We have another preview today, with a further sneak peek at the Pandora Valentine’s 2017 collection! I thought that I had posted a full preview of the jewellery in my previous article a month or so back, but a few more stock images have emerged of some new charms and jewellery! ? The collection is due out on the 12th of January.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 collection preview

These pieces did not appear in the North American catalogue I was previously shown – so my guess is that either some of these are Jared exclusives or they are simply not coming to North America (although I don’t really know why that would be!).

Pandora Valentine’s Day 2017 Collection Updates

First of all, we have a handful of new charms! These mostly continue the hot pink/cerise colour scheme, and the general theme of romance. There’s another Ribbon of Love charm, and some beautiful floral detailing in the Te Amor charm. The Present of Love enamel bead reminds me very much of the chocolate box With Love charm from 2015! ?

Pandora Valentine's Day 2017 preview

I also saw on Facebook a picture of a glittery new pink murano in a Pandora Valentine’s 2017 campaign image, but I was unable to get permission to share it or to track down another one – but if I find my own picture of it, I will post an update! ^^

Finally, we also have a new necklace, which is also a new Ribbon of Love piece.

Pandora Valentine's Day 2017 preview

I will add these into my original preview, too, to keep everything in one place.

My Comment

While I’m not sure that any of these pieces are must-haves, as they don’t really fit into any of my existing bracelet projects, I do rather like them! The bright cerise colour is eye-catching and pretty, providing it isn’t too vivid in person, and I like their contemporary style. The Amo Te bead is a funny one, as I suppose it’s meant to be ‘Te amo’ backwards – which seems strange! Nevertheless, the floral detailing underneath the enamel is very striking, and it’s certainly something a bit different from the other beads! It’s got almost a tropical feel to it, if that makes any sense. ^^

What do you think of these additional beads? Are any going on your wish list?

50 Comments on Pandora Valentine’s Day 2017 Collection Updates (with previously unseen charms & jewellery!)

  1. Thank you for the update Ellie. It’s nice to see more of the valentines collection, though don’t think I’ll be buying any of these.

    • You’re welcome! I don’t have too much on my wish list either – the bracelet is a must-have, and I’ll also be considering the enamel Lace Heart and the cerise murano.

  2. Thank you, as always, for this new bit of info. I doubt Pandora made it with that in mind, but “Amo-te” is I love you in Portuguese, só, Just for that, I’ll have to have that one!

    • Agreed – I think they are using the same enamel as they did for the enamel Essence Autumn 2016 Freedom charm, which I do find a bit bright in person, so will reserve judgements on these also! Have a lovely evening too <3

    • I definitely need the new charm bracelet, but will reserve judgement on the rest until I actually see them ?

    • I feel the same! The enamel might be a bit bright in person, going by the Essence Freedom bead from the Autumn collection :)

  3. Yay! I think I’m safe with this collection! ???. Pandora makes indeed adorable beads and these new pieces are striking as usual but nothing really appeals to me and I’m working at two different designs at the moment so I still have quite a good number of pieces that I really want to buy so I’m more than happy to have a break! My wish list had been growing so fast with each new release that it was imposible to catch up with.
    Many thanks for this update, I’m really glad not to be adding anything else to my list. At least at the moment ?

    • Oh, by the way! “Te amo” is spanish for “I love you”. I also find it strange that they’ve chosen portuguese-spanish for that bead ?

      • Yeah, it’s not something I quite get either! I was rather puzzled by it when I first saw it, I’ll admit ^^

    • Well that’s good in a way haha! I am mostly safe also, which is great as I’m directing most of my Pandora funds to collecting some of the beautiful older beads as they are being retired at such a big rate. And there’s often the thing where I say that I don’t want anything and then it all looks gorgeous in store and I end up impulse buying everything haha. Let’s hope you’re all caught up with wish list by spring and that there’s lots you like by then!

  4. Well, after looking over the items several times I have to say that nothing is calling out to me. I always prefer receiving a Pandora charm to a bouquet of flowers but this year I may ask my husband to select from the winter collection.
    In your first sneak peek review I did like the cerise murano but that is something I would pick up on my own.
    I understand why Pandora tends to go with hearts, it is after all the big symbol for a Valentines. Once the collection is released I’ll certainly chreck it out to see if something really stands out in person. Right now I feel as though I can give this collection a pass.
    Thanks for the preview.

    Lisa K.

    • My OH has often got me non-Valentine-y beads for Valentine’s Day in the past anyway, so I never feel like I *have* to ask for something from the Valentine’s collection… In previous years I got the zodiac dog and the elephant for Valentine’s Day, which had other special meanings for me, so it’s not too much of a disaster if I don’t end up wanting much from this collection. Although I do like the look of that sweet Lace heart bead! ^^

      You’re welcome Lisa! Let’s hope that there’s lots we all like from the spring collections ?

  5. Hi Ellie,

    At first sight, there is thankfully nothing that’s calling out my name. I will however need to check out the cerise heart murano.


    • Hi Brenda! It’s always a slight relief in a way when you see a new collection and don’t have a huge wish list, isn’t it? I know that I’d like the new heart clasp charm bracelet but will wait and see about the lace heart enamel bead and that murano also!
      Thanks for commenting! <3

  6. Amo-te is actually grammatically correct in Spanish and Portuguese. Te amo is just another way of saying the same thing.

      • Anyway I did not meant to be rude or too pedant. It´s just that you simply don´t speak like that nowadays. A few centruries ago … it might have been otherwise ;-)

        • Aha, it’s good to hear from a native speaker Marie! I studied Spanish for a few years and I never came across it written the other way either :)

    • Hi! Some other people have mentioned the Portuguese but I have never heard it in Spanish. Jonny below has explained that Pandora took it from Latin, apparently!

  7. I am mainly collecting Pandora retired two toned charm & some silver. I will go for one transaction during regular promotion but I have to wait until I see it in shop, nothing catch me Valentine release yet. Save budget Boxing Day go outlet buy 2 get 1 retired two tone charm, ton of them I want.

    • Me too, Michele – although I do like to mix them in with a couple of the newer beads, too. I just finished a new two-tone design with the Jasmine Disney muranos which I am a little in love with! It has a tiny dusting of pave throughout the bracelet..!

  8. Thanks for the lovely preview, but nothing call out to me. I’m into pandora Rose now that they have come to Australia. Hopefully more design coming my way.

  9. I’m Italian. We say Ti Amo, but if you put Amo Ti, (which I’ve never heard anyone say), in the Google translator, you’ll get the same translation as if you use Ti Amo. The same with Amo Te, or Te Amo — I understand the first is formal speech for Brazilians, the other is informal. I think it’s interesting that Pandora went with the jarring Amo Te. It’s so unlovely compared to Te Amo. :-)

    • It is a tad confusing, i think! Jonny has explained below that it comes from the Latin, but I’m not sure how many people will get that!

  10. The amo te is supposed to be Latin which I also originally queried when I saw the valentine’s and Mother’s Day previews for staff. Goodness knows why they didn’t go with the Spanish – te amo. Flows far better than Latin!! I actually thought they’d made a mistake and wondered if it’d be corrected as I speak Spanish fluently but apparently not! ?

    • Maybe it’s a typo on the charm, as the words under the charm say Te Amo. I hope it is, because then the charm would be a collector’s item. :-)

      The romance languages, including Italian and Spanish (Portuguese and Castilian) come from Latin, so while Amo Te can be used, I think it’s an odd, archaic choice.

    • Thanks so much for the clarification Jonny – it’s interesting to hear the official explanation behind it. I have to say I wondered if it was a mistake or an error when I first saw it, as I just didn’t get it and I’m not sure how many people will! I speak a little Spanish so it just seemed wrong to me.

  11. Hi Ellie. I saw on Instagram a picture of a blue charm with a star in the middle. I was wondering if you knew anything about the charm. It doesn’t fit into the Valentines collection. It’s a really pretty charm though . Thanks

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