Today’s post brings our next sneak peek from the Pandora SS17 collections with a look at what’s coming out with the Pandora Disney Spring 2017 release! :D I previously teased some of the new pieces coming out with this collection, but we now have pictures of all the new charms coming out, including Tigger, Piglet and some very pretty new Tinkerbell beads.

Pandora always release two sets of Disney charms with each collection – one that’s exclusive to Disney Parks locations and one that’s sold in both the Parks and Pandora concept stores. The charms pictured here will be those sold in all locations. :D The collection is due out on the 16th of March. Read on for the sneak peeks! ?

Pandora Disney Spring 2017 Sneak Peek

These pictures leaked online a couple of nights ago and the reaction seems to have been pretty positive! These are from a source who would prefer to stay anonymous, but my thanks to them for letting me share them.

First up, we have silver portrait charms of Donald and Daisy Duck, which nicely match the existing Mickey & Minnie silver portraits:

Pandora Disney Spring 2017 Donald DaisyHowever, the two beads that I’m most excited for are these two new Winnie the Pooh beads – the much-requested Tigger and Piglet! These both featured pink enamel detailing and should match nicely with the existing Eeyore bead, at least.

Pandora Disney Spring 2017 Tigger Piglet

Two of my other favourites from this sneak peek are these two new Tinkerbell charms, which are detailed in a very striking emerald enamel. :D The shoe is adorable, and it looks like there might even be a pearl attached to it, while the detailing on the dress’s wings is also beautiful!

Pandora Disney spring 2017 tinkerbell

Next, we have a sneak peek at three new Beauty and the Beast pieces – it’s no surprise to see these, with the hype building for the new live action movie coming out this year.

First up, we have this special-clasp bangle, which features the Shimmering Rose bead as a clip and is engraved with the words ‘True beauty lies within’.

Pandora Disney Spring 2017 Beauty & Beast

There are also two new charms. One is sure to be a popular choice – an enamel version of Mrs Potts and Chip! <3 The other is more elegant, and features a new version of the Radiant Hearts charm with the Enchanted Rose hidden within the stone and engraved around the side:

Pandora Disney Spring 2017 Beauty & Beast

These stock images give us a slightly clearer look at some of the new beads, too. Piglet is clutching a teddy bear, while Mrs Potts has some pretty enamel detailing at the base:

Pandora DIsney Spring 2017

Pandora Disney Parks Spring 2017 Teasers

I also have a few teaser-y bits of info regarding the upcoming Disney Parks release, too. Included this time around are some great new characters, including Dumbo, Duffy, Shellie May and Gelatoni, the latter characters being mascots for the Tokyo Disney Parks. There will be a Disney Parks version of the two-tone Carousel bead and an Alice in Wonderland teacup bead, too.

My Comment

Spring Disney launches are always the most exciting, and this is no exception to the rule! ^^ Nothing that I’ve been told about the regular Pandora Spring 2017 collection has excited me too much so far, with the exception of the Pandora Rose safety chain, but I absolutely love this latest Disney launch! Tigger and Piglet are must-haves for me, and I’m also planning on using the Tinkerbell dangles on an upcoming forest-green design I want to do this year.

What’s going on your wish list?

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  1. Thank you Ms. Mora, for the beautiful Disney charms even though I want to go back to Disney World again and collect those charms, but I will settle for the Disney charms at the nearest Pandora store.

  2. I’m a bit disappointed by the pink enameling on Piglet and Tigger, just because I don’t care for pink very much, but I’ll likely get them anyway. I’m looking forward to Dumbo. I’m also hoping to see Bambi sometime soon. Thanks for the info, Ellie!

    • I thought it was odd for Tigger, but then I can see them wanting to add a little colour and for him to match to Eeyore and Piglet on a Winnie the Pooh-themed bracelet. The only outlier now is the yellow and red honeypot Pooh, which doesn’t match at all! I think they’re all lovely, in any case :D Dumbo is a full-bodied dangle, apparently! Sounds cute!

  3. So excited for this collection!! LOVE the Beauty and Beast collection, already have Belle’s dress and her tiara. The Piglet charm is so adorable.

    • Yay! I only have Belle’s murano but the Mrs Potts bead is adorable :D I’d have preferred if they had done the Enchanted Rose within murano glass, but I can see that this way is probably easier in terms of production.

    • With all these cute charms coming out, im contemplating to have a all disney character bracelet with mixture of those disney charms i really love. But will not be a specific colour theme coordinated and wonder if it will turn out nice as whole. Hmm….

      • You could probably pull it together with some white or more neutral coloured muranos? That sounds really fun! :)

    • You are welcome! :D I have to have Piglet, Tigger, and Tinkerbell’s Dress and Shoe. I very much like Mrs Potts as well, so I’ll see if I can make room for her, too…

  4. Wow! Tigger and Piglet look very cute! I would have loved plain silver versions as then they would work with anything. Tinks shoe is cute too. I also like Mrs Potts as well, although I don’t think I would get her as I won’t be doing a B&B theme so it would be a bit of a stand alone. Thanks for the pictures!

    • I do love me a little enamel detailing, and I’m also a big pink fan, so these work for me! :D I have made room on my pink forest-themed bracelet for them to go next to Eeyore :) you’re welcome!

  5. Omg I love and want everything, Donald and Daisy are so detailed, the tinker belle pieces are stunning and I love Mrs Potts. Chamillia did a Mrs potts and chip which are lovely and I was thinking of getting them but I don’t want to starting getting another brand because I will get obsessed lol my loyalty lies with Pandora anyway lol. It kind of breaks my heart that I we can’t get it in the uk and we can’t see it in store. Looks like I will have to keep an eye eBay.

  6. Oh my God!!! They are amazing!! I can’t wait to have them… I love piglet and Tigger, and the idea of the pink enamel don’t bother me… It give me chance to put Eeyore as focal point in a bracelet (he’s my favorite). The B&B rose ? is awesome, and Ms. Pot is so cute… I’m excited with this collection. In this moment I am in vacations, and I got beautiful exclusives charms: The pink murano and enamel charm from last spring collection, and the Aulani and Vacation Club dangles, and the last Mickey bracelet so I have enough space for new Disney charms. Thank you Ellie for this beautiful news?

    • Eeyore is my favourite too, but I’m so glad that I will be able to get Tigger and Piglet to go with him! <3 I wish I could go the store and have the fun of picking them out myself, but waiting for packages from the US is also exciting in its own way.
      I hope you're having a wonderful vacation - it certainly sounds like the Pandora part of it is going very well! ^^

  7. Aw I really wish we could get these in the UK! My favourite has to be the Beauty and the Beast bangle, with the enchanted rose charm, and I love Mrs Potts and Tigger too! I have had Eeyore on my wishlist as long as its been out but my neice is going to Australia in February so I am hoping she can get it for me. Now I need her to go back in March!!

    • Me too! It’s a shame, as we’re pretty sure the reason we can’t get them is because Chamilia hold the contract, so the downside that is, if we get Pandora Disney in the UK, then we won’t get the Chamilia ones anymore. And Chamilia are always willing to take a risk on some of the more ‘out there’ Disney collections – like Star Wars, for example. But I would so love to be able to buy these Pandora ones in stores in the UK! It’s tough. ;)
      I hope you manage to track them down too :)

  8. You made my day! New charms are sooo cute. My favorite is Mrs Potts and Chip, Enchanted Rose and Piglet of course (remind me about my childhood).
    It’s so sad that Disney Pandora is not available in Europe:/… maybe one Day…

    Grettings from Poland:*

    • Yay! :D The Disney isn’t available here in the UK unfortunately, so I have to import all of my Disney choices. This collection is going to take quite a hit on my wallet, I think ;) thanks for commenting! <3

  9. Hi my dear ?
    I have been checking my email everyday waiting for this post, and I am
    Overall so pleased with it. Chip and Potts are my fave and top of my list, I was so sad not to be able to get Chamilia’s version so this is even better wit the two characters in one! Although I was originally hoping for an all silver piglet this one will have to do haha- it’s cute none the less and will match my eeyore nicely. Although I likely
    Won’t buy it I really like the way tinker bells dress came out, it’s pretty and a lovely color. The duck portrait heads are creepy-not for me. So excited to see see what the parks line has up their sleeve as well. Thanks I can’t wait to send some money on Pandora this year as last year other brands took all my funds ?

    • Hi Alex! That’s awesome, glad you’re pleased with them <3 I love Tinkerbell's Dress as well, and will probably get that one and the shoe for my forest-green bracelet I'm planning. I'm hoping Rue might have two of the Folklore peacock muranos in the sale this afternoon, as they would complement the darker greens nicely I think.
      Glad to hear Pandora is winning you back over Alex!

  10. Although I probably wont be getting one since I’m not a fan of Disney Land, I must admitt those tigger and pigglet charms look adorable and I’m sure
    they’ll become very populair? Today is my birthday, I guess I’m lucky that it’s during the winter sale cause now I dont feel troubled to ask my friends for a new Pandora since they’re more affordable? Got the cherry blossom from my parents but I’m celebrating next week so I’ll have to wait a little longer for the others…. I hope you’ve had wonderfull holidays and hope to see Some more (small?) reviews soon!

    • A very happy birthday for the 19th Eva! <3 The Cherry Blossom pieces are beautiful, a very lovely birthday present. I'e just posted my first review of 2017 and will get on to scheduling more!

      • Big thanx Emily, lapandora, Joanne, Priscilla, Rachelle and off course Mora:) Very thoughtful and sweet of you! The cherry blossom fits my other beads and I’m excited that I can FINALLY start wearing my bracelet and charms. I’ve waited cause I’ve only had one (lace butterfly) clip. I currently own six charms in total so far, clips included. Was planning to spend my birthday offer to buy the LE Snowflake bangle but that won’t work cause it’s sold out:S So perhaps I’ll go for a safety chain then, but I actually don’t like the look of them…

        • Hi Eva,

          If you are in the US and still interested in the LE Snowflake bangle, you could try one of the authorized Pandora dealers online. I checked Denmark Style of St. Louis a few minutes ago and they show the bangle in stock in a small and medium.

  11. Love the bangle and the enchanted rose! Oh and Mrs Potts. Wouldn’t it be fab if they did a limited edition bangle for each of the princess’s!

  12. Hi Ellie! I came to the site this morning and was SO happy to see a Disney update! I am most excited about the Tigger charm and Mrs. Potts :) I wish Piglet weren’t a dangle, but he’s still adorable! Eeyore is my all-time favorite, and, so far, the only Disney charm I own, but I might have to get his buddy Tigger for my bracelet as well!

    I love that most of these charms aren’t “blingy”, but rather silver or silver with enamel details. I love the pops of color on Mrs. Potts! I’m not a fan of the button-style charms typically, but the Enchanted Rose one works somehow. Also, I like the bangle (and what a great marketing idea as the timing of the movie will surely help this sell), but I think I would have LOVED it if it read, “Tale as old as time…”

    I can’t wait to see the park-exclusive charms, as well as the rest of the charms upcoming for Spring! :) I know it’s probably going to be much of the same that we typically see, but sometimes there’s a pretty floral murano in there that has to be bought :)

    Thanks, as always, for your wonderfully done updates! Can’t wait to see more!

    • Hi Kristen! I know, it was nice to get a Pandora Disney sneak peek ahead of everything else. From what I hear, these are probably the most exciting pieces of the new collections this season :D Eeyore and Tigger are my favourites, and I’ll have to get Piglet too – I also recently got the silver Winnie the Pooh portrait, so I’ll have all the set.

      There are a couple of pretty floral muranos, I’m told, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they are as spectacular as previous spring muranos <3

      Thanks so much Kristen! It makes me really happy to hear that you enjoy the updates :D

  13. I think all these Disney charms are lovely and it’s nice to see them doing different characters. From these pictures I think it’s tigger for me, which I have been waiting for them to do for ages and Mrs Potts with chip. I think piglet looks cute, but would have preferred it not to be a dangle.
    Look forward to seeing more pictures of them and the Disney park ones.

    • I think Piglet will be cute in person – I’ve made space for him on my pink forest bracelet on that assumption, haha. Hopefully more pics soonish!

  14. Donald!! I have been waiting for this, always prefer him to the mouse!! I like Ms Potts and tiger and piglet too!! Beautiful!!

  15. Hi Ellie!

    Although I’m not a die hard Disney fan, some of these cute charms will be hard to pass up. Tigger and Piglet are just too cute! Love Piglet’s adorable smile. I don’t mind the pink enamel since they will go nicely with Eeyore (an all time favorite of mine). The Tinkerbell charms appeal to me and will be a lovely addition for your forest-green bracelet design this year. The pearl is a nice touch for the shoe, as well as, the wings on the dress, adding a bit of elegance to any design. Can’t wait to see that bracelet!

    I’m not a fan of the portrait charms. (No offense to anyone). They just lean a bit on the creepy side to me, so Donald and Daisy Duck are not for me.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the Disney Parks exclusives for spring.

    Thanks for the sneak peeks, Ellie. Hope your day is going good!

    • Hi Emily! I love the Winnie the Pooh ones as well, and am board with the pink enamel for the same reasons :) The Tinkerbell beads were totally serendipity, as they go perfectly with the bracelet I’m planning :D they will go beautifully with the other greens… I’m planning on adding the Owl and Peacock from the Autumn 2013 collections, so the colour should match nicely.

      You are welcome Emily! Hope you’re having a nice weekend also :)

  16. Do you know if Duffy, ShellieMay and Gelatoni will be released in the US or only in Japan and China? They are my favorites!

    • I don’t have the specifics yet, unfortunately; the info we get on Disney Parks beads is often pretty woolly! Last year was a struggle to get a preview at all the AW16 collection :( I will try my best to find out more though!

  17. Ooo…I like a lot of these beads! Piglet is a must buy for sure. I’m now thinking it might be time to start a dedicated Disney Pandora bracelet as there will be a fair amount of beads to choose from and lots of non sparkly ones!

    • Me too! The spring releases are always the best for Disney, for sure. A Pandora Disney bracelet sounds like a very good idea!

  18. So happy about this post!

    I’m not a Winnie the Pooh fan (sorry!) but I love Beauty and the Beast. I will be getting the Mrs. Potts charm! I would love the Rose button charm (but the Radiant Hearts button charms are $90CAD and the Disney ones are always a bit more so I’m thinking ithe rose one will be ~$100CAD, little more than I want to pay). But Mrs Potts and the Rose button are the nicest of the B&B set! I’m not a fan of the dangling dress charms.

    I can’t wait to see the Disney Parks Dumbo!! Are there any ways for getting charms from other countries? I see lots of people here from the U.K. saying they wish they could get the Disney ones (and i wish I could get ones like the Dancing Lion charm! Or Disney Parks charms!). Are there any groups for charm exchanges?

    Thanks for the updates!! :)

    • I agree with you Candice.
      I mention my desire for Disney beads to people at works, family and friends. So far I got the Disney bracelet and hoping a charm next week since my niece is in WDW Orlando today.

    • Haha, no need to apologise! The Mrs Potts charm is very, very cute, and I can’t wait to see a live shot of it. :D I don’t like the dangling dresses in general that much, but I think the Tinkerbell one has been beautifully done. The wings are gorgeous.

      I’d second the recommendation to join the Pandora Facebook pages, which are effectually what you have managed- groups in which people can buy and sell charms, and help eahc other out with country exclusives. They are such a great resource. My blog can be handy in that people offer to help each other, but the pages offer a much better framework and support network in which to do it. :)

  19. So excited to see tigger & piglet..i hope the pink on the charms coordinates with the new cerise pink charms & I will have a pooh & pals & pink heart bracelet..come on march 16!!!!

    • That bracelet sounds amazing! I’ll be adding my Winnie the Pooh beads to my pink forest themed bracelet on an oxi chain :D

  20. Thank you Ellie for all your hard work giving us the latest news!
    Seeing the spring Disney preview today was wonderful. I will definitely be getting Tigger to go with my Eeyore and the Enchanted Rose and Mrs. Potts. The bangle is lovely but my next bangle will be the bow bangle and instead I will put the Beauty and the Beast charms on a regular bracelet with 2 shimmering rose clips instead. May or may not get Piglet, I am not a big fan of the dangling charms but I do have a couple and may make another exception. Can’t wait to see them in person.

    • Hi Katie! I know, I’m very excited too to see some clearer images or live shots – particularly of the Winnie the Pooh beads. :D I have learned to love dangle charms, so long as they are not too bad for snagging threads, haha, so Piglet is definitely on my list along with Tigger!
      Sounds like a plan regarding the Beauty and the Beast bracelet – especially the touch of adding the Shimmering Rose clips to it yourself. Bangles are often quite hard to style with lots of charms anyhow!

  21. Thanks so much for another sneak peak Ellie! I love all the early news and previews :)
    I’m in the UK and have managed to avoid the Disney charms so far, but now that Tigger is on his way, I think I’m going to have to ask someone on holiday abroad to try and source me one…I have to have him! I don’t mind the enamel flower, although I’d personally have preferred him to be plain silver, but I like the way the little touches of enamel co-ordinate with Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore. I have to say I’m delighted he’s not a dangle charm like Piglet though, I would have been disappointed with that. Overall I’m glad it seems to be a popular release with the Disney fans :)

    • You’re welcome! <3 It's always fun to be able to plan ahead. I agree re the enamel - plain silver would have been nice, but the pink enamel is pretty and it's good that they all match each other!

  22. Wow. I haven’t bought any Disney pieces in quite a while (probably not for a year and a half or so), but this whole collection looks adorable! Being a huge Beauty and the Beast fan and eagerly awaiting the release of the new film, I of course am most excited for the B&B charms. I definitely need the Shimmering Rose Bangle and the Enchanted Rose charm, but I imagine these pieces will probably be quite expensive–I’m guessing $80-$85 for the bangle and $90 for the Enchanted Rose charm considering Disney pieces are usually about $10 more than similar pieces in the Moments line. The Mrs. Potts & Chip bead is a must have as well. Although I am not a huge fan of Tinkerbell or fairies, I must say that I absolutely love both her shoe and dress. I am just not sure where these charms would fit in since I only have a couple of spaces left on my Disney bracelet, which would probably be used for the two new B&B charms. Although, I’ve been thinking that I could put all my B&B charms (I already have her dress, murano, and rose) on the Shimmering Rose Bangle to create a dedicated B&B mini bracelet. We shall see, I guess!

    • I had a bit of a Disney drought for a while as well; I pretty much don’t buy very much Disney apart from a few pieces each Spring, as that’s when most of their new character beads are launched.

      I’m not especially a big fan of Tinkerbell either, but I adore both these new charms too! The wings on the dress are particularly gorgeous, and the little pearl on the shoe is such a nice touch. Like the sound of your B&B bangle, which sounds very appropriate seeing as you are a big fan of that film specifically too :) and then you could squeeze a few more Disney charms on to your existing bracelet! So that sounds like a win-win ;)

  23. I new to pandora. just started this past August with my sis getting me a bangle and charms at Disney. I now have 3 different ones and will definitely be getting the rose bangle! I have fallen in love with Pandora. And I love looking at you previews so I can’t plan what to buy next. :) I’m still waiting on the new fireworks bead as it was sold out the last time I went to Disney. I hope they do new enamel clips soon.

    • It’s so nice to hear from someone who’s new to it all and has everything mostly still to collect! <3 The rose bangle does look lovely. I hope you find the Fireworks bead soon!

    • Gwen – I found the Fireworks Bead on Shop Disney Parks App and they currently have 10% off with free shipping with $75 purchase.

  24. Hi Ellie, thank you for the latest updates. I’m excited about the enchanted bangle, any guess on price based on similar ones in the past?

    • Hi Ashley, I wouldn’t want to hazard a guess – USD prices aren’t my strong point at the best of times, especially when you factor in the Disney licensing mark-up… they haven’t really done a Disney bangle before.

  25. I love the Piglet charm. It is so cute. When I first started collecting Pandora many moons ago, I didn’t like dangles, but I definitely do now.

    The Tinkerbell dangle is pretty. It looks like a really pretty green and I like the fairy wings.

    Interestingly there’s not a new murano, but I’m not surprised since there are several signature muranos already, and Pandora doesn’t come out with many new muranos these days.

    • I was the same, once upon a time! My very first bracelet doesn’t have any dangles at all, with the exception of a safety chain added at the last minute. All my others do, though!

      I’d have loved to see an Enchanted Rose murano glass bead, personally, but I get why they’ve gone with this CZ option instead!

  26. Hi Ellie!

    I am so excited about this release! I have not been so excited for nearly an entire release in such a long time! Since I am unequivocally a Disney Chic, particularly a Beautiy & the Beast and Dumbo enthusiast and my Mama is a Winnie the Pooh Fanatic; I would not be surprised if I end up purchasing every single piece in this season! I am absolutely thrilled! Because of this amazingly wonderful post, I have begun my Christmas Wishlish distribution list early and have even encouraged early gift giving. ? What a wonderful surprise to read today! You absolutely made my day! Thank you for the wonderful good news!

    An Disney Fan for Life…. er.. Margaret ????

    • Hi Margaret! Yay, I’m so glad to hear it – and wow, every piece! That would be an excellent ambition, haha. My top picks are Piglet, Eeyore, and the two Tinkerbell pieces, although Mrs Potts is also tempting. I think the Disney Parks Dumbo would probably be coming home with me, too, as for sentimental reasons alone that charm would mean a lot to me, regardless of the design!

      So pleased that this made your day! Have fun planning where you’ll put all these lovely new beads :D

    • That would be awesome! I would love WALLE & Star Wars & UP( the house with the balloons). I also really wish they’d do Cinderella’s pink dress with a tiny bird and mouse too!

    • That would be amazing! I can’t see Pandora indulging in something that quirky but maybe Chamilia could do one…

  27. OMG, I’m soooooooo gonna need me Tigger, he’s been my WTP fave since I was little! Question is, how to get ahold of one when I’m in the UK… if only these had come out last year when I was in Orlando!!! :P

    • I know, Tigger is my favourite of these too :D your other option is to try and order from the Disney Store online – the international shipping works out to be very expensive, but it is a fall back if you’re desperate!

  28. Wow, the Tinkerbell dress is really pretty! I’ll have to get that one for my daughter’s bracelet ;)
    Can’t wait to see the Alice in Wonderland teacup! I’ll need that one for sure. My guess is it’ll look like one of the teacups from the ride?
    I wish one day they would make a pavé (or enamel) Cheshire Cat! i would be beside myself, wouldn’t even be able to handle it! Hahaha

    • Yes, that’s what I was told regarding the Disney Parks Alice charm – like the teacup ride :) a Cheshire Cat charm would totally make my day! I’d love to see PAndora take a punt on a more out-there Disney bead like that.

  29. I would love to see a Princess Tiana charm. It only took 100 Years for Disney to have an African American princess. How long is it going to take Pandora to create a charm series for her?

    • I’m also waiting for Mulan, Pocahontas, Merida, Tiana and of course the very latest one Moana. I think Disney never recognised Kida as the princess which is s shame. I always hoped to see her murano released one day but I doubt this will happen.

      • I agree, I wish they would at least make one bead from all of those movies! I really, really, really hope they make some Moana beads. I want to make a Little Mermaid/Moana bracelet. I’ve been collecting sea related charms already. Kida is such an awesome character, it’s sad that she isn’t included in the princess group, and of all the characters that should have a glowing charm, it should be her! There still aren’t any charms from a Pixar movie yet. :(

        • Although I love Pandora, I want to mention Chamilia in UK has made a new collection for Moan. Maybe Pandora will take the next steps.

        • I’ve been waiting on the same ones. My Disney Princess bracelet is full, but I’ll be starting a few more.

      • I’d particularly love Mulan, as I think some of her beads would go beautifully with my favourite cherry blossom charms!

  30. Ahhh the tigger and piglet are too cute! I prefer it if piglet was not a dangle. These two don’t fit into my current theme and I don’t want to start a Disney themed bracelet either. I guess they could go on my pink leather…hmm what to do.

    • The pink leather sounds like a good bet! They are very cute, you should totally try and fit them in if you can.. ;)

  31. Thanks Ellie! Happy New Year! This is a really great collection. It looks like they took your suggestion to put the rose under glass. That one is really nice. I have to get Mrs. Potts for sure. I want to take a look at the Dumbo bead, because I will probably get that. I am most excited about the ride based charms. The tea cup and carousel may be must haves for me as well. I wonder if the Dumbo charm will be based specifically on the movie character or the ride. The ride is pretty iconic for Disneyland, just like the teacups. If they are making a series of ride charms it would be amazing if they made one based on The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Peter Pan’s Flight. Maybe Star Wars once the land opens? I noticed that the Disney Store has a non-Pandora (but possibly could fit on the bracelet) Star Wars charm.

    • Happy new year to you too Stephanie :) Aha, the Rose charm is nice, although I’d have liked it even better if they’d have put the rose in murano glass (how beautiful would that be?) but I totally get that that would be a big ask in terms of production and potential issues. Trollbeads did the Mother’s Rose glass charm beautifully though, so it is doable I guess – maybe some day! ^^
      The Dumbo ride is very iconic! One of my very earliest memories is going with my parents to Disneyland Paris and riding on the Dumbo ride, so I’d love that one.

      Lots of people have mentioned Star Wars beads, but I just don’t see it ever fitting with Pandora’s aesthetic – it would be so great if they’d just dip their toes a little outside their comfort zone and tried it though!

  32. I really wish they would make charms of ALL the princesses dresses! They should make a cheshire cat and other new Alice in Wonderland charms. It would also be cool to see some pixar charms like mike and sulley, dory and nemo, buzz and woody and the three little aliens, etc.

    • Pixar is a very popular request! I wonder if there any separate licensing issues involved with doing charms for them. Mulan would be a princess I’d love to see charms for :)

  33. I wish they did crystals on the tinker bell shoe, even though the enamel is nice, it would match the other shoes. I hope they make 101 dalmations and toy story charms. Can’t wait to see teacup charm and dumbo. Now they have daisy which is awesome hope they bring out Goofy and Pluto! Oh and a tangled frying pan.

  34. Please tell me I am not alone in awaiting the others from Fab 5 of the “Mania-Body Parts” charms!! I love those charms and those are the basic all-time Disney characters in my mind!!

  35. Hello guys, Nice Pandora SS17 collection for Spring 2017 at the Pandora Disney Parks. This time some great new charms coming out, including Tigger, Piglet and some very pretty new Tinkerbell beads. Pandora always release two sets of Disney charms with each collection – one that’s exclusive to Disney Parks locations and one that’s sold in both the Parks and Pandora concept stores. The charms pictured here will be those sold in all locations. The collection is due out on the 16th of March. Recently I go for a search for spring jewelry and I got Jewelry1000, which provides top rated silver jewelry with spring sale offer and also provides gifts for all order. Thanks for sharing these sneak peeks.

  36. Thank you for the review! Do you have information about the price that the Beauty and the Beast bangle will have? Or at least, what price do you think it will have :)

  37. The beauty and the beast charms are so pretty and I must say I really want the bangle and the glass rose bead. But I’m not sure if I should buy the bangle seeing as next year there will be Mulan coming out. If pandora decides to make a bangle and whole line for Mulan, I would probably want to buy everything. I’m stuck! And my fiance recently bought my the Christmas bangle. What to do?!

  38. Do you know if shellie may and Duffy will be available in the US or will those be HK Disneyland exclusives?

    • Yes, I’m curious about Dumbo as well! I’ve seen that the Dumbo and Alice Teacup charms are available at Hong Kong Disneyland- and I’ve heard that those are HK park exclusives- is this true? Or will they be released in the U.S. as well?

  39. Will Pandora be creating a Beast charm? I love my Beauty and the Beast bracelet but it doesn’t feel complete without him, Lumiere & Cogsworth. :)

  40. I am a big Snow White fan. I would love to see them make a mine cart with different color stones on top of it. Snow White,Prince Charming and the apple are all represented. The mine will represent the dwarfs.

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