I’m rounding off the week with another Pandora Spring 2017 preview – today’s post brings a sneak peek at the Pandora Disney Parks Spring 2017 collection! There are some exciting new characters included in this drop, including a particularly adorable fan-favourite elephant and three of the Tokyo Disney Parks mascots, and some brand-new Mickey and Minnie beads, too, of course. :D

We previously had a full preview of the new Disney pieces coming to both concept stores and the Disney Park locations; the charms in the following sneak peek will be exclusive to Disney Parks locations. I also do not have full details yet on which pieces will be available in which countries either.

Read on for a sneak peek! :)

Pandora Disney Parks Spring 2017 Sneak Peek

Included this time around are some great new character beads: the teacup and Dumbo beads are based on classic Disney rides, while Duffy, Shellie Mae and Gelatoni are characters who represent the Tokyo Disney resorts in Japan, from what I understand. The two-tone Carousel we have seen before, but it’s had a bit of a Disney makeover with Mickey Mouse motifs detailed in two-tone.

These might not also be the official names of the beads; I’m not sure – but they do give you a good idea of what each charm represents. I wasn’t very familiar with the Tokyo mascots!

Pandora Disney Parks Spring 2017 sneak peek

Again, the depth of the detail in the character beads really gives Pandora the room to add those trademark little touches that make their animal beads so cute – I love the Mickey Mouse silhouettes tucked into the pawprints on the Duffy and Shellie May beads!

My Comment

I am a big fan of enamelwork, so this release appeals to me enormously. It has a lot of character and cute detailing, and I hope that fans of each ride/character are pleased with how they’ve been depicted here. For me, my favourite is far and away the little Dumbo dangle; one of my very earliest memories is going to Disneyland Paris with my parents and my brother, and me choosing the pink Dumbo and him choosing the orange Dumbo to ride on! I also think that I like the bear mascots (I’m not at all familiar with the characters and have had to Google them since people first mentioned them in the comments on the blog!), and will be interested to see where they end up being released in terms of countries.

What do you think of this launch? Is anything going on your wish list?

83 Comments on Pandora Disney Parks Spring 2017 Sneak Peek

  1. Thanks for the preview Ellie. It’s nice to see them making some different characters for the Disney parks collection. I love the detailing they’ve done on them. I don’t see any that I need to add to my collection.

    • You’re welcome! I absolutely have to have Dumbo, but otherwise I think I’m safe – but I do like the detailing on the bears in particular. I agree that it’s nice to see them trying new characters!

      • Any word on when Dumbo will be coming out? I just checked the website – no luck yet (or it sold out and I missed it!). I also really like the Alice teacup – just because it’s the sort of quirky character charm that I like. Pandora seems to be getting away from those, unfortunately.

    • Can you tell me where I can find information about Pandora Disney Exclusive charms that might be only available/exclusive to Tokyo Disneyland only? Thanks.

  2. Thank you for this great sneak peek. I have always loved elephants and Dumbo so that is definetly going on my wish list as are shelli and Duffy – they are so sweet and I love the paw details too.

    • You’re welcome! <3 Those were my three favourites, too - Dumbo has to come home with me, both for sentimental value and for sheer cuteness.

  3. Thanks for the preview Ellie :* they’re cute to see and maybe I’d like to add Alice’s teacup (as I already have the chamilia Cheshire cat and wanting to add the white rabbit to my collection) but I’m not really impressed with them, I find the regular Disney collection more appealing to me :)

    • There’s more for me in the regular Disney launch as well but this collection gets major brownie points for including such a nice variety of characters and designs (not just Mickey/Minnie) and, of course, for Dumbo. ^^

  4. So excited to see the Tokyo Disney Sea mascot beads! I was hoping now that Pandora is sold at TDR that they’d make them. They are to of my Must Have list. Japan will go crazy for them. I am hoping they’re available in the U.S.

    • I don’t know where these will be available – it’s possible that the Tokyo beads will be exclusive to that location, but I have had very minimal accompanying information so I couldn’t say with any certainty. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a US launch in any case!

  5. I love Alice’s teacup! It’s so cute that she’s sitting in it. I also love the Dumbo ride charm. I really like the Gelatoni charm, but I don’t really have a connection to that character or the bears. They never really caught on much in the States. They are very, very popular in Japan though.

    • Yes, I gathered how popular those Japanese characters were there from a quick Google – it’s funny that I had just never heard of them previously! The designs quite appeal to me, too, but like you I don’t really have that connection to them that I do with Dumbo. :)

  6. I regret that Disney collections are not available in Europe or in the online stores … :(
    I’m dreaming about bracelet with rose… This charms are really beautiful. Ech…

  7. Thank you Ms. Mora for the update. I like the heart charm on both Mickey and Minnie mouse. But since there only at the Disney theme parks who knows they will be at the Pandora stores too.

    • That would have been so cute! Maybe they’ll do one like that at some point in the future. They did do the Rocking Horse charm in the regular collection previously, but it was quite big – hopefully they could pull a more delicate design out of the bag for a carousel horse..

  8. I really like the Alice’s teacup charm. I’m glad to see an Alice bead I like because I’m an Alice in Wonderland fan and I didn’t like any of the beads that came out with the regular Disney beads. I already have some beads that the Alice’s teacup bead would good with.

    I also like the Dumbo dangle and the mouse hat dangles. The Minnie Mouse hat dangle would look great with the red and white Minnie Mouse murano.

    I, too, like the enamel detailing, so I’m happy to see the enamel detailing instead of pave.

    • Oh well I’m very glad to hear that! I got the White Rabbit when he came out as I just found him so quirky and adorable, but his little red and yellow coat is super hard to style. This new bead is more versatile for sure!

      Mm, I’m a big enamel fan in all its forms – whether it’s brighter and bolder, or some of the softer shades that they use for floral or romantic beads. I just like the smoothness of the finish and the nice pop of colour. Heavy sparkle is less my thing, depending on how it’s done!

    • Couldn’t tell you with any kind of certainty at this point – I expect that we’ll see some new designs at least with the spring launch on the 16th of March, but they often stagger the Disney Parks charms across a few months. We’ll have to wait and see!

  9. I am excited about these, but then again, I am a big fan of every Disney release. I love the Alice teacup, and Dumbo is adorable. The ear hats are a HUGE improvement on the pave ones they did before!

    My boys are big fans of Duffy and Shellie Mae. When you stay at a Disney resort in the US, Duffy and Shellie Mae are the bedtime story you can watch on the resort channel each night. They sell the bears, outfits and books about them at each of the parks also. At disneyland, you can meet Duffy in California Adventure. If you have Duffy with you when you meet Minnie or Mickey, they will get excited or hug him. Anyway, since I have 2 big fans of Duffy in my house, I thought I should at least mention he and Shellie Mae are known here as well. :-)

    • Ah, so Duffy and co do have some relationship with the US parks as well? Perhaps they will get a North American launch as well! I am very hot on my Pandora knowledge, but not so much on my Disney, so it’s very good to hear from Disney fans proper, too – so thank you! ^^

      • They launched Duffy in the US, I think at the same time as Japan, but the meet and greet lines are short in California compared to Japan. For whatever reason he just didn’t catch on as much in the US. There’s a whole article about it. :) “The Duffy Phenomenon at Tokyo DisneySea” by Tom Bricker. Duffy things are sold on the US Disney Store website, but not Gelatoni, so I wonder if that one will only be sold in Disney parks in Asia.

        • I think Gelatoni will be Asia park exclusive as he is big in Hong Kong Disneyland too and only available in Tokyo and HK I love Shellie May and Duffy I have both bears from Hong Kong so will be getting those I just wished they made the gelatoni to match the Duffy and Shellie as love the details

          Dumbo at last he is my fav Disney character and when you wrote before about him coming out and didn’t have a picture yet I hoped he wouldn’t just be a portrait and full body so I am very pleased and the dumbo, tea cups and carousel are my fav rides so they are must haves I keep meaning to get the carousel and haven’t so happy they have bought it out with the Mickey head details will be a expensive time for me as also want Mrs Potts

        • Ah, I see! I have to say that I had never heard of him or Shellie before, let alone Gelatoni! But it will be interesting to see if they turn out to be exclusives. I imagine that they’ll prove popular!

        • @Carla aw, I’m so glad that you love Dumbo! I think he’s adorable as well, and it would have been a huge mistake to make him a portrait charm I agree. The dangle is a nice compromise!

  10. Hello Ellie, I’m in love ❤ with this Disney exclusives, Duffy and Shelly are adorable, they also are the mascots of Aulani, the Disney’s resort in Hawaii, so I hope they are not going to be Tokio exclusives. I have the carousel of Pandora but the Mickey details on this version make it a must have!! I like a lot the cruise ship ?, suppose it will be a cruise exclusive, like the last ones, so I have to wait to get it☹. Dumbo looks amazing, and the ear hats with the enamel are better than the pave ones. Thanks for this beautiful preview!!!

    • Hi Priscilla! It’s so nice to hear that you like lots of this collection. :D There are a lot of cute beads, and I also like the Alice, Duffy, Shellie and Carousel charms – but Dumbo is by far and away my favourite! <3 I can't wait to add him to my collection and have already made space on a bracelet to fit him in.
      You're welcome - thanks for commenting! <3

  11. Hi Ellie my favourites are Alice in the tea cup and dumbo I love both of the rides. They are all so cute I have a feeling these may be released in Shanghai.

  12. I exclusively collect the Mickey and Minnie charms, except for dangles. Hearts look boring… I think I’ll pass! ;)
    But thanks for your posts! They are very useful for someone working on a personal database… or studying the price increases over the years!

    • You are very welcome! <3 Glad to hear that they're useful (even if for less fun things like tracking price increases, haha).

  13. That dumbo is just so so cute that I might get just that one & maybe just maybe the Duffy one but there’s other Disney parks exclusive one that’d I’d rather get then a lot of these ones I like enamel and a lot of these don’t have much enamel to them but one of the only reasons why the dumbo is cause it’s an exclusive to the parks and it’s a dangle one and there’s not to many Disney exclusive dangles to just to Disney parks collection and I wanna have a Disney bracelet that’s JUST Disney exclusive charms on it and no normal Disney charms on it
    I don’t know why I just like separating the Disney exclusive charms from the normal Disney charms & having two different bracelets for them like one Disney exclusive bracelet for the exclusive charms and one normal Disney bracelet for the normal Disney charms
    And plus I do like dumbo anyways even if it were the first dangle coming out I like that it has sparkles added to the enamel on it it’s not just plain blue added to it and I love how they came out with some charms after the rides you see at Walt Disney World and Disneyland I just love the dumbo ride at the parks too that’s another reason why I choose to get the dumbo charm
    Like before I get the Duffy one there’s others that I wanna get before it like the dangle chef Mickey one yet like red I love minnie one and 3 more others that I have saved to my phone yet that I can’t think of from the top of my head

    • Yay! Glad to hear that you’ve seen beads you like. A lot of people will do a Disney Parks bracelet and a regular Disney bracelet, so I don’t think you’re alone in that. They are often quite different in tone, the Parks and the regular Disney charms, too.
      I don’t have a specific Disney bracelet at all personally as I quite like spreading them out throughout my collection!

  14. Alice and Dumbo are adorable! I wish they woukd do more park specifice charms like Small World, Haunted Mansion, fFigment, Orange bird, monorail or ones for the deluxe resorts.

    • That would be really fun to see! I would especially love some Disney Halloween beads – they seem reluctant to do any regular Halloween charms these days, but I could see them being more prepared to do a Pandora Disney spooky charm, especially if it tied in with a park-specific ride that they could use to market it!

  15. Ooo, I love the Alice’s Teacup charm! My son and brother always sit together on that ride and make it go as fast as they can while my other son, husband and I always hardly spin at all. I also like the Duffy Bear charm, as it also brings back memories of the nighttime story on the TV, as Nicole mentioned above. Thanks for the preview!

    • Haha, I can remember being on the teacups ride when I was little and my dad always giving it 100% and going as fast as possible! ^^ But the Dumbo ride has the most sentimental value for me. You are welcome, glad you enjoyed it!

  16. Is there any chance of a cancer awareness pandora bracelet charm anywhere to purchase. I’ve spent hours searching all to no avail. Desperate to find.
    Sue King

  17. Omg the only thing I realized about the Alice’s teacup charm just like the Christmas snowman charms in the Christmas collections when you put it on your bracelet it’s gonna go upside down so when people look at your bracelet there gonna see that charm from upside down cause Alice’s head looks like it’s gonna weigh the charm down instead of facing upwards like it is in the picture & the two bears might do the same thing as the Alice charm cause of the head
    The whole to but it through is usually through the body of it not the head it’s like 3 millimetres away from the bottom of the charm and you get whole head of it which usually solid silver and makes the charm heavier & weighs it down

    • Yeah, that’s a common problem with the character charms – to get the detailing right, you often have a design that’s unevenly weighted in some way :/

    • Nothing confirmed yet – the Parks charms are often staggered over a couple of months, but I’m hoping that we’ll see a few of these at least on the 16th of March with the Spring launch.

  18. Hi Mora,
    I really want Alice’s Teacup!
    By the way, I’ll be in Orlando (Florida) in July, and I’d like to know if you can help me in understanding where the “Park Store” is, to take advantage of my staying there and finally have the chance to buy some of the park exclusive.
    I can’t understand how can I find the store (is it a corner inside the Disney Store? Is it in one of the 4 Disney parks, or outside but near? I’d like to go visit the Disney’s Hollywood Studios but I don’t know if I’ll find there the Pandora Exclusive…

    Can you (or someone here) explain it to me? Thanks in advance!

    • Last week, my niece came back from Orlando WDW and bought me the Sorcerer hat at Magic Kingdom Pandora located main entrance, follow the sign “Pandora Store” on the right hand side of the boutiques. It is quite popular so I would suggest you take a look first thing when you go in the park.
      Back in 2014, they were selling some Pandora at Epcot Centre, at the biggest clothing and souvenir shop on left side of main entrance.
      Also at Hollywood Studio in two boutiques on the main entrance.
      I am sure you can have more info by asking the question on their Website at Disneyworld.com They are very useful and friendly.
      Have fun shopping at Disney!

    • Hi Alice! I have never been to the US, let alone where the Pandora is in Disney I’m afraid. I see that Rachelle has offered you some advice, which is very kind of her, but you might be best getting in touch with an official rep and asking! My understanding is that there are jewellery shops in the Disney Parks that sell the Pandora line :)

    • Hi Alice,
      I think all the charms can be purchased from the online Disney Store website (even the parks exclusive ones) once they are released and also via the Disney Parks Shopping app. Sometimes they release charms on the app before they are available anywhere else. You can shop from home with that app if you want. Download that app on your phone before you go to the parks because it will actually tell you the location of the nearest shop that has the charms in stock when you are at Walt Disney World. If you are staying at one of the Disney hotels they will deliver it to your room for you also.

  19. Hello Ellie,

    Thanks for the Parks sneak peeks! So adorable. Dumbo, Shellie May and Duffy are my favorites. Love the colors Pandora used for these charms. I don’t have any real memories of Shellie May or Duffy…just think they are cute. I still have some Parks I would like to have from Spring 2016. If the Marvelous Mickey murano is still available, I’m hoping to have my hairdresser pick one up for me this summer. I wouldn’t mind having the Parks Mickey and Minnie smooth ears clips. I’ll just have to wait and see if my purse is empty by summer.

  20. I would love to see a more Disney animals like lady, tramp, the lion king, etc. I would also love to see a Disney villain dresses

    • I agree with you Elysia, the Disney Villain dresses would be so cool to add on my princesses theme bracelet. I just bought the Snow White dress since I had the apple and now the carriage for my blue Cinderella bracelet.
      I was able to get on sale the little mirror and the lion with crown from Rue La La a few weeks ago. Many thanks to Ellie (Mora) and her invitation and comments.

    • Me too! Disney animal beads are my favourites :D Disney villains are also much requested but are a bit far away from Pandora’s usual style of cute beads or romantic themes, so I do wonder whether we’ll ever get them!

  21. I knew it!!! Ever since pandora was sold in Tokyo Disney, I knew there would be Duffy and Shelliemay charm!!! coz they are sooooooo popular in Japan.Dumbo is so cute, same image with the pop corn basket.

  22. I went to pandora in the falls to buy my daughter a bracelet and was surprised that they had every princess but princess tiana. I hope they have something soon.:(

  23. I have the original carousel which is almost identical…No need to buy this one…..But those cute bears I love…Will definitely buy….Glad they came out with a cruise ship designed for Disney…The first was a copy of their original ship..

  24. Can’t find prices or availability yet (will all these be available at WDW?).
    Any pointer to where we can find out?

    • Duffy and Shellie May appear to be available in Hong Kong, but there’s no sign of them in WDW, and no pricing in USD either.

      • A couple of websites are claiming Duffy and Shellie May to be Hong Kong exclusives – such a shame if its true.

  25. My local store told me today that Australia is getting the Alice in the teacup in the June/July release. Anyone else heard this?

  26. I love all three of my Disney bracelets! Thank you so much for posting these sneak peaks, it helps me to know how much money I need to save! But there are some of these that aren’t released, Dumbo, teacup, the Duffy bears, and the carousel. They aren’t in the park exclusives or in the Pandora stores. Do you know why?

    Thanks for your help!

  27. I keep going online searching for disney park exclusive pandora for dumbo and mickey carousel, yet there’s no info about them. Anyone know what’s going on with the release of these charms? I want them so bad!!

    • I was just at Disneyland and the park exclusive have not come out yet. They were unsure of the delivery date and speculated a production issue. They were just as disappointed as we are.

      • They had the Mickey and Minnie hats at WDW in April.

        We asked about the others each day of our holiday and were told a number of different stories. These ranged from “they are only concepts shown on a fan site and won’t actually be produced” to “we expect them to be released in June”.

        We’re concerned that the Duffy and Shellie May will only be available in Hong Kong.

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