Today is an exciting day for Pandora collectors all around the world, as it sees the worldwide launch of the brand’s Pre-Autumn 2015 collection! The release offers a selection of pretty travel pieces and cute pet charms, with a mixture of plain silver and pavé designs. The collection has been sold a little earlier in North America, but the official release date globally is today!

pandora pre-autumn 2015

As usual, I am celebrating the launch with some live shots and official campaign images! For a full overview of the collection with HQ images, check out my post here! Otherwise read on for some styling inspiration. :)

Live Shots

As usual, retailers have been uploading gorgeous shots of the new pieces to their social media pages. I particularly love the look of the Sentimental Snapshots camera charm and the gorgeous new pets charms.

Click on any image to enlarge it and cycle through the gallery!

Campaign Images

To advertise this collection, Pandora have put together a number of cute campaign bracelet designs to represent different countries. They all give off that delightful summery feel – but with a greater emphasis on different cultures and travel than the Summer 2015 collection, which focused more on conjuring up the idea of escaping to paradise, with its tropical animals and colours.

pandora pre-autumn 2015


The next set of campaign images all represent individual countries, with a focus on the new heart flag charms that came out for Summer 2015. The stylings for Japan and Korea are particularly pretty, I think, with their blend of floral and cultural motifs!


The British-themed charms have always been favourites of mine, as well, and I love the quirkiness of this design:

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Other countries represented include Russia, Australia and the Americas:

My Comment

I really like this Pre-Autumn release, much more so than last year’s cubic zirconia pendants! Both the pets and travel themes are sure to be popular with Pandora collectors worldwide, and there are some wonderfully cute pieces in both selections. I like the split between pets and travel in the release – the holiday pieces emphasises how exciting it is to travel and have adventures, while the pets remind you of the lovely things about being at home.

My favourites of the collection are the Sentimental Snapshots and the Travel Together Forever, while I’m also planning on getting the Curious Cat as I will soon be getting my first kitten! Having only ever had dogs, it’s quite exciting! ^^ The Ice Cream cone is also on my list to look at in store!

If you’re in the UK, the Pandora Pre-Autumn collection is available from authorised retailer John Greed.

Are you excited for this collection? Have you purchased anything, or are you going to?

33 Comments on Pandora Pre-Autumn 2015 Collection Debuts

  1. My daughter got the Curious Cat yesterday. It’s the most adorable thing in person. It’s just perfect.

    I’ve only seen promo pictures of the ice cream cone, and for me, it looks too much like a Nestle Drumstick. If you get it, I can’t wait to see your pictures of it.

    • I’m so glad to hear the cat is cute! :D I’m travelling today but can’t wait to get to a Pandora store tomorrow to finally see the new pieces in person. I am really quite tempted by the ice cream charm myself – I’ll make it a review priority if I get it haha.

  2. Hi Ellie I love the camara charm and I’m excited to see the ice cream charm I love all the animal charms but I never know were to put them in my collcetion. I also love how they have styled them on the live shot picture.

    • Ellie I’ve just been on the pandora website and the ice cream is very reasonable at £35 I was expecting something like £55 because it looks like it is has Cz all on it. Went through your picture again and just saw that at the bottom of the camera it’s all detailed and has got a place for memory cards so detailed

      • Oh wow, I love that the camera has memory slots! That one is definitely top of my list. I was also pleasantly surprised by the pricing for this collection – I thought the camera would be more than £40 too. The silver animals are also pretty reasonable at £25.

    • Hi Nicola! I love the animals too – I tend to just slip one or two into a bracelet design so that they blend in with other charms usually. I’m planning on putting the new cat charm on my pink and white bracelet alongside my dog house charm ^^ I’m not going to get to a store to see them until tomorrow but I’m very excited to see all the new pieces. Let me know what you think of them in person if you get to go! :D

    • Oh no, that’s a shame. Maybe it’s coming out later? I don’t know why they wouldn’t release it. It’s not available in North America, but it’s available here in the UK and Europe.

  3. Why no France inspiration! I could use some idea, haha. (Note to self : Remember to add the Globe clip to my France bracelet.)

    In this collection, my must have items are probably Meow and Wish You Were Here. Maybe I’ll get the Curious Cat at a later date, since I prefer a full body animal charm instead of just a head. I’m contemplating on the Camera too. I was once trying out on a DSLR but decided that it was not really my thing – too bulky for my liking. ^^”

    Ellie, thanks so much for compiling these photos. It’s always neatly done. x

    • Aha, you think that there would have been a France styling, especially as the Wish You Were Here has the Eiffel Tower on it!
      I use a DSLR for blog pics, but to be honest, it’s borrowed and I don’t really know how to use it properly, lol. Nevertheless, I would have loved the Sentimental Snapshots anyway just as it’s so cute! I’m tempted to get myself my own DSLR and to actually learn all the things they are capable of doing, haha.
      Glad you enjoyed them – thanks very much for commenting, Kelly! x

  4. I work very close to a major shopping centre and I’m having to stop myself going over and buying the curious cat right now, especially as today is also payday.

    I’m going on holiday soon, has anyone bought anything from the Pandora shop at Gatwick. Is there much of a discount or would I be better to wait till in Spain to take advantage of the pound/euro exchange rate.

    • Aha, the Curious Cat is on my list too. I don’t think I’d be able to resist if I worked near a Pandora store, haha. I’ll be going to see all the new pieces tomorrow!
      I got a couple of pieces from Gatwick two years ago – the discount was RRP minus VAT, so 20%. You’ll probably get at least as good a discount in Spain, seeing as the euro is really weak at the moment. The only thing is that Spanish stores don’t often have as good a selection of charms, so they might not have everything you want.

  5. Any idea why the ice cream cone is a limited release for only some countries? wonder why the US was excluded? I must say although I love ice cream and the idea of an ice cream charm sounds awesome, I am not crazy with this piece, I heard a few people complain about the cone, actually the cone is the part I love (waffle cones are yummy) its the top that I don’t like, I think they should have done the top swirly style ice cream and either used while enamel (think vanilla) or swirl ice cream top in an all silver charm, the top to be looks odd and reminds me more of a snow-cone than a ice cream cone.

    • I really have no idea! :( It hasn’t come out in Australia, either, and I’m wondering if they are keeping it back for some later release for you guys. Ice cream is appreciated pretty universally, haha, so I don’t know why they would choose not to release it.
      I completely agree with you regarding its design – one of the first things I thought is that it would have been so much cuter with enamel! It woudl have been amazing as you describe, or with some pastel ice cream shades. Nevertheless, I do still like it as it is so I may well end up with one anyway, haha.

  6. I doubt we will get the ice-cream charm at all. Some charms just aren’t released here ie skis and snowboarder.

    • :( That is a shame. It’s weird that North America hasn’t had it either, although I did hear rumours that it may still come out with the Autumn release. Don’t know how much truth there is in that, however – we’ll have to wait and see!

  7. Hi Ellie!
    I am sure, some of my favourites are already home with you! :-) Can’t wait to see your styling! I’ve told you I ‘ve seen the new pieces 2 weeks ago and I consider the camera to be the prettiest of all new charms! As I’ve heard it’s the most popular item of the new release here and the ice cream follows!

    It’s so nice you share with us all these live shots and official stylings! Pandora made it better than previous time with the styling I think; I like the idea of country inspired bracelets! UK and Korea combine beauty and closer representation of the country’s culture! They could have add some more countries though: France, as already mentioned, or my beloved Italy!
    I also loved both their pink and blue stylings! The second one could easily represent my country! :-)

    Thank you for another wonderful post! Let us know your live impression of the new release! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa!
      Unfortunately I still have no thoughts to offer on the Pre-Autumn release as I haven’t managed to see it yet! :( I’m on holiday abroad (again :P) and made it to a Pandora store today, all psyched up to see the new pieces… only to find that none of the stores here are selling it until the day I leave. So disappointing, haha! It doesn’t make much sense to me either, as the official website here is advertising it, as is their version of the eStore. The assistant even said that they had all the new pieces in store, they just couldn’t even show them to me. Argh. Haha. I actually managed to get hold of the Travel Together Forever pendant before I went away, so I have already prepared a review of that to go live while I’m on holiday but I haven’t managed to see any of the rest of the jewellery yet. I can imagine that the camera is doing well, it looks so cute from the pictures I’ve seen!

      Yes I agree with you – I thought the country-inspired campaign images were lovely for this release! Definitely worthy of showcasing here haha. I particularly love the Asian stylings! It would have been nice to showcase more countries; I guess their stylist ran out of ideas. ;)

      You’re welcome! As soon as I do (FINALLY) get to see it (haha), I will let you know what I think. ♥♥♥

  8. I’m loving this pre-autumn collection. I love dogs and have one myself so this collection was right up my street.. I have treat myself to a few of the new charms, I’ve ordered the devoted dog, woof charm, paw print and the I love my pet heart.. I adore my dog and already have a couple of dog charms but I’ve recently ordered a purple double leather bracelet so thinking I’m going to do a dog themed bracelet.. Just unsure on the leather bracelet because I don’t think the charms sit right on it, considering taking it back. Also treat myself to a couple of rings thanks to the 3 for 2 promotion. And a pair of earrings thanks to it being my birthday recently so used my birthday money. I love all your posts, they get me excited for future releases etc.. Got my eye on a few Christmas releases :) I always look out for your posts on my Bloglovin feed :D xx

    • I absolutely love dogs too, and the new dog charms are absolutely adorable (particularly the Woof dog bowl!) – but I already have three dog charms and wouldn’t know what to do with more haha. Consequently I’m just getting the Curious Cat to represent my new kitten from the pets charms. ^^
      Oh no, I love my purple leather! And I think it would be perfect for your dog charms…The purple leather looks quite chic and would offset some of the ‘cute’ness of the pet pieces I think. See what you think! :)
      Which rings did you get? I’m so pleased with mine! ^^
      Thanks so much Tash! That’s so nice to hear – thank you for reading and commenting :D There are some great new pieces coming out! xx

      • Does the leather hold well? I do love it but heard after you put more than 3 charms on it, that it stretches and sometimes breaks.. I am only looking at putting the 7-9 charms recommended on it though.. Think I may have to invest in some of the rubber inserts to stop them rolling about as much.. I’ll put my charms on it and then see how I feel.. I ordered the cubic zirconia Daisy band ring, silver square cubic zirconia eternity ring and the silver small round cubic zirconia eternity ring, they arrived yesterday and I love them..
        Already looking at investing in some of the Christmas pieces, thinking of doing a Christmas themed bracelet with either the bangle or another oxidised bracelet. Why is pandora so addictive haha..
        Thanks so much for taking your time and replying to me..

        • All mine have held very well, but I am quite conservative with how many charms I put on it – I personally wouldn’t go up to the 7-9 charms they recommend. Five is about my maximum, and I’ve not had a problem with that :) The rubber inserts are great to hold the charms in place, but I have stopped using mine as they are a massive pain to get on and off – if you like to rearrange your bracelets they’re not the ideal solution. ^^
          Sounds beautiful! I’m sure they al look gorgeous together. :D
          Aha I’m finally doing a Christmas bracelet this year too. Pandora is way too addictive… I said when I first started that I would never do a festive bracelet and yet here I am haha! I’ve already put aside a couple of my Christmas silvers to go on it and will start collecting properly a bit nearer the time. ^^
          You’re welcome! Thank you for reading and commenting Tash <3

  9. I have a dog (who is just my world… besides my hubby and kids…) who HAS TO BE FED promptly at 6 am and 6 pm, so I got the dog bowl for him. It’s really a nice little charm. I was afraid it would be clunky and boxy, like my 2014 club charm, but they sized it nicely. It’s very cute. There is pave on the dog bone, and I’m not a big pave person, but it’s a subtle detail, and I like it.

    I really like the ice cream charm. Ellie, did you tell us that one would not be available in the US, or am I mistaken?

    • Aw, that’s lovely! I really liked the pet bowls in person, too, although I did go for the Curious Cat in the end. ^^ I may come back for a bowl charm as well, if I find a space for it somewhere. :D
      The Ice Cream cone is not currently available in the US, no. It’s odd, as it’s such a cute little charm! I’ll be posting a review of it soon. :)

  10. Hi Ellie,

    Love reading your wordpress on Pandora! I do have a travel and holiday theme as well. Blue is also part of the theme which i have included the blue faceted murano and Midnight Blue Fizzle Murano. The bracelet also consist of the country charms that i have been to, such as Japan, Australia and Korea etc. In this case, i have the japan& korea doll and the Australia flag. However i realised that i have too many dangling charms and i feel that it look really messy! :( What should/can i do to make it better? Thank you!

    • HI Berenice! Thank you! <3 So how many charms do you have on the bracelet overall? Just the muranos and the dangles? If you feel like it's looking a little cluttered with all the dangles, the best thing to do is to space them out evenly between all the sections with clips. You say you have three, so one for each section :) You could add a couple of pretty plain silvers as well to break up all the dangles and make it not so pendant intensive!
      Feel free to send me a pic on facebook or via email if you want me to actually see the bracelet and give some more specific advice! Hope that helps! :)

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