It’s just over a week until the launch of the Pandora Spring 2016 release, and today I have some lovely high resolution images of all the collection’s new charms! Entitled Poetic Blooms, the collection is due out on the 17th of this month and features a lot of floral motifs and nature-themed pieces.

pandora spring 2016 purple forget

This preview encompasses just the charms – please see my other preview for HQ images of the Spring jewellery!

The collection has also started to appear in stores in the US, and a couple of lovely readers have given me some live shots of the new charms – read on to the end of the article to see those. :D

Pandora Spring 2016 HQ Preview

First up, we have one of the most interesting pieces of the new collection – a new threadless Moments bracelet, with a spherical clasp. It’s like a scaled-up version of the Essence bracelet.

I’ve heard from one reader that her local store is telling people that this bracelet should only have 5-7 charms on it, which if true is very disappointing. I very much hope that that does not prove to be the case!

pandora spring 2016 smooth clasp threadless bracelet

Another store has also been telling people that this bracelet will not be part of the March US bracelet promo, which is not encouraging either!

Floral Charms

First of all for charms, I’ll start with some rather devastating news. :P The Flower Garden murano, originally intended as a Spring 2016 launch, has been delayed until the Summer 2016 launch in June. :'( :'( I am actually rather gutted about this as it was the piece I was most looking forward to and the one I had designed all my planned Spring reviews around. So I’ll be doing some rethinking!


The White Primrose clip has a 3D design, much like the Petals of Love clip from the Valentine’s 2016 collection. It’s priced at  $60 USD / 55€.

pandora-spring-2016-preview-white-primrose-clip The Poetic Blooms pieces are this collection’s signature jewellery set, featuring a rather pretty mixture of Pandora’s most popular floral designs over the past few years. The pendant is my favourite from this set, retailing at $50 USD / 39€.
pandora-spring-2016-preview-poetic-blooms-pendant There’s also a heart-shaped charm version, which I would totally get if I hadn’t already filled up my floral bracelet designs from last year! It’s a bit pricier at $60 USD / 49€.pandora-spring-2016-preview-poetic-blooms-heart Pricier again is the dangle version of the charm, retailing for $65 USD / 55€.pandora-spring-2016-preview-poetic-blooms- The Pink Primrose clip is silicone-lined and is designed with the new threadless bracelet, bangles and leather bracelets in mind. This is my favourite of the new silicone clips and I’m looking forward to seeing it in person! It will retail for $40 USD / 35€.pandora-spring-2016-preview-pink-primrose-clip

The Cherry Blossom clip offers a meadow version of Pandora’s extremely popular 2013 CB clip design, which is a favourite piece from my own collection. This version has the addition of cubic zirconia flower centres, which, depending on your tastes, may or may not give this one the edge for you. It’s priced at $65 USD / 55€

pandora-spring-2016-preview-pink-cherry-blossom-clip The Forget-Me-Not pieces feature amethyst-coloured cubic zirconia and come with a spacer, charm and pendant. The spacer is $45 USD / 35€.pandora-spring-2016-preview-forget-me-not-spacer The pendant is $50 USD / 45€.pandora-spring-2016-preview-forget-me-not-dangle

The charm is another button-style design, complete with cut-out petals on the side of the charm. It’s priced at $80 USD / 65€.
pandora-spring-2016-preview-forget-me-not The Blooming Dahlia pieces are a cute dusty pink, and rather vintage in style – they’d look great with the blush pink charms from last year’s Autumn collection! The clip is  $60 USD / 49€.
pandora-spring-2016-preview-dahlia-clip The matching pendant is $55 USD / 45€.


The Floral Daisy Lace clip and pendant are two of the collection’s only plain silver pieces. They are pretty, but not too different from what’s come before – I would have preferred to see some more plain silver character pieces. Nevertheless, the charms are pretty with an elegant, yet simple daisy design.

The dangle is affordable at $35 USD / 29€.pandora-spring-2016-floral-daisy-lace The clip offers another 3D design, with more petals cut out along the charm’s sides. It’s $40 USD / 39€.pandora-spring-2016-floral-daisy-lace-clip

The Dazzling Floral is one that seemed entirely forgettable for me from the stock images, but looked much nicer in the live shots I’ve seen. It’s priced at $85 USD / 75€, though, so it’s one of the most expensive pieces from this collection.


Finally for flowers, the Sparkling Apple Blossom is a statement pavé charm that’s grown on me a lot. It has a pretty dusky pink centre, and stylised petals radiating around it. It’s a little pricier at $80 USD / 65€.pandora-spring-2016-preview-apple-blossoml

Nature Charms

To complement all the flowers, we have some more nature-themed charms. These also largely draw on motifs from previous collections, most notably the Dragonfly Meadow and the Dazzling Daisy. 

The Spring Garden openwork charm exemplifies this, with pink enamel butterflies, clear pavé dragonflies and some sparkling daisies and white primroses. It’s priced at $60 USD / 49€.


The Spring Time pendant is one of my favourites from this selection of natural charms, and I’m quite tempted by it myself! I love its disc pendant design, but I’m picturing it more on a necklace than on one of my bracelets. It’s priced at $50 USD / 49€.pandora-spring-2016-preview-spring-time

The Dazzling Daisy Fairy draws on the same pink enamel and motifs, but it’s one of the more interesting designs – it does have the addition of a lovely silver fairy among the more familiar images. It’s priced at $60 USD / 59€.


The Fluttering Butterfly pendant is rather pretty, although I was originally told it was half white enamel – this is not the case, so I apologise for that misleading bit of info. It’s actually half silver, half pavé – but it’s still pretty! :) I can see this one looking rather gorgeous with some Cinderella blues and other clear pavé pieces – it’s $55 USD / 45€.


I also now have stock images, just on a bit of a tangent, for the matching ring and necklace. I haven’t seen these listed in the US catalogues, so they’re possibly Asian exclusives?

Finally, we also have the Remarkable Rabbit. I’m not keen at all on the name (why is the rabbit remarkable, other than for alliteration’s sake) but the charm itself is one of the cuter cake-pop animal head designs, IMO. It’s also a plain silver design, which is refreshing to see, and more affordable at $30 USD / 29€.



The Flower Garden murano may be delayed, but at least we still have these two beauties! The Shimmer muranos are coming in pink and purple for Spring 2016, and they feature faceted glass inset with a beautiful shimmer effect.


They are priced at $50 USD / 39€.


The Shimmering Droplets are $70 USD / 65€. They have a rather interesting 3D bubble texture to them, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing them in person, even they don’t particularly appeal to me.

pandora-spring-2016-preview-purple-shimmering-droplets pandora-spring-2016-preview-clear-shimmering-droplets pandora-spring-2016-preview-pink-shimmering-droplets

The Shining Elegance clips are silicone-lined, too, and are also designed to section charms off on the new threadless bracelet, bangles and leather bracelets. They’re coming for Spring in pink, purple and clear colours, and are priced at $45 USD / 39€. They’re nice, but I would have loved some plain silver versions of these silicone-clips as I’d prefer something a little less sparkly.

There are two new 14kt gold offerings for this collection – the first is another silicone-lined clip/spacer, with cubic zirconia detailing. It’s priced at $285 USD / 199€.


The Radiant Hearts is the second, priced at $400 USD / 349€. Which is so far out of my price budget it’s unbelivable, haha.


The Our Special Day charm is a bit of a loner in this collection, not really fitting in with any of the other pieces. One side features a bridal dress, and the other a groom’s tuxedo. It’s priced at $50 USD / 39€.

Pandora Spring 2016 Preview - Bride & Groom

Finally, we have a selection of Vintage letter charms, from A-Z. They are priced at $45 USD / 35€ each. I have never particularly liked Pandora’s alphabet charms before, but these actually appeal to me a lot. I love the Victorian styling of the lettering and the pretty curlicues, and the pavé does add a little something.

pandora spring 2016 letters a-e

Pandora Spring 2016 Live Shots

A couple of my lovely readers have already got to see all the new beads in store and they’ve come back with some fab live shots that showcase the whole collection very nicely. They’ve kindly given me permission to share them here, but please do not reproduce the images without appropriate credit. :)

This first selection is from Alex – this first image compares the new Shimmer muranos with the upcoming Disney Signature Colour muranos for Aurora and Rapunzel. I’m quite surprised by how dark the purple seems for Rapunzel, I was expecting something much more pastel from the stock image.


Next up, we have a closer look at the Our Special Day, Poetic Blooms Heart, Spring Time pendant and one of the new Vintage letters.

pandora spring 2016

The White Rabbit is visible in this one – the details of his face are a little blurry, but Alex tells me that his face is nothing like as odd as the stock image suggests and that in actuality he is very close to how the character looks in the Disney film itself.

pandora disney spring 2016

These next photos are by Martha, and give a nice overview of a lot of the new pieces. You can see some of the new Poetic Blooms pieces, the Forget-Me-Not charms, the Shimmer muranos, the Bride/Groom charm, the silicone clips and more! You can click any to enlarge them – they are all worth a closer look!

Martha from Marthnickbeads has managed to get hold of the Purple Shimmer murano already, and her photos of it are just breathtaking:

pandora spring 2016 purple shimmer murano

It just looks so lovely in these shots and it’s going some way to reconciling me to having to wait for the Flower Garden murano, aha. If you want more gorgeous bead inspiration from across all the brands, you should definitely check out her blog! ^^

My Comment

I’m excited for a number of these upcoming pieces, although I am still a bit gutted that the Flower Garden murano has been pushed back. I said it would happen and now I’ve totally jinxed it, haha. In the meantime, the pink and purple Shimmer muranos look so gorgeous and I’m looking forward to testing out the bracelet (provided it can take a decent amount of charms).The Fluttering Butterflies pendant is a possibility for my pink and periwinkle blue bracelet, and the Dazzling Daisy Fairy is also pretty.

However, I still feel like this collection would have benefited from having some more character or hobby charms mixed in with all the flowers. There are some very pretty pieces here, particularly the Pink and Purple Shimmer muranos and some of the floral beads, but on their own they feel a bit insubstantial. The collection very largely draws on popular floral motifs that have come before, and overall it feels mostly like a parade of Pandora’s greatest hits.

What do you think of this upcoming collection? Have you got your wish list mapped out yet?

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  1. I’m so excited for spring and all the flowers. The colors in this collection are just so pretty and even better with flowers.

    • Yay, glad to hear it! The pinks and purples do appeal to me, I must admit. The muranos are my highlight :)

  2. Wonderfully splendid review as always and thanks for all the specifics of every piece, having seen majority of this collection along with the Disney one in person I must admit it’s even more beautiful collection overall that I would have though from the earlier images we saw. The shimmer Muranos really are stunning as they are so bold and so sparkly and just very girly. I can see a ton of Pandora lovers making purple and pink themed bracelets jn the months to come just based on these Muranos alone. Wow I am as disappointed as you are about the garden Murano as it was the number one choice for me to make a mini pink themed fabric bracelet! I will try to be patient and wait til the summer, is it a production issue again Ellie?
    Martha – your Murano is forgoes, any ideas how to style it?
    I did not see the bunny and am hoping there are no issues with it as she keeps Climbing her way to the top for me in overall cuteness of this collection, hmm why is she so remarkable? Is it based on looks alone ;) ;) ;) thanks again!!!

    • Alex, I’m afraid I mostly have plain silver Pandora beads and plan to mostly use the Purple Shimmer with my Trollbeads and True Beadz. The purple does look quite nice with the yellow Belle Muranos, though, which will be nice for Easter.

    • Thanks Alex! :D I am so excited for the Shimmer muranos and I’ll admit that there is a pink & purple bracelet in the works for my collection. :P I don’t know why the Spring murano has been shifted. It’s possibly a supply issue… but I’m super disappointed. It was my most anticipated charm. I’m hunting around the pages & stuff to see if any regions are getting it in for spring – because I will have to have one if so! ;)

      Aww, I’m not aware of any delays with the bunny. I’ll let you know if I hear of any problems with it. I don’t know why it’s remarkable either aha. I suspect it has purely to do with alliteration ;) Reasonable Rabbit? Realistic Rabbit? There aren’t too many ‘R’s for them to play with I guess. :P

  3. Ah.. Same as what Ellie feel, I’m disappointed that flower murano will not be launched in Spring collection, another production issue similar with abenturescent stardust murano?
    I love love love the purple murano much more than pink murano, struggling if I should take 1 each or both purple.
    Btw, are disney princess murano also flow in dark? Anyone knows?
    Dazzling daisy fairy has been on my top list since sneak peak, will definitely get it. The rest will need to see it in person…

    • Sorry typo in below:
      Glow in the dark

      Auto correction function in my phone is irritating.

    • I don’t know if there are production issues, I sure hope that there aren’t. I must have one of them – ideally I wanted two for my Spring 2016 designs but I guess I’ll have to think again!
      Yes I hear that the new Disney signature colour muranos should glow in the dark too. :)

  4. Hi Ellie,

    I had heard whispers the other day about the murano getting delayed and I am SO sad it turned out to be true :( I had planned to buy it during the promo along with the Dragonfly Meadow for my nature bracelet. It’s kind of a bummer too that a charm that looks so “springy” isn’t going to be released until the beginning of summer :( Since I don’t want any other charms from this release, I’ll probably get the Floral Daisy Lace ring or earrings along with the Dragonfly Meadow charm to get my first bangle :D It will also be my my Pandora jewelry purchase other than charms or bracelets. This could get dangerous haha!

    Thanks for the update with all of the HQ images! While all of the charms aren’t my taste, Pandora’s detail always amazes me, and these images really show them off :D

    In the meantime, we’ll all be dreaming of that murano! :P

    • Hi Ellie

      I agree about the Flower Garden Glass Murano Charm. It’s too bad that we have to wait until the beginning of summer until they release it. That is one of the ones I wanted the most. I think the Spring Collection is absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait till they release everything nxt Thursday. Any word yet on the Forget me Knot Necklace on pricing?

      • Yeah, I’m so disappointed! I’m trying to see if anywhere got it for Spring, as I wanted it quite badly for my spring bracelet designs. Forget me Not necklace is $125 USD. :)

    • Hi Kristen! I’m so disappointed too! Like, childishly so. ;) It was the bead that I was most excited for, and I have actually bought a few charms especially to go with it. I’m still keeping an eye out for it in the hope that some region or other got it on time. :) I can kind of see how it works for Summer, too, with all the rich colours, but it would have been perfect for Spring.

      Aha, that’s exciting that you’re dipping your toes outside the bracelets! It’s definitely a dangerous path ;) I have a handful of rings but have managed to keep it at sensible levels, haha. This is also why I haven’t indulged in any other brands yet!

      Thanks for commenting Kristen! ^^

  5. Hello! :) I love your blog and is my source of inspiration! Do you have a post with floral designs from spring 2015 ? I have quite a lot of flowers in my collection and I just can’t seem to find a way to put them all together without it being too much. I decided to make 2 bracelets with a floral theme instead. Anyway I need some inspiration! :)

    Ps: now that I have read this post I will definitely be looking forward to adding some more to my garden ;) great blog and great pictures!

  6. Thanks for the images and prices Ellie! I don’t know that any of these are must-haves for me, I’ll certainly look when I go in for the promo but I think I’m going to get the 2 tone Locked Hearts charm I’ve been eyeing, and then another cheap charm to get over $100. Still deciding which bracelet to get, I might try to upgrade to either the barrel or heart pave bracelet.

    • You’re welcome! The Locked Heart is a lovely choice and it’s good to use the promo to indulge in something a little pricier. ^^ I’m just going for the regular silver bracelet, I think. I’ll probably end up buying the new threadless bracelet outright!

  7. Actually they started releasing some of them just today when I stopped to get a polishing cloth & got Aurora & her signature colour murano & Maximus their both so pretty in person but I also wanted the Rapunzal dress & the Ariel sitting in a shell but they didn’t have them in yet today & they also mentioned the bracelet event for the end of March & I plan on getting a few of the new spring charms like I’m really liking the droplet charms especially the red one but they said that one won’t be out until the summer but I like the pink & purple one too which will be awesome with Aurora & Rapunzels dresses/ muranos

    Did anyone else get any of the new charms yet?

    • So glad to hear that Maximus is cute in person. I will definitely be getting that one :D no, the red & teal versions of the droplets are not out until Summer. The pink one was surprisingly lovely in a live shot I saw recently, but the style is still note quite my cup of tea.

      I haven’t had a chance to get any new ones yet as they don’t allow you to purchase the new stuff until the official release date in the UK :(

  8. I started to say I can’t believe the Flower Garden murano is delayed, but Pandora has often frustrated me, so of course it is! That doesn’t leave much for me in this release, just the Blooming Dahlia clips. And if the new threadless bracelet holds only five to seven charms, I won’t have very much use for it. March will be kind to my budget, but June will be rough. That is, if all of the Summer charms I want are actually released then, which they probably will not be. These delays are becoming downright predictable.

    Thanks for these high res images and the live shots. It’s funny–I actually am intrigued by the White Rabbit. I’ll just have to see how he looks in person. I’ll call my store and see if they have gotten the charms in yet. They were going to call me when the Flower Garden muranos came in, but it looks like that call won’t be coming until June. Thanks, Ellie!

    • Aha, I know right? I joked about it being delayed (as a lot of the more ambitious glass designs seem to be) and totally jinxed it I think. And it looked so gorgeous in those Spring 2016 live shots too! I’m also sceptical about the threadless bracelet, if they’re advertising it as a 5-7 charm limit, like the bangle. There’s not a lot of point in that for me either… if I want a bracelet to hold fewer charms I’d probably just get a bangle.

      You’re welcome, Angie! The White Rabbit is also on my maybe list. I love the concept, it’s just the red and yellow enamel that’s possibly a turn off. I’m looking forward to seeing some more images!

      • I’m new to Pandora and have been reading up here and it’s so helpful! I just bought the new BatB bangle and hadn’t heard anything about a 5-7 charm limit. Is that the case for all the bangles, and does that include clips?

  9. Beautiful pictures of all the new charms. The purple shimmering murano is breathtaking. Disappointed with the delay in spring garden murano as I was planning to get it for the mother’s day GWP promotion. Any news on when the club charm will be out? Thanks Ellie for the post and update.

    • Isn’t it just gorgeous? I think both it and the pink shimmer are lovely, but I don’t quite have my bracelet design for them worked out in my head which is why I’m still not quite as excited for them as the Flower Garden murano.
      Club charm should be a Summer 2016 release, like last year :)

      • I’m thinking it will go well with last year sparkling primrose and the 2014 sparkling butterfly. Same sort of sparkly purple/ pinky shade. But maybe a bit CZ overload. Might need some silver in between.

        • Ooh yes, I like the sound of that! I think you’re right about adding some plain silver in between them, that would set them off just about perfectly.

  10. Thanks for profiling the beads one by one. Great review! I agree with you that it would be nice to see some hobby charms, but clearly Valentine’s = Hearts and Spring = Flowers! At least the Mother’s Day release has more than just mom charms.

    I’m hoping the Aurora murano pictured isn’t representative of the typical Aurora murano. It doesn’t have the usual amount of signature murano glitter/sparkliness. The Rapunzel murano looks nice though. I haven’t finalized my spring list! I need to see the beads first. In addition to the signature muranos, shimmer muranos, and initial charms, I’m interested in seeing the dahlia charms. I’m glad the release date is finally drawing near. (And the delay of the flower garden murano is unfortunate, but certainly not surprising.)

    • Thanks, Judy! You’re not wrong, there. It does seem like Pandora have broken their collections down more and more into those kind of black-and-white categories :S and winter = snowflakes or Christmas! Luckily enough Autumn escapes that a little bit, as there are no obvious motifs to fit that season into in the same way. ;)

      Mm, it does look quite like the Tinkerbell murano in term of being more of a matte colour. Perhaps it’ll vary! :) The Dahlia charms are surprisingly nice, as I didn’t like the design that much when I first saw the pre-release images. They’ve definitely grown on me, and I like the dusky vintage pink shade they’ve gone for too.

  11. I only like smooth surface murano, I have to see Disney purple murano in person. Nothing much I like for Spring, bling bling with high price. I will buy two toned bracelet Iconic set Can $475 (555 value) to get the free two toned bracelet, I have a friend will split the bill with me. Each get one two toned with two two toned Sunburst clips for $310 tax included, 45% off , this is the best deal for both of us.

  12. Can you use silicone-lined charms on regular threaded Pandora bracelet? Will they slide around or just stay in place almost like clips?

    • Hi Jessica,

      According to the sales associates, you can use the silicone lines charms on any Pandora bracelet!

    • I think that you can use them on the bracelet chain itself, but I was told that they won’t fit over the threads like regular clips… We’ll know more soon anyhow!

  13. Hi Ellie. Thanks once again for a wonderful preview into the spring collection.
    I got my very first bracelet, four charms and two clips for my BIG birthday yesterday – I’m so excited. I still have two more charms winging their way from Australia from my daughter and grandson so the anticipation of what they might be is thrilling.
    I love soooo many of the spring collection but I will definitely be looking at:
    the vintage letters, springtime pendant, spring garden charm, fluttering butterflies, poetic bloom heart, floral daisy. I also love the white primrose, cherry blossom and pink blossom clips but as I already have clips I’m not sure how I would use them. Any help on that would be good.
    I might have to invest in another bracelet, maybe a leather? but as we don’t seem to have the free bracelet promos here in the UK, and I potentially will be making quite a spend with this collection, I’m a bit sad. I do have a cousin in the States but if I asked for his help at promo time does he actually have to go and make the purchases or can I purchase from here and get them sent to his address?
    Once again thanks for your help.

    • Hi Anne! Yay that’s so exciting! Welcome to the club, haha. Which charms & bracelet did you go for in the end?
      That’s a very healthy wish list – I’m sure mine would be longer, but having been a dedicated Pandora collector for the last four years, I have a lot of similar pieces to these ones!
      Regarding the clips, you could always use one on the end of your bracelet – a lot of people put a clip at the end, just before the thread, so that charms don’t screw themselves off when you take your bracelet off :) Or you could get another bracelet, maybe a bangle or a leather, and use some rubber stoppers to hold the clips in place! I’m also in the UK, so I feel your pain about the bracelet promos ;) I’m getting help from friends in North America! Unfortunately Pandora in North America don’t offer this promo online, so your cousin would have to actually go and make the purchases – although some stores might accept his order over the phone, actually. I have always had help from people who physically go to the store and order, so I’m not too sure on that.
      Hope that helps!

      • Hey guys in the U.S. Majority of the larger private jewelry stores that sell Pandora will do phone orders for the free bracelet promo, I did a phone order back in November purchased the right amount and they sent me the free now bangle.

      • Hi Ellie. Hubby bought me the Pandora charm bracelet, two Layers of lace clips, white meadow charm and charming chick charm. My son got me the floral safety chain and Mother and friend charm, and M-i-l got meMarch signature heart birthstone charm.
        Unfortunately I had to take my bracelet back to the shop yesterday as, when I got the charms on, it was cutting into my wrist and there was no way I could have put more charms onto it, even though when hubby purchased it the assistant got me to try it on said it was the correct size for me! Still they exchanged it, for the next size up, with no problems and now it’s a nice fit but even with the safety chain I’m not sure it won’t fall off easily!
        I’ve it yet got into the designer bracelets everyone here seems to be doing – finances may not allow, but I’m certainly dreaming big time about the lovely leather colours coming out and the vast amount of charms I “would” like.
        I don’t really have too much contact with my cousin in the States so I’ll have to think about asking for help. Thanks for the nod anyway.

  14. Yes, I would agree that it does feel like Pandora’s greatest hits. I too was eagerly awaiting for the Flower Garden Murano as it would have been the only bead I bought from the Spring collection. Am quite disappointed! But on the flip side I’ve only just discovered the Essence line  Previously I’ve ignored the Essence line, but when I was search for lapis lazuli jewellery the other night, I stumbled across the ‘Peace’ lapis essence bead for the first time (to my delight!), along with my other fave stones – moonstone, aquamarine and pearl – so I will indulge in the Essence line instead of the spring collection.

    The daisy fairy and the cherry blossom clip look very nice … if only they did not have enamel or CZ on them.

    • If you like Essence, you have to check with Thomas Sabo Karma bead, they use real semi precious stone for Can $25.5 or 38. I like Pandora Moment line and Thomas Sabo Karma line.

      • Thomas Sabo has buy 2 get 1 free Karma bead until 30th March, I got beautiful rose quartz Heart 38.5, silver Infinity 38.5 and one free Infinity. I got two white Jade, two rose quartz 25.5 last year. I like real semi precious stone, Thomas Sabo use only real stone not synethnic like Pandora, their price is very reasonable and the bead is 1 cm large.

    • I am not sure about the Thomas Sabo beads. As per what Ellie said in her Karma vs Essence post, I think the karma beads look beautiful in their advertising and in their pictures, but when I went to the store, I thought a lot of the beads looked kind of ‘plastic’ and ‘cheaper’ – I don’t know if it was because of the material used or the finishing but the quality in real-life did not match up with the advertising photos, IMO. Saying that, I saw them from shop window, so I am going to Thomas Sabo again next week to look at them close up. I hope I will be wrong because I love how TS uses all real semi-precious stones and I think the Karma concept is better than the Essence concept.

      I bought 4 Essence beads on sale at Agento for about £19 – £25. I don’t have the lapis yet; I will wait for more Essence sales because I don’t think the essence beads are worth more than £25 each max. They are way too over-priced. I won’t be able to participate in the free bracelet sale because I don’t know anyone in North America, however my birthday is coming up so I will get a ‘free’ essence bracelet soon (gifted to me of course ;)

      • Thomas Sabo has Lapis Can $32, real stone very reasonable price. We have 5 Thomas Sabo stores opened last year in Toronto. Thomas Sabo Product is made in Germany with excellent workmanship. I am collecting Karma semi precious stone, silver and 18k rose gold plated ( not like Pandora 14k plated, Thomas Sabo colour look like solid rose gold, very beautiful! ) but not paved cz bead, I don’t like synthetic material in my jewelry collection, this is why I skip Essence. Thomas Sabo Karma bracelet is very comfortable on wrist, light weight and smooth, I love Thomas Sabo Karma bead, I bought the beautiful Karma box to keep my treasure. Give it a try, you won’t disappointed! I still like Pandora Moment line but I am very picky recently to just pick I really like, murano, two toned charm, a touch of cz is ok but not bling bling everything for expensive price ( why have to pay cz as jewelry price ).

    • It really is, isn’t it? The Flower Garden murano was one of the more unique pieces, too, so I’m very disappointed that it doesn’t seem to be making an appearance!
      Ah, yes, the Essence line is (or was) great for natural stones. I love my pink moonstone Love bead and the Dignity pearl as well. The lapis Peace charm is gorgeous, I think the colour is so lovely and tranquil as well, it matches the meaning quite nicely too.

      I like enamel! I mostly take issue with the CZ on everything :P although I’m also not keen on the very thin bails charms often seem to have at the moment. I’m looking at the Spring Time pink enamel disc pendant in Alex’s live shot, and I just wish it was more substantial!

      • Ellie, the enamel disc charm caught my eye as well the pink is Bright now dull or light in color and the flowers appear Nicely against the pink disc backdrop, I promise you will not be disappointed when you see it in person. :)

        • I was thinking I would like it as a necklace! Looking forward to seeing it in person – the design does look nice in the pictures, it’s just the slim pavé bail that I’m not keen on. :)

  15. Definitely Pandora Spring Colection is very pretty , but particularly enjoyed the charms of vintage Victorian alphabet. Nice post . Thanks

  16. Has there been any word on the full details for the upcoming free bracelet promo and do you happen to have a list of the retired pieces for 2016? Thanks :)

    • So, with the free bracelet promo, I hear it’s going to take the format of previous promos – $100 USD gets you a free silver bracelet worth $65 dollars. Some franchises may allow you to pay the difference and upgrade. $500 spend nets you the two-tone bracelet, and $3000 the gold bracelet.
      Check for the most up to date list of retired pieces that I’ve seen so far :)

  17. Hi Ellie,

    I actually bought the smooth bracelet to give it a test run. I returned it the next day. The bracelet is so light in weight it does not feel sturdy. I was really concerned that the clasp would open and I would lose the 3(!) charms I had put on it. And it’s not like Pandora is going to replace it if it’s lost.

    I remember the problems that Pandora had with the essence bracelet clasps, and those bracelets had much smaller charms which were actually fixed in place, a better scenario if the bracelet opens accidentally.

    I have many Pandora bracelets and have always been satisfied with them. I just don’t see the point of wearing a bracelet I’m so concerned about losing.

    • Hi Lisa, that’s very interesting, although disappointing as well. You’ve certainly piqued my curiosity to try it myself. I don’t liek the sound of that flimsiness at all, especially as I would want to fill that bracelet up. Do safety chains work with the bracelet? :/

      • I was in the pandora store on saturday and I thought the threadless bracelet felt weight wise like the regular moments bracelet. It is true that you don”t want to load it up with charms but the SA said that the regular safety chains would work with these bracelets. hope this helps

  18. Just wanted to add that many of the charms, like the bubble paves and the pink and purple button charms look nicer in person. That said, the collection is very derivative of prior collections (which did not stop me from purchasing my favorites:))

    • I saw a picture of the pink bubble pavé charm recently and the colour was surprisingly lovely in person. It’s not for me, but much nicer than I thought!

  19. Thank you for the post :) Do you know yet if trollbeads will fit on the new threadless moments bracelet?

      • Oh noo! There goes my plan to buy one for use with other brands D: Thanks for the info, Martha, disappointing as it may be.

        • Sorry it’s not the news you wanted to hear. I remembered to try it at the last minute when we had our beads n’ coffee with the lovely @pandorabradshaws!

      • Aww, this is disappointing! I was hopeful it would fit the smaller core charms that won’t fit over the threads. Now I will definitely try to upgrade to a pave bracelet of some type in the promo!

  20. Hi Ellie!
    Thank you so much for the HQ images! The Fairy has now definitely won a place in my long wishlist, after that! :-) Also a big thanks to both girls Alex and Martha who shared their lovely pictures with us! ♡
    The shimmering muranos look stunning on those pictures! I shared with Alex my hesitation for pairing the Rapunzel’s with the purple one; what do you think? To be honest, I can predict the result! I won’t be able to resist to both, only that I’ll have to put them on different bracelets! :-))
    It seems that Rapunzel’s murano will match the Blush Radiant Hearts, or it is just my impression? I’m now confused with different shades of purple and pink and the thing is I have to be patient until I get the disney murano, to decide what to do! And as you probably now better than anyone, Pandora addiction and patience hate each other! :-))
    Thank you for the great post, Ellie! I can’t wait for your thoughts on the new pieces next week! ♥♥♥

    • Hi Chrysa! The Fairy is one of my preferred pieces as well, and perhaps it’ll take the place of the Flower Garden muranos on my wish list.
      I don’t think it looks like the Rapunzel murano and the purple Shimmer will go that well together, either. They’re quite different purples, in person! It does look quite similar to the Blush Hearts, that might be a nice combo. It’s hard to tell for sure from these initial photos though.
      Ahaha, that’s right – Pandoraholics are not known for their patience. Or at least, I’m certainly not! Which is why I’m so grumpy about the Flower Garden murano, haha. Thanks for commenting Chrysa, I’m looking forward to next week as well <3

  21. Thanks for the new pictures. i can’t wait for it to come in store. I have my list together, though I’ve decided I’m not bothered about the threadless bracelet and crystal silicone spacers. I’ve heard the bracelet isn’t very strong, so going to stop with the original bracelet.
    I’m still trying to decide what to get first off my list. When I know prices I can plan better.
    It’s a shame we don’t have a promo in the UK, this time of the year, as I always buy loads from the Spring collection.

    • I agree with you about the threadless bracelet, but I’m still excited about the silicone-lined spacers. I have tons of leather bracelets and bangles, and I hate when the charms slide around, so I have to use the silver stopper beads that are lined with silicone from Amazon or eBay. Also, I’m pleased to see that the Pink Primrose clip is silicone-lined because I wasn’t sure about that at first. That gives us more options besides the pave spacers. Unfortunately, they are all a bit too expensive for me to get enough for all my leathers and bangles!

      • The whole concept of silicone spacers is a great one, I think! So useful for bangles and leathers. I just don’t particularly like the pavé ones. The pink enamel ones are nice, and I’d like some plain silver designs to follow up (although I won’t hold my breath, lol).

    • You’re welcome! I’m not too keen on the pavé silicone spacers either, but I think I’ll probably end up with the primrose enamel ones if I get the bracelet. I’ll get one of the bracelets, I expect, even if just for review purposes, but I’m hoping that it’ll be able to take more charms than just five!
      Yeah, it is a shame that we don’t get so many promos in the UK. Pandora is so popular here as it stands that I guess they just don’t need to run them so often.

  22. Hi Ellie I really like this collection, I really want to get the rabbit for Easter the murano look really pretty I can’t believe how similar they are to the Disney ones. I had a feeling that the murano would be delayed I just prey it comes out in the summer it’s so beautiful. Lately there always something wrong with their murano or there delayed. I’m excited to see the new bracelet I hope it holds more charms it would be weird if it was just a bracelet that holds a few charms.

    • Hi Nicola! The rabbit will be great for Easter. I have just got the Easter Bunny in the Boxing Day sales, so I will probably give it a miss, but it is one of the cuter cake pop animals!
      I’m also hoping that the new bracelet will be up to having more charms. Advice on how many charms to put on a particular bracelet sometimes varies by region, so I’ll be interested to hear what UK stores have to say. I don’t have much use for a snake chain bracelet that can only take five charms…

  23. :-) Maybe I will get to see some of the Spring 2016 pieces tomorrow at an exhibition, but the official date is end of next week. I have an invitation for the official viewing. Will take enough pictures and post them… I’m very excited.
    Take care :-)

  24. The Purple Shimmer Murano looks more and more gorgeous every time I see it; I MUST have it! However, I was unsure where to put it. Although purple is one of my favorite colors, I have very little of it in my collection for some reason (except for the purple Sparkling Butterfly, which is on my original bracelet that I’m reluctant to take apart). I do eventually plan to do a purple-themed design, but I just have too much on my wish list right now, so that’s far off in the future. So it finally hit me while looking at my wrist today that I think I know where this murano will go. I have a metallic silver leather with the Frozen Anna Murano and the Orchid charm. I really think the two sparkly muranos–although much different colors–will work together. I can’t wait to actually get it to find out!

    • I need both the purple and pink Shimmer muranos :D I love purple as well, but I have just the one purple bracelet so far. Mainly because I’ve been waiting for Pandora to do some purples that were pastel in shade, and not so deep in colour.
      That’s a really interesting combination, the Anna murano and the Purple Shimmer! The pinks and purples should look gorgeous together. :D Not long now until you can try it out!

  25. I saw the whole collection except the murano and Disney line this afternoon. Beautiful colour but nothing special design, enamel and cz on almost every charm. Shimming Droplet cz look like plastic, :(. I will wait for the murano and Club charm.

    • Hi Kae, thanks for that – but is it actually available for purchase? :o I need two of those muranos haha.

  26. Hi Ellie,
    Thanks again for yet another enticement before the spring release! I can’t wait to see these
    beauties in person.

    I called my Pandora store today and spoke with the assistant manager regarding the new
    threadless bracelet. She confirmed what others have been told that this bracelet was design-
    ed for a maximum of five charms. This may not be what we wanted to hear, but I would still
    like to have one for mini designs.

    I also found out that we will be able to pay the difference for the bracelet of our choice as far
    as the freebie bracelet goes. A $500 spend gets us a two-toned bracelet. The treadless should
    be included in the freebie, but not 100% sure on that yet. I’m in US so I’m not sure if all of this
    info holds true for others.

    When I asked about the Fluttering Butterfly dangle, I was told that the Pandora store book
    describes this charm as half clear and half white. The assistant manager also said it is not only
    pictured as white, but is also described as white enamel. I’m still hoping it will be half white
    enamel as I had planned to use it with the new White Primrose enamel clips. Guess we will
    find out soon.

    Confirmation on the Spring Garden murano being delayed until the summer release. I know
    a lot of ladies really wanted this…including you Miss Ellie. I hope the Nostalgic Rose murano
    doesn’t get delayed as I have wanted a true pink murano for a very long time.

    The store was unpacking their first shipment of the spring release today as I was speaking to
    the assistant manager over the phone. She was excited because everything was so pretty.

    Looking forward to seeing the Mother’s Day pricing by the weekend, so I can allow room in my
    budget for those pieces.

    Thanks again, Ellie, for the nice post. You’re the BEST!!!

    Have A great Day!

      • Thanks Lisa for the info. Wonder what happened to the white enamel plan.
        I’ll just have to get over it. HaHa.

    • Sorry ladies. Above should have read Flower Garden murano…not Spring Garden
      murano. Where on earth did I come up with that. HaHa.

    • Hi Emily!
      Oh noo, I’m again very disappointed to hear that about the bracelet. Gah. ;) I’m not sure whether it’s really for me and that I’ll wear it much, but I’ll probably end up with one even if just to try it out. The bracelet promo is only for US & Canada, but the upgrade rules tend to depend on each franchise then. :)
      I was told white enamel about the Fluttering Butterfly dangle, too, but I think that was just an error. It does look like white enamel in the stock image, but I think it’s just how reflective the silver is.
      Whoops, I need to get on those Mother’s Day prices. :) This week has been a busy busy week and I fell asleep replying to comments last night haha. I’ll do it by the end of weekend promise!
      Have a great day too and thanks for your lovely comment and the info you’ve found! :)

  27. hi, refer the free bracelet promotion on end March, any update information? my friend told me exclude Pandora estore is true? thx

    • Hi Corina – the promo isn’t offered online, I’m afraid. :( So your friend is correct about that. You can sometimes order over the phone with some stores, I think..

  28. Hi Ellie, I feel disappointed hearing the new thread-less bracelet can only hold a limited amount of charms. Not sure what the point of it is, then? :/

    Many of the designs are pretty, but I feel somewhat suffocated from the overuse of pave and enamel. Plus, having too many colors makes it more difficult when trying to design a bracelet… Or maybe that’s just me being a stick in the mud :/ It’s simply easier–and perhaps cheaper–to coordinate plain silvers with minimal colors added in.

    And yes, more charms involving hobbies/interests would be appreciated. I wish there were personality traits too for the Moments line, but they’ve already got Essence for that (pretty but too abstract for me). I feel drawn to charms if they can relate to my life in a more direct way. The endless hearts/flowers/butterflies are just too much.

    Sorry for being a grump today :( But I do want to thank you for all the hard work posting here and for chatting with us too. Despite my complaints, the pictures are very pretty. I like the dahlia and bunny best, I think, and the shimmering muranos are tempting.

    • Pandora want to sell the new silicon lined clips if you buy the thread-less bracelet. US. $45 for a thin clip is very expensive. The thread-less bracelet is thinner for the same price, hollow charm is also thinner, everything is based on business profit, less silver to maximize profit. I talked to a small jewelry shop owner who carries Pandora told me since Pandora went public on stock market, everything is about money, they have to make profit for the shareholder. I like to see all kind of design from different brands, I pick what I like, no restriction to buy only Pandora. I only like Flower Garden murano, purple Disney murano in this release. No interest for the paved and enamel charm. Good for my wallet.

      • Yup, it’s always about money. Not surprised.

        Really, the thread-less bracelet is thinner? What a shame…

    • Hi Kris, I completely agree with you. I was envisioning a proper alternative to the traditional charm bracelet, not just a pseudo-bracelet-bangle. Ah well! I will probably still get one but I’m going to have revise my plans as to stylings, and I’m not sure how much wear it will compared to my other bracelets…

      Aha, I don’t think you’re being a grump! I feel the same way as you do about a lot of the new charms, even if I do think a lot of the new flowers are pretty. My main problem is that they are so derivative of previous collections and they don’t offer much that’s new or fresh for people who have had a Pandora bracelet for a while. :) The Shimmer muranos are gorgeous, though, and I’m really looking forward to getting those! And thanks for saying that – I feel like I’ve been a bit slack lately with keeping up with comments and emails etc in a timely fashion but things have been busy this week and it’s been really hard to keep up! I am catching up this weekend though ^^

      • I try on thread less bracelet, don’t understand the concept? Just don’t like it at all. I put 4 murano on the tray to compare, I am a purple person but faceted cut purple murano had silver based inside which I don’t like. I like Rapuel murano more, the colour is very special, purple and pink mix together, I like it smooth surface without silver base inside, the colour is more subtle.

        • Eugh, I’m not hearing good things about this threadless bracelet! I’m still curious to try it myself, but I’m not anticipating loving it any more.

  29. I am actually very pleased with this collection. Spring is my favorite season so naturally I must get a spring charm to add to my bracelet. I instantly fell in love with the spring garden charm because it looks like Spring in a charm (but I am terrified of dragonflies). However, I would like to see this charm in person before I buy it because it does look rather large. I will forever be waiting on a Tulip charm in future spring collections.

    • Wow, tulip would be a great flower to add on to the pandora flower collection. White lilies hopefully too one day.

    • That’s funny, because I’m scared of insects too. Even butterflies make me cringe. Dragonflies are no exception, though I admit they are beautiful when they glitter under the sun. I’d love to see a tulip charm too.

    • I love the spring garden charm and also can’t wait to see it. Never thought about the size so hoping it’s not too big because that’s one I am hoping to buy.
      Daffodils, tupils, lilies all sound lovely for future charms.

    • Fantastic! :) I have a huge aversion to spiders, haha, but I don’t mind dragonflies, butterflies, ladybirds and all the other prettier ones. Spiders I find unbearable, no matter the size, and I won’t go anywhere near them haha.
      A new tulip charm would be lovely! I like the existing (and retired?) silver tulip pendant, but I’m sure they could do another version that’s as pretty!

  30. I wonder how you store all your jewelry (photo ?). I use for my jewelry a wooden jewelry box i’ve redone. And my compliments for your blog!.

  31. Hi Ellie! I went yesterday to see this new collection at Pandora Store! It is beautiful, but I bought more older charms then new ones! I found Floral Daisy Lace bangle to small, but bought it. Blooming Dahlias and Poetic droplets rings don’t have same appeal they have in pictures ! I bought little bunny and pink muranos too. But I loved most old pieces I got yesterday(splish-splash, happy crab, pineapple, sea turtle,a windmill, vino and seashell)! Almost bankrupted!!! I’m waiting now Mother’s day!!!

    • Hi Carla! Amazing haul :D :D I love that windmill in particular, but I also have the pineapple, and the sea turtle! Enjoy your lovely new pieces. I’m disappointed to hear that you didn’t like the Blooming Dahlia ring in person that much, as I thought it looked so lovely in Pandora’s campaign images.
      Can’t wait to go and see it all myself next weekend ^^

  32. Can anyone tell me is there a maximum of how many charms can be worn on the regular style bangle? How many charms should generally be worn on the bangle? Has anyone ever worn too many and has an issue with the bangle breaking or anything like that? Thanks for your help!

    • The advice on the bangle seems to vary by region. In the UK, the advice is 5-7 charms I think. I have not often heard of people having problems with overloading the bangles, though, and I do often seem photos of people with filled bangles. It’s possible that Pandora are just erring on the side of caution.
      I prefer to wear my bangles with just a few charms anyhow, as I don’t find it comfortable when it’s full!

    • I load up my medium 7.5 inch bangles, never had a problem with them opening or bending or breaking or anything. I think the bangle fits slightly larger than an equivalent size Moments bracelet, probably due to the thread stations (I do 7.5 or 7.9 inch snake chain). I find the bangle much sturdier, I never worry about it. I use the small bangles with just a few charms, I love those too.

      I swear by the silicone o-rings to keep charms in place on not full bracelets or bangles, they are great for under clips as well as under charms, they fit under threaded charms too, I push them under with a toothpick.

  33. Can anyone who has actually seen it in person tell me more about the smooth clasp threadless bracelet? It was mentioned that it may not be as substantial/sturdy as the regular bracelet – is it actually thinner or is it the same chain, just without the threads? Also there was mention of being afraid it would come open and fall – is the clasp not as secure as the barrel clasp?

    • It is the same chain without two thread stations to put regular clips and the tips of both ends without thread on, just smooth surface. You need to buy silicon clip or put rubber inside the regular clip to stay on chain. I don’t need this bracelet, I prefer bangle which is the same.

  34. I got Spring & Summer catalog. Teal, Red, Frosty Mint Shimmer murano (Can $55 )and Flower Garden murano (Can $60 ) are available in June. Nostalgic Rose ( $50 ) is available in April, I quite like Nostalgic Roses can match Wild Hearts and Pink Hears, it will be perfect for promotion. New Light Blue and Honeysuckle Pink leather bracelets with round clasp (thread less ) are 55, nice colour for Spring. I don’t like any new clips or clips with silicone grips all overpriced with cz . Pink Primrose ( $45 ) is o.k. price to try silicone clips. Two toned Heart & Crown ( $125 ), I prefer two toned Heart.

    • Still disappointed about the flower garden murano! I’m looking forward to the leather bracelets, but I’m sure they are summer releases?

  35. Hi Ellie

    Do you know if the Essence Collection is sold at Heathrow Airport? I looked at the duty free website and it doesn’t like any essence items :()Also do you think the new spring collection will also be released at Heathrow Pandora? I’m travelling for work next week and wanted to pick up some new Pandora :)

    • Just out of curiosity, are the Pandora retailers at Heathrow actual official Pandora stores, or are they just offered inside other shops? My boyfriend was curious… He’s traveling there soon for a connecting flight in Europe and likes to pick up souvenirs. Thanks!

        • Judie, thanks for both your posts with the helpful info! :) Good luck on your shopping.

          Thanks also, Ellie! I’ve never been to Gatwick myself, just Heathrow–but unfortunately, it was before I started collecting Pandora some months ago :/ It would’ve been nice to get some trip souvenirs from there.

      • I don’t know about Heathrow, but I went from Gatwick a couple of years ago and they had like a pop-up Pandora stand in the duty free. Not sure about Heathrow though :)

        • Haha, the comments do get a bit convoluted at this level. It’s nice to get a little discount at the airport pop-ups, I find, but the stock is often not great – so just something to bear in mind!

    • Hi Judie, I have a feeling that Essence isn’t offered at the airport stores, although I could be wrong. They tend to carry a reduced level of stock in general, so that seems likely.
      I would have thought they would get the Spring collection – my parents were travelling last year just after the Winter launch and they had the new charms in then. :) I don’t know for sure though!

  36. Springtime Mixed Enamels and White Primrose White Enamel will be available as a gift set only then available for individual purchase May 9 in North America. I think this is the Mother’s Day gift set in a beautiful gift box.

    • Oh, really? Someone asked me about that only this morning and I didn’t know that! Thanks for the heads up, I’m surprised that they are starting to do gift sets in the US just for regular collections and not just Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, etc.

  37. Canada Mother’s Day on 8th May, I think Springtime Mixed and White Primose will be Mother’s Day gift set. I went to Pandora again to see everything again, silicone clips can’t put on threads on regular bracelet, it is a non move spacer. Blooming Dahlia clip is very tall in height, Floral Daisy Lace clip is flat and boring. sparkling Apple Blossom, Forget Me Not, Dazzling Floral, Poetic Blooms are all very tall in height, kind of out of proportion, you just see a lot of wraparound silver, I don’t like it. I like Disney Rapunel purple murano the most, Dazzling Daisy Fairy if I want to build a Fairy bracelet. Cherry Blossom Soft Pink Enamel & cz clip is perfect match with Cherry Blossom, I have only one Cherry Blossom as a free gift, I may get the Cherry Blossom Soft Pink to match as a set.

  38. All right, for any curious readers…

    After a crummy day of work, I popped into my closest Pandora retailer (five minutes’ drive away, hah!).

    I saw the Poetic Blooms heart…very delicate and pretty. Lots of enamel and I think CZ, but not overpowering. Also the Blooming Dahlia, also quite sweet as a clip but surprisingly pale. More of a shimmery whitish-pink enamel than a proper pink, but I like it. The bunny head was there too–looks exactly as the picture represents, cute though a tad large (in my eyes), but for sure he’ll come home with me.

    This is not quite new to Pandora, but I finally saw the two-tone Locked Hearts in person and fell in love. Simple but classy. :)

    Anyway, the sales lady told me the pre-sale begins on March 24th, so you can buy your stuff before the free bracelet promo and pick it up when the sale begins :)

    • Oooh, having a Pandora a five minutes’ drive from my place of work would be verrrry dangerous. Haha.

      Thanks for writing up your thoughts! I also noticed how pale the Dahlias looked in live shots I’ve seen, particularly the ring, which is a bit disappointing.
      I’m doing the bracelet promo as well this season (quelle surprise!) and I think I’ve pretty much mapped out what I want to get. Might have to do it twice ;)

  39. Hi, I went to my local jeweller today and saw the collection and took a catalogue home to check out all the prices. However do not have the summer pieces. Did not buy anything on impulse today. They are all very pretty and sweet. But for some reason I did not fall in love with any although I like them a lot when I first saw the preview. Perhaps they look too much like the previous collection and my pink floral bracelet is already filled up. However i do not rule out that they might eventually grow on me. Haha… My wallet is safe for now. Have to work what to buy for GWP promotion in April. The vintage letters might come home with me then with a bracelet I badly need. Too bad the jeweller does not carry disney line, a bit inconvenient for me to get to a concept store.

    • Hi! My pink floral bracelet is already pretty much full, but I think I can probably squeeze the Poetic Blooms pendant on it. I prefer the classic Cherry Blossom pieces to the new pink enamel flowers, overall. :) There’s no way I will be leaving the store this week without some new Pandora charms in my pocket, though, haha – you have more will power than I do! I think my first purchases are going to be the Shimmer muranos, and then I’ll save the rest for the NA bracelet promo.

      • I think I spend too much on pandora for the past two years. Too addictive. Trying to scale down my purchases, after all I’ve been a stay at home mum for 6 yrs. Anything I’m buying, I’m’dipping into my savings. I saw in the Australia catalogue that they are doing a two tone starter set for $499. Includes a two tone bracelet and two sunburst two tone clips. Very tempted, will try to imply to my hubby to get me that for my bday/ 10 yrs wedding anniversary. Yes, my bday and anniversary are a day apart. I’m sure you can squeeze the poetic bloom pendant into your collection. It’s pretty small.

        • Two toned Iconic set includes two toned bracelet, two Sunburst ( two toned ) clips and the charm of your choice, value up yo $50. $475 ( retail value of $555 ) in Canada.

      • Wow, Canada deal sounds really good. Better than Australia. And also a more detailed catalogue on what’s coming up all the way to summer collection. Here only up to mother’s day ones.

        • I start collect Pandora one year but only buy during promotion, GWP or discounted retired pieces at Pandora Outlet only 40 minutes away. 30 to 40% discount for what I bought but I still spend enough two plane ticket to Asia. I have 10 bracelet or LE bangle from promotion, 100 clips and charms. I have enough to play with for fun, I am getting very picky to choose something I really love not just like. Pandora seems like repeat their design this Spring, cz everything for high price which I don’t like . I am collecting discounted retired two toned charm now.

        • You have quite a collection. Lucky you to have an outlet near you. I don’t think we have one here at all. If there is, I’m going broke with buying. Can’t resist a good bargain. The only discount I get is from retirement sale. I’m beginning to get picky too. Trying to just buy when there is a promo going on. But it’s hard, so now I try to limit myself to one charm a month. Still catching up with older pieces. Nice chatting with you Michele.

  40. I can’t wait to go to my store and check out the new collection!! I’m going to really try to not go until the bracelet promo though because I know I will be tempted to buy something and I need to save my money for the promo!! That is a bummer that the flower garden murano won’t be out until the Summer. It is so appropriate for the Spring I think!! I plan on getting two of the purple shimmer muranos along with the forget-me-not charm. I am hoping my store will let me upgrade to the clear CZ clasp bracelet because I also want to go in May to get the clips to go with it.

    That is a bummer some people are saying the new thread less bracelet is only supposed to have 5-7 charms. I wonder why? I am hoping it will be included in the promo. I would like to add the blooming dahlia clip to it and just wear it all on its own. I am also getting the friendship essence charm.

    I’m very excited about the jewelry too!! The poetic droplets rings are definitely on my wish list. I was surprised how affordable they were!! I’m not sure if I can wait until fall to get them during the promo though, lol. I’d also like to get the poetic blooms necklace with the blooming dahlia ring. My wish list seems never ending lol!! I can’t wait to see your reviews in the next few weeks of this gorgeous collection!!

    • Me too! I’m excited for the weekend :D I am going to buy the Shimmer muranos here in the UK, and then save the rest of my buys for the North American bracelet promo. I am still disappointed about the Spring garden murano as well, but ah well! At least it gives me one more thing to look forward to for Summer.

      I don’t know about the threadless bracelet, either. I guess because it doesn’t have clip stations and it’s somehow more prone to stretching? I don’t really see the point to it if that’s the case… but I will still get one to try out and review, I suspect.

      Thanks, Jackie! I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into Spring reviews too :D It’ll be exciting to review something other than hearts for one thing, haha.

      • Pandora should stick to the original thread bracelet concept which makes it different to other brand. One of the reason I like Moment is the thread station to put two clips on, pandora clip is unique and practical. I just put two beautiful clips on without any charms when I like simple style. Thread bracelet itself is very PANADA, I think Pandora need their own identity.

  41. I bought 2 of the new Shining Elegance silicone lined clips in the purple cz to put on my pink/purple bracelet. I like that they keep charms where you want them. They will come in handy on the Pandora Bangle. I also bought the Pave Lights Blue Crystal for my blue bracelet. I picked up the bracelet with pave clasp for the free bracelet. Had to pay $15 for it but that’s better then $80.

    • Yay! Sounds like you got a rather sparkly haul there. <3 I went for the primrose silicone clips and I am loving the concept too. I hope they do more designs!

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