Today’s post brings my first Pandora Valentine’s 2016 review, with a closer look at the new Wild Hearts murano! Like many Pandora collectors, I am a big fan of murano glass beads and they are often the charms I get most excited for. This glass charm is particularly innovative in its design, as will be further discussed!

pandora valentine's 2016 wild hearts murano

I didn’t get to pick mine out in person, however, as my store had not received their shipment when I visited last Thursday. This is also true of various stores around the world – it seems that Pandora are once again experiencing production issues with this bead. Consequently, I had to order my Wild Hearts charm online and hope that I got sent a good one. Luckily, the charm I received is absolutely lovely – read on for some close-up shots and styling inspiration! :)

Pandora Wild Hearts murano

The glass itself is clear, with some beautiful sparkle giving it a silver glitter. The hearts are painted on to the top of the glass and run all the way around the murano bead. The vibrancy of their colour makes the clear glass around them appear vaguely pink, too, giving the glass overall a beautifully-delicate shimmer and play of colour.

pandora valentine's 2016 wild hearts murano

While I keep calling the Wild Hearts charm a ‘murano’ – this isn’t exactly correct. Historically, Pandora glass charms are made from Italian murano glass. However, the Wild Hearts charm is a mixture of Italian murano glass and German Reichenbach glass. The German glass is noted for both its vibrant colour and its clarity – both of which are evident in this charm! :)

pandora valentine's 2016

The Wild Hearts murano has the smaller silver core, with hallmarks on just the one side of the bead.

pandora valentine's 2016 wild hearts murano

I hear that there is some variation among these muranos, particularly in terms of the size and neatness of the double hearts. However, every example I’ve seen in pictures has looked rather beautiful – I get the feeling that most of the variations are as pretty as each other. The hearts are quite abstract in design and so, if they aren’t perfect heart shapes, it doesn’t matter too much.


If you’re a regular reader of my reviews, you’re probably aware that I like to toughen up delicate pinks and pastels by putting them on the oxidised bracelet. I also wanted to mix and match textures for a more contemporary design; the romantic, floral motifs of the Filled with Romance and the Rose contrast nicely with the geometric pattern of the silver Rockstar clips.

pandora valentine's 2016 wild hearts murano

One of my favourite official Pandora campaign stylings for this collection was this pink leather bracelet design – the soft pink pastel of the leather contrasts really nicely with the darker Wild Hearts murano. Consequently, I thought I’d try it out in person!


It looked even better in person, especially as the hearts in my murano charm are larger than those in the campaign image. :D So, if you just want an easy way to wear this charm, it looks lovely on its own on the pink leather bracelet. You don’t even need to add anything else to go with it!

pandora valentine's 2016 wild hearts murano

Gold and pink is another wonderfully opulent combination. The deep pink of the Wild Hearts murano lends a real richness to the gold beads, and is perfect for creating a romantic backdrop to your favourite fairy-tale charms.

pandora valentine's 2016 wild hearts murano

I am actually planning on putting my Wild Hearts bead with the Cinderella muranos and last year’s Pink Hearts murano. I haven’t got all the pieces I want to start this design off yet, however, so I will be showcasing it in a future Pandora Valentine’s 2016 review instead! :)



While Pandora have reduced the quantity of murano glass beads that they make in recent years, the trade-off seems to be more innovative and beautiful designs. I can only hope that Pandora sort out the kinks involved with manufacturing these beads on such a large scale – delays and/or production issues seem to recur in every collection at the moment! :)

The Pandora Wild Hearts murano is $55 USD or £35.

Have you add this murano to your collection, or is it on your wish list? If so, how are you wearing it?

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  1. It looks gorgeous Ellie! :-D I want to get 2 of them during the free bracelet promo! Your new Filled with Romance charm is pretty too <3

    Your blue and pink bracelet will be so striking when all the pieces come together! I just made an Exotic Treasures themed bracelet with some matching red and blue glass with pink flowers and I am loving that color combination, I'll post a pic for you to see ;-)

    • Thanks, Natalie! ^^ This one and the Filled with Romance are tied as my favourite pieces from this collection. I have the new bracelet and the Piggy Bank on their way to me as well now, so we’ll see how they compare! ;) I hope the Cinderellas and the Wild Heart go well together, I’d like to do something a bit more unusual with this Wild hearts murano – I have a lot of pink in my collection.

  2. Your photos really show off the silver shimmer, I’ll definitely have to check this one out in person!

    I personally like the design you’ve done on your oxidised bracelet, I think the contrast works well.

    • Thanks, it does have a really pretty shimmer. I think that’s the effect of the German glass :) The oxidised bracelet design is my favourite of these, as well, but I’m hoping that it will look as nice put with the Cinderella glass charms!

  3. Hi Ellie!
    That was fast as always supergirl! :-)
    Oh, I love this murano, and I’m so jealous I can’t get it yet! I hope they’ll solve whatever the production problem is! It’s weird, as it is appeared on their e-shop and on those catalogues they have in stores but the owners have no official explanation from Pandora (as always!). It’s also quite funny there are already some kind of priority lists, as it seems they are going to get smaller amounts than those they’ve ordered!

    Your styling with the oxidised bracelet is gorgeous! If that bracelet was a song, it would definitely be a rock ballad! It’s like a mix of romance and hidden tension! I also loved the gold fairytaly version, I think the murano is really appropriate for such themes, as it looks like hearts flying in clouds! I’m curious to see your final design! The combination with light blue seems rather interesting! :-)
    (If it ever arrives) I’ll try it on the Circle of love bangle, with the enamel heart (Do you think there’s sth more than enamel that causes that glossy effect?). I’ll have to see the result, which is difficult now I haven’t even seen the lovely murano! Hope they’ll work nice together!

    Thank you for this great review Ellie! I’m now more excited to see the murano in person! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! Haha, this was another review I whipped together in an evening. I just loved the murano so much and was so happy with the one I got after opening up the package! :D

      Yes, the production issues are becoming a bit routine aren’t they? ;) My OH pointed out that manufacturing hand-made beads on such a large scale is probably going to cause problems a lot of the time, especially when they’re trialling new techniques such as the German glass. I hope your local stores get them soon as they are so nice!

      Aha, I always love how you describe my bracelet stylings! I love the idea of romance and tension in that oxi bracelet design ;) I hope that my final idea with the Cinderella muranos and the Wild Hearts is good interesting and not bad interesting, haha. I’ll put them together and see how they look :o
      Your bracelet idea sounds great! The Circle of Love bangle is one of my favourite pieces. I went past a Pandora store yesterday and saw that they’d put the enamel heart and this murano together in the window. They looked beautiful! Some of the hearts were almost red in tone. :) I think that some of the enamels Pandora use are glossier in finish – the In My Heart seems to have a high shine, much like the Disney Snow White apple charm. :)

      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! <3 Always a pleasure chatting with you!

      • Ellie, I’ve read another comment pointing out the variety in shades of the enamel heart, as well! I didn’t see a reddish version! The store I bought it from, had 6 pieces which were all the same bright fuchsia, as the winter’s Ruby facet. It’s ok though, as I did actually want the pink option. The final design I have in mind, (apart from the Wild Hearts and the In my heart) includes the ruby facet, the orchid, the white Fizzle murano and some plain silvers, on a snake chain bracelet. Until then I’ll keep this mini design on the bangle!
        I think your final design will be elegantly interesting! I totally trust your sense of good taste! I usually combine fuchsia with navy or bright blue (the orchid on the blue leather bracelet for example), so I imagine the light blue might make the difference! ;-)
        Talk to you soon, Ellie! ♥♥♥

        • Yes, at the other store I went to they were all more pinky in tone. I guess it depends on what batch a store received. ^^ Sounds like a great bracelet design you have planned there. All the pinks will complement each other so nicely :D
          I have put them together now on the new pavé heart clasp bracelet and I am really pleased with the result! :) I like to mix colours up to make more unusual stylings and I think the pastel blues and pinks contrast well together. I will share it in an upcoming review. :D
          Talk soon Chrysa! <3

  4. Hi Ellie, again you made my day with another great review. I like the murano a lot. However I’m not sure about the hearts. They look a bit sloppy and I’m not sure how much I like that one heart is hiding behind the other. I will have to check them out though lol. I saw that you have the Filled with Romance charm. That is on my wish list. How oxidized is it. I remember having the heart padlock and thinking it looked ” dirty” and I brought it back. Oh and I ordered the CNY piggy. I’m very excited. Can’t wait until your next review.

    • Hi Linda, glad to hear it! ^^ I think you could probably pick out a murano with neater hearts. I quite like that the ones on mine are a bit longer. All of them have that double-heart effect though. :/ The Filled with Romance is quite dark, but not at all in the same with as the Floral Heart Padlock (although I do love that one too!). It’s quite ornate and Victorian in style. I think you’d probably like it!

      Yay for the CNY Piggy! I have one on its way to me as well. Hoping it’s as cute as in the stock image <3

  5. Yay, you got one! I never even thought to put it on my pink leather bracelet…shall do that tonight! That Filled with Romance is calling my name, too.

    • I did! :D Although I just took a look at your lovely review again and our beads are really quite different, aren’t they? The hearts look like different shades of pink, and the shape of yours is much neater. Both are very pretty but it’s interesting to note the variations. ^^

      The Filled with Romance is beautiful! The only downside is that I think almost everyone will be getting it ;)

      • Oh, I see what you mean! Yes, they are quite a bit different! On mine the hearts are more on top of each other, I think. They are both pretty, as you say!

  6. You got a pretty one! I saw them in store and the ones they showed me were not that nice. I’m deciding to start buying more glass beads and just wearing them on necklaces. I think that this murano looks really good with the oxidized bracelet and the filled with romance. :) thx for sharing!

    • Thanks, Cindy – what was wrong with the ones you saw in store? The glass beads do look great on a necklace, especially with a spacer either side. I do like this one on the oxidised bracelet chain, but then I absolutely love the oxi bracelet with all pastels haha.
      Thanks for commenting! <3

    • Also, I absolutely love that thought about the Mora Pandora heart :P I might unofficially dub this bead my Mora Pandora charm aha!

  7. I just purchased a set today. The employees in the store got theirs as soon as the box came in. I picked out two. When they were put on, I realized that some of the hearts do look like a blob of some sort. Instead I had to take one of the employees bead instead, to make my two muranos the best picks. They are STUNNING. There isn’t a murano like this. It’s clear, sparkly and the hearts are beautiful!

    • Oh dear! All the ones I’ve seen online have looked so nice but, now that I think of it, stores are always going to pick the nicest ones to photograph haha. Glad to hear you got two pretty ones, though. :D It was nice of the employee to give one of theirs up! I totally agree – this murano is something a little different from Pandora. The sparkle is so lovely!

  8. I saw this one in person and absolutely loved it. You’ve captured the glittery silver bits very well. I am waiting for someone to visit Australia and help me to purchase one. Each styling is beautiful and I particularly like it with the oxidised bracelet as well as on the pink leather bracelet.

    • Thanks, Ariane! :D Getting from Australia (or Canada, too) is a very economical way to do it – the exchange rate is particularly great for me in the UK. Unfortunately I am rarely ever patient enough to be very practical about my spending with new collections. I hope you get your murano soon!

      • It looks like the soonest I can get one (or two?) is Feb, along with the Piggy Bank, the Wildflower Murano, the Poetic Blooms (if it is available by then). Goodness, I am sure someone’s eyes is going to roll. Hahaha!

        • Aha! Unfortunately the new spring things aren’t out until mid-March – so you’ll have to wait a little for the Poetic Bloom :P

  9. I love your stylings! I love the murano on the oxidised bracelet with the Filled with Romance heart, it makes me think of a Gothic themed wedding, that might just be me! The fairytale one is beautiful too, that shade of pink does look lovely with the gold.

    • Thanks, Debbie! The oxidised bracelet was my favourite styling of these, as well. :D Gothic is just the word I would use to describe the Filled with Romance. It would look great on the oxidised bracelet, perhaps with some Gothic-y openworks like the black enamel Mystic Floral.

  10. Hi, Ellie!
    I am not a huge fan of hearts, but this charm looks lovely in your stylings. I visited my local Pandora retailer this afternoon, but didn’t even look at it. I will next time. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Hi Angie, glad to hear this inspired you to take another look! I also find that Pandora overdoes it with the hearts a lot. However, they sometimes do a couple of innovative heart designs, like this one or the Filled with Romance, that are a bit different and still manage to catch my eye! Thanks for commenting!

  11. I love Wild Heart which go well with my collection. Pandora has produced beautiful murano since 2015, Pink Heart, Frozen & X’mas Holy, I have & love all muranos. One outstanding one for each new release is better than tons of regular muranos. Quality is more important than quantity which is good for my wallet. Ellie, I am waiting for the Spring one, you showed us photo once.

      • I am saving after 2015 X’mas sales, I got this Wild Heart murano from exchanged one charm I bought during X’mas sales. I am impatient like you for the Spring release. Sales told me there will be a free two toned bracelet or bangle with spend Can $500 in March, Pandora didn’t have this promotion in 2015.

      • I don’t know, sorry. :) I get them when I get them / find them when I find them, haha. I hardly ever know in advance!

    • I agree, Pandora have upped their game in terms of their murano glass in recent years. Even though we don’t get the nice colour sets anymore, the trade-off seems to be more original and unique glass designs! So I agree with you.
      I am waiting for Spring pictures as well as you guys! I don’t know when more will be out. :)

    • I so agree with you Michele. The Wild Hearts murano is stunning! I have been a murano fan for the past several years! I have the Tropical and the Deep Ocean Sea Glass, the Pink Hearts, the Cherry Blossom, the Teal Lattice, The Dark Blue Effervescence, the Fascinating Aventurescent (it was quite an ADVENTURE tracking that one down). I still have the Frozen and Christmas Holly on my never ending list! Lol! :D

      • You have a really nice selection there! I need more blues in my collection. :D I have quite a mixture of older and newer Pandora murano glass designs. I still love the Flowers for You collection, dated as they are nowadays. The purple one was so lovely!

  12. Wow, once again your review is making me want a charm/bead that I originally did not want!
    I was a bit skeptical with the Wild Hearts murano because I am not that big of a fan of them because they seem bulky to me. But this one is gorgeous!!

    • Haha, I hope that’s a good thing and not a bad thing! ;) I was a little afraid that the hearts would seem a bit cartoon-y in person, but mine are more abstract in shape which is nice. Perhaps you could pick out one in store that suited you best? ^^

  13. I was thinking of pairing this murano with the cherry blossom one and was thrilled to see that you are thinking the same too. This assured me that the combination will be lovely. Thanks for the wonderful post.

    • Definitely, this one goes so nicely with the CB murano! The deeper pink in the Wild Hearts brings out the softer shade of the Cherry Blossom really well. Thanks for commenting, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! <3

  14. Hi Ellie this charm is beautiful it looks like a real hot pink, I haven’t seen the collection yet but I’m looking forward to going to see it. I love all the styling but my favourite is on the oxidised bracelet it’s a really lovely design, I’m looking forward to seeing the other design you are planning on is this how your planning on wearing it.

    • Hi Nicola, it is definitely a nice deep pink – it matches the Orchid pendant really well. <3 I'm planning on wearing my Wild Hearts murano with the Cinderella beads. I haven't put that design together yet, though, but I'm hoping it'll work well. :D
      Hope you get to see the new collection soon! It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on it.

  15. I got mine yesterday , like you I ordered mine , but the one I received is stunning ! I have put it with the cherry blossom murano , the only two muranos that have caught my fancy !!

    • Yay, glad you got a good one! It’s always a bit of a gamble ordering them online. I wouldn’t have done it if I could have picked it out in store. It looks great with the CB murano. It’s funny that those are the only two muranos that have caught your eye – I am a bit murano mad, and I’d be scared to count them up haha.

  16. Hallo Ellie,

    I live in the Netherlands and i did not see the wild hearts murano in the e-store here. Do you known wether it is going to be availeble in Holland?

  17. It’s very pretty. I am wondering whether the colour is a good match for the orchid dangle? I have that on my grey leather bracelet and although it looks nice just on its own I would like to maybe put a Murano either side :-D.

    • Hi Pat, I would think it would go beautifully with the Orchid! They’re both deep fuchsia pinks. I will try and take a pic for you when I’m back home this evening. :D

  18. Hi Ellie,
    I was so curious to see that murano in real, and sadness and despair, the estore in France have sold out and all the store haven’t receive.
    I saw so many photo, some times they are so gorgeous and sometimes bof !
    So I keep an eye on the pandora’s angel’s and try to have one ;)
    I think that I will be more tempted by the collection of spring.
    Have a nice day !

    • Hi Isabelle, it’s not listed on the French version of either. Are you sure that it’s going to be released in France? :( It doesn’t look very promising!
      Haha, I hope mine looks nice to you and not bof! :P You will have to try and get a murano from someone who will pick you out one you like. :) Hopefully there will be lots in Spring that takes your fancy!
      Have a lovely day too and thanks for commenting!

      • Haha for sur tour murano look gorgeous ;) and I am sure that you know what I mean !
        It seems that some lady have the chance to have some pieces by the estore, but I am not sure about that.
        No matter I saw yesterday the flower murano for the spring and it talk more to me ( I am not a hearts big fan)
        For your French and German reader I was to an Pandora outlet : at Zweibrucken in Germany, and I have found the gold pink lotus murano at 72 euros, and the gold spacer with rodalite at 108 euros, and some old other little things, it was a great day…
        And now I am going to read your new post YUM !

        • Aha, I did know what you meant ^^
          Oh that’s weird about the e-Store. Maybe it just sold out so they took it down? It’s weird that there’s no listing for it now at all. Perhaps try ordering from abroad? I think the Belgium Pandora eStore and Republic of Jewels would both ship to France.
          Oh wow, that sounds like a great haul! I love the rhodolite pieces, although I am still yet to buy a 14kt gold piece. I have never found a jeweller with lots of old Pandora stock – that’s on my bucket list some day… ;)
          Thanks for commenting Isabelle! <3

        • So Ellie you should coming in France ! Visiting, eating, drinking, and take a look at the Pandora store ! aha
          I am living near Strasbourg ;)

        • Aha! I did go to France for the past two years. I went to Paris in 2013 and then the south last year. ^^

  19. I think it looks lovely on your pink leather bracelet and I think the Cinderella murano will go nicely with it.
    Can’t wait to read more of your reviews.

    • Thanks Sarah! I’m really hoping the Cinderellas and the Wild Hearts are nice together. I want to put them on the pave heart bracelet, which is on its way to me! <3
      Thanks, I'm looking forward to doing more! This collection has grown on me, just like they always do haha.

  20. Wild Hearts looks so lovely on your Fairy-tale bracelet! I especially like it paired with the Cherry Blossom murano (one of my all time favorites)! and the two-tone Princess Coach (another favorite)! I adore the two-tone Mother’s Day charm as well. I really regret not buying that LE heart two years ago…so gorgeous! <3

    • The LE Vintage Heart is the most beautiful heart, I got it few months after Mother’s Day. Upper Canana Mall ( Ontario, Canada ) Pandora concept store still has some left for Can $85.

    • Thanks Carol! I really love pink & gold together, so that was one of the first stylings I tried. The CB murano and the Carriage are two of my absolute favourites as well. My two-tone fairy-tale bracelet is probably the one I wear most!
      The Vintage Heart is so beautiful. I hope you manage to track one down some day, they do crop up from time to time on the secondhand market :D

      • Yes, I would love to add the Vintage Heart charm to my collection. I am focusing on purchasing some of the classics right now! During the 2014 Mother’s Day promo, my first priority was getting the Circle of Love bangle with the lovely porcelain box. I was SO excited about the bangle that unfortunately I overlooked the Vintage Heart at the time. Later I seriously regretted passing it up, but thought that the Vintage Heart dangle would be a nice alternative. However, when I saw that the back of the dangle was different in style, I was surprised and rather disappointed. Ah well…I guess that many of us have some Pandora regrets. The Black Friday 2013 Snowflake is another charm that I wish that I had purchased at the time! That one is hard to find too! :P

        • Ooh good tip from Michele! :) I hope you find one, Carol. I have never liked the Vintage Heart dangle that much either for the same reason that you mention.
          I do have my own Pandora regrets, haha. The butterfly cameo pendant sold very cheaply in the UK sales a couple of years ago and I decided I didn’t need it. Now that one is really hard to find!

  21. I got the LE Vintage Heart 2015 summer, I start collect Pandora a March 2015. I look around to find this lovely heart, it look like a collection ( real gold big heart pendant with necklace and one pair of earrings ) bought from Bangkok. Thai workmanship is very delicate, you can see from Vintage Heart, Fill with Romance, Cinderalla’s Coach…love it!

    • I love the delicate charms as well! <3 I wear the Vintage Heart in the centre section of my two-tone bracelet.

  22. Hai Ellie,

    I bought the filled with romance charm and it is lovely! Since I live in the Netherlands I will have to wait and see for the wild hearts murano :-)
    By the way love your blog!
    Greetings Nellie.

    • Hi Nellie, that’s great! The Filled with Romance is beautiful. I hope the Wild Hearts murano turns up in the Netherlands soon – if not, perhaps you could order one from abroad? :) Republic of Jewels are an Irish retailer who ship internationally.
      And thank you! That’s so nice to hear. I hope you continue to enjoy :)

  23. I love the styling with the 2 toned bracelet and charms the best. Pandora has improved a lot on their muranos. I have 3 of the wildflowers murano and now seems like I will be getting this one sooner or later as well. Question is how many!

    • I completely agree – Pandora’s murano glass work has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. I still miss their older colour sets too though! ^^ The Wild Flowers murano is lovely, too. I have just the one, which is on my Pandora Rose bracelet with some white enamel flowers!

  24. I had decided that I would probably give this collection a miss. However, after seeing your styling with the Wild Hearts charm on the pink leather bracelet, I think I may have to at least have a look in person! :) You are such an enabler! :) I had one thought though since this isn’t a murano in the true sense of the word and the hearts are painted on top, I am wondering how they will hold up to wear and tear. Is there a chance they could get scratched? I hope this won’t be the case but thought I’d ask. Thank you for another great review.

    • Oh dear, I’m sorry and not sorry! ;) I am constantly being enabled by all the pictures I see online, so I guess I’m just passing it on.
      Any murano bead can get scratched I suppose if it’s knocked badly, but the newer beads seem more robust than some of their older murano charms. I would have thought the Wild Hearts would be okay but I’ll let you know if I notice any chips or scratches to the paint or glass.

        • Janet, I’ve just had another, closer look at my murano. The hearts actually look to be underneath the glass – and not painted on top of it! So there shouldn’t be any question of paintwork scratching off. It’s very cleverly done, I didn’t even notice until I took another look at it this evening!

  25. Absolutely gorgeous “murano”! I love it on your oxidised bracelet! I went to choose one this past weekend – the SA’s all thought I was crazy! Plus they have this weird limitation – I can only view approximately 3 at a time on the murano I’ve decided to purchase…. o.O Has anyone else had this imposed on them?

    One SA stated that even if I wanted to choose a murano, she couldn’t keep going back for more stock… (they store their new beads in the cabinets to keep them from tarnishing) so they fetch new ones when you want to purchase them. Said SA kept bringing me 2 at a time and got annoyed by the second time – and kept egging me to buy one that I didn’t like. “Oh they’re all hand- made so there’s bound to be a difference, I think this one is ok – ” My reply was, EXACTLY. Since they ARE hand-made, I’m picking one with differences that I WANT to buy :) *meh*….

    Needless to say I left and went somewhere else, and found one I wanted *yay*. Yours looks so fresh and crisp in colour! My one is a darker and has smaller hearts. The base layer of hearts on mine is really wonky – but it looks really cute sideways, haha.

    Oh! I had a look at the enamel heart as well – it’s very red over here as opposed to the dark purpley/red colour of the photos – my SA stated it was red… haha.
    I’ll always remember this murano due to my eventful purchasing of it! Argh. You make me want an oxidised bracelet now >.<! That said, I have a question – will having silver charms on an oxidised bracelet make it tarnish faster? I notice that whenever I take the clips off my bracelet, there's always a line of oxidation from inside the clip – just wondering if it works that way backwards as well, from bracelet to charm?

    I love your "toughened-up" designs btw! It really does give it that edge! Love it! =D
    Will move on to your next post now…. xxx

    • Hi Suzy!
      Wow, what an obnoxious store (if you excuse my saying so :P). I have never had a limit imposed on me like that ever, and I can’t say that I can see the point in it. Don’t they want you to make a purchase? :S Sounds like your SA was either having a bad day or that store is not a nice one at all. Glad to hear that another store got your custom in the end!
      Are you pleased with your murano? I can’t quite tell from what you say about it! ^^ I’ve seen more of the In My Heart charms that are on the red-y side than purple over here as well. I think those campaign images were just misleading!
      The oxidised bracelet is lovely! If you don’t mind it fading a little over time, then you should definitely get one. I have never had a problem with tarnish transferring from the oxidised bracelet to my silver charms – but then, I don’t have to deal with storing them in a very humid climate. I know you have issues with that. I store my bracelets with lots of anti-tarnish strips etc, which probably helps.
      Thanks for commenting Suzy! xxx

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