Exciting news today as we have a sneak peek at a much-anticipated Pandora item: a safety chain for the Pandora Essence bracelet! This has been a very highly-requested item ever since the launch of the Essence collection in 2014, and it looks like our voices have been heard. ^^ This safety chain is due out with the Pandora Spring 2016 collectionwhich is scheduled for launch on the 17th of March.


I previously posted a sneak peek at four new Essence charms coming out this season, but this is the first we have heard of this safety chain! Read on for more details. :D

Pandora Essence Safety Chain Sneak Peek

Our sneak peek today comes courtesy of Sheila from the wonderful A Few Charms blog, so please don’t reproduce it without crediting her! The safety chain features a plain silver design, with the signature Pandora logo featured on both ends of it:

pandora essence spring 2016

No details on pricing yet, but as it’s a plain silver design I’m sure it will be reasonably affordable. :D

My Comment

This is a very exciting sneak peek, and it’s fab that Pandora have finally decided to make a safety chain for the Essence collection, as fans have been asking for one for such a long time. I like that it’s a plain silver design, although I would have preferred a more generic/abstract pattern, rather than one with the Pandora logo – but I’m not really complaining, aha. It’s funny, as I’m actually not sure whether I will indulge in them for my Essence bracelets – I quite like that they are very simple and unfussy, and that there are no dangles on them currently. Perhaps I’ll get a safety chain for one and not the other!

Are you excited for this safety chain? Will you be getting one?

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  1. Interesting! I’m not too keen on essence because of the daintiness of the chain, especially of the way the links are twisted together and apposed to the way the Trollbeads chain has links connected together. I like that Pandora decided to make a safety chain though. (I wonder how it would look though)

    • I like the daintiness of the Essence bracelet chain, but I feel it looks better on my wrist with two of them stacked together! :) I also would like to see how it looks – but I will probably end up with one anyway!

  2. Hooray!! Finally they’ve listened to us – customers and staff!! I shall no doubt be reserving several of these for my family and I, at my shop!!
    Quite like the design as I imagine it’ll be a lot smaller than what the image suggests!!

    Excellent news though, lots of love to you Ellie and thank you!!

    • Aha, it is very good news isn’t it? :D And yes, I expect you’re right – the design will be quite petite in person and those logos won’t stand out so much.

      You are very welcome! <3 So pleased to hear you're excited!!

  3. :-) I still don’t have a safety chain – neither for the regular, nor for the essence bracelet(s). Somehow I can’t get used to them.
    HAPPY New Year to you! :-)

    • Ah, do you not like the dangle charms very much? I only have 4 or 5cm safety chains as a rule, and I don’t find that they dangle too much!
      Happy new year to you too! :D

  4. Personally, although a good idea for some, I think it takes away from the neatness and daintiness of the essence bracelet. I haven’t had any problems with my essence bracelet staying on, so dont think I will be purchasing it. Got into the habit from the start when putting on, to give a gentle tug to the clasp to make sure it was secure, it has worked well so far for me.

    • That is also my concern Lynn – there aren’t any other dangle charms for the Essence collection, and this is a bit of a departure from the very clean Essence aesthetic. But I think it will be quite petite in person and hopefully not too obtrusive. I will probably get one as my two-tone Essence bracelet clasp actually opened and fell off my wrist yesterday – I always make sure they are firmly fastened shut too, so that was a little worrying! I found it straight away luckily but I will probably get the SC for peace of mind.

  5. Yes! Finally! I own a few essence bracelets and I’m glad they are coming out with a safety chain. I would hate to lose any of them. So hooray! Can’t wait for the Release. And simple is always best haha. Thank You Ellie. Happy New Year!

    • Yes, I’m looking forward to this one as well now! It’s funny as my Essence bracelet actually fell off my wrist for the first time ever yesterday :o and it has the two-tone clasp! Luckily I noticed it happen and picked it up straightaway, but it was while I was out and about and could have been a bit disastrous. So I will probably be getting this safety chain for that one now.
      Happy new year, Sara!

  6. I second no to the Pandora logo being on it Ellie, haha. Has anyone actually had an Essence bracelet open on them? I would have thought they’re pretty secure – mine doesn’t seem to move anywhere and just stays put. I probably won’t be indulging in this unless they come up with a more abstract pattern to use I guess. Good news though for those that do fill up their bracelets =). Can’t wait for the hybrid bracelet though! At least they are venturing out to trying new things now, and listening to customers =D. xxx

    • As other people have pointed out, it will probably be quite small in person – so perhaps the logo won’t be obtrusive! I never had a problem with my Essence bracelets ever (I’ve had my first one since summer 2014), but one came unclasped from my wrist for the first time ever yesterday. :S Seems like fortuitous timing that this safety chain is coming out now, haha. xxx

  7. Definitely! I was just going to purchase a sabo one today, glad I caught this post!! I actually haven’t had either of my essence unclasp but I’d still like one!

    • Awesome! :D I had my Essence bracelet unclasp for the first time ever yesterday but luckily saw it go and picked it up straight away. :o It’s never happened to me with a Moments bracelet in four years or so of collecting.

  8. U know what would make it exciting. U could link your 2/3 bracelets together, then use this safety chain on the long train. It would give a rock star look!

    Ok, previously, I commemted that I was disappointed with the spring/valentines day/essence collection, but now ive changed my tune!!! Cant wait for march!! ;)

    • That’s such a fun idea! Kind of like the Nostalgic Rock collection that Pandora did years ago, which had lots of looped chains and things. :D

      So glad to hear this has psyched you up a bit more for the SS16 collections! Thanks for commenting!

  9. Happy New Year Ellie!

    I am SO excited about this, for several reasons. The first is that I have been neglecting my Essence bracelet because I didn’t want to spend too much money on the beads with no way of protecting them from loss, and the second is that the fact they have gone to the trouble of making a safety chain for the Essence bracelet means (I assume, anyway!) that they aren’t thinking about axing the line anytime soon.

    I’m not in love with the design, but I think it’s simple enough to not be too distracting. I don’t usually like dangling charms, but I make exceptions for the safety chains because they’re so delicate. I’m definitely going to be buying this as soon as it’s out!

    • Happy new year, Liv! :D

      I’m so glad you’re excited! I expect I will be getting one for my two-tone bracelet, as I would hate to lose it. It is encouraging that they are still innovating the Essence range and investing in it, so even if they have scaled down the collections we are still getting interesting beads and concepts in them still. :D

      The design is not my favourite either, but I think as other people have mentioned, that it might be a lot more subtle and petite in person. Looking forward to seeing a live photo of it! I never used to like the dangle charms either, but have come to love them for the interest and symmetry they can add to a bracelet design. <3

  10. Hi again Ellie! :-)
    I think this is great news for all Essence fans and perhaps a good sign that the Essence line won’t be discontinued. On the other hand, they could have come up with a different design! Any of their silver designs would make a lovely SC (last Love bead, for example). It would also be interesting if the two parts of the chain weren’t identical (also in Moments SCs), to look like two extra values on the bracelet!
    Thank you for the new info Ellie! ♡♡♡

    • Hi Chrysa!

      It is very good news, even if I am not that keen on the design either (I don’t really like heavily branded items in general). Perhaps they will make more, if they continue on with the Essence collection! It would have been nice if they had made the Essence safety chain represent a value as you say – perhaps security, or loyalty (with the chain representing bonds of love or friendship etc). Hopefully they will come up with some more designs – for now I will probably end up with this one, as I’d like some extra security for my two-tone Essence bracelet!

      You’re welcome, thanks for commeneting Chrsya! <3 <3

  11. Hi, that’s great news about the safety chain for the Essence bracelet, it’s on my wish list!
    Do you have any info on promotions in the UK for 2016 please?

    Thank you and Happy New Year!
    Debbie x

    • Hi Debbie! Nothing official in terms of UK promotions yet, but I’m hoping that there will be another Valentine’s jewellery box GWP for January. :) I’ll update the blog should I hear anything!

      Happy new year to you too Debbie! xx

  12. I am not a Essence fan so will skip this safety chain. I don’t need safety chain for any Moment bracelet, I only put charm in between the clips. Save $ for beautiful charm.

    • Fair enough! I like the safety chains on my Moments bracelets for aesthetic reasons, but there aren’t enough designs I like for all my bracelets. So I’m hoping they make some more soon! :P

  13. Happy New Years everyone!
    I have a question about essence breslet!
    Can i put regular charmes to the essence breslet???
    I’m very interesting about this , can you someone tell me more about this breslet and charmes, thanks

    • Happy new year, Mia!
      Well, technically the regular charms will fit on the Essence bracelet. But the Essence bracelet is delicate and much thinner than the Moments bracelet. It is not designed to hold the weight of the Moments charms, and the bracelet is more likely to stretch or kink – even break. They also won’t stay in place like Essence charms.

      • thanks a lots… i see but i do wanna try essence breslet thought…! love pandra, wanna try the necklace and add charmes too*\(^o^)/*

    • Hi Mia
      I really like the Essence range. The bracelet and charms are smaller than the regular Pandora charms. They are dainty and light to wear and you only need to wear a few charms on your Essence bracelet. Once you put the charms on your bracelet they stay in place and don,t move around. You dont need clips to stop them from moving around like you do on the other Pandora bracelets. I wear 4 Essence charms on each of my Essence bracelets. For me that is an ideal number. The charms are sold as qualities ie happiness, joy, stability etc. I choose my charms based on their looks first and the meaning second. I personally wouldn’t put the regular charms on the Essence bracelet.

  14. thanks, Lozzie
    I’m keeping looking essence breslet now on…. for future! I just start to collect these charmes on just 3 months ago, so it’s very new every thing. thanks again share with me the ideas (^O^)/

  15. So pleased with this news, I am a complete fan of Essence and have been waiting for them to make a safety chain! I have never bothered with a Thomas Sabo one as I knew it would annoy me it wasnt Pandora. I just hope this news may mean the rumours re Essense being discontinued are not true.

    • It is great news! :D I think those discontinuation rumours probably came from the fact that Pandora NA chose not to carry the latest Essence collection last season. It seems that they’ve had a change of heart and they’re going to try and reboot it in the US & Canada – so Essence isn’t finished yet! :)

  16. Hi Ellie, I still haven’t gotten around getting an Essence bracelet since I already have seven of the non Essence bracelets. This safety chain is gorgeous. Pardon me, would it be able to fit into the normal silver clasp bracelets or it’s designed solely for the Essence bracelet?

    • Hi Charmaine! I’m afraid that Essence charms don’t fit the Moments bracelets, so this safety chain will be the same. The Essence chain is quite a lot smaller than the Moments chain. Sorry :(

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