet is that when I wear it on the leather bracelet it looks like electric blue, really summery, but when I put it on my bangle is light blue and in total harmony with my Cinderella theme!
    The point is that, almost every time I read a post of yours, I make new discoveries!! :-) That green facet under the sunshine “talked” to me, and lately I find myself really weak to resist to such voices lol!!!
    As for the murano glass beads, I find them so elegant and detailed, especially the last ones in Valentine’s and Spring’s Collection, that I wouldn’t compare them to the facets! On the other hand, facets’ shape makes them appealing and easy to match. I wonder, would it be possible for Pandora to make a murano bead in the shape of a facet? That should be interesting!
    Can’t take my eyes of your collection! I thought you had many charms and bracelets but my imagination proved poor in front of this superb picture! Thank you for sharing it with us! Tell me something though: how easy is it, to decide which one to wear? I only have 2 bracelets and 2 bangles and I find it hard to leave some in the box… I recently finished my first bracelet, where I put all my wonderful memories of last years’ trips in Rome, Venice, Vienna and Prague, and I can’t imagine my hand without it! I wear my bangles together in more formal occasions and the leather one when I’m dressed in blue! If I ever reached your number of choices, I think I would need hours to make up my mind! :-)
    Once again, thank you for the time and soul you dedicate in this blog! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Yay, glad to hear that you love your blue pieces. How cool that the colour shifts like that – the blue Facets are perfect for a Cinderella theme now that I think of it. I wonder how well they go with the Cinderella murano! :) Aha I hear you. Looking at Pandora is dreadful for making me suddenly ‘realise’ that there is something else yet again that I must have! This instant! ;)
      I would love them to make a Facet-sized murano! I am a big murano-glass fan and so I’d be really quite disappointed if ever Pandora left over making glass beads in favour of these crystals, as gorgeous as they are.
      It’s actually easier than you might think haha. When I had fewer bracelets, I used to hate leaving them behind (as I was used to having just the one bracelet that I wore every day for a long time) but now I’m quite happy matching bracelets to what I’m wearing/where I’m going. ^^ Some bracelets I wear more depending on the season and others I wear all year round. If I am going out for the evening, I also tend to wear either a couple of bangles, with maybe an Essence bracelet for a bit of colour! Your bracelet sounds amazing, how lovely that you have been to all those places! I’d love to visit them all. :) My memories are spread out around my collection now; the only bracelet that is very full of special memories is my very first (the one with green and purple), and I tend to wear that one if I have something challenging to do that day or if I’m feeling low. ^^
      Thanks so much for commenting Chrysa! It’s so nice to hear that you are enjoying the blog ♥♥

  7. Wow, 21 bracelets all together. I think you have close to 200 charms. No wonder you have such a wonderful blog to share your collection with us. Huge investment!

  8. In love with them. I have the pink and purple ones. Can’t wait to add the blue and green ones. Thank You for the post!!!

  9. Beautiful collection! <3 and nice review of facets. I'm not a fan of the color green, but seeing your post and pictures makes me want to get the greeeennnn onnneee :)

    On a unrelated note, do bangles really get scratched easily? :( I just got mine and they're full of scratches already because of the charms that I placed in them.

    • Thank you! <3 Aha, I don't have a lot of green in my collection either but I just loved the teal-green of the Petite Facets. The pastel green of the leather bracelet is really pretty in person too ^^ You should definitely get one! :P

      They do, I have written reviews in the past warning that they scratch up very quickly :( I tend to only wear openworks on mine, or to use the stoppers with clips to stop the charms moving around.

      • The truth is….even if they get scratches, you really can’t see them. You would have to be looking very close to see the scratches. I am just gonna enjoy mine & if I later have to replace….so be it!! As I get older, I have realized more that we need to enjoy our prizes!! No need to keep in perfect shape to leave for others to mess up!!! Lol

        • I have a similar attitude to you Kathy :D I do tend to just enjoy my jewellery and, while I take care of it to the best of my ability, I accept that eventually the oxidation is going to wear off the oxi bracelet or that the bangle is going to be scratched. ^^

    • Yes, they do scratch up real fast.
      Always use a clip each side of a centre charm or just clips as silicon stoppers go easy inside the clip and wow, no more movement.

  10. Hi Ellie,
    Forgive me for going off topic, but I know you have Aussies reading your wonderful blog – and I thought they would want a heads up – Pandora is having a one-day sale tomorrow – spend $150AUD and get a free black leather bracelet. One day only promo (Thursday 11th June). Check you local store. Not sure if its Australia-wide. I got notified via email and the stores listed were my closest Sydney stores (4).

      • Hi Ellie,
        I seriously thought about it but my pink leather bracelet broke after only wearing it for a month so I was a bit nervous about getting another one, so I decided against it.

        • Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about your leather bracelet Lozzie. I have heard that they are a lot more fragile than the silver ones, although I seem to have got lucky with all mine so far. I have not had a problem with them yet :)

  11. I wasn’t sure when they first came out, but I like the look of the pink one, now I’ve seen your pictures. I might get it sometime in the future. I like the look of one of the purple ones coming out later this year as well.

    • The pink one is really lovely, although quite bright compared to other Pandora pinks :) it’s worth trying it on in store first to see if it matches what you have first. I’m excited for those coming out later in the year, too, although I’d have liked to see more murano glass as well!

  12. I also love the petite facets!! I was amazed at how much they shimmer when I saw them in the store. I have had a purple leather cord that I’ve had for awhile and I just wasn’t sure how to style it. I purchased the orchid charm (my absolute fave of the Summer collection), flanked it with two purple petite facets, then flanked those with the sparkling leaves clear CZ clips from last Fall. I wear it as a 15″ pendant and it is my favorite pendant I have (I’m wearing it right now)!! I also got the new green leather bracelet during the promo and put a pink petite facets on it with 4 other pink charms. Likewise, I also have a pink leather bracelet I put the green petite facets on with 4 other green charms. I wear these leather bracelets together and they look beautiful!!

    • Yes, the way the colours shift in the light is rather beautiful isn’t it? Particularly with the pink ones! Your bracelet design sounds lovely, I can just imagine how rich the Orchid looks with some purple shades. I have the orchid on its way to me (it was also my favourite Summer piece!), and I can’t wait to try some different stylings with it! I don’t have the purple ones, but I saw a beautiful bracelet using it with the pink facets and the purple/pink sea glass murano :)
      I hadn’t thought of mixing up the green and the pink facets/leathers – I am working on a green leather bracelet review so perhaps I will try and get a green/pink styling in for that one! :D

  13. I love your oxidized bracelet. Every single time you do a review and include this bracelet, I go wow. Love the charms you have chosen on this bracelet and the pink they go so well together.

    • Thank you so much Lozzie! <3 I'm so glad that you like it, as it instantly became one of my favourite designs. The oxi bracelet is great for toughening up pastel colours!

      • Oh my, that has grown! ^^ You have such a lovely collection Nicola – I love all the different colours you’ve gone for. So pretty! My problem is that I keep making pink bracelets, haha. I particularly like your purple bracelet with the Ladybird and the Butterfly, that is just perfect! <3 Your Disney bangle is also super cute, I'm rather envious of your Anna dress haha.
        And oh no, I hope that you find your ring! :( :( I hate it when things go missing. I'm sure it will turn up soon :)

      • Hi Nicola,
        Love your bracelets! I am spending this Winter weekend to read old comments from this blog to give me ideas. Very fun!
        I was wondering what are the 2 metal sticks with round ends that you have at the bottom of you picture to hold your beads.
        I imagine it would be useful when planning the design of my bracelets.?

  14. I just got the blue facet but I exchanged it for a brighter blue. The one I received first was so pale. I love the way it looks on my bracelet. I love the muranos but I have to confess the facets might be my new favorites lol. Can’t wait for your next review, they always make my day.

    • Oh really, I didn’t realise there could be such variation between them! All the ones I have seen have been fairly similar :) Glad that you have one that you’re pleased with though! The blue Facets is really pretty; I’d be tempted to pair it with some of the winter pieces coming out too :)
      Thanks so much Linda! It’s always so nice to hear how much you enjoy them :) I just posted a review of the Orchid, if you’re interested!

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