Happy Lunar New Year! ☽☽☽ To celebrate, today I’m reviewing Pandora’s Piggy Bank charm, which was created in honour of Chinese New Year 2016. This adorable lucky pig charm initially caused a little confusion among Pandora collectors, as 2016 is actually the Year of the Monkey – but the Piggy Bank charm is intended as a more generic symbol of wealth and prosperity for the new year. <3

pandora chinese new year 2016 red envelopes

Unusually for Pandora, this year’s CNY charm has been released in most territories, including Asia, Australia, some European countries and the UK  – which was a nice surprise! The US & Canada have not received this charm so far, however.

Pandora Piggy Bank charm review

First of all, it’s wonderful to see Pandora return to a full-bodied design for this charm – this gives greater scope for adding in the little details and quirks for which Pandora have been known. For example, one of the things I love most about this charm is its happy, but rather naughty expression. In person, it looks like it’s planning mischief, and I love the way its whole stance – especially the way it looks like it’s covertly glancing upwards at you – contributes to that idea!

pandora chinese new year 2016 piggy bank

For me, the red enamel bow is the icing on the cake – I love enamel detailing, and the vibrant red of the CNY charms is gorgeous in person (especially on the existing Chinese Lantern charm!). The stylised detail of the eyelashes is also adorable!

pandora chinese new year 2016

The adorable detailing extends to every aspect of this charm, with four stubby legs and a sweet curly tail (plus a rather defined bottom, lol). The hallmarks are tucked away underneath it, as you can see here. It is a piggy bank charm, and it has a little slot on its back, too! This represents good fortune and wealth, making it an appropriate gift for the Lunar New Year. :D

pandora chinese new year 2016 bracelet


Now, I’ve said a couple of times that I love this year’s campaign image for the Pandora Chinese New Year collection – the opulent combination of pink, red and gold is just perfect. So, that’s what I’ve gone with for my stylings this year! :)

To start with, here’s a lucky animal mini-design, featuring red, pink and a little yellow gold. <3 The Waving Cat is one of my favourite Pandora animals, and I love the little pink enamel heart on its collar.

pandora chinese new year 2016 piggy bank

I don’t have any 14kt gold pieces myself, but you can increase the richness of the effect with a few well-chosen gold charms – I saw this styling in-store, and I love the combination of the Lucky Pig with the gold floral spacers & red muranos here. <3

pandora chinese new year 2016 piggy bank

If yellow gold or two-tone isn’t your favourite, then red and pink silver charms look surprisingly great together on their own. I love the combination of the red enamel Chinese Lantern with the soft pink Cherry Blossom clips.

pandora chinese new year 2016 piggy bank

Finally, we have my own CNY/Asian bracelet, which features the majority of my Asian-themed charms on the retired red leather bracelet. :D This stacks well with my pink bracelets for a nice contrast in colour. If Pandora come out with any more CNY charms that I have to have though, I think it’ll be time to move to a proper silver bracelet – this red leather has about all the charms it can take on it right now. ^^

pandora chinese new year 2016 bracelet

I’ll be wearing this bracelet today! ^^

pandora chinese new year 2016 piggy bank


Pandora’s animal charms have always been favourites of mine, and the Piggy Bank is very cute – the red bow adds the perfect finishing touch. I much prefer this design to either of the previous pig head charms, and it makes for a very cute piggy charm in its own right! It’s a nice size, it feels substantial and every aspect of the charm demonstrates Pandora’s characteristic attention to detail.

Having said that, it is a little cartoony and cutesy, and so I can appreciate why this piggy might not be your cup of tea – Pandora have done other, more subtle CNY charms in previous years, so it might be worth having a look through the CNY tag to see if one of their other charms takes your fancy instead. <3

The Piggy Bank charm is £35 or $49 AUD. If you’re in the UK, you can still purchase it along with the rest of the Pandora Valentine’s collection from authorised retailer John Greed. 

What do you think of this year’s charm? Have you bought it, or is it on your wish list?

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    • It doesn’t look to be available in the Netherlands, Italy or Germany… :( France, Belgium, Spain, Denmark and the Czech Republic have it, on the other hand. So I guess it’s just certain European countries, which is a shame! I’ll update the post to reflect that.

  1. Oh my, that’s just an adorable charm. So cute! I keep thinking I need to try to buy Pandora charms to make an Asian themed bracelet but always new releases come out that distract me! You have a nice collection of CNY charms!

    • Thanks – it is sooo cute. The red bow just makes it for me! If you got a leather or a bangle, you wouldn’t need too many charms at all to do a nice Asian or CNY-themed bracelet. :D A couple of the red enamel charms are more than enough to make it pop! <3

  2. I need this charm ;-); it is so cute. When I first started buying Pandora I just bought whatever took my fancy with no thought to themes but now I have a red one, a white one and a blue one in silver as well as pink and grey in leather. My red one also seems to have inadvertently taken on an animal theme too so this little piggy will have to be mine :-D. I’ll probably wait until they give us a free bracelet, though, as the ones I’ve got are all full already so something will have to come off my red bracelet to make room so I’ll need a new bracelet ;-). What colour to go for next, lol ;-).

    • I sort of did that with my first bracelet, but quickly became dissatisfied with how it was turning out – so I started co-ordinating my pieces quite early on. Most of my bracelets have colour schemes at least, if not a specific theme!
      If you have a bracelet that’s both red and animal-themed, then this charm seems like a must, lol! I doubt the UK free bracelet promo will be until much later in the year (it usually runs September/October time) but at least that will give you something to look forward to… and time to decide which colour you’re going to start on next! :P

  3. Love your style!!! I am thinking to get the lantern and the sailing boat in summer 2016 collection, guess they will match? What do u think?

    • Thanks! :D They certainly look like they’d go beautifully, from the live image. If it does prove to be a Chinese Junk boat, then Pandora have probably designed it to go with the other Asian charms. <3

  4. I’m still (im) patiently waiting for Wilbur to land in the US. I’ve had my eye on him for awhile, but no luck yet. I’ve seen a few on eBay and Etsy, including one without a slot on top, but am hoping to get him from an authorised Pandora dealer. Eventually. :-) Happy. CNY, Ellie. I was born in the year of the monkey, so hopefully this will be my year!

    • Yeah, perhaps he’ll turn up in the Spring collection. My previews this season have not been from my North American source, so you never know :) if not, Republic of Jewels did have it (they’re currently out of stock) and ship to the US. Or you can always ask for help if you’re stuck!
      Happy lunar new year to you too Clair! Hope it’s a good one. My OH is year of the monkey too. ^^

  5. Hi Ellie, I ordered mine from someone in Australia and im still waiting for it to arrive. Hopefully I get it soon.
    I wanted to ask you your opinion. I’m torn between the Filled With Romance and the In My Heart enamel charm. Which one would you choose? Thanks :-)

    • Hi Linda! Oh no, hurry up piggy! Hope it gets to you soon, shame it missed the new year. ^^
      That’s a good question! As charms, both are nice but I don’t think In My Heart can match the Filled with Romance for its beautiful oxidized detail. If I had to pick one, it would be the FwR. Having said that, I was in store over the weekend and I was so struck by how beautiful the IMH’s colour was in person. It’s a really beautiful glossy red pink. So much so that my Oh bought it for me and has put it away for valentines day! :P it depends what would suit your bracelet most, the oxidized Gothic look of the Filled with Romance or the lovely pop of colour of the In My Heart :)

  6. Happy Chinese New Years Ellie! I love the piggy charm, as you said it’s much nicer than the animal head charms. I will make my brother buy this, along with the Japanese doll, when he goes to Japan soon. The piggy is a good example of when enamels look great as accents; I don’t like charms that are completely covered in enamel

    • Happy chinese new year Judie! <3 I am warming up to all-enamel charms (my OH just got me the In My Heart pink enamel heart for valentines day and I love love the colour) but the ones with a dash of enamel are my favourites too!
      Your Feathered clip review is up next! ^^

  7. I like him best on your red leather bracelet, it fits perfectly with your other charms.
    I look forward to reading your review on the feathered clips, as I’m thinking of getting these, at some point in the future.

    • Thanks! It’s one of my favourite leathers, although it’s getting a bit full now. I might have to upgrade to a silver at some point and stack it with the leather instead ^^
      Yeah, they’re very nice clips! Kind of a nice throwback to classic pandora designs. :D

      • Thanks Ellie! I just noticed that the pandora stock image also has the home/house charm on it. If you have that charm then you could also add it to your Chinese New Year bracelet. The home (parent’s or grandparents’ home) is integral to Chinese New Year because it’s where the extended family gathers and celebrations/feast first begin there. The home is also where you find all the real life memorabilia like the waving cat, inglot, red money pocket, lanterns, etc. Just a thought

  8. Hi Ellie I love this charm it is so cute I think this is probley my favourite chinease new year charm with the little girl being a close second. I think the piggy is really affordable to ilove your pink and red theme bracelet. The only chinease new year charm I have at the moment is the lantern that’s on my fairy tale bracelet to represent the Disney film Mulan lol.

    • Hi Nicola! I change my mind all the time about which CNY charm is my favourite. They are all so nice haha. I think my favourites are probably the red enamel ones – the Lantern, Chinese Doll and this lovely Piggy.
      What a great use of the Lantern! <3 So creative. I had thought of cherry blossoms or the dragon to represent Mulan before, but the Lantern works well too!

  9. Love it Ellie, the piggy looks so cute on your red leather bracelet with the other CNY charms! :-D I want to get this piggy too, hopefully it will come to the US soon!

  10. I don’t have any of the CNY charms, but I love red so I think they look really nice. I like enamel as well and I like how the enamel is used on these charms. The beads look really nice on your red leather bracelet. I’m glad to hear you’ll be getting the enamel In Your Heart bead. Maybe if the reddish one and the light pink one sell well, Pandora will release the heart in true red (like the Snow White Apple). I don’t expect Pandora to do that, but I think that bead would be very pretty in red.

    • Thanks – the CNY charms would be great for one of your mini-designs! ^^ I am going to be using the In My Heart enamel bead for my blue and pink bracelet – I might get the Cinderella heart to go opposite it for a little contrasting blue. It’s such a beautiful colour and I love the finish. A glossy red version would be perfect! Seeing as the pearlescent heart version is coming out too, perhaps they’ll continue to do different colours of it. Fingers crossed! <3

  11. Ellie,

    You did it again! Another wonderful post. You are selling me on the enamel trim charms. The piggy bank is adorable, love the curly tail & snout details.
    I hope this charm makes its way to NA.

    Love your leather bracelet styling & the bracelet that incorporates the cherry blossom.

    Thanks for the great read!

    I realize this will come a day late but happy Chinese New Year 2016!

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! Glad to hear that you’re warming up to the enamel charms :D I hope that the CNY Piggy is released in the US & Canada too. I don’t know why they would pass on it this year when they’ve had most of the previous ones…

      Happy Chinese New Year! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the post and the various stylings. I was actually quite taken by the cherry blossom & red enamel together myself – perhaps I’ll bear it in mind for future CNY designs!

      Thanks Lisa! <3

  12. This Dragon wants a Piggy Bank. I hope we’ll get it in North America, but I fear we’ll be disappointed. My source said there are no little piggies coming out this Spring.

    • Oh nooo. :( It would be weird if you guys just didn’t get it at all! You’ve had all the previous ones…

  13. It’s a very cute charm. Must say Pandora have released alot of lovely CNY charms . Your stylings are lovely as always.

    • Thanks Lozzie! :) You’re right, there are a lot of pretty CNY charms from Pandora, and it’s nice that we’re pretty much guaranteed a new one each year too.

  14. This piggy is really cute. I was a bit hesitant about it, but your post inspire me to have an Chinese theme bangle. I can see a styling in my head of a red lantern, piggy bank, spring garden murano( Chinese new year is also known as spring festival) and Chinese doll all in that sequence on the bow bangle.

    • That’s great that the post inspired you! :D I had not thought of styling the CNY charms with the Flower Garden murano, but that sounds absolutely beautiful and would definitely stand out from other Asian-bracelet designs. The bow bangle is a nice choice too :) Look forward to seeing that one come together!

      • I just got the little piggy today for valentine’s day present. She is a bit smaller than I expect it to be, but nevertheless adorable and sweet. I’m on my mark for a Chinese new year theme bracelet starting with her. :)

        • Lovely! The Piggy is quite petite, but it has a lot of detail nevertheless. ^^ Enjoy your new charm!

  15. Very lovely stylings here, thanks for the review :) The pinks and reds here are a nice lead-in for Valentine’s Day too.

    Since the charm is a piggy bank, I wonder if it’d be a nice representation of being financially independent (or finally paying off college loans!). While I like many Pandora charms, I wish they would offer more “aspirational”/goal-oriented beads, if that makes any sense.

    Thanks again as always :)

    • Thank you, Kris! I think I do have pink on my mind, what with planning all my Valentine’s reviews at the same time as this one haha.
      Absolutely, this is a great one to either remind yourself about & inspire yourself towards a goal you’re working on, or to congratulate yourself for achieving it. <3 A lot of the CNY ones are nice 'value' charms - representing wealth, or home, or family.
      Thanks for commenting! <3

  16. I love how you’ve styled your little piggy on the red leather and with the cherry blossom clips. I am waiting for a promotion to purchase him. In the meantime my CNY bracelet comprised the red and yellow fascinating muranos, the chinese and japanese doll, money bag and ingot, chinese lantern, 2 red trollbeads and 2 gold sparkling blooms on a trollbeads bracelet. Happy Lunar New Year Ellie!

    • Thanks, Bebe! The Cherry Blossom clips are gorgeous, and they look surprisingly good with the deeper red enamel charms. Your CNY bracelet sounds lovely – the yellow fascinating murano is such a nice gold colour. Sounds like you have pretty much a full house of the CNY charms as well :P The Piggy will be a great addition to it. Thanks for commenting and happy lunar new year to you too! <3

      • I just bought 2 yellow fascinating murano at a sale price at my local jeweller for AUD$30 each. It has such beautiful honey golden colour. Matching them with the two tones brings out the gold in the charms.

  17. Hi Ellie!
    Oh, that Piggy is absolutely adorable! I loved all your stylings, really inspiring! I must say the combination of red and gold is gorgeous! Next to gold she just seems convincing when promising luck and prosperity! :-) And the styling with cherry blossoms, is totally related to Asia; I can picture one of those gardens we see at the movies!
    The leather bracelet is the most appropriate for your CNY bracelet I think! Since you have two of them you can still put upcoming charms on the other, so that you won’t need to move the Asian theme on a silver bracelet, right?
    Thank you for the wonderful review and Happy CNY! I’m a Monkey, so I hope it will be a good year! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! :D Thank you, I’m so pleased you like the stylings. I love the CNY charms, they’re always so fun to play with. The Cherry Blossoms are beautiful and I always have a soft spot for any designs I can sneak them into haha.
      Welll, I’m not sure what the rules are on having two single leathers clipped together :P Because I think Pandora advise 7-9 charms on a leather, regardless of the length (single, double triple) – so I’m not sure whether that would apply to this set-up, haha. Perhaps I can get away with a couple more!
      Thanks for commenting Chrysa! I certainly hope the Year of the Monkey proves very lucky for you. Remember to wear some red, as Cindy advises in the comments above! ;) <3

  18. Hi Ellie! Thank you for taking the time to reply to my posts:)
    I do have another quick question and that is, do you might have a good friend/ acquaintance that offers volunteer time to purchase charms to send via airmail? I am putting together a purchase plan including the piggy bank which unfortunately did not release in Canada and that the 1CAD is almost equal to 1AUD. Thanks again!

    • Hi! Where are you looking to purchase from? You should get in touch with Kelly (she posts as fluffyby here) – she has helped a number of readers with the Piggy Bank charm. She’s in Asia, though, not Australia. But she might be able to help you!
      Her email is: fluffyby [at] hotmail [dot] com.

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