Today’s post brings my first review of 2017, with a closer look at the stunning Pandora Chinese New Year 2017 charm – the red enamel Lion Dance bead!

Pandora Chinese New Year 2017 Lion Dance

I did promise catch-up reviews of older charms, and I’m aware that those haven’t materialised  yet – I’ve actually done the work for most of them, it’s just that with the blog’s tech issues I didn’t want to post anything unnecessary and put increased strain on it. As I’m only purchasing two Valentine’s 2017 items, we’ll have plenty of time to go through those catch-up reviews before the launch of the Pandora Spring 2017 collection on the 16th March! :)

I’m also aware that there’s a huge backlog of messages & emails for me to go through – it’s been really busy and I am sorry that I’ve not been able to reply to so many! I will try and get through some this weekend.

In the meantime – read on for close-up shots and styling inspiration!

Pandora Lion Dance Charm Review

The Lion Dance charm is just one of those charms that was love at first sight for me, blending originality of design with Pandora’s classic attention to detail. His face is undeniably on the cute side, which is very much my kind of thing – he has very big black enamel eyes, which are accentuated by silver silver beading and white enamel. The detail of every aspect of the charm has been considered, with attention extended right down to his four nicely solid little feet, each gently oxidised,

Pandora Chinese New Year 2017 Lion Dance

For me, the stand-out detail for this bead is the enamelwork, however. There are paisley-like swirls beneath the enamel – I have no idea how they manage to achieve this sort of effect, but it is gorgeous! The enamelwork is complemented by the CZ fringing, which for me doesn’t seem superfluous or like overkill in the context of the overall design.

Pandora Chinese New Year 2017 Lion Dance

In certain countries, including Singapore, the charm is sold with traditional hong pao envelopes in red and gold. These are gorgeous and I was so pleased to get a couple along with my bead!

This charm is rather expensive, no matter where you get it from; however, it’s threaded and is very solid & weighty in person. It’s a large charm, both in height and width (which you’ll better be able to see from the styling pics), so you’re getting – in Pandora terms! – a fair amount of charm for your money.

Pandora Chinese New Year 2017 Lion Dance

The hallmarks of the charm are located underneath it. For those who were wondering, I’ve found that my charm does flip quite a lot when I’m wearing it – so you might become quite familiar with this upside down view of it on your bracelet! ^^

Pandora Chinese New Year 2017 Lion Dance


As previously mentioned in other posts, like many other Pandora collectors I’ve been taking advantage of various sales and snapping up retired beads over the past year – this two-tone bangle styling showcases some of my favourite finds! The Saturn Flowers two-tone charm came from the Pandora UK eStore, while I found the absolutely stunning mother of pearl two-tone pendant, garnet Birthday Bloom and the two-tone floral clip at Rue La La.

Red and gold always look so elegant and luxurious together, and the floral motifs on the older beads add a delicacy that complements the intricate detailing on the Lion. :D

If you’re looking for a way to style your Black Friday Poinsettia, too, then this is another option – it looks lovely with the Lion Dance and a little dash of soft cherry blossom pink, or just with plain reds!

Pandora also went for red and gold in their campaign images, with the addition of the Lock of Longevity, which has warm amber stones in it – a surprisingly winning combination! :)

pandora chinese new year 2017

However, for my final bracelet design, I’ve gone all-red. I’ve been so excited for the Valentine’s Sparkling Heart clasp bracelet to come out, as I’ve been waiting for it to put together my full silver Asian bracelet design. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out, and I’ve still got a little space for future CNY beads ☺️

Pandora Chinese New Year 2017 Lion Dance

The red isn’t a perfect match for previous Chinese New Year charms – it’s a deeper, more sophisticated shade, as opposed to the brighter red enamel featured on the previous beads. They still look great together, but this shade is a little easier to style with other things, I think. It looks great with the garnet cabochon and birthday bloom charms in particular – the colour is a very good match.

Pandora Chinese New Year 2017 Lion Dance


I just love this bead. The vibrancy of the enamel, and the patterning within it, is just beautiful; the expression on the face is undeniably cute; its design is unique and interesting. It’s going to be hard for Pandora to beat this one for me this year!

The only downsides I can identify are issues of size – it’s quite large, and its rectangular shape means that it will probably work best as a focal bead on your bracelet – and of it flipping when you wear it. Flipping is a common issue with character and animal beads, however, and one that you kind of just have to learn to live with – it doesn’t really bother me! The other thing is that, with all that enamelwork and CZ detail, it is quite expensive. But worth the money for me! <3

Did you manage to track one of these charms down?

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  1. I don’t have this bead, but hope to get it eventually. The true shade of red is really pretty and of course all the details are amazing. I think the bead looks cute, too, and although I don’t like beads flipping (!), I would still like to get it.

    • I wear mine between 2 silicone clips on a bangle and I find mine behaves himself quite well! I would’ve bought him just to look at in the box though. He’s a work of art and well worth the money! Jill

      • That’s a good idea! Having charms on a full bracelet that doesn’t allow much movement on the chain can also help. I completely agree that I love this charm enough that the flipping doesn’t bother me either :)

  2. Hi Ellie I went to see the new collection today. I bought the new valentines sparkling heart clasp. They had no special bags or catalogue, which was a shame.
    Your charm looks lovely on your Asian themed bracelet.

    • Hi Sarah! I got the new bracelet as well (as you can see in this review!) – it is lovely. The concept store I went to didn’t have bags or catalogue either, but then I popped to T H Baker and they were giving the special bags out to everyone, which was lovely. Which makes me sceptical of the concept store’s claim that they didn’t have any…!

  3. You commented on the lovely swirl pattern in the red enamel portion of this dragon bead. I was wondering if this is achieved by making the swirls in the metal before the enamel is applied? The red portion seems to have a see through effect which would mean you can see the raised metal underneath the red. Just my thoughts on how this could possibly be achieved. Lovely review of the charm also. Absolutely love your bracelet! I am in NA and have no idea where or when I will be able to purchase one.

    • Hi,
      The designs that are under the enamel are done on the metal bead, they are either raised or cut to give the desired look then the transparent enamel is poured on top.

      Pandora does an awesome job on these details and the beads look amazing!

      • Thank you for confirming my thought on how this effect is achieved. And yes, Pandora does an amazing job with this work on the charm. They really created an amazing overall bead with this one!

        • Yes, I just looked it up on the Pandora site. Sorry I didn’t realise it was called Lion Dance. You are correct. You definitely are correct on which charm it is!

        • Phew. Yay. I’m also excited that you can help me get charms. When you said you’re in NA, does that just mean North America? I think we should probably move this convo to email, so I guess you’ve got mine now. I’ve sent it a couple of times. My daughter is going to the Disney Expo in America this year and she is going to get me the two castles for my fairy tale bracelet, so I’m really excited about that. But I’m sure there’ll be others that we both can’t get, so I’d love to start an exchange with you xxx

        • I don’t have your email address Tracey. Where did you send it? Glad you are going to get something else you want from NA. Yes, I am in NA in Florida but I don’t collect anything Disney. We live only a couple of hours away from Disney.

        • I’ll put that a different way, just in case email addresses are not allowed.

      • Ah, that makes a lot of sense. :D Thanks for sharing, Stacey, it’s always so interesting to get an insight into that side of things.

    • Hi Susan,

      I think you’re dead on with how Pandora achieved the swirl pattern, when I used my iPad to enlarge Ellie’s photos on my screen I could view the swirls more closely and they look like the were part of the silver lion. Very clever of Pandora, hope they do more with patterns under the enamel.

      Lisa K

    • That does make a lot of sense, as I don’t see how they’d get the precision otherwise – and Stacey has confirmed that that’s how they do it. It must be the same for the Santa’s Home bead as well!

  4. Hi Ms. Mora and Happy New Year really nice lion charm. Though I didn’t see the charm in person at the Pandora Store, but I will check it out again when I go back . God bless you.

  5. I love this bead and I am trying very hard to find a place that I can get it from. Do you know of any sites where I can buy it and have it shipped to USA?

    • Hi Monica! If u don’t want to order through any lady that is living in Asia or AU/NZ u could try ordering from Hong Kong, Japan or Australia! As far as I know these are the only places where they have online stores! But sadly they don’t deliver overseas! Ordering from Australia will be the best as pandora is the cheapest is Australia! It’s cheaper by almost 20 dollars for every charm as compared to us here in Singapore! Good luck!

    • You can’t purchase the charm with international shipping via any official means – your best bet is to get help from the Pandora community :)

      • I ordered mine online from Pandora Hong Kong. I also put in another order today for ♡Ray♡. My email is posted on this page in another comment ?

        • Hello Kiki,
          I am new to the board. I don’t know how to message you. Sorry to be such a bother. I would like to talk to you about the Lion Dance charm and the lantern pendant charm. Thank you for your time. I truly appreciate your help.

    • I know, we got the CNY charm last year, so it was very disappointing indeed not to see it again this year. I can only guess that last year’s Piggy didn’t sell well or that we might get it later..?

  6. Hello. I just wanted to tell you first how much I enjoy your blog. Secondly I am sad, that there are not so many Chinese New Year Charms available in Germany. I got a hold of the silver yuan bao though in our sale section. Keep your reviews up. Much love from one of the few make collectors. ?

    • Hi Dexter! Yay, thank you so much. That’s lovely to hear <3 we don't get many of the CNY beads in the UK either, but luckily there are lots of collectors around the world who will help with this kind of thing. That's an amazing find you got in the sale, though, congrats!

  7. Hi Ellie!

    Your Asian designed bracelet is absolutely stunning!!! The Lion Dance charm is amazing and I’m so happy you were able to add it to your collection. Love the swirl pattern underneath the enamel. Red was the perfect color for this charm, IMO, and the Sparkling Heart bracelet was a nice choice for this design.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely review. One of my favorites!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend,

    • Hi Emily! Thank you so much!! I’m so pleased that you like it; it’s gorgeous in person, and entirely due to the fact that all those red enamels are just lovely! Pandora can be so clever when they want to be.

      I’m really happy that you enjoyed the review, and I hope that you’re having a lovely week! Thanks for commenting. <3

  8. Hi!!!
    This charm is so amazing but again hard to get sadly.
    When the updated the Pandora app in the Netherlands it popped up as a new charm! I almost fell off my chair!!
    And the best thing, there was a ‘buy it now’ button!!
    Well, that made my day…… clicked…. waited….. and then it said it was not availeble! Ok maybe sold out because everyone wants it, could happen right?
    Today second update on the app, and it disapeared completely ????
    Really Pandora?
    I made peace with the Disney licence thing, but this just p#^#^#}s me off….
    Ok, rant over, as it seems I have those a lot over Pandora lately ??
    On the upside, I’m really happy that this bead is out there, so my hunt continuous ???
    Thank you for all your work!!!

    • Hi, Marikaisa. Almost the same happened here. On the day of the launch it appeared as an online exclusive but some days later it was gone! At the moment it¨s nowhere to be seen and I¨m sure it hasn¨t been sold out. It simply pop on to say hello and vanished quickly. I suspect it wasnt meant to be¨for sale here and Pandora somehow made a mistake by advertising it.

      • I must contradict myself. Pandora´s official page has been behaving in a funny way lately. Although I haven´t been able to see the lion since launch day, I´ve just got information from a friend who read on FB that you can buy it online for 59 Euros. I must say I´m, perplexed!

    • Hi Marikaisa! Aw, that’s so annoying! They should really stop that kind of thing from happening (and it does happen quite often, that they’ll mistakenly advertise charms in the wrong countries) as it does get people’s hopes up. I hope that you do find one, in any case, as it is just stunning and definitely the one to beat this year I think! And hopefully they’ll get it right with the next collections and you’ll have less to rant about soon, haha. :) thanks for commenting! <3

  9. Hi Ellie,

    I am so glad you made this review a priority I have been waiting to see how you would style this fabulous lion. Your photos are lovely, I appreciate your taking the time to show the charm from several angles. The additional pave does seem a little over the top, I think of silver waves or edging would have been just as effective, but I agree with you it isn’t a deal breaker.
    Because this charm is so ornate in comparison to previous CNY charms, I think the splashes of gold are a great way to tie it in with the silver. My favorite of your designs is the two tone bangle. Of course I have to commend you on the creativity with the Pointsetta charm. I bought the Pointsetta and haven’t used it since Christmas.
    The flipping doesn’t bother me either, I wonder if this charm would flip on a Pandora necklace, since it is a larger charm, it could make a nice focal point on a necklace.
    The fact that this is a larger charm is appealing to me, especially with the paisley swirls under the enamel, I presume it is more visible with the naked eye.
    You reviews are so helpful, I enjoy reading them; when they pop up I make a coffee sit in my favorite chair and enjoy.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa, since the weight is in the head or top of the charm it would have to be worn upside down on a necklace to not flip. I have put mine upside down on my bracelet so if my arm is down his head is down and it doesn’t flip unless my hand is up.

      • Leanne,

        Thanks for the clever tip! It never would have occurred to me to do that with the charm or any of the heavier ones Pandora has put out. I love my necklace, I wear it all the time. I wish Pandora would feature it in their monthly magazine.

        Thanks again for the tip!

        Lisa K.

        • Hi again Lisa, You’re welcome. And the best part he is looking at me every time I look at him. And he’s truly a work of art.

    • Hi Lisa! Oh yes, I couldn’t wait to post this review! I was so excited to receive my bead, and putting together the silver CNY bracelet was definitely worth the effort just to showcase this bead. I know some people find it a ‘bit much’, but I love it. :D The pavé dusting is a bit superfluous and I’d have preferred just enamel for that kind of detailing, but it doesn’t detract from the overall look that much for me either.

      I actually had a bit of a disaster with my Poinsettia! I was wearing it out and about in town the other day, looked down at my wrist – and – guess what? One of the big stones had fallen out! Luckily I was able to go straight to the store and they replaced it without the receipt. But I’ve never had that happen with a Pandora bead, although I’ve seen plenty of stories from other people. I guess, with all the jewellery I have, that it was bound to happen sooner or later, but if it happens again further down the line, they’re not going to have another one to replace it with…!

      Lisa, your comments about reading my reviews with a cup of coffee have made me so happy! That’s exactly what I love to do with other blogs, so it’s lovely to hear that these do the same for you. Thanks for commenting and I hope you continue to enjoy <3

  10. Thank you so much for a very detailed review and lovely style inspirations.
    My brother (back home in the Philippines) was able to buy the Lion Dance charm for PHP3,860 which is roughly USD80. The sad part is I have to wait until end of February to get it as it will be hand carried by a friend to the US. Philippine Postal system is not reliable and it costs a fortune to use use FedEx or UPS. Anyway, I’m sure it will be worth the wait based on your review. ?

    • It will definitely be the worth the wait! He is a beauty. So glad you enjoyed the review, and you can get planning how you will wear him while you wait at least ?

  11. I bought this bead and absolutely love it. It currently sit on a bangle by itself to be worn stack with honeysuckle leather with some flora muranos and past CNY charms. Because of its large size, for me its best to leave it as a focal point on the bangle alone. I can’t stop looking at it on my wrist.

    • Love the sound of the pink and red! That’s what I originally wanted to do for my CNY bracelet, but couldn’t make it work with the beads I had. Yours sounds so lovely!

  12. Hi Ellie, I was the first customer at my local Pandora store on the day the lion dance was released. I’ve never done that as I’m not a morning person. I’d called my other independent store and they only had 3 to sell. Fortunately the Pandora store had ordered quite a few. I have a red and pink flower and heart bracelet but it was not my favourite as I was bored of it being my 1st finished one so I’ve taken the feature red dangle and 2 open works flowers off and replaced them with new lion dance and also bought last years cny piggy bank. It’s really refreshed it and I’m enjoying it again.

    • Hi Leanne! Aha, that’s dedication :) I remember going in once when they released the Summer collection and the SA being surprised that anyone was keen enough to head in when they opened. Your bracelet sounds lovely, and that’s the great thing about Pandora – if a design is not working for you, then it’s so easy to change it! I often swap individual charms between bracelets these days and keep tweaking until I’m exactly happy :)

  13. Great review and I like how you styled your bracelet. You are absolutely correct about the flipping over though. I am going to take another’s posters suggestion and put it between two silicone clips.

    0n my CNY bracelet he currently sites between two onyx cabachons along with the silver and the two tone dragon on either side.

    • Yay, thank you Linda! Putting it between two clips is a good idea – flipping doesn’t bother me too much, but that is probably your best bet if you want him to stay put. Love the idea of putting it with the black and gold – really dramatic and elegant!

  14. Stunning charm! How can I get one? I live in US. I tried Pandora online estores for other countries but they won’t ship here and that’s sad and such a loss of business.

    • Hi Michelle I can help if u need it :) I live in Singapore which is a tiny place in Asia. The prices here might not be a good as in Australia but the shipping is very affordable :)

    • Your best bet is to get help from the Pandora community – that’s how I got mine. You can’t order internationally unfortunately!

    • I live in the US also (Hawaii). I recently purchased 2, one for myself and another for a friend. If you need help, you can send me an email

      Little secret: I order mine from Pandora Hong Kong and they give cute bonuses with your purchase like a polishing cloth and the red CNY packets ;) Happy hunting!

  15. I really want to the Lion Dance charm as well! Maybe if we all send and email to Pandora customer support, they just might add it to the Spring release for us.

      • Hi Kiki,

        I live in New York, and we cannot order off the HK site. Thank you so much though for the idea! I’m still trying to get 2 of them :(

        Are you helping people out with ordering?


    • I think it’s good to let PAndora know if there’s something you’d like to see in their region – you never know, it might persuade them to give it a go and take a risk for next time! :)

  16. Do you know if this charm is available in Japan? I’m going in may but I don’t know if it’ll be available during that time.

  17. Hi Ellie

    I simple love this charm, it is so cute! I got it last Friday on time to celebrate the Lunar New Year this Saturday! You are right, it is a focal piece. Had a great time choosing the right Lion at Pandora. It has been selling really well due to the Lunar New Year and the Pandora I went to only had a few left. I’m styling it with the yellow and red fascinating muranos, Gold Sparkling Bloom charms, ingot, money bag, Chinese Lantern and Chinese doll.


    • Hi Bebe, so glad to hear you got one too! Was there variation between them then? I wouldn’t have imagined it would vary as much as the murano beads, but I guess the shade of enamel might differ? Your styling sounds perfect. Very opulent and rich, and perfect for celebrating CNY!

      • Ellie, yes, some lions were brighter red and some darker red. I chose the brighter red. The eye sizes also had variation, chose the one with biggest brightest eyes as he looks cuter!

  18. Hello!!
    Unfortunately, I am one of the unlucky ones in North America :( My mom and I are both really wanting this charm… any suggestions for how we could get our hands on it?! Thanks :)

    • I have commented below that I’m prepared to buy them and post them. I have already sent to two ladies in North America. They paid AUD 100 but for two it would be $180 as they will be posted together. You can send me the money through PayPal. My local store only has two left, so if you want me to do this for you, it’ll have to be soon. My email address is

      • See if you can join Facebook page Pandora Tribes..Admin is Mary…There are people who will get it for you esp Patty Ng…I got one from her and it is a stunning charm..

    • Hi Emily! I would try and get help through one of the Pandora Facebook trading pages (Pandora’s Angels, Pandora’s Tribe, etc) – the community is your best resource in these instances, as Pandora don’t allow official retailers to ship internationally.

  19. Hi..Got one from a friend on FB Pandora Tribe Group..I love the cahrm..It is stunning…

    Another question – anyone know what a typical cost of brand new Winiper/Staff charm? TIA

    • I looked it up and now understand what it is. Doubt I will ever own this charm due to the cost. It really is a cute one though.

      • I know, it never even went on sale – no wonder it goes for such prices on the secondhand market. I’d love to know how many there are and whether they’re still made, even.

        • Ellie, I can now answer your question about the Winiper charm and its production. There were 1000 made and the mold was destroyed. Truly a collector’s dream piece! I am still working on trying to get one.

        • I bought mine on eBay from Australia to the uk they cost me in total £124.52 each and I bought two but it was the only way I could get them…

        • That’s really scary. I’ve already heard of people buying them on ebay and they were fakes with obvious poor quality. We are all here to help each other get REAL Pandora pieces. Please reach out to someone before wasting your money.

        • 400.50 aud is $308.88 USD. That’s CRAZY expensive. If you need Lions, message me because I don’t feel right about you paying that much. Someone is ripping you off.

        • Sorry, Lorna, I thought you were talking about a Winiper. Maybe you’re talking about the dancing lion.

        • Lorna, I was referring to the Winiper charm, not the Dancing Lion charm. The Winiper charm was something special given to management employees of Pandora in 2012. They are extremely rare and very expensive. The Lion charm is not available in NA so you have to find someone to help you get it or have to buy it on line. But definitely a very beautiful and special charm as well!

    • Oh, those are always very expensive. £500-600 is what I have seen them typically be advertised for, but they can go below or above, too…

  20. Just sent off my third dancing lion and picking up another two tomorrow. How I wish everyone has asked at the same time. Oh well, the joys of a country/ region exclusive. Hoping they are all winging their way safely to America.

  21. I was at my local Pandora store today and the SAs there said they were told the bead would be available in the US. Fingers crossed!

  22. Hi Mora,

    How would you be able to tell if the dancing lion is authentic? they are selling a knockoff of this charm for $6.95

  23. Hello!

    How would you be able to tell if you have the authentic dancing lion charm? They are selling a knockoff of this charm for 6.95!

    • Hope this helps!
      Courtesy of
      By Jenna Published on July 5, 2016
      Per Pandora, Mall of America

      Check for “ALE” which is for Pandora’s founder, Algot Enevoldsen.

      Look for quality marks such as S925 on silver and G585 or G750 on gold pieces.

      Materials such as plastic, glue and Swarovski crystals are never used, so if any of those items appear to be part of your jewelry, it is likely not a PANDORA piece.

      • Hi Kiki,

        Thanks for the reply… but that’s the problem; the knockoff has those exact markings like the authentic charm. Scary part is I paid a lot for this charm, and well I don’t even know if its authentic because it looks EXACT!


    • I wouldn’t get it from AliExpress. I’ve shopped on that website before and almost everything is cheaply made and/or fake, knockoffs. If you have purchased a “Pandora” charm from them, the best thing to do is take it to a Pandora retailer and have them assess it.
      Best wishes!

      • No, I would never buy from Aliexpress… Ever! I heard they have lead in there products too!

        I was mentioning what they are doing to manipulate the charm to be sold as authentic.

        I purchased the charm someone I do not know and they said it was authentic and I wanted the option of a expert; being I did pay well over selling price.

        • That’s what I meant when I asked where you got it from – who did you get it from / via what means?

        • I would take it to a Pandora store to try to get their opinion. I would try to return it to where you purchased it. There are some really nice people on this blog willing to get the Lion Dance charm for other people. There is just too much money to be made on these charms so the fakes are everywhere. Too much money to spend to not get what you want! Good luck!

  24. I didn’t like the promotional shot of the lion because it looked like a devil, but your photos make the charm look really beautiful! This post has changed my perception of the charm, so i will have to check it out:)

  25. Just received my Dancing Lion in the mail from a trade with a really nice person in Australia. I absolutely love this charm! It has so much character and design details. I really think anyone that collects Pandora is going to be sorry if they don’t add this to their collection. So I’m on my way to starting a bracelet like yours with the red/Asian type charms and beads on it. Thought I would let everyone know the Chinese doll charm, Chinese lattern, Korean doll, and Japanese doll charm are all on the “to be retired” list coming in probably March for the Spring clean out list. Don’t wait if any of these charms are on you wish list!

  26. Aloha all,
    Pandora Hong Kong is currently out of stock and will not be getting anymore. I have 2 EXTRA charms that I bought which are being sent to me in Hawaii. If you would like one, please email me As of now, there are ONLY 3 left in the Singapore store and they will NOT be getting these in again. I will let everyone know when they are all spoken for.

  27. Hi Ellie, I’m your new follower and I live in Italy. For next 2018 I would buy 3 Asian charms, The Lion Dance, Sunny Doll and Panda. Where I live I do not know anyone who travels to the East either for work or for vacation. Do you know anyone who can help me? I wanted to congratulate you for your super blog, it is very well done and captivating, you are so good and precise. It was a blow to get to your blog, I think it’s the fate of the most pensive “Pandorins” :).I’m not good to write on a blog, I hope to find again my post and answers, if they are.

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