And then we have a second promo alert for Pandora shoppers in North America after my post about Rue La La earlier, as the March free bracelet event officially starts today! Pre-sales have been going on for the past week, with owners of a Pandora preferred credit card even able to take home their goodies home early, but the free bracelet promo proper starts today.

Just as a reminder, international readers should note that retailers are not permitted to ship outside of their geographical regions – if you want to take part, you will have to find a friend in the US or Canada to help you out!

Pandora Free Bracelet Promo March 2017

The bracelet promo runs from today until the 26th (aka, Sunday), and the rules are as follows:

  • Spend $125 USD ($150 CAD) and get a free bracelet of $65 USD value or a $65 USD credit towards a bracelet of a higher value
  • Spend $625 USD and get a free two-tone bracelet
  • Spend $3,500 USD and get a free 14kt gold bracelet

Unfortunately the spends are higher than they have been in past years, especially for the more expensive bracelets, which makes hitting them a little more tricky than previously. However, the range of bracelets on offer is better than ever, and it’s a wonderful opportunity for new collectors to stock up, or for seasoned Pandora fans to try a new style.

My Comment

It’s so nice to see the bracelet promo tradition continuing again this year, although there’s some dispute about whether we’ll see it again in September or not. I certainly did not need any more bracelets, but I did very much fall in love with the Poetic Blooms Spring 2017 bracelet when I saw it in store last weekend, so that was on my hit list for this promo! Moreover, I had four of the new Disney beads on my wish list – so, really, it made total sense to do the promo twice and to get another silver bracelet that I don’t even know how I’ll use… :P

This is me loot, which is currently making its way across the ocean to me here in the UK. Can’t wait! ^^

And it’s going to be so much fun getting stuck into these reviews, too! I had a little impromptu week off from blogging after the Spring 2017 launch, but never fear – there’s been as much Pandora shopping going on behind the scenes as usual, lol. I may also have picked up these two beauties in UK stores:

Anyway, happy shopping everyone! What have you picked up in the promo?

83 Comments on Free Bracelet Promotion 2017 for North America starts today!

  1. I got the new snow white one, piglet, tigger and Mrs potts. For the sale I got the magnolia bloom clip, earrings, ring and free bangle bracelet. Then I went back again and got the daisy earrings, white primrose clip and free bangle bracelet. Is the tropical flamingo out yet? It’s in my new book but it’s not showing up online at pandora and my store didn’t have it either.

  2. Hi Ellie,

    Great buys, they look lovely! I am looking forward to the weekend to hit the shops and choose mine :D I hope my store will offer the poetic blooms bracelet in the event. I plan to buy the lilac field of flowers, the lace bow heart and the openwork magnolia bloom! I am also likely getting the blue field of flowers as a birthday gift from my family, yay! Those Muranos are pretty :) Enjoy the new members of your collection!


    • Hi Victoria! I hope you got everything you were looking for :D and that you got your blue blooms murano, too! I got two for a friend in the US recently and the colour is beautiful. Enjoy your new purchases as well!

  3. Hi
    Thanks for all your notifications re sales n promos i love it when i see those words in the subject lol. love your choice of charms from Disney they are on my list too ☺. Do you know when the free bracelet promo in auz will be? Thank u xxx

    • Hi yes I was just about to ask the same question , sometimes they do the free bracelet for our Mother’s Day here in Australia , so Mora any news on us down here getting the free bracelet promo

    • Hi dj! Thanks, I’m super excited for them to arrive :D hopefully the post will be speedily! I have asked a couple of people about the Aus promo and will let you know if i hear :) xx

  4. I went crazy! I figured it was time to wipe out my wish list and get the preferred card. I didn’t even know they had a card! So let’s just say I bought the store. ? ??

  5. I love your Disney beads! I got the free pink travel jewellery box last week with the poetic blooms bracelet, and some flower charms from last year, the poetic blooms heart, last years springtime button charm and the pink primrose meadow. I now have a beautiful floral spring bracelet! I absolutely love the floral clasp bracelet, it is so pretty, and although I seem to have collected a few little jewellery boxes now, this new one is really nice, I want to go on holiday straight away to use it! I can’t wait for your reviews Ellie, you have some lovely new charms there. ?

    • Thanks Debbie! Oh your bracelet sounds beautiful. I can’t wait for my Poetic Blooms bracelet to arrive so that I can put my floral bracelet together. The free boxes are the perfect travel boxes, you’re very right – I took my heart-shaped box away to Amsterdam last year and it was perfect for slotting away two or three bracelets and a couple of rings. The new square box looks like it could fit a little more in, too!

      Reviews coming soon!

  6. Hi Ellie,

    I got the blue field of flowers on eBay. I hope it’s not a fake! I couldn’t resist. We don’t have it in NA.

    • Hi Lisa! Oh, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Who knows why the US /Canada didn’t get it!

  7. I bought quite a few of the charms from the magnolia collection, both pink and lavender Field of Flower Muranos, pink and lavender radiant droplets, the Chinese Lion Dance charm which my concept store just got in today. I upgraded the extra $15 for 2 of the Poetic Blooms bracelets. For my last bracelet I chose a free black leather one.

    • Wow, amazing haul! The Lion Dance is such an excellent choice, I’m glad he made it over there :D I went for the Poetic Blooms bracelet as well, it’s so lovely!

  8. Lovely pick. Looking forward to your review. I bought the club charm yesterday as there were only 2 in my local store left. They usually don’t carry much. So…. better buy it before its gone. Furthermore my local store offer me 10% discount for my pandora buy as I’m now their VVIP member. Make more sense to buy from them at discount than hunting for it in concept store later. Hehe… Enjoy your new charm and have a nice weekend. I sure will have a peep in rue too.

    • Thanks! I do want to get the clubc harm as well at some point, but I’m hoping it’ll be around later in the year as well. I don’t actually have a bracelet for it to go on yet :) that 10% off sounds awesome! I wish the UK stores did a loyalty scheme. I’d ace it!

      Have a great week ahead! <£

  9. Today I bought Piglet, two cerise radiant droplets, and three insignia clips (I already purchased one and wanted two sets). I got the B&TB bangle and a threadless bracelet as my freebies.

    I already bought Tigger, the Club charm, and a ring and had a $10 off promo, which I used to cut down the $30 upcharge for the B&TB bangle. Today’s receipt is also offering $10 off my $100 purchase starting April 10, so I’ll have to remember to go back and use that.

    • Aw, Piglet! Very good choice, especially being as you already had Tigger in the bag. ^^ I can’t wait for those two to arrive with me – I’ve made space next to Eeyore on my bracelet for them to fit right in.

      We’ve got a money off promo here in the UK as well, starting on the 30th March, I think… but I’ve spent way too much to consider that haha! :)

  10. For me…it was going outside my comfort zone adding a splash of magnolia bloom, Big Smooth heart, and the parrot to get me thinking of warmer weather. I was not impress with new collection Poetic Blooms Spring 2017 bracelet. Tried it on and eh..did not move me. But add on a splash of the silver-grey leather bracelet. WoW..ready, set, and go.

    • Oh really? I loved the Poetic Blooms bracelet when I saw it in store last weekend! Found it really cute :) but sounds like you found some lovely other pieces to buy! Enjoy :D

  11. I got the magnolia clip the 2017 Club Charm and the forget me not dangle. I’m tempted to spend another $125 for another bracelet to give away. The flower charms are so pretty! I’m hoping for the field of flowers?. I didn’t need another bracelet but got the one with the 2 tone signature clasp and paid $35 instead of $100 later. I’m very pleased with my purchases.

  12. Love your purchases Ellie. Hope they do a free bracelet (rather than bangle) GWP promo one day here in Australia. Looking forward to your reviews.

    • Thanks Lozzie! Yes, the Australian promo is a great opportunity to get the LE bangle… but it is more limited than promos in other countries. That’s why the Pandora community is so great at helping each other out! Often the solution is to just do all the promos lol ;)

    • We had a free Mother’s day bangle with a spending of 150 euros last year, so we”ll probably see the same promotion this year with the new bangle. The store I bought from let me pick out any bracelet of the same value as the Mother’s day bangle, so it’s really a free bracelet promotion ^^
      It will probably start at the end of april, just like last year.

  13. I can only look for photos… Disney collections are beautiful :) I don’t understand why are they not available in Europe… :(((

    Thank You for this blog and beautiful photos :)

    • It’s due to contractual issues with other jewellery companies apparently :( I’m hoping we’ll get Disney here in Europe some day though!

      You are so welcome, thank you very much for reading :)

  14. Thanks for all the updates! I love being able to go to your site and plan out what I am going to buy.
    Today I went to my local concept store and bought a Canada 150 charm. It’s amazing!

    • There is a Canada 150 charm? I haven’t heard of this! What charm is it? :) I’m going to have to go take a look now :)

      • Hi Candice,
        I have seen yerterday at the Pandora Rideau Centre in Ottawa a beautiful red murano with Canada written in white on the glass. It is beautiful.
        I was told the dangling Canada will no longer be offered but they had some left.
        There is also a new dangle charm flat round sterling with the Rideau canal picture in color (you need your glasses to actually see it) and Ottawa written in circle at the bottom.
        Hope that helps.

        • I haven’t seen the murano or the canal ones. I bought one that is an unforgettable moment dangle charm that has has the Canada 150 logo with all the different colours, and it Simply says Canada 150.
          Now I think I have to make a little trip to the Rideau Centre.
          I need that murano lol!

        • Hi Pamela, could you ask them if the Canada murano is available for a short time or if it will be part of the collection this year. I might buy one too but I am broke after my order with Rue Lala. ?

    • Pandora Rideau have a instagram page “pandorarideau” and if you scroll through the photos you will see the Canada 150 dangle and the Ottawa dangle. I love the Ottawa dangle. Must say Pandora certainly produce nice travel dangles for USA and Canada.

      • Pandora in Cancun, Mexico they have a blue murano that says Cancun and a dangle that says I (seashell) Cancun which is the one I bought today. If I would’ve done the bracelet promo, I would’ve gotten the Snowflake bangle for free but the prices here are more expensive and I didn’t want to spend too much.

    • I saw the Canada 150 charm on Instagram! It’s very cute <3

      So glad to hear that you enjoy the site and that it's useful. You are very kind to take the time to let me know! :)

  15. Hi Ellie! I too succumbed to temptation during the bracelet promo. I was glad to get the poetic blooms bracelet. I have had the PB heart for a while now, and purchased another for symmetry. So the new clear radiant heart landed in the middle with the two hearts, then a glittering hearts of Pandora on each side, then the new PB clips on the ends. I wasn’t in love with the glittering hearts of Pandora from the pictures, but I loved the soft shimmer in person. You always have to see the charms in real life to know, right? Thanks for keeping us in the loop. It helps to budget funds accordingly.

    • Hi Deborah! Yay, glad to hear that you’re another Poetic Blooms bracelet fan. I think it’s just gorgeous. I’m actually not going for a pink theme on it, though – I want to put some pretty mossy greens on mine though, so we’ll see how that looks when it arrives!

      You definitely do have to see pieces in person to know whether you love them for sure! Which is why I dislike having to buy my Disney charms sight unseen from North America, although it always makes it more exciting to open the package and see all the beads for the first time… it’s just slightly risky!

  16. I went shopping at lunchtime and was a bit disappointed that my store did not allow the B&B bangle as part of the free promo.

    Nonetheless, I came home with a new poetic blooms bracelet as the free promo and bought the ballerina, ballet slippers and the orchid. It was really hard not to go crazy and buy more but I am already planning to get the matching clips in the next few months (or weeks??? ) LOL. They look amazing with the colors and sparkles. I just love my new bracelet!

    Ellie, you new purchases looks great. Can’t wait to read your comments and pictures to give us ideas. Thank you so much to keep this blog alive!

    • That’s a shame, but at least you still got a nice bracelet. It can be annoying how different stores have their own rules. My store told me that any bracelet that you can put charms on is eligible for the promo.

    • Oh that’s such a shame. I think most stores seem to have been quite flexible with what was allowed, so you seem t have been unlucky :( you got some lovely things anyway – the Poetic Blooms bracelet is a very worthy back-up choice! I can’t wait for mine to get here and I’m glad to hear you loe yours, too.

      Aw, thank you! Am very excited to review them all when they arrive :D

  17. Please could confirm whether or not the radiant blooms lavender charm will be released in the UK and if so when??? Thanks.

    • I don’t know yet, or at least I’ve not heard anything. I’ll ask a UK contact and see if they know! :)

  18. Got a smooth bracelet with 2 new Pandora signature silicone clips ans a vintage D charm. Smooth bracelet and clips are for my fruir themed summer bracelet. Love how you can secure charms with silicone clips!!!

    • Awesome! I love the smooth bracelet as well. When they release more silicone clips I’m going to be tempted by another I think!

  19. Hi Ellie,
    Wow, your purchases are indeed gorgeous!Yesterday I was again at the mall and got to see the new bracelet in person ( last time it was launch-day and they were still displaying the new things) . I immediately fell for it ( and I thought I was safe with this collection!). So I´m now considering it.

    • Hi Marie! Thanks :D I saw the new bracelet in store last weekend as well – it is sooo lovely! All the jewellery always look so much nicer in store. I think it is genuinely much nicer than the stock images, but those store lights always show up the sparkle so prettily too. <3

  20. I bought several of the Disney charms (Donald, Snow White, Mrs. Potts…) and was able to upgrade to two bracelets in a pre-sale. I was unable to pick them up on Thursday (the first day of the promotion) so I went on Friday. Soooo glad I did! Lo and behold, my Pandora store had the CNY 2017 dragons (they just received them at the store!!!) I purchased two of them and a cleaning cloth, and ended up getting another bracelet (the oxidized one). I read in an earlier post that someone saw the CNY 2017 charm available on Pandora’s web site, and that it was unavailable- I basically gave up hope that I would get one. If you have a Pandora store near you, be sure to check for this charm!

    • Hi Danielle! Awesome, that’s so great that you got the dragons!! I was so excited to get mine earlier this year as well. Definitely my favourite release of the year so far. :) Congrats!

      • Thank you for your blog! I wouldn’t have know about the CYN 17 charm had you not featured it! ?

  21. Of the new beads, I got the pink and purple Field of Flowers muranos, Piglet, Tigger, and the Essence Happiness bead. I like the purple murano better than the pink. At first I wasn’t interested in the Happiness bead because it looked washed out, but I looked at it again in a different store under different lighting and it looked better (or the enamel wasn’t as pale). I’m pleased none of my beads have pave!

    • Such great picks, Judy! <3 I think I like the lilac murano better than the pink, too, but the pink is very pretty nevertheless. I was looking at them in store on Saturday and it seemed to me that some of the pink muranos were darker than others - I prefer the lighter looking ones. So I'll have to try and pick out one that I like when I can afford Pandora again, aha.

      None of my bead picks have pave either! Lots of enamel though :D

  22. Hi Ellie,

    For the first time in over three years I have passed on the bracelet promo. I guess I felt the spend was too high. Guess I had too many years of the 125 Cdn. Instead I put my $$$ resources towards Ru La La to pick up some retired items that my local shop no longer carries.
    I’m looking forward to the summer collection & hopefully some new travel charms.
    Looking forward to your reviews of the new spring collection.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Aw, that’s a shame. :( But at least you got some bargains from Rue! Unfortunately I got things from Rue AND did the bracelet promo (… twice), so I am slightly in disgrace.

      My first Spring review is almost done and ready to go! :)

  23. Hello,Ellie! I really would like to get this promo, but I live in Brazil and here the promotions are not really good and the prices, expensives. Unfortunally I don’t have any friend to ship for me. Hope someday we have here good promotions…

    • Hi Daniele! Aw, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you find someone to help you out for next time :)

  24. Hey MP
    Am i being thick here…i saw the comments from the Aussie ladies & when i went on the Aussie Pandora site, it said they have the Disney collection….i have family in Australia who are visiting me in June this year….if this is correct i will be able to get the wonderful Tinkerbell…….can anyone confirm this is so…plus if there is a free bracelet involved soon even better :)

    • Hi Kerry! Yes, Australia has the Disney collection :) so you can definitely get your Aussie family to help out!

      • Hey MP,
        Many thanks..yep i have messaged both my cousins & one is going to Florida at Easter so one way or another they said ‘they will get me what i want…just need to check the best exchange rates…plus if i knew a free bracelet was on offer in Oz..that would definitely sway me. I am lucky as my auntie is visiting us in June so she can bring my charms…( hopefully!) better get saving as unusually from there were loads of the disney collection i liked…not forgetting the spring collection :)

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