Exciting news today as we have, amazingly, a sneak peek of sorts at the Pandora Club charm design for 2017! Pandora are running an official competition allowing fans to choose the design of next year’s Club charm, and they have just released the two designs that are in the running. :D

pandora club charm 2017

The competition is running on Pandora.net; just log in to your Club account to vote! Read on for a look at the new designs :D

Pandora Club Charm 2017 Candidates

So, the choice is between two different heart designs, mocked up in a ‘3D sketch’ by Pandora. Both feature the standard little diamond and the year engraved on it.

The first is pretty par for the course:

pandora club charm 2017

Pandora describe it as follows:-

This exquisite design presents a new take on the iconic heart charm. Crafted from polished sterling silver, it features a classic heart shape decorated with embossed hearts, which frame a genuine sparkling diamond on one side and the engraved words ‘Club 2017’ on the other.

The second would be the first dangle-style locket Club charm, with a cut-out heart at the front revealing the diamond inside:

pandora club charm 2017

Pandora’s description for it runs as follows:-

This beautiful heart dangle is inspired by the tradition of vintage lockets. The front of the locket charm features a beautiful cut-out heart motif, which beautifully frames a genuine diamond. When the locket charm is opened, the year ‘2017’ is revealed written above the diamond. The twinkling diamond is also visible on the back of the locket charm, highlighted by an engraving of the word ‘Club’.

You have until the 15th of June to cast your vote!

My Comment

So, there you have it – we know what the Pandora Club charm has a 50% chance of looking like next year! ;) I love that they’re letting fans decide, and that we get a sneaky peek this far in advance. Both of the designs are hearts, which is a bit meh, but they’re both pretty enough. I think I’ll vote for the second design; I have a real weakness for lockets and locket charms, and the Option A is a bit too staid for me.

Do you like either of these designs? Which one are you voting for? :D

83 Comments on Pandora Club Charm 2017 Previews & Competition

  1. No wow factor here…. Again more of the same…. Such a shame, as they can do so much better….

    • I agree…with all the amazing designs that Pandora has come up with…these hearts with diamonds show so little creativity that I am stunned. I wouldn’t buy either one.

      • I haven’t got the 2016 club charm but am planning on it… I’m sure I’ll end up with next year’s too. I like the locket, even if it’s not super exciting!

    • I was a bit disappointed to see two more heart designs.. but of the two, I find the locket heart design more interesting!

  2. I picked option B… Option A was too boring in my opinion. I wish they moved on to a different design rather than hearts for club charms… Really wanted a unique charm and not a recycled design. At least this year’s it is a new design (still a heart but still)!

    • Yeah, Option A is stylish but quite dull. Even if they do stick to the whole heart theme, there are definitely more interesting things they can do with it! The prettiness of this year’s charm goes to prove that.

  3. I have to say that I don’t like either of these, I think this year’s design was much better! I think they should have waited to find more ideas, designing a charm for next year when this year has just come out seems a little premature to me.

    • I agree – I like Option B, but this year’s Club charm is nicer than either option! I think they probably design every release at least twelve months in advance, so I don’t think the time frames have changed much by coming up with designs now though. It’s just that we’re getting to see their ideas at design stage, which is kind of weird but fun! ^^

  4. I’ll vote because I like that Pandora are letting us choose the design, although I don’t really love either of the options unfortunately :( Purely because it offers something a little different to previous silhouettes I’ll be voting option B.

    • Mm, I don’t *love* either but I’d definitely go with Option B of the two here! Much more interesting :)

  5. I prefer the second one as well, as it’s different from all the previous club charms. I like that the year is hidden away and the little hearts going round the dangle is a nice touch. The first one looks a bit plain to me.
    I think it’s great that there asking us and that we see so far in advance.
    I couldn’t find them Autumn pictures on Facebook that everyone was talking about. I know a few people have had the same problem. Have we got any pictures of the upcoming Autumn and winter collections yet? I’ve read on another post about the different bracelets and bangles meant to be coming out, they sound interesting.

    • ‘Plain’ is a good word to describe the first one. It’s not really got much going on, to my eyes.

      I just posted an AW16 teasers post, which contains all the pictures that I’m aware of so far. :)

  6. I love the locket it’s so nice with the hidden diamond hope u choose that one but of course I will get any one love love pandora

    • Aw, that’s nice to hear! <3 I will probably end up with next year's regardless of the design too haha. I wouldn't want to be missing one of the whole set.

  7. I also like the dangle locket heart charm better. The 1st heart is heavier on top causing the charm to constantly go upside down. I have several of their charms that are top heavy & they all do that. Glad you can see the diamond without having to open it. I have not bought any of the club charms so I will pass. I tend to like the more expensive ones with crystals.

    • True, the heart charms are really bad for flipping! I have the 2014 and 2015 Club charms, and am sure I will get the 2016 one – it’s lovely. I’ll probably end up with next year’s as well, as it would be weird to be missing one of the set!

  8. I love hearts, but they’re everywhere in Pandora’s designs these days and it’s getting really old. I still find things I love in each collection, but I feel like most of these heart designs they spend so much time on could’ve been something really fun, imaginative, and different. I’m a Pandora “loyalist,” but I can’t help but see what other brands are doing and wonder about wasted potential.

    • I agree… even if they balanced out the hearts with some more character charms it would be better! I have seen a lot of Pandora collectors from when I first started move on to other brands, which is a shame. :) So I don’t blame you! I am kind of a Pandora purist and doubt I’ll move into other brands in a big way, but I understand the pull – especially when brands such as Ohm are doing such great and quirky work!

  9. Hi Ellie,

    I like the dangle as well. It’s neat to get to vote; however, with the popularity of Pandora world-wide, and since the buyer is the reason for the club, it would be even more fun to have a competition where customers actually design the Club Charm. They could selct several contenders and then let the customers vote for the winner.

    I only got the first sentence of your FB post and thought it was this kind of competition and for the last hour have been thinking up designs. :/

    Hope you’re having a great summer so far!

    • Hi Snapdragon! It is fun to get vote on the Club charm; I like that they’re being a bit more creative and getting the fans involved a bit. Trollbeads actually do a competition called the People’s Bead where fans get to submit their designs and then everybody votes and TB choose a winner from the finalists (I think that’s how it works). It would be so amazing if Pandora did the same!

      I’m having a great summer thanks; it’s been amazing hot in the UK this week! Hope you are too. <3

  10. I like option B, since we haven’t had one that is a dangle charm, however both of them are nice, another heart design of course but they are elegant and not too fussy.

    • Me too – B is a little bit different to what’s gone previously. I’d have liked something a bit more creative, but B is nice enough!

  11. I voted for A. Neither is too exciting but I have seen lots of comments that the locket style charms don’t stay closed. That would drive me crazy if it stayed open. It’s a lovely design, but I just can’t see myself purchasing a locket style charm because of this.

    • You are right about that. I have a mothers day locket that does not stay closed and it drives me crazy. I thought it was defective but my son gave me the piece and I couldn’t bring myself to take it back. Now knowing it is a recurring issues with their lockets I am glad I kept the original one he gave me. Hopefully they will perfect the design for future pieces

    • It’s weird, as I have the Valentine’s Day card pendant, which my OH gave me in February 2014. That still stays closed fine, but I’ve read lots about how many people find it won’t close properly. Mine was very very stiff when I first got it though so maybe it’ll develop the problem eventually :(

        • Mine has got looser for sure, so maybe it’ll end up the same way, even if it does stay closed for now!

  12. Hi Ellie,

    For me neither has neither B, they should have left us the possibility of saying neither one, nor the other !

    I will buy definitively the charm this year, so pretty and different, like a club charm should be for me ;)

    Nice day

    • Hi Isabelle! Aha, I think a lot of people feel the same as you. At least the 2016 charm seems to have won everyone over! <3

      Have a nice day too!

  13. Ellie,

    Wow! I for the life of me cannot figure ourt why Pandora uses a crown symbol as one of their logos when the company clearly prefers hearts! I have to say that neither option rocks my world. The first option looks clunky & the second is derivative of other heart dangles in their collection. I agree with some of the others who have commented that Pandora is wasting a lot of potential.

    I almost didn’t bother with this years club charm because it was yet again another heart but the lace like design made it appealing enough to buy. The year & diamond are so small that you need a magnifying glass to see them. Why not a Pandora Crown or Funky O design? Sorry Ellie I guess I wish I could be more positive about this one, Unless Pandora rethinks these, I will be taking a pass in 2017 on the club charm. You were right when you said it was Meh.

    No doubt, there will be enough Pandora fans or new comers who will like the club charm.

    Good of you to put this info out for us to chew on.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa!

      Aha, my thoughts exactly. I felt sure we would see a crown-themed Club charm before now. Maybe 2018 will be our year…? ;)

      Oh no, I have to say I do love this year’s Club charm. It’s a heart but such a lovely one – it’s clearly had a bit thought put into it to make it a bit different. And I like that it reminds of the suit of hearts in a deck of cards. But these two 2017 designs don’t have the same interest unfortunately, although I do like the locket idea.

      Thanks for commenting Lisa!

  14. I’m not really liking either but voted for B as it was more interesting. I think this years club charm is pretty and it’s the first club charm I’ve been interested in buying. As some of the previous comments have said the hearts are getting a bit boring. It would be fantastic to have a completion every year where you get to design the club charm and the winners gets produced.

    • I loved the 2014 Club charm and this year’s, and 2015 was all right. I really think they do have to change it up after this year, hearts are way too repetitive – especially for charms that are meant to be ‘collector’s items’! It’s not fun to collect charms that look so similar to one another.
      A proper design competition would be amazing – Trollbeads run a very successful People’s Bead competition. It would be great to see Pandora follow suit!

  15. Ellie, that was a quick and easy choice. Option “B” is so much better than option “A”, which to me just looks like another recycled design again

    I love lockets and charm that open so this would be a nice addition to the Club charm legacy..

    • I agree, Stephanie! I knew which I was voting for instantly. A is just a bit nothing-y to me, especially for a special collector’s item.

  16. honestly, i think the unforgettable moment dangle charm with the Pandora logo on it and the Pandora signature charm look a lot better than all these heart club charms.

  17. I voted B as I really like the locker idea and I love dangles. I like the idea of having the 2 hearts from 2015 and 2016 together with the 2017 in the middle of them . Although it would be in chronological order lol.
    It’s nice that we get to vote xx

    • I like lockets as well, so I voted B. It’s not the most exciting design but it’s nicer than A by far for me.
      Haha I think that combination would be lovely, chronological or no! You should totally do that if B wins ^^ xx

  18. Definitely option B. I like the locket dangle heart. Option A is too boring, very standard. But overall a non heart design will be more fun and interesting.

    • I completely agree! Of the two, I much prefer B. But overall I would have been much more excited for something a bit more original.

  19. I voted for “B”. I love lockets. “A” just doesn’t seem interesting enough. I also wish they would do something other than a heart. Pandora doesn’t really have an animal or a symbol associated with them, right? Like Tiffany has their blue box and white ribbon and Swarovski has a swan. Maybe Pandora needs something like that. Is a crown their symbol? Or maybe they decided their symbol is a heart, but a lot of people complain they have too much of that.

    • I love lockets as well! I always wanted a proper one when I was younger and was thrilled when my parents bought me one at Disneyland, haha. I guess Pandora’s symbol is the crown above the O? They could really do something based around that.
      A heart is really kind of a forgettable emblem…!

  20. I voted for B and at the time it said 73% did as well. The first one wasn’t a heart so I hope they end the heart run very soon.

    • Yeah, B looks to be winning, which is good ^^ They seem pretty committed to doing hearts every year for the Club charm but here’s hoping that the 2018 charm is a bit different… in two years’ time… ;)

  21. Still a small heart ring inside the square box. I think heart is kind of Pandora siginature, we see it everywhere.

    • Yeah, the 2014 still did have the heart motif, in its way. I don’t think hearts are much of a signature haha, they’re a bit too ubiquitous.

  22. Ellie, I got some discounted retired charm from outlet this afternoon. Two two toned Flower clip $70 each, two tone Song Bird, Cup & Saucer and Vanity Mirror, total Can $250 to get two retired single red leather free. I particular love two tone Flower clip.

    • Oh awesome, love all the fairy-tale pieces you got! I got the two-tone flower clips recently (if we’re talking about the same ones) and I love them! I want to put them with my Jasmine muranos.

      • Flower clip #790140 I think we got the same.Two tone Braided Heart, You’re in my Heart, Elemental, Heart of Hearts, Ring Cluster, Golden Dragonflies, Anvhor and Heary dangle, 2015 LE Mother’s Day charm, Love Struck, Seattle spacer…and many classic silver charm all 30% off. I might go back to check again, I love two tone charm. I only spend one transaction for free bracelet promotion for Club charm and Flower Garden. I won’t spend for Summer, pre Autumn. Fall and X’mas from your teaser, I don’t see anything I like.

        • Yes, those are the ones I got! :) Beautiful selection of two-tones they had there… it’s such a shame to see them going!
          You might still see something in AW16 you like! You never know :)

    • Lol! Succinctly put. I was a bit deflated to see the choices, but prefer Option B as I like locket-style jewellery.

  23. They need and option C neither. These are boring, I deffinitly wont buy A and probably wont buy B. I am quite keen to get this years though.

    • I love this year’s too! I haven’t got it yet but definitely will before Pre-Autumn rolls around.

  24. Option Bell. The dangle. Everyone is right. They could put a little more creativity in the chsrm.
    It seems repetitive every yr.
    Tje heart is nice but they need to dress it up a little.
    The good thing is for me it’s not nice enough to make me go by it so I save some money.
    If option a wins should price it at 35.00
    Justin to plain. Option but should price 45 or 55 no more than that
    Only because it’s a little nicer.

    • Repetitive is the word, Laura! They will never price a diamond charm so low is the problem. :( Although it’s been nice to see the price for the Club charm go down consistently each year since 2014!

  25. Thank you for the sneak peak Ellie. My vote is B the dangle but having not bought any of the previous releases including this years because 2016 is unreadable unless you have a magnifying glass, I am officially over the club charms.

    • You’re welcome! I voted B as well. The year is always written pretty small, you’re right – I guess it’s also to placate people who don’t like having the year written on there.

  26. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for letting us know about being able to vote for the 2017 Club charm. Unfortunately, I’m not impressed by either choice . I did vote for option B. Being a dangle is something a bit different. Both choices are just too plain for my taste.

    • Hi Emily! I would also have liked to see something a bit more creative; when they think of what Pandora collectors would treasure most, can they really think of nothing more than hearts? Even basing something on the Crown logo would be fun. I’m surprised they haven’t done that yet!

  27. I like option A for a bracelet that recognizes a special event in 2017 like a wedding or baby. Since the year is a feature of the club charm, I don’t think it should be hidden (re the locket)! Also, as many others have noted, the locket may not close properly which would be very annoying! So unlike most others, I would opt for A.

    • Hi Judy! I think Option A is more classy and elegant, and therefore more appropriate for a special event like the ones you mention. For a limited edition charm collector’s charm, I think they need to go with the more interesting design! But we will shall see how the vote turns out ^^

  28. Hi
    Thank you for yet another great review. My question is where is option c? Option C – anything but another heart shape! I am really not a hater of hearts and do own a few; however, it isn’t a shape I want to dominate my collection of Pandora charms. With the number of hearts in the regular collection, it’s disappointing that they can’t see past the heart shape for the club charm. I expected the club charms to be unique and bought the first one for that reason. I disliked last year’s heart because it was a rehash of the princess charm. While this year’s club charm is pretty, it’s still a heart and isn’t unique in my opinion. Next year’s choice, regardless of which one wins, will be just more of the same. I do love your reviews as they are never boring and repetitive unlike some Pandora charms of late. :)

    • Hi Janet! Haha, I think a few people have wondered the same thing. I don’t mind hearts either, but everyone has had enough of them for the most part now I think! It doesn’t seem to be sinking in with Pandora, though, as they keep on coming with more hearts – I suppose they must be selling well, still? :S
      Aw, thank you! That comment finished on rather a sweet compliment, which is very much appreciated. Hope you continue to enjoy! <3

  29. Hi Ellie!

    First of all, it is the first time I write a comment on your blog, so I have to congratulate you on it. It is my favourite Pandora news page.

    Regarding the 2017 Club Charm, I would like the dangle if it wasn’t for that big pointy bail. I think this started being used in Autumn 2015 and there are dangle charms I decided not to buy because of it (the Family Tree dangle and the pink Feathered Heart locket). Of course, they have their reasons for creating such thin bails, which restrict the space the dangles need (yes, this means that there is space for more charms on the bracelet). Being thin however would not be such a problem if they were not also poking out of the rest of the bracelet. Apart from making them annoying on a bracelet, these thin bails also make those dangle charms unsuitable to be used as pendants.

    So, I chose A this time (another heart that will flip upside down because of gravity). :P

  30. I love the fact that they are sticking with the hearts. Heart jewelry is timeless no matter what it is for! I do agree it could be a lil more unique and intricate but maybe 2018. Lol. I like the dangle locket as well. Maybe they can increase the diamond size too?.

  31. I L❤VE the locket charm?
    I just start collecting Pandora this 2017. My fiancee bought me first. And i ow cant stop buying more?
    Im not wearing them yet but ithey are making me happy buy looking at them.

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