Today’s post offers another Pandora sneak peek, with an in-depth look at the accompanying jewellery for the Autumn and Winter 2015 collections! There are lots more feather pieces for Autumn, while the Winter pieces feature more bows and some pretty white enamel.

pandora winter christmas 2015

These pictures are published with the very kind permission of the Pandora’s Angels Facebook page (and a little extra editing from me), so please don’t reproduce these images without crediting them. :)

The Autumn collection is set for release on the 27th of August, while the Winter collection should be out on the 29th of October. All prices are given in USD. Please follow these links if you missed my posts on the upcoming Pandora Autumn and Winter 2015 charms! :)

Pandora Autumn 2015

Kicking off the previews, we have another dainty pavé bracelet from Pandora. With pavé detailing and cut-out hearts, its design is reminiscent of the Twinkling Forever bangle from Summer 2015. It is priced at $50.

pandora autumn fall 2015


While there aren’t too many leaf motifs in the new charms coming out for Autumn, there are some beautiful rings featuring leafy designs. The Shimmering Leaves ring, while very expensive at $150, is one of my favourites from the Autumn collection. I love the intricacy of its design.

pandora autumn fall 2015

Continuing the leaf theme, the Luminous Leaves ring is priced at $85 and features a pearl as its centrepiece. This is another one that I really like!

pandora autumn fall 2015

There is also a petite version of this ring, which is a little cheaper at $50.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Crystalised Floral Fancy ring will cost $125.

pandora autumn fall 2015

Pandora describe the Majestic Feathers collection as having the ‘striking beauty of the phoenix’ and this statement ring is certainly very pretty, although I wonder how comfortable it would be to wear. It would be fun to have an actual phoenix charm or pendant, in addition to this more abstract representation of its beauty. This ring will cost $90.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Hearts Tiara pendant will have a matching ring, which will retail for $55.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Forever PANDORA set gets an accompanying ring, priced at $135.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Hearts of PANDORA ring is rather reminiscent of the Twinkling Forever bangle of the Summer 2015 collection, and it works well as a ring I think. It’s priced at $65.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The ring will also be available in 14kt gold, priced at $375.

pandora autumn fall 2015

While its name might be something of a mouthful, the Alluring Brilliant Marquise ring offers a simple, classic-looking gold design. It’s priced at $400.

pandora autumn fall 2015

There will also be an accompanying ring for Lace Botanique set, also priced at $400.

pandora autumn fall 2015

Finally, the Classic and Timeless Beauty rings, which were originally due out for Spring 2015, are finally making it out with the Autumn 2015 collection – albeit with a name change to Classic and Timeless Elegance. They are both $85.

pandora classic beauty ring

pandora spring 2015 timeless beauty


The Pandora Hoop earrings offer some simple hoops, priced at $40.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Love and Guidance charm from last year’s Autumn collection now makes a reappearance as a set of earrings, priced at $80.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Shimmering Feathers studs are priced at $55.

pandora autumn fall 2015

For a more sparkling alternative, you could always try the Majestic Feather earrings, which are priced at $65.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Forever Pandora earrings will retail for $50.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Classic Elegance and Timeless Elegance earrings will be $95.

pandora autumn fall 2015

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Lace Botanique earrings will be available in 14kt gold and will retail for $360.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Geometric Drops will be $75.

pandora winter christmas 2015

Necklaces & Pendants

Two new necklace chains are coming out with the collection, in both silver and 14kt gold. The silver is priced at $25:

pandora winter christmas 2015

The necklaces will both be 45 cm in length. The gold is priced at $300.

pandora winter christmas 2015

The Majestic Feathers necklace, priced at $140, makes a great statement piece, with its striking wing design and long 70 cm chain.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The PANDORA Signature necklace offers a contemporary look and will cost $95. It will also be offered on a 70 cm chain.

pandora autumn fall 2015

The Hearts of Pandora necklace features cubic zirconia detailing on one side, and ‘PANDORA’ written on the other. It will be offered on a shorter 45 cm chain and will be priced at $125.

pandora autumn fall 2015

My favourite of the necklaces, however, is this lovely Angel Wing design. It will be offered on a longer 90 cm chain, and cost $150.

pandora autumn fall 2015

Finally, the Lace Botanique pendant offers a little something for gold lovers and will retail for $300.

pandora autumn fall 2015

 Pandora Winter 2015

While there are some lovely pieces in the Autumn jewellery selection, the Pandora Winter 2015 pieces appeal to me more. ^^ With some delicate shimmering white enamel and wintry motifs, there are lots of lovely things coming out in time for the holidays!


pandora winter christmas 2015

My favourite jewellery piece pictured here has to be this little pearl ring, entitled Delicate Sentiments. Priced at $65, it has a very pretty bow design and some delicate pavé detailing. I’m glad now that I never got around to get the original Sparkling Bow ring, as I just love this one!

pandora winter christmas 2015

The lovely Starshine spacer gets an accompanying ring, priced at $80.

pandora winter christmas 2015

The wintry blues will also be continuing in the accompanying jewellery – the Radiant Embellishment ring is priced at $90.

pandora winter christmas 2015

The Crystalised Snowflake ring will be $90.

pandora winter christmas 2015


The Pandora Starshine earrings are petite in size, and reasonably priced at $40.

pandora winter christmas 2015

The Crystalised Snowflake earrings will be $75.

pandora winter christmas 2015

The Snowflake earrings are a little more understated, and are less pricey at $65.

pandora winter christmas 2015

My Comment

For me, once again, the rings are the stars of the show here – which is not surprising, seeing as Pandora’s stacking rings are so popular at the moment. I love the use of delicate pearls, and the white enamel of the Abundance of Love is also lovely. My main reservation is that I expect most of these things, with all their pavé accents, will be very expensive here in the UK. However, I am very tempted by the Delicate Sentiments ring from the Winter collection – I am sure that will be on my Christmas list! ;)

What do you think of these new pieces? Do any appeal to you?

72 Comments on Pandora Autumn/Winter 2015 Jewellery Sneak Peeks

  1. Good morning Ellie. What lovely (and detailed)reviews for Autumn/Winter you have provided us with. You obviously put a lot of time and effort into these which is much appreciated. I am loving the Hearts of Pandora bracelet, Shimmering Leaves ring, Hearts of Pandora ring and the Delicate Sentiments Ring. These are now on my “check out” list to see when they come out. I have a two page list already of the charms which just never seems to get any shorter unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it haha. Will be going into the city tomorrow to pick up my club charm so excited for that, but right now i m just enjoying my green and blue leathers from summer. Will see if they will let me upgrade to a bangle tomorrow, if not, i will probably purchase the navy leather for the promotion. Your collection looks amazing in your other post. I can see you are just as into this Pandora stuff as I am. Enjoy and again, thanks for all your hard work. Have you finished school for the summer?

    • Good evening Cheryle! Thank you – it does take a little while to do, but it’s rather exciting having new images to post so it doesn’t seem like it, haha. You have picked out some of my favourites, too – although I’d add the Luminous Leaves to that list. ^^ The one that I think I’ll definitely get is that lovely Delicate Sentiments ring. So pretty!
      Haha, my list of charms to get is actually at its most manageable that it has ever been. My wish list on is rather empty compared to the thirty-odd pieces that has been my norm :P I’m sure it’ll kick up again once I see all these new pieces in person, or when I get that ‘lightbulb’ moment and think of a design for a new bracelet, haha.
      Thank you! I am definitely rather a dedicated Pandora collector, as I know you are too ;) I am not done for the summer yet, unfortunately :( I am doing a one year Masters course so we have to set to and do our dissertations over the summer, alas. At least I’ve been able to make notes in the sun over the last week, we’ve been having some beautiful weather for once ^^ Thanks for taking the time to comment Cheryle, hope all is well with you!

      • Hi ellie. I posted a note on another of your review sites. Got my pretty little club charm. Very classy little charm. They let me upgrade to a bangle so this little charm went onto it straight away. It has to have a home after all haha. Decided to start a darker green color themed bracelet so the peacock (birds of a feather) with his blue-green stones, the owl with green eyes and a murano with green and torquise triangles(not sure which one it is or whether it is retired, as they only had one) also made their way onto the bracelet with the little club charm. Simple but pretty. Looks nice with the always in my heart bracelet. I will try and stay quiet now untill the Fall and Winter collections come out. Notice I said try haha. Ttyl my Pandora Friend, and i do consider you my friend.

        • Hi Cheryle! I just got my Club charm this morning, as well – I’m also in love! I bet it looks beautiful on the bangle. I’ve added mine to my Midnight bracelet, which has the 2014 Club charm on it as well. It’s quite a dramatic, starry bracelet – so the diamonds fit right in ^^
          Love love love the sound of your dark green bracelet! That owl is one of my favourites. <3 Your bracelet sounds like it would go well with some pieces from the upcoming Autumn collection, which has a number of beautiful forest charms too! :)
          Aha I have given up trying myself! Of course, I consider you in the same light – and I always look forward to reading your comments and about your latest Pandora projects! ^^ Talk to you later!

  2. Thank you for the pictures. I like the look of quite a few of the rings, but I’ve not fully made my mind up till I see them in store. Can’t wait for them to come out. I’m being good at the moment and having a break from buying Pandora, as I have bought quite a bit up to May time. Going to save my money ready for the Autumn and Winter Collections coming out.
    I like the design of the Lace Botanique ring, but I’d want it in silver. Hopefully they might bring it out at some point in silver. I like the crystalised floral fancy, hearts of pandora, either the classic beauty or timeless beauty (glad to see there releasing these two again, as I had one on my list last time). I also like the Radiant embellishment ring, though need to see what shade of blue it is, wish it was released in a purple or pink, that would have been nice.

    • Glad to hear that there are rings you like – I thought this was really quite a nice set! I’m pretty sure that I will love the Bow ring in person too, but I’ll be looking forward to seeing that one anyhow. I should be slowing down on my Pandora, but I keep being tempted by the UK sales and the Club charm for 2015… we’ll see if I stay strong, lol.
      They do keep remaking designs in other metals and colours, so hopefully if the Lace Botanique series does well we’ll see a silver version too! Or perhaps something for Pandora Rose. :) I was also glad to see that they are bringing out the Classic Beauty/Elegance ring set again – hopefully they’ve fixed whatever was up with it the first time!

  3. Just wow on a lot of them. LOVING the bow one. Have to add it to my collection. And the hearts tiara. Oh I can go on haha. Loving the rings very much. I have so many already. Can’t wait to ass these now. Thank You so much for this post ❤️❤️❤️

    • Yay, I love the bow one as well! That pearl is just beautiful. I keep meaning to add to my ring collection and this one is perfect. ^^ You’re welcome, thank you for reading and commenting! <3

    • On the bracelet at the top of the page? The blue stone charm is one of the new Geometric Facets:
      It’s coming out for Winter 2015 :)

    • Is the pendant of the pandora signature necklace the same size as the pendant that is available at the moment? Or will this one be bigger?

  4. Hi Ellie!
    You’ve spoiled us you know, and I now cannot imagine my day without enjoying a new great post of yours! :-)
    As I’ve already mentioned in previous comments, each time I read your news, I discover new “needs”! After reading today’s post, I’m convinced that every Pandoraddict that respects herself should own at least one Pandora ring! Since I don’t have any, I think the autumn/winter collections give me the motivation to do so!
    I liked the “Hearts of Pandora” ring very much, and as I already have the relevant summer bangle, I think this ring will inevitably end in my finger! :-)
    I also loved the “Abundance of love”, as much as the relevant charm and spacer you’ve included in previous post! There’s something charming about this colour in winter (not only in jewellery, but also clothing), when most people choose black, grey and dark colours, don’t you think?
    Thank you again for the time and energy you invest to keep us well-informed! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa!
      Yay, I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the updates. No update today, but I have been working on some upcoming posts on the plus side ^^
      Aha, I didn’t get a Pandora ring for the longest time – it was only this February I think! However now that I have one, I’m also discovering that I ‘need’ more, haha. The Abundance of Love is really beautiful, I love that shimmering white enamel. I like your idea of wearing white for winter, too – and I think it’s as appropriate for winter as dark colours, really. It’s very reminiscent of that beautiful snowy winter weather! <3
      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! It's always a pleasure to hear your thoughts!

  5. The jewellery is lovely some of the rings are really pretty and the two kind of snowflake earrings are quite nice. Weird as I’m not so crazy over the snowflake charms but I like the jewellery.

    • The pearl rings are lovely, particularly the bow one from Winter! :) I think the snowflakes from this collection do work a bit better as jewellery – the earrings are really pretty!

  6. This is the first time I have loved the rings! Especially the ones with pearls. Though the snowflake-ring also looks very tempting! Will certainly have a closer look at them.
    Thank you for sharing the photos with us. Can’t wait for more! Photos of the charms ! I have skipped the summer collection ! So I really deserve a treat! (From the autumn release)

    • I know, I really love the pearl rings too! The bow one is my personal favourite – I’m very tempted by that one.
      You’re welcome! You definitely deserve a treat – that is more self-restraint than I have. ;) I thought I was going to be skipping the Summer collection (I did last year’s), but I’ve ended up with the green leather and the matching Petite facets. I’ve also just ordered the Orchid, haha.

  7. I have just realized!!! I missed a couple of posts! How could I!!!
    I have just seen the photos of the charms. At first sight so many of them are so lovely!

  8. Be honest, I saw similar style in real solid gold in Bangkok so that won’t spend for this release. In Asia, women buy real gold jewelry to wear and as a investment. They sell real gold jewelry when they need emergency fund.

  9. Hi Ellie!

    This is totally unrelated to your post, but I just need to get your opinion on a major buy that I’m going to make XD. I have a friend in the UK and, as you know, Pandora is on sale there.

    I’m torn between getting two pieces of the mystic serenity spacer (worth 22k a pair in my country but costs only 15k from uk) or one golden radiance pink sapphire (worth 34k in the my country but only 12k from the uk).

    please help mmmeee choooseee :) very much appreciate!

    • Hi Pau! That is a very happy dilemma, haha. On the one hand, the Mystic Serenity spacers are pretty and nicely substantial, and you would be able to get two of them. However I have always absolutely loved the pink sapphire Golden Radiance and, if I ever had the money to start on Pandora gold, it definitely would be one of my first buys! It’s also the biggest saving for you… consequently that one would be my pick. :) The nice thing is that, whichever one you go with, you know that you’re getting a great deal!

  10. Sadly only the classic beauty ring caught my eye for this collection. Was expecting more though. Got a quick question for u, Ellie. Is this winter collection to be launched in October the Christmas collection or will there be a Christmas collection launching on a later date?

    • Ah, that’s a shame. At least you’ll save a bit with this collection! ;)
      In answer to your question, the October release date is the Christmas collection too. There’s just an autumn and a winter release each a year – the winter release covers all the festive pieces too!

  11. Hi can you please find out when the pandora jewellry boxes go on sale in the stores in the U.K as I have telephoned a few and they don’t know what I am talking about!! Or is it hush hush for now lol.

    • Hi, some stores have already received the boxes and are selling them, while others have not received them yet. I have heard that Pandora have another shipment of the boxes ready – so the stores who don’t have them yet should receive them soon :) If I hear anything more concrete I will let you know!

  12. Hi Thankyou would greatly appreciate more info on the boxes. On reading another of your posts I decided to have a look on the Republic of jewels website, I ordered two number charms, 3&5 for my wedding anniversary which was 23rd may. I got them in the sale, what a bargain? love them. Will also be going to the VIP pandora rose event tomorrow evening at the Trafford centre in Manchester he he can’t wait really looking forward to it. Thanks for your blogs, love them? keep up the good work.

    • You’re welcome, I will let you know if I hear that they have made it into more stores. :) The numbers were an absolute bargain, congrats! I got the lovely sparkling Pineapple from there this time around (although I’ve not had a dispatch email yet, I hope they haven’t run out of stock!) but nothing else.
      What did you think of the Pandora Rose collection? :D I’m hoping to go and see it later this week, I couldn’t make the VIP event as I work Sundays :( Glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog, thanks for commenting and reading! <3

      • Hi Glad you got a bargain too. The Pandora Rose collection is gorgeous, lovely tone of rose gold. On arriving was treated to glass of bubbles and cupcakes yummie what else could a girl want? I treated myself to the new rose bracelet and the tropical charm and the Art Deco rose charm, they are stunning. I am going later to get 2 new rose clips for the bracelet and the new pink orchid charm, looks so nice from the pics on the blog, can’t wait. Love reading your blogs, and looking at all the new charms and pics. Let me know if you treat yourself to anything from the new collection.

        • Ooh that sounds lovely, I’m very jealous haha. I will definitely have to try and make the next special event they do! Love what you picked out – are you planning on putting the Orchid charm with the Rose pieces? As that would be gorgeous! <3 Thanks again Jozzie – I will let you know if I get anything from the Rose collection (and let's face it, I probably will lol!)

      • Hi I could not get the new orchid dangle charm in my store as they had all sold out? they are waiting for new stock. But I treated myself to the love bonds open work charm and 2 new clips the pale pink cosmic stars and dazzling daisy clip. I was disappointed to see there was no choice in clips(the new rose collection) to put on my new bangle.

  13. Hi Ellie is the sale still on tommorow, also do you have any news on the autumn Disney collection?.

    • Hi Nicola! Sorry for the delay in reply – I think (or at least I’ve been told) that the sale finishes tomorrow, so you have this evening still to shop! :) I don’t have anything concrete on the Disney collection (Pandora have kept it very hush hush) but rumour has it that there will be limited edition pieces for Christmas :)

  14. I am loving the petite luminous leaves! So pretty, I have sparkling leaves ring from the past autumn collection and pearl earrings, so it would suit this look nicely. ^^ Unfortunately, I lost weight and my ring doesn’t suit my ring finger anymore and it is sliiightly too small to fit beautifully on my index finger as it hugs my meaty finger and it looks like it is squishing it. :( I still love how the ring looks on my ring finger, but am always afraid to lose it. I don’t think Pandora resizes rings that are a styled band, right?

    • The pearl rings are my favourites too! They’d definitely go perfectly with the pearl Mystic Floral pieces from last year. <3
      No, unfortunately I don't think that Pandora will resize the styled bands :( That's such a shame, as it's a beautiful ring – but at the same time it would be horrible to lose it. You could always try selling it and buying another pre-loved? Or just going into a concept store and asking their advice, perhaps they will be nice and do something for you! :)

  15. I haven’t tried any of the earrings or rings yet, but there are some pretty ones. I have the Love & Guidance charm on a bracelet and love it, and I really like those matching earrings. Sigh. So many things I want to buy! :-)

    • I only have one ring from Pandora, but I keep meaning for that to change, haha. I love the pearl rings here, and I think I will probably take part in the 3-for-2 on rings promo when it finally goes ahead here in the UK. ^^ The Love & Guidance is really beautiful, and it looks great worn as earrings – but I’m now quite tempted by the Pandora Rose version!

  16. Hiya I managed to get the beautiful orchid charm to go on my new rose bracelet, I love it? and also bought a pale pink spacer too, and bought the medium size pandora jewellry box, for all my ever growing pandora, I think I’m an addict he he.

    • Yay, I bet that looks stunning! How exciting that you got the jewellery box too – it looks beautiful from the pictures. I am happy with my Stackers boxes but my oh my those Pandora boxes are tempting! It is definitely an addiction ;)

      • I have looked at the stackers boxes too, they are lovely? what colour do you have in them? On my next wish list is the rose bow ring. I’m waiting for the 3 for 2 offer hopefully coming soon, and have my eye on a few pieces from the autumn collection too. Have a good day looking forward to more pics and blogs.

        • Yes I absolutely love them! <3 I originally had three of the dark pink boxes with a floral lining, which is just beautiful:
          But they don't do them anymore. So when I needed a new layer I got the baby pink with the polka dots inside :)
          Yes the Bow ring was beautiful – I saw all the pieces today! The Light as a Feather jewellery was gorgeous too. I'm also waiting on the 3 for 2 deal, there are a few rings from Spring that I've been waiting ever so patiently to get ^^ I hear the end of July for that one, so fingers crossed.
          Have a good day too! :)

  17. For my normal jewellery I have these stackers jewellery boxes and love them. I have got two of the small boxes made specially for your charms, it fits in one bracelet and you can put your spare charms round the outside in special spaces for them. They do two other layers as well, with room for my charms. I find them really handy. You can get them all from amazon at good prices as well.

    • I love the Stackers jewellery boxes – I have four layers to keep all my jewellery in :) I was tempted by the special charm versions but I don’t have enough loose charms. They are really great and so easy to tailor to your specific collection, especially if you can’t get hold of the official Pandora boxes!

  18. They just release the club charm here in the Philippines saw it already and sadly I wasn’t impressed by it?. It’s a little small and plain for me for me, although there is still time to get it. It would commemorate my start in collecting the pandora charms. I only started collecting this March and already quite a few full bracelets already 4 at the moment and 2 coming. But really love the winter collection so I am saving all my bucks to get that. I am always looking forward to your blog.

    • Sorry to hear that you’re not keen Cathy! I recently got mine and, while it’s not the most exciting charm in the world (I really liked the quirkiness of last year’s Club charm), it does have a certain elegance that I like. I actually thought it was quite big compared to Pandora’s other heart charms!
      Wow that is some speedy collecting! ^^ I’m impressed, haha. The winter collection does have some lovely pieces and I am planning my first Christmas bracelet around some of the new festive charms coming out ^^ The bows are beautiful too!
      Thanks for commenting Cathy!

      • Hi I see your stackers box is quite full? I think I have a way to go too catch up with you ha ha. You mentioned that you are waiting for the 3for 2 ring promo as well what rings are you hoping to get? My list is getting longer each week so many nice new charms coming up, will be spoilt for choice.

  19. Hello I managed to get the medium pandora jewellry box from another store, as my local store didn’t have any in stock. Uh me too, I’m thinking of getting the pandora rose bow ring, but I cannot decide between this one and the silver, as I love them both? I was thinking of getting quite a plain one as well to go with the bow ring, what do you think?

    • Hi Jozzie, glad you found your jewellery box! I love both the silver and the Rose versions but I think the Rose version just wins as I love the contrast between the clear stones and the rose gold colour. :D Definitely get a plain one to go with the bow ring too – the Bow ring looks so pretty stacked. I love the plain silver heart ring – that might look nice!

      • Hiya love, love,love, my Pandora jewellery box? just need to fill it all up now he he. Like you I am waiting for the 3 for 2 ring promo, any news when that is going to be in the UK for definite ? Will def have a look at the heart ring to stack with the bow ring. Have a nice evening, take care

        • Oh I bet, it looks so pretty in the pictures! Have fun filling it up ;)
          I am pretty sure that it will be running next month although retailers are being pretty close-lipped about it. I’m hearing that it should be running from the 23rd but will let you know if I hear for sure either way.
          Have a nice evening too!

  20. I love the collection, although there are not a lot of rings that will be stackable just looking at what I can see here. Maybe a different angle will prove me wrong, but there are certainly some pieces I will have on my wish list, nonetheless!

    • I’m glad to hear that you like it! There are a lot of statement rings in this selection, but I think the pearl bow ring would look gorgeous stacked – it’s one of my favourites from this collection! :)

    • Hi Carla! It will be out on the 27th of August with the Autumn collection – I assume the UK is getting it too. I only have US pricing for now, though: it comes in two lengths, 45cm which is $100 USD and 90cm which is $180 USD. Hope that helps! :)

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