Today’s post brings an update on the Pandora Winter 2016 collection, with a round-up of the upcoming holiday and Black Friday promotions for North America! I’ve had a lot of questions about these upcoming promos, so I spent some time this week tracking down all the relevant info and images for each one; there are some really fun festive deals coming up, and no shortage of things to put on your Christmas lists!


This information relates to the holiday promotions for North America; I am still following up information for other regions, and will hopefully be able to post those details in my November news round-up.

Pandora Holiday Gift Sets 2016

The gift sets in this section are due out with the Winter 2016 collection on the 3rd of November, and each comes with a special box in a pretty metallic silver and rose-gold colour scheme. <3

First up is a bracelet gift set, which includes the threadless bracelet, the Vintage Allure charm and two of the clear Shining Elegance silicone clips for $195 USD. The Vintage Allure charm will not be available to purchase separately until next year (it was released for individual sale in other regions with the Autumn 2016 region).

It comes with an absolutely stunning metallic jewellery box; the box also contains a little  ring box too!

Image courtesy of Pandora's Angels
Image courtesy of Pandora’s Angels

Thanks to Lady G Forty, we have a further look at the boxes and how they’re laid out. Please do not reproduce these images without crediting her!

The Vintage Allure gift set consists of a pair of earrings and a matching necklace – it will retail for $150 USD.

The box for this set is in the same colour scheme, but much simpler:

Image courtesy of Pandora's Angels
Image courtesy of Pandora’s Angels

There will be a special box for this year’s limited edition Disney charm, too, which is priced at $80 USD. This is officially available to purchase with the launch of the Winter 2016 collection on the 3rd of November, although some stores may have it in already.

Image courtesy of Pandora's Angels
Image courtesy of Pandora’s Angels

For more information on the Pandora Disney Winter 2016 collection, please check out my preview here.

Pandora North America Black Friday Promotions

Black Friday this year falls on the 25th of November, and as usual Pandora NA are running some special deals to celebrate. The limited edition Black Friday charm for this year is a red Poinsettia, and will be on sale from then. This year’s bead is actually going to be available in multiple regions, including the UK, so there’s no need for everyone to import them from the US or Canada this time around! This is retailing for $70 USD.


There will also be a deal on the Unique Snowflake bangle for Black Friday; from 25th-28th November, spend $125 USD and get the bangle for free!

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Black Friday Bangle

Pandora Christmas Ornament 2016 Promotion

In the US & Canada, the Hidden Gift Christmas ornament will be available as a GWP from the 1st of December, while stocks last. The spend will be $125 USD.

Thanks to Claire Gill, we have this stunning live photo of the ornament! The detailing looks so pretty in person, and I can’t wait to see it for myself. :D

pandora hidden gift christmas ornament 2016
Image by Claire Gill

I don’t know yet whether there will be another Jared exclusive Pandora Christmas ornament this year – if there is, I will of course post an update!

My Comment

I absolutely love the box that comes with the bracelet gift set; however, I already have one of the smooth threadless bracelets and I’m not in terrible need of the Vintage Allure charm, so it probably won’t be for me! The pave Mickey/Minnie Disney charm appeals to me more than last year’s LE offering, but it’s still not quite my cup of tea – I don’t really have a bracelet design that it would fit with.

The Christmas ornament for this year is *gorgeous*, and I will definitely have to have one – I just need to figure out budgets and how best to go about getting one. ^^

Will you be taking part in any of this year’s holiday promos? Is the Black Friday charm on your list?

108 Comments on Pandora Holiday Gift Sets & Black Friday Promotions 2016

  1. I love that jewellery box and the little ring box. America always have fantastic jewellery boxes, they get with purchases.

    • The poinsettia Black Friday charm, is available to buy now from John Greed online in the UK. It retails for £70.

      • Thanks for the heads-up Sarah – I just saw your email too! There seems to be some confusion among retailers as to whether it’s meant to be available now or actually on Black Friday now.

    • I think we might be getting the metallic travel box here in the UK as well as a Black Friday offer, which would be great – as you say North America always get the best boxes!

  2. Oh pooh I so want the vintage allure earrings and the Vintage Allure charm but not the necklace or threadless bracelet so I guess I must wait till next year :(

    • Aw, that’s a shame! That is the downside to these gift sets – it would be nice if they offered the individual pieces at the same time.

  3. Thank you for the update, Ellie! This information will help me plan my spending–or should I say instead overspending?

  4. I love the gift sets I am for sure getting one. I just wanted to know what happened to the morano evil eye are we getting it and if yes then when I love that one.

    • Hi! I’ve not heard any news regarding the Evil Eye murano coming to any further regions so far, unfortunately.

  5. Just curious about the Disney bead if it has Minnie on one side and Mikey on the other or if you have to choose between the two when picking?

  6. WHOA! I really, really love the poinsettia charm! And the bangle looks GREAT!!! Thank you for the charm and bangle Ms. Mora and God bless you.

    • Yay I’m glad to hear you’re excited! The poinsettia grows on me all the time – I just saw some gorgeous live shots of it, and it looks really very pretty. :D

  7. Omg, I think I need the vintage allure bracelet gift set with the gorgeous boxes!! Might be my XMas wish for this year. Like the poinsettia charm too and may try to get the free snowflake bangle. I went crazy for the bangles last year and got two so might as well get another one!

    • That would be an excellent thing to put on your Christmas list! I’m tempted to put the rose heart clasp bracelet on mine :) and I might be tempted by the Poinsettia after all!

  8. Thank you for another great post! Any news about special deals on 14k gold bangle? ‘Buy one, get one for free’? :-)

    • Aha, now wouldn’t that be nice? I’m afraid I haven’t heard about any deals for the gold bangle however :(

  9. My local Pandora store is already selling the winter releases, so I purchased the bracelet gift set. I too already have the smooth bracelet and the clips, but my aunt recently started collecting, so I’m giving her everything but the charm! She’s not crazy about it, so I put another charm in the set for her. While I was there I splurged on the new signature clasp bracelet. So many goodies, so difficult to resist!

    • Ah, well that works out nicely! :D Sometimes you have to think outside the box with these special releases, haha. The Signature Clasp bracelet is gorgeous, and such a nice way to incorporate two-tone without spending the money for the regular two-tone bracelet. Enjoy your new pretties!

  10. The manager from my store called last Wednesday and said that the entire winter collection was in, so I went and spent a ton of money since my birthday and Christmas are less than a month apart and my hubby loves it when I get what I want and give it to him to wrap. I bought the new signature clasp bracelet and built a wintry blue theme with a few gold trinity spacers. I bought the allure gift set(love the travel case and the charm) I bought the Mickey//Minnie head limited edition and paired it with two Starry Night Sky Muranos since they remind me of Mickey’s Sorcerer’s hat from Fantasia and a few random ones for my other bracelets, the crystalised floral(so gorgeous) and heart of winter charms.

    • What an amazing haul! I went in and saw it all last week, and was so tempted by it all. The wintry blue charms looked just divine, especially the Starry Night muranos you got. That’s a great thought to pair it with the Mickey Sorcerer Hat charm, that’s pretty much a perfect combination! Enjoy your new lovely beads! :D Can’t wait to get a couple from this collection myself.

  11. For all of you awaiting any Disney charm news, the Pandora rep is often at my store and I saw him on Friday and he said not to expect much more Disney charms than those posted on Ellie’s website already. He said the big collection will come next spring and when he asked me who some of my faves are and I told him Mickey, Donald and Pluto he said I will be pleased to know that the spring collection will have a Donald charm. He also said that Pandora is well aware that people are wanting Villain charms, but he didn’t divulge whether any were already in the works or not.

      • Star Wars would be so much fun (Chamilia have done a really great line of SW-themed beads) but I just can’t imagine Pandora taking a punt on something so un-girly! :(

    • Ooh that’s a great scoop! I’m still waiting for more Winnie the Pooh characters and maybe Bambi. I’m a sucker for the cute animals! <3 Villains would be great, too, especially if paired with some darker, dramatic murano glass.

  12. So pleased when i visited pandora store yesterday they had the new winter range available.i got the gorgeous crystalised floral charm and 2 sparkling line clips to go on my new pave heart bracelet i got from the bracelet promo.i also saw the xmas decoration i can imagine it hanging on the tree with something special hiding inside.really my eye on a couple of the new xmas charms santas house and the snowman a must have for reading your blogs for inspiration.

    • Oh, gorgeous! They’ll look lovely on that bracelet :D I got to see the new beads last week as well, but the ornaments weren’t available yet. I would have loved to have seen it in person! The Santa’s House is another favourite of mine, plus Mrs Claus and the Christmas Kitten. Thanks for commenting, Kerry! <3

  13. Hi Ellie. I have been eagerly awaiting this post, as I am always a sucker for these promos around the holidays and have to plan accordingly. I will be doing the bangle promo again this year, as I like this bangle even more than last year’s! Part of my purchase will include this year’s Black Friday charm. I was originally unsure about the BF charm, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I saw an image of it paired with the Cerise Radiant Hearts and just loved it, so I plan to build my Christmas bracelet off of this design. I hope my Pandora store will be open on Thursday (American Thanksgiving) again this year because the bangle sold out very quickly last year. Of course, I will be getting the ornament again and am eager to see if Jared has one again. I haven’t indulged in any of the winter gift sets in the past, but I love the Vintage Allure necklace/earring gift set and have asked for it for a gift. Lastly, I’m not too keen on the bracelet gift set, but I sure hope that box goes for sale, as I must have it!

    • I forgot to mention that there is another promo coming up in the U.S. for Pandora Preferred credit card holders. The promo runs from Nov. 4-6 and is to spend $350 on the credit card and receive a free exclusive wallet. I saw a picture of the wallet on FB. It is a small blue card wallet.

      • Thanks so much for the heads-up Joanne! I have seen the same pic now, and I’ll add it to my promos page when I get home this evening.

    • Hi Joanne! Oh I know, I get too excited for all the festive promos too. Writing about them always gets me in the mood for the holiday season! I won’t be getting this year’s bangle, as the script isn’t for me and I still haven’t filled up any of my previous bangles, but I do like the link between the script and the snowflake motif. :)
      I have done the same thing with the BF charm – I was a bit meh about it, but then saw some gorgeous live images of it that have completely changed my mind! So I may get that one after all. I also would love if it Jared had an exclusive ornament – I’d definitely try and get one this year, considering how HTF last year’s has become!

      • I know what you mean. I’m not fond of the script on the bangle either, but I tend to focus on the clasp since I usually wear my special bangles with the clasp facing up anyway!

        • That is true! But I’m trying to cut back a bit this year as I’ve spent so much on retired beads, so I’m trying my hardest to find excuses not to buy things!

  14. Hi Ellie, Wow!! Love all the news!! I don’t have any pieces of the bracelet gift set and I love the jewelry box, so this and the Disney charm are a must have for me; not sure about the poinsettia, I prefer to wait to see it in person before take a decision… I’m so jealous because in my country the winter collection is coming out in the third week of November :(, so I have to wait a lot. The snowflake bangle is gorgeous!! I love the special designs on the clasp of the bracelets, this October a friend help me to get the pink ribbon bangle from France, so I can’t wait to get it. I’m not so excited about the Christmas Ornament, last year the snowflake ornament was amazing and I got two, but this year maybe only one for the collection… thanks for all the information, I love your beautiful blog!

    • Hi Priscilla! Oh lovely, the box is beautiful :D I already have a thread less bracelet so it’s not for me. Oh no, you’ve got a little while to wait! :( I didn’t realise any countries staggered the release; I thought that the 3rd of November was the global release date. Ah well, I’m sure it’ll only be the more exciting for the wait! :D

      The special clasp bracelets are so much fun to collect! Every time I think ‘no more bracelets!’, they come out with another beautiful design that I have to have. I’ll be putting the Rose heart clasp bracelet on my Christmas list this year, I think…

      Aw, thank you so much! <3 Thanks for reading and commenting, Priscilla, so pleased to hear that you enjoy it!

      • Most of the time in Costa Rica we have to wait around 15 days later for the new collections, it’s wear to have them at the same time of the rest of the world, don’t know why. :(

  15. One concept store in Toronto invite me for Tower promotion on 5th Nov, spend Can $175 get special gift, I will go to check what they offer first then decide what I really want to spend.

  16. I hope that´s the same jewellery box we ´ll be getting for X-mas. It´s beauuutiful!!!!!!!!
    Again a big thank you for sharing.

    • Isn’t it just! :D There are way too many pretty boxes coming out every year. I’ve given up collecting them, otherwise I’d be broke trying to do all the GWPs and buying up all the boxsets, haha. I just put all my Pandora in my stackers boxes!
      You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed!

      • He he! My Pandora collection isn´t so stunning as yours, so it can be kept in a Pandora box. Still ;-). Anyway as I´m going to spend the minimun required, I think I could do with “a present” to put my lovely pieces in, lol!

  17. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks so much for this info. The items I am most interested in are the snowflake clasp bangle and the Christmas Ornament. The Black Friday Charm is something I will have to see in person. This past Fall,I have focussed my budget on the exclusive charms that thanks to my friends who travel a lot I have been able to track down most of them. This of course leaves a lot less money to spend on the regular new collections. But I think I will add at least a couple new charms from the winter & Christmas release to my collection.

    On another note I received the strangest email from Charm Junction here in Canada that said Thank-You & Goodbye. When I tried to go to their website page Iit read sorry cannot be found. Are they no longer a Pandora shop in shop? if so I am sad to see them go.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa!

      You are welcome! The Christmas ornament is my favourite, too. I’m currently trying to work out what the best way to get one is. :D The Black Friday charm wasn’t a design I was particularly keen on, but there have been some beautiful live shots floating around and now I’m a bit of a convert. So I’m now undecided about that one! I also tracked down a lot of country exclusives this season, but for Winter I’ll be spending a bit more on the regular collections like you. :D

      I got that same email from Charm Junction – it’s because Pandora have now opened an official Canadian eStore. Either Charm Junction have decided that they don’t want to compete, or Pandora have decided that they don’t want the competition :( It’s a shame, as they always had a good stock of retired beads to choose from!

    • Haha, it is lovely isn’t it? I think we in the UK might be getting it too, but with a different bracelet set.

  18. I was very excited to see this post!! I think that jewelry box is very pretty with the bracelet gift set. I too have several of the thread less bracelets so I don’t think I will be purchasing it. I got a very cute black travel pouch from Jared last month so I don’t think I would use the jewelry box very much. I am very interested in the vintage allure gift set!! It comes with the dangle earrings and not the button ones right? I think you posted both. Or do you get to pick which ones you want?

    I’m very excited they are making the snowflake bangle free with $125 purchase!! I will definitely be going to the mall just for that!! And I will also be picking up the very pretty ornament at Christmas time. I have 5 of the previous ornaments on an ornament tree on my dresser in my bedroom. They are all so pretty and very collectible!!

    • I’m very glad to hear it! :D Good catch on the Vintage Allure earrings thing; you’re right, I think, it’s the dangle versions that this set comes with. Thanks for pointing that out! :)

      Aw, you have five ornaments! I am envious ^^ I only have the 2014 and 2015 ceramic ornaments, and I never got the Jared one from last year either. I’d quite like to collect all the ceramic ones, they are so pretty!

  19. I got two of the new snowflake clips and a blue starry murano. I intend to purchase the black Friday charm when getting the free bangle. I don’t mind the phrase on it. It’s true, God made us all special and unique. The snowflake on the clasp is gorgeous. I got to see it in person a while back.

    • Oh, lovely! I saw the starry murano in store last week and it is beautiful. And the clasp on the bangle is really stunning, too! Enjoy your new pieces.

  20. Hi Ellie!

    Thank you kindly for information regarding Holiday Gift Sets and Black Friday promos. Now I can plan my budget accordingly. Your continued hard work is much appreciated.

    The metallic jewelry boxes are a must have, but I already have two thread less bracelets and two of the silicone clips. I’ll have to figure out a way to get the lovely boxes. The Snowflake bangle is another must have for me. I’m wondering if it will come in a pretty box. I’m excited to see the Winter release in person and start adding to my collection.

    Thanks again for the post!

    • Hi Emily! You’re welcome, I’m so pleased it was useful. You might be able to purchase one of the boxes on the secondhand market, although it’s hard to imagine someone wanting to give one away! ^^ In the UK, the Snowflake bangle does come in a special silver metallic box, which is really rather pretty! I hope it’s the same for you guys in the US. :)

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  21. Thank you for this post! I am looking forward to get the gift set.
    By the way, a staff told me about a price increase in charms. Is this true?

    • You are welcome! :) I heard about a price increase for other jewellery than charms, but not for charms in North America- the only price increase I have heard about in terms of charms recently are that murano glass has gone up in price in some regions..

  22. Hi Ellie and Ladies! Does anyone know if the free bangle promo will be available in Australia? Also, will the promo be available online on Cyber Monday like last year? I’m always excited for free bracelet/bangle promos! My order for the previous promo in UK got cancelled ;( so I’m looking forward to the next! Great review Ellie! I visit your page everyday to check on new posts! Love your blog!!!! Best thing I found since I started collecting last April! Looking forward to your next post already!

    • Hi Cindy! Yes, a free bangle promo is going ahead in Australia again this year according to a few Australian sources I have spoken to. :) It’s not the same one as the North American one exactly, but it’s similar! I’m not sure regarding the Cyber Monday thing though.

      Aw, thank you! <3 That's so nice to hear, I hope you continue to enjoy. Thanks for letting me know!

  23. Hi Ellie, do you know if North America will be getting the two-tone bracelet with signature clasp (Item #590741CZ), the one everybody else got with the Autumn collection?

  24. Hi Ellie! I am so excited about the Unique Snowflake bangle promo! I love to collect the bangles and the Snowflake is gorgeous! I will probably take part in the ornament promo as well. However, I am very curious to see Jared’s Pandora ornament. Last year, I really liked the Snowflake ornament, but when I saw Jared’s Christmas Tree, I actually preferred it to the Snowflake! I decided to participate in the Jared promo instead! :D

  25. Hello.
    Is there a way to purchase the Disney Parks exclusives and use towards a free bracelet at the end of Nov? It is my understanding that the Disney Store does not do the free bracelet promo. Any ideas?

    • Hi Tessa, I don’t think that the Pandora stores in the Disney Parks traditionally take part in the free bracelet promo unfortunately. I wouldn’t have thought you would be able to do that :(

  26. Hi
    Do you have any idea if PANDORA Signature Clasp Bracelet, Fancy Pink CZ is a limited edition bracelet? Any idea when was this launched?
    Is this only available to US ? Thanks

  27. Can someone let me know where can i get hold of Pandora jewelry box,its a rectangle shape with metal bars inside to put your charms on. Iam from Australia.

    • Hi, your best bet would be to look on eBay (it’s safer for buying promo items than for buying actual charms) or to join one of the Pandora promo groups on Facebook :) Pandora Promo Palace is one, I think, and the Pandora’s Angels Facebook page also has a promo specific offshoot too

    • Hi! Last year they offered it online for Cyber Monday in the US, but I’ve not heard if that’s the case again this year.

    • Hi Sharon – no, we are having our own separate promotions in the UK. We have the Black Friday charm for £70 and then a Black Friday gift set for £149. There’s a pic of that in my December news round-up :)

        • It is a shame – they’ve been running the Christmas ornament GWP with £125 for the past couple of weeks, and it’s still going on today. You could always get that?

  28. Do you know if the free special edition bangle will be available in a variety of sizes? My wrists are super tiny so I would need the smallest size possible :)

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