Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for July 2015! Included are some updates on the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2015 collection, a couple of AW15 live shots and some info on upcoming promotions. :D

pandora pre autumn pets bracelet

The highlight will be the launch of Pandora’s next collection at the very end of the monthbut there are some fun promotions running for July in addition. Hopefully the AW15 sneak peeks will keep on coming as well! ^^ Read on for an overview of this month’s key dates, and some Jurassic World inspiration too.

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2015 Collection Release

The biggest event of July is undoubtedly the release of the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2015 collection, which is due out on the 30th worldwide! It features two main themes: pets and travel, both of which are sure to be popular with collectors. For a full preview, please see my post here.


Since I published my Pre-Autumn preview, a new stock image of a pavé ice cream charm has surfaced – this is also due out with the Pre-Autumn 2015 collection! However, it is not listed in the North American catalogue, so I suspect it will not be released there for whatever reason. I have seen it listed in catalogues for other regions, including those for Europe, Asia and Russia.

pandora pre-autumn 2015

While it’s cute, I would have preferred this charm with maybe some soft pastel enamel detailing or just something a little more colourful!

Finally, we have a live shot of the new Pre-Autumn pet charms to whet your appetite for the collection, courtesy of Jahndra from the fab charm jewellery blog My Xpressions. Check out her post here for a wonderfully detailed review of the new Pre-Autumn pieces and some close-up shots of each of the new charms pictured below! :D

pandora pre-autumn 2015 pets charms
Image by – please do not reproduce without credit

I particularly love the look of the Curious Cat and the Devoted Dog portrait charms, while the food bowls are also rather adorable!

Pandora Autumn/Winter 2015 Live Shots

There have been a few Pandora AW15 previews running in the last couple of weeks in various countries and a smattering of pictures have emerged from them (thanks to my reader Pau for bringing some of them to my attention)! For detailed previews of some of the new pieces coming out, please see my post on the Autumn 2015 collection here and the Winter 2015 collection here.

In this one, you can get a feel for some of the beautiful rings coming out for AW15 in the top half of the picture; while the second half showcases the new Winter 2015 pieces.

pandora autumn winter 2015
Image by passion_ru

This picture, in contrast, shows off some of the new Autumn 2015 pieces; in the bottom of the picture, you can see the new Fascinating Blush murano alongside some of the new 14kt gold and purple-coloured jewellery.

pandora autumn winter 2015
Image by Glamour Russia

Finally, this live shot offers a great sneak peek at the new feather pieces from the Autumn 2015 collection – the ring is particularly striking!

pandora autumn 2015
Image by

Pandora July 2015 Promotions

For Pandora collectors in North America, a 3-for-2 rings promo will be running from the 2nd -1 2th July – I will post more details on that tomorrow! :D


I have also heard (although I don’t have official confirmation on this yet) that a rings promo for the UK may be running at the end of this month – the dates I have heard quoted are the 23rd to the 26th of July. If/when I hear anything more concrete on this, I will let you know!

There are also Pandora summer sales running in a variety of regions now – it’s worth checking your version of to see what your country is offering. :)

pandora sale pic

Pandora & Jurassic World

Finally, I thought it was worth mentioning Pandora’s recent affiliation with the very popular Jurassic World movie. A post recently appeared on the Jurassic World site advertising a Pandora store that appears in the movie, which tantalisingly hints at ‘one-of-a-kind’ Pandora items.

Sadly, these items are entirely fictional and just part of the PR accompanying the film. ;) However, I went to see the film myself with my OH and was still rather excited to see a Pandora store make an appearance (if a little cynical, too, about the sheer volume of product placement packed into one film!). My OH, on the other hand, didn’t even notice! The time to keep your eye out for a Pandora reference is right at the end of the film in the final climactic fight.

pandora jewellery jurassic world tie-in

While the ‘Mosasaurus pendant’ quoted above may not be real, there is always the adorable retired Pandora Dinosaur charm instead. It was discontinued back in 2011 and has been a reasonably sought-after piece ever since. I took these pictures a long time ago (over a year!) for a post that I never got finished, but it seems like an appropriate point to trot them out. If you can get hold of one I would definitely recommend it –the Dinosaur is one of Pandora’s classic detailed silver charms, down to his big feet and spiny tail. He’s very cute and a fair bit cuddlier than the dinosaurs in the film. ;)

My Comment

So, while July is another quieter month in the Pandora world, I am nevertheless getting increasingly excited for the launch of the Pre-Autumn collection just at the end of July! I particularly like the sweet portrait pet charms, and the new black enamel Sentimental Snapshots offers some notably wonderful detailing.

I have my fingers crossed for a rings promo in the UK this month, too, as I am still hankering after a couple of Spring 2015 rings and this would be the perfect opportunity to indulge in them!

What are you looking forward to for this month? Are you excited for the launch of the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2015 collection?

45 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for July 2015

  1. I plan on buying the Sentimental Snapshots! I love taking pictures so can wait to add it to my bracelet!

    • I have the original silver camera, but this new one has such beautiful detail that I don’t think I can resist getting it as well! ;) Since starting the blog, I have started to really enjoy doing the photography so the Snapshots charm can represent that for me too.

      • I have the original camera as well, my husband is a photographer, and I originally wanted the Sentimental Snapshots. But recently so many women have complained about enamel peeling off and stones falling out of new charms that I’m hesitating now. There’s enamel and a stone on the new camera? Looks like there is anyway. It seems like Pandora workmanship is slipping. No one complains about older charms. I’ll for sure be picking up the Cat and the St. Christopher.

        • Yes, the Sentimental Snapshots has a lot of black enamel detailing on the front and its lens is a large cubic zirconia stone. While I have heard from a few ladies who have lost stones from their pavé charms, the only issues I’ve seen with the enamel charms peeling have been petals falling out of the cherry blossom and darling daisy clips – and that seems quite uncommon I think. What issues have you been coming across? I myself have never had a problem with a stone falling out or enamel peeling in my time collecting (and I have a lot of enamel charms), if that makes you feel any better :)
          Whatever you decide, the Cat and the St Christopher are both lovely pieces in any case ^^

      • Over on the Pandora Facebook, a few women have posted complaints about the enamel peeling off the Disney charms, as well as stones falling out of the Daisy dangle, I think it is. I know millions are sold, and posted complaints are few, but I think when four or five complaints come in such a short time about the same issue, there’s an issue. :-) As with the Essence clasp, which is still an issue.

        • Ah okay. I haven’t been there much lately. :) That’s sad to hear, and I do understand why you don’t want to risk it.
          It does seem like an Essence safety chain would be very much in demand; it’s strange that they don’t seem to have any plans to make one yet!

      • I’m in Vegas at the moment and the Pandora store here is advertising the pre-autumn release date as 23/7 which is annoying as I go home on the 22nd. I also missed the ring promo as I arrived on the 13th!

        • Oh nooo :( But I’ve seen on instagram that it’s already out in a lot of US stores? Perhaps you could have a look around and see if any other stores near you have it? I think there is more than one store in Vegas?

  2. I’m desperate to find out about an Essence promo in autumn, it’s scheduled but we don’t yet know what it entails.

  3. Hi Ellie!
    First of all, allow me to express my admiration for your devotion to this blog! I’ ve read you’re on vacation, but you still find time to keep us well informed on the latest Pandora news! Thank you!♥
    I must say, your post was something like a rainbow in the rain! I really needed a distraction, as things are getting worse every day in my country and God knows if until the end of the month I’ll still have a work or a salary! Hopefully, things will get better and we’ll return in normality… Until then I will enjoy your great posts, without extending my wishlist (in fact without having one).
    Comments are still allowed, though…
    I would say I find all new travel charms really beautiful (the double pendant “I want to travel the world with you” -can’t remember its name- will come later?)! The combination with the summer masterpiece, the Orchid, is so pretty! That charm turned to be an inspiration to all kinds of themes and looks! I agree with you about the ice cream: pastel enamel instead of pave would have made it perfect! It’s still cute though, and I’m quite surprised they didn’t release it with summer collection! Anyway, the end of July is still summer!
    Have a great time in France Ellie and thank you again for the wonderful pictures and comments! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! I was organised and had most of this post written and ready to go before I left! ^^ The blog is a wonderful hobby for me and I don’t like to leave it unattended even for a week or so, haha, so I’ve been writing my comments and putting together little posts when I can. Comments like yours certainly make it worth it!

      I have been following the latest developments regarding the crisis in Greece and I’m so sorry that things are so terrible and uncertain for you right now. I very much admire your positive attitude in the face of it, however, and I sincerely hope that things start to get better soon! ♥♥♥ I’m sending my very best wishes!
      The double heart pendant will also be out at the end of July – it is one of my favourite as well! I think it would look very pretty with the Orchid as well, and I’m toying with the idea of adding them both to my black leather for the summer season. :) Yes, the ice cream does seem like the perfect summer charm doesn’t it? At least it will be out when the weather should be at its warmest! I am slightly regretful that they didn’t go for enamel for it but perhaps I’ll like the pave better in person.

      Thank you Chrysa! Once again, my thoughts are with you! ♥♥

      • Thank you for your supportive comment Ellie! It’s really so kind of you! People tend to think of Greeks as lazy or irresponsible, but most people of my generation (I’ll be 35 next month) have studied, re-study, work hard and now are going to pay others’ mistakes… Anyway! I still hope for the best no matter what sacrifices I’ll have to make!
        Thanks again for your wishes! ♥♥♥

        PS: Sorry for making such comments, unrelated to the blog! Didn’t mean to ruin the cheerful atmosphere in here! ♥

        • Not at all – everyone I’ve spoken to here has felt very sorry for the people of Greece. It’s a terrible situation and we are all hoping that it get turns around soon! :) You’re welcome, Chrysa, and you have no need to apologise! ♥♥♥ Best wishes once again!

  4. I like the ice cream cone, I agree with you though Ellie that it might have been better with some enamel or more color! I guess we won’t get it anyway here in the US so I’m glad I don’t like it too much!

    • Yes, while it’s cute, I am a bit disappointed that they went for pavé and not enamel. They are so good at their enamel-work as well! It is odd that it wasn’t listed in the US catalogue as it’s such a universal design. I’m wondering if there is something I have missed. :S

  5. Hope you are having a nice holiday.

    Love the travel charms! I want to buy them all. Love the ice cream dangle. When we went on our first cruise, my son could not believe that there was free soft serve ice-cream available all day long. He was in heaven! Hope the charm is released in Australia.

    • I am thank you! The weather has been gorgeous!

      I love the new travel pieces as well – particularly the enamel ones. I think the Sentimental Snapshots and the Travel Together Forever are on my wish list at least. ^^ What a cute reason to get the ice cream charm! :D I think I’d be in heaven as well, haha. I’d be surprised if the charm wasn’t released in Australia, as it just seems to be the US catalogues that are missing it for now!

      • I’ve asked at my local store and had my friendly pandora ladies ask the rep, it wasn’t in the book for Australia and it wasn’t on show at their update for this collection either. I’ll be relying on family in the UK I think to get one or two of the ice cream charms unless they surprise us last minute…lol

        • Thanks so much for the update, Jane! That doesn’t sound too good for Australia. :( I’m puzzled as to why this charm in particular would be limited in release; it’s so cute and generic in theme!

  6. I can’t wait for the ring promo the only thing is I’m on holiday near that date it’s funny how the U.S. Is till the 12 th and the UK Is only for 3 days.

    • Well I will stress that I don’t have confirmation on those dates – a couple of people have mentioned them to me so hopefully it will be going ahead then. :) The US promos almost always last longer than the UK’s. :( Their last ring promo ran for a whole month I think so this one is actually a little shorter haha!

  7. I went in store tonight and they had the orchid charm back in stock. I loved it, so I bought it and have put it on my bangle, that I got in the event the other week.
    Great to see more live shots of the autumn and winter collection, can’t wait to see more of them.

    • Oh good, I’m so glad to hear that it didn’t disappoint after all your time waiting for it! ^^ I bet it looks lovely on the bangle – nice and light for summer.
      Yes I’m hoping that more pictures may follow. I’d love to see the colour of the new Facets and the winter muranos properly in particular! :)

  8. Hi!
    I’m meaning to ask you, if there’s going to be new charms released for the essence collection?? I think I’m seen all of your posts and I haven’t seen pictures or comments about it. Perhaps they have some hidden new charms for the futures collections.

    • Hi Darlene! There is going to be a handful of new Essence charms released for AW15, yes, although I’m not sure whether they will be out for Autumn or Winter yet. I will be previewing them soon! :D

  9. Hi asked in my local store today and the lady confirmed that the UK ring promo in the store would be 31st July – 2nd August just in time for pay day ! I presume this will be nationwide.

    • Hi Rebecca, that is fantastic news! Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know. How exciting – that gives us plenty of time to plan out what we’re going to get, too. ^^

  10. Glad to see the ice cream one,Hope that pandora could introduce more charms about various food around the world!!!soooooo exciting!!!!!!

  11. I’ve been waiting for a closer sneak peek of the locked hearts! And a photo from Instagram name : petra_magazin just shows that it’s so so lovely <3 definitely getting two of these :)

    • Ah! Thanks again for the heads-up! You are doing a great job spotting these ;) I did see that there was a Pandora Romania preview as well but no one seems to be taking close-up shots of the jewellery. :( The Locked Hearts look gorgeous in that one shot in any case – a worthy successor to the beautiful Vintage Heart from 2014 <3

      • I agree! They really are beautiful and will be in my to-buy list :)

        Also the pre-autumn collection seems to have been released in some stores abroad.. I spotted them in instagram’s pandoraorchardpark and pandorapolopark. The animal charms are so cute!

        • Yes I did see those! So exciting :D The pets charms do look adorable and I love the new camera as well. I’m sticking to a wish list of three charms though haha.

      • How do you even limit yourself to a three-charm wish list :)) it’s so hard to choose! my list is sooo long now :D.

        • That is just for Pre-Autumn! My actual wish list is waaay longer, haha! Whenever I manage to whittle it down, something new comes out and it’s twice as long as it was. ;)

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