Today’s an exciting day on the calendar for Pandora fans in the UK, as the Mother’s Day 2017 collection is officially out in stores here! As we celebrate Mothering Sunday a little sooner in the year than most other regions, Pandora have released a portion of the collection early so that we don’t miss out. The rest of the Mother’s Day collection will launch on the 13th of April here, as per other regions.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 collection

If you want to see what’s coming out today (and shop for it, too!), authorised UK Pandora stockist The Jewel Hut have the full release live on their website. It’s only a very small selection, with Pandora having picked out the most explicitly maternal/familial charms. There is, of course, the limited edition two-tone charm, which is a little more generic, and the limited edition bangle itself, neither of which are explicitly about family, however – they’re both priced at £65.

Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 UK Gift Sets

Included with the launch are two new gift sets – the first is a bracelet gift set, which offers the regular Pandora charm bracelet, the silver hearts safety chain and last year’s pink CZ Mum charm for £99 (instead of the usual £125 RRP). It’s nice that they’ve not chosen one of the new beads to get locked into the gift set:

Additionally, the Luminous Love Knot earrings and pendant are also part of a gift set for £99, along with a silver 45 cm necklace chain.


Pandora Mother’s Day UK 2017 Jewellery Box GWP

Just like last year, there’s also going to be another jewellery box GWP running for Mother’s Day – this year’s is a soft pink square box, available with spends of £125 or over!

I do love the look of this one, and it would be a lovely presentation box for a Mother’s Day gift:

We have a lovely live shot of it thanks to Alexandra, who kindly let me share her picture of it:

And, don’t forget that, in stores, they should be getting that lovely Mother’s Day gift bag and packaging, too. This is what I’m most keen to get my hands on, haha!

pandora mother's day 2017 gift bag
Image by Dora Mellini

My Comment

There are some pretty pieces out today, principally the Luminous Love Knot jewellery and the limited edition pieces for me; however, what I’m really waiting for is the launch of the Pandora Spring 2017 collection, which isn’t so far off now! There’s lots that I want, and I’ll be busy budgeting for all those pieces rather than indulging now.

The only thing that I’m keen to get is the gift bag, of course, and I’ll be scheming as to how I might be able to do that! ;) There’s a store that sells Pandora right by my new place so I might go and see if I can peek in the window on my way home from work, even if I’m too late to actually get in the store!

Are you going to be buying anything today?

41 Comments on Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 UK Release

  1. Ellie, I am curious about the mother & son bond charm. Does it say son on the reverse side? And the mother & daughter heart dangles. Is it mother on one heart and daughter on the other?

    The gift box is pretty btw.

    • Yes, mother on one heart, daughter on the other. And mother on one side, son on the other. If you click on The Jewel Hut link, and then on the charm, multiple views of the charm are shown. :-)

    • Hi Lozzie, I see you already got the answer to your question! Sorry for the delayed response; things are still a bit manic with the move and sorting all my stuff out as it stands. The gift box is really pretty, but as usual I can’t really justify a £125 spend just before the spring launch ^^

  2. I have question. I’m new Pandora fan, and I want to know how long is possibility to buy limited edition bracelet?

    Thank You :)

  3. Hi Ellie!

    I’m happy you have a Pandora shop close by your new home! I’ll be anxiously awaiting your opinion of the limited edition pieces, as well as, the Luminous Love Knots once you get a look in person.

    I hope the pretty soft pink jewelry box is offered in the US. Good luck getting the lovely Mother’s Day bag!

    Hope you’re enjoying your new job and new place.

    • Hi Emily! Thanks, it is a definite bonus ;) In the end, despite the proximity, I just haven’t had a chance to go and look – unpacking and sorting unfortunately takes priority! :P I’ll hopefully get a chance to go next weekend or some time this week after work, when I can relax and do it properly. And I still need to think about how I can best get that bag too haha! Fingers crossed you guys will get it in the US too :)

      • Hi Elliie. Did you get the jewelry cleaning kit in the UK? Maybe you could get one of those and get the bag with it? Just an idea!

  4. A little disappointed with the small amount they’ve released. I was hoping for the infinity spacers and heart locket but guess I’ll have to wait a couple of months ?

  5. Oh dear your in trouble Pandora being near to were you work, this launch took me by surprise I forgot it was today lol. I’m going to have a look online to see what came out.

    • Aha, I know – Greg (my boyfriend) is quaking in his boots! ;) But I was actually good and I haven’t been down to see anything yet, as we’ve been so busy sorting things for the move this weekend. Hope you enjoyed browsing the new things anyway!

  6. You’re lucky to get this stuff early. I do like the mother – daughter charm. My daughter’s been wanting the older mother – daughter for a long time, but I just can’t warm to it. So this will be a nice surprise for her when we get it here.

    • Yes, it is a nice perk of being in the UK! Unfortunately a lot of the mumsier pieces don’t really appeal to me, as I don’t have kids yet, but often I’ll indulge in the LE Pandora charm or bangle from this launch. :) Glad to hear that there’s one you like, though!

  7. I agree, I just love the little travel box GWPs! I don’t know how long this will be on offer for? I know I want to get the spring floral clasp bracelet when it comes out, and I know I will be tempted by the matching clips, so I might be able to get the jewellery box then, I will have to wait and see! For Mother’s Day, I would like the pretty little pink enamel heart from last year, I’ve forgotten what it’s called but I really like the colour. I’m hoping my children take the very big hints I’ve been dropping! So I probably won’t be getting anything from the early Mother’s Day release this year, just holding on for Spring!

    • It’s on offer until mother’s day, or while stocks last – or so I read on one of Pandora’s adverts on Facebook! I was quite surprised, as usually they stop the promo when a new collection comes out, but seems like you might be able to combine this offer with the new spring beads too.

      I’m holding on for spring too – not long now! Csnt wait for those muranos ?

  8. Bracelet gift set makes me glad I’m not a mom XP super disappointing, usually they are so cute. But the one for North America I’ve seen, that one looks cute…

    • Yes, I was surprised that they didn’t use a new charm for the gift set – but on the plus side, it does mean that all the new charms are available for individual purchase!

  9. The more I see the two limited edition pieces the more I’m looking forward to its release in Australia. I am a little concerned about the fact people have experienced yellowing of the enamel. Would this be covered under warranty if you experience this with your enamels?.
    Looking forward to seeing pricing on the spring collection, so I can work out my first selection of purchasing. And, looks like there will be many to follow?

    • I don’t think that’s covered under warranty, as far as I’m aware – I’ve only had the pure white charms discolour (e.g. the Darling Daisies), I’ve not had a problem with my Abundance of Love spacer, which is also code EN23, like these new ones. :)

  10. Hi Ellie,
    Firstly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!
    Secondly, do you know if the pink jewellry box will be avaible for Mother’s Day in Australia? It looks so pretty and much larger than the heart-shaped Valentine’s Day one (which I wasn’t too impressed with).
    Thank you for making such a wonderful blog and for replying to my comment (if you do reply; I won’t hold it against you if you don’t ) :D

    • Hi June! Aw, that’s so lovely to hear! Thank you very much :D I expect that you guys in Australia will get the Mother’s Day box, but I don’t know for sure. You should be getting the LE bangle as a promo, but I’ll let you know via the Promos page or a blog post if I hear anything more concrete about what’s coming for Australia in terms of promos. :)

      Thanks for your lovely comment – I’m sorry that I don’t have more concrete info, but it was so nice to hear that you enjoy the blog so much <3

  11. Hi Ellie thank you so much for your reviews and information. Popped in my local pandora store this morning to look at the new pieces and was told by the lovely pandora girl that more of the Mother’s Day collection was being launched next Wednesday 1 March in their store, so looking forward to seeing what else is coming very soon!! Also can’t wait to see the new spring collection, it looks really tempting especially them muranos.

    • Hi Nicola! Oh right, that’s unusual – it’s launched everywhere else this week, as far as I’m aware. Sorry you had a wasted trip, but hope you enjoy looking at everything when it does come out! :)

      • Hi Ellie sorry it wasn’t a wasted trip they did have all the part collection available that’s on line also, but I was told even more of the new collection is coming out after the soft launch just out. Maybe the lady got it wrong but will have another look next week anyway. Hope your settling in your new job and home.

  12. Hi Elli. I like the Luminoua knot but I´m worried about the durability of fake pearls. I must also say that i don´t like this collection half as much as last year´s. In fact I´m not seeing many pieces I really like since Christmas release. Far too many button shaped items for me!, so I´m afraid I will skip most of them if not them all and dedicate my budget to older pieces which I decided against last year for the sake of my bank account;) and rings. I´m in love with a fair amount of them by now!
    Hope you´re adjusting well!

    • Hi Marie! No, I know, I thought that last year’s MD collection had more interesting general beads in it. The cute little cupcake, the two safety chains, the glittering heart – there were some more general beads in there that caught my eye!

      It’s going very well thank you, it’s just very time consuming haha. Thanks for asking, and have a lovely week ahead! <3

  13. Do you know if there will be a bracelet promotion or any kind of promotion in March? I couldn’t find any information about that.

  14. I wish they offered this gift box(Jewellery Box GWP)version in the US. I think it was way better. That is why I’m holding off on getting my beads till the next promotion pops up.

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