Last but not least, today I’m finishing off my Pandora Pre-Autumn 2015 reviews with an in-depth look at the new black enamel Sentimental Snapshots charm! It’s almost the end of summer and this cute little camera charm seems like a good summer charm to finish on, acting as a representation of the memories and snaps that you’ve acquired over the last few months. ^^

pandora pre-autumn 2015

This charm features a stunning level of detail from Pandora, in every aspect of its design. Read on for close-up shots and details, plus some tropical styling inspiration!

The charm

This is an absolutely amazing charm, in terms of detail. I always liked the original silver Camera charm for its cute detailing, but this newer version has even more to admire. I spent quite a lot of time just turning the charm round and discovering all the adorable buttons and dials on each side. Pandora have clearly just looked at a real DSLR and put every single little detail into this charm! :D

pandora pre-autumn 2015 collection preview travel

The front of the camera has a large cubic zirconia for the lens (perfect!) and black enamel detailing. The contrast between the brightness of the cubic zirconia and the dark enamel is really striking, and the overall effect is so cute. I love Pandora’s use of enamel in general – when used right, it creates such a fun, quirky aesthetic.

pandora pre-autumn 2015 sentimental snapshots

The rest of the charm is plain silver, and it’s nice and chunky in terms of its weight and feel. This is where the amazing degree of detail really kicks in; the back of the charm has the flash, a display and some additional buttons and dials.

pandora pre-autumn 2015 sentimental snapshots

The top features a button to take the picture, an on/off switch, and a dial just like on a proper DSLR to adjust your settings manually. :o
pandora pre-autumn 2015 sentimental snapshots

Last, but not least, the bottom of the camera features a battery compartment, and even memory card slots! Even though it has all these details, the charm still feels nice and compact, and it’s in proportion with the rest of Pandora’s silver charms.
pandora pre-autumn 2015 sentimental snapshots


Just one styling to showcase today, as the light in England has been so appalling over the last couple of weeks that it has been hard to take many photos, and I am so busy with this dissertation that’s due in September that I haven’t had time to sort it! For this styling I have opted to go for a fun tropical holiday theme, using both the new and old camera charms.

I think the block black of the Sentimental Snapshots looks great with bold colours, such as the fuchsia of the Orchid and the Shoreline Sea Glass!

pandora pre-autumn 2015

The black leather adds to the casual look, and makes for a fun holiday bracelet. You can always space the charms out on the leather by using silicone stoppers, or clips with rubber inserts placed inside them. :)

pandora pre-autumn 2015


This is one of my favourite charms Pandora has made this year; it’s very pretty and stylised, but packed with such fun little details as well. If you are into photography or love your DSLR, this is definitely the charm for you! It’s also just super cute and a great memento of a holiday, or if you like to travel.

And that completes my Pre-Autumn 2015 reviews! I’ve really enjoyed this year’s collection. It’s had much more to offer than the cubic zirconia pendants from last year, which I didn’t indulge in at all.

Have you bought this charm, or is it on your wish list? If so, how are you wearing it?

26 Comments on Review: Sentimental Snapshots from Pandora Pre-Autumn 2015

  1. Hi Ellie

    I was into DSLR albeit a short while. The moment I saw this I nearly squeaked with joy; the details are really very impressive. Front, back, bottom! I love it so much! It’s just that I have not found a place for this beauty yet. Maybe one day when I sort everything out I should come back to get this sentimental snapshot.

    Your styling of it with orchid and ice cream cone look very summer-y. I love it, as always. ^^

    Kelly x

    • Hi Kelly! I keep meaning to learn how to use my DSLR properly, but I just never seem to have the time at the moment. Once my course is finished I am definitely going to try. ^^ My reaction to this charm was very similar to yours! It’s really rather perfect. I didn’t know how to fit it into my collection either, so I actually got the black leather especially to wear it on haha. I knew I had to have it!

      Thanks Kelly! It does look really pretty with bright summer colours, although the black goes with a lot of things ofc. Thanks for commenting! :D xx

  2. Hi Ellie,
    If I agree with you that this charm is really cute, I am not sure to buy it, I have so much in my wish list ;) I have the chance to see the coffee pot, the dragon fly and the gorgeous bangle in real, I’m waiting thursday to see the little fairy so …

    Have you see the first picture for the next black friday charm ? I hope that it will be also beautiful than expected, I am collected snowball and I was not a fan with the reindeer last year…

    Always a pleasure to read you…

    • Hi Isabelle! I totally get that, haha. My wish list is usually overflowing as well! ;) Do you mean that you’ve seen the coffee pot? What did you think? I’m really looking forward to getting my paws on that one! ;)

      I have; I actually saw a better photo of it about a month ago. It has pavé detailing with white stones, and I think it is quite pretty when you see the proper image. :) It has ‘2015’ written on the bottom as well. I think I will probably be getting it!

      Thanks Isabelle! <3 Glad you enjoyed it.

      • The coffee pot is absolutely gorgeous in real, I doesn’t know if it will be sold in France, and it was a good surprise.

        Yes I saw the photo with the pandora’s angels, and I hope and think it will be very nice. I think that I will need the help of the pandora’s angels ah ah ! It’s just the beginning ;)

  3. :-) Although I prefer round charms over square shaped types, I think this one is adorable! I understand it’s one of your favorites!
    Have a very HAPPY afternoon :-)

  4. Your camera and bracelet look cute Ellie! :-D Now I’m curious about the Black Friday Charm, I tried to look on Pandora’s Angels, did they take the photo down now?

    • Thanks Natalie! :D The photo hasn’t been taken down, it’s just hidden in a thread – if you search ‘Black Friday wonderland’ in the search bar at the top, the thread will come up. :) Let me know what you think of it!

      • Thanks Ellie! I found it now, would never have seen it without your help :-D
        I am still trying to figure out how to navigate Pandora’s Angels, it can be overwhelming with all the charms for sale listings!

        It looks nice, I think I will have to see a clearer picture or in person to decide if I want it. I only have 1 Black Friday charm, the snowflake pave from Ruelala.

        • You’re welcome! The Angels page can be very busy but the search function is extremely useful for narrowing it down to what you want. ^^
          I have three BF charms, all of which I’m rather fond of – the 2011 Midnight Hearts, the 2013 pavé snowflake and the 2014 Christmas Wish dangle. I’m considering tracking down the 2012 one, as it seems silly to only be missing one. ;) I quite like the look of this one (the 2013 snowflake remains my favourite), and I expect I’ll be adding it to the Christmas design I’m currently planning! ^^

      • Oh, so you are missing the present with the red bow? I’m sure someone on Angels has it to sell if you really want it ;-)

        The Midnight Hearts is really pretty, it’s kind of nice it’s not “holiday” as much as the others, more versatile. I like the pave snowflake a lot, I got it because it was on sale but it really is such a nice design and it goes so well with Winter’s Kiss snowflake dangle which I also have. I like that the date isn’t very prominent on the snowflake. Last year’s ornament was pretty too, I never got it, I would if I saw it on Ruelala maybe.

        I’m so excited you are making your first all holiday bracelet this year, that will be fun to see :-D

        • Yes, someone on Angels does have it, and for a great price… I’ve been resisting temptation for about a month haha! I’m sure I’ll end up getting it, especially when I start actually putting together the Christmas bracelet and I can see exactly where it would go. ^^
          Yes, the Midnight Hearts is gorgeous. It’s really striking. People often mention it as being their favourite! This year’s date isn’t that prominent either – it’s tucked away on the underside of the snow globe, so it won’t interrupt the design too much. :)
          Aw, thanks Natalie! I’m really quite excited as well, it’s silly. ;) I’m impatient as I’m waiting for the Winter 2015 pieces to come out – then I can actually start putting it together :D in the meantime, I’m collecting some of the older xmas charms to go on it!

    • You guys keep mentioning snowglobe and 2015? I recently saw a photo of an all pave snow globe charm that looks rather christmas-y, is that the one you are all discussing? Is that the Black Friday charm for this year? If that’s the one it is stunning. Nicer than most of the past ( except the red present I thought that one was great as well!)

  5. Hi Ellie I love this charm one of my favourites from the collection I love the styling I love the contrast of the black leather and then the bright colour scheme. I this how you are wearing it. I love your reviews I will be waiting for the next one lol I come on your page a couple times a day just to see if you uploaded anything new lol. Good luck on your uni work I bet you can’t wait for the autumn collection.

    • Hi Nicola! :D Thanks, I’m really pleased to hear that you like the styling! And yep, I will be wearing the Camera on the black leather. I think they look really pretty together, and adding a little colour makes the whole thing pop! Haha, well, the next review will be an Autumn 2015 one, which, as you guessed, I am so excited to get started on! ^^ I can’t decide which new charm to do first, though.
      Aw, that’s so, so lovely to hear! I always look out for your comments as well. :D Thanks Nicola, that has really brightened up my day!

  6. When I first saw the 2nd photo from the top that you posted I thoght that tiny little camera was a real camera! Wow didn’t realize how real it looked, use of cz and enamel are amazingly spot-on in this case. I think it was a great idea to mix the black with all the bright pinks. Although I probably won’t be getting the camera anytime soon. It is probably the nicest piece from the whole pets/travel collection.

    • Aha, it really is incredibly detailed! And yes, I love the enamel and the CZ, too. Pandora were spot-on with this one! It’s definitely my favourite from the Pre-Autumn collection, too, I saved the best for last haha. Thanks for commenting! <3

  7. Hi Ellie!
    Thanks for another wonderful review! This is one of my favourite pieces in this collection, though it still remains in my wishlist. My travel themed bracelet has no more space, so I should make a second one! Until then, a friend suggested I could replace the old camera with the new one, but I can’t! I think I would feel sorry for it! :-) So I’ll be patient and hope for future trips and better days!
    I loved that you used both cameras in your styling!
    Bye supergirl! Talk to you soon (in fact in some minutes, as I’ve seen a mail regarding your new post about autumn collection-can’t wait to read it!) ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Glad to hear that you’re a fan of this one, too. We often tend to like similar pieces! ^^ Haha, I could never just ditch a charm for a newer version – I get quite sentimental about my charms, haha. I’d wait and find another space for the newer version as well. ^^
      I’m really pleased that you enjoyed the review! <3 Thanks for commenting, I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the Autumn collection :)

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