We’re edging our way towards the weekend, and today’s post brings another preview, with a full look at the jewellery pieces coming out with the Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 collection! This collection is due out in early April for most countries, but the UK will see a small selection released early on the 23rd February (in just under a week!).

I already previewed all the charm jewellery for this release earlier this week; this post encompasses regular jewellery, such as necklaces, earrings and rings.

I am behind on my comments, and I do apologise for this (yet again!) – I’m actually moving both to a new job and a new place this weekend, which is one reason why I’ve been so busy for the past few weeks. It’s the final push this week, and then hopefully things will be back on an even keel!

In the meantime, read on for an HQ preview of the upcoming Mother’s Day 2017 jewellery!

Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 Jewellery 

First up, we have a new pink version of the adjustable Autumn 2016 silver droplets bracelet! I didn’t see this in the North American catalogue I was shown, so am not sure whether it’s making it out to every region.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017

Next, we have a small selection of earrings. All of the next three designs feature white crystal pearls – I’m not sure how these differ from their regular cultured freshwater pearls, but they look fairly similar from the stock images!

We also have these enamel heart earrings, for which I don’t have a name, as they didn’t appear in the North American catalogue for some reason!

In terms of the pearl jewellery, we have a matching Luminous Dainty Droplets necklace, which looks very soft and delicate:

And a matching Luminous Droplet pendant, also, which would also be beautiful as a focal point on a bracelet:

Pandora MOther's Day 2017

Finally for necklaces, we have the Celebration Hearts chain, which offers a sweet little enamel heart tag and a sparkling pavé disc.

However, the bulk of the Mother’s Day 2017 jewellery focuses on rings. My favourites of these are the two Signet designs:

Particularly this heart-shaped version! They’re not very Pandora-like in style, but they’d look really pretty worn next to a stack of Pandora’s stacking rings.

Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 Gift Bag Teasers

Last year, Pandora introduced limited edition gift packaging for Mother’s Day for the first time – I’ve just had news that they will be doing the same this year, and have been given a few teasers about what the bag and ribbon will look like!

It’s apparently a little bit different to what we have seen before, as Pandora are starting a new ‘DO’ campaign, which will feature on the bag. It’s split into two block colours for the background: a pale pinkish peach colour and a brighter shade. The writing is a kind of rose gold colour.

Meanwhile, the ribbon is very pale pink, almost cream, with pink writing.

Can’t wait to see it!

My Comment

My planned purchases for this season are all tied up in charms from the Pandora Disney Spring 2017 and regular Spring 2017 collections, so, while I very much like the Heart Signet ring, it most probably won’t be coming home with me!

We’re making our way through the previews – just the Summer 2017 collection and the Spring 2017 jewellery left to go! There are so many different launches from Pandora these days, it’s hard to keep up, haha, both in terms of previews and my spending. ;)

What do you think of this selection? Is anything a must-have?

63 Comments on Preview: Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 Jewellery

  1. I am loving the pink silver drops bracelet. Absolutely adorable. So different then all the other Pandora bracelets. Cannot wait to buy it:)

  2. The Sparkling Strand Bracelet (in Canada) was on my list, until I read it’s Rhodium plated, so not only will the plating wear off in time, but with the luck Pandora has with stones staying in their jewelry, the stones would likely fall out too.

    • Rhodium plated over sterling silver! Many high-end silver jewellery brands such as Gucci and Beuning use a white rhodium over their sterling as it helps prevent/delay tarnishing, but it’s still sterling silver underneath!
      It’s the first piece that Pandora has made in italy and so far, at least at my location, we haven’t seen ANY stones falling out! That said, at least in Canada, Pandora has a 2 year warranty on stuff like that, and would most likely replace your bracelet if a stone did somehow fall out!

      • Yes, I know. Rhodium is also used in white gold. It’s used in place of nickel. But it does wear off quite easily. So when buying white gold, or silver flashed with rhodium, it’s best to have a long warranty and quality jewelry to begin, and Pandora has neither. Don’t get me wrong, I buy the stuff and wear it every day, but it’s not high quality jewelry.

        Pandora has a one year warranty in Canada for silver products. Two years for Gold (at some stores that actually honor warranties). Three years for watches.

        • I thoutht all Pandora pieces were plated with rhodium. I don’t see any problem with that the prizeis increased with due to the fact that rhodim is very expensive. It’s true that it wears off with time but you don’t need to have your bracelet re-plated if you don’t want to. It’s sterling silver in the end.

        • Sorry ladies, I was on the tube home when I commented earlier and I´m afraid it´s not very understandable. I meant that plating with rhodium increases the prize and indeed wears off with time but it adds t the conservation of your piece of jewelry and anyway its sterling silver. It doesn´t affect its quality.
          oh and I´d like to say that I´m delighted Pandora is making something in Italy. Sooo many firms have taken their production away from Europe ….

    • That is really quite worrying! I assume all Pandora jewellery is silver 925, if anything is rhodium plated they should advertise that very clearly. I have a very nasty rhodium allergy, and react to many other metals so I am very careful to only wear silver or gold. I am sure many other people may have a problem too.

      • I hear you on that. I have a severe nickel allergy so I avoid rhodium and palladium. There is some talk now of having rhodium banned, as nickel is banned in the UK for jewelry.

        But other Pandora jewelry does not have rhodium flashing, and I’m unsure why this bracelet does.

      • I found tho for you. http://pandoragroup.com/Products/Jewellery%20materials/Metals

        “PANDORA uses black rhodium plating on select sterling silver pieces giving them an attractive dark finish.”

        So I guess avoid anything not shiny. I actually didn’t know they did this. I’m not actively allergic to rhodium, but people with nickel allergies may become allergic to rhodium and palladium with continued contact, and so I avoid it.

        • Hi Lola and Debbie J!

          Your conversation has piqued my curiosity. I googled [PDF] Pandora Group/Metals and read where they do use black rhodium plating on some of their jewelry for a shiny dark finish. Another article I read didn’t specify black rhodium plating. A week or so ago, I was admiring the Sparkling Strand bracelet on a friend. I didn’t notice it having a dark finish, but it was between two other bracelets. Lola, when you were considering this bracelet, did you notice the finish being darker? I checked three different online retailers and only one gave the description as rhodium plated. You are so right about rhodium plating wearing off in time. Years ago I had a diamond necklace rhodium plated that only came in 14 KT yellow gold and it has worn over the years. Until today I was unaware Pandora used rhodium plating on some of their jewelry. Everything I’ve read states Pandora considers the wear normal.

      • Thank you very much Lola and Emily, that information is very helpful. I have never had any problems with my skin reacting to Pandora jewellery, not even the earrings, which is partly why I like it so much! But I don’t have anything darker or heavily oxidised, so I will bear this in mind and make sure I try anything like that on before I buy it – I will soon know if it will cause a problem haha!

        • It’s very difficult to know what’s in jewelry for sure. I occasionally get a minor itch from Pandora clasps, but no full-on allergic reaction. For durability the clasps have stainless steel, which may contain nickel. Pandora doesn’t add nickel, but nickel may be in other metals they use, and they say so in their metal information Emily mentioned. I put up with the minor irritation because I love their leather so much.

          Emily, I did notice the darker color on the beaded chain in the stock image. I haven’t seen the bracelet in person. On the Canada online shop the information does say it’s rhodium plated. I’ve never seen such information on any charms. I might message Pandora Canada and ask for clarification on plating, if it’s just certain bracelets, or charms as well.

    • I have generally had no problems at all with my Pandora jewellery over years of collecting, but I did have a shock a couple of weeks ago when I looked down at my wrist to find the centre stone from my new Black Friday charm had fallen out! It was just gone, and I hadn’t knocked it or anything. Luckily I was out in town at the time, walked straight into Pandora and they replaced it then and there without a receipt or anything. They were great and so apologetic. It seems like it must have been uncommon for that charm, as the manager swore in surprise when he saw it haha. Nevertheless that does make me a teensy tiny bit more cautious about the gemstone jewellery, even though I’ve not had a problem with all my other beads that have seen a lot more wear! I don’t think I have any of the rhodium-plated jewellery, though.

      • Oh no Ellie! I’m glad they replaced it right away for you and didn’t give you any trouble. I’ll have to keep a closer eye on my BF charm for sure now!

        • Thanks Joanne! Yes, they were really shocked and very nice about it. They just swapped it over instantly, so I’m very glad that they had one left!

      • The jewelry glue fails. Jewelry epoxy will crumble over time, but may fail quickly if cheap epoxy is used, or if the jewelry is exposed to water, cleaners, etc. Claws are best for stones, especially in rings.

        I keep jewelry epoxy on hand, and anyone with Pandora leather should, so when the ends pop out, you can just glue them back in. Stones are a lost cause because you’ll never find them to glue them back in. :-)

  3. a crystal pearl is a crystal stone with a special layer to give it a pearly shine, so it’s an entirely synthetic ‘fake’ pearl. the benefit of this is to lower the price of the jewellery and also to create a particular required shape for the ‘pearls’ (this shape could be created with mabe pearls but this would be much more expensive)

  4. I like the luminous droplet pendant, but it’s not a must have. I’m glad my list isn’t too long from all the various releases! My favorites also come from the regular and Disney spring releases.

    Both a new job and a move. Wow, you are busy! How exciting. Congrats! I remember before you weren’t very close to a Pandora store. Will a Pandora store be closer to you now?! I hope so. :)

    • Ah, my list is still reasonably long, but I’m similarly glad that nothing from the Mother’s Day is jumping up and down saying ‘buy me!’. ^^

      Thank you!! Yes, it’s been a very hectic couple of weeks! And I’m a little nervous about starting the new job tomorrow, but hopefully everything will go well. The very good thing, as you have hit on, is that there’s a little shop that sells Pandora literally two minutes from my door now! Which of course makes all the hassle worth it ;) Greg is apprehensive… :P

  5. I don’t think I necessarily need anything form this release, but I do like the fact that Pandora have apparently decided to stop using real pearls in their jewellery. I do own a few pieces with pearls but I’ve always disliked how fragile they are (I’m always cleaning around them) and how imperfect the Pandora pearls often are (I’ve got some Pandora earrings with big rose pearls on them… the pearl on one of the earrings is much bigger and an entirely different color than the pearl on the other earring). I’m looking forward to see what other pearl jewellery Pandora will come out with, and maybe I will fall in love with one of these pieces when I see them in the store (they do look pretty). Thanks for the preview!

    • Oh, what an interesting perspective! Normally synthetic seems to equal an automatic negative, but you raise some interesting points about the flaws in the freshwater Pandora pearls. They do scratch up relatively easily. I’ll keep an eye out for feedback from people who buy these new crystal pearls to see if they are an improvement!

  6. I love pearls, and also gravitate towards the less blingy Pandora, so there are several things here that I see. I think my favorite is the Luminous Drops drop style earrings. Just simple and classy, but a more modern take on pearls. I also like the design of the chain with the flowers, though I’m not sure if a pendant would work on that, or if plain would be better, and purchasing it would depend on the length.

    • I love pearl jewellery as well, but I already have quite a lot! My favourite is the Spring 2012 Garden Odyssey pendant, which was my first ‘big’ Pandora purchase back in the day. The others had been little silver charms and muranos, this was a bit more special. So I don’t think that I have to have any of these, but they are pretty!

  7. I love the luminous glow ring, it’s beautiful
    Best of luck with your move and new job, hope you settle in quickly!

  8. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for the lovely Mother’s Day jewelry preview. I haven’t purchased a lot of Pandora’s matching jewelry other than pendants, but this collect-ion is certainly tempting. The Luminous Love Knots are my favorites. I do hope these ‘white crystal pearl’ pieces go well with last years’ fresh water pearls. If they are anything like Swarovski crystal pearls, they will have a unique pearl coating over a crystal. Simulated, but very pretty glow from within the pearl. Swarovski was first in the world to produce the ‘white crystal pearls’.

    There is certainly a lot of nice things to choose from with all the upcoming releases. At least we have a little bit of time between the Spring and Mother’s Day releases. It’s no wonder we have a shortage of character beads for the regular line with all the new Disney characters being released.

    Congratulations and the best of luck with your new job, Ellie! No doubt you’ve been busy…and moving! You’ve certainly done a wonderful job keeping us up to date on all these new releases with everything that’s going on in your life! Your dedication to the blog is much appreciated!!!

      • Thank you very much Emily! We’re mostly set up now, there’s just a few more things to do today and then I start the new job tomorrow! ?

    • Hi Emily! I really liked the original Love Knot jewellery as well, so the addition of the pearl makes it even prettier for me! However, I’m still trying to stick to my goal of only adding pieces that I really really love to my collection, so there has to be something a bit more distinctive about them I think for them to come home with me. So I’ll keep with my wish list from the Disney and Spring collections for this season! :D I do hope, as you note though, that these pearls don’t look out of keeping with the original freshwater pearls. Laura above made the interesting point that the white crystal ones might be less irregular, though.

      That’s true about the Disney beads offering a lot of character, but that is unfortunate for us in the UK or Europe, where we don’t get Disney but still love our characters! Luckily I have a few contacts in both the US, Australia and Asia who are willing to help out. :D The Pandora community is so great in that way.

      Thanks very much again Emily! The blog has actually been a nice distraction in many ways over the past couple of weeks, once I convinced myself that it’s okay to leave comments for a little longer if I’m struggling for time, haha. ^^ Thanks also for commenting and your kind wishes!

  9. Congratulations on the new job and move. Thanks for another preview. There isn’t anything here for me, which is a good thing, as I have enough on my list with the Spring and Disney Collections.

  10. There are some pretty things here! I love the luminous love knots ring and earring, but my favourite is the petite circle ring, it looks so simple and pretty! I think as there are so many charms and bracelets I want in the Spring and Mothers Day collections I will not be getting any of the other jewellery, but the little ring will be going on my wishlist for the next ring promotion! Thank you very much for doing such great previews for us when you are so busy with your move and your new job! I hope all goes really well for you with both.

    • There is too much in the other collections that I want for me as well, so I won’t be seriously considering any of these, but my favourites are the big signet rings! Glad to hear that you’ll probably treat yourself to one piece from this collection though.

      Thanks so much Debbie! The first day today was fine, and hopefully it’ll continue to go well for the rest of the week too. :D

  11. I am not a fan of pearls, so there’s not much for me here, but of course the two pieces I really like–the Pink Silver Drops Bracelet and the unnamed heart enamel earrings–are not in the North American catalogue haha! Good luck with your new job and the move, Ellie!

    • Ah, fair enough! And oh no, that’s no good haha. Hopefully they’ll come out there eventually, or perhaps the NA catalogue I saw was incomplete in some way. Thanks Joanne, I did the first day today, which went fine I think, it’s just very tiring with everything being so new ^^

  12. Hi Ellie nothing really for me there a ring I like but I wouldn’t rush out to get it and there other stuff from other collections I like more. Good luck on the new job and move very busy time.

    • Hi Nicola, I feel much the same as you do. These are pretty things, but not essentials! :) Thanks very much Nicola, I appreciate it!

  13. Hi Ellie
    Thanks for keeping us all up to date whilst you are so busy. There are a few added to my list to see in person, luminous drops, luminous dainty droplet necklace and the circle signet and celebration hearts. Will see on the day if these make it home with me lol.

    • Hi Janelle! You are welcome :) I am rather tired so comment replies will take a little while this week, but things are going well so far, I think! Glad to hear that you’re considering a few of these – I will certainly enjoy seeing them in store as well, even if I don’t take any home. ^^

  14. Hi Ellie. I´m a fan of pearls bu given that they are not fresh water cultivated I think I keep my fingers off at least until I know that they don´t turn yellow with time. I still don´t know which pieces will be comming home with me either from this release or from the spring one. At first I was all flames with both but having already gone carefully through all the pieces I don´t see that many I am really in love with. Lately I´m more into Essence and rings. I´m also falling for some necklaces, so Pandora keeps me busy. Anyway I cant wait to see everything in person´. I can change my mind then.

    • Hi Marie, interesting to hear how your initial reaction has cooled a little bit! I knew pretty much from the get-go which pieces I had to have, and they haven’t changed in the time since I first saw them – but I did go in with the mindset that I need to cut my spending, so that has reined me in a little bit, haha. Seeing them in person will be interesting, yes, although I don’t imagine I’ll change my mind, as I do so love the new muranos and bracelet from the stock images and it would be difficult for them to mess those up in person I think!

  15. Hi Ellie!

    What a beautiful post! I am so thrilled to see some contemporary pieces that have less bling. Interesting they have opted for crystal pearls, which are faux pearls, this release! I find myself innately interested in the Luminous Drop/Droplet pieces, they are stunning! Of course, their price points will dictate my purchasing them. Should they be priced at the same rate as their real pearls, I will not purchase. I would be better off finishing my collection of the everlasting grace series. ?

    Beautiful post! I wish you the best of luck on your new move and job! ? I hope this is a positive change and that you gain much joy from!

    Margaret ?

    • Hi Margaret! Ooh yes, the Everlasting Grace pieces are very nice – and with the rate at which Pandora are retiring older pieces of jewellery, you may well be wise to stock up on those first!

      Thanks very much, I do appreciate everyone’s very kind well wishes. it’s a very exciting move and one that I hope goes well, as it means a few things falling into place for me and my OH! <3

  16. I absolutely love my adjustable bracelet and really really hope this pink one comes to Canada, I also hope they release more colors in the future.

    I am anxiously awaiting the preview of the spring jewelry, Pandora did preview an interesting flower ring I can not wait to see in person.

    I too am trying to limit my Pandora spending and it is so hard with all the stuff that gets realeased this time of year, I think spring is the biggest release and right before a bracelet event makes it even harder to limit myself!

    • Glad to hear it! I am working on the spring jewellery preview, but the move/job stuff means that it might be a little later than I intended. Hopefully this week though!

      You’re very right, I tend to do the bulk of my Pandora spending on the spring collection! The Disney launch for this year is going to be tough on my finances, haha, and I’mv very exciting for the bracelet event this year :D

  17. Congratulations to your two big move. Thanks for bringing us this preview despite your busy schedule. Moving house is a big thing. All the packing and unpacking is nerve wrecking. Anyway nothing much for me as i prefer real pearls. But the luminious glow ring looks promising. Might want to have a closer look at that.

    • Thank you very much! Comment replies will be a little bit delayed this week, and I probably won’t post much that’s new this week unless anything exciting comes in, but I’ll do my best. I love pearl jewellery, but even if these were freshwater pearls, I don’t think any of the designs are must-haves, thankfully!

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