Today’s post offers our first Pandora Disney preview for the season with a sneak peek at the Disney Park exclusive charms for AW15! There are eleven new pieces pictured here, so it is a relatively small set – but there are some adorable festive designs included, alongside some more specific Disney Parks motifs.

pandora disney park stores

The pieces listed in this post will be sold exclusively at Disney Parks locations across North America and will not be available from Pandora concept stores – there will be a separate Pandora Disney concept store collection which we have not seen yet. :) I’m not sure what the release date for these pieces are, and I am not sure that they will all be due out at the same time (some are more explicitly Christmassy, for example).

These pictures are published with the very kind permission of the Pandora’s Angels Facebook page, so please don’t reproduce these images without crediting them. :)

Pandora Disney Parks Autumn 2015 Exclusives

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the new Disney Parks charms are dedicated to represent upcoming Disney Parks events, such as the 60 year Disneyland anniversary and the 75th anniversary of Disney’s Fantasia. However, there are also a couple of adorable festive charms which should have a more general appeal for Disney fans all over the world. :D

Please click the image to enlarge it!

pandora disney autumn 2015

Prices (in US dollars) are as follows:-

Disney Cruise Line Anchor – $65

Minnie’s Sparkling Holiday Bow – $75

Minnie’s Holiday Wreath – $75

Disney Wishes Firework Show – $70

Aulani – $50

Disney 2016 Edition – $70

Epcot International Food & Wine 20th Anniversary Chef Mickey – $65

Disney Cruise Line Heart – $60

Disney Vacation Club – $60

Disneyland 60 Year Celebration – $60

Fantasia 75th – $65

My Comment

While the Disney Parks-specific designs don’t hold much appeal for me, as I don’t expect that I will ever be able to visit the places or see the events that they represent, I absolutely love the festive green crystals of the Minnie’s Holiday Wreath pavé charm. Its sweet bow design should look perfect with the Dainty Bow set coming with the regular Pandora Winter 2015 collection and I expect that I will be trying to get hold of that one! :) The Fantasia charm is also rather fun!

Do you like any of these new Disney Park charms? Will you be trying to obtain any of them?

59 Comments on Preview: Pandora Disney Parks Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

  1. I like the wishes fireworks show a lot, wish we could see the charms all the way around because the blue enamel which appears on the other side the fantasia 75th charm probably looks so pretty in person. The vacation club one looks like a sweet lil dangling piece. Any ideas where we can purchase some of the current Disney park charms? I love the one which says 2015 and would love ton have it for sentimental purposes. I am sooo impatiently awaiting the release of the Pandora store Disney collection, I don’t think it will be Disney princesses this year, I think they may go in a totally different direction. Thanks for your updates Ellie :)

    • Alex, have you checked eBay? My hubby was able to get me a Sorcerer Mickey charm there when we couldn’t get one in the parks. There was an online Disney retailer too, I think. Maybe Ellie might remember?

    • Alex
      I know a lot of the commenters here are out of the US, so this may be your situation, and I’m not sure if this helps, but we couldn’t find the 2015 charm at the parks either when we went at the end of April. It wasn’t until about a month later on the Disney Store website that I saw it in the wee hours of the morning, and I purchased it right away.
      I don’t know if they ship Park Exclusive charms outside of the US currently but if they do it is worth a shot. You just have to check it a LOT to make sure you get them. A lot of times the Sorcerer Mickey Hat dangle sells out in a day; the 2015 charm it might take a day or two. (this is how much of a geek I am lol!)

      • Hi, yes I checked but they never had it, I just figured it was a popular one that sold out rather quickly, however Ellie was kind enough to inform me that they have it again, how awesome is that!? Good to know they get new shipments in even when they sell out.

    • Alex, many of the Disney Parks exclusives are currently available on the Disney Store website. Also, I have heard that you can go to your local Disney Store and order charms that are out of stock.

      • wow great piece of info its nice that the store will let you order direct right through them, I live 15 minutes away from a Disney store and never even bothered to go in, do they even carry Pandora products in their u.s. stores??

    • Hi Alex, glad to hear that there are some charms pictured here that you like too! It is a little difficult not being able to see all of the designs – I guess we will have to wait for some live images to see exactly what they look like. I think with the Fantasia charm that it’s Mickey’s hat that is in blue – you can see it start on the top of the charm – so perhaps the design just repeats itself, seeing as you can see blue enamel on the bottom of the stock image too.
      As a few people have kindly said, you can usually get hold of the Disney Parks exclusives via the Disney Store website:
      As you’re in the US, you can get free shipping as well if you spend over $75 USD so you don’t pay any extra doing it that way. :) The 2015 charm looks to be in stock currently too!
      Yes it will be very exciting to see the concept store Disney charms as well! I’m hoping that they steer away from princesses for autumn, seeing as we got so many lovely designs for them for Spring. It would be great to see something a little different!
      Thanks for commenting Alex!

      • yes I was aware of Disney stores onlibne website carrying their charms, however whenever I checked I never saw the 2015 or the sorcere’s hat on the page, thank you so much for letting me know it is again available, they must have restocked up, do you have any Disney park charms Ellie??

        • You’re welcome! It’s fairly random as to when they restock so it’s worth checking back every now and again to see whether they’ve got what you want. :D I do have a couple of the Disney Parks charms – I couldn’t resist getting the Disney Parks safety chain and the Cinderella’s castle pendant from the Spring 2015 collection. I wrote a review of them here:

    • Hi! When do you think the Pandora store Disney Collection will be released ? I love love love the Disney charms. Hope they sell them the online Disney store…

      • Hi May! I don’t have any official word on the concept store collection yet, but I would predict that it will be out for Autumn 2015 in either August or September. They should be available from the Disney store online as usual too! :)

    • carries the Disney Parks exclusive charms! That’s where I have bought all of mine from since I unfortunately haven’t been to Disney!

  2. My second favorite Disney movie to Pooh is Fantasia, so I may have to try to get my hands on that one. The Chef Mickey is cute, but not a priority for me. Same with the fireworks charm. But the cruise line charm? UGH! Another re-tread heart? Pandora can be so hit or miss on charm originality.

    I’m hoping to see more of Pooh. And Bambi too!

    • Ah, I’ve never seen Fantasia! It’s one of the only big Disney films I’ve missed I think. The charm is rather sweet though. I also sighed a little over the heart, but – it is only one heart design out of eleven! ;)

      I’d absolutely love both of those. Cut Disney animals are definitely top of my Pandora wish list!

  3. If I can, I’ll probably try to get my hand on the 2016 edition and the Disneyland 60 year celebration. The rest is meh to me. But who knows I might change my mind… x

    • Mm, I like both of those as well, particularly the 2016 charm, but I’m more drawn to the Christmassy Minnie charm as it’s a bit more universal in theme. I’m hoping these won’t be too difficult to get hold of! x

  4. Hi you have been busy today. Thank you for not just 1 but 2 great reviews.
    Love the Disney holiday wreath. The green looks different for some reason or it could be just me lol. I also like the fireworks, chef Mickey and Fantasia charms. Do you know if you will be able to purchase these from The Disney store ?

  5. Thanks for this preview! I’m excited about the Fantasia charm. I really like the fireworks charm. Maybe they’ll make World of Color and Paint the Night parade charms also. I really wish they’d make an Aulani charm that wasn’t a dangle. I think the Christmas ones are cute, but I probably wouldn’t get one unless I went to the parks at Christmastime. I hope they make some Halloween charms sometime though.

    • Oh good, I’m glad that you’ve seen some you like! The design of the Fantasia charm is very cute and, if I did go to the Parks, I think the fireworks one would probably be on my list to get! However, I most love the Christmas ones, particularly the green bow one – especially as I am considering starting a Christmas bracelet design this year in red and green colours. ^^
      Halloween Disney charms would be so much fun – in fact, just some Halloween charms in general would be great too! ;) I’m still a little disappointed that no new Halloween designs have emerged with this year’s Autumn collection.

  6. Oh my. Is that all for the upcoming Disney collection? I’m heartbroken since there isn’t anything of Mickey and Minnie in the usual black and red enamel.

    • Oh, no, these are just the Disney Parks exclusives! There should be a whole other collection for Pandora concept stores that will be much more significant. :) Similar to how it was for Spring this year!

      • Oh. Thank God. I’ll be looking forward to that collection then. Thanks for clarifying and bringing me back to happy mode, Ellie.

    • Hopefully there will be something you like in the concept store collection instead :) I’m quite relieved that I only want one of them, as they are often tricky/expensive to get hold of!

  7. I love the Fantasia! For me Fantasia has always been so iconic to Disney :) I’ve not bothered with any of the Disney charms yet, only due to their availability but Fantasia and the Sorcerer’s Hat from the first release would be my choices :D


    • It’s funny, I loved Disney films when I was younger but I’ve never seen Fantasia! I’m now feeling like this is something I should fix, haha. Nevertheless, the designs for the Fantasia charms are really lovely – particularly the Sorcerer’s Hat!
      I don’t blame you for holding off on the Disney charms – I did bite the bullet and order two of the Parks charms from the Disney Store last time around but, with the jewellery insurance and customs charges, I ultimately regretted it. ;) I will have to shop around and see how best to get the holiday Minnie charm this time without getting carried away. ^^
      Thanks for commenting! <3

  8. Sucks that its only in the USA atm… gutted really as Disneys delivery outside of U.S is a tad pricey to say the least. I dont overly trust online sites either like eBay, too many fakes!

    They are lovely charms though! Sorcerers hat would be a must.

    Good Luck everyone!! :)

    • Mm, I know – I ordered two charms from there, paid the astronomical shipping and then paid customs on top of that. :( Much as I want the holiday wreath charm, I will probably look for another way of getting it this time! The Facebook selling pages are a good way to go (Pandora’s Angels and Pandora’s Tribe are good); they have some lovely ladies on there who will help you obtain the Disney Parks charms, with little to no extra cost! :)

  9. Two posts in a few hours, while being on vacation!!! Are you Superman’s close relative or something?!? :-)
    It’s so nice to see new Disney charms! I’m not too fond of Mickey, though, and I would have loved to see new fairytale/ movie charms! Since I usually prefer charms of some special meaning, the “Wishes firework show” and the “2016 Edition” stand out for me! I’ve cought myself being more attracted by Pandora’s enamel designs lately!
    Thank you for this lovely post! Enjoy your holidays! ♥♥♥

    • Aha! Not quite! ;)
      Mickey is not my favourite Disney character either, but I do love Minnie’s bows and the Sorcerer’s Hat/Fantasia charms are rather pretty too. :D I love Pandora’s enamel charms too – while I am often a little ambivalent about the sparkly pavé pieces, I have nothing against their enamelwork! The Orchid and the London Guard are two of my favourites from this year’s collections!
      Thank you Chrysa! <3

  10. the only ones I like are the chef Mickey and wishes- but i don’t just like them, I love them! The wishes reminds me of bringing my son for his first visit, and the chef Mickey reminds me of chef Mickey himself coming out at character breakfasts at the contemporary when I was little and my mom brought us yearly. I live in Florida and have an annual pass so I will be sure to go during the food and wine festival to get a chef Mickey… And bring my sons to a character breakfast so they can experience it too! :)

    I totally get what you mean about not being so “into” the park specific charms if you haven’t experienced them yourself- for this reason I avoid all Disneyland charms, even if they’re cute, they just aren’t special to me as I’ve never been there (and will probably never go because nothing beats Disney world lol!)

    • Ah, that’s nice to hear! Sounds like they are pretty perfect for you – it’s lovely that they have such significance for you and your family! Both of them are very cute designs, too.

      Aha, see, I don’t even really know the difference between Disney world and Disneyland in the US. I’ve only ever been to Disneyland Paris and I’m not really au fait with all the traditions and the events associated with the North American parks. :) They are very cute, as you say, but a bit over my head! ;)

  11. So these will not be available online in guessing? Such a pity! I really don’t like going through Facebook groups to find people to buy for me in the parks and such. What a pity these won’t be online!! But I’m looking forward to the collection coming to the concept stores :)

    • Some of them may well be available on the Disney Store’s online website (some of the Spring 2015 Disney Park exclusives are!), although I imagine that the cruise line ones and the Aulani will definitely not be. So there is hope, haha. I’m also really looking forward to seeing the concept store collection for AW – I’d love to see more Winnie the Pooh characters and some Christmassy designs would be really fun too! <3

    • Not yet, Kim, sorry! However, Pandora’s Angels have just reported that the new Disney collection will have an Olaf charm from Frozen and a set of signature charms for Princess Jasmine :D No pictures yet though!

      • Wow Ellie, wonderful news, how fun to finally have an olaf charm, I believe a lot of people have been requesting him. honestly I was surprised princess jasmine did not show up in the last batch of Disney princess charms, I would have thought they would have included princess jasmine over lets say the Tinkerbell charms. I wonder if they will have a genie lamp or magic carpet for her, how cute would that be? Does anyone know if Disney will release a batch for Autumn and then a separate batch for the holidays or will it be one Disney batch for the holidays only?

        • I know, I was sure that they would make an Olaf – he’s been so requested ever since they announced the Pandora Disney collaboration! I’m not sure what the release schedule is for this season – so far, Pandora have released one collection per season. So I would imagine that they will do the same again for AW15.
          I’ve now seen the Jasmine and Olaf charms (preview coming shortly!) and there’s no magic carpet or lamp. :( She has a pavé slipper, similar to the Cinderella shoe – which is nowhere near as pretty as your suggestions! ^^

  12. I love the 2016 and Fantasia charms! I also like the Chef Mickey and Wishes charms, but I think I would need to see the whole charm first. In the Spring, Mickey’s Fun Wheel was one of my favorites. I was really hoping for another charm of one of their iconic rides – Small World or maybe one of the ‘Mountains’.

    To be honest, I love Disneyland just as much as Disney World. Total Disney freak right here. ?

    • I like all the designs of all the ones that you picked out, and overall, this seems quite a nice Disney Parks set, I think. Pandora’s enamel work is really fun and just perfect for Disney. The Fantasia charm particularly stands out!
      I have actually been on the Small World ride at Disneyland Paris so I am familiar with that one for once, haha. A charm to represent it would be adorable! <3

  13. Do you have any idea when the Wishes fireworks charm will be released??? I expected it to appear on the Disney store website shortly after the autumn collection came out, but their stock has not changed except for the addition of the Olaf charm. Are the park exclusives not going to be released till the winter collection comes out at the end of October?

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