Today’s post squeezes in one last review ahead of the launch of the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2016 collection on Thursday, with a closer look at the Pandora Dainty Bow bangle! I previously reviewed the Dainty Bow safety chain and clip, but the bangle is a nice piece in its own right – and it’s limited edition, so I thought it was deserving of its own post. ^^

pandora dainty bow bangle
Image by Pandora

For a review of the Pandora bangle overall, please have a read through my review here! Otherwise, scroll on for some pictures & thoughts on this special Dainty Bow edition. :D I’ve opted to go for some romantic stylings and pictures to get you in the mood for the Valentine’s launch – the Dainty Bow ribbon motif works well with heart/floral themes!

The Pandora Dainty Bow Bangle

The Dainty Bow bangle is the latest in a range of special edition Pandora bangles, each with a customised clasp. This one is a little more delicate than previous LE bangles, such as the Circle of Love and Always in my Heart designs, which have opted for large amounts of pavé. It’s a sweet but unobtrusive design, adding a little bit of interest without being too showy!

pandora dainty bow bangle review

If you got your bangle from North America, it came with this rather lovely box (it’s a shame that other regions don’t put as much thought into their presentation as Pandora NA clearly do!). This is ideal as a travel box for a spare bracelet – or, indeed, just as storage if your Pandora collection is just starting out! It has a little clip to hold your bracelet in place, too.

pandora dainty bow bangle box

One difference between this bangle and other previous special editions is that the Dainty Bow bangle has the bow design on both sides of the clasp. So there is no Pandora branding on it whatsoever – I guess that’s good if you are not so keen on obvious branding, but less good if you want people to know that you’re wearing Pandora. ;)

pandora winter 2015 dainty bow bangle

One thing that I love about the LE bangles is that you can pretty much wear them as you wish – the special clasp designs add enough interest for them to be worn on their own, but they also look great worn with complementary charms. For reference, the hallmarks are on the inside of the clasp.

pandora dainty bow bangle review


The Dainty Bow bangle originally made its début with the Pandora Winter 2015 collection and, thinking of that, my first styling matches it with the delicate icy blue of the Elsa’s Signature Colour murano. This offers a soft pastel design that’s also reminiscent of winter weather!

pandora dainty bow bangle review

However, I’m also starting to think about what bracelet I might put together for the Pandora Valentine’s and Spring 2016 collection – this bracelet’s pretty bow clasp would be ideal for showcasing some pieces from either collection. Consequently, I’ve put together a mini floral styling featuring the Cherry Blossom murano, the retired pearl Garden Odyssey pendant and the pink Primrose Meadow. :D

pandora dainty bow bangle review

I haven’t actually decided what I will be putting on my Dainty Bow bangle yet – I may well save it for some Spring 2016 beads! For now, I like to wear it plain and stacked with other bracelets. I have accumulated quite a bangle collection now, haha – here they all are: (And – even with all five bangles – it still feels lighter on your wrist than a full Pandora charm bracelet! :P)

pandora dainty bow bangle stack


The Dainty Bow bangle is a sweet and subtle design, and I’m sure that the fact that the bow design is on both sides of the clasp will appeal to many! While it came out with the Winter 2015 collection and works well to add a feminine twist to Christmassy pieces, it would also be a great choice to showcase your favourite pieces from the upcoming Valentine’s or Spring collections!

The Pandora Dainty Bow bangle is $75 USD or £65. If you’re in the UK, you can still purchase it along with the rest of the Pandora Winter collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

Have you added this bangle to your collection? Do you collect the LE bangles?

65 Comments on Review: Dainty Bow Bangle from Pandora Winter 2015

  1. I like the simple design on this bangle. I’ve only got the original bangle which I got as a free gift from the tower event and have worn it quite a lot. I just wear it with my orchid dangle charm. I probably would buy another bangle at some point, if I had a specific charm to put on. I’m interested to know if the new spacers that are coming out in the spring, will work on the bangle to keep the charms in place.
    Love forward to reading you valentines reviews.

    • It’s funny as the original bangle is one of the only bangle designs I haven’t got! ^^ I do like it, it’s just that the LE versions are always a little more tempting when it comes down to it. I think that the LE Spring 2016 spacers will work with the bangle, yes. You can see the gold version on the bangle in this campaign image:
      pandora spring 2016

      Thanks Sarah! I’m really looking forward to seeing the Valentine’s charms and doing the reviews :D It will be nice to do something non-Christmassy haha.

  2. Pretty pictures and stylings as always Ellie! :-D I especially like the picture showing all of your bangles!

    I got 2 of these in the promo, 1 small and 1 medium. It is a really pretty design, can go with almost any charms I think. I like that they did the bow on both sides, better than doing Pandora on 1 of the sides like they usually do.

    Overall, this was a really good promo, better than picking a free charm I think. I know these were going really fast at the stores I went to! I like Pandora bangles a lot, they are really comfortable to wear. I do just a few charms on my small bangles and I fill the mediums like I would a bracelet, it’s nice not to need the clips on the clip stations.

    • Thanks Natalie! It was fun putting on all those bangles ;) Although I don’t think I’d leave the house wearing them all haha.

      Oh lovely! I haven’t experimented with different size bangles yet. I have them all in a medium, which gives quite a loose fit. It’s how I like to wear them best and that way I can add as many charm as I like to them as well. :) I like the double-sized bow clasp as well!

      I like both the free bracelets & free charm promos, as sometimes you just don’t need another bracelet. It would be nice if they ran both, at different times in the year. Or allowed you to pick your free gift! The bangles are really comfortable and much lighter than the regular charm bracelets. They can be very refreshing for a change!

  3. At first I didn’t like the design. I thought it was too subtle but as it was a GWP here in Australia I ended up getting one at Christmas. It’s actually a really nice delicate design and iI wear it alot.

    • Hi Lozzie!

      Is it alright if I ask, would you know if the GWP promo for the dainty bow bangle is still ongoing in Australia? I have a brother in Perth and I plan to ask him to buy some charms for me. It would be nice if I would get the bangle as a GWP. :)

      Many thanks!


      • Hi Sarah, the GWP started 10dec and end 20dec. I managed to get mine from a friend who visited Australia during that period of time. I will be flying to Australia Melbourne tonight and can’t wait to see the valentines release in person tomorrow when i touch down

        • Oh, I see… That’s too bad for me. Thanks for the info, anyway! :)
          Can’t wait for the release of the Valentines collection as well. My parents will be in Australia next month so I’ll be able to get some charms. Prices are way cheaper in Australia than here in the Philippines. Thanks again!

        • Yes! The pandora price is so much cheaper in Australia therefore i always grab the chance to buy from there when i fly there.

        • Hi Sarah,
          Hopefully your parents will be here while the jewellery box GWP promo is on for the Valentines Collection (if you are interested).
          The bangle promo has run in the lead up to Christmas for the last 3 years in a row. Maybe your brother can get you one this Christmas (if you can wait that long!)

        • Hi Lozzie,

          Wow, so the bangle GWP is like a yearly thing… That’s awesome! Ellie said there will be another bangle GWP in Australia on Mother’s day. I will definitely watch out for that!

      • Hi Sarah!

        As others have told you, the Dainty Bow bangle GWP has finished in Australia, unfortunately. However, there will be the Mother’s Day bangle GWP for 2016 running in late April – you might be interested in that. :) The Mother’s Day bangle will feature heart-shaped clasp and has ‘family forever’ engraved on it.

        If not, Pandora RRPs in Australia are fantastic at the moment compared to other regions – so it might be worth asking your brother to get you a few things anyway! :)

        • Hi Ellie,

          Wow, there will be another bangle GWP for Mother’s Day in Australia? That’s so cool! Last year they had one as well, and I was able to get the Always in My Heart bangle. I’m so happy to hear that they will have that promo again. Just curious, do they run it every year?

          I really love your blog! I think it’s the nicest and most comprehensive blog about Pandora. :)

        • Hi Sarah, yes that’s correct! They have run the bangle GWPs every Mother’s Day and Christmas since 2014, which is when they first introduced the bangles with the special clasps :)
          Thank you so much! I’m really pleased to hear that you enjoy it :D

        • Would you believe we have another bangle promo at the moment? Its a bundle of the Pandora bangle with the Love is Forever charm for $129AUD. Its a Valentines release special.
          I love the charm but I really dont need a fourth bangle atm!

        • We have that deal here in the UK too! Although it’s more expensive ;) £80 for the pair. I don’t really like those deals as I’d like the opportunity to buy the new charms on their own!

    • I completely agree! It is quite subtle, but it’s actually quite a nice alternative to the other pavé bangle designs, which can be quite flashy. I think it will complement the upcoming Valentine’s and Spring pieces really nicely. :D Glad to hear that you like this one too!

  4. I was against getting any bangles for some odd reason and then I decided to take part in the free bangle since I needed a batch of charms anyway and boy was I glad I did. This bracelet is so pretty. The bow detail is simple and sweet. I am currently wearing it with two dangles and the sparkle of love bow in the middle and it looks wonderful and is also very comfortable to wear. I will prob add two more charms eventually and see how it looks, I think 5 charms for a bangle seems like a reasonable amount, no? I like the way yours looks with the matching bow clip, that was a fun idea. Are those all the bangles you own currently? I love that they alll look so cool, I love the two tone bangle and star bangle is particular. <33

    • I did the same as you before I got my first bangle! ^^ I wasn’t that keen on them compared to the regular charm bracelet and then my OH gave me the Mother’s Day 2014 LE bangle. It’s so light and easy to wear, and the customised clasps are really pretty – I fell in love with them and now I like to stack them with my regular bracelets a lot. :D
      Which is the Sparkle of Love bow, Alex? Just trying to visualise your bracelet ^^ Or did you mean this charm? :)×400/791241CZ.jpg
      I bet that looks wonderful!
      Five charms seems like pretty much the perfect amount for the bangle. :) I think the most I have on a bangle is four currently but I would happily add another couple and not worry about it! Yes, those are all my bangles! :D I kind of keep accumulating them without really knowing how it happens haha. The two-tone bangle is my favourite, but all of the special bangles are really cute! <3

      • Hi sorry yes I meant the sparkle heart not bow and yes the sparkle heart and the bow in the clasp really compliment eachother, good glad to know that a few more charms will compliment the 3 already in the bangle ( hey plus it’s a reason for me to buy some new charms) I am glad I gave the bangle a chance because now I know how comfortable they are to wear and I will be getting more in the future. Which is the bracelt they will be giving out in the March free bracelet US promo? Thanks Ellie!

        • I’m not sure on the specifics for the March free bracelet promo. I would have thought the regular barrel clasp would be included for sure, and hopefully all the other silver equivalents (bangle, Essence, etc)!

  5. Hi Ellie!
    I like the design of the Bow bangle, but didn’t get it, as I don’t feel my collection needed more than one bangle (for the time being!) and I already have the “Always in my heart” one. It’s true though that it’s so light, you don’t notice you wear it, really elegant, and I wear it more often than my other bracelets! Perhaps if they come up with a more appealing design I won’t be able to resist! :-)
    I can’t decide whether I prefer the winter or the spring theme, they are both gorgeous! The fact is that your styling ideas are by far more interesting and delicate than Pandora’s, with hundreds of bows on one single bangle! :-P
    Your bangle collection is just great! You haven’t missed any of them, have you?
    I like you’ve put us in the mood for Valentine’s collection with those beautiful pictures with the rose! By the way, may I suggest sth? I think you could use that adorable older picture with your bracelets forming the word LOVE (I discovered it recently), in one of your reviews for Valentine’s! There are so many of us that didn’t know about your blog back then and it’s a pity not to have seen it! :-)
    Thank you for the lovely post Ellie! Can’t wait for the Valentine’s reviews! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Aha, that’s very sensible of you. :) My collection definitely didn’t need the Dainty Bow bangle either (as the last picture will probably tell you :P) but somehow it found its way home with me anyway lol. I do like to wear one or two together, or with an Essence bracelet – it looks rather nice and isn’t heavy at all!
      Thanks Chrysa! <3 I think I will probably end up using the Dainty Bow bangle for Spring 2016 releases but it does look nice with wintry charms. :D I am actually missing a couple of the bangles - I don't have the LE breast cancer awareness one or, funnily enough, the plain version with no special clasp! I don't intend to get either of those two as I don't like them as much the other special clasps.
      Ah, yes, I had completely forgotten about that picture! ^^ It is very old, as you say, haha. I will see if I can pop into a new review, or perhaps take an updated version of it. :D You are sweet with your suggestions, it's nice that you've had a mosey through all the really old stuff haha.
      Thanks for your lovely comment, too, Chrysa! I'm really looking forward to reviewing all the new Valentine's pieces <3

  6. I love all the bangles. I went a bit mad when we had the free bracelet deal last October and got 3 bangles, as well as the heart clasp bracelet :-O. I like all the different clasps together, I was wanting 2 with different clasps to go with my 3 regular ones but they never seem to want to give them us for free here in the UK :-(. I have 4 Murano charms that I wear on my 3 bangles, I wear them all together and think they look like the orbits of planets :-).

    • Wow, four bracelets in a go – I’m impressed! ^^ Free bracelet promotions are the best time to stock up! We don’t get the special bangles as GWPs here in the UK unfortunately. I try and do a lot of my buying overseas anyhow as you save so much money! :)
      That’s a lovely image, the muranos being like planets. :D Are they cosmic colours?

  7. I was really keen to get the clips when they first came out, and when I received them I was a little bit disappointed as they didn’t live up to the pics. I think, however, that it might work quite well for a bangle as it’s a subtle but pretty clasp.

    For the time being I won’t be getting this bangle as I already have one I don’t wear as much as I would like. I love how light it feels but I used the black rubber inserts that my local shop gave me & they’ve marks on the bangle which I’m not too pleased about and puts me off wearing.

    • I found with the Dainty Bow clips/safety chain that the insides of the bows aren’t oxidised like they appear in the stock image, which makes the design a bit less defined. It’s less noticeable on the bangle. :)

      Oh no, that’s not good at all about the inserts! :( I use them on my two-tone bangle and have not had any marks so far (I just checked after reading your comment). Perhaps it could be to do with humidity/storage conditions too?

  8. This free LE bangle was gone fast during promotion. I got two with The Glistening sets and 2 others charm spending $300. The box is very useful to put inside handbag, you can put charm underneath the top layer, smart design.

    • Yes, I heard that they sold out quickly! Luckily my lovely helper got them put aside for me v. quickly. :) I agree, the box is great! It’s a lot less bulky than a lot of the GWP boxes. Perfect for taking an extra bracelet on holiday!

  9. Hi Ellie, i agreed with Natalie that i also love the last picture the most, it is awesome!!! I have only cirle of love and dainty bow bangle in my collection, trying to see if i can get always in my heart bangle in Australia when i touch down there tomorrow. Anyone knows if it is still available in Australia? I know GWP has gone long time ago but i don’t mind to pay to get always in my heart bangle. It is really lovely yet unique with engraving…

    • Hi! :D Thanks, that one was fun to take haha. I’m both ashamed and proud of my bangle collection ;) I don’t know for sure, but I think you will have trouble finding the Always in my Heart bangle in Australia. It was available as a GWP back in April, so I doubt many stores would still have it. :( It was a nice bangle, though, and the script of the engraving is rather elegant. You could always try tracking it down elsewhere, if not though!

      • Yeah, I couldn’t find LE always in my heart bangle in Australia. That’s so nice and unique with engraving. I’m looking forward the new LE if it really comes in next GWP event. Or may be try to source around if anyone wanna let go for me. I station in Singapore but will travel to Australia on and off.

        • That is a shame. :) The LE pieces are getting harder to get hold of than they used to be.
          Hopefully you’ll be in Australia for the next bangle GWP event in April!

        • Yes, i will be traveling to Aus again but not sure end Mar or early Apr :(((( i will make sure i don’t over look your update in blog as it is amazing website which always give me updated pandora news in advance. Thank you so much. Please keep us in the loop once u got GWP event date in Australia.

        • Omg! Really? I need to get someone there to get it for me then.. Keep us posted once 21Apr is confirmed to be GWP event:)))))))

  10. The dainty bow bangle is my first bangle. I love how light it is. I definitely like having the bow on both sides of the clasp. I hope Pandora comes out with more bangles like this one (that does not have pave on the clasp). I bought the clips to go with the bangle, but I haven’t worn the bangle with beads (and hence, clips) yet. I may end up not wearing it with beads. I don’t want it scratched up! Of your designs, I like best the design with the Elsa murano, bow dangle, and bow clip. Your bangle collection looks nice!

    • I’m still surprised that this is your first bangle! ^^ With your penchant for mini designs, I’d have thought the bangles would be perfect for you. If you add charms and the clips to the bangle, and make sure that they stay in place using a rubber inserts, then you should only experience minimal scratching. :)
      Thanks Judy! The Elsa murano is very pretty on its own, even though it’s such a pale blue. :D

  11. Ellie,

    Love, Love, Love this bangle! The clasp looks like a charm and for once I don’t care if my charms migrate around the clasp because it blends in so well! I was so glad to see that one of your designs used the bow clasp with another clip,& murano. I purchased Dainty Bow bangle as part of the promo offered last Dec in Canada. I happened to pop in on my lunch hour and glad I did because they were sold out in one day!

    So,To the folks at Pandora, if you are smart enough to be following this fantastic blog make more bracelets like this one with a double sided design on the clasp!

    Ellie, really impressive bangle collection. I have the pave star design that I sometimes wear empty. I think I am relieved Pandora didn’t kill it with a pave encrusted bow. By only using a few crystals they made it elegant yet casual. I would love a crown (without the O) with a few crystal embellishments. Pandora should consider doing a flower design to compliment the many flower charms they have released.

    Ellie I look forward to the Valentine release. Hubby knows I love Pandora in lieu of flowers. I think I’ll put my valentine themed charms on the Dainty bow bangle. I look forward to seeing what you purchase from the upcoming release, no pressure.

    Lisa K.

    Enjoying your new blog.

    I think Immight pick up a dainty bow clip.

    • Hi Lisa!

      Glad to hear you managed to get one :D they sold out v. fast in North America with the promo, so it’s lucky that you popped in. ^^ This is definitely one of the more versatile bangle designs they’ve done. The double-sided clasp does blend in with the other charms so well, as you say!

      Thanks Lisa! My pavé star bangle has my mini-Christmas design with the two Chamilia charms on it right now. My Dainty Bow is empty at the moment but I think I’m going to use it for Spring charms rather than Christmas or wintry designs. :D I would absolutely love an LE flower bangle – unfortunately this year’s LE bangle for Mother’s Day is another heart design and has a family motif so it doesn’t really appeal to me.

      I am so looking forward to the Valentine’s release as well! I don’t know why, but I’m just very excited for this one. It feels like it has been a long time since we’ve had something new ^^ The Valentine’s charms will look perfect on the Dainty Bow bangle. I was tempted to do the same myself, but I’m planning on getting the new bracelet so they will probably go on there instead. I have a small wish list that I may expand, depending on what I like in store. I look forward to hearing what you have purchased too, Lisa! Thanks for commenting, as ever,


      P.S. Thank you!! Everything seems to be going well with the new blog so far, touch wood.

  12. Hi Ellie! I absolutely love collecting Pandora bangles and I adore your photo showcasing your lovely collection! I live in New England and Alex and Ani bangles are very popular here. They are lovely, but are a bit pricey considering that they are made of recycled materials. Needless to say, I was thrilled when Pandora introduced the bangle! I currently have five bangles including the Circle of Love, Pave Star, Dainty Bow and two plain silvers. Currently, I have between 3 to 9 charms on each of my bangles and they are great for stacking! Your two-tone bangle is stunning and I would love to get that one as well at some point. I was considering last year’s In My Heart bangle, but was disappointed to find out that the pave was only on one side. I imagine that this cuts costs for Pandora, but the bangle (or rather the idea) did not appeal to me at the time. Others had mentioned some difficulty with the clasp as well. What is your opinion on this? I recently saw the new Valentine’s Day bracelet with the same clasp and it was so sparkly and lovely that the missing pave actually didn’t detract from it’s overall appeal! I was pleasantly surprised! I am very curious about the new silicone spacers and think that they would be an awesome alternative to the clips. I don’t like my charms sliding around because the bangle does become scratched over time, so I currently have clips on all of my bangles. The spacers would be ideal and would make it possible for me to add a few more charms. I can’t wait to see Pandora’s next LE bangle! <3

    • Hi Carol! Thank you, I’m glad you liked the picture of all the bangles – it was fun to do. ^^ It’s nice to be able to post it here where people don’t think you’re (too) crazy haha. Glad to hear you have a similarly-sized bangle collection too. I also love them for stacking and I tend to keep the number of charms on them to a minimum (I think four is the max I have) but that is just because I like them to be as light as possible!

      I don’t have any problems with the Always in my Heart bangle clasp, really. I like the plain silver side, it looks quite delicate and pretty and offers a nice contrast to the pave. :) The heart-shaped clasp is slightly more difficult than the regular spherical clasp to do up, but only marginally – and the bangle is so stiff that it is not hard to hold in place while you clasp it! :) I can’t wait for the silicone spacers either – I think they’ll be much preferable to the rubber inserts/clip combination in many cases. Especially for leather bracelets!
      The next LE bangle is for Mother’s Day and has a heart clasp that looks like last year’s Always in my Heart charm. It has a family forever inscription on it. I’m not particularly enthused ;)

  13. I love how you paired the Dainty Bow Clip with the bangle, with the murano in the middle. Delicate and yet wintry. The pearl pendant lent a touch of femininity. I have this bangle and so far been wearing it plain too. Bows are one of my favourite designs and I do want to add more Pandora bow pieces to my collection.

    • Thanks Ariane! <3 The pearl pendant (it has many names, I'm never sure which is the correct one :P) is one of my absolute favourites. I'm still surprised it retired, as it's so pretty and classic.
      Glad to hear you like this bangle too! Bows are some of my favourite motifs as well. The Sparkling Bow pendant is probably my favourite. <3

  14. Hi Ellie I really like this bangle, I saw a winter blue theme which was really nice they used some of the blue from the Xmas collection. I love your picture of all the bangle I think quite a few people collect the bangles I have two of them the star one and the pink heart one. I would love to collect them all I missed out on the always in my heart bangle hopefully I will get it one day. I don’t have the original bangle but I would like it one day.

    • Hi Nicola! Yes I saw some of Pandora’s wintry blue themes, they are pretty. I haven’t got the Iridescent murano yet, but I’m quite tempted. I’d like to put it with the new Filled with Romance and do a stars/romance bracelet. :D
      Thanks Nicola, I never set out to ‘collect them all’ or anything with the bangles… it just kind of happened. ;) I’m still missing the BCA awareness bangle and the regular one, but I’m not planning on adding them. My bangle collection is full enough as it is! ;) I hope you find the Always in my Heart bangle – it is really lovely. However the new pavé heart clasp bracelet will make a great alternative if you can’t find it, too. :)

  15. Hi Ellie, lovely post. I like the design with the pink primrose best. I’m looking forward to pick up my bow bangle that I got the lovely lady at my local jeweller to reserve for me while I’m on holiday. It’s really nice of them to do that for loyal customer so that I don’t loose out. I’m glad to hear another LE bangle is coming out on mother’s day. Will reserve my purchase till then to get as GWP. I suppose it will run in Australia as per every year so far.

      • It’s the bracelet you can see very blurrily pictured here – you can vaguely see that it has a heart-charm clasp?
        pandora spring 2016 preview missagnetha
        the clasp looks like this charm, if I remember correctly:
        Pandora Mother's Day 2015

        • No, the bracelet in the picture has just the one clasp – the heart-shaped clasp. It looks like it has two clips on it that are shaped like the pavé barrel clasp, perhaps?

        • Omg, do you mean that they will make the clasp design like the LE charm you show in the picture?if yes i cannot miss it, MUST get it … So excited
          Your blog always amazing and awesome in providing all the Pandora news in advance, love it!

        • Yes that’s what I mean! ^^ I’m pretty sure that’s the charm that will be the clasp as well. I saw a blurry picture someone shared on FB a couple of weeks ago, and I think that’s right.
          Aha, thank you! ^^

        • OMG, i cannot miss it then. It is two tone clasp bangle then, first ever in Pandora! Since i cannot find always in my heart bangle i will just wait for this one. Any idea if there is any engraving?

        • Yes, there’s a family-themed engraving… perhaps ‘family forever’ or something like that! I can’t remember exactly and can’t find the original post on FB. :(

    • Hi, and thank you! <3 I'm looking forward to doing some spring designs myself - I have the olive facets on its way to me from abroad, and I think I want to use some fresh greens for my spring bracelet :)
      Sounds like you have a lovely local jeweller! It's a shame so many are losing their contracts at the moment, as they are often the ones who will go above and beyond.
      Yes, the new bangle will be offered as a GWP in Australia. You can probably expect it around April :D It's very family-orientated this time so it won't be for me!
      Thanks for commenting <3

      • I’m wearing my last year heart clasp bangle with two boys and a girl charm with two matching pave heart clips to represent my three kids. Might transfer them to this new LE one and use the pave heart clasp for my marriage theme which is now on the normal clasp bangle. It has the pearl bell, the dancing couple, celebration cake, Cinderella coach and 2014 club charm as centre piece. Might want to get the new heart muranot o add some colours to it. The new murano is sooo…pretty.

        • I took a closer look at the picture and it looks more like the heart of the family charm with a gold heart between a male and a female. Whichever design it is, I will still go for it.

        • I have seen a blurry pic of the Mother’s Day bangle on FB, and I’m pretty sure that it’s the Always in My Heart charm and not the Heart of the Family. ^^

        • Sounds gorgeous! And it would work especially well on the new bangle, seeing as it has the family-themed inscription on them as well.
          The new murano looks beautiful from all the live photos I’ve seen, but the store I went to yesterday didn’t have it D: Very disappointing, haha. I have ordered one online and hopefully it will be as pretty as the ones I’ve seen. Fingers crossed!

  16. I went to a store yesterday to check out the new collection. I’m itching to get those that I like. The murano and the vintage intricate heart. But had to resist and wait till I get back to Australia whereby the prices are cheaper.

    • Yay! Those are the two pieces I got first too, although I’m planning on coming back for the pavé heart bracelet, CNY piggy (so cute!) and maybe the Ribbon of Love. A lot of the pieces are much nicer in person!
      But yes, wait for Aus prices! My brother is going out there again in mid-February and I may well give him a little list of stuff to get for me…. ;)

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