Today’s post brings my next Pandora Autumn 2016 review, with a closer look at a rather special piece – the somewhat elusive Fairytale Fish charm! The charm is a Russian exclusive – the first charm ever to be only available in Russia! This one has proven trickier to get hold of than previous country exclusives; it was made more difficult still by the fact that Pandora subsequently decided that the charm should be sold only as part of a bracelet gift set.


Some wondered if there was any particular reason why this charm would be a Russian exclusive, and a few ladies from Russia have clarified that the charm likely relates to a fairy story by the Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin, in which there’s an enchanted fish. (This story does crop up in various forms in other fairy stories, such as those of the Brothers Grimm, so you probably are familiar with it in one way or another!) One of my readers put together this lovely photo as a tribute to the charm’s fairytale heritage:

pandora fairytale fish

For more details, close-up images and styling inspiration regarding the charm itself, please read on! <3

Pandora Russian Exclusive Fairytale Fish Review

It took me some time to track down this lovely bead; I approached a couple of people who had some difficulty finding one, before finding a lovely lady through my Instagram who could help me. When the charm arrived, I was not disappointed – it is just delightful!


The thing that struck me straight away is just how well the gold crown and the warm ochre stones complement each other. For me, this isn’t a charm wherein the use of CZ and a hint of sparkle seems gratuitous or offputting – in this case, I really think it adds to the charm’s design.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Russia Exclusive

This is an adorable and rather funny-looking little charm. One of my favourite things about this bead is its expression; it has such a happy little smile. The eyes are picked out in black CZs, but thankfully they don’t look at all vacant or creepy, as Pandora have included some oxidised silver detail around each eye.

Pandora Fairytale Fish Review

The tail isn’t articulated; it’s fixed in place. When you put the charm on your bracelet, it hangs sideways, with the face pointing upwards and the tail hanging down. The nice thing about this is that it always hangs the right way round – so many animal or character beads are known for flipping and not facing the right way. That is not a problem with this bead!

Pandora Fairytale Fish Review

The charm isn’t threaded, due to the inset stones, and it is quite light to the touch – it’s similar in style to previous two-tone fairytale beads but it doesn’t feel as substantial. The details are nicely done, however, with his tail and fins picked out with oxidised grooves. The hallmarks are tucked away underneath his face, as pictured here.

Pandora Fairytale Fish Review


As soon as I saw this charm, I knew that it had to go on my two-tone fairytale bracelet! This is one of my oldest and most precious designs – I’ve never quite been happy with the snake pendant (lefthand side), so I decided this would be the perfect replacement.

vintage heart fairy tale bracelet pandora mark

I am so pleased with the result; I think that the warm amber of the stones actually contrasts with and complements the pink very well. Even though the charm has a lot of CZ detailing, and it’s a lot lighter than some of the older beads, in terms of style it blends in with the classic Pandora charms perfectly.

Pandora Fairytale Fish Review

As you can see from these shots, the amount of gold in the crown of the fish is comparable with that of older beads, such as the classic and much-loved two-tone Queen Bee!

Pandora Fairytale Fish Review

Finally, here’s a shot of me wearing the bracelet out and about! ^^


This charm has become this year’s Arabian Coffee Pot (a country-exclusive that caused a lot of excitement last year!); it’s a little trickier to find, and more expensive to buy, but I do think that this is worth the trouble to track down. It’s gorgeous and rather original in design – and, even better, it takes it inspiration from fairytales and culture, rather like some of Pandora’s earlier designs, such as the long-retired Hans Christian Andersen set. The charm bubbles over with character, mixing the elegant styling of the tail, fins and beautiful golden scales with its funny, happy little face & expression.

As previously mentioned, this charm is exclusive to Russia; Pandora stores aren’t allowed to ship internationally and so, if you want to track down this charm, you will have to find a friend in Russia to help you! For more details, please see my original preview here.

What do you think of this bead? Have you managed to track one down?

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  1. Ellie this charm is absolutely a must have. Unfortunately I don’t have any friend in Russia??. Your bracelet is gorgeous. Thanks for all the latest info. See u?

  2. I’m still so desperately wanting one of these. I bought one from someone in Russia and five weeks later I’m still waiting. Now I’ve bought one from someone in Melbourne. It was posted yesterday and I’m more hopeful that this one will get here. How can we tell whether they’re genuine or not?

    • Plus, my first one that I’m still waiting on was sent with a bracelet but my second one doesn’t have the bracelet and that’s why I’m extra concerned as to whether this is genuine. There seems to be confusion over whether they are sold with bracelets.

      • When I got mine, it was only available as part of the bracelet gift set (I didn’t keep my bracelet). But perhaps your contact in Melbourne has split the set and sold them separately?

      • I definitely not the person to ask. I’m having so much trouble getting mine. I paid five weeks ago and still nothing.

      • If you are on Instagram you could ask the lady who has helped me as well as lots of others. She has sent some to the US so will be able to tell you the postage costs too. Her Instagram name is daria_cool_noxy

      • Hi Rebecca, I see Hazel (username Dora) recommended you a user on Instagram – you could also try joining one of the Pandora FB selling groups such as Pandora’s angels or Pandora’sTribe, and you might be able to find someone there to help. It’s definitely been tough to find this one!

    • Have you had postal confirmation from your contact in Russia? If so, don’t lose hope! I once waited three full months for a charm to turn up from overseas, and it still got here. I’ve not lost a package in the post yet :) As for authenticity, you will just have to compare as best you can your bead to pictures online or ask me or anyone else who actually has a genuine example of the charm to confirm any details you think might be suspicious. You could ask your store, but they might find it difficult seeing as that charm isn’t actually sold there!

  3. Oh my….. the charm is so beautiful. And your bracelet is stunning. I love the combination of your charms on it. By the way, i’ve finally gotten the arabian coffee pot charm. Thanks to my Aunty. Hopefully in near future, someone i know will b travelling to Russia and get me this fairy tale fish.

    • I just went to my local jeweller to see if the winter collection is in. Saw the SA unpacking the new collection charms and putting them out. The star muranos is beautifully made, a like the iridescent blue muranos with addition of the stars. But I find it really too much to pay at $65. Mrs Claus is rather small but sweet. The Santa house is gorgeous. It’s definitely going home with me. But I shall wait for GWP promo to buy it. By the way I also got news that ruelala has charged to my credit. Hopefully that means they are sending out my purchase soon. Have a nice day.

      • I saw them at my local as well! The murano is gorgeous. I also loved all three Christmas beads I had already picked out from the stock images (Santa’s Home, Mrs Claus and Christmas Kitten) – the house is particularly beautiful in person, I agree! The Christmas Petites for the locket necklaces were also gorgeous.

    • Thank you! :D :D So glad you like it! It’s one of my oldest bracelets and it has a lot of memories for me. ^^ So glad to hear that you got the Coffee Pot – hope you love it as much in person.

  4. Lovely charm which suits your fairytale bracelet perfectly. Thanks for sharing this special purchase with us Ellie.

  5. Hi Ellie!

    Enjoyed your review of the charming Fairytale Fish. The adorable facial expression makes me want it even more. Unfortunately, I don’t have a contact in Russia. I’ll just have to admire yours. It looks real nice on your fairytale bracelet and I’m so happy you were able to get it!

    Thanks for the review. Anxiously awaiting more news regarding Black Friday and Christmas gift sets for US.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your latest hauls from Rue.

    • Hi Emily! Thank you! I hope one of these falls into your lap at some point or another – it is particularly hard to track own, harder than I originally anticipated. :(

      I am going to put together a post on Black Friday soon, I hope; it’s also been quite tricky getting together the relevant photos and information for that! And my Rue stuff has been dispatched, so hopefully I will be able to start featuring some of those goodies very soon!

  6. I managed to track one down and was able to sell the bracelet that came with it. It is absolutely the cutest charm I’ve seen in a while from Pandora. It too is on my fairy tale bracelet. Definitely a must have for true Pandora collectors!

    • Oh good, I’m so pleased to hear that! I agree with you, this bead is rather special and stands out totally from everything else they’re doing right now. :D I didn’t keep the bracelet either; I have so many, and I’d rather keep room for special clasp designs rather than the basic one.

  7. Hi Ellie
    Just wanted to say wow your bracelet is beautiful, love the fish!!

    Many thanks for the review. Look forward to your next ones.

    • Hi Nicola! Yay, thank you :D As soon as I saw the stock image for the fish, I knew he’d be perfect for this bracelet. He’s definitely got a bit of old-school Pandora about him, despite the CZs!

      Thanks for commenting, glad you enjoyed it – I have more coming up!

  8. My mom bought me this charm and the bracelet. Now the trouble is to get it to the US, as where she lives there is no Fed Ex or UPS and I’m afraid to have it sent by regular post.

  9. Thank you for the great review! My fairytale fish is due to arrive on the 1st November! It is one of the most exciting charms from Pandora for a long time. I really hope there is more like it to come. It’s nice that there are quite a few new two tone charms out in the autumn and winter collections. I think the two tone charms are my favourite.

    The fairytale fish looks great in your fairytale themed bracelet. Did you manage to get any of the fairytale charms from the RueLaLa sale? I decided not to get anything but hold out until the UK end of year sales.

    Thanks again for the review ??

    • Hi Hazel! Oooh, that’s exciting – not long to go then! :D I’m sure it won’t disappoint, it is just as nice in person! The two-tone charms are some of my favourites, too, and I’ve snapped up so many of the ones i’ve wanted for a long time at discount in the sales. It’s the only up side to so many beauties retiring!

      I actually already owned most of the fairytale beads (oops) but I did get the two-tone sitting Pixie from Rue La La. Among a few other things! I will also probably check out the UK end of year sales haha…

      Thanks for commenting lovely! <3

  10. I am not on Instagram n really hope to get the fairy tale fish charm, any other plan beside flying Russia?
    Your post is mt favourite for getting pandora latest news! Big thanks!

    • Aha, sometimes it is tempting to just make extravagant travel plans to track down country exclusives isn’t it? I would join Pandora selling FB groups such as Pandora’s Angels or Pandora’s Tribe, if you can. Your best bet is to try and make some contacts in the Pandora community, as that way you can get a feel for people you trust and you are far less likely to make a bad purchase or to get ripped off by high prices. So maybe consider starting an instagram, too, for that purpose! :) There are a lot of lovely Pandora pics there too!

      Yay, thank you! That is so nice to hear :D

    • Yay, thanks Sarah! :D I was nervous that the orange stones would clash with the bracelet, but happily enough I think it goes quite well!

  11. Hi Ellie! I am so pleased that you were able to track down the Fairytale Fish. What an amazing charm it is! It has just the right amount of sparkle and the gold crown is stunning! How I wish that Pandora would make this available in other countries. It is enormously popular and Pandora would surely make a profit with this charm! I really think that it should be part of the Fairytale collection. After all, so many fairytale charms have recently been retired! <3 :D

    • Hi Carol! I completely agree with you, this charm is just stunning. And I like how much personality it has, as well! I agree that it’s a bit confusing that they’d put such a unique and attractive charm down as a country exclusive – but maybe they predicted that it would appeal particularly to dedicated collectors, who would be willing to track it down and pay to get it from Russia. Idk! I would love to know some of the rationales behind Pandora’s decisions in terms of this kind of thing, haha.

  12. I love it although it goes with nothing I have lol. It’s going good to be quite the collectors item. Has anyone experienced any issues with enamel pieces? I’m contemplating my first purchase. Was not sure if the enamel fades?

    • Hi Ashley,

      I was of the same mind and for several years and avoided buying Enamel charms because of fading concerns,. The gals at my local store assured me that Pandira enamel charms are durable.

      I have since purchased numerous enamel charms and no problems. I even bought the all red enamel Christmas present last year & No problems although I don’t wear multiple charm bracelets other than an empty bangle next to my Chritmas bracelet. My Pudsey Bears have only some enamel but it is white and so far no discolouration.

      I love the enamel red and pink hearts.

      A few enamel pieces really give my bracelet & necklace that nice pop of colour!

      Lisa K

      • I am also a big enamel fan, Lisa! My favourites are the Chinese New Year red enamel beads. The colour is so gorgeous! <3

    • Absolutely, this one is probably the charm I’ve had most trouble finding in all my collecting career! ^^

      The only issue I have ever had with enamel with the white enamel beads. It’s not terrible, but they do discolour a little over time. If you compare a brand new Darling Daisy clip, for example, with one you’ve had for a year or so, you can tell the difference. All my other enamel beads look perfect still.

  13. When Fairytale Fish charm first came out in September, I asked my sister to check if they sold it in Ukraine and she asked at her local Pandora store. The sales lady told her that for now it is only in Russia, but Ukraine would be getting it in the Soring. So hopefully this means Pandora will make the fish available to more countries next year.

  14. Hi Ellie,

    I have one on the way with tracking & original tags. Can’t wait, hoping it will arrive soon, but post from Russia takes time.

    Should be here in early Nov.

    Love your designs! I might copy your design as I have some of the same charms. I was thinking since I have two Amber muranos that I might use those with some two tone gold and onyx prices although I don’t want to overshadow Puhkin’s “Zolotaya Rybka” . It is a gorgeous looking charm but not one easy to style. I lile how it looks on the ribbon. You mentioned it was lighter in weight so I thought I’d wear it on my black leather or pink bracelet by itself.

    Thanks for this review and for highlighting this wonderful exclusive!

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa!

      Ooh that’s exciting! So pleased to hear you found one too. Fingers crossed it gets to you speedily! :)

      Ah, that sounds lovely. I like the idea of putting some onyx and amber in with it – not only would they match the colours of the charm itself perfectly, but it’ll make for a really dramatic styling, too. I went cutesier with my pinks and cherry blossoms, but that would be a bit more elegant. :D

      Thanks for commenting Lisa! Always a pleasure! :)

      • Hi Ellie,

        My Fairytale Fish arrived today & it is amazing. I will have to wait until after Halloween to really enjoy it. Too distracted with Trick or Treaters, hate to accidentally give it out as a treat in place of

        Thanks so much for your wonderful blog.

        Lisa K

  15. I was browsing through Pandora website for other countries tonight, and Qatar website has the Fairytale fish on their site. Also several Asian countries have the 2016 Black Friday charm already.

    • What you will find is that some versions of just list all the charms that are available anywhere, including country exclusives – I have also noticed those listings, and I’m pretty sure that some of them are errors. I asked around and the Pudsey Bear is definitely a UK exclusive. :)

      • Thanks, Ellie! I did not realize this. There were several countries in Europe that had the Asian charms too, and it did not make sense. I guess Pandora web developers messed it up ?

        • You’re welcome! It happens reasonably often, I think last year’s Black Friday bead got leaked early when they accidentally posted it to the Japanese version of the website with the other Autumn 2015 beads haha.

  16. Thank you for another great review. This was one of those charms that I wanted as soon as I saw it. Sometimes I have to see them in person before I decide for sure. This was not one of those times, and I was not disappointed when it arrived. It is as lovely in person as it was in pictures. He will be one of the feature beads of a new bracelet I’m starting. I am happy that you were able to get one as well, and your styling is lovely.

    • So glad you enjoyed it Janet! This one was a lot of fun to do. I totally agree with you – the stock image is pretty accurate, and the charm is just as gorgeous in person. This charm will be a gorgeous focal bead for your bracelet, whatever your theme might be! :)

  17. The charm is so lovely. I am waiting for mine to arrive next week. A coworker has family in Russia we wired $$ and I’m expecting it next week. So excited.

  18. Still hoping to find this little guy. Any suggestions, ideas would be appreciated.
    I like that it was offered with a bracelet as well.
    Decided not to chance buying on EBay.
    Just call me Everhopeful, lol.

    • Update:
      I caught my Fairytale Fish.
      He is a stunner!
      I just can’t decide where I want him to land yet lol.
      On a TT style, an ocean theme, or the fairytale theme.

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