Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all that’s coming up for December 2016! This month’s new delves into all the wonderful festive offers and promos running this month, and also offers a few rumours and tidbits as to what’s coming next year with the Pandora Spring 2017 collection. ?


In terms of blog news, I will be starting my Pandora Christmas 2016 charm reviews very shortly – there will be lots of Pandora festive inspiration, and a look at my updated Pandora Christmas bracelet for this year too! ?

Pandora Christmas Ornament GWP 2016

The Pandora ornament GWP begins today for North America, available with spends of $125 USD or more – this year’s ornament is the beautiful porcelain Hidden Gift. The offer lasts until December 8, or while stocks last, and offers a wonderful opportunity to indulge in the Black Friday 2016 charm or perhaps one of the holiday gift sets!
pandora free ornament GWP

I have mine already, and it’s just gorgeous! .

pandora christmas ornament 2016 mine

It looks so pretty on display with my previous two :) I don’t hang my ornaments on the tree as I have both a clumsy cat and dog, and there’s no doubt in my mind that they’d be smashed before the day was out. ^^ I tend to put them out on a shelf, out of harm’s way!

pandora christmas ornament 2015 snowflake

Pandora Jared Ornament 2016 GWP

Running alongside the regular ornament GWP in the US is a rather special promotion, exclusive to Jared’s Galleria stores. They will be offering their own exclusive ornament for the same spend of $125 USD:


It’s a gorgeous wreath porcelain ornament, with PANDORA and the year engraved on it. There have been a few live shots of it uploaded to eBay by user suzicharm, and it looks just as nice in person – you can see the details much more clearly, too:


This is the promo I’ve been most excited for, and I have a friend in the US who will be helping me out with it! <3


Rue La La Pandora November 2016 Sale Continues

The Pandora sale at US shopping site Rue La La is continuing for another three days, offering great discounts on a variety of jewellery! It’s members only but as usual you can sign up using my affiliate code.


I’ve bought a few bits and pieces myself, including this absolutely gorgeous two-tone MOP pendant (photo courtesy of my friend in the US!):


I’ve wanted this for a long time but have always managed to miss it in the UK sales. :D I also decided to go for the multi-strand clip bracelet (another item that’s long been on my wishlist!) and the clear Her Majesty spacers!

Pandora Australia & New Zealand Unique Snowflake Bangle GWP 2016

If you’re wondering why the limited edition Unique Snowflake bangle hasn’t launched in Australia or New Zealand yet, I have good news for you – it will be available as a gift with purchase later in December!

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Black Friday Bangle

Running from the 8th December, spend $150 AUD or $180 NZD and receive the bangle for free! Advent Calendar 2016 Promotion

Every year, Pandora usually run a daily little Christmas competition on their website and, true to form, this year’s has started! It’s a cute advent calendar promotion, with the chance to win 25 different pieces of jewellery every day.


This, from what I understand, matches physical advent calendar displays that will be on show in Pandora’s concept stores as well!

Pandora Boxing Day 2016 Sales

After these exciting Christmas promos are over, it will then be time for the Boxing Day sales! These will be running again this year after Christmas in many countries, including the UK. There’s limited info on them just yet, but they offer discounts on retired charms and jewellery, and it’s usually worth putting aside a few pennies to scoop up some discontinued beads!

Pandora Australia Summer Sale 2016

Rue La La will be running something for the US as well. :)

Pandora Spring/Summer 2017 Rumour Round-Up

We’ve already had a preview of the Pandora Valentine’s 2017 collection, but there’s not much info out yet on what’s coming out from Pandora for Spring and Summer next year – however, I’ve been told a couple of tidbits about the upcoming Pandora SS17 collections to get us started:

pandora spring 2017 preview

  • Pandora Essence will be back with a spring 2017 collection, which will include the first Pandora Essence dangle charms and a lot of sparkle
  • There will be more Winnie the Pooh characters in the next Disney launch, alongside new Donald and Daisy Duck charms (fingers crossed for Tigger and Piglet…!)
  • More flowers & pinks for spring, which I’m sure will shock no one!

My Comment

Hope everyone has enjoyed their first day of advent! ^^ This is such a fun time of the year, and, as usual, Pandora have risen marvellously to the occasion with some gorgeous Pandora Christmas promos running this month. I’m doing the Jared ornament promo this year, which I’m super excited about, and I’m also expecting a couple of Pandora things to be under the tree for me this year… ?

In terms of what’s coming ups or next year, I am super excited for the prospect of more Winnie the Pooh characters to collect – they have been top of my list ever since Pandora Disney was announced two years ago. ? Other than that, I know that there are still a whole range of beads I’ve been wanting them to do for years that I would love to see. A typewriter charm, a charm for sewers and/or knitters, some adorable Bambi charms or a Dumbo bead. I’d also love to see Pandora do some two-tone charms with 14kt rose gold – that would be gorgeous!

In terms of my own Pandora news, thanks to the very kind assistance of one of my blog readers, I now have the retired Zebra murano I was looking for! <3 Yay!

Are you taking part in any promos this month? And what are you hoping to see next year?

59 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up For December 2016

  1. Thanks for the news! I am really excited for more Disney especially Winnie the Pooh characters! I love my Pooh but he needs more friends.

  2. I tried to do the RueLaLa sale now that they accept international credit cards. Looks like they do it through borderfree. In any case, I tried 3 times and no go :( just wouldn’t do the check out for me. I’m curious if it was an error due to the fact it was Pandora and they would send other items or what? Oh well,

    My bff and I are going shopping on the weekend for daughters and I’m hoping to indulge in the ornament if they have any left at my local store, will see.

    • Oh that’s strange, I haven’t had any problems yet – perhaps get in touch with their customer service and ask, as they are usually super quick on their emails! Had you selected your correct country at the top of the page? Pandora is one of the items that they will send abroad, so that shouldn’t be causing the problem – Rue especially got in touch with me when they started offering international shipping to let me know!

      I hope you find your ornament this weekend in any case :D

  3. Hi Elsie, thanks for the post. Always love reading them. Can you tell me how I can participate in the advent calendar giveaway? I have tried uploading the website with no success. Thanks?

  4. Yay, thanks for the round-up, Ellie! Hooray for the Unique Snowflake bangle GWP in Australia/New Zealand! I’ve been waiting for that since the ber months started. :)

    • It’s such a fun offer – it’s nice that you guys get both the ornament and the bangle promo, they’re both such nice, festive promos :D

  5. Always excited for your new and posts. I live in the US and can possibly help when you are looking for retired or exclusive charms/ornaments. Thanks again for keeping us informed.

    • Oh, thanks Jane – I am actually thinking about looking for a couple of the older Pandora Christmas ornaments, so if you can help with those at all, please do let me know! ♥️

  6. I am new to Pandora and already addicted!!!
    How can I find the Advent Calendar 2016 Promotion? I went to Pandora website, but couldn’t find it. Please help!!!

    • It’s just on the homepage of the UK/US version of – so it possibly just isn’t running in your location :(

  7. Hi Ellie,

    I love my snowflake bangle! Picked it up last weekend at my local store. While I was away on a work trip I bought the ‘I love reading’ charm to both represent & celebrate my husband’s love of reading. I always by a charm when I travel. This weekend Hubby is going to do some shopping, great time for the ornament promo!
    Congrats on your Zebra murano. Your bracelet looks complete. When they were first released The Tame the Wild series I bought the zebra first then added the tiger, snow leopard & blue Python. Some I picked up in my travels. Rarely have I purchased so many muranos from the same series or collection They are addictive! A safari has been on my bucket list for years.

    Your new two tone pendant is lovely. I hope it gets to you quickly.
    On a Christmas note, I have decided to create a different Christmas bracelet/bangle design each day for the twelve days leading up to Christmas, I want to make use of both my Christmas themed & Christmas like charms.
    The advent calendar is beautiful, wish stores were giving those out as GWP.

    Great round up!
    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! Oh good, I’m so glad you decided to get the Love reading bead – it is so pretty and shiny in person <3 hope your hubby chooses all the right things, or that you've briefed him well haha.
      Thanks very much Lisa! I was so excited to find one :D I only got the purple zebra when it first came out, as it was so hyped and limited edition, as I had a very limited Pandora budget at the time! ^^ Since then I've gone back for the Snow Leopard and now the Zebra. I would love to get the purple python too if it ever finds its way into my lap!

      That's such a cute idea! I was planning on doing like a 24 days of Pandora idea for maybe my Instagram page, with a Christmas bead on every day, but I just ran out of time. Maybe next year!!

      Thanks for commenting Lisa! ?

  8. Hi Ellie,
    I’m so glad there are going to be some new Disney characters represented on the charms. It’s not that I don’t like Mickey and Minnie, but they really made a lot of those! For me, I really only want one or two of each character. It would be so cute to have a Winnie the Pooh bracelet with each character and some bees and maybe glass honey colored charms if someone is a big fan of that movie. I’d love to see charms from Moana. There are already so many tropical themed charms that you could put together a whole bracelet easily. Actually, I’d like to see at least one charm from every Disney animated feature, but that would take up more than 3 bracelets!

    • Hi Stephanie , I know – we have more than enough choice when it comes to mickey and minnie! I guess they know that they are sure sellers. Honey coloured charms with the pooh characters would be lovely – the golden belle murano would be perfect for that! ?

  9. Hi Ellie I love the Xmas sale I love getting a bargain,the spring necklace looks very pretty. I’m excited for more Disney I hope they do some lion king charms it’s such a classic and poppular film I can’t believe they haven’t done anything yet. What are you going to get to hottie spend for the ornament.

    • Hi Nicola! I know, those spring petites are gorgeous :) I’m getting increasingly pulled in by that charm necklace thing, but the thing is that they are so expensive!
      I got the pave inspiration safety chain and the silver Winnie the Pooh portrait charm to get the ornament :D I was going to get the BF 2016 charm but then received it unexpectedly as a gift from another source!

  10. I love sale. Especially pandora sale. Hope to scoop up more bargain. But ouchy on the wallet. Looking forward to next year’s Spring and Disney collection.

  11. I’m glad Pandora have done the competition again this year. I will be entering everyday, if I remember.
    I really hope they bring out a tigger charm. I always look forward to the Spring releases. Can’t wait to see pictures. Hope we get to see some soon.

  12. Hi Ellie, I can’t wait for new Disney charms, I hope in the future to see Lady and the Tramp, Beauty and the Beast and Star Wars charms, I know Stars Wars is difficult, as you said Pandora is very romantic for that theme. I got the Christmas ornament, but in my country I had to spend $200 US :( to get it. The ornament is really beautiful, more than in photos. I love pink, it’s my favorite color, this year I bought a lot of the spring beads, so I think spring is going to be a bad season to my budget next year lol. I made my first shop on Rue, the $10 of shipping spending more than $100 didn’t apply to my country, so I had to pay a lot, but I really want those charms and bracelets, the last message said that I’ll receive them next Monday:). Enjoy your weekend and thanks for the news!

    • Hi Priscilla! Absolutely, I’d love to see them move into some of the real Disney classics – Lady and the Tramp, Bambi, 101 Dalmatians – the works! There will be a couple more Beauty and the Beast charms to tie in with the move, I hear. :)

      Aha, if you like pink (I certainly do!), then Pandora is definitely the brand for you haha. I’m not sure whether they’ve stopped doing the international promo on shipping or something, as a couple of people have mentioned that it didn’t work for them :/ hope you receive them very soon! :D Have a great week, and thanks for commenting!

      • Hi Ellie, I love the idea of Beauty and the Beast new charms!! (Cross my fingers) In the morning arrived the Ruelala package, I bought the pink, lavender and teal multi strand bracelets, the pink ribbon glass charm and the vanity mirror, the last is for my Beauty and the Beast Bracelet. I’m so happy because I want those things for very long time. :)

        • Oh amazing, I was quite tempted by the multi strands myself but held off as I know that I have too many bracelets already ? I did get the vanity mirror in a previous sale, it is a stunning piece and perfect for your Beauty and the Beast bracelet :D

      • Butting in just to say it was my first purchase on Rue La La, and I got the 10$ shipping, só it certainly applies to some countries. The worse were the ~30% fee on taxes and border duties. It was still worth it as I got the Black Friday 2014 charm which I’ve coveted these 2 years, but annoying nonetheless. Which shipping method did you use?

        • Hi Lilly, I used standard shipping, and I pay a lot in taxes too, you got a beautiful charm, maybe in the next promotion I can get it!

        • I have a helper in the US and we often help each other out with various promos and things, so I have just stuck with sending things to her and getting her to forward them on to me, as I know it works so smoothly! But yes, international taxes can be really steep (and in the UK we also have expensive border duties, too), so you have to factor those in when you’re looking at deals :(

  13. Hi Ellie!
    Do you know if there is any chance that the UK will get the Snowflake bangle GWP too please? I sooooo want another bracelet (or bangle) GWP already :)

    • Hi, no we’re not scheduled to get anymore GWPs other than the ornament I’m afraid :( you could always try asking for help from someone abroad?

      • Thanks. Oh that’s a shame. Do you know of any GWPs for the UK for next year please? Kind of regret not getting that white/cream travel jewellery box they had in late (?) spring etc….

        • Not yet I’m afraid! I’m sure there will be more box GWPs though :) they’re usually pretty predictable with which GWPs they run every year!

  14. Hi Ellie just wanted to share some great news. Was in south africa for a few days and got my hands on the Big 5 charm which is specific to S.A. it represents the elephant,the lion,the buffalo,the rhino and the is gorgeos and beautifully detailed all silver with no CZ.absolutely love it. Have you ever seen same. ?thanks for all the news on Pandora.cheers.Christelle

      • Hello yes it is the safari bead. Good to know that its not an SA exclusive. In Mauritius we dont get the Disney charms is there a way/ a trustworthy site where i can buy a Mickey and minnie charm (not ebay-bought & it was fake)? Disney charms are not sold in SA. Let me know pls Ellie. Thanks heaps??.

        • You can online from the but their international shipping is v. expensive! That’s the only official way to do it that I’m aware of – otherwise your best resource is the Pandora FB pages. Pandora’s Angels have a dedicated Disney page :)

  15. Good deal from outlet, Can $70 set of 3 retired X’mas charm, two tone Sleide with bear, Snowglobe & blue cz Snowflake. Double Joy in Chinese $40, I am thinking my first Chinese New Year bracelet. One free 2015 ceramics X’mas Snowflake ornament. My friend got $90 set of 3 2015 BF Snowglobe, Star of Light X’mas Tree & Stocking, 2 Double Joy, Bunny, Cow, Fairy on Mushroom all $30. 2014 & 2015 ceramics ornament free. There is box set of 12 retired charms $350 like Jared set, super deal! Tone of two tone charm, Dragon $99, Wedding Carriage $69, Carousel $49, Prince Frog $69…. We will wait Boxing Week, Pandora Outlet might have buy 2 retired charm get 1 free like last year.

  16. Hi
    I think I’ve been on a promotion binge!! I got the snowflake bracelet on November 24, the ornament this past weekend and the Jared ornament is on its way to me. I really hope I won’t like anything else for a while. I love the advent calendar that they feature in the giveaway. I’d love to have one of those! What I really need is an intervention!!!! Thank you for another great review. Happy Holidays!

    • Hi Janet! Oh amazing!! I’ve done something very similar so I am glad to hear it ;) I got the regular Pandora ornament GWP here in the UK and then went and did it again in the US to get the Jared ornament. I’m also crossing my fingers to win something in the advent calendar although I have far too much already! ;) Happy holidays to you too!

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