There’s just over a week to go until the launch of the Pandora Winter 2016 collection, and so today I’m taking another look at all the charms and bracelets coming out, with some gorgeous HQ images and commentary on each individual charm! The collection is due out on the 3rd of November, and features the usual mix of dramatic winter blues and classic Christmas reds.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview
This preview only encompasses the charms & bracelets coming out with this collection – for previews of the accompanying jewellery, including pendants, earrings, necklaces and rings, please see my other preview here! You can also see live shots of the whole release here.

In the meantime, read on for an updated HQ preview with US and EU pricing!

Celestial & Wintry Beads

Let’s start with the wintry beads, which feature a lot of clear pavé or crisp shades of blue.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview

The only new clip for this collection is the Crystalised Snowflake, which retails for $60 USD or 59€.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Crystalised Snowflake Clip

The Touch of Frost openwork matches it nicely (and doesn’t it look beautiful in the campaign image above?) – it’s 65€. The name is beautiful, and the charm does look like particles of frost forming on a window pane. I think little snowflake cut-outs might have been more on theme than the hearts, though.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Touch of Frost

The Heart of Winter is priced at 39€.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Heart of Winter

The Crystalised Floral is one of my favourites of this set, and it comes both as a regular charm and as a dangle.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Crystalised Floral

The matching pendant is something of a mystery, as I’ve not seen it in my North American catalogues – perhaps a Jared exclusive there? In Europe, it will retail for 59€. This would be so gorgeous on a winter necklace!

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Crystalised Floral

Next up, we have celestial beads, which feature a deeper, more dramatic shade of blue. The Night Sky bead has pretty cut-out stars and some glittering blue enamel; it’s priced at $60 USD or 49€.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Night Sky

There’s a matching dangle, which bears the inscription I love you to the moon and back. It’s $60 USD or 55€. Both these beads appeal a lot to me; they’re just a bit expensive!

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Galaxy Spacer

These would go beautifully with the only new murano from this collection – this will retail for $50 USD or €49. I am always head over heels with Pandora’s new murano glass beads; their work has come on in leaps and bounds over the past year or so!

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Starry Night Sky Murano

The Galaxy spacer matches the Galaxy openwork bead that came out a couple of years ago, and retails for $40 USD or 35€.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Galaxy Spacer

To go with either the icy blues or the celestial charms, Pandora have included a couple of more generic blue decorative beads.

This new version of the Shimmering Droplets pavé bead, priced at $70 USD or 65€, features London blue crystals.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Starry Night Sky Murano

This new ‘Moonlight Blue’ shade of the Radiant Hearts charm offers a deeper blue than last year’s; it’s priced at $80 USD or 65€.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Starry Night Sky Murano

Two-tone & Gold Beads

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview

Firstly, we have two new 14kt gold beads on the way – one without any CZs at all! This is the new Angel of Grace charm, retailing at $400 USD or 399€. What you might not have realised from the original stock image, however, is that the angel itself is hollow, with openwork detailing in its skirt.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Angel of Grace

The Loving Bloom is the second gold charm, retailing for $350 USD or 349€.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Loving Blom

The Celebration of Love mixes 14kt gold detailing with just a hint of CZs; it’s $80 USD or 79€.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Loving Circle

The Loving Family is $75 USD or 69€; it’s nice that there’s no CZ on this one, and that it just has the pretty silver heart detailing on the bail.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Loving Family

The Snowflake Heart, priced at $75 USD or 79€, is my favourite of these two-tone/gold beads – it would be so lovely on a necklace. I love the way it marries the idea of icy winter frost with the warmth of family and loved ones at Christmas. The only thing that I think will be divisive is the You Keep Me Warm inscription on it. It’s a bit overtly sentimental, and I can’t really imagine wearing it into the office, for example, without being teased a little!

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Snowflake Heart


Classic Christmas

And now we’re on to the part of the preview for which I’m most excited – all the holiday beads! <3

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview

The Snowman has a rather glamorous CZ scarf, and retails for $50 USD or 49€ – he makes a nice alternative to all the red enamel beads, if you want something very Christmassy but a little easier to style!

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Snowman

Pavé beads are always hit and miss with me, but the Shimmering Gift is actually a hit this time around, despite being completely coated in sparkle. I think it would make a gorgeous winter bangle centrepiece, flanked by some more simple silver beads or some sophisticated clear sparkle. It’s pricey, though, at $85 USD or 79€.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Shimmering Gift

My favourite of the Pandora sleigh charms to date is the two-tone Dashing through the Snow bead from 2013, but this new one is colourful and fun, and a rather cute alternative! The detailing on the face looks sweet and not at all scary, which I hope translates well into the charm in person! The Sleighing Santa is $55 USD or 45€.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Sleighing Santa

Now, my surprise favourite is this one – Mrs Claus! She’s a Jared exclusive bead in the US (which also means that she won’t be available in Canada :(). I absolutely love this bead, it’s got such adorable detailing, and such character. The back of her apron ties round into a pretty red bow. She will be 39€.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview

My other favourite from this selection is Santa’s Home; just look at the details on this one! Silver oxidised bricks on the sides, the starry windows, the white enamel for the roof – and even the outlines of bricks detailed in the red enamel, too! I’m not crazy about the inscription on the bottom, but the rest of it completely redeems it for me. :D It’s $50 USD or 39€.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Santa's Home

The Festive Tree is Pandora’s fourth Christmas tree bead; this iteration offers multi-coloured CZs and a lovely warm gold star on top. I have the original two-tone Christmas tree and the pavé version of that design also, so I won’t be chasing this one – but it’s nice to see a colourful version to complement the others! It’s $75 USD or 69€.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Festive Tree

Cat lovers who felt hard done by when Pandora released the adorable Christmas Puppy charm last year need worry no longer – there’s now a matching Christmas Kitten charm! Featuring a little red hat and a matching present, it’s really very cute! It’s also one of the more affordable pieces at $45 USD or 39€.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Christmas Kitten

Pandora are releasing yet another version of their ornament dangle bead – this one has Merry Christmas written on it in red enamel. It’s nice, but I’m not sure that it pips any of the previous three versions. My favourite is the Prancing Reindeer dangle from last year! This year’s Merry Christmas Bauble retails for $60 USD or 55€.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Merry Christmas Bauble

The Angel of Love is nicely detailed, but I like the little tribute to more classic Pandora designs with the simply styled features of her face. This charm will be $50 USD or 39€.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Angel of Love

I am undecided about the new Sweet Gingerbread Man – it’s quite cute, but I so love the dangle Gingerbread Man from 2012 that I feel quite protective of it, haha. This new version is $40 USD or 39€.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Sweet Gingerbread Man

Finally, we have the Adornment decorative beads, available in red and blue. Both are nice colours, but I can see the red being easier to style on a Christmas design.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Adornment

These are $65 USD or 59€ each.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Adornment


Rounding off the bracelet, we have two new bracelets for the Winter 2016 collection! The first is the Entwined bangle ($125 USD or 119€), which looks simply lovely in all the campaign imagery.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview

Finally, we have the limited edition Unique Snowflake bangle, which is due out with the Winter 2016 collection in most countries; however, I understand that it will be a Black Friday offering in the US & Canada. I still wish it didn’t have the inscription, but the snowflake clasp is gorgeous! Perhaps you could cover up the writing with charms if you didn’t want it to show. It’s priced at 69€.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Black Friday Bangle

My Comment

There are some really lovely beads in here and, as usual, the ones I find most exciting about the character designs! Pandora have really paid attention to detail in a lot of these charms, from to Mrs Claus’s spectacles to the Christmas Kitten’s little pawprints! This is exactly the kind of thing I love, and I cannot wait for those beads. :D

My criticism, I guess, would be that there is a lot of repetition in this collection against what’s come before in previous years, both in terms of the themes and individual charms. However, that’s been true of all Pandora’s new releases this year – and it’s nice to have more choice if you didn’t like their previous take on a motif. Of course, there’s also a dearth of plain silver beads (which are also the most affordable), but this has become so commonplace with Pandora’s new collections that it’s almost hardly worth commenting on.

Much like last year, I’ve decided against getting any of the wintry blue charms, or the two-tone beads – instead, I’m going for three of the classic Christmas reds from this collection! :D My picks from this collection are Santa’s House (just too cute!), the Christmas Kitten and Mrs Claus. 

What are your picks from this collection? Will you be putting anything on your list?

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  1. Thank you for the great post! I really like the Galaxy or Entwined Spacers. I think they would work very nicely with the Galaxy charm and the Disney Frozen charms. I also like the Snowflake heart Pendant and it’s engraved message, especially as I get cold very easily! I also like the murano and the heart of winter charm. I haven’t actually got any heart charms (‘m probably the only Pandors fan without one) but I really like this one.
    Thanks again for a great post :)

    • You’re not alone! I don’t have any heart charms neither:) Although I have to admit that I just started collecting pandora’s and I’ll probably get the filled with romance charm sooner or late.

      • Wow, you have both done very well to avoid any heart charms at all! :o I have many heart charms, but I try and avoid the most basic ones. ^^

        • I too have avoided hearts, simply because it infuriates me that they are always upsidown! I have been tempted by a couple but when I try them in store and they go upsidown again I have to decline.

        • Karen I agree about the upside-down issue! Which is why my only hearts so far are the two muranos with hearts, and the newish crowned hearts safety chain, since the dangling down chain helps the hearts stay upright. I do have two heart-shaped charms on my wishlist, the floral padlock and the enamel poetic blooms, but I’m undecided about them still.

        • Ah I understand that – as so many of the interesting character beads flip as well, I just tend to buy what I want and ignore them sitting the wrong way round these days! ^^ It used to really bother me when I started collecting but I’ve become hardened to it lol!

    • Yay, glad to hear that there’s lots you like! <3 The Snowflake heart pendant bead is another I like, it's super pretty - and I do quite like the quote, I can just imagine that there would be a few eye rolls if I wore it into the office on a necklace (which is how I picture wearing that charm!).

        • I have just given up worrying about my charms flipping haha as I love the animals in particular and they are the worst for twisting the wrong way round!

  2. I absolutely love the new wintery themes.’ I love you to the moon and back’ is what I always say to my daughter and her baby book is that theme, so I defo need this charms he he. . I love the new snowflake clip and that star ⭐️ murano is gorgeous. It’s a shame the snow flake bangle is US only. I’m really disappointed with the new Christmas charms , they don’t seem to have any class, I’d love the original two tone tree, I think the new one is a bit tacky. The gingerbread man is cute but I tracked down the original too and he is cute.
    Really enjoy reading your reviews as always xx @pandoradreaming15

    • The snowflake bangle isn’t a US exclusive! I have it in my store here in the U.K.! It’s beautiful in person!!

        • I don’t I’m sorry, I will do on Saturday! Follow me on instagram I’ll post them on there! @jonnypettifer

        • I have seen it too and I am uk! It is almost identical to the Mother’s Day bangle from this year and last year but with a snowflake on the clasp, it’s on the wish list for me when released.

    • Aw, that’s adorable – how perfect that charm is for you! As Jonny says, the bangle is not US exclusive – I just worded that poorly! It’s just available a bit later in the US & Canada than it is in other regions.
      I love lots of the new Christmas beads, but I do prefer the original Christmas tree design too – I finally got that one earlier this year. :) I think it’s quite fun that the new one has all the different colours in it, though!
      Thanks so much Libby – I always enjoy reading your comments too! <3

      • Hey pleased to hear the snow flake bangle is available in the U.K, Thanks lovely. I’ve just seen a shot on instagram of the Christmas tree and it’s really changed my opinion of it.
        It reminds me a bit of the Pudsey charm with the stones. I’m going to have to see it in person, I actually think I’ll end up getting it ! Xxx

        • Hi Libby! I have seen a few IG shots of the new pieces and they look sooo nice! Especially the festive beads!
          Aw, Pudsey and the Christmas Tree would actually look really cute together. And a teddy bear under the Christmas tree seems appropriate, so I think you could put them together thematically too! :D xxx

    • Hi Ellie! Thanks for sharing this upcoming collection! The Unique Snowflake bangle’s clasp is so pretty!

      Australia usually has a free LE bangle promo during December, and in the past, the LE bangle from the winter collection is the one given away, with AU$150 purchase. I would just like to ask if you’ve heard any news about that promo – would Pandora still have it in Australia this December? I’m asking because in the US, the usual free bracelet promo in September did not happen, they had the Spend and Save promo instead…


      • Hi Sarah! I just asked a contact in Australia whether the bangle promo is running again this year – and yes, it is! I don’t have the details yet, but you can expect it November/December some time. The GWP Christmas ornament promo will also be running afterwards. :)

  3. I like quite a few and I am so glad we have two gold ones with no cz’s.. I love the santas house and Mrs Clause, the sleigh and the muranos and the I love you to the moon and back and the clips and of course the bangle which I love.. But of course I would have to see them up close and personal to really know if it’s what I really want.. Thanks for the preview and the info as always!

    • Oh that’s a nice healthy wish list! :D I love the Santa’s House and Mrs Claus, too – plus the Christmas Kitten. I will obviously wait to see them in person to make any decisions, but I can’t imagine that I won’t like them in person ^^ Thanks for commenting Maggie! <3

  4. Last year I started a night sky theme with three of the celestial charms from 2014, so my top picks are definitely the star murano and night sky charms. The inscription on the back promoted the dangle to very top spot, since Guess How Much I Love You was one of the books I loved reading to the boys when they were smaller <3 Other than those, I find myself surprisingly drawn to the crystalised floral, given I'm not usually keen on such all-over pave. Perhaps it's because it isn't abstract, but it *is* quite versatile, since it can read as both a snowflake for winter themes, and as a flower in spring/summer. Anyway, I like it!

    Any idea on UK prices for any of those, Ellie? I'll probably try to buy during the Christmas ornament promo, so it would be nice to match the spend requirement for that as closely as possible! And I remember last year the ornament promo started in the UK at the same time as the winter collection was released, so I'm trying to be prepared for that :-)

    • Aw, Pandora seem to have hit on something with the inscription on the Night Sky charm :) I quite like it, too, as I think the more sentimental inscriptions don’t seem too sappy when you pair them with stars instead of hearts! The Crystalised Floral charm is another I like too. While a lot of the pave is a no for me, they do hit upon some rather pretty designs from time to time!

      I’m afraid I don’t have any UK prices for these, sorry :( The UK prices are often the last to come out, which is frustrating! I have just been told that UK stores will be ‘soft launching’ the collection on Thursday, which means that it will be out in trays and available to purchase for a week ahead of the official launch date – they just won’t be advertising it in windows or online during that time. So you might be able to snag a catalogue from then!

  5. Hi Ellie.thanks for your post.cant wait till the 3rd nov to see all these lovely charms in person. On my wish list is Santa’s home
    ;Mrs Claus and the kitten and the starry buying a new bracelet for christmas and all these are aboslutely beautiful.Oh my i forgot the shimmering gift.thanks Ellie wont sleep till they are all released?

    • Hi Christelle! Your wish list is very similar to mine! :D And I would be loving the starry murano, if I hadn’t already finished my midnight/celestial-themed bracelet. Hope you love all the charms as much when you get to see them in person! <3

  6. GLee, glee, gleeeee! I always glee when I see a new release,lol. On a closer look I will go for some blues, I still don´t know exactly which ones, must see them in person first but now I´m attracted to both the frosty and the deeper. I think they can be a match together. Let´s see. The galaxy spacers have caught my eye too, as well as the two tone dangles and the cristallised floral. Too many to even consider the Christmassy ones, some of which are just gorgeous!. But my never- ending list encompases still some from previous collections, so I won´t be starting a Christmas design this year either :(

    • Ahaha! I think many of us do! ^^ A Christmas design is quite a commitment, especially as you only really wear it for a few months in the year, if that, so I can understand you wanting to focus on the blues and frosty beads. There are lots of pretty things to choose from there – the Crystalised Floral is lovely!

  7. Dear Ellie, Pandora does not surprise me more every collection released I think the most common / repeated jewelry and the most expensive price. Here in my town was only have Pandora in 2014, in 2015 had many beautiful releases, but in 2016 did not like, I always unique style, silver with blue enamel or red enamel, silver with pearls and always the same models of charms not It has been worth it. Another detail as it has several Pandora shops in my city, it is common to find someone wearing the same jewelry. I have invested more in single silver jewelry, which can not be repeated, even in silver jewelry coming from Thailand without being Pandora. Thank you for the post.

    • Hi Aline! That is the problem with Pandora’s popularity, I guess – it seems like, wherever you go here in the UK, there will also be someone else with a bracelet or similar jewellery to you! It’s often only when you look closer at a bracelet that you start to see the differences in each bracelet’s design and the charms someone has chosen :)

  8. I like the starry night muranos, dangle Santa’s house,Mrs Claus and snowman. However, I’ve completed my blue starry theme bracelet, therefore unlikely to indulge in those blue ones. It might all change later down the road. Mrs Claus is such a unique idea. The focus is always on santa, so it’s a nice surprise to have a Mrs Claus charm made. The snowman looks more refine than the original one in my opinion and I like the little bit of sparkle. All that said, I can only be 100% sure about the Santa’s house which I love and will get. Thanks Ellie for the beautiful photos.

    • Great choices! I’m in the same boat as you; I’ve finished with my starry blue bracelet, so I’m all about the Christmas reds when it comes to this collection. I love the idea of the Mrs Claus charm as well, and its execution is so adorable and funny, too – unless I really find her face creepy in real life, I’ll definitely be getting her! The Santa’s Home is a must-have for me, too.
      Glad you enjoyed the post – thanks for reading and commenting! <3

  9. Thanks so much for a great post Ellie, I’ve been looking out for this one! Definitely a heart of winter and two galaxy spacers for me…at least that is the plan anyway! I like quite a few more though and the night sky with cut out stars and/or starry murano are definite possibilities. I’m not planning on buying any more Christmas charms this year, but I do like the new snowman and Santa’s house and even the new sleigh and tree look nice too. Really looking forward to seeing them all in person. Thanks for all the new images meantime! :)

    • Really glad you enjoyed it Jennifer! :D I hadn’t really noticed the Heart of Winter bead properly, but it looks really lovely in that campaign image near the top of the post. I’ll keep an eye out for it in store and see what I think! My only must-haves are those three Christmas beads, but I’m also prepared to fall in love with more charms once I actually get into the store. ^^
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  10. Xmas charms are the biggest investment for me in the year. I love Mrs Claus & kitten. The santa house is very similar to the one from Chamilia last year & I think Chamilia did it better. Also, I noticed in the catalogue for Australia, the Merry Christmas bauble dangle is listed as a limited edition. It is only shown on a styled bangle at the back and is not listed with the other holiday charms in the ctalogue.

    • I have the Chamilia gingerbread house from last year and I absolutely adore it – but I think one is as nice, in its own way! It’s a bit more restrained and less colourful, but it does have such beautiful details – so I’m making room in my collection for both haha!
      Yes, I was a bit confused as to whether the bauble was LE or not, as I’ve seen it listed both as regular or as limited edition in various catalogues. I think that it probably is limited edition, and that some catalogues just haven’t noted it. :)

  11. I am pretty new to Pandora, so the Christmas beads that are on my wish list aren’t from this collection but from older collections. I love the mittens and reindeer head.

    • Good plan – especially as Pandora are pretty ruthless when it comes to retiring older beads these days. The Mittens are a particular favourite of mine, you should definitely get those! <3

  12. Hoi Ellie! I’ve been waiting patiently and haven’t purchased a bracelet yet. I’m really hoping Pandora comes up with a bracelet promotion this year cause I’ve really fallen for the LE Snowflake bangle, don’t mind the inscription, especially if it’s not to obvious.
    Although I have to admit I’m very tempted to buy the pave heart bracelet, especially since I’ll get 20%discount with the vogue shopping night and I’m not even sure if there will be a bracelet promotion in the Netherlands at all since there’s another promo going on at the moment but this one runs till 30october so fingers crossed….
    Another sales woman told me that last year their bracelet promo started late in december, not even before christmas:(

    I suppose you haven’t heard anything about upcoming promos?

    • Hi Eva! Oh I’m sorry, I haven’t heard about any promos for the Netherlands at all – it’s hard to keep track of various promos for all the regions. If I hear anything, I’ll update the Promos page, I promise! :)

  13. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for the lovely HQ images of the Winter release. I’ve been looking forward to this post for quite some time now. I have my initial list of must haves which includes the Vintage Night Sky charms and dangle along with the Moonlight Blue Radiant Hearts for my Starry Sky bracelet. I also plan to add the Snowman and one of the angels (not sure which one yet) to my Twinkling Christmas Trees and Ice Crystals I bought during the Spend/Save promo in September. I decided to go with all clear paved Christmas charms. This way I’ll be able to use them with different colors to match my outfits. I did get four each of the Sky-Blue and Cerise Radiant Hearts (my absolute favorite colored charms) during the promo to use with my Christmas bracelets. My list of favorite Christmas charms from this release includes the Shimmering Gift, Sleighing Santa, Mrs. Claus and Santa’s Home. I also love the Crystalized Snowflake clips to go with the Crystalized Snowflake dangle from a previous release. Despite the inscription, the Snowflake Heart dangle is at the top of my list along with Loving Circle. It’s a never ending list! Can’t wait to see everything in person!!!

    Thanks for the preview…It did not disappoint!

    Have A Great Week!

      • I love its clasp, I bet it looks gorgeous in person! It’s a shame they don’t do that design as an actual clip, too!

    • Hi Emily! I’m glad to hear that – I do love going through the HQ images and looking at each charm in detail. :D That is so sensible re the clear Christmas charms! That’s what I used to do, back in the day – go for clear pave, two-tone or plain silver Christmas beads, so that I can slot them in with different bracelet themes and wear them throughout the year. They are a lot more versatile. Unfortunately, I caved and put together a dedicated Christmas bracelet – which meant that I could do whichever colours I wanted, so I went for bright reds and greens! I still have various other Christmas beads dotted throughout various bracelet designs too, though, haha.

      Haha, I know how you feel about the never-ending list! There is always something else to get, or another amazing bracelet design that you convince yourself that you have to get started on straightaway… ^^

      Have a lovely week, too!

  14. Hello Ellie

    Thanks for the post. Once again, I enjoyed a lot to read it. I have to say I was waiting impatiently for it ;-)

    The Starry Night murano is a must have for me and I think it will be great on my Starry night bracelet. I also love the galaxy spacer. I am also really curious to see the Night Sky bead with the blue enamel.
    Next, I really love the snowflake clip and the touch of frost bead. My next pandora project is a winter bracelet so I think It would be a perfect start. My only concern is about the snowflake clip. The surface does not seem smooth and i have the impression that the snowflake is a little bit like a bump on the surface…. I am not sure if what I want to explain is clear enough :-) Sorry…… The manager of my local pandora store told me a few weeks ago that she’s already seen them and found them really gorgeous and not so bumpy. So I can’t wait to see them in person :-)
    For the rest, as I am not a Christmas lover, there is not a lot appealing to me from the Christmas collection, even if some pieces are really beautiful. But I don’t really like red color and I don’t find all this Christmas bead easy to wear on a “regular” basis. There is only one I could get : Snowman… I think it will be nice on my winter theme bracelet.
    I also love the two-tone snowflake dangle and it will be also a great piece to match the winter theme.
    In conclusion, I definitely get the Starry night Murano and I am pretty sure I also get the Touch of Frost charm. For the other, I think I will wait to see them in person before putting them on my wishlist…. But I know me :-) …. I will go to my pandora store, will find all these charms beautiful and before i realize it , I will spend a fortune on them…once again…. :-) Luckily for me, my pandora store offer a loyalty program and my loyalty card is full so I could spend some money without feeling that guilty ;-) On the other hand, Christmas is not so far away and maybe my family and friends will choose to pick some pieces on my pandora wishlist for Christmas gift :-)
    Thanks again for the great post and the amazing HQ images.
    Have a nice evening.

    • Hi Valerie! Aw, I’m really glad to hear it! Putting together this post is something that always gets me really in the mood for a new collection :D

      Sounds like there’s a lot you like! But waiting to see them in store is a sensible idea – in theory, at least, haha. I also find that I will put together a relatively restrained and sensible wish list, only to walk into store and get distracted by all the pretty things. I then end up buying things I don’t even have a bracelet design for! ^^ A loyalty scheme would be amazing, though – I am rather envious! I tend to buy online or from sellers across the world to get the best deals – so a loyalty scheme might tempt me to spend a bit more with one store.

      I get you not wanting to indulge in the Christmas reds! They can be super hard to style if you’re not doing a dedicated Christmas bracelet or a red colour scheme. I didn’t really get any until I put together my dedicated Christmas design (and then I went a bit crazy and got lots of them haha).

      Thanks for reading and for your lovely long comment! Enjoy your evening, too.

      • Hi Ellie
        Sorry for the long post :-) but when it comes to Pandora i could talk and talk and talk….. I am kind of obsessed ;-) and as none of my friends, sister or cousin is interested in Pandora… it feels great that i could express myself on comment on your blog without having the feeling I am annoying everyone :-)…..At least I hope so ;-)
        Have a nice day

        • Hi Valerie! No need to apologise, this is precisely the place where you can talk just as much as you like about Pandora! <3 I love reading the longer comments (my posts are long enough themselves!), so please keep going. ^^ have a lovely day too!

        • Hi Ellie

          As I am not working today, I decided to make a quick stop at my local pandora store to see if they’ve already have the new collection…. And YES it was there…. all these beautiful pieces only seen on pictures were right there …. I have that chance that my local pandora store always shows the new collection a few days before the offical date….
          So, the quick stop became a little longer :-)….

          The Starry Night Murano is amazing. It was the first charm that catch my eyes on the window shop. I absolutely adore the stars on it.
          Right after I saw the Touch of Frost charm. It is more beautiful in person than on the pictures. I litteraly fall for it. It is really classy and delicate and not to sparkling. And it matches perfectly the color and the style of the snowflake clip in my opinion. This one is also gorgeous.
          I also take a look of the Night sky charm and It’s really pretty, a lot more than I expected I have to say. The blue enamel is dark but not that much and it seems a lillte bit creamy and softly shinny…. Really beatiful as well as the dangle.
          The Crystallised floral is nice too but too sparkling for me.
          And finally the moonlight blue radian heart… I was very curious to see it in person. The color is very different from the blue sky radian heart. In my opinion the Moonlight blue is a perfect match for the night sky murano and the blue sky radian heart will go really well with the Touch of frost.
          At the end, as you could guess, I was not able to get out of the shop without buying anything. So, I get the Night Sky murano, 2 snowflake clips and the Touch of Frost.
          The Night sky murano will go really well with the blue iridescent murano on my starry night sky bracelet.
          The snowflake clips and the touch of frost will be the beginning of a brand new bracelet of the winter theme and go perfectly well with my two frosty mint muranos :-).
          And my wishlist gets bigger again : the moonlight blue radian heart and the night sky charm are definetely a must have for me.
          I also have a quick look on the Christmas charms. Some of them are really cute but nothing really appeal to me. Luckily me :-)
          I have to say that I have a big crush for the starry/wintry pieces from the winter collection. If I could I get one of each piece :-)
          So, It is a great day out of the office today :-)
          Have a nice day yourself :-)

        • Hi Valerie! Thanks so much for this lovely long comment on the Winter collection :D I saw it this week as well and was totally bowled over by so many pieces. The blue wintry pieces are gorgeous, especially the murano. It’s just so expensive here, £45 each! :o

          My favourites are still those three Christmas beads from this collection, so I will wait until the Christmas ornament GWP starts and then see about planning out my purchases! <3

  15. Thanks for the lovely pictures. I haven’t started a Christmas bracelet, though I’ve been tempted. There are some lovely pieces, but don’t think I will be buying anything at the moment. I’m trying to be good and have a break.

    • Glad you enjoyed them! <3 I love my Christmas bracelet, and I can't wait to get it out again this year. I can understand why you might hesitate though, as it is not really easy to wear out of season. Good luck with your Pandora break! I just broke mine rather dramatically for the latest Rue sale...!

  16. Hi Ellie,
    This is the first collection this year I’m looking forward to. I like the star and the snowman ⛄️. Do you think the new collection will be in stores this weekend before the official launch as they have done with other releases this year?

    • Hi Shelly! In North America, I’d expect these beads to be available a little ahead of the deadline. In the UK, stores are again doing a soft launch a week early – I’m told that the new jewellery will be in its trays and available to buy from this Thursday :)

  17. Hi Ellie there are some really cute pieces before this I thought it would just be the house I loved but I also love Mrs Claus and the sleigh I also love the bangle I would cover the writing to. I like the starry piece and one day I would like to do a bracelet design but I feel you can buy them anytime. I would find it odd buying Christmas bead in the summer lol. I’m so excited for the realese not long now. My bracelet design from last year is almost filled so I would love the bangle to do another design lol.

    • Hi Nicola! Yay, I’m pleased that there’s lots you love! It is weird buying Christmas beads out of season, but last year I ended up buying a bunch of Christmas beads while on holiday in Amsterdam as they were on sale. It did feel a bit odd, haha. You should totally start another design! :D I have two festive designs, a regular bracelet and a bangle.

    • Oh, sorry, that’s my poor phrasing once again – Mrs Claus is not a US exclusive. She’s available as normal in most counties, it’s just that in the US it’s exclusive to Jared stores. :)

      • Counties? As in US counties? Or did you mean countries, like in USA, UK and Holland? Sorry maybe I’m reading it wrong ?
        Fingers crossed here ?
        Btw, thank you again for all you hard work and amazing updates and previews! ?

        • Aha, oh dear! Countries is what I meant – sorry! ^^

          You’re welcome, so glad that you enjoy them – even when I make several mistakes in a row, haha!

    • Good plan! I’m pretty set on the three charms I’ve picked out, but I will reserve final judgement until I make a trip to the store :D

  18. I love all things Christmas, so I always tend to go a bit crazy with the wintry/Christmas-themed Pandora charms, and this year will be no exception. Despite this, though, I do not have a full Christmas bracelet, but I have divided my Christmas charms into three mini-designs on a red leather and two bangles the past few years. With the amount of Christmas charms I have adding up, I plan to design a full Christmas bracelet on my Clear Pave Barrel Clasp bracelet. I saw a design with the Cerise Radiant Heart charm (which I already have) and the upcoming Black Friday Poinsettia, and I’d like to build off of that. I will use one of the clips from my existing wintry blue/starry night-themed bracelet for that one and replace it with one of the new snowflake clips. I also really love the glittery effect in the new Vintage Night Sky charms, even though they are not really a necessity for me. As a cat lover, of course I have to have the Christmas Kitten. The Festive Tree has some mixed feelings, but I really like it, as it reminds me of my own Christmas tree, which has red, white and green lights. Mrs. Claus is just adorable, and I hope I can buy her as part of a purchase for a Jared ornament promo *fingers crossed*. I also really like the Snowflake Heart, Heart of Winter, and Galaxy Spacer. Last but not least, it looks like I am going to be sucked into buying yet another bangle; this Snowflake Bangle is a must have for me!

    I know this post is already long enough, but I must say that I have seen the upcoming gift sets on Facebook. The box that the bracelet set comes with is absolutely beautiful. It is a metallic silver color and looks like it has tons of compartments inside, and it also comes with a matching mini box that stores six rings! I must find a way to get this box alone. I also love the Vintage Allure Necklace and Earring set.

    • Hi Joanne!

      Aha, and I very much approve! I went a bit Christmas crazy last year, as I was putting together my first dedicated Christmas design. I ended up going a bit overkill though, and had to put a couple of excess beads on another bangle, too. ^^ I am so pleased to hear that you are also doing a proper Christmas design – the pave barrel clasp bracelet will be lovely. I like the idea of going with the cerise Radiant hearts and the poinsettia; they’re not brick red and are a bit more subtle/elegant in shade, so they’d be easier to wear off season, if you were so inclined. Hopefully there will be a Jared ornament promo as you say, as that would be a great opportunity to get Mrs Claus!

      Oh, I know, I saw those pictures too – the boxes are gorgeous this year! I have slightly stopped collecting Pandora boxes, as the gift sets are so expensive or the spends are so high to get them, but I do love to look at the pictures! Hope you manage to get your hands on one :D

      • I know what you mean, Eliie. I have really slowed down on collecting the boxes and other promo items as well. I don’t have the room to properly display them, and at this point, I have more boxes than jewelry haha! That said, this box is so pretty and functional that I hope I can snag it. I wish this box came with the necklace/earring set instead, as I plan on asking for that set for Christmas. That set comes with the normal bracelet box, but in the same metallic silver color.

        • Aha really? I currently have a whole bag full of the little white bags and boxes that need to go back to the store – there’s constantly some kind of pandora paraphernalia hanging around the house haha. This particular box does look gorgeous and, as you say, actually quite useful too!

  19. Hi Ellie,

    I managed to get the gold bangle, so I made my other purchases minimal! Of course, I had to get the new murano, the crystallized floral, and the galaxy spacers. I also couldn’t resist Santa’s house and the sleigh, and bought them at the last minute, as I was walking out the door of the store! I would like some of the other charms, like the blue adornment and the blue droplets, but I just could buy only so much… I may have to go get the kitten charm, though:)

    • Hi Lisa! Oh wow, that’s amazing! Congrats on your bangle :D it’s a beautiful piece. I’m very envious of your Santa’s House bead, too, sounds like you got a lovely haul despite going for the bangle! The uk is soft launching these beads later this week, so I will definitely have a look then! :D

  20. Hi Ellie,
    I really like the classic Christmas beads. I like the sleigh, the house, Mrs. Santa and the gingerbread man. I’ll probably only get one, but I’m having a hard time deciding which one. Thanks for the heads up about Rue Lala also. I put in an order from there, so we’ll see how long it takes to get to Aussie.

    • Hi, me too put in an order last Saturday from Aust. Have you heard anything from them? Bcos I have not heard anything about the parcel being sent out but only a confirmation email.

      • They haven’t dispatched any of mine yet, either. They often take a little longer – it used to be up to a month (as they ordered in the stock after the sale finished), but now it’s often more like a week or so!

      • Starlight – check your inbox for an email from Borderfree. They sent me an email with the subject “shipment confirmation” but inside the email it said that they processed the order and would send me an email when it shipped. Maybe the shipping price is so low because they wait for a certain number of orders and ship a bunch together and repack in the destination country. I bet ours are traveling together. :)

    • Hi Stephanie! My OH thinks I should add the new Gingerbread Man to my list too – I’ll have to take a look in person! ^^ I hope your Rue order makes it to you speedily, it’ll be interesting to see how quick their international service is :)

  21. Can’t wait for the kitten, oh my gosh! I’m also thinking about the blue adornment charm for my blue bracelet, or the Santa house. I started a Christmas bangle last year so I may just go with that. The holly Murano was so exquisite last year, I would have liked a more reddish murano to go with it this year. I like the blue murano too but not with my red Xmas charms :-(

    • Isn’t it cute! I’m going to put mine opposite the puppy on my bracelet, for symmetry ^^ yes, I was also a bit disappointed not to see another Christmas murano, but the new starry murano is pretty! And I don’t have room for another festive glass bead anyway haha.

  22. I don’t have a winter blue bracelet yet and I really like the vintage night sky beads, so the bead and dangle are definitely on my wish list. I can’t tell if the starry night murano is the same shade of blue. If it is, then I’ll want to get the murano. The moon and stars on the vintage night sky beads are such a nice change from hearts (which I have plenty of!).

    Of the Christmas charms, my absolute favorite is Santa’s house. Like you, I love all the details. Although many of the other Christmas beads are nice, none are must haves for me. It is nice to see a Mrs. Claus bead though! I may consider that bead.

    • I really like the Vintage Night Sky beads, too. I don’t wear my dark blue bracelet that often, though, so it’s probably not worth me starting another one to fit any of these new beads in. But they are super pretty!
      Oh you should definitely consider Mrs Claus! I think she’s adorable and totally different to their other festive beads ^^

  23. Hi Ellie, great post!!
    I like the Mrs.Claus also, may I know if it will be available at all US pandora store?
    I’m keen in getting the Santa’s home as well.

    This is my 1st time to start a Xmas theme bracelet…

    • Hi Shirleen! Thank you! In the US, Mrs Claus will only be available from a line of stores called Jared. It won’t be available in concept stores or other stores. However it’ll be available in all stores for the rest of the world as usual! :)
      Aw, Yay, I’ll keep an eye out for pics of your festive bracelet on instagram :D

  24. I’m so excited to check out the new collection in a few weeks (as per my usual, lol). I usually stick with the wintry blues from the Christmas collection. I like the Christmas charms but Pandora is so expensive that I usually cut them out because I try to purchase things I wear year round. I can’t see wearing Christmas charms in the Summer time, lol!! My faves are: patterns of frost, heart of winter, blue shimmering droplets, and the blue adornment. I’d like to put all those beads on the new snowflake bangle. Do you know if Pandora is just releasing the bangle as a black Friday limited edition bangle at full price or do you get it for free if you spend a certain amount? I remember in years past they have released charms on black Friday but you can get them for weeks after because they don’t sell out on that day. Then it’s like, well what was the point lol?

    I also like the snowflake dangle charm and I also think it would make a pretty pendant. I’m not sure how I feel about the inscription either. I buy most of my Pandora for myself so then I’m keeping myself warm, lol? And if I tell my husband to buy it for me it makes it less special because I’m telling him to get me something with a nice inscription? I do think the snowflake though is so pretty.

    One last thing is that I just love the 14K gold with the blue charms. They look so pretty together I think. If only I could afford getting that gold bangle and putting my icy blue charms on it. I would never take it off, lol!!

    • Hi Jackie! A lot of people feel the same about Christmas charms – and I certainly did for years. i used to only buy the plain silver or clear ones, so that I could mix them in with other designs and get the most wear out of them, but I caved and just did a red and green Christmas bracelet last year, haha. And I’ve seen a few beads I’d like to add to it, too!

      I am not sure yet what Pandora’s plans are for the Black Friday bangle in the US/Canada. I am trying to find out, and I will update the blog! I’m sure there will be lots of Black Friday charms to go round, as you say – plus it’s being released in loads of other countries this year, so this one is not going to be difficult at all to find…!

      Aha, I often have the same thought process about the engraved charms! It does feel weird to buy yourself a charm with a romantic inscription, so I just hint to my OH that I’d like him to get me one for birthday/Christmas etc and then at least I haven’t explicitly bought it myself, haha.

      It’s funny that you should say that about the blue and the gold as I just decided that I’d like to do another mini-Christmas design this year along those lines! I have a navy leather that I hardly ever wear, so I’m going to repurpose it as a festive design – I want to add some blue pave, and some two-tone clips.

      • ellie I saw the collection today and asked a couple of questions about black Friday she told me the snowflake bangle will be the same deal as last year free with a 125 spend and the black Friday bead will be 75. hope this helps ladies plan, it was really hard to walk out the store without buying anything but I plan to wait for black Friday and pick up a couple of bangles if I can hold out that long. I guess the key for me will be stay away from the stor until then or I know I will cave.

        • There are some really great promos coming up! I don’t think I’ll be doing any of the North American ones (I’ve overspent..!) but I will maybe wait and see if Jared offer another exclusive ornament this year. That I might be tempted by!

  25. Hello Ellie!

    Beautiful post; thank you for kindly and considerately putting so much info in all of your posts! :)

    I have yet to jump on the Christmas band wagon and buy a Christmas charm (with the exception of the nativity scene charm that is now discontinued). I am loving this year’s Christmas collection! :) I cannot decide which ones I want to buy first. I am planning on doing a Pandora gift registry for Christmas for the charms I want my family members to buy for me. In return, I have taken wishlists for all they want too! They know I am extremely particular about my charms, so this can be mutually beneficial. :)

    Thank you again for your informative and well written post. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this new release!


    • Hi Margaret! Oh, thank you – I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoyed it. :D

      Oh, your first Christmas charm – now that’s exciting! And very good idea to have a Pandora charm registry! The problem is that I have such a collection built up now that people are always too nervous to just go out and buy one for me without checking first, as I will probably have it already :S I’m sure whichever festive bead you go for will be lovely! Look forward to hearing about which ones you decide to pop on the registry list. ^^

      Thanks for commenting!

    • Ooh exciting! The collection is soft launching in the UK today so I will hopefully get to see them myself this week! :D

  26. I agree with you about the gingerbread man!!! I plan to buy the original soon, this makes me think that they will discontinue the first one now that they introduced the new one. Btw I got a sneak peak of next years Valentine’s Day collection already!!! It’s to die for!

    • Oh you definitely should!! The original gingerbread man is one of my absolute favourites (it’s kind of one of those ones where I feel it’s Pandora sacrilege to discontinue it haha) and he definitely deserves a place in your collection ^^
      That’s exciting! I’ve seen a few bits myself and there are a couple of pieces I really like :D have you seen them in person?

  27. Hi Ellie!
    I think my purchase from this collection will be the Santa’s House. I love the detail of the red bricks on it! And I agree with you about the older gingerbread man dangle…what a classic. It makes me smile to pull it out every year! Thanks for the preview!

    • Hi Martha! Yes, definitely – I just saw all the new beads in person yesterday morning, and the Santa’s House is even more beautiful in person. The details are just gorgeous! I look forward to seeing it in your photos, if you do get it :D Thanks for commenting! <3

  28. Hi I’m wondering if there will also be the two tone bracelet that you posted earlier in this collection. It’s the one that has the pave and gold just on the clasp. If so, do you know the price? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Rachel! Yes, that’s coming out next Thursday for North America. It was an Autumn launch for everyone else, which is why I didn’t feature it here – but I should have clarified that. It’ll be $100 USD. Hope that helps! :)

  29. Hi Ellie
    The Christmas charms look stunning on the blue pave barrel bracelet. Can u tell me which countries have this bracelet? Thank you.

    • Hi Lozzie! That bracelet is exclusive to North America currently (I have no idea why!). I can imagine how nice it looks with all the Christmas beads!

      • Excellent. Thanks Ellie. I will be in the States soon. Might have to make a purchase. I have seen lots of photos on instagram of the new Christmas charms on this bracelet and its a stunning combo.

        • you’re welcome! You should definitely pick one up in you can. I keep seeing pictures of the coloured barrel clasp bracelets on instagram too, and they look so pretty!

  30. Hi Ellie. I received information about a promotion in which Pandora Preferred credit Card holders receive a free wallet with a $350 purchase. However, it does not have a picture of the wallet. Do you know anything about this promotion?

    • Hi Joanne, I see from your comment on my latest post that you’ve found a pic – I hadn’t heard about this, so thanks for the heads-up!

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