The previews continue today with a full look at the upcoming jewellery for the Pandora Autumn 2016 collection, due out on the 1st of September! There’s the usual sparkling selection of new rings and earrings, but also excitingly a different charm jewellery concept for Pandora – the Floating Locket necklace, which has divided collectors somewhat.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Vintage Allure

This is the second part of my Pandora Autumn 2016 preview and it covers all the rings, earrings and necklaces coming out with the collection; to see Autumn 2016 charms and bracelets, please check out my first preview here.

Otherwise, read on for more sneak peeks! :)

Pandora Autumn 2016 Jewellery Preview

First up, we have the Autumn 2016 rings! These are pretty sparkly overall, and include four new versions of the Hearts of Pandora ring, in 14kt gold, and pink, lavender and silver enamel.

pandora autumn 2016 rings

Next up, we have a brand new set of Birthstone Droplet rings – these match the new birthstone Signature Heart charms that were released last autumn. I’m surprised that they have felt the need to replace the original birthstone rings, which always seemed so popular, but there are some nice new colours in here.

pandora autumn 2016 rings

In contrast, we don’t have a lot of colour in terms of new earrings coming out for Autumn 2016. These are again all rather sparkling options, with the exception of the Elegant Beauty studs, which are freshwater cultured pearls.

Pandora Earrings Autumn 2016

In terms of regular necklaces, there’s just the Dazzling Dainty Drops chain coming out for Autumn 2016 (sorry for the picture quality!):

Pandora Necklace Autumn 2016

Last, but not least, we have the brand new Floating Locket concept from Pandora – a customisable necklace in which you can put sets of charms. Reactions from fans so far have been mixed, with many collectors pointing out that Pandora have essentially lifted the idea from other brands.

There are two sizes of the necklace coming out: the large necklace is on a 75 cm chain, while the medium necklace is on a 60 cm chain.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Floating Locket

My Comment

Overall, I am pretty safe when it comes to the Pandora Autumn 2016 jewellery! The rings are pretty, but not must-haves, and I don’t tend to indulge in Pandora earrings. The pastel-coloured Hearts of Pandora rings should be pretty cute and lovely for stacking.

On a personal level, it doesn’t bother me too much that the Pandora Floating Locket is taken from other brands; there seems to be a fair amount of borrowing of ideas among the jewellery brands anyway. I quite like the concept, but still can’t ever see myself going into work for example with one of these lockets on. They’re perhaps just not my style, although it’ll be interesting to see what kinds of charms they make for it in the future (there are some Christmas petites coming out for Winter 2016!).

Is anything from this set going on your wish list?

85 Comments on Pandora Autumn 2016 Jewellery Preview

  1. Pleased they’ve finally made the birthstone rings match the charms, only the earrings left to change now! Not really that keen on the rest of jewellery, and the floating locket just seems too ‘nicked’ from Origami Owl! Nevertheless another delightful preview! Xx

    • Oh yes good point! I wonder if we’ll see the earrings change over this time next year. Glad you enjoyed the preview, even if the jewellery isn’t for you! :D xx

  2. I think Pandora designs are going down hill very disappointed I prefer the old style birth stone rings but I don’t mind the new ones so will buy 1 of them come on pandora come up with your own designs:)

    • Sorry to hear that you’re disappointed! I have a soft spot for the old birthstone rings and charms tbh, but I think these new ones are pretty too. :)

  3. Thanks for another great preview! I prefer the clean lines of the new birthstone ring styling, so I would like one of these. I found the old style too bulky and I think the new style is more modern looking. Nothing else for my wishlist yet…not so sure I’ll still be saying that after the Winter jewellery preview though, ha ha.

    • You are welcome! I think you’re definitely right that these new birthstone rings are cleaner and more modern in style.. but I do have a weakness for the old-fashioned look of the older ones. I personally prefer the Winter jewellery but you will have to see what you think!

  4. Thank you for another great review and a detailed look at what is to come in the months ahead. I tend to limit my spending to the charms so I’m pretty safe here. I’ve seen the new style of necklace before, and while they are unique and I can see some liking that they are customizable, it’s really not for me. However, there are plenty of lovely charms in the upcoming collections to keep me happy. I recently saw a picture of a murano that is a Disney Hong Kong exclusive. Do you have any info on that? Thank you again and I look forward to your next review.

    • You are welcome! Copying other brands aside, I am not particularly tempted by the necklace either – I can’t imagine myself ever wearing one into work. The concept feels, idk, a bit young.
      Do you mean the Luck & Prosperity murano? If so I did a detailed preview on the Hong Kong Disney exclusives earlier in the year:
      Thanks for commenting! <3

      • Thank you so much. I must have missed this. I don’t always pay attention to the Disney charms but do like the muranos. I saw a live shot and now I desperately want a Luck and Prosperity! D

        • No problem! I have a lot of the Disney muranos myself. I really love the Luck and Prosperity as well – as soon as I get inspiration for a design using it, I’m sure I’ll end up with one haha.

  5. Good morning Ellie, did not like anything in this collection, some pieces little worked and not beautiful. Only I liked 3 CHARMS Collection Autumn 2016 (Owl,Fairytale Treasure and FAIRYTALE BLOOM). I think of only acquire the charm Fairytale Bloom, which is more versatile and can be used in the necklace and bracelet. Kind regards.

    • Good morning Aline! Well sometimes it’s good to only have a few things to buy ^^ The Fairytale Bloom caught my eye as well, along with the Charming Owl. You are better than I am, though – I can never restrain to myself to just buying one thing from a new collection haha.

  6. Great review Ellie.
    However, I think Pandora is going downhill with all these ‘cutsie’ trinkets.
    They became what they are today thanks to their gorgeous high quality charms and should stick to this.
    I am not a fan of their earrings, the rings are not great and these new floating pendants have been around for a longtime and are now available in very low grade stores. Why bother?
    I love the charms and the bracelets.
    Thanks again for a great review…

      • There is nothing for me in this jewellery preview either but luckily I have lots I want from the charms & bracelets! :D

    • A lot of people feel the same way as you Monique :) people have been complaining about the pavé for a long time! But I think that there are still some gorgeous pieces that come out, even if the balance between the plain silver/pavé beads is not always what I would like. It is sad to see so many of the gorgeous classic beads retiring too…

      This particular set of jewellery does not excite me very much, but there’s lot in the charms & bracelets that I do want (as you mention)! So in a way I’m relieved haha.

      Glad you enjoyed the preview and thanks for commenting! <3

  7. Just totally surprised Pandora copied Origami Owl with the locket/charm they are bringing out. I would have never thought Pandora would do something like this.

    • They have a history of ‘borrowing’ ideas I guess… as do many other brands… like a lot of the PANDORA signature jewellery looks a lot like some Bulgari designs.

  8. Having already seen the new Pandora collection for Fall and Winter, I can honestly say that the designs are getting more elaborate and more beautiful with each new collection. To be honest, in Canada, and maybe not at all true for other markets, the old style birthstone rings did not perform well at all! The new rings have a narrower band and the colours are more vibrant and lovely! Unfortunately, I have all too many favourite pieces on my ever growing wish list from these new collections!
    Thank-you for your excellent preview and Blog post, Ellie!

    • It’s always so interesting to hear from someone who works with Pandora and can offer another perspective, Sarah! :D I totally agree with you that new designs are getting more elaborate… particularly in the glass work. The muranos over the past couple of years have been just breathtaking (especially the Flower Garden bead) – I am waiting for a Frosty Mint murano to arrive too, I’m very excited to finally be getting that one! I think the thing that gets people are the rising prices and the large proportion of pavé to plain silver or real gemstones etc. But there are a lot of beautiful pieces that come out still too.
      Thanks for commenting! <3

    • I’ve marked the materials underneath each ring… anything with ‘synthetic’ or ‘crystal’ in it is manmade, the rest are natural. :)

  9. Hmm, my money is safe here, but that’s okay because there are a gazillion other Pandora pieces I’d like to buy! Thanks for the preview!

  10. There are always a few jewelry pieces I like to indulge in along with the charms. I’ve mentioned before that I like the jewelry just as much!! I am interested in the vintage allure collection. I would like to pick up the ring, charm, and drop earrings. I noticed the drop earrings were in your picture on the top of the preview but not in the actual earring section. Are they exclusive to a certain area? I also think the radiant hearts of Pandora rings look pretty. I wonder if the stones will be the same color as the enamel? It’s hard to tell in that photo. I agree with you in that they would be great to stack. I think the birthstone rings look pretty but I already have the original birthstone ring that I love. It’s still weird for me that Pandora is doing an Origami Owl necklace. I liked the mini one in your other Fall preview but I won’t be getting the larger one pictured here.

    • I also plan to pick up the dazzling poetic droplets earrings. I think it will be a cool look on the ear and right on trend!!

    • The earrings will be part of a gift set with a matching necklace in NA released with the Winter collection

    • Haha I feel for you – there must be so much temptation on all sides for you aha! I love the rings as well as the charms & bracelets, but I can be a bit more sensible about them than I am about the bracelets. ^^
      As Jane notes, those earrings are coming out as a holiday gift set for NA. I think they should be out for Autumn for the rest of the world! The stones in the Hearts of Pandora rings do match the enamel yes… those look like they’ll be really pretty!
      Yes, I think I’ll get the mini Floating Locket charm as well instead of the full necklace! It’s much daintier <3

  11. In my opinion Pandora took the locket from orgami owl and orgami owl has much for cute charms for a lot less

  12. Thanks for the previews! I actually don’t mind the floating locket idea. I know other companies have done that (like origami owl, but I actually didn’t even know about them until a few weeks ago with one of the earlier mentions of this necklace!), but at least the Pandora ones are sterling silver, so that’s a plus for me. I am disappointed that they’re selling the “petites” in sets of three, though. I would much prefer to choose them myself on an individual basis. And none of the designs above really grab me, but I’m not giving up hope (I saw another preview that showed a little snowflake charm for the locket, I would be interested in that one!)
    As for the birthstone rings, I like them! Not as specific birthstones, I just like the colours. I’ve been wanting a red and/or green ring to wear at Christmastime with my Christmas themed bracelet, so now I’ll be able to do that :)

    • You are welcome! And I don’t mind it either, in terms of the copying other brands, on a personal level as I am bit of a purist and I quite like that Pandora offer a wider variety of jewellery. But that is me being selfish about I guess! ^^ It would be good to know what sort of price point we’re looking at for the sets of three petite charms; that would make a difference as to how I feel about the sets!
      Yes that’s right – there’s a set of three Christmas petites coming out for winter, including the snowflake. That is my favourite set of petites I’ve seen so far :)
      I have a couple of the birthstone charms and I just go for the ones I like rather than going for my actual birthstone as well! They are so pretty in their own right. I imagine many people will do the same with these rings :) red or green for Christmas sounds wonderful!

      • Thanks for the info!! Do you know what else was coming with the petite snowflake for the pendant? (And if you do, are you allowed to tell us??) I’ll probably hold off on the pendant until that set comes out – although it did occur to me today that because it is a clear locket and you can see what is inside, it might actually be kind of cute to have either my 3 or 5 year old draw a little picture for me to stick in! :)
        Do you know if they will have another 3 sets of petites with the Christmas release, or will it just be the one set of 3 petites? Thanks again!

        • Yep, there’s a mini CZ present and a little red enamel Santa :) Those are the only Christmas petites as far as I’m aware.
          And you make a very good point! You could always put something else in the locket if you don’t like the charms <3

        • Oooohhhh! A little Santa and present and snowflake?? I will ABSOLUTELY be buying that set! I’ve been needing a Christmas themed necklace to match my Christmas bracelet :) cannot WAIT for pictures to come out!! Thank you!!
          Is it November 3rd yet??? ;) ;) ;)

  13. Thanks for the preview. There’s nothing for me in this collection, none of the rings stand out to me and there similar to what I’ve already got. I’m interested to see what they bring out for the winter jewellery.

    • You are welcome! There’s not that much winter jewellery (or not that I have seen) but I prefer it to these :)

  14. I don’t see anything I want, most of this looks pretty generic to me, nothing special. I don’t really buy much Pandora jewelry though, the only non-charm items I have are the big crown pendant and 2 statement rings, Sparkling Leaves and Sparkling Lace.

    I have a floating locket in a heart shape I got a little over a year ago, I really like it but don’t need another, I actually don’t care for the blatant Pandora branding on this one either. Mine just has a single flat silver heart and some Swarovski crystals inside it, I like the simplicity. I thought I would collect mini charms for it but I find I don’t really like them that much.

    • Yes, these jewellery pieces are quite classic and not that distinctive; they’re not very collectable, which is what a lot of us are looking for I think!

      Your floating locket sounds nice! I like that it’s simpler, it sounds more grown-up. Pandora might do some nicer or more creative mini charms, you never know! I quite like the Christmas set that are coming out for Winter, they are much more like proper charms.

  15. Hi Ellie I quite like the necklace concept I’m not really sure on the other pieces. The bite the stone rings are nice have they retired the other ones.

    • Hi Nicola! Haha, it’s nice to hear some love for the necklace concept. The other birthstone rings are retiring yes :)

  16. Hi Ellie. I might have missed it, but are there more bracelets coming out in the autumn collection? I only recall seeing the signature bangle so far.

    • No, just those and the Rose bracelets as far as I’m aware. I’m also told that there’s a gold Essence bangle coming out in some regions this season but have no further details as of yet!

      • Thanks Ellie! I completely forgot about the Rose bracelets, but the bangle is definitely on my wish list. I remember someone who worked at Pandora talking about a lot of different bracelets with various colored clasps, but maybe that turned out to be false. As for this jewelry, I’m not a huge fan and it does look a bit “generic”– as someone put it. I do like the birthstone rings better than the older set and would perhaps purchase a set of colors that stack well together (not necessarily my birthstone), but after this promo, I’m definitely done with rings for a while haha! The Vintage Allure pieces are nice as well, but nothing overly excites me about this collection. The Floating Locket concept is just not my style. I saw some blurry pictures of the winter jewelry and it looks intriguing, so I look forward to seeing it.

        • I’ve actually just heard some extra info! There will be more bracelets :) a gold Essence bangle for sure and some new colours of the pavé barrel-clasp bracelet. No coloured bangles though. :D

        • That’s great Ellie! The Pave Barre Clasp Bracelet is one of my favorites, so I’m looking forward to seeing what colors they come in. I’m looking to design a full Christmas bracelet (right now I have my Christmas charms split between a red leather and two bangles), so I really hope one of the clasps comes in red!

        • Oh good I’m glad to hear that! Yep, one of them is red – the same colour red as, say, the Red Robin or Black Friday charm (its item code is CZR) – so you are in luck!

  17. Hi Ellie,
    Thanks for the preview. I think the locket is interesting, but I don’t really like any of the little charms for it. I want to see what kind of things I can put in there. It is definitely the same concept as Origami Owl, but Pandora also was inspired by Trollbeads for their bracelets, right? Before that charm bracelets were all the traditional type and the “European” style charm bracelet seems like it has transitioned to the more popular style and lots of companies have adopted the style. Maybe Pandora is thinking this floating locket could become like that too and they want to be the first to have one made of precious metals. On a slightly related note, I recently started a blog about crafts/hobbies and my most recent post is about all types of charm bracelets. I have pictures of mine (traditional and European style) and I mention your blog at the end if you want to take a look. It is called

    • Hi Stephanie! They might come out with some more interesting charms in future I guess. I had a look at the Origami Owl charms and there are some adorable ones! It would be cute if Pandora decided to do something quirkier like that with the petites. And yes, absolutely… Trollbeads I think were the first big brand with the European bracelets… and then a lot of other brands copied Pandora and the threading system etc etc.
      You have such a lovely website! It was so interesting to read such a comprehensive history of charm bracelets themselves, too, and to have a look at all the different kinds of charms (and the info about Tiffany and their silver prices was v. interesting too!). It’s good to dip my toes outside of the Pandora bubble sometimes and learn something new haha. Thanks so much for giving my blog a mention too <3

      • I’m really glad you liked it! I was really surprised when I read about Tiffany’s charm bracelet pricing history on a stock prices website. The investors aren’t happy about the shrinking customer base. I know Pandora seems expensive at times, but Tiffany’s prices are completely outrageous for their simple silver charms. I think the Rue La La prices on Pandora charms are close to just covering the cost of the silver in the charm, especially for the treaded charms. Clearly people were shopping for silver jewelry at Tiffany’s for the experience, but they priced out those customers. That left the door open for someone else to grab all those customers. I think a lot of people who like Pandora like the concept store atmosphere and how the charms are wrapped up and given to you as opposed to just giving them to you in little zip lock plastic bags. Also, traditional jewelry stores are more for men buying jewelry for ladies, but Pandora sees more women buying jewelry for themselves. The concept store design is more appealing and inviting to me than traditional jewelry stores. I think the concept stores have a Disney-type quality to them (bright, clean, instantly recognizable). This may be why the Disney line of Pandora charms has been so successful, the brands appeal to the same group of ladies. I think Pandora may be getting those teenagers from the late 90s and other people with similar tastes when they opened the concept stores and they may buy the sparkly and intricate designs more that the older style Pandora charms. Or Pandora is trying to move their brand to a style that sets it apart from other European charm bracelet brands. I would think Pandora will go with whatever style makes them more money, but you can see with the Tiffany’s example that sometimes companies do things for their brand image that goes against their short term (and possible long term) profit motive.

        • Yeah, that made me slightly grumpy to read about Tiffany pricing haha… I’ve always thought that they were crazy money for just silver charms. I think you’re right about Pandora filling that gap. Buying Pandora still feels like a treat and a real luxury, especially if you go to a concept store, but you can get away with spending as little as £15 for a spacer.
          And you make some really interesting points about companies thinking about long-term image and strategy versus what’s selling the most in the short term. Would be interesting to know which kind of strategy Pandora is following with the pavé charms etc.

          Thanks Stephanie!

  18. They’re using synthetic amethyst for the February birthstone? Genuine amethyst is not that expensive!

    • And on that note, I do kind of wish they’d stuck to genuine lapis lazuli rather than synthetic sapphire for my birthstone, September!

  19. Locket pendant is not a new idea, Chopard has the best design for very long long time. real jewelry inside crystal watch or pendant in previous metal.

    • They’re pretty! Although I have a great fondness for the original spinel and two-tone Vintage Allure pieces :)

  20. I like the birthstone rings so maybe I’ll get one later. I already have an Origami Owl locket and I rarely wear it, so I don’t plan to get the Pandora version. For the floating locket to be successful, It seems like Pandora would need to offer lots of locket charm options and I wonder if they plan to do that. I guess it depends on how well this initial launch of the locket goes.

    • I can totally picture myself getting the locket and then never finding an opportunity to wear it. I expect as you say they’ll expand the range of charms if it proves popular… I’d like to see them do some more creative beads and less generic designs!

  21. I dislike the rings, and have heard so many awful things about them. Have seen the 2016 club charm in person, the numbers are SO TINY. Getting a bit “hearted” out, too. Wish Pandora would bring back the nice charms that we want, the Christmas pinecones, etc. The more that they “retire”, the more pave they seem to push out….May have to “retire” Pandora all together. For the costly price of the charms, they seem (to me) to be re-hashes of things from just one year ago. It was good while it lasted, I guess. Want to say to Pandora, “Please stop pushing those awful rings that give people rashes and turn their fingers red with an allergic reaction!” Give the people what they want and ask for, or you will lose them.

    • I own more Pandora rings than I’d like to mention, and I’ve never had a problem with them. They don’t cause reactions with my skin, and I haven’t lost any stones or anything. I am fighting the urge to go get three more before the B2G1 offer expires this weekend.

    • I own quite a few rings as well and wear them lots. They don’t cause reactions with my skin and never heard anyone else with that problem.
      I love my Pandora rings and they still keep bring new ones out that I want to get.

      • Me neither! I have heard of a couple of people who have had them turn their fingers green or other odd things, but it’s never happened to me.

    • Aw, I don’t mind the small date on the Club charm. I think it suits both camps – those who like to have the date on them know it’s there, and those who don’t won’t be too bothered by it. Or at least in theory! ;)
      I have to say that I love my Pandora rings and don’t ever experience any reactions to them… but have read a couple of things from people who have been unlucky!

  22. I’m kind of excited about the floating charm necklace. I have several o2 but really like the idea of sterling silver. The o2 is Only costume jewelry, and the finishes tend to not hold up well.

  23. Hi there, do you know the dimensions of the large & medium floating locket? I purchased the large locket online but it seems a little small so would be interested to see what size the medium one was. Can not find these details on any site.

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