Today’s post brings one of our final previews for the season, with a look at what’s next for the Pandora Disney Parks line! These beads are not sold in regular Pandora concept stores and are instead exclusive to Disney Parks locations across North America, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

pandora autumn winter disney parks 2016

This post is put together from a rather scattered set of sources & info and it may not be a full preview – I’ve not seen a comprehensive catalogue for the collection yet. Normally we get pictures of upcoming Disney Parks collections pretty far in advance, so it’s a surprise to be this far into September and to still have no full preview!

Nevertheless, read on for a sneak peek at some of the new Disney Parks coming out this season. :)

Pandora Disney Parks Autumn/Winter 2016 Sneak Peek

We start with a new Chef Mickey dangle, which is being released in celebration of the 2016 Epcot Food and Wine Festival and is due out on the 14th of September. This bead was one of two Disney Parks beads that were accidentally listed early on with the other Autumn beads – it was down as retailing for $50 USD.

pandora disney parks aw16

Another one also leaked on, which is the Disney World 45th Anniversary Castle charm. This is basically the original Cinderella’s Castle Disney Parks charm, but with a little ’45th anniversary’ motif added on the bottom. It was listed on for $80 USD, although it has since been taken down.

pandora disney parks aw16

The next few charms were actually showcased on a few websites from Hong Kong – so we can be sure that they will be sold in the Disney Parks at Hong Kong, but I’m not sure about other regions yet. I would be very surprised if the North American Disney Parks weren’t getting them, but I can’t say for certain!

First up, we have the limited edition 2017 edition charm, which is almost identical to the original 2015 edition charm.

pandora disney parks aw16

Next up, the Magical Fireworks bead offers an alternative to the popular Disney Parks Wishes bead, with colourful pops of colour detailed in enamel and CZs.

pandora disney parks aw16

This pretty red enamel bead matches the I Love Mickey charm that came out with the very first Disney Parks collection back in 2014. I love the vibrancy of this red version!

pandora disney parks aw16

There are two more Mickey/Minnie pieces for this collection, with the Shimmering Mickey and Minnie Ears clips. 
pandora disney parks aw16 These are rather cute and perfect for someone who wants to do a really bold Disney-themed bracelet. I personally think that they’d look great on a black or a red leather, with a couple of charms in between them.pandora disney parks aw16

And that’s it for charms leaked so far – but I would imagine that this isn’t all there is to see for the AW16 Disney Parks collection. For one thing, there are no Christmas beads listed here, and it would be kind of surprising if they didn’t decide to release a few extra Pandora Disney festive charms.

Pandora Disney Store Sale

Just to finish off, there’s also a sale on retiring Disney Pandora charms going on at the Disney Store online on Pandora! If you buy three retiring Pandora Disney charms, you get 25% off; if you buy two retiring Pandora Disney charms, you get 15% off.

My Comment

For me, this isn’t the most inspiring Disney Parks collection and there aren’t any particular must-haves – while there are some cute Mickey/Minnie beads, they are very similar to what has gone before. As are the other beads, really. The Magical Fireworks bead is kind of pretty, but it reminds me of lovely flowers rather than fireworks. I also prefer the original Chef Mickey bead…! The Disney anniversary castle is very pretty, however.

Do any of these new Disney Parks beads take your fancy?

54 Comments on Pandora Disney Parks Autumn/Winter 2016 Sneak Peek

  1. OMG I’m in love with the new clips and “I ❤ Minnie” it’s a must have for me. Maybe the fireworks charm also would come home. And I need a few of the retired list. Thanks for the news

    • Aw, glad these appeal to you! I like the colour of the I <3 Minnie bead as well – think it's nuch more striking than the mickey version.

  2. I like the Disney World 45th Anniversary Castle charm, but honestly none of the charms lately have been amazing. It’s a shame!

  3. Are you sure that all of the Disney charms currently on sale are retiring? It makes sense that the 3 charms from Disneyland’s 60th anniversary are retiring now that the 60th celebration is over (as well as last year’s Food & Wine Festival), but none of the other charms on sale are tied to specific dates.

        • You’re welcome! They’re on the retirement list for pandora stores, I’m not sure how disney usually announce these things.


    Not really to happy with the 25 one so I probably won’t be getting that one as it’s the exact same as the 2015 one from last year and I didn’t like it much

    I like the 45th castle for the 45th anniversary as I LOVE my original castle Disney world charm and always wanted to get another for my other bracelet simply cause I love it that much & wanna put my normal one on my Christmas bracelet as it’ll remind me when I went to disney world at Christmas time but didn’t wanna get the exact very same one so I’m happy to see that their coming out with another castle slightly different design to it

    Next charm I’m liking is the plain silver chef Mickey charm dangle which will be perfect with my chef Mickey bead

    Next one I love it the I ? Minnie charm in red as I would of preferd it in pink but oh well red is pretty nice too I guess it’ll go perfectly with my I ? Mickey charm that’s in white

    Next up is as I’m not a big fan of too much pave in my charms I like either plain silver with a lot of detail done to it or enemal but I kinda like these Mickey and Minnie pave kinda flat heads is what I call them lol cause it’s not like the full face of them but anyways so I might think about them

    I’m just not happy with the 2017 one especially that it the EXACT same as the 2015 with just a different year added to it like WTH they put absolutely no effort into that one what’s so ever so we won’t be ordering that one I don’t think as I already know what it looks like in person basically which gives me low hopes for 2018 charm design now

    The last one now is the fireworks charm I’m not to sure if I’m gonna bother with that one as it doesn’t seem to be my type of charm for me so far from what I see from the pictures it’s a charm that will definitely by last on my wish list though until I go to the parks sometime and see it in person or at least see it in person through online photos

    Sorry I wrote so much it’s just that I really look forward for the Disney exlusive collections & just love the Disney Parks and have a lot of different Disney Parks merchandise

    • Haha, I know, this is late this season! No need to apologise for a long comment, I know how much you love the Disney Parks stuff!

      Yeah, I agree that the 2017 edition charm being the exact same as the 2015 one is kind of lazy. In fact, this whole collection seems based around previous charms and designs, it’s a little disappointing. The Mickey & Minnie pavé clips are super cute, don’t get me wrong, but basically based on the original pavé clips that came out in 2014… and another Chef Mickey charm… and a Minnie version of the ‘I love Mickey charm’ .. and another version of the Cinderella Castle. I would have liked some new festive Disney Parks beads!

      I’m glad you like the new castle, though, and the I <3 Minnie! Love the red on the Minnie charm, I much prefer it to the original Mickey bead. <3

      • Ya I would kind of preferd some different Christmasy beads too I mean I still kinda like these charms too but I loved the 2 Christmas beads they came out with last year and I have both of them on my Christmas bracelet & we’ll be adding a few more Christmas charms this year from the new regular collections

        For some reason as well I like the new blue night starry ones from the regular collection that’s coming out this winter they just remind me of Christmas Eve at night time so those will be going on my Christmas bracelet this November when they come out

        I also wish there was more Disney exlusive pink beads as I love the pink exclusive Mickey bead from the most recent Spring Summer collection

  5. I love the castle dangle. Always wanted a dangle castle charm but it’s very unlikely for me to get it as long as it’s a park exclusive. I hope they will make a dangle castle for the normal collection to replace the current one which I read somewhere in your blog is going to be retired.

    • Ah, that’s a shame. I have the original cinderella castle dangle and it’s lovely! The regular two-tone happily ever after castle is retiring, yes. :(

      • But the normal Disney collection has no Disney castle and the parks only have the one Cinderella castle and now this one which is identical and then there’s just the one in Disneyland of Auraras castle and the last one which is in Shanghai

  6. Awesome, thanks for the preview! Is that a castle on the fireworks charm? I am wondering if those two you saw on a Hong Kong website are exclusive to China? I don’t know if they had Disney Pandora available in 2015. I like the 2015 year charm design better than the one for 2016, but if I had gotten the 2015 one, I’d be disappointed that the 2017 was the same. I like the new clips a lot. I think I might get the 45th anniversary castle. I like the fireworks bead as well, but it does look a lot like flowers.

    For people who are in America, I noticed the Disney parks shopping app had more of a selection of sale items than the Disney Store website. I noticed the Frozen snowflake charm on there this morning.

    I think the tiaras must be retiring because they didn’t make one for Rapunzel or Aurora and for all the princess collections that are being sold in Australia (Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Frozen) they didn’t ever include and of the dangling tiaras even though I think they have all the other charms. The Disney store does put prices for all kinds of merchandise back up to normal after their sales sometimes. They dropped the prices on the 60th anniversary charms and then raised them back to normal after the last sale.

    • You are correct about the princes crowns they are for sure leaving the Disney collection this winter as soon as these new ones come out cause when I was purchasing charms at Pandora last time & I just randomly wanted to see the Disney charms as per usual & they took out all the ones that were retiring this year and they also took out most of the classic Mickey and Minnie ones that first started the Disney pandora collection in 2014

      So pretty much the whole Mickey and Minnie collection from 2014 and the princes crowns are leaving the collection as they showed me all the ones that are leaving and they said whatever they have left of those charms will sell and that’s it like they won’t be getting anymore in or making anymore
      Now I don’t know if that’s necessarily true for the Disney parks but it’s for sure true for the normal retail stores

      In my case I have the 2015 charm and the 2016 charm so I am personally disappointed that the 2017 one is the exact same & I did like the 2016 one as it had music notes on it but even still I was expecting for 2017 to be way different than 2015 and 2016 of course but I guess not so I won’t be getting 2017 charm as it will look exactly like my 15 charm and I’d like my 15 one to stand out and it won’t if I get 2017 it’ll be nothing special unless someone happens to give it to me as a gift of course I’ll take it & appreciate it but won’t be buying it for self with my own money

    • Hi Stephanie! It does look like the top of a castle on the Fireworks bead, well spotted. :) The Chef Mickey & the 45th Anniversary charms were actually leaked on the US, the rest were from the Hong Kong website. Nevertheless, I would be surprised if any of these were exclusive to Hong Kong, seeing as they’re quite generic designs.

      The tiaras are definitely retiring, yes – I’m not too surprised as I never thought they looked different enough from each other. The dress dangles are much more distinctive!

  7. I’m the same as you there nothing I really need I like the firework charm and the red Minnie charm. I still wish this collection would come to the uk.

    • For these special charms to come to the UK there would have to be a Disney Park there
      Canada has no Disney parks either so unfortunately we’re in the same situation with these charms

      Though we both have options in ordering them online we all have access to the Disney store and they’ll all be on there soon to order I know I defiantly want the two clips cause I don’t have that many and I do want the red I love Minnie to match my white I love Mickey charm & the chef Mickey is nice and the 45th anniversary castle in awesome too

      I’m gonna be making an ALL exlusive Disney Parks Pandora bracelet & one normal Disney pandora bracelet so I’ll officially have two bracelets one that fully exlusive from the first charm to even the clips and safety chain & bracelet it’s self and the other all non exlusive
      Though my Disney exlusive bracelet collection is my favorite pandora bracelet just cause I know when people see it they always wonder where I get those charms to those who don’t know about Disney pandora and they always see my exlusive bracelet

  8. Hi Ellie, Pandora already has the round clips but the upcoming ones are super cute. How I wish SG has a Disneyland too.

    • Hi Charmaine! They are pretty cute – I have and love the original Minnie pavé clip, but this new one is pretty, too. We don’t have any Pandora Disney in the UK! :( But it would be good if it at least came to Europe and Disneyland Paris!

  9. I have a question about the Disney Princess muranos, is it true the colors can vary slightly in intensity? Some may be lighter? I noticed my murano looks darker than my friends and it supposed to be the same one.

    • Hi Ashley,

      The colors of the disney princess muranos vary widely. It’s best to be able to choose them in person if possible.

      • Lisa, thank you for the reply. I figured as much. I am thinking of starting a disney princess bracelet. I already have the Ana murano. I like the muranos and crowns. The dress dangles I don’t care for. I’m trying to get a bracelet with a theme, mine so far is just random beads I like.

    • Hi Ashley, I see Lisa already answered your question – but, yes, murano glass is hand made and finished, so the details can vary a lot, including colour. Definitely ones to pick out in person!

      • Hi Ellie, I just adore the Disney muranos compared to the normal ones. I’m think I am going to do a disney princess bracelet.

        • That sounds amazing! I have a lot of the Disney muranos myself – they’re really pretty, even for non-Disney designs.

  10. I really like the new clips–especially the Minnie version. I have been meaning to buy the original Minnie clip for a while now, but I may purchase this new Parks exclusive now instead, as it is really cute.

    Are the Elsa and Ana crowns retiring as well?

    • It is cute! I have and love the original Minnie clip, but I’d have been tempted by this version too.

      Yes, all the princess crowns are going! :)

  11. I really wish the park exclusives would have more to do with the parks. Figment, the orange bird, small world, tiki hut, haunted mansion all should have charms. I question why they keep using Chef Mickey for Food and Wine. There is a Chef Mickey restaurant, these charms seem to stand more for it than Food and Wine. I loved the 2015 charm and was disappointed 2016 was another blue so seeing 2017 is both a redo of color and design is disappointing. Wouldn’t hurt for them to do charms for the deluxe resorts either. I would want for each hotel I had stayed at so long as they were different.

    • Those sound like great ideas! I guess they keep tying the charms into anniversaries and occasions as they must be good sellers, and people coming specially for those events are more likely to buy them.
      I agree that the 2017 charm is a bit disappointing. Surely the Disney line is worth inventing fresh designs for, it must sell very well ^^

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