Today’s post continues our Pandora sneak peeks, with a look at the charms & bracelets (and yes, that is ‘bracelets’ with an ‘s’!) for the upcoming Pandora Winter 2016 collection. :D Due out on the 3rd of November, the Winter collection follows Pandora’s usual formula of cutesy Christmas reds and more sophisticated icy blues.

Image by Stacey Hailes
Image by Stacey Hailes

There will be a separate preview encompassing all other jewellery – rings, earrings, etc. – in the meantime, read on to see the charms & bracelets coming out for Winter!

Pandora Winter 2016 Collection Bracelets

Let’s start off with all the new bracelets – and there are a lot of them! AW16 is definitely season of the bracelets. The Entwined bangle is rather pretty in pavé, and looks to open and shut. The Sparkling Strand is another innovative new design, with a sliding clasp that allows you to adjust the size!

Finally, we have the Pandora Signature, the latest in a series of twists on the classic Pandora Moments charm bracelet. It features a gold centre, pavé detailing and ‘PANDORA’ written around the outside – the nice thing about this one is that it offers a much more affordable way to get a two-tone bracelet!

pandora winter 2016 collection

The rumours of a 14kt gold Pandora bangle have also proven true: this would make a delightfully luxurious Christmas present! It is absolutely beautiful, but extremely pricey I hear – on a par with the regular gold charm bracelet. Imagine how lovely this would look with the new LE gold Forever Paris charm!


Next, we have the anticipated limited edition bangle for the Winter 2016 collection! This year’s is a pavé snowflake design. In North America, this will be available as part of the special Pandora Black Friday 2016 promotions. I’m not sure that I’m very keen on the script (‘Unique as you are’) but the snowflake clasp is lovely!

Pandora Black Friday bangle 2016

Pandora Winter 2016 Collection Charms

On to the charms – we start off with some icy blues, including a darker blue version of the Radiant Hearts series. There’s a mix of starry, celestial themed beads (which would go really well with the Pre-Autumn Starry Sky bracelet) and some more wintry, frost-themed beads. The Crystalised Snowflake is a clip, FYI.pandora winter 2016 collection

Gold lovers will be pleased to see what is something of a Pandora rarity these days – a new 14kt gold character charm, with not a CZ in sight! The new Angel of Grace charm is a welcome departure from their other recent 14kt gold offerings. There are also three new two-tone offerings. My favourite of these is the pretty Snowflake Heart, despite the CZ at the bail – it has the script ‘You keep me warm’.

pandora winter 2016 collection

*UPDATED 02/08/16 with an image of the Jared exclusive Mrs Claus charm* Next up, we have our Christmas beads! There are the usual vibrant red enamel shades, and some really pretty beads, including the Crystalised Floral, which seems like it’s both flower and snowflake. My favourite of these by far is Santa’s Home, which looks to be packed with adorable detail – the roof is white enamel and the house itself a dark translucent red enamel. :D The Christmas Kitten is also so cute, and a nice companion for the Christmas Puppy that came out last year.

pandora winter 2016 charms

There’s a Christmas charm missing from this set, though – the Mrs Claus figure from the Autumn/Winter 2016 live shots (on the right of the bangle). This will be a Jared’s exclusive in the US, which is why I don’t have a stock image for her yet!

Image by youyourwedding
Image by youyourwedding

Additionally, although unfortunately the image is not very clear, there is what looks to be a dangle version of the Crystallised Floral in this image, on the necklace chain. I don’t have a stock image for that, however:

Image by zielony_slon
Image by zielony_slon

Finally, we have one last charm – a new pavé bead called the Vintage Allure. This one is technically an Autumn 2016 charm (and should be coming out for Autumn in most regions) but is part of a holiday gift set in North America. I’ll update when I have more details on what exactly that gift set will be.


My Comment

Pandora definitely have their winter collection formula cracked; while other collections occasionally throw up surprises, they seem pretty committed to their usual pattern of having a selection of wintry blues and cuter Christmas reds. However, while the collection is not exactly full of surprises, there is a lot here that I like! Of the Christmas beads, the Santa’s Home charm is adorably detailed; and the Christmas Kitten was always going to win me over. It’s full-bodied, Christmsassy and very cute!

I also actually really like the Shimmering Gift and the Crystalised Floral charms, even despite my slight pavé fatigue! The winter blue charms excite me a little less, as I filled up my midnight bracelet last year and I’m not inclined to start another on that theme.

Finally; the bracelets! Pandora have really gone all out on new bracelets this season. With the Rose bracelets, the Autumn bangle and now these, we are totally spoilt for choice. I like that the new Signature charm bracelet offers a more affordable two-tone option for those who can’t afford the solid clasp, but I think so far the new Pandora Rose heart-clasp bracelet is my favourite so far.

What do you think of the Pandora Winter 2016 collection? Is anything going on your wish ist?

153 Comments on Pandora Winter 2016 Collection Preview

      • Hi! I would love Pandora to have a Holy Family charm for Christmas! I have been waiting so long. The one they had before was discontinued. I think Christmas bracelet without the the Holy Family charm most
        especially Baby Jesus will not be complete!Wish Holy Family charm will be out soon! Thanks?

  1. Wouah Ellie,

    Great surprises : especially the Santa’s home ! The snowman looks great too, I am not sure about the gingerbread man and angel of light… but for sure the bubble merry christmas is for me too ;)
    I hope that one day I could make a bracelet only filled of bubbles …
    You don’t like “unique as you are ” ? But we are all unique no ? I like the idea…For me family for ever dont’ talk to me, for sure yes for my husband and child but for the rest of my family it is not the same song aha.

    Great day Ellie

    • I think I would have liked “As unique as you are” more. There’s something about the way the bracelet was worded that bugs my “grammar police” tendencies. Still, it’s very pretty, and not a heart, so it may end up in my jewelry box! :-)

    • They have released a few bauble charms now (isn’t this the fourth?) so you never know, that bracelet dream might come true in a few years haha! I love Santa’s Home as well and I think the new Snowman is very cute.
      No, I don’t very much… it’s not so much the meaning, I just don’t like it when they add sentimental writing to the charms etc. I’m just not into that kind of thing! And there’s something contradictory about writing ‘unique as you are’ on a piece of jewellery that’s so mass produced if you know what I mean haha. It’s a pity as the script of the writing itself is very pretty!

      Have a great day too Isabelle <3

      • I’m not crazy about the inscription either, but I love the snowflake, so I’m willing to look past it. I will probably put the charms near the clasp and wear it with the clasp showing on top of my wrist.

        • I like the snowflake clasp a lot as well, for me it’s a shame about the inscription. It wouldn’t stop me getting the bangle if they offered it on a good promo again like last year, but I’m not sure I’d seek it out otherwise.

      • For sure I understand what you mean. But that the same for every charm, when you buy one and put on your bracelet, it’s like it was the only one made for you, the meaning is special for you and no one else, in spite of the fact that they were produced in great quantity.
        For me if I am “special” I am certainly special like no one else ! I am apart in “special person”.
        No matter, every body don’t feel the same and that exactly why Pandora talk with the majority about people…
        Nice day <3

        • Absolutely, it would be disastrous for our budgets if we all liked everything haha! And I certainly don’t need any more bracelets :P

          Have a nice day too! <3

  2. I like this collection. Didnt think I needed another bangle but this bangle is a must have for me (hopefully it will be a GWP in Australia). Love the snowflake clip, christmas kitten, santas house and gingerbread charm. Starry night murano might be worth getting too.

    Think I might finally do a Christmas bracelet this year.

    The only problem with your wonderful previews Ellie is having to wait so long for the actual release.

    • Glad to hear it! I love the kitten and the house as well. I’ll reserve judgement on the Gingerbread Man until I see him in person. I just love the original dangle so much!

      Haha, I know – it is bizarre getting all psyched up for the Christmas collection in July and then realising how long there is to go!

      • I actually think it’s a plus that we get to see preview so earlie. For me personally, if I see that for example the bracelets don’t attract me, it would be easier for me to decide wether I’m going to wait for free bracelet promotion or not. Does anyone know if the snowflake bangle will be sold in The Netherlands?

  3. Again disappointed no Hanukah charms like a driedl, so tired of Pandora only recognizing only Christmas.

    • It would be so easy to design something pretty that coordinates with the winter blue line, too.

    • It is disappointing. I’m surprised that they’ve not listened, as every year people let them know that they’d like to see more Hanukah charms!

  4. I like the winter collection better than the autumn. Love the LE bangle, hopefully it is as per tradition, a GWP in Australia. I like the star muranos, the Santa’s house, vintage night sky and crystallised snowflake which looks like a clip. Like yourself my dark starry blue bracelet is full, but I think can still squeeze the star murano as centre piece with my Disney soccerer hat. Most likely end up with just the murano and Santa’s house. Not forgetting to spent enough to get the LE bangle as GWP.

    • I think overall this collection is much more cohesive and has more of a theme than the Autumn release, which is always nice.
      Ooh yes the Sorcerer’s Hat would be so perfect with this new murano! Love that idea. I think my definites from this collection would be the Santa’s Home and Christmas Kitten charms, and I’ll take a look at the shimmering gift and crystalised floral charms in person. The LE bangle this year I can take or leave… I’ll see if there’s a good deal on it!

  5. Love the entwined bangle which I will probably buy and possibly the sparkling strand bracelet which I class as a friendship bracelet due to the sliding adjustable clasp fastening.

    • The Entwined bangle is so pretty! I love the look of it in the live shot I posted in my July round-up as well. Really elegant!

  6. So far I like the Christmas kitten. Thats,a must. He’s really cute. The gingerbread chsrm is cute as well. Also I like the blue radiant charm but I much rather see it in person.
    I like the gold clasp bracelet as well.
    You are right. They pretty much don’t pop out at u for instance like the Valentines Day Collection this yr.
    When they come out of will be getting a few.
    I really like the snowflake heart as well.

    • The kitten is adorable, although it has totally one-upped the Christmas puppy from one last year by having a cute little enamel gift as well as a hat lol. I’ll put them together on my Christmas bracelet ^^
      I’d have to see the gingerbread man in person before deciding!

  7. Finally I have something I like after Mother’s Day collection. I need two tone clasp bracelet for my growing two tone charm to start 2nd two tone theme. If LE Unique Snowflake is free gift for spend $150 I am going for it, why not?

    • Yay! They got you in the end Michele ^^ glad to hear you like the bracelets. It’s nice that this new charm bracelet offers a more affordable two-tone option! :D

  8. Fabulous preview once again! I have now seen the AW collections in their entirety and I’m excited for the other stuff coming out not listed on here!! For me several of the new bracelets are a must, the snowflake bangle will look gorgeous with my Christmas bracelet and snowflake necklace. The two tone bracelet will be certainly happening and I’ll have to try on the new string pull bracelet!! I wish pandora wouldn’t have done the gorgeous new Christmas charms because now I shall have to start another Christmas bracelet!!
    Thank you for the preview, it’s getting me super excited for the collections to come out now! Lots of love xx

    (P.S. The gold bangle is the same price as the bracelet with the incremental size increase depending on the size i.e. £950 for 17cm etc) xxx

    • Thanks Johnny! <3 glad you enjoyed it, even if you have seen it all already haha. When you say that there's more, do you mean like the earrings, rings, etc or more charms / bracelets? I still have jewellery previews to put together for both collections.

      I'm also eyeing up the Christmas beads… I don't want to do another Christmas bracelet entirely but will reshuffle some things to get the kitten and Santa home on my existing one haha!

      Ouch! I heard the bangle was pricey. I can only dream… ;)

      Thanks Johnny! Xx

      • I’ve decided to just have 5 of the new Christmas charms on the new two tone bracelets with clips and the two tone heart and crown safety chain which I think will be nice and delicate to wear with the snowflake bangle and my existing Christmas bracelet!

        Yeah all the jewellery!! I can’t remember half of the stuff coming out as there’s so much haha! Xx

        (Have messaged you on FB) x

        • Sounds absolutely gorgeous! The red and the two-tone will look ace together.

          I’ll be previewing the jewellery later on… when I’ve had a break… lol! And thanks for your message <3 xx

    • The bangle is actually a set price. So no matter the size the price is the same. This is due to the bangle being hollow.

  9. I really want to get a christmas bracelet this year. The winter blues and xmas reds are soooooooo beautiful.really ‘magnifique’!!the snowflake bracelet is a definite must have.thanks Ellie for the sneak peeks.cant wait?

    • You should definitely put a Christmas bracelet together! I was hesitant and then went for it and did one last year. Love it so much and will update it with a couple of these new beads this year :)
      You are very welcome!

  10. Wow so many bracelets and so many charms I really can’t keep up!! My fave out of all the charms is the Santa house but I’d have to start a third Christmas bracelet so we’ll see ! Great preview, thank you !

    • Lol, I know! So many bracelets this season – they really went all out! Perhaps you could put together a mini Christmas bracelet this year, perhaps on a leather or a bangle?

  11. I can’t help but notice how “Chamilia-like” this collection is lol! However, I do love the new gold pieces they’ve come out with! The angel in particular is so cute! The Santa’s house is adorable too but it reminds me so much of your gingerbread house that you have haha :P Thanks for the whole stream of previews and news Ellie! Must be such hard work juggling all of that and posting reviews in between. Thank you again for all your updates lovely! xxx

    • Idk, it seems pretty similar to the last two Pandora Winter collections… I guess because of all the pavé? And yes the gold angel is lovely! And it’s so nice to see no pavé on it too.
      Yes, the Santa’s Home is kind of similar to my Gingerbread House from Chamilia… but I’m happy to have both lol! I’m looking forward to seeing all the detail on the Pandora one properly.
      Haha, thanks – yes it’s been busy! But with all the recent political nonsense we’ve had in the UK over the past week or so it’s been quite nice to burrow into Pandora world and get stuck into all the previews ^^
      Thanks for commenting Suzy! xxx

  12. I used to sell Pandora and the rep would occasionally ask me what I suggest for new designs and I always told them to go vintage. Finally they are introducing some beautifully designed charms based on Vintage looks. Loving it! Pandora has really branched out of their comfort zone in the past five years and they are keeping me interested in adding more to my bracelets.I just need more arms to display them all!

    • I love vintage beads! You gave them great advice :P And oh gosh, yes… I have a silly number of bracelets these days. I used to wear every one regularly but it’s got a bit beyond that now!

  13. Angel of Light is full body with facecial expression which is cuter than the two tone Divine Angel.

  14. Great Article!
    As a gal who building Doctor Who Pandora bracelet these dark blues and celestial charms are right up my alley. :-)

    • Thanks! <3
      Ooh a Doctor Who themed bracelet would be so much fun. I loved it so much when I was younger and the new series came back in 2005. The London Calling charm is a must for that bracelet, I guess? ^^

      • My wish list for this bracelet is what my husband and son know to gift me. Started with Follow the Stars and Cosmic Clips. I keep looking at the phone box wishing it was a police box. LONDON as The Doctor is always out and about in London. Plus teapot! As I am an older Whovian. Celestial charms also are a must have. Love dark Murano Blues too.

  15. Hi Ellie! Thanks for the preview! After being completely non-enthused by the Autumn collection, I guess it’s a good thing my wallet will be spared for a couple of months! I really like the entwined bracelet as a go-with-everything option for more formal occasions…I’ll be interested to see what its price point is, however. I totally agree with you on the Snowflake bangle; I am not a fan of the writing! I would have had no hesitation buying it if it weren’t for the writing, as I wear my bangles without charms. But I feel like the writing takes away from its versatility if it is worn plain.

    For the charms, the Vintage Night Sky is one of my favorites! While I haven’t been a fan of the button-style charms as of yet, I love the mix of the CZ with the blue enamel. I’ll have to see it in person, but I could see this as a nice addition to my nature bracelet. While I won’t be adding this one to my wishlist, I really like the Starry Night sky murano! It reminds me a lot of the older, now-retired muranos that were clear with the stars. I like that it’s more unique and kind of an updated version of a more classic Pandora charm.

    The Christmas charms are where I’ll run into trouble haha! I’m so glad they are doing a non-dangle Gingerbread man, and that he appears to just be silver/enamel. I also love the Santa’s home charm! It’s so cute with the little splash of color and the high-detail that Pandora can be so good at. I’d have to see them both in person, but I think the Gingerbread man will be a definite edition to my Christmas bracelet :) I also like the new Sleigh with Santa in it, but I already have the older Sleigh with the garnet.

    Thanks for another awesome preview! Can’t wait to see prices so I know what my future damage will be :P

    • Hi Kristen! Oh good, I’m so glad to hear that this makes up for the Autumn beads :) I completely agree re the Snowflake bangle! It’s a bit of a shame for me. The writing is pretty but I’m not keen on the sentimentality of the message. It doesn’t really go with the snowflake/wintry theme either?
      Yeah, I quite like the simplicity of the new murano too. It kind of blends their new sophisticated glasswork with some of the classic simplicity of their older designs. It would look lovely with some of the other midnight blue muranos they’ve done recently.
      The Christmas charms are my favourites too! Love the Kitten and the Santa’s Home. There’s no sparkle on the Gingerbread Man, so you are safe there yep! I’m looking forward to seeing all the detail on the Santa’s Home… I’m sure there’ll be a few cute little touches, as Pandora are always good at adding those! I have the Dashing through the Snow sleigh with the two-tone, that one’s my personal favourite… although the other two are nice too!
      You are very welcome! I don’t have any prices yet but if I get them I’ll either update this post or make an updated preview . <3

      • I love the dashing through the snow charm. Was very lucky to get it at $40 on last year’s year end sale. My favorite Christmas charm.

  16. Hi Ellie, I must have the Snowflake Bangle for my Christmas charms, I’m not exciting about the Christmas beads this year, maybe Santa’s House, but I like a lot the night sky charms and murano because I’m starting a starry blue bracelet!! :) The vintage allure is beautiful… I want information about the gift set!! :P Thanks for the preview :)

    • Ellie do you know if Pandora is going to make some special edition for help Breast Cancer Awareness this year?

    • Hi Priscilla! Oh good, well at least you like the pretty blues… I finished my starry blues bracelet last year so I won’t be getting any of those. But I do have space on my Christmas bracelet for a couple of these new beads! So we are doing the opposite for this collection ^^
      When I hear more about the gift sets, I’ll post another update! :)

  17. Lol there is no way that that Santas slay cham is called shimmering droplets that must be some mistake
    But I like that charm I like a lot of these Christmas charms and I love how they’re coming out with some blues this Christmas and not just red they remind of of Christmas night & the Polar Express movie kinda lol like that beautiful midnight blue

    • Well spotted… I was just testing you, haha. Fixed now!
      Glad to hear you like so much of the collection! My two must-haves are the kitten and house, and I’ll take a look at the two pavé beads I picked out as well.

  18. Wow … I really don’t know what to say now other than save more for winter purchase !!! There are so many items I wanted from this collection and I really wanna see in person before I decide which one will be home with me. Santa’s home, shimmering droplet, starry night sky, vintage night sky and limited edition bangle should be home with me I think …

    Ellie, thanks for such a great preview so that I can plan my budget accordingly although I agreed with what Lozzie said, we have to wait sooooo long to reach the actual release from now :))

    • Oooh now that is such a nice long wish list! Santa’s Home is one of my favourites too. I’d have liked the Vintage Night skies beads too if my midnight bracelet weren’t full!

      You are very welcome! At least we have a long time to save up ^^

  19. Okay, where shall I begin? Too much cuteness in one season! ? I am so thrilled Jareds is releasing Mrs. Claus! The Christmas kitty will definitely be added to my collection, as will Gingerbread man, Santas Home and Christmas Tree! I am getting excited about this release and have already started my Christmas Wish List. Thank you for your post!

    • Mm, I’d love to see a better photo of Mrs Claus! I can’t tell whether I like it or not from that live shot. Santa’s Home and Kitty are definitely going to be coming home with me though :)
      You’re very welcome! Glad you enjoyed it.

  20. The snowflake bangle is a must have for me!!! Does anyone know if Jared ‘ s will carry it or strictly Pandora stores? Any prices released yet?

    • I think Jared carried last year’s LE bangle so they should get it this year! I didn’t get any prices yet, no.

  21. Wow! Although I wasn’t impressed with the autumn collection at all, this collection more than makes up for it! I love all three of the silver bracelets, and the snowflake bangle is an absolute must! Although I completed my midnight-themed bracelet last year as well, I love both of the Vintage Night Sky charms and the snowflake clip and will need to change some things up so that I can add these. I adore many of the Christmas charms as well–especially the kitten, the Heart of Winter, the Crystalized Floral, and the snowman (I don’t have a snowman yet!). I like the present, Christmas tree, and sleigh, too, bit I have less of a need for these. I’m also really looking forward to seeing a better picture of Mrs. Claus. I had been spreading my Chistmassy charms over my red leather, star bangle, and bow bangle, but it looks like I should just make a full Christmas bracelet haha! The Vintage Allure charm and the accompanying jewelry I’ve seen look really pretty, so I’ll be interested to see if it’s all part of the gift set. Even though we’re in the dead of summer, I really can’t wait for this collection!

    • Yay! <3 I thought there'd be a few happier people with this release. The new bracelets are really lovely aren't they? I am trying to cut down on the number of new bracelets I'm buying and Pandora really aren't helping! ;) I'll stick with the Pre-Autumn starry bracelet and the Rose heart clasp bracelets though.
      I just got the older retired silver snowman, so I'll probably skp this new one - but it is really sweet! And the CZ really add to its design in this case too. <3 It definitely would be good to see a better photo of Mrs Claus. I'm very curious about her!
      Some of the other Vintage Allure jewellery is also part of the gift set... can't remember which off the top of my head. Will be working on sorting all the other bits and pieces of jewellery into their own previews from next week :)

  22. The autumn and winter collections always seem to be my favorites! Though there are only a few on my list, the blue collection is very pretty ( just too much glitz for me). The Starry Night murano is my top “must have”, with the Vintage Night Sky (non-dangle) a close second. The galaxy spacer is pretty, and I like the snowflake bangle, though neither are a “need”.

    The Christmas collection doesn’t do much for me this year. Of those shown, I like Santa’s house best. I seem to gravitate towards the very detailed charms. I was rather hoping for another Christmas murano on par with last year’s holly murano, but no such luck. In particular, I dislike this year’s Christmas tree and snowman. I had delayed choosing the older versions from the Rue la la sale, wanting to see what this year’s offerings would be. Now that I’ve seen the new ones, I think I’ll most likely buy the older versions when the opportunity presents.

    • It always used to be that spring was my favourite, but recently some of the more quirky designs seem to be coming out for AW16! My favourite Pandora collection ever was Spring 2013 <3

      I like both the wintry/starry blues and the Christmassy reds this year. Neither set are especially different from what's gone before, but there are some nice individual pieces in both. I was also hoping for some more Christmassy glass but never mind! I love this year's snowman, but I just got the older one from Rue so will pass on it. I don't like the new Christmas tree overly though, so I agree with you there.

  23. Thanks for sharing these pictures Ellie! :-) None of these are grabbing me yet but maybe I’ll change my mind as time goes on. Even the snowflake bangle for the promo I’m not sure I need, I loved last year’s dainty bow bangles and got a small and medium but I find it really versatile and this snowflake with the writing less so.

    • You’re welcome! <3 And at least it means that your money is safe for a little longer ^^ I love the Dainty Bow bangle as well. I haven't got any charms on mine yet, but am keeping an eye out for maybe one or two stand-outs that might look nice with it. Perhaps one or two of the pavé pieces from this collection - I like the Shimmering Gift and think it might be nice with this year's Black Friday charm! So they might be nice for my Dainty Bow bangle.

      • Those would look very nice on the Dainty Bow bangle! I think you can wear almost anything on the Dainty Bow bangle as long as it is just a little girly or glitzy! I also like that the Dainty Bow can be used all year, much like the star bangle they did the year before that.

        • Definitely! The Dainty Bow bangle is really nice and versatile, which is why it was such a great choice for the BF bangle last year I think.

  24. Thanks Ellie for another preview. I’ve seen the Autumn jewellery and there’s no rings there for me, so I’m interested to see the winter jewellery, to see if there are any there I want.
    There are some lovely Christmas charms, but I’m stopping away from starting one, as I like my bracelets that I can wear all year round.
    I like the galaxy spacer and crystallised floral charm from this collection. Now I’ve seen all the previews, I can work out my designs with the possible charms I’ve seen. Though I might change my mind when I see more live shots and in the shop.

    • You’re welcome :) I’m not mad keen on the autumn 2016 jewellery, I think the winter pieces are nicer overall! I do quite like the floating necklace concept but can’t see myself ever actually wearing it to work or anything like that.
      I used to think the same about Christmas bracelets and then caved last year. It was so much fun building and designing it, and I have plenty of other bracelets I can wear for the rest of the year, that I didn’t mind having to put it away too much! <3

  25. Mmmm probably only the Christmas kitten for me, but the starry murano looks nice! I will have to see both in person!

    Thanks for the previews, Ellie! :)

    • The Christmas Kitten is very cute! I need a festive cat charm to go with my puppy from last year too <3

      You are very welcome!

  26. Hi Ellie! You have made my day! I am so happy to see some more celestial charms! They will look awesome with the new celestial bracelet! I LOVE that blue Murano with the stars! I am also thrilled to see the LE snowflake bangle! Definitely what I was hoping for! Yay!

    • Hi Carol! I’m so very pleased to hear it <3 and even more pleased that you see so much you like! These new beads will definitely go amazingly with the new Pre-Autumn bracelet, and the zodiac charms too come to think of it. I'm excited to see the murano in person! <3

  27. I do like a number of beads from this collection! It will be interesting to see which ones I will end up purchasing. There have been many charms that I’ve fallen in love with, on past previews, to find they were not to my liking when seen at the Pandora store. Vice versa, I’ve bought charms that I’ve disliked on previews, but loved when viewed in the store. It’s amazing how different the jewelry can appear in promo pics in comparison to seeing the pieces in front of you!

    • That’s always the way! You go into store with a lovely list that you’ve thought a lot about and then immediately it goes up in smoke when you actually see everything in person. I am terrible for impulse buying in store! Which is why I try and order online a lot of the time these days, haha.

  28. I know that this collection has won many over in the comments, but I feel like Pandora is repeating the same charms. Even though making presents and Christmas trees will be popular, I think that making a few new things would be good. Having that said, I actually do like the snowflake heart and the sparking strand bracelet (and the Black Friday charm.) It seems like the previews are now coming more and more early for us consumers to plan out our wish lists ???.

    • They are… it’s a cute collection but not exactly original. But I do like my Santa’s Home and Christmas Kitten beads, which aren’t remakes of anything that has come before <3 It would be nice to see them take a few more risks these days, though, I agree.
      Well last year the Winter previews were out by early June so this year's is a little later than usual! It's weird how much it varies season to season. I never know when I'm going to get pics before I do so it's always something of a guessing game ^^

      • The kitten one is cute now that I look at it again <3 ;). June is quite early for a preview! I guess I didn't know because I found your blog last August! The glass with the stars and the blue radiant hearts and the new clip I like too now. The blue part is really growing on me.

        • Yeah, the AW16 previews usually come out a little earlier than the SS16 ones, for whatever reason! I think it’s probably to do with JCK Las Vegas and all the jewellery getting shown off there at the beginning of June. So Pandora are less cagey about stuff getting out? Idk!

  29. Fortunately I like only a few charms. I like vintage night sky, maybe loving circle, and definitely Santa’s home. The design of loving bloom is really neat, but it’ll be too expensive since its gold! I like the snowman, but beads that flip really bug me and this one will surely flip. I like the retired silver snowman so I don’t need another one. It’s nice to see the wintry blue, but it sure would be nice if Pandora would give us some green amongst the Christmas charms.

    • I know, I like both gold beads this year (and the bangle!) – but I don’t own any gold Pandora so far. It’s just too much to spend in one go!
      Green would be wonderful. Or just some kind of variation on the red for Christmas/blue for winter theme they’ve got going. Christmas 2013 had some wonderful two-tone Christmas beads, and it would be nice to see some more of those too! They’re a touch more versatile than the red enamel charms.

  30. Ellie,

    Oh My Goodness! The wintry blues are stunning and will be perfect on the Starry Sky bracelet from the Pre-Autumn release. Vintage Night Sky charm and dangle have made my list along with the Radiant Hearts. The Starry Night Sky murano looks nice, but I’ll need to see in person.

    The LE bangle with snowflake clasp will make such a lovely Christmas bracelet. The snowman will come home with me for sure.

    I had not planned on using red for my Christmas bracelet, but I do like a lot of the charms with red this year. The sleigh with Father Christmas, Santa’s Home, Adornment and Mrs. Claus just to name a few. I also like the sophisticated look of the Shimmering Gift. Can’t wait to see everything in person.

    Thanks, Ellie, for the previews. You never disappoint.

    • Hi Emily! So sorry, I totally missed your comment on my first round of replies :) I saw a great live shot of the Starry Night Sky murano the other day and it looks gorgeous – the background is kind of like the electric blue murano from last year’s winter collection or the midnight effervescence.

      Pandora do so much red for their Christmas charms these days that it seems inevitable that a little red will sneak its way into most Christmas designs! My CHristmas bracelet is red and pastel green :) I always wanted to make a blue and white one!

      You are very welcome Emily <3 Thanks for commenting!

  31. I like the limited Ed snowflake bangle, the saying is a little cheesy but I like to collect the special clasp bangles. I also like the crystalized floral, crystalized snowflake clip, galaxy spacer and the vintage night sky charms.

    • I collect the LE bangles too, but will still avoid the ones I’m not keen on.. I didn’t get the Spring one with ‘Family Forever’ written on it as it just wasn’t my style! I have a pretty complete collection of the others though. I’m a bit worried that they are jut going to engrave them all with some kind of motto going forward!
      Great list! I like the Crystalised Floral as well :)

      • LE Family Forever heart shape clasp won’t sit well on wrist, the heart can only facing one direction, I retired it.

        • Yes, I have problem with clasp not sitting flat on wrist. The writing also looks like it’s written upside down. Not the same direction as the Always in my heart pave clasp.

        • I have 2015 LE paved heart bangle with Sparkling Love pendant come with a tall round shape zipper jewelry box, very beautiful. This year the whole set just look cheaper in value, with a flimsy Belove Mother dangle and a basic box.

  32. I do hope the Star bangle is a GWP here in NZ. i might have to start an xmas bracelet, maybe 1 charm per year would be a nice tradition I could choose it with my girls. Although sticking to only 1 charm might be tough! Santas house or gingerbread man are my picks

    • All the previous bangles have been GWPs for Australia/NZ so I’d have thought this one would be too :) That would be a great tradition with the Christmas bracelet, especially if you do have the patience to do one charm a year (although that would take about twenty years to fill up! :o) Maybe pick out a couple to start with, and then add one a year going forward?

      • I got most of my Christmas charm during sale where it’s cheaper. And pick out one or two new ones that I really like. I find that Christmas charms go on sale pretty quickly after release. I can wait for that on charms I like but not love.

        • You mentioned that the Christmas charms go on sale? Where on RueLaLa la la? I have only been following this blog since January
          This is news to me

        • Good plan :) I got a few of mine in the Rue La La sale and when I was on holiday in Amsterdam last year. The Dutch sale happened to be running while I was there so I got a few bargains!

          @Laura they don’t officially go on sale in the US & Canada – other countries have sales at Boxing Day and summer, and a few Christmas charms usually go into them. In the US & Canada you just have to keep watching Rue La La to see if any come up.

  33. Hi Ellie,

    Very nice collection. I am so glad they decided to add to previous collections! I loved the celestial theme released a couple of seasons ago, the Galaxy charm is one of my most favorite charms, so much so that I have 3 of them, 2 for earrings & 1 for my necklace or bracelet. The Galaxy spacer will be a must have and ai like the starry sky button charm. The murano looks intriguing, however, given Pandora’s production issues, ai will manage my expectations.

    The “Unique as You Are” bangle is lovely, do ai need another bangle, no but I love that the clasp looks like a charm so I think I will indulge in that promo. As for the sentiment, well, coming from a country where snow is a fact for 5 months of the year, I remember being told sometime in my childhood that each snowflake is unique and that no two are alike. So that sentiment makes sense to me.

    My Christmas bracelet is pretty much done, I don’t see anything else at the moment and I don’t see any must haves for me at the moment.

    Having recently retired the original Vintage Allure with the green stone, I am surprised they are reusing the name so soon. They should have saved that title for naming a collection. The new vintage allure charm reminds me of Victorian engagement rings. Not sure about this charm, I’ll reserve judgement until I see it in person, but it might look nice with the new pave fan charm, that too looks vintage.

    Ellie, thanks again for another fabulous preview! You may very well be the reason ai have yo retire on cat food!lol

    Lisa K.

    The new bracelets are lovely, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a solid gold bangle with the gold Eiffel Tower. For me that round mean a lottery win. Still it is nice yo dream.

    • Lisa, I have seen a picture of earrings and a ring that match the Vintage Allure charm, so it may be the name of a collection!

      • It is the name of a jewellery collection yep. And a few of the pieces will be the holiday gift sets for this year!

    • Hi Lisa!

      Mm, I thought there would be a few people who were thrilled to see the stars make a come back. :D Although you are probably sensible to be slightly wary about the murano, haha. Pandora do have previous with murano glass!

      I’m surprised that you don’t see any new Christmas beads you have to have, however. Santa’s Home is adorable!

      Mm, I do feel that the name Vintage Allure is slightly unfortunate – I think the new pavé charm suffers a bit in comparison with the original green spinel charm, which was so beautiful! There are other Vintage Allure jewellery pieces, so there will be a whole set under that name.

      Ahaha, oh no! I am sorry and not sorry :P at least you can rest assured that many of the rest of us will be doing the same!

      I thought the same about the gold bangle and the Eiffel tower charm. A match made in heaven!

  34. Hi ellie I like the new two tone bracelet do you think the price will be like the others. I love the little Christmas just that is so cute. The vintage new sky charm is lovely too. I don’t really like the other bracelets thought.

    • Hi Nicola! I hear that the new signature two-tone bracelet will not be as pricey as the other two-tone bracelets, so it should be more affordable :)
      Little Christmas what Nicola? ^^ I like most of these bracelets but will stick to the Pre-Autumn and Rose ones for now!

  35. Oh my goodness Ellie, every time I turn around there is a new preview lol!! That’s why I love your blog so much!! I can have my wish list and my budget all planned out way before the collections come out. This Winter collection is just gorgeous!! I love how Pandora showcases blue in the Winter time. I especially love the blue adornment charm, the patterns of frost charm, and the vintage allure charm. I’m not a fan of the Christmas charms. I think they are all cute and pretty and I like Christmas but I don’t want to dedicate an entire bracelet to it lol. I agree though that the Santa’s home is adorable and looks very detailed. I will look forward to seeing it in the store.

    Now let’s talk about all these bracelets coming out. OMG!! As if Pandora doesn’t have enough pretty bracelets, now they are tempting us with all these new styles lol!! So far I have the Fall signature bangle, the sparkling strand bracelet, the rose gold clasp bangle, and the snowflake bangle all on my wish list. I do like the new entwined bangle and the timeless elegance bangle from last Spring. I have the original twinkling forever bangle though from last year which I just love and get lots of compliments on so I don’t plan on picking up any other new pave bangles. Good thing because my wallet wouldn’t like it, lol!! Thanks so much for all these previews!! You are one busy blogger!!

    • I forgot to mention that yellow gold bangle. Oh wow!! You are right, what a luxurious gift that would be for Christmas!! I can imagine it will cost a pretty penny. I’m sure it would be just gorgeous stacked with my other Pandora bracelets but I would rather get everything on my wish list for a fraction of the price than one gold bracelet!!

      • Apparently it’ll be the same as the regular gold bracelet… which seems quite steep, especially since the bangles are hollow!
        I feel the same as you about Pandora gold beads – they are lovely but I would rather buy lots of silver beads for the same amount of money!

        • Pandora gold is 14k not 18k so it is over priced. There are tons of newly retired 30% off gold charm in outlet now, I am not tempted.

        • Yeah, that’s the other thing. The gold keeps getting retired and going in the sale, so I wouldn’t want to pay full price for a piece that’s going to be significantly cheaper in the future either… not that I’ve picked up any gold charms on sale yet either haha!

    • Ahaha, Jackie, I feel the same! ;) And I’ll be doing the jewellery previews from next week as well. The previews always hit all at once it seems! Glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed them though :D

      I felt the same about Christmas bracelets when I first started (I used to say to my OH that he should take all my Pandora off me if I ever started making ‘themed’ or seasonal bracelets lol… this was way before I started blogging!) but I had such fun designing one and putting it together last year that I don’t really mind if I only wear it for a few months a year. Santa’s Home will definitely be making it on there, as will the Christmas Kitten!

      Aha, I know, aren’t they dreadful tempting us like this! I will be adding the Pre-Autumn and Rose Heart clasp bracelets to my collection, although many of these Winter ones are pretty too. I may get the Snowflake bangle if it’s on a good promo, but the engraving puts me off a little.

      Again you are welcome! <3 <3 Thanks for your lovely long comment!

  36. Thanks for the updates! Do you have any idea when we will be seeing more previews of the “other” jewelry for autumn or winter? Rings, necklaces, etc? I’d love to find out more about the floating charm pendants…!

  37. In Holland the sale got to 50% off, went to my juweller, but already the retired charms were sent back! It all went to the online sale from Pandora Estore…. ?

  38. Hello! I have another question for you. I am madly in love with the sparkling strand bracelet! I absolutely cannot wait for that to come out. I’m just curious as to what it would feel like? I love the sliding clasp, but i’m actually wondering about the ‘top’ of the bracelet (with the stones). Do you think it will be solid, like a bangle, or ‘loose’ like a regular snake chain bracelet? I would be happy either way, i’m not even sure which one i would prefer! Just curious :) Thanks again!

    • Hi Katherine! Unfortunately I don’t have any idea as to what it’ll be like yet – I haven’t seen any of these pieces in person. All I’ve seen are these pictures. It’s described as a ‘tennis bracelet’ and from a little Google, it seems like they are usually soft and not rigid like a bangle. That’s just my speculation though :)

  39. Any guess on prices for Entwined and Sparkling Strand bracelets? I really like Entwined as it actually matches some earrings I have, a necklace that I have and my engagement ring.

    • Sorry I don’t know any prices at all yet! Pandora have not put them on the pre-release catalogues that I’ve seen :)

  40. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the preview. The winter collection seems gorgeous. Again my wish list will be growing. The galaxy openwork charm is one of my favorite so I definetely get one or two galaxy spacer. I also love the vintage night sky and the radiant heart. Maybe these charms will be a good match to my new starry sky bracelet. I couldn’t wait to see these in person….

  41. Hi Ellie,
    Since my last comment on your winter 2016 collection preview, I had some new ideas… again….I definitely will get two galaxy spacers and add them on my new starry sky bracelet. I think it will be a really nice addition and a great match to my styling. But thinking and looking at your preview again and again, I get some new ideas for my this new bracelet, the third one in fact…. but even more, I am already thinking on starting a new bracelet…. again, the fourth, and I am wondering how many bracelet “under construction” you already have. Just to be sure I am not crazy ^^ Because, I am starting to think I am becoming nut and maybe I need some medical help :-)))))) This time I thinking on a winter theme bracelet. The idea came from the new CZ colored barrel clasp barrel from the autumn collection, the blue one, even if I am waiting to see it in person. I wonder how it will go with for example the crystalized snowflake clips from the new winter collection and maybe the sky blue radian heart, the crystalized snowflake charm, the crystalized snowflake pendant, the sky blue geometric facets and maybe also thinking about frosty mint muranos…. That are some of my ideas. I am not saying I am going to put all these charms on the bracelet but I a am curious which combination will be the best match… or maybe design this winter bracelet with again a starry night sky bracelet, because i really love it and I can’t stop telling myself how beautiful this bracelet is each time I look at it….. I told you… I am really crazy and I don’t tell you anything about my budget… :-))))) …. It would be really great if you could give me some advices and tell me what you think…. anyone else advice who read this will be absolutely welcome and really nice…. I am thinking about something reminding me a icy day with a blue light sky, just after the snowfall, just how I remembered how it was when I was a little girl….. So, please Ellie and everyone, don’t hesitate to tell me what you think, even if it’s that I talking too much :-))))))

  42. I heard you can’t use a Store Credit towards a Pandora promo. Can you explain why?
    If thsts,the case why can’t you just do an even exchange. ???
    Can you please explain to me.
    I am a little upset for all the money that we,all spend.
    Can you please explain why so I can understand a little better.

    • Hi laura, I don’t know the ins and outs of the promo in that way. This is something you’d really have to talk to the store or Pndora about. I’d guess just to get you to spend more, but Idk!

  43. I simply love all the wintry blues. The red enamel Christmas pieces are adorable too, but as I have not started a Christmas- themed bracelet so far I think I´ll keep my fingers off them and end up with some of the blues, which are a real “must have” for me.

  44. I love the snowflake bangle. I also like the snowman charm and the snowflake heart charm. the picture with the necklace on it does that look like pearls. I just ordered from the autumn preview. I can’t wait for it to come. thanks for a great preview.

  45. Omg my babe got me the vintage allure charm it’s beautiful I love it so much I can’t stop looking at it ..

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