Today’s post offers a little holiday inspiration with my first Pandora Pre-Autumn 2015 review – the Travel Together Forever pendant. :D This charm was one of my early favourites from the Pre-Autumn collection, and it offers a rather sweeter, more romantic design than most of Pandora’s other travel pieces.


I am actually on holiday (again, I know!) at the moment, but I managed to get hold of this charm a little early so that I could have the review pictures taken and edited before I went away. Read on for some styling inspiration and thoughts on the charm itself!

The charm

I have often chatted with people here about how Pandora have become repetitive with their heart designs, releasing many with each new collection, and perhaps giving the impression that they are returning to motifs that they know will sell and almost playing it safe.

However, I actually really liked this sweet Pre-Autumn travel dangle, rather in spite of myself. ;) The combination of its sweet feminine look with its travel theme offers something a bit different from Pandora’s other travel pieces. I also do like the ‘two halves of a whole’ motif, even if it is a little cheesy in combination with the charm’s motto: ‘I want to travel the world with you’.

pandora pre-autumn 2015 collection preview

The overall effect is sweet; the pavé at the bail of the charm is quite subtle, and adds a little touch of sparkle. The pink is a very delicate shade, and the silver ‘With You’ stands out against the enamel very prettily. The outer inscription, ‘I want to travel the world’, does seem quite lightly engraved in parts, so I’ll be keeping an eye on it to see how well it wears.
pandora pre-autumn 2015

The odd thing about this design, however, is that each half of the heart is completely separate and they don’t connect or come together in any way. Each piece is exactly the same, too – you don’t need the other half to complete the message. Each half of the heart is hallmarked S925, as well.


For my main styling for this review, I actually wanted to recreate a bracelet design that I loved from Pandora’s Pre-Autumn campaign images. It’s the Korea bracelet design – the combination of the pink Cherry Blossom pieces with the Korean doll is very pretty, and offers the same feminine twist on the travel motif that the Travel Together Forever pendant itself does.


I replaced Pandora’s pavé central beads with some lovely classic silver charms; the pavé at the top of the Travel Together Forever adds enough sparkle for me! It’s fun to mix some of the chunkier plain silver travel charms with more delicate florals and pinks.

pandora pre-autumn 2015

The Travel Together Forever goes amazingly with the Cherry Blossom clips, as they share the same shade of pink enamel.  The cute Korean Doll adds an extra pop of colour, too.

pandora pre-autumn 2015

Simplicity also works well if you want to showcase this dangle, which has a lot of script and different textures. I love black and pink together, so I added the Mystic Floral and the Da Vinci clip to make a simple but pretty styling using the Pandora bangle. Bangles seem appropriate for travel designs too, as they are light and easy to wear!

pandora pre-autumn 2015

Leathers are also good for this, and I will be adding a little contrast to the charm’s baby-pink colour by wearing it on my black leather bracelet. <3 I plan on adding the new Sentimental Snapshots charm, with its black enamel, for added contrast too.

pandora pre-autumn 2015


This is definitely a ‘new Pandora’ piece, and I can appreciate that it will not be to all tastes. I like its delicate pastel pinks and the fact that it offers a more romantic take than their existing travel charms. While this charm is very sweet, it’s not my absolute favourite of the Pre-Autumn selection, and I’m looking forward to being able to review the other new pieces when I get home, such as the cute new Ice Cream pendant and the Sentimental Snapshots charm.

The Pandora Travel Together Forever charm is $70 or £55. If you’re in the UK, you can purchase it alongside the rest of the Pandora Pre-Autumn collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

Did you get this charm, or is it on your wish list? Have you purchased any of the Pre-Autumn 2015 collection yet?

35 Comments on Review: Travel Together Forever from Pandora Pre-Autumn 2015

    • Haha, I know! It is like being sold two identical charms together, haha. Previous charms based on the two halves design have usually had different messages on each half – but not this one! Glad you enjoyed the review – thanks for commenting! <3

  1. It is odd, the two pieces. It’s not even as if you can give one to another person either, unless it’s a girlfriend.

    I love the windmill. It’s still on my list. :-) Is it awkward to wear?

    • Yes, I thought so! I like it, but do find it odd that the two halves are identical. I suppose it’s kind of fun that you can space them out on a bracelet design for symmetry (although I chose not to do that here).

      The Windmill is beautiful. One of my favourite pieces from the Summer collection last year. I find it very easy to wear, the blades don’t dig in at all. It has a lot of detail considering how petite and neat it is! :)

    • Yep, haha. One week in France last month and a week in Amsterdam now. :) I’d love to visit Singapore but I discovered that I am absolutely terrified of flying a couple of years ago on holiday to Antigua, so am working up to bigger flights again, lol!

  2. Love your designs once again Ellie. The black leather in particular looks awesome. As you know i just got my triple black braided and have put my Asian exclusives on it along with the new Sentimental Snapshots camera charm and the little globe. I just need to add the suitcase. My son tells me it is available as an airline on-flight set of the suitcase and passport. Now I will have to go in to my store and check this little travel beauty out. Talk about the power of suggestion haha. By the way thank you for passing on the messages from your reader who was having trouble posting. Everyone is so helpful. What fun. Look forward to your review of the ice cream cone. Where is it available for purchase as i must have missed it.

    • Thanks Cheryle! It does look great with the black leather – I really like the combination of the delicate pink with the black. Your leather design sounds great. I love the idea of wearing all the Asian exclusives together; I wanted to do the same with my triple grey leather but couldn’t afford to grab them all at the same time. Maybe sometime in the future! Yes, the suitcase with the red enamel is an in-flight exclusive! It’s really cute, even more so than the plain silver version I think, haha.

      You’re welcome! Luckily we managed to sort the problem out (my spam filter was playing up) but she wanted to make sure that you had the link. ^^ The Ice Cream pendant is not available in North America currently, I’m afraid. No one really knows why, as it seems like it would sell as well there as it would anywhere else! Perhaps it will come out at a later date.

  3. Your bracelet with the Korean Doll on it looks beautiful Ellie! I am crazy about the Korean Doll, it’s the only doll I have so far other than the old Russian Doll, it’s just too cute because I love the pink enamel and her little pigtails and butterfly in her hair.

    Lucky girl, on holiday again! Hope you are having a wonderful time, you deserve it.

    I can’t wait to read your review of the Ice Cream cone!

    • Thanks Natalie! I love all the dolls Pandora have done so far, and I think it would be great if they made more for different countries, as a few people have suggested. ^^ I got the Korean Doll during the latest UK sale but haven’t quite found a permanent home for her yet. She is so cute though, and I didn’t want to miss her before she retired here!

      Thanks, it’s been a very relaxing week. Amsterdam is such a beautiful city, it’s been really fun just wandering around and seeing it all. :) The Ice Cream cone is top of my list to review when I get home, haha. It’s super cute in person!

  4. Hi Ellie what a lovely little charm I can’t wait to see your review for the camera and ice cream I think those two are my two favourites out of the collectio.

    • Hi Nicola, glad you like it! I’m really excited to review the camera and the ice cream, and they’ll be top of my list when I get home. :D The Curious Cat is also one that I’m looking forward to writing about, seeing as I am getting my first kitten soon. ^^

  5. I like the motto of these but unsure whether or not I will buy. I have the cherry blossom clips which I love so its tempting to buy this dangle now that I know from you that the colours match. Decisions decisions.

  6. Ellie, if you only have clips and a few charms (enough to fill up the middle of the bracelet) do you wear them all in the middle or do you spread them around? A store owner told me to spread them around for balance. To me it makes them look sparse and I like the appeal of them all together better. Of course a whole bracelet is more aesthetically pleasing, but also can take time to build due to cost and choosiness of beads. But spreading them around does make the bracelet more comfortable to wear. I was just wondering what you and other Pandora owners do. P.S.-I did get this charm. It is the only one from this collection I bought. I like the light pink, light pave and even the 2 halves (albeit a little odd as you noted). I originally paired mine with the Korean Doll as well, but have since switched it over to my bangle. Basically I have this and 2 clips. I like to keep the bangles light.

    • Sorry, I meant to say I have 2 of the pink heart muranos with zirconia hearts , this and 2 clips.

    • If it was my bracelet, and I only wanted to use the charms you named, I would put them all in the middle section: clip, murano, dangle, murano, clip. I like to have some symmetry in designs, even if they are full bracelets. Doesn’t have to be exact, but I do like paired muranos and for silvers I try to balance size or theme and I space dangles evenly.

      On the bangles, I like to put a screw-on charm right next to the clasp on either side, they stay in place that way and it really shows off a couple charms nicely.

      • Same as me, I only like to put 2 charms or murano with 1 dangle in the middle within the 2 clips and 1 pair of matching earrings. I don’t like to buy tons of charms to fill up the whole bracelet. We all have different taste that why bead bracelet is popular now, we can play with it like Lego for lady.

      • Ooh, that’s a nice tip with the bangle Natalie. I really like that idea. I have never put threaded charms on the bangle, as I find they scratch it up, but your way solves that problem too!

      • Yes, it’s my favorite way to use my small bangles! I’m not even sure how I thought of it, I think a charm just happened to twist onto the station and a light bulb went off :-D I always disliked the charms sliding around on the bangle too.

        You have to kind of work with the charm to get it to lay next to the clasp at the right angle, but I haven’t met a charm yet I couldn’t adjust properly. I think the clasp looks so pretty separating 2 charms, especially the 2 tone but the regular or the other special clasps look nice too. I like how it completely covers the screw on stations, not that they look bad but it’s kind of nice to hide them sometimes. Another version of this is to screw on a dangle with screw type bale and then it stays in place next to the clasp.

        • I will definitely be trying that myself! I can imagine how lovely that is to showcase a couple of special charms – and I know what you mean about hiding the threads by the clasp. If you want a cleaner look to the bangle, hiding the threads with a couple of decorative charms would be spot-on!

    • Hi Pamela! While I also like the look of wearing charms bunched together, Pandora do advise that you spread out your charms evenly when your bracelet isn’t full. This video, made by a Pandora employee, explains why very well:
      I do try and follow that advice (albeit not always religiously) as I had a couple of bracelets kink in the past and have had no problems since doing as advised! :) I never tend to fill up one section and then move on to the next one. It’s a bit annoying but it is much better for your bracelet!
      Glad to hear that you got this charm! ^^ The light pink is very pretty. I like to keep my bangles light, too – one of their main attractions for me is that they are light and easy to wear! :)

  7. Hi Ellie!
    What a wonderful review! Thank you for spending holiday time to do this!
    What I like more about this charm is the pink enamel and the sweet message! I didn’t like much the size and the fact that the 2 parts are identical; I wish they had made it like the mother-daughter pendant with different messages or divide the phrase in two halves, and a little smaller. The overall impression of the pendant is positive though (I can never resist to sweet mottos!), so I’ ll keep it in mind for sometime later, to associate it with a future trip, whenever it comes! :-) I totally loved your styling with the cherry blossom clips! So elegant and romantic! Love is all around it! :-)
    Reading this review was a touch of relaxation and romance in this tiring afternoon! Thank you! I look forward to seeing what’s next! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Thanks – I had all the photography done beforehand so it didn’t take very long at all to do. ^^ I’m actually struggling to get my content for this week sorted out, as I’m also wrestling with the last month of work on my dissertation… I’ll get there, I’m sure! ;)
      I do find the fact that the two halves are identical odd. As you say, the nice thing about the mother/daughter charm is that you need both halves to complete the message. Or with the friendship butterfly that has two halves, you each keep one half – that doesn’t really apply to the Travel Together Forever. The overall effect is very pretty, nevertheless! ^^ I do think it looks beautiful with some more delicate floral charms – the cherry blossoms are a perfect match!
      Glad to hear it Chrysa! <3 I have some more AW15 posts and some Pre-Autumn reviews coming up next – provided I actually get the time to sit down and finish them, haha. Thanks for commenting as always! Hope your week coming up isn't so tiring! ^^ ♥♥♥

      • Ellie, you keep confirming my belief on your super powers! :-)
        With all the hard work and concentration a dissertation demands, you still find time for this great blog! I wish you all the best for your dissertation! Your way of writing here shows devotion, love in details and ability in combining things right, so I am 100% sure you’ll do great!
        Thank you! In fact the weeks coming are going to be pleasantly tiring! It’s my brother’s wedding in 2 weeks, so I am busy with preparations for it! Needless to say I’ll gift a Pandora bracelet to my sister in law! :-) (Fortunately I’ve been making it, piece by piece, several months ago, before the crisis!) A new Pandora fan in the club!

        • Wow, thank you so much – that’s so kind of you to say! You’ve really cheered me up as I’ve had one of those days where I’ve just got nothing done, aha. That you think that means a lot to me, and I really appreciate it! <3
          Oh how lovely – I'm sure your sister-in-law will love her bracelet! :D At least you will have something lovely and exciting to celebrate at the end of those two weeks, even if it is tiring now! <3 <3
          Thanks again Chrysa! ^^ ♥♥♥

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