Today’s post brings a preview that many of us have been waiting for, with an overview of the new charms coming out with the Pandora Spring 2017 collection! :D This release, due out on the 16th March, offers the usual pastels and florals, but also throws in some bright colours in a more unusual move from the brand.

Pandora Spring 2017 Collection

For some live shots of the collection and other campaign shots, please have a scroll through the Pandora Spring 2017 tag – otherwise, read on for stock images and further details! :) This preview encompasses the charms & charm bracelets only, as I’ll be back with a separate post that covers the other jewellery.

Pandora Spring 2017 Collection Preview

First of all, we have our floral beads – and there are a fair few of them! There are many more additions to previous sets of charms, including the Dazzling Daisies and Poetic Blooms collections, and an entirely new set called Magnolia Bloom. 

However, for me the stand-outs are the beautiful Field of Flowers muranos in pink and a beautiful soft lilac colour. There’s also a soft glitter in the glass and threads of colour twining the flowers together – the effect should be beautiful in person!

Pandora Spring 2017 Florals

To go with the charms, there’s going to be a brand new special-clasp bracelet! Pandora do so many of these nowadays, but this is our first floral bracelet. :D

Pandora Spring 2017 Poetic Blooms bracelet

Next up, we have some more generic decorative charms, including the Insignia safety chain and clip, which are silicone lined. Pandora have been showcasing the brightly coloured Radiant Droplets beads all together on one colourful bangle design, which is rather fun – but I’d be tempted to put them with more sympathetic colour schemes. The lilac shade is particularly pretty (it looks amazing in the campaign shot at the top!).

Pandora Spring 2017 Decorative

Following the trend for Stones of Colour that Pandora have going on at the moment, we have our next set of birthstone jewellery – petites for the Floating Locket necklaces!

Pandora Spring 2017 Birthstone Petites

Next, we have the usual love, heart and milestones beads – I’ve included all the heart charms here! The Classic Heart clip is a lovely simple two-tone design that could have jumped right out of a Pandora catalogue from way back when, and I also find the Lucky Day dangle very cute with its clover and sparkling horse shoe! The Glittering Hearts of Pandora is a plain-silver bead that’s textured just like the Pandora Essence Wisdom charm. :)

Pandora Spring 2017 Love Lifestyle

Finally, we have some 14kt gold charms! I know that the sparkle won’t appeal to everyone, but I think the detailing on these beads is so striking – the colours in the Opulent Floral are just stunning.

Pandora Spring 2017 Gold

My Comment

My must-haves are undoubtedly the beautiful Field of Flowers muranos, in both lilac and pink, and I also really like the Poetic Blooms bracelet. People have been asking for a floral special-clasp bracelet for a long time! The Magnolia collection is very pretty (I love enamel detailing!), and it’s nice that the shade of pink they’ve gone for is a bit brighter – the pieces wouldn’t look out of place on a more tropical-themed bracelet design.

It’s disappointing not to see more character beads – but at least there’s the Pandora Disney Spring 2017 collection to make up for that, which has some wonderfully detailed pieces (if you can get hold of them!). Of what we’ve seen so far, there’s more than enough to keep me busy come March!

What do you think of this year’s spring collection? Is anything going on your wish list?

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    • Hi Candia
      There is a flip flop charm dangle, it is quite small & has a coloured stone. I believe one has a purple and one was produced with a red stone the latter is a bit harder to come by. Even though it is retired you still might be able to snag one in a retired sale or online like.

      Lisa K

      • Hi Lisa I do remember that one didn’t like that one at all. It was way too small. Maybe one day they will make a better one.

        • Candia
          You are right the flip flop charm is small. It would be nice to have one the same size as the ballet slipper or shoe. I had a friend who wore flip flops under here wedding gown ehile getting married on the beach in Jamaica.

          Lisa K

    • I was going to say that there is one already, but I see that everyone else has already suggested it – I hope they bring one out that you prefer at some point!

  1. Haha, feels like someone is holding a gun to pandora designers head! One day they will release a bead asking for help. Ah here, nothing to say to be honest.

    • Aha! I think that the answer is simply that these are the kinds of beads that must be most popular in all the markets put together – the kind of style that has the most chance of being successful everywhere..

  2. Hi Ellie!
    this collection is a bit repetitive but stunning!
    with the dazzling daisy meadow is the first time I love a button style charm and the two muranos finally present some more intricate designs. However these colors don’t match with any of my styles and I’m not tempted to start one. The radiant droplets charms are amazing….finally a different way to put color on your bracelet without cz all around! The ruby one is at the top of my wish list for this collection and I have to complain that they didn’t proposed anything with a deep purple stone (like the petite facetes of few collections ago) that could match with my ruby/deep purple bracelet.
    I can save money for the two summer leather bracelets!!!

    Thanks Ellie!

    • Hi Sara! I am sure that they will do more colours of the radiant droplets if they sell well! My personal favourite is the lilac, I think it looks so stunning with the pink and some floral enamel in that top campaign image :D The Dazzing Daisy Meadow is another one that’s very pretty, but like you it just doesn’t quite match up with the designs I have planned. Thanks for commenting! <3

  3. I’m a little disappointed that there won’t be any character charms as well, but I do love those flower muranos and the fairytale crown. Thanks for the preview!

        • I’ve recently moved all the not really fairytale charms off my fairytale bracelet to make room ? So my carousel, unicorn, rocking horse, mice in teacup etc so I have spots. Waiting…….

    • I was really very disappointed by the lack of character beads at first, too, but the Disney beads and the Field of Flowers muranos are really so lovely that there won’t be any shortage of opportunities to spend my money! ^^

  4. Hi everyone
    From November after receiving my first Pandora essence bracelet with charms from my husband I have been reunited with my charm obsession. As a young girl I had an old fashioned chunky silver charm bracelet which I sold to fund part of my degree studies. But I have become a Pandora collector and since November have a further three moments bracelets (I even managed to purchase a Disney one) and have been collecting (and gifted at Christmas) charms and filling one bracelet with charms which I feel represent important moments in the last 21 years (including that all important graduation owl) Most of my purchases are 2nd hand but I cannot wait to collect the new floral bracelet and charms to represent my love of gardening and flowers. However as these are new I will settle for the bracelet and one bead and put the others on my wish list. Or at least limit my purchase to one every two months:) Thank you for a wonderful web blog I have been logging on daily as part of my pandora fix:)

    • Hi Jacqui! So pleased to hear that the blog has become part of your daily routine :D that sounds like an excellent plan for adding steadily to your collection without going overboard – that way you know, too, that each piece you are adding is really one that you want. I am cutting down on my Pandora spending as well at the moment, both because I want to be more choosy about which pieces I add to my bracelets and because I am trying to just be better with money in general ?

    • I like the Opulent Floral in particular as well, the colours are stunning! <3 Nice to hear a bit of love for the gold collection!

  5. OMG!!!!!! Another preview ???
    You’ve just made my day!!!. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ??
    As always the muranos seem to be really gorgeous. I wished they made them in a smaller round version, too. My wrist are tiny and that donought shape just doesn’t fit me at all. That with the pistol could work here, lol!
    As for the rest of the collection I absolutely adore the idea of a whole set of beads around a theme, I mean the magnolia blooms. However I’m not tempted by these, as that shade of pink is not mh cup of tea but I hope they’ll release more like that in the future. I always arrange my bracelet symetrically and sometimes it’s hard to find the right colour to go with my focal piece, so having spacers and clips to choose will no doubt be of great help ?. If only they had done the same with last year’s dalhia clips!
    Another think I like is that there are a couple of charms which are not buttom-like. I love Radiant Hearts, but that’s all. That shape was beginning to get into my nerves!
    And wow!, more two-tone and gold pieces!. The gold ones are too pricey for me, so I don’t even consider them but they are always beautiful to look at ?.
    Finally, I can’t wait to see the Radiant Droplets in flesh. I’m relly interested but need to see and compare. At the moment I like pink, green and light blue.

    • Yay! I’m so glad to hear you’re excited :D Aw, perhaps consider getting a slightly bigger bracelet just to wear muranos so that they don’t dig so much? It might be a bracelet sizing issue that means you can’t wear muranos – bracelets with more glass beads on them do require a bigger size to be comfortable!

      I was impressed by the range of Magnolia pieces they’ve released as well – they often release more pieces in a collection in dribs and drabs (Poetic Blooms anyone?) but they’ve gone for the full house to start with! it does make it easier to plan a symmetrical bracelet as you say.

  6. Heart “just married” is beautiful, but why ” just married”… It should be possibility add customer engraver.

    I don’t like enamel, it’s look like shoddy, poor for a.few dollars.

    • I think that having the Just Married charm be engravable is a lovely idea, and I hope that they do that at some point!

      I love enamel charms, especially the floral beads – far prefer it to a pave finish! :)

  7. The magnolia range are pretty but not what i will get. My favourite are the two muranos and new flora bracelet. The pink flora murano reminds me of the cherry blossom one but with more details and sparkle. The purple flora one will look perfect with last year’s shimmering purple murano.Thank you for the preview Ellie. Looking forward to more posts to come.

    • One thing to add, i prefer the old happy birthday cake charm over this new one. The old one has such beautiful rosebud details which i like. But feel silly to get it for myself. Haha…

      • Me too! I like a bit of pink enamel, but the roses are so beautiful on the original – and they look like strawberries from the side view. It’s a really clever design! My OH got it for me for my birthday a couple of years ago.

    • You are welcome! <3 Your favourites from this selection are a snap for mine. Can't wait to see live shots of the muranos!

  8. I think I can say I’m finally done with Pandora. The bracelets are supposed to be about memories and now they are all themed bracelets every year. This entire line is almost exactly the same as the 2015 or 2016 line. It’s a lot of bling and dressy which is nice , but it takes away from the charms they used to sell that you would make memories and wear as an everyday bracelet. They are a little bit too much for a stay at home mom to wear every single day. My bracelet was stolen and it’s hard to make up a new one as many of the charms are discontinued. :( So sad

    • Aw, I’m sorry to hear that. It is very different these days to what it was even two years ago, so I do understand where you’re coming from! I’m sorry also to hear that your bracelet was stolen, that is terrible :( I don’t know what I’d do if I lost one of mine, so I really feel for you! :(

  9. I like the new style clasps on the bracelets these days, I just hope they have the good sense to include them all in the free bracelet promo in October as I probably won’t bother anymore otherwise :-/. I want the two tone bracelet from last year and I think that the signature heart dangle charm would look great on that, so here’s hoping for a good promo come October, or even before like America ;-).

    • Yes! That’s a good point. The North American promos are always so good about including most of the special clasp options, but the UK are much stingier :( fingers crossed!

  10. Ew. It’s a floral disaster. Pandora’s end for “charms” is fast approaching.

    I’m in finance. In 2011 Pandora failed spectacularly, with many in the industry blaming the declining fad of charm bracelets for the business failure. They said Pandora had to change to survive. The company had a major shake-up for two years. The bling you see is the result of that shaking change. Pandora is now making money had over fist by selling cheap fashion jewelry at exorbitant prices to a demographic not interested in marking life moments with charms.

    And I don’t know about elsewhere, but here in Canada we no longer have retail outlets selling online. We can only buy online from the e-store, or Rue La La. Many jewellery stores have also stopped carrying the brand. I haven’t kept up with the why of this shrinkage, but low sales here may be part of the reason. Pandora is big in the US, not so much in Canada.

    • I thought they have been taken away from non-Pandora stores to protect the brand. The non-Pandora stores continually discount and Pandora stores don’t.

      • Oh really? I didn’t know any of this.
        In my country there’s still a lot of Pandora retailers and my experience with them is the exact opposite; Pandora constantly runs promotions and has a sale twice a year, but the retailers never give any kind of discount and are still selling long-retired charms for the full price haha

    • As I know Pandora had terminated license of silver level store, only store carry 14k can stay in business. They want open more franchise concept store make more money. Some store owner told me about this.

    • I go to Pandora outlet store in Tanger outlet at Cookstown buy ton of retired two toned & silver classic pieces 40-50% off. I start collected Spring 2014, like Pandora classic piece so I go Cookstown once a month for treasure hurting, a lot of fun.

        • Two outlets store in a Toronto area, Tanger outlet at Cookstown & Premium fashion Outlet at Niagara on the Lake. You can go their facebook check out their promotion, they have their own promotion. I will go for Valentine’s Day special buy any 2 already discounted retired charm get 2 for free.

    • I think Pandora is starting to get confused about who their primary target audience is. Their newer designs seem to be targeting a younger demographic but their prices are set for an older demographic. I think they need to decide whether they want to target younger buyers – so stick with the current fashion-jewellery based designs and reduce their price. Or target the older demographic who can pay more but want more classic classier designs and quality gemstones, etc.

      • I also think that Pandora should go back to its classic Scandinavian design roots with more simple yet classic charms. This is what made them successful and unique.

        • Pandora target Asia market now, Hong Kong 7 million population city alone has 26 concept store.

        • Pandora has a marketing team based in Hong Kong, they know what is sell well in Asia, bling bling won’t stop soon.

        • People treat Pandora just fashion jewelry in Asia, if they want fine jewelry, there is the world biggest jewelry shop Chow Tai Fook had 1000 store in Asia.

        • Michele, I think you’re on to something there. The rising middle class in Asia is a massive market compared to the rest of the world. I think I remember seeing a huge Pandora store in Shanghai a few years ago at a large mall.

        • I totally agree with you, ladies. If they want to sell in Asia, that’s ok with me but as I once commented here they should be able to atract new customers with a different taste and yet keep up to their own former standards. Scandinavian design is so smart and elegant! However, I don’t see them taking a retreat from the troubled waters they’ve chosen. Young people in Asia and the Middle East may come from very rich families and thus have enough money to consum, consum, consum. So there’s no way back, I’m afraid. At least, not in a near future.

    • We still have a lot of UK retailers, but I have noticed them consolidating down online options in other regions. I think they’d have a hard job getting rid of the other UK online outlets, as they are massively popular and do a lot for the brand over here, though. I think Tracey is right when she suggests that it is perhaps for more control over brand image, as that’s something else that they’re looking at now too, and is a large part of why shop-in-shops are getting closed down.

  11. I actually like the look of quite a few new things, in particular the Muranos and the Magnolia Bloom pieces, although I’d want to see them in person first. I need to set aside money for the leather bracelets later on, too!

    • Me too! I love the Magnolia Blooms, I just don’t think that I can justify starting a whole new design to accommodate them. Maybe I could pick up a magnolia ring and just stick to the Fields of Flowers when it comes to charms ? glad to hear that you’ve seen things you like!

  12. Really excited to see another preview, thanks Ellie! I love the fuller ones with all the charm pictures and will browse them continually on and off now until release date, ha ha. I like the new muranos and dazzling daisy pieces best, but I don’t think I’ll be buying anything from this batch. I’m eagerly awaiting the swirly flower with pearl centre, which I think is a Mother’s Day set, hoping to make a purchase there! :)

    • I also really like the poetic bloom petites and the birthstone petites but I’ve not bought a locket so won’t need these either, but they are lovely.

    • Glad to hear it! Haha, I do the same with the preview pics :D and then I make and remake wish lists, too! Even though I know what I’m getting. ^^ The pearl charm you mentioned is a Mother’s Day release, yes, with a pretty grey-toned pearl – it’s very vintage!

  13. Oh! No, please don’t mix CZ with 14k gold, why should we pay high price for this Pandora. Gold should mix with diamond as fine jewelry. Nothing much for me, only 2 murano may be.

    • I agree, 14K gold should be kept gold with gemstones, not cz.

      I really really wanted some clean lines in the rose gold, and one or two nice not-blingy gold ones. And while I’m at it, some non-blingy silver ones – not buttons. Pretty please?

    • It’s definitely a sore spot for a lot of collectors, and I personally don’t even like buying two-tone beads with CZ, so I do understand! I just love the look of these, even if they are CZ :)

  14. Love love love the new spring collection! I have 6 full braclets & need to STOP but it’s so hard… I’m addicted

    • I always said I would stop at 3 moments bracelets but its hard to stop when Ellie tempts us with her fab updates on MoraPandora.

    • I’ve 6 full bracelets too, not counting bangles and leather. Its so addictive. Especially when pandora comes out with an interesting new clasp design. I will fall hard for another.

    • Aha, I know the feeling! I have a fair few more finished bracelets than six though if it makes you feel any better ?

  15. Hi Ellie…thanks for the detailed preview! I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever been so underwhelmed by a Spring collection. I had high hopes for the muranos, and while they are pretty, I was hoping for something multicolored like the Flower Garden or the green floral murano from the last couple of years. The one-color styles are less versatile, so I sadly won’t be adding them to my collection like I had hoped.

    I would have much rather seen more character charms. There are still plenty of animals/things that they haven’t done yet. I couldn’t agree more with the comment above that Pandora is now more about fashion rather than moments. I for one have my one moments bracelet, and my second is nature/season themed. Even with all of these new floral charms, I don’t like any of them enough to add to that bracelet; I think I’ll pick up some older ones instead. I can’t believe that with the Magnolia, they released it in every style possible right off the bat. That’s going to hurt them if no one likes that design, period.

    Do you know if any muranos are planned with the Summer release? Here’s hoping :/

    • Hi Kristen! Oh really? I’m surprised to hear that the muranos disappointed, I know that they’re each a solid colour but they’ve got a fair bit going on in terms of detailing. I do get what you mean in that they’re not as realistic or interesting in terms of their actual subtlety of colour, but I think they’re going to look lovely in person :D I was told that there were more muranos in the summer collection, but I have no idea what they will be! Probably something quite bright, going by previous years a nd what we’ve seen already…

  16. Recycling 101. Nothing to rave about really.I’m glad they introduced safety chain for threadless bracelet, but I will wait for one without pandora logo, hope there will be new design in summer collction, I’m so desperate for a nice safety chain :D
    I’ tempted only by muranos, the rest of collection is total deja vu. At least pandora saved my money this time. Let’s hope for more creative charms in collections to come. Thank you Ellie so much for your post <3

    • It is similar to previous collections, yes :( as was the previous spring collection! I guess they’re thinking that people will appreciate the similarities between newer and older releases when it comes to designing bracelets. Glad you enjoyed the post anyway! :) I’m always happy to see new safety chains as well, as I put together so many bracelet designs…

  17. Since Pandora have CZ CZ in almost every charm, I start collect Trollbead & Thomas Sabo. We are lucky to have many charm bracelet brand to choose so it is ok for me. I still buy Pandora but become very picky to choose sth I really want during promotion.

    • I think a lot of people have moved on from Pandora, Michele, but there are new people coming in who prefer the new style as well.. personally I like to track down older beads and pick my favourites from the new collections to wear with them :)

  18. Was so excited when I saw this preview.
    I love the poetic blooms bracelet and will definitely be getting that. I really like the magnolia blooms collection. On my list is the dazzling daisies spacer, magnolia bloom spacer, clips and ring. Also tigger.
    Looking forward to seeing the jewellery preview, to see if there are anymore rings.
    Interested to see full Mother’s Day, summer collection and Disney parks previews.

    • Yay! I love the bracelet as well, and think that I might actually use it for my forest theme, which has green on it, just to do something a bit different. More previews will hopefully be coming soon!

  19. Hi Ellie. I see a lot of negative comments here, but I don’t see Pandora changing back to their old style anytime soon, as it’s been several collections in a row like this now and the company is making more money than ever before. I personally love sparkle, so I don’t mind the CZ too much, but what bothers me is the lack of character beads–as you say–and the constant recycling of older designs and concepts. It seems like brand new designs are now the exception, not the rule.

    As for this collection, I do really like the bright, tropical colors of the Magnolia Blooms–though I’m surprised they made the design in this many styles so quickly. One of the Magnolia Bloom varieties will probably be on my “long term” wishlist, but I’m not dying to get it as soon as this collection is released. The Muranos look very pretty, but I have bought so many Muranos over the last couple of years, I don’t feel as if I need anymore. Saying that, I’m still excited to see these in live images and IRL–especially the lilac one, as I have a spot for this opposite the Light Purple Shimmering Murano on my metallic gray leather. I really like the Birthstone Petites, and I really could use a set of new Petites for my locket, as the sets I have now are more seasonal and limited (for Christmas and Valentine’s Day). I do wish, though, that they would sell these Petites separately. I usually don’t buy the birthstone pieces based on my actual birthstone but on the colors I like, and I would love to mix and match some of the colors of the Birthstone Petites. However, because I am forced to buy sets, I really can only choose one color, as I will be getting duplicates of the CZ and silver heart petite in each of the sets, and that isn’t exactly cost effective. The new bracelet is cute and different, but I probably won’t be getting that one,

    • Hi Joanne! Yes, I was bracing for a negative reaction based on the lack of character beads, as it was what I noticed myself. I think that what’s here is actually really very lovely, it’s just that the lovely quirky silver animals and what have you are missing. I hope that they bring them back in the future, as they are such a key part of my bracelet designs!

      I think it’s great that they did so many magnolia beads in one go, as you can really put together a comprehensive design from the start and not have to readjust it at all. It’s a very pretty collection; I wish there was the same amount of variation in my favourite floral collection, which is the Spring 2013 Cherry Blossom series. :D You make a good point about the Petites – especially as they have just re-released the Floating Locket charm, which only takes one Petite anyway!

  20. I like the Magnolia flowers, but that’s pretty much it. From what I’ve seen, I will definitely buy Mrs. Potts, the summer sunset beach button charm and maybe one magnolia charm. I would like to see more charms associated with memories that are solid silver or have a bit of enamel and less bling. I got married in Hawaii so the new summer beach charm will do nicely for that memory! I only usually buy when they have a promo, so I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for upcoming promos!

    • I’m keeping my eye out for promos as well! I would love a bracelet promo for the North American market so that I can get the two Tinker Bells beads and then this new bracelet for free ?

  21. Omg Ellie what an amazing collection I love the flower bracelet it’s looks so stunning and would be perfect for a spring floral design. I love all the flower pieces in the first image. I really like the radiant droplets too the colours looks so pretty especially the free one.

    • Aw, it’s so nice to hear from someone who is so enthused! Glad you like so much – I’m sure you’ll end up with a few pieces, based on what you’ve written here :D

  22. Hi Ellie,

    My this collection has generated quite a polarized reaction. A lot of People either love it or hate it. Well have to say this collection isn’t rockin’my world. As you know I love the moments theme, marking key points & memories in my life is what made Pandora so appealing to me. I do at times use abstract charms to symbolize a moment but I have to say that when I bought a purse charm to celebrate my grandmother’s love of a good purse and her comment “No matter how much weight I lose or gain, my purse will always fit!” I wanted a purse charm not a flower garden! The love of reading charm perfectly represents my husband & celebrates his passion for books & his career. I hope that Pandora will continue to release character charms & charms that are representative of places & things.
    When I down at my necklace or bracelet I love the mix of charms. The clips & spacers bookend my story of the day, week or moment! When you see Pandora use imagination in charms like the Dancing Lion it is no wonder we expect that same thought & creativity to be reflected in the seasonal collections.
    So all that being said what if anything can I take away from this collection? Well the classic two tone heart clips are lovely. I use the classic two tone flower clips on my necklace because they don’t compete with my charms, the new heart clips would be nice on my bracelet. The muranos are pretty but I feel as though I have enough of those for now. That is about it.

    I will continue to look for retired charms in my travels.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! I am not surprised to hear you say this, as I am really missing the character beads as well. Normally they throw in at least one cute animal or something similar with a spring launch – but never mind! I am going to be turning to the Disney collection for a couple of adorable character beads and grabbing the muranos and the bracelet from this launch. I have bought a lot of retired beads lately, and I’ve recently noticed how beautiful some of the recent Redbalifrog Enchanted Glade (I think it’s called) charms are, so I might do the unprecedented and just buy a couple of those silver animals to go with my new Pandora pretties. :)

      Hopefully they’ll do more traditional beads later in the year! Autumn is often a good launch for characters. :)

      • Hi Ellie.

        As much as I love Pandora I have supplemented my collection with a few Chamilia & Ohm pieces. I love Thanksgiving & Christmas , ok I love Tutkey. Ohm has some cute Turkey beads that I have thrown in to celebrate the holiday & for whimsy. The quality of silver and craftsmanship matches Pandora. My Tom the Turkey & Tom Tom of the Dead Turkey with the sugar skull design is a real hoot! I think adding a little Redbailfrog is a great idea. fingers crossed for the fall. I forgot to say that I did like the new crown charm.

      • You would love Redbalfrog Ellie, they are some of my favorite charms! They are larger than most Pandora charms but still integrate well, or you can just wear them on a separate bracelet/bangle and stack if you want to keep the brands separate. RBF fit over Pandora threads fine. Enchanted Glade was one of my favorite collections, I got the Mushroom House, Owl Nest, and Fawn dangle. I’ll post a few pics over on your Facebook for you to see if you need more temptation <3

  23. Hi Ellie!

    Such a lovely spring preview! The Field of Flowers muranos are beautiful. The Magnolia Bloom collection is much prettier than I initially thought it would be. The center stone in the magnolia appears to be lilac, or maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part. I prefer symmetry in my bracelet designs, so Pandora has me with matching charms, clips and spacers.

    I’m loving all the new clasps on bracelets and the Poetic Blooms is no exception. I’ll have a hard time talking myself out of this one, since I have quite a few charms from last spring’s Poetic Blooms collection.

    The Radiant Droplets will be a nice way to add pops of color to a design. I especially like the ones in lilac, pink and green. Hopefully, they will be much more affordable than the Radiant Hearts.

    I’m always hoping for more two tone clips, so I’m happy to see the Classic Heart Clips. You’re so right, Ellie, they do look like clips from years gone by. They make me think of your two tone flower clips you used on your Jasmine bracelet. I wonder if the gold heart is raised. It’s hard for me to tell in the picture.

    All three 14kt gold charms are lovely. The Opulent Floral is stunning! I would have to sacrifice a lot of charms on my list during a promo to make them feasible.

    Thank you, Ellie, for this lovely preview. I can’t wait to see everything in person!

    • Hi Emily! It was lovely to read your thoughts on everything, especially as they were so positive! I love the Field of Flowers muranos, too; can’t wait to see live shots to see what the sparkling effect is like in person! I’m imagining something like the Wild Hearts finish. And let’s keep our fingers crossed that there are no production issues with these either! ;)

      The bracelet would be perfect to go with the Poetic Blooms charms from last year, and they definitely design new collections these days with the idea that there should be continuity between them all I think – especially in terms of their spring and winter lines. I am going to try and do something a little different, however, and put the Poetic Blooms with my forest green design – the contrast between the dash of pink enamel and the vivid greens seems like it would be very pretty to me at least! ^^

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  24. I was at work this morning when this preview came through and I was so excited I couldn’t concentrate. haha I’m so addicted! I absolutely love the poetic blooms bracelet! I have several poetic blooms pieces and it is one of my favourite designs. I’m not sure about the magnolia- i might change my mind when i see it in person but in the photos i dont like the brightness of the pink. I love the poetic blooms baby pink so there is plenty for me to choose from! I like the pink murano, not as much as last years flower garden murano, but it is still pretty. The two tone heart clip is also nice, I have one of the two tone flower clips and have been waiting for them to be on sale in the UK so i could get another, but they dont seem to have been retired here. Now i want the heart ones as well! My wishlist just keeps getting longer and longer! I also like the spring petites – although I wasn’t drawn to the lockets when they first came out, I find when I see the new petites I like the idea more. I like the look of the summer petites too. And the birthday cake is so sweet, although usually I dont like any charms with writing on or specifically for occasions, but i do like baking and pretty china, and it looks like its on a tiny cake stand which i find really appealing!

    • Aww I’m so glad to hear that! I was pretty excited when I finally got the materials to put this preview together too :D I’m a fan of the Poetic Blooms pieces as well, and I have the pendant from last year, so the bracelet will definitely be on my wish list too. The Magnolia pieces looked pretty to me in the live images – vibrant, but not too bright – but they don’t really match with any of the designs I have planned. I look forward to seeing all the gorgeous bracelets people will inevitably put together with them though!
      I love baking as well, but I have the original birthday cake, which is also on a stand, so I’ll stick with that one! I also have three cupcake charms, haha.

  25. I counted up at least 20 charms I want to buy from all 4 spring collection’s. Can’t wait. I am least impressed with essence and Pandora rose, but love the disney and spring collection’s. And the white enamel tree bead from mother’s day…

    • Aha, oh no! I don’t think my wish list is quite at twenty, but it’s reasonably long… nine, I think! Which will certainly keep me busy for a little while ?

  26. I am loving the interlinked circles, the flower murano and the glittering hearts of pandora. I have sat out the last few collections. I am hoping those will be enough to qualify me for a bracelet promo in March if there is one.

    • Nice picks! :) I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a March bracelet promo too! It would be a great opportunity to get hold of the Tinker Bell pieces and this new bracelet.

  27. Well, there is nothing for me in the Spring collection. I will be waiting for Summer and the bright enamels. I am afraid I may be turning into a Trollie!

    • I start collected Trollbead after have enough Pandora. Trollbead has beautiful silver, murano & stone, Pandora & Trollbead not the same. I wear jewelry to match what I wear, I like Pandora, Trollbead & Thomas Sabo.

      • Michele, are Trollbeads as nice in person as they look online? I want to start a bracelet, but no store near me carries the brand, and so I have to order online. I love the edgy, substantial look of the beads; the silver letters are especially nicely done, very artistic, like most of their pieces. They’re a draw for sure for anyone wanting substantial silver pieces at good price points, and the Universal beads fit Pandora bracelets.

        • Trollbead silver & murano look as nice as on line, but stone is not. I have one Fanstasy amethyst 100 cm necklace bought from Hong Kong, I picked the best amethyst out of 5. I usually go to the only gift shop carries Trollbead in Toronto, I like Trollbead has character & without CZ, their faceted murano is just sparking very beautiiful, I have 3 bracelet & 1 bangle, of course some silver & muranos, love it.

        • You can buy a starter bracelet with one bead on to try , their lock is interchanable. U.S. has promotion on right now, you won’t go wrong with this o thin all charm bracelet brand.

        • Trollbead is the original charm bracelet inventor. Pandora paid to learn their murano glass technique.

        • I started with Pandora but now buy from many charm brands and where all brands together. Trollbeads are good quality, on par with Pandora IMO, like anything else some you will like and some you won’t. Most of their beads both glass and silver won’t fit on Pandora bracelets but easy to get bracelets that fit all charms. I tend to prefer the larger Trollbeads silvers, like the Birth Month Flowers, Big Butterfly, Anemone pendant, Apple Blossoms, Jewel of the Sea, etc. These are more expensive than the average silver bead but I’d rather pay more for something larger than a cheap price for something tiny. I only have a few Troll glass, mostly bought on sale/promotions, that isn’t as much of a draw for me. If you are ordering online silvers are safe but glass can be a little risky as there is variation in size and execution for sure. I don’t have any Troll stones but they seem overpriced compared to artisan stones.

      • I first designed a Halloween bracelet, since Pandora does not do Halloween, and have since concentrated on collecting Trollbeads amber. I adore the amber, but the glass and silver beads are beautiful, as well.

    • There’s nothing wrong with being a Trollie! They have such gorgeous floral beads ^^ but it would be nice if Pandora offered some more of their classic style beads too!

  28. Hi Ellie,

    Once again thanks for the great preview and beautiful pictures of the 2017 sprint collection :-; Yesterday, It was the best news of my day :-)
    And I knew I have to same some money and wait for the new collection. My wish list is growing fast :-)
    The pink field of flowers Murano is absolutely a must have for me too.
    But there are so many other charms so gorgeous in the collection. The radiant droplets seems more and more appeling to me, especially the pink one and the green one.
    I am also really looking forward the magnolia charm. I love magnolias….. I find the Magnolia bloom pendant amazing and I can’t wait to see it in person.
    I am also curious about the poetic bloom bracelet.
    And to be honest, I really like the dazzling daisies spacer, the dazzling daisy meadow, the fairy tale crown and the lucky day pendant….. Yes I know…. too much….. but I can’t help it…. I know for sure that I am not going to buy everything or get everything for my birthday in june…. but…. hey…. I could dream a little…..
    And there is on thing : I am a bit worried about the price for all these new stuff. Since the beginning of January there was a huge raise of the prices, sometimes even 10 EUR by charm. I knew it was coming but still It’s really harsh
    I know I will be continue to get new charm but I think I will help me to slow down a bit my Pandora spending….sadly…… :-)
    But hey this new collection is still really gorgeous and I can’t wait for it to go out…. My mind is already in fire and I can’t help myself to think about how I could style and match the new charm I want with all i’ve already have :-)
    Have a nice day

    • Oh my! Another increase in prices?. I had already realised that new pieces cost these days some 10 Euros more on average than just last year…. but that was BEFORE January!!!! Should we expect another price rise???!!! Due to my lac of interest in the Valentine¨s collection I have not paid attention to it!!!!

    • Hi Valerie! Oh noo, I hadn’t heard about the price rises for Europe at all, I wonder how that passed me by. What a shame :( and I have heard rumours of similar increases for NA coming up, too. It’s a real shame for longer term collectors! The prices are creeping up with new collections anyway, with most muranos starting at £35 these days instead of the old standard, which was £30. :(

      On a happier note, I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the spring preview! It’s great that you like so much, too. The magnolias are gorgeous and, if I didn’t already have so many similar pieces, they’d be on my list too! I’m sticking to the pieces I need for the two bracelet designs I have planned for this year, which will be the two Field of Flowers muranos for the pink/purple floral design and then the Poetic Blooms bracelet for the forest green design.

      Have a lovely day too and thanks for commenting!

  29. This is a pretty collection. It will depend on the prices as to whether I indulge or not. Despite owning 3 full moments bracelets, I dont have any spacers. I like the spacers in this release. Might be an inexpensive way of jazzing up my current bracelets.

    Personally,I am confident Pandora will release some more moments charms in future 2017 . releases. I just wish they would release more travel charms but that appears to be unlikely.

    • Yes, that’s a good point – I’m hoping that, in the UK at least, these muranos won’t be more than £35. As they don’t have any CZ in them, it would be nice if they were £30, but that seems unlikely these days. I certainly hope you’re right and that we will see some more characters later in the year – in the meantime, there’s always the Disney collection too!

  30. Hi Ellie!

    This collection is pretty, no doubt! However, as many people have mentioned already, it is more of the same as the last couple of years. I definitely feel better now to have bought character charms from Ruelala like the majestic swan and the forest fairy, which were discontinued in a heartbeat, as Pandora doesn’t seem to go back to such styles any time soon. I am sure they are making a lot of money right now with all the pave and the latest increases in prices, but I am not so sure this trend is a good idea for them (or us!) in the long run. How many similar hearts and flowers can someone get? Speaking for myself, I now only buy Pandora charms when they have a promotion that interests me. Thanks to your previews, and since they design similar charms, I can be selective as to which heart or flower I want to get from all the collections combined and I end up buying fewer charms than if they were more varied. After all, Ruelala is just around the corner if I miss some charms :P From this collection I will choose the lilac field of flowers, even though it would have been so much better if they had combined the two colours in one Murano! I am also happy to see a classic round charm of the magnolia bloom! Last, the radiant hearts were the only charm I really liked since the button style was introduced, but I was hesitant because that much sparkle isn’t exactly my style. I am happier to get the new dazzling daisy meadow now! I find the flowers on it offset the shine of the big stones, if that makes sense, making the effect very pretty! :) Do you think they might make that in other colours in the future? Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

    Take care! :)

    • Hi Victoria! Definitely – if someone asked me, I would recommend that they prioritise stocking up on older character beads before getting into the newer decorative beads. Even the newer character beads often get abruptly retired. My personal shopping trend at the moment is to see new collections, decide which decorative pieces I want as a focal point, and then to go and hunt retired character beads to fill out the bracelet design. It does make for a beautiful finished bracelet, but there will inevitably be a limit on how many older character beads I can find when they’re not releasing any new ones..!

      I love your idea of combining the pink and purple Field of Flowers colours in one murano! Maybe for next year’s spring collection, haha. :) The Dazzling Daisy Meadow strikes me as more of a one-off piece in terms of colour, but perhaps if it proves popular they might do it in clear or lilac colours as well. I can’t see them doing lots and lots of colours in that design.

      Thanks for your lovely long comment, it was very interesting to read your thoughts :)

      • Hi Ellie & Victoria,

        Now that Rue La La ships to Canada with the Borderfree system I was able to pick up some retired character charms that have been long gone. I also picked up the long discontinued two tone bouquete safety chain.
        I like the flowers & hearts but the character beads really do complete the theme. I was floored when Pandora discontinued the red robin, majestic swan and forest fairy! Truly grateful for this blog. As much as I love pouring over the tests in person and chatting with the fab gals at my local shop, knowing where to find retired charms is appreciated.

        Lisa K

  31. I completely agree with someone who posted earlier about Pandora becoming much more bling, instead of charms that could be special mementos and have a personal meaning for the user/collector.

    Fortunately I can still get my hand on older charms, but I was really hoping for some new ones I’d like. Well, maybe the muranos will be nice. :)

    • The new murano glass beads have been consistently lovely, so they’re always something I look forward to with each new collection also! They go perfectly with older style character beads for the most part, too.

  32. The 2 muranos are so pretty! Those are my only must haves and if the pink and lilac Radiant Droplets match, I’ll probably get those, too, at some point.

    Pandora has come out with a lot of pink and purple muranos lately, but none of them appealed to me (until now). But I definitely like the new Field of Flowers muranos (provided they look like the stock images),

    Nothing else in this release appeals to me, thank goodness.

    Thank you so much for all the reviews!!

    • Those muranos are by far and away my favourite too! The lilac and pink Radiant Droplets look gorgeous in the campaign image, but I don’t think I’ll get them as I’ve already got quite a few colour beads for the pink and purple bracelet I’m planning. You should definitely put together one of your mini designs with them, though, I’m sure you’d come up with something lovely!

      You’re welcome! <3 thanks for commenting!

  33. Hi,
    Love your blog and the spring charms- I will be saving up to buy the Poetic bracelet. I wanted to know will it be coming in a size 23cm? Or only up to a size 21cm?

    Many thanks

    • Ooh hope you found something to buy! :D I’m waiting for the Disney spring collection. Thanks for the heads-up!

  34. Thank you for the preview and the pictures. I have to say I’m disappointed with this collection. Don’t like button style, don’t like enamel, don’t like droplets. I would like to see more solid silver charms. I like bling, but enough is enough. I haven’t buy anything from Pandora’s recent collections for almost 6 months. I go to outlet store to find good old silver charms.

    • You’re welcome! It’s a shame that there aren’t more plain silver pieces, I agree :) I’ve also been buying a lot of older beads to fulfil my love of the character style charms!

  35. I really like the purple field of flowers murano,but the other charms (particularly the enamel based ones) make me feel old! Not sure it’s Pandora’s change in design direction, or my age! :) That’s why I need to upgrade to the gold bracelet I think :)

  36. Really disappointed with pandora they have lost
    Their way with the designs it’s all about decorative
    Charms no charms with meaning anymore also
    Very repetive with designs how many crown
    Charms do you really need they need to get back
    To meaningful charm also sick of all the love heart
    Designs pandora please get more creative.

    • It would be lovely to see more of a mix! There’s definitely a focus on repeating previously successful designs and it would be nice to see some throw in some of the older character charms, even if just to please older collectors… the fact that they’ve retired many recent character beads that they have done worries me!

  37. Hi Ellie, haven’t commented in a while…the past few months have been super crazy but I still love reading your posts.

    I thought last year’s spring collection was lovely and I recall being impressed with it. This year’s collection, however, just seems forgettable overall. To my eye, it looks like a rehash of old ideas (the magnolia feels too reminiscent of last year’s dahlia, etc.) and the CZ is blinding. I wear my bracelets almost everyday, and that amount of bling seems silly for ordinary wear.

    Somehow I hope the powers that be at Pandora will read our comments here…but maybe not. These days I find the best Pandora buys are at Rue La La–simpler and more attractive pieces at lower prices. I hate to be a downer but I’m drawn to subtler and more original designs–not very bright enamels or an overuse of CZ. Only the muranos have been noteworthy lately.

    Sorry to be a grump!! Haha. But I will say I saw the Radiant Rose (cerise) bead from another post and found it intriguing. I love that color and would love to add something like that to one of my bracelets.

    Hope you’ve been well!

    • Hi Kris! Nice to hear from you! No need to apologise, I’m struggling to keep up myself at the moment, life keeps throwing things at me! ^^ It’s funny, as I actually felt that last year’s spring collection was also a bit of a revisitation of previous ideas, and I think this one is too. The thing is that they keep throwing in beautiful floral glass and that is more than enough to keep me happy, so long as I can keep snapping up older characters beads on Rue La La at a nice discount ;) ultimately, though, I am a bit worried that we’re not seeing any new character beads at all and I hope that they will rethink their future designs as I will run out of ideas for bracelets otherwise…! They do keep some form of tabs on what gets said on the blogs and on social media, i think, at least from time to time, and I’ve had contact with them before, but I think that the global spending trends will have far more of an effect on what they design next :)

      Hope you’ve been well also and thanks for commenting!

  38. Thanks for the preview Ellie! I like the pink magnolias, not sure which/if I’ll get but I do like them. Probably will get 1 each of the 2 field of flowers muranos, these are very pretty.

  39. Apparently, there is not going to be a promotion for Valentine’s Day. Do you know if there is going to be a promotion for Spring? I’m holding off on buying anything and that’s hard to do… :)

    • If you’re in North America, then rumour has it that there will be another bracelet promo in the spring but that hasn’t been confirmed :)

  40. Hi Ellie! I love all of your previews; thank you so very much! I am inquiring if Pandora will be participating in the free bracelet promo like they normally do in March. Thank you so kindly,


    • Hi Rachael! Thank you, I’m very pleased to hear it :) I’m not actually sure if there will be a bracelet promo – rumour suggests there will be but nothing is confirmed yet.

      • I was in a Pandora concept store and the manager told me there will be a bracelet promo around the 23-26 of march with the pre sale the week before if you have a Pandora charge card you will be able to do the presale and take it home with you the week before. the spend price will be 125 to receive a free bracelet and the new flower bracelet will be part of the promo but you will have to pay the difference. have you heard the same thing ellie?

  41. My favourite piece is the Interlinked Circles charm & also like the Insignia items as I am still in need of a safety chain and clips. I’m not a fan of the floral spring collection as it feels like it has been done a hundred times over. Also, my bracelets have an abundance of heart shaped charms, however I am not compelled to go out and purchase these. I guess I will just have to spend my money on older pieces I loved before they retire. Xx

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