Today I’m continuing my Pandora Summer 2016 reviews, with some inspiration featuring the new limited edition Honeysuckle Pink leather bracelet! This follows my review of the LE Light Blue Leather from the same collection, so this is kind of a second part to that post. ^^

Image by Pandora NA
Image by Pandora NA

I have been really enjoying the Summer collection this year, which is unusual for me – I’m not usually big on beachy themes and summer brights, but this year’s collection is so much more versatile. I still have more charms on my wish list and more reviews coming up for Summer – including the Pandora Club charm 2016!

Pandora Honeysuckle Pink Leather Bracelet Review

I love the colours that they chose this year, as while they’re pretty and fun, they’re also versatile enough to be worn all year round. I won’t spend time talking about the technical details, such as the new clasp or lack of threads, as I covered that in my review of the light blue leather. :)

Pandora Pink Honeysuckle Leather Bracelet

I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw it in store, as this is yet another product where the stock image doesn’t do it justice. The colour again looks quite flat, and almost reddish, which is just not true of the bracelet in person!

pandora summer 2016 high res preview

Don’t be fooled by the stock image, or even some of the campaign images however – when you see it in the flesh, it’s a lovely raspberry pink! It has a nice metallic sheen to it, and the warm colour contrasts beautifully against the silver leather. It’s easily bright enough to be worn on its own, without any other bracelets or charms.

Pandora Pink Honeysuckle Leather Bracelet

The nice thing about having such a vibrant pink is that you can make of it what you will – you can make it seem more delicate by pairing it with some lighter complementary colours, or dress it up to emphasise its bold colour. With those thoughts in mind, on to the stylings!


First of all, it looks amazing with the new light blue leather! I love the look of them put together without any charms at all.


The colours are so different and yet really complementary.

pandora summer 2016 blue and pink leather bracelet

The other styling that we knew would be a winner from the get-go is this bracelet and the lovely Flower Garden murano. Both feature that deep rich fuchsia pink and bright colour. <3 Here I’ve kept it simple with the murano and the two new silicone Primrose clips. You could also maybe try adding a little bit of green for a really tropical look – maybe the green Petite Facets or the Fascinating Olive. 

Pandora Pink Honeysuckle Leather Bracelet

When you put the blue Butterfly Kisses with tropical charms, I always think of rainforests and gorgeous exotic butterflies – the pink leather really livens up and gives that summery edge to these soft spring pastels. :D

Pandora Pink Honeysuckle Leather Bracelet

Finally, this is how I’m currently wearing my honeysuckle leather. I’ve loved the Coral Looking Glass murano for a long time but haven’t known what to wear it with; this pink bracelet is my answer!

Pandora Pink Honeysuckle Leather Bracelet


Another stunning leather bracelet option from Pandora; it has the same issue with threads as the light blue leather, but the colour is so gorgeous that I can get over that for now. You just have to be very careful taking these on and off with charms on them! It’s nice to get more of a hot pink as a bracelet option, too, as Pandora’s previous pink leathers have all been rather pastel and pale in shade.

The Pandora Honeysuckle Pink Leather is $50 USD or £45. If you’re in the UK, you can buy this charm along with the rest of the Pandora Summer collection from authorised retailer John Greed.

Did you get this bracelet, or is it on your wish list? How would you style it?

44 Comments on Review: Honeysuckle Pink Leather Bracelet from Pandora Summer 2016

  1. Wow! I am loving this colour! Makes me want to get it ?

    Thanks for the review, Ellie! It’s great as usual! <3

    • It is so pretty in person :D Don’t be fooled by the stock image, haha.

      Thanks Marina! So glad you enjoyed it :)

  2. I got this bracelet the first day of the spring bracelet promo! It’s gorgeous. I’m currently wearing it with the flower garden murano charm. It’s definitely bright enough that I don’t feel like I need to load it up with lots of charms, and I prefer the lighter feel of the leather bracelets during summer when it gets so hot! I’m considering getting another one of these so I can layer them for a really bold pink look.

    • Absolutely – the colour is so lovely and vibrant that you can pretty much add charms or leave it as it is, it looks great either way. Two of them would be even better haha. You’re absolutely right, leathers are so nice and comfortable for summer. I always take them away with me on holiday!

  3. LOVE this bracelet and its color. I received it on the promotion. I didn’t even know there was a sale going on so it was a surprise. I knew right away I had to choose this one. The color is simply beautiful. I pair it with my Essence bangle and fushia and light pink beads. So pretty!! Thank you for your reviews always Ellie!!

    • I got mine in the US promo as well :D how nice that you got yours as a surprise extra! I can imagine how pretty it looks with your lighter pink Essence beads. <3
      So glad you enjoyed the review! Thanks for commenting and letting me know Sara :D

  4. It is a really lovely colour and it does tempt me to get it. I might get it at some point. It looks great in your pictures.
    I think it looks lovely with your flower garden murano, it matches perfectly.
    Thank you for your review.

    • It is really lovely in person! You can’t trust the stock image at all. :) You should definitely have another look at it in person.

      Glad you enjoyed the review! <3

  5. Thanks for review Ellie. It’s a gorgeous colour and I agree that it’s pretty enough worn on its own. I like the flower garden styling. The clash of the red on the styling you will use is nice and fun too. It reminds me of the first bathroom my husband and I decorated. We painted the walls bright barbie pink with a silver glitter paint on top and the skirting boards we painted a shiny fire engine red gloss! We also had a disco ball and a spot light. ?

    • Yeah, I was unsure as to whether the red and pink would work together until I saw them in person – I’ve wanted to use that coral looking glass but didn’t know how! I’m glad that they do work so well, and it’s nice to have something that isn’t really matchy matchy for once.
      Oh my word what a bathroom! A disco ball?! Amazing! :D

  6. I also love the colour of this bracelet, it is my favourite of all the leathers. I would love to get it with the flower garden murano to wear with my favourite bracelet at the moment which is pink and two tone and has the wild heart murano at the centre, it would be a really good match! I just need to save up a little more!

    • Oooh that would be an absolutely stunning stack! You should definitely do that when funds permit :D The Wild Heart murano is one I should have tried on minef or review. I’m saving some Pandora pennies currently as well – I’m going on holiday at the end of next month… was planning on getting some cheaper Pandora then and saving for that. With Brexit that seems less likely lol, but I’ll get some then anyway! ^^

  7. This is one of my favorite bracelets and is surprisingly versatile. Right now, I have the Flower Garden Murano, Frozen Anna Murano, Orchid, and ice cream cone on it. I also added a little splash of red with the Sweet Cherries charm. I’m interested in experiementing more with this bracelet too. I definitely want to try out a design with the watermelon and a green pave charm. Also, because the bracelet looks great paired with the pale blue leather, I’d be interested in trying out light blue charms, such as the Frozen Elsa Murano, on the pink.

    • It is surprisingly versatile! Pandora have picked a colour that is at once gorgeous and vibrant, and yet goes with so many things :D Your bracelet sounds gorgeous. Love that you put the ice cream cone on it!
      And yes, mix up the colours! :D That’s the fun thing with these summer leathers, you can just experiment and it pretty much looks great with so many different combinations.

  8. Hi Ellie!! I love this bracelet and received it in the promotion. I use it with the purple and the light pink leather bracelets and they look amazing together! :) You’re right, it doesn’t need a lot of charms, with the wild hearts murano from spring collection it looks beautiful too.
    Thanks for your reviews!!

    • Hi Ellie,

      Thanks for the review and pretty pictures. I really like the Flower Garden murano and the Pink Primrose clips with this bracelet. The Blue Butterfly Kisses looks nice and I bet the Pink Butterfly would be pretty too. I have the FG murano and Pink Primrose clips, so I may pick up this bracelet at some point. I passed it up during the leather promo to get the LE Dainty Bow bangle that I missed around the holidays. I felt fortunate to come across one in my size and couldn’t miss it this time around.

      Thanks again and have a nice weekend!

      • Hi Emily! Thanks, glad you liked the stylings! The Dainty Bow bangle is a good find, and probably rarer at this point, so you chose well! You can always go back for this leather. It does look great with those Flower Garden muranos! ^^

        Thank you – hope you are having a great weekend too!

    • Hi Priscilla! Ah sounds like a gorgeous stack – I haven’t tried those together. I have the pink and purple leathers as well :D I have only put it with the green and the blue leathers so far!
      Glad you enjoyed the review <3

  9. Hi, Ellie! I love both of the new Summer leathers. Of course the Honeysuckle Pink looks fabulous with the Flower Garden murano or the Pave Watermelon. What amazes me is how good this strong color looks with other colors you might think would clash. It is more versatile than I had imagined. I just love it!

    • Hi Angie! Ah, yes, I’ve seen some beautiful honeysuckle leathers online with the pavé watermelon! It’s a shame they decided not to go with that one here in the UK :(
      I know what you mean about colour clashes looking quite good with it. The bright red of the Coral Looking Glass shouldn’t look so nice with it, but it really does – it’s so much more versatile than you’d have thought on a first glance!

  10. Love your stylings, Ellie, and I love this bracelet! As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it :-) It makes a really cute necklace too!

  11. I love this bracelet the colour is just stunning i love it I definitely want this one and the other lol beautiful. ❤️

  12. The colour looks amazing. Do you think it will look good with the purple shimmer murano? I have ordered the pale blue without seeing the real deal but just your review. I might even get this one if i go to the city somewhere this week. Oh dear, I’m spending more than i should.

    • I just went to the city and saw both leather. They are beautiful. The pink is really bright. However i did not buy it but bought last year green bracelet for Aud$40 since its the last one and on sale. I’m happy with my bargain. The pink one will be around for sometime but not this green one.

      • Ah, really great choice! I love the green leather, and you’re right – the pink one will be around for a little while longer too. Enjoy! <3

    • I will try and take a photo for you of the purple shimmer and the pink leather for you tomorrow and that way you can see what they look like properly :)
      Yay, I’m glad the review inspired you to get the blue leather :D it’s so lovely! And it’ll go so nicely with the green one you just got as well!

  13. During last year’s leather bracelet promotion, I got the blue bracelet. While I love it, I regretted not getting the green one as well. So my intention for this promotion was to maybe get that one ,since I had discovered that one particular store still had a few in stock. I had decided that I would get the Flower Garden murano and Luminous Flower charms to cover the spend. I wanted both of them as soon as I saw the early release pictures, and I was not disappointed.

    At that point, I was still tending towards the green bracelet so decided to ask about the Frosty Mint Murano. Do you ever have moments when your mouth seems to act independently of your brain? :) it was one of those! I looked and picked the one with the most green but also looked iridescent depending on the angle you looked at it. My next mistake was putting it next to the other two charms I had selected to realize how well they all went together. When the salesperson took out the tray of bracelets, the new blue was there and so was the green. Then my mouth did that thing again and I’m asking about the new pink bracelet. Once I saw it, that was it! It is also perfect with the charms I bought! I may change this later but it works at the moment. It’s light, bright and summery.

    Pictures really don’t do the colour justice. It has to be seen to be appreciated. I think they hit the nail on the head with the name as well. It is the exact colour of the flowers on a honeysuckle shrub (not vine). We have the honeyrose variety and the colour is dead on. I wish I knew how to include a picture. Thank you for another great review. :)

    • Oh yes, I really want the Luminous Flower charm as well! I had decided against it and then saw it in store and fell in love. You don’t appreciate quite how pretty and opalescent the MOP is from the stock image.

      Janet, that has happened to me so many times! I will say to my OH before I go in – ‘I’m only going to get X’ – or even, ‘I’m not buying anything at all today!’ And then I catch the eye of a sales assistant and before I know it I’m asking to see all the things I said I wouldn’t. And once you’ve seen them, and even tried them on your bracelet, it is just game over! And my OH is usually there smirking the whole time. So yes, my mouth is constantly buying Pandora without my say so! ;) Sounds like you picked a beautiful Frosty Mint murano, too, so I wouldn’t regret it too much if I were you, haha. Did you get the green one as well or just stick with the pink?

      Yes, you can’t quite get a handle on what colour this one is without seeing it in person. It is not like the stock image at all! It is difficult to include photos on the blog, especially since I moved from You can always share on the blog’s FB page and I can post them into a comment for you. I keep meaning to make a page with instructions as to how to post images!

  14. Hi Ellie,

    Just wanted to let you know that ohm beads has silicone lined safety chains. At least, the batch of 3 new chains which just came out are silicone lined. They are slim and you open them and clip them on and they stay put. They would fit nicely on the new Pandora threadless bracelet. They are $55USD each.

    I have bought several ohm beads, including the special edition Luna moon. This bead is incredible. I wear it alone on a bracelet and can’t keep my eyes off it. I also bought the 3 grumpy cat beads which are shipping July 1. I love love love grumpy cat and was waiting for these beads for months!

    The ohm beads collection is quirky and interesting, and I am definitely keeping my eye on it for future releases. It doesn’t compete w Pandora because it’s just so different. But the safety chains may work for people w the Pandora threadless bracelet.

    • Hi Lisa! Ooh great tip. Thanks for letting me know. A friend of mine just showed me on Instagram the one that’s like a clothes line – I just love their sense of humour. Absolutely hilarious and just not something Pandora would do in a million million years. ;)

      I do see lots of Ohm beads that I love. Their animals are adorable (the otter!!) and as I said, their quirkiness and sense of humour are amazing. Grumpy cat is a great case in point. But I do try and stick to Pandora as I think I’d go a bit crazy trying to keep up with all the various brands otherwise haha!

  15. Omg I got this leather bracelet but I didn’t know how good that flower garden murono would look as good as it does on that bracelet but I thought the watermelon slice looked good as well so I went with that charm I love the watermelon charm it’s sooo cute actually & stuck it between two clips the Minnie Mouse one & the Starry clip
    but unfortunately I’m still having to cut back on buying more charms & now I’m just gonna get those new essence ones that are coming out

    When about are those new essence charms coming out anyways? Do you a release date for them yet?

    • The watermelon looks amazing too! We don’t have it in the UK but I have been eyeing up people’s pictures with the two of them together. ^^
      The Essence ones are very good picks, if you’re limited to just a few! They are possibly the beads I’m most excited about for Autumn. Although I do like the owl and the reading charm as well lol!

      I posted the release date for the Essence beads with my original post on them – from what I understand they’re out with the Autumn collection on 1st September.

      • Aww I can’t believe you guys don’t have the watermelon it’s actually so cute & yet simple you should think about ordering it for sure it looks so summery I love mine and it’s actually at threaded core too like it’s not like most pave charms that like it like the strawberry doesn’t have a threaded core inside

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