Happy day for Pandora collectors in the UK, as an all-new Pandora Essence bracelet GWP starts today! Running from today until the 2nd of May (Bank Holiday Monday), Pandora are offering you the chance to get a free Pandora Essence bracelet with a £95 spend. With the recent launch of the Spring 2016 collections, that spend shouldn’t be hard to hit. ;)

The rules are simple – spend £95 in a single transaction and receive either the regular silver Essence snake chain bracelet or the Essence beaded bracelet. You don’t have to spend the £95 on Essence charms, it can be on anything from Pandora!

pandora essence bracelet promo

This promo is new for the UK – they haven’t run it in previous years, so it was a nice surprise. If you’re looking for some inspiration, have a look through the Pandora Essence tag for some collection previews and charm reviews! I also reviewed the bracelet itself here. :) I love my Essence bracelets and this promo offers a great opportunity to get started with the Essence collection!

pandora essence autumn 2015

Rumours about the fate of the Essence collection being uncertain continue to abound – I guess Pandora are hoping that special promos like this will drum up some interest. I personally see quite a few people here in the UK wearing Essence when I’m out and about, even if nowhere near as many as wear the regular bracelet.

My recommended retailer for the promotion is John Greed Jewellery!

Are you going to be taking part in this promo?

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  1. I got my first Essence bracelet at the last US bracelet promotion and I really like it, much more than I had expected. I hope Pandora does not discontinue the Essence line, but of course that depends on sales. I think anyone who hasn’t looked at the Essence collection yet should take a look. I’ll probably buy more Essence beads at the next US promo.

    • Glad to hear that you like yours! I found the same thing with mine. I was kind of ambivalent towards the whole concept for a long time (if you read my first reviews of the collection, it definitely comes across as a bit of a ‘meh’) but it eventually won me over! I was in Paris and my OH got me the regular bracelet and the Love bead and I just loved how chic and simple and dainty it looked. Definitely a lovely alternative to the chunkier charm bracelets :)

  2. How new of the UK to offer an Essence promo! :D It’s about time though as the UK seem to have had a bit of a promo drought…o.O I wear my Essence bracelets more than my Moments now too, the simplicity of it just calls out to me :P

    I tend to buy them because of their colour or design, rather than the value that they represent. Some values don’t really reflect me, but I could be totally in love with the colour or something haha :D. Maybe they could come up with some silicone-based, stopper-like dangles, or clips – a bit like the new stoppers Trollbeads are coming out with :D. I’m completely broke now after all these promos one after the other… no more now till Summer! ><!

    However, I have to thank you for all the informative posts regarding promos, sales and the like to feed my obession with charms! <3

    Speak to you soon dear Ellie!

    Suzy xxx

    • I managed to get a good deal on the dahlia clips so I desperately needed the dahlia dangle and I was thinking that I was going to have to wait for the promo in October :-/. I don’t have any Essence so I’m looking forward to seeing what my free bracelets looks like; I went for the beaded one as I thought that would be the better choice to wear without beads ;-). I went for one of the new silicone clips, the one with the pink flowers, to wear on one of my bangles :-). I need a few more of those silicone clips for my bangles but I’m so short of money at the moment that I just can’t afford another £95 :-(. Maybe I can figure something out before Monday, lol ;-). I do think that two of those beaded Essence bracelets would look nice worn together without any beads :-D.

      • That’s a great haul, Pat! :D I think the beaded Essence bracelets would look great worn plain together. They remind me of those pretty Tiffany beaded bracelets (I have one myself!)

    • Aha, the UK have had a promo drought for the past couple of years! This year has been better than most so far. We’ve had two box GWPs and now this surprise bracelet promo. It’s pretty good going ;)

      Yeah, I agree – I’ve never paid too much attention to the values. I did like that the first bead I ever got for my bracelet, and which I wore on its own for a while, was the pink stone ‘Love’ bead from my boyfriend. That was nice. Since then, however, I’ve tended to just go for the beads I like. The pearl is one of my favourites but I am really not a dignified person haha!

      You’re welcome! Glad it was useful. Thanks for commenting and speak soon, Suzy! xxxx

  3. I really like the Essence range. I have both these bracelets and love them both. A nice promo for those in the UK.

    • I like it too! I don’t get the compulsive urge to buy lots and lots of Essence beads like I do with the Moments charms, but I love the bracelets nevertheless. They see quite a lot of wear!

  4. I remember you mentioning earlier that this was upcoming, but assuming the spend requirement would be the usual £125 I had decided not to do it. However, I happened to be walking past Pandora today and saw it was only £95 – well, as the two charms at the top of my remaining wishlist from Spring and Mother’s Day happened to come to exactly £95, it would have been silly not to, right? :-) I went for the original snake bracelet as I already have the beaded, and am very happy :-)

    • Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised to see a lower threshold too! I guess they are trying to give Essence a bit of a push so they’re trying to encourage more people to take part in the promo.
      Yay, enjoy your bracelet and your new charms! <3 I do love the classic Essence snake chain. I do have a couple of Mother's Day pieces I still want to get but I'm on a bit of a Pandora ban after spending a lot on the US promo and Rue La La - so I'm trying to hold off on this promo. So far I've held strong! ;)

  5. It’s nice to see we’re getting more promos. I haven’t got anything from the essence range, I did think about it last year, but there’s always something in the moments range I want.
    Will you be taking part in this promo?

    • It is nice, isn’t it? Definitely an improvement on the last couple of years! I’m not taking part as I have two Essence bracelets and don’t need another one for now. I just got a couple of things in the Rue sale and I am still recovering from my big promo spend so no more Pandora for a little while ;) Are you at all tempted?

      • I hope they continue with these different promos. It would be nice to see a few more this year.
        What did you get from the Rue sale? You’ll have to show us your pieces you’ve got.
        No I’ve spent a lot on Pandora recently, so I need to have a break for a bit and get saving for future collections. I wonder what will be released in the pre Autumn collection. Have you heard anything?
        What’s your next review going to be?

        • Yeah, I totally agree. I don’t shop the UK promos so much these days due to the better deals abroad, but it’s still nice to see them put the effort in!
          I got a few odds and ends really – the pieces I really wanted sold out! :'( I got the coral looking glass, a two-tone heart charm and the original snowflake with the blue CZ in terms of charms. Then I got two butterfly rings, a large pearl ring and the black enamel mystic floral ring with the pearl. I don’t know why, I just suddenly felt like indulging in some rings for a change!
          Nope, not heard anything concrete about the Pre-Autumn collection yet. I’ll try and do some digging when I get a chance! :) I’m hoping that they mix it up again this year as I loved the pets & travel theme they did last year.
          My next review will (finally!) be a Mother’s Day review. It’s been so hectic here I’ve barely had time to properly enjoy my new purchases. I’ve got both the new Mother’s Day safety chains now so it will be one of those!

        • You got quite a lot there from the Rue sale, hopefully you’ll pick up those other pieces you missed at the next sale.
          Your going to have a bigger ring collection now. I’ve got the black enamel mystic floral ring without the pearl and wear mine loads. It was one of my first rings I bought.
          Yeah I hope the pre Autumn collection is a bit different as well.
          Look forward to your reviews.

  6. Hi Ellie I’m very excited for this promo I have the snake chain one which I really like so I might get the beaded one which I have always liked. Are you taking part Ellie.

    • Hi Nicola! Yay, I’m glad to hear you might be taking part! I am not doing this particular promo as I have two Essence bracelets and I like them wearing them together and don’t really need another. I also spent a lot on Pandora recently and need to rein it in a little bit ;)

      • Hi Ellie I went today I got the essence caring charm and a blue charm with like hearts in the middle. I wanted the beaded bracelet but they didn’t have it in my size so they are ordering me one in.

        • Hi Nicola! I saw your haul on Instagram, soo gorgeous! I particularly love the blue radiant hearts charm, it looked great in the photo.
          Hope they get you your bracelet in soon! It’s a bit rubbish that they ran out tbh!

  7. I have been planning what to get for a couple of weeks then after going into the shop on Mon to try on to finally decide I changed my mind on what I wanted. Today I bought the new threadless moments bracelet as I only have leather and a bangle as I never liked the clip stations. Beautiful and simple looking with nice clean lines. I also bought the white daisy clip that looked great with my new sparkling leaves clip that I bought going on hols in March and the sparkling daisy clip that my husband us giving me for our anniversary next week. The three of them look fab simply spaced out on the bracelet with the use of the rubber inserts. Sparkles on the outside and the enamel daisy in the middle. I chose the snake chain essence as it matches the threadless moments exactly. A mini version.
    Will wear it bare for now as I don’t have any other essence bracelets or charms yet.
    Wore the moments one tonight to go out and love it.

    • Oh yay, you got the threadless bracelet! I am still really enjoying mine. It’s funny that you don’t have the classic Pandora bracelet though, that’s quite unusual! I do like that the threadless bracelet kind of offers a cleaner version of the classic bracelet. :)
      Your bracelet with the clips sounds beautiful! Really elegant and yet so simple. The Essence bracelet will look great with the threadless bracelet, too – they are essentially the same bracelet, just sized differently!

  8. I love my essence bracelet, i got the normal one a few months ago, and i find it really delicate and feminine, and simple and uncluttered to wear. I am really tempted to do this promotion to get the beaded one, I think they look lovely together, but I was saving for the UK end of May sales – what to do! I certainly have a long enough wish list to get the £95 spend, but I will be kicking myself if the sale is really good and I don’t have any money left, the perils of Pandora addiction!

    • I completely agree with you! The Essence bracelets are really nice for a light change. I still need to get the safety chain for my two-tone bracelet :)
      Ah, that is a good point about the sale! Now I have another reason not to do this promo (I’m trying to persuade myself to be good). I’m hoping it’s better this season than the Boxing Day sales, which were particularly uninspiring last time!

  9. Have you heard anything about Essence struggling over in the UK or even the USA? I heard a rumor last year that they were thinking of retiring Essence in the USA and that they would give Essence one final push here in North America. Now I’m hearing that Pandora is thinking of re-launching Essence without the meanings on each charm. Have you heard anything like that?

    • I did mention it very briefly at the end of the post – I’ve heard a lot of rumours about Essence not doing very well, in NA particularly. I’ve heard from a couple of people who work in Pandora stores in the US and Canada who say that they hardly ever sell an Essence bracelet. However I see plenty of people wearing Essence in the UK, although nowhere near as many people as those wearing the regular Pandora bracelet (it is so so popular here!).
      I hadn’t heard the rumour about dropping the meanings on the charms. I wouldn’t be averse to do them doing that – I have never really liked the values system that much. I find them a little saccharine. Interesting info, though, thanks for sharing! I hope it does stick around as I have loved the last couple of Essence collections. :)

      • I do too, I like the essence line! I hope it sticks around to give me enough time to buy everything on my wish list! As for the meanings, glad I could help with that, I’m not sure how I feel about the removal of the meanings, I usually buy regardless of the meanings if I like the charm enough. But it beats the purpose of the Essences of the beads don’t you think? Either way I’ll still buy LOL.

        • At least if it got discontinued we might all get the chance to pick up some Essence at discounted prices haha! I’d have to get one of the gold ones I think ;)
          Lol, I don’t know that I’m that attached to the meanings. They’re pretty enough and I think the look of the whole Essence line is enough to carry it without the words on the sides of the charms :)

    • Omg I love my essence bracelet & I live in Canada but I never heard of it struggling like that & I wouldn’t trade it for anything I still plan on getting more essence & starting a new one but I hope they stick around for a long time & I love the meanings on essence charms it’s the whole reason why I started essence to begin with

  10. Hi Ellie – Thanks for keeping us well informed! Appreciate the time you take to keep us abreast of anything Pandora. Do you know if they’ll ship to Canada if I ordered on the UK site?

    • I live in Canada too & no the Pandora site will not ship to Canada cause of course I’ve tried it before cause I wanted the 2 essence beads that they only have in gold in all of North America actually & in the UK their different & not gold even though they sell the gold ones too but you can order the different essence beads that UK has from a different website but they don’t do the promo of course cause the Pandora UK website will not ship to anyone outside the UK which means you pretty much have no access to the UK promo just like they have no access to our promos unless of course you have a friend that lives in the UK or you end up spending thousands of dollars Canadian to fly to the UK which I don’t think anyone would do just for a promotion your pretty much out of luck like I am

    • Hi RC! You are very welcome. Pandora do not allow retailers to ship outside their geographical regions, so officially the answer is no. I have heard a few international readers have had success ordering from Republic of Jewels (www.republicofjewels.co.uk) or from Mococo, though, so you could always try them in future! They are both authorised stockists.

  11. I’ve just almost completed my Pandora Essence bracelet just need 2 more beads & I’m done which is sensitivity & creativity which will also be kinda hard to get as the ones I want with those words on them they don’t sell them here in North America so I’d have to order them somehow from the UK but that probably won’t be for a while now like September or so cause I absolutely refuse to pay for the gold ones they sell here so I’d rather wait awhile
    but it doesn’t meant that I stop collecting charms till September lol I started on a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet & I love it so much I always wanted like a traditional charm bracelet like that with my favorite animals & things on it pretty much all the charms I didn’t really in Pandora styling example like the Pandora plain silver lion charm it was a bead with just the head & did not like that charm at all & the one at Thomas Sabo is also in plain silver but it’s the whole body & it’s also sterling silver & I love it so much Thomas Sabo prices are pretty much the same as Pandora’s & all products are sterling silver too it’s just designed a little different that instead of stringing the charms on you just clip them on with the lobster claw which is so awesome pretty much the only differencess is that T.S is more known for their dangle charms I mean they do have a few beads which are Karma beads but they are as limited as Pandoras Disney collection so they only have about 60 to 80 of those ones & they’re not really part of the whole Charm Club & they don’t really promote them much they only do the dangle charms & another difference is is that they don’t do refunds & returns they only do exchanges except for earrings of course which kinda sucks if you buy your friends or someone something T.S & they don’t like it you can’t get your money so you have to actually make sure or know they would really want it basically for you or for anyone better make sure you don’t care to get your money back & at T.S it’s a 2 year warranty & Pandoras a year only & T.S stuff isn’t cleaned with just a cloth like Pandora items are you just dip the jewelry in the stuff they sell which is the same price as the cloth at Pandora so it’s not like it’s more expensive to clean it Pandoras cloths are like 6 dollars & so is the stuff at T.S

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