*UPDATED 15/08/15 with live shots!* Today’s quick update offers a sneak peek at a previously unseen coffee pot charm for the Pandora Autumn 2015 collection!  I have not yet seen this charm listed for the UK, North America or Australia and it seems likely to me that it is set to be an Asian-exclusive, but I am not 100%. Thanks to information from a commenter, we now know that the UK should be getting this charm as well. :D It’s an absolutely beautiful all-silver design, with some intricate detailing!

pandora autumn winter 2015

When I get more details on this charm and where exactly it will be available, I will update this post – in the meantime, read on for a little sneak peek at the charm!

Pandora Arabian Coffee Pot charm

The charm is an elegant Arabian Coffee Pot (Google it for some lovely real life examples!). From what I gather from a little research online, coffee drinking as a tradition has a lot of currency in the Middle East, and these intricately-designed coffee pots are very common and have a deal of significance. This charm seems like a perfect souvenir for a trip there!

pandora autumn 2015 asia exclusive

I love its oxidised shading and the ornate silver patterning which has, of course, some little hearts tucked into the top of the design – this is Pandora, after all!

This charm should be available from the 27th of August with the Pandora Autumn 2015 collection – as retailers are not allowed to ship outside their region, you will have to find a friend from overseas to help you if it’s not sold in your area.

UPDATED – Live Shots

Thanks to Amalia Jammal, we now have some great live shots of the new charm! Please don’t reproduce these shots without crediting her. It looks very petite and dainty and, to me, just as pretty as the stock image suggested. I can’t wait to get this one! <3

My Comment

This is the kind of elegant, substantial silver design that many long-term Pandora collectors are hankering after – I for one absolutely love it. I would love to see more new Pandora charms like it. It has rather a fairy-tale like feel to it as well, so I’m sure it would fit into bracelets with more of a fantasy theme in addition to Asian or travel-themed designs.

What do you think of this design? Is it going on your wish list?

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  1. An alternative to the magic lamp from Aladdin! And you are right, I’m now imagining this on my fairy tale bracelet. ^^

    This is a very pretty charm, thanks for the update Ellie! x

    P.S. I can also help you get this if it turns out as an Asian exclusive. :)

    • That’s another lovely idea! ^^ I would love some Disney charms in this kind of sophisticated and detailed style. The current line is lovely but often quite cartoon-like. In any case, glad to hear that you love this one too. I think it’s ever so pretty!
      Thanks Kelly, that’s really kind of you! I appreciate it. :D x

    • Exactly what I was thinking! :)

      I’ve been waiting for something like this, the old pandora designs <3 it's oh so lovely <3 thanks so much for an exciting sneak peek Ellie <3

    • was wondering if anyone could give me some info on the multistrand fabric bracelets. I recently got one in black and I actually am surprised how much I like it. I currently have 2 small silver charms and a murano on it. does anyone know what is the max for charms on it, I was going to add one more silver charm to it. also has anyone had issues with any of the strands breaking or ripping, I cant imagine them holding up too long with how delicate each strand is, hopefully I am wrong though. thannks

      • Alex
        I have the pink and lilac multistrand bracelets and love mine. Im going to go and get a black one this week. I’ve had my lilac one for a year now and neither have shown any sign of wear.
        I think you can have 7-9 charms on them. I have a dangle charm and 4 other charms on them. Personally i wouldn’t put any more than this on.
        Hope this helps.

      • I don’t have any multi-strand bracelets myself but this is Pandora’s official advice on them:
        As for wear and tear, the only thing that I have consistently heard people say about them is that they can get quite dirty and are difficult to clean. You have the black so that probably won’t be so much of an issue for you!

      • Wait Ellie, which animals will the US not be getting, I thought your last updated autumn post was for the us as well ? I really hope we get the coffee pot, when is it expected to be released in Asia ??

        • I’ve heard that it’s possibly only the pig and the panda coming out for North America – the updated pics I had in the latest Autumn preview were not North-America specific, but I didn’t think for a second that North America wouldn’t be getting them too. I’ve never known North America to miss out on such a large chunk of the new collections before. :S Regarding the coffee pot, it’s due out with the Autumn release at the end of the month!

    • I was hoping you could help me too with obtaining this bead, however the email address you listed is not recognized when I hit send…….please help. Thanks :)

  2. Funny a few months back asking pandora why they didnt have more coffee related item ( the current selection is nothing to brag about) this lil charm is just adorable, you are all right about the detailing it is so intricate. This is lovely and both fun, would look good on many different bracelets. However I have a hunch it wont be released in the us as it has a more overseas feel to it. Also I think it would have been included with stock images or love shots if it was going to be sold all over. I also happen to be obsessed with coffe on a side note :-)

    • Yes, there’s just the Coffee Lovers pendant right now isn’t there? I’m also a big coffee drinker and I will definitely have to have this charm! <3 The detailing is so pretty. I have not seen it listed for North America or the UK at all, and I'd have thought that I would have done by now if it was coming out there – or that someone else would have mentioned it on social media or something. I could be wrong, though! ^^

    • Yes the main website should have a generic email address. However, I live in the us and there is a live chat option during stansars hours and I was talking to one representative and he was helpful in answering all the questions that I had and I just asked him if I could make a few requests and if they would be passed along. Customer service is usually helpful with stuff like that.

      • it is not anywhere that you can search, it comes up on its own, it pops up on the very bottom of the right hand of the screen and It asks to connect you to an agent, I have seen it many times before, I was just on the site for like 5mintues and it didn’t pop up, not sure how it works, maybe the option is not available if they are busy, I don’t know but have seen it many times, if you are in us and have some time hang out on the site for a few minutes and check the bottom right of screen.

  3. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I really like that anyway. It’s pretty. It’s UNIQUE. It’s not a re-tread design. Yay, Pandora! I knew you could do it!

    (The hearts just make me laugh. Seriously, somebody at Pandora’s got an obsession!)

    • Aha, those were my thoughts exactly when I first saw it. It’s so different from their usual selection! It’s beautiful, and it’s also a wonderfully original concept. But yes, I did laugh a little as well when I saw those hearts at the top. I like to think of hearts as little Easter eggs in their charm designs – you will find them tucked away somewhere! ^^

  4. As someone who has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, I NEED this charm! What advice can you give for acquiring charms that are exclusive to Asia? I’m in the United States FYI.

    • If it does prove to be exclusive to Asia, I would advise joining Pandora’s Tribe or Pandora’s Angels on Facebook. There are several ladies from Singapore etc who are absolutely fab at helping out with exclusives at no extra cost! :)

    • Brittany,

      I will be helping a few ladies here pick up this charm, so I don’t see why I cannot help you grab one or two more. You can write to me at fluffyby [at] hotmail [dot] com. :)

  5. Are you sure this is Pandora?? It’s too unique – they must have had a guest designer come in and be allowed to do a one off piece.

    • Aha, yes, I’m sure! ^^ I was also surprised to see a design like this from them, but I’m thrilled nevertheless! That is an interesting point about designers, though. I wonder if they ever do that!

  6. This is not a country exclusive and will be available in the UK, I have seen it in person at product training for aw15 in London & it is even more beautiful in person :)

        • Yes, it’s beautiful – how fun that you get to see all the new pieces in advance too! ^^ By any chance, did you see the pavé star safety chain that’s pictured in the campaign image in this post?

      • Yeah it’s really fun! I didn’t see that no :( nor a mention of that as part of autumn or winter unfortunately, seems odd that they’d release that for any other season other than Christmas / Winter so maybe that one will make a surprise visit !

        • Mm, that is strange, as like you say, you would think that it would be out for winter. I’ll keep an eye out for more info on it! Thank you for your reply! ^^

      • Sad news fellow Americans, just got off the phone with Pandora and they confirmed US will not be getting the coffee pot this year at all :((

        • Thanks for the update Alex, even if the news isn’t what we were hoping for. That’s some initiative calling Pandora, too! ^^ You could always try looking for help getting it overseas?

      • So from what I’m reading on this thread, North America will be excluded from many of the new sterling silver pieces, just when the North American prices have gone up on everything BUT sterling silver pieces. It’s so not cool.

        • Yes, I’m kind of baffled by the choices Pandora NA have been making this season. :S Why they’d choose not to release such a substantial chunk of the upcoming AW15 collections, I don’t know. I’m very curious to know their reasoning behind it. :/

      • Well, I’ll see what comes out here at the end of the month, and if Pandora slaps North America by excluding us from the decent charm choices (silver without the ghastly bejewelling and over-enamelling), I’ll be spending my jewellery money elsewhere.

        • Well, I really hope it doesn’t come to that! Hopefully this is just a one-off and things will be back to normal next season for North America…

      • I completely agree about the NA exclusions from the fall collection. Those silver charms were precisely the ones I was thinking about getting, as they were reasonably priced and did not have pave. And they are cute!! If Pandora is going to exclude reasonably priced charms from the US, I will make it a point not to buy anything from them in the fall.

      • I would like to say so , there is no information to say it is exclusive to any country :) the detail is so intricate it’s stunning one of my favourite peices. It’s very delicate and small, which is one of the main things I love about this peice make it all the more fascinating & pretty

  7. OMG this is so cute! I’m not a big coffee drinker, but it’s very lovely! If this had been a tea pot I would get it for sure LOL. I’m so happy Pandora has made something (although uber girly as per usual) that’s not covered in cubic zirconias. Just goes to show that Pandora can still create something pretty without the use of pave.

    • Aha, well it’s kind of teapot-esque, so you could just say that it is one? ;) And yes, absolutely – this charm is very encouraging. If only they’d release more like this one!

  8. Omg Ellie! Just sat down for my morning coffee, opened up to read your review and this jaw dropping picture popped up. What a gem. A definite must have for me. Will have to have my son pick this one up for me as well. Well done Pandora! Makes me wonder what other surprises are waiting to be released over time from “Pandora’s Box” lol. Have a good day Ellie. Thank you for starting mine off on the right foot.

    • I’m glad that you love it as much as I do! I think it’s such a beautiful little charm. The detailing is just beautiful and shows the sophistication of design of which Pandora is still capable. ^^ This charm seems to be getting pretty rave reviews across the board! You’re welcome, Cheryle – have a lovely day too and thanks for commenting! <3

  9. I don’t see why a coffee pot would be county exclusive anyway. The espresso pot dangle wasn’t Italy exclusive. :-) Multi-national people all over the world drink coffee of all kinds from all kinds of appliances. So here’s hoping the little pot, a clever design for a change and sure to sell out everywhere, is available everywhere.

    • Weelll, Pandora have a funny history with their exclusives like that haha. There’s nothing country-exclusive about butterflies, flowers or, weirdly enough, pears, but all three were made Asian exclusives for Spring:
      //morapandorablog.com/2015/03/06/preview-pandora-spring-2015-asia-exclusive-charms/ I still don’t understand why, lol.
      As for regions other than Asia and the UK, we will have to wait and see! It is certainly beautiful enough to appeal to Pandora collectors around the world, as you say. <3

  10. Hi Ellie I really love this charm so unique it reminds me of the mad hatter and Alice in wonderland this will definitely go on my fairy tale bracelete to symbolise that or I love how some one said as aladine that would be so cool.

  11. I love this charm, nicely detailed, great to have something different from Pandora! I hope we eventually get it here in the US :-D

    • I completely agree! It’s definitely top of my wish list. :) Fingers crossed that it makes it to the US – it seems like you guys are missing out on quite a few of the new pieces this season. :(

  12. I am impressed with this unique piece. It is a far cry from all the sickenening “bling” that Pandora has focused on selling. I am disappointed that it may not be available in the US. I would buy this.

    • Yes, this one seems to have drawn a pretty unanimously positive reaction. :) I was also thrilled to see it and it’s definitely my favourite piece of the Autumn collection. Perhaps it may still come to the US – we will have to wait and see!

  13. Pandora factory is in Thailand now, I have been in Bangkok a few time and my relative bought me to purchase some real gold and14k gold jewelry is in this kind of style. Their workmanship is delicate and elegant, jewelry shop in Hong Kong set up factory there for the real gold jewelry also. The workmanship for this kind of item is very time consuming and costly. If Pandora bring in 14k gold coffee pot, I think fans will go crazy!

  14. Thai lady likes to wear jewelry to match their fashion. Diamond, ruby, sapphire, gold…etc. The design is very detailed and sophiscated, I like it but just can’t afford all. Here Pandora bring in the silver version, I don’t mind to collect it. At first, I worry nothing to buy for the Sept promotion, now at least something.

    • Well, the jury is still out on whether it will be available in North America (I’ve heard from a couple of ladies who work with Pandora in the US or Canada and nobody has heard anything about this one) but if it is then it would be a perfect candidate for the promo! :)

  15. Hi Supergirl! :-)
    What a wonderful suprise! That’s how Pandora should be! It was about time for the designers to create such an elegant charm without pave! They often confuse beauty with sparkle but this time they’ve managed not to do so!
    I love hidden hearts in Pandora-this one has a lot! These are hearts in the bottom of the pot, aren’t they? I hope we will see more of this kind of design in the future!
    Thank you for this lovely post Ellie! Excellent presentation as always! ♥♥♥

    • Haha, hi Chrysa! Yes, I completely agree with you! A reader just asked me in an email if I could recommend anything from Pandora’s past and current catalogue that matched this charm for intricate detail and it actually stumped me a little! I mean, there are lots of charms with beautiful detail but this one is definitely up there with the best. :)
      I quite like the hidden hearts, as well, although I can appreciate why some people find it repetitive. ^^ It’s funny how Pandora manages to get them into so many different charms – each of the National Icon pendants has a little heart hidden in it somewhere (the Eiffel Tower’s feet are little hearts, so cute). And yes, there is a whole row of hearts at the base of the coffee pot too!
      As always, thanks for commenting Chrysa! ♥♥♥

  16. I’m in love with this charm! I wish they would sell this charm in Canada. I’m sad it won’t be released here. I would love to buy this charm I just hope it’ll be in the Philippines since my parents will be there in October

    • Yes it’s such a shame that it doesn’t seem to be coming to North America. It’s beautiful enough to have appeal in any region I should think. :) You should have the opportunity to get it in the Philippines though as I’m pretty sure it’s coming to Asia!

  17. I can’t wait for this one! The same lovely lady that helped me with the ice cream is helping me with this one as well :) Ive purchased the redbalifrog aladdins lamp charm already to go with it and will be picking up a few of Jasmines things when they release as well and putting together an arabian nights bracelet, cannot wait!

    • Awesome! I’m so excited for this one as well. I haven’t decided how I’ll use mine yet, but I am getting it regardless haha. I love your idea for an Arabian nights bracelet with the Jasmine beads – what a great idea! That will look so pretty!

  18. This is such a lovely charm!! I love the detailed work. Thank you so much for posting the live shots of this charm. It’s a winner and a must have.
    Can you tell me which animals will not be offered here in the US?
    Also I purchased a charm today from a very nice jewelry store and I think it is My Wish charm with a dangle pearl. According to the description, the pearl is gray but this pearl is more of a creamy color. It looks just like the one in the 2012 book. Is there another charm like this with a cream color pearl? Could it be the pearl is lighter than the one shown in the picture?
    Thanks so much :D

  19. Received great news yesterday. The coffeepot is available in South Africa. But not yet on sale. Can’t wait till they launch the collection.

    • No, it’s not come to the UK, Australia or North America so far. Europe and some Asian countries have it – I ordered mine yesterday morning from the Irish retailer Republic of Jewels but they seem to have sold out already. :(

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