Today’s post brings a quick heads-up that Pandora UK have started their spring sale, which is running at both UK online retailers and in store. The selection of items on offer varies a lot by store, but if you shop around the various online stores, you can take your pick of some very good prices on gold beads and some older glass beauties. <3
Authorised retailer The Jewel Hut are also running the sale online and in store – you can see what they have on offer here! It’s running from today until the 2nd of April, so there’s only until the end of this week to indulge in any bargains.

I already indulged in the eStore sale, which started a little earlier last week, and indulged in the adorable Up & Away hot air balloon and also the classic green ladybird murano. The Up & Away is on my Disney bracelet (who else loves the film Up ?!), while the ladybird will be going with my new Tinker Bell beads from my US bracelet promo haul, I think.

It’s unusual for Pandora to run a sale at this time in the year, and I’ll confess that it caught me on the hop a little! This sale seems smaller than their usual summer sale, so I hope it won’t be replacing it.

Are you buying anything in the sale?

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      • Just to let you know, this morning March 27 I received an email from Rue Lala this announcing a 50% sale but with same items that were left over the weekend. This sale will ends March 30th.

        I noticed the Start&End race flag white & black (dont know the real name of this charm) was still available. I am mentioning it since someone was inquiring about this item last Friday.

        • Thanks Rachelle! <3 I went back and got the dangling monkey charm. Just because!

        • Ellie, where is the monkey going? I thought he was so cute but did not think he fitted in my theme bracelet.

  1. This took me by surprise not that I’m complaining, I really hope it doesn’t replace the summer one and this is an added extra lol. I love that you have used the hot air balloon for up such a good idea. Up is one of my favourites. Will it be Sunday when it finishes.???

    • Nope, the summer one is going ahead still – this is just a bonus! Yes, this sale is running until Sunday. The Up & Away charm is so gorgeous, I’ve been so sad that I missed it last time it went on sale. Doesn’t seem to be available anywhere other than the store though!

      • I am happy for both of you.

        Since I am not able to get this Up&Awaycharm, I would be thrilled if Pandora would come up with a Disney hot air balloun with Mickey’s iconic. Just thinking about it makes me happy!!! I

  2. I stumbled on the sale online yesterday and ended up purchasing 4 retired Christmas charms. So pleased I had been after them for ages! I bought the snow globe, the reindeer pendant, gingerbread man pendant and the one I was particularly after, the three wise men two tone. So happy!!

    • Ah amazing! The gingerbread man and reindeer pendants are two of my absolute favourite charms – can’t believe they’re on sale! I remember saving up to get them when they first came out <3

    • Hi Monique! I’ve not heard of a spring sale for Australia unfortunately. This seems to be a surprise pop-up one for the uk! :)

  3. I found it last week when I was looking for the prices of the new purple bloom charm. I got the 3 wise men, Chinese lantern, 3 different colours of ladybirds (I wish I’d got 2 of each now :-/), Chinese Zodiac Rooster, 2 dark blue fizzles and a sparkly coiled snake. I also got the jewellery box and a £20 off voucher that I have to spend between the 30th and the 9th, so I’m hoping that there will still be something left by then, every time I think I’ll get something it’s sold out next time I look :-(. I might have to get the purple blooms with my voucher but I’d rather get a free bracelet for buying those ;-). I tried to buy 2 more orange flower ones from Swag this morning but my order ended up being cancelled as they didn’t have enough stock, pretty annoyed about that as I have 2 already on my triple smooth red leather bracelet and I also use another triple red leather as a necklace and I wanted to make it match :-(, I got those a few years ago from the eStore. Oh well, I’ll have to wait and see what they have left come midnight of the 30th, lol ;-). If I can’t have sale items then I’ll wait until my credit card is made up on the 7th, lol ;-).

    • You always have the best Pandora hauls :D a few people got stung by the Swag £5 muranos, what a shame! Complete bargain price though. I managed to get my ladybird murano for only £5 from the eStore, which I was thrilled about. I was regretful in the end that I didn’t go for the cinnamon ladybird as well, as I thought of a bracelet idea for it just after I logged off. By the time I had a chance to go back and look again, they’d sold out! Lesson learnt – always buy Pandora first, ask questions later..!

      • I’m obsessive when it comes to getting a bargain, I rarely buy anything that isn’t a bargain :-/. I stopped smoking over 16 years ago and all my ciggie money has gone on jewellery of one sort or another; basically, I just traded one addiction for another :-/. I got a lot of gold jewellery when the prices were low and now I have traded in my old, broken pieces for more money than I actually spent on them in the first place :-O. I get to spend my ciggie money all over again, you can’t do that with cigarettes, lol ;-).

  4. Didn’t see this until i got my email from MP at 9.41pm! Most of the bargains have gone, but i did manage to get a Honeysuckle Leather Bracelet and Field of Daisies Murano for my friends birthday at a combined price of £30 so happy with that…I want loads in the spring sale and desperately want Tinkerbell from Disney collection…but have no way of getting it unless one of my friends goes to the US. Oh well Spring collection it is then unless more sale items are released. :)

    • Couldn’t someone just mail you Tinker bell from the US? I’m just getting started collecting charms, so I didn’t realize some were exclusive to certain regions.

      • Hey Jodi, I have found out my cousin in Australia is going to Disney Florida at Easter and my other cousin can go in her store in Oz they said leave it with us we will get you what you want! My auntie is visiting us here in June so hopefully she will bring them over :)

    • Was that from Swag? I ordered two of the Field of Daisies muranos last night and they’ve just refunded me, AGAIN!!! Was refunded yesterday for the orange flower muranaos (the daisies weren’t there then otherwise I would’ve ordered them yesterday morning!) I’m really not impressed with Swag’s ordering system, it doesn’t seem to update in real time; when I ordered last night it said there were 7 daisies and then when I checked this morning there were still 7, even after I’d ordered two :-O. I wonder how many more people were disappointed by this! Yesterday when they cancelled my orange flowers, I told them to cancel the whole order I was so annoyed and I’d only ordered the other to make up the free P&P, but this time they didn’t give me my money back for the daisies until they’d posted the other item :-O. Not impressed with them at all, they’ve always been my preferred seller but not anymore after this, I’ll look elsewhere first in future :-(.

      • Hey Pat , yes it was and it seems I have suffered the same problem as you. I am not impressed either & have told them so! I said it’s a pity they didn’t inform me of the out of stock. Item before they posted the bracelet…so I will refund it once arrived in principal, as I could get this from Pandora …I wanted the Daisy murano to put on the bracelet for my friends birthday, but it’s quite expensive to combine both the bracelet and other charm. Yes I told them their stock update wasn’t very reliable and it shouldn’t happen . I haven’t had a reply yet….I have told them that it’s pug me off ordering in the future due to the unreliability of the stock. I suspect there are quite a few disappointed buyers out there! :)

        • Oh no, I was hoping you’d got one since you got in before me :-(. I was pretty annoyed with The Jewel Hut in the Boxing Day sale too, I’d put a load of stuff in my shopping trolley and when I came to check out and pay they’d sold it to someone else :-O. Made me think that next time I’ll pay for every single item separately so that I don’t miss out. I ended up with one charm out of about 4 that I wanted, I put the feedback on that Feefo thing when they asked for it, lol, well the asked for it, so I told them ;-). I’m just hoping now that my plans for the estore website at midnight tomorrow when I can spend my £20 voucher don’t come to nothing, maybe the Universe will look kindly on me since I’ve been Pandora disappointed twice already this week ;-).

        • Hey Pat,
          Fingers crossed for you :) its very disappointing to be expecting something & then to be told by email they are out of stock AFTER they have sent out your other parts of the order. I am quite unhappy about the whole thing.. i noticed their returns say it needs to be faulty etc…so i may have a battle ahead…its slightly underhand to me…We will see…dont want to be grumpy but my friend would have loved the murano…i can’t give it to her with no charm…so we will see…i am drawing comfort from the fact my aussie cousins should be able to get Tinkerbell for me from the Disney Collections. Hope it all works out for you tomorrow!

        • Thanks Kerry, I’ll let you know later how I got on, it’s all in my wish list just waiting for the voucher to become active ;-). I just hope they let me use it against sale items, that might be why they’ve kept us waiting, so that they can get rid of the sale stuff that hasn’t sold, she said hopefully, lol ;-).

        • Well, the voucher didn’t work last night, I tried up until around 12:10am but it kept telling me that it couldn’t be applied at this time. It’s worked this morning, so if anyone has one and is interested it will work for sale items :-). I got the celebration cake, 2 black flower enamels, alligator dangle and just 1 purple bloom for now. That came to the £120, I tried adding a £5 charm to see if I could get another box but they must have sold out, I’ll wait for the free bracelet promo to get my other purple bloom. I’m going to get the cheaper two tone bracelet with my Amazon voucher (once I have enough ;-)) from one of the authorised dealers in Spain (not fair that they are allowed to sell on Amazon and the UK dealers aren’t :-O), I’ll have 3 charms to go on it now :-). In September/October, I’m hoping that they will let us have the poetic bloom bracelet as our freebie, I’m not interested in getting another plain one, I have 5 of them already (red, white, blue, black and purple) plus 2 of each of the sparkle barrel and heart clasps and 1 of each of the rose clasps, so if they don’t let me have that one then I probably won’t bother with the promo :-/, although I do need another bangle but I’d like one with a fancy clasp. I want to stack 5 bangles and I have 3 plain ones and the pink heart clasp one with the pink heart charm so I would ideally like the last one to have a fancy clasp ;-). I’d also like a black leather bracelet (on promo, of course, lol ;-)) to do a Halloween bracelet, I got 2 orange muranos in the sale a while back just waiting for that, they’re on my red smooth leather at the moment where they look surprisingly good :-O.

        • Hey Pat, seems you have good few bargains for your £120. I have received my bracelet from swag..but i am disappointed they squashed it into a black pouch & its a bit wrinkled. Have to say very dissatisfied with them altogether as they didn’t even bother to acknowledge my query about stock levels etc. Anyway I am hoping the bracelet gets the kinks out over time as my friends birthday isn’t until July…i went onto pandora .net & found they had added a few more charms in the sale…wasnt quick enough to get a couple of muranos…i was being too choosy! But i managed to get a tortoise, giraffe, safety chain, peace charm, bluebell charm, hot air balloon and the charles bridge charm, which is a building in Prague…which is brilliant as my friends brother lives there so has meaning…quite chuffed…thought i would pinch MP idea of the hot air balloon with my disney charms which i hope to receive from my aussie relatives later this year. phew its stress business this sale! :)

        • OMG, Kerry, I hadn’t realised that they had added more today :-O, you’ve just cost me another £75, lol ;-). I got 2 safety chains, the rose one that I had in my wish list but that wasn’t there yesterday, Essence Virgo (for my husband, I already have my Leo), Essence Capricorn (for my son) and the Essence Honesty charm, quite a few for my freebie Essence bracelets that I got last year. I seriously hope Pandora don’t do a bracelet promo any time soon as I’ve well over-spent this month, I won’t be able to buy anything in April now, and I was seriously tempted by the Troll beads offer in my email today, but since I don’t have any Troll beads (yet :-/) I should find it relatively easy to wait until next time ;-). I’m glad you managed to get something you like after all and I’m sure your friend will be delighted with her bracelet even without a charm, she’s lucky to have you as a friend :-).

        • Ha ha, i know Pat…i could spend so much more…i am hopeful of either the UK or Australia doing a free bracelet promo so i can then get a few of the spring charms…thats the prob…you pay £45 for something now, but i got the giraffe and tortoise plus peace charms for the price of one….just wished i had been quicker choosing as they had the teal murano at a fiver! never mind we have done well. :)

        • Since they let us have the sparkle clasps and rose clasps last year for a higher spend, I’m really hoping that the poetic bloom bracelet will be included in our freebie this year; that’s what I got the delicate rose charm for ;-). It’s usually the end of September beginning of October here in the UK so we have plenty of time to save up. Course, last year they went and gave us the free Essence promo :-O, and there were things that I wanted so I got 2 of those, can’t wait for the charms to finally arrive for those :-D. It’s been a long time since they did the leather bracelet promo here so I’m also hoping they do that this year instead of the earrings or rings (I’m not right struck by Pandora’s rings and earrings). Last time they did the leather was the first time I ever participated in a Pandora promo, I got the single leather in grey and the double leather in pink; I want a black one now :-D.

        • Hi again Kerry, I’ve just been asked to write a review of Swag by Google Certified Shops Reviews :-D. I gave them one star, here’s what I wrote:

          Their system needs to update in real time instead of letting customers order goods, pay for them only to have them part cancelled before sending. This has happened to me twice this week! The first time I cancelled the rest of the order as I wanted all or nothing but the second time they didn’t even give me the opportunity to cancel the other item; luckily I did want this one whether or not, but it’s not right that they just go ahead and send a part order without first checking with the customer that they still want it without the rest of the order! This also happened to a friend of mine and she was only buying the bracelet as she thought that she was also buying a charm to go on it and they cancelled the charm and sent her the bracelet.

        • yes i got the same request so i am going to write a similar response. The problem i had was ok, ‘bad luck ‘ but the fact that they sent me the bracelet without checking i wanted the rest of the order and never responded to my email query was to me wrong. i went onto Pandora UK and popped 2 muranos in my basket..but they said they were out of stock..fair enough….thats what swag should have done. I wont order again from them nor recommend them. :)

        • I also had a similar thing with Argento too. They had the safety chain for £15 when the estore had said it was no longer in stock. So I ordered it and paid for it only to have the order cancelled a few hours later :-(. Argento are good in the sense that they don’t have a minimum for free postage so I’m always happy to but bits from them but I wasn’t impressed that they did that :-(. Luckily, the safety chain came back in stock on the estore and decided to get 2 of them as they will never go to waste. I plan to put one on my grey leather and the other one will probably go on a bracelet that’s still in the shop, lol ;-), although I might put it on my pink string.

        • I haven’t ever dealt with anyone except Pandora uk and beaddazle who were good…I have kept the bracelet nd have payed it so its creases don’t look so bad now..and I managed to get a charm for my friend…not such a bargain as a fiver but is lovely and she will like it. I saw there were about 4 reviews saying same as us…..I thought they could at least respond to my email….never mind we have a few bargains :)

        • Swag have always been my go to store as they are partners with Top cash back so I get cash back on my orders and they tend to have more choice, probably because they are not as popular. They won’t gain any popularity by doing this to customers :-O. They also reduce items and then leave them at the reduced price as if that was the original price so they are still there when free bracelet promo comes around so you can get some good bargains and a free bracelet; plus it’s handy to be able to find something for £10 or £20 when you need to make up the spend ;-). I suppose I wouldn’t be too bothered about them cancelling something as long as I still got my free bracelet, lol ;-). I won’t be shopping there for a while but I expect I’ll have forgiven them by September if no one else has what I want for the free bracelet promo ;-). I like Beadazzled too but they aren’t partners with Top Cash Back so I only buy from them if I can’t get it elsewhere, same with the estore :-/. The Jewel Hut tend not to reduce the charms quite as much as the other stores; plus they, and John Greed, don’t have much choice a lot of times, probably because they are more well known and popular. Argento don’t have much choice but they do have free P&P and are partners with Top Cash Back, I’d definitely use them more if they had more choice :-). All you never wanted to know about these retailers, lol ;-).

    • Beautiful picks! Hope you manage to get your hands on the Tinker Bell charms, too. I got the dress and shoe in the US bracelet promo and am super excited for them to arrive!

      • Hey didn’t work out great for me as i was one of the people who didn’t get the daisy muranos for a fiver…bit disappointed in SWAG as the bract has arrived but its all twisted as it was squashed into a black pouch..hope it will ‘iron out’ however good news is my aussie relatives are going to get my tinkerbell and ‘anything else i want’ either from Oz or Disney as my cousin is going to Florida at Easter…..just need to work out the best exchange rate..super happy after the SWAG disappointment. :) as always thanks for your posts..they are so invaluable :)

  5. Hi Ellie,

    I wish I could get the Up&Away balloun too. It is so cute. I am happy for you. I never thought about the Disney Up. Great idea!

    I was wondering if the blue would match my 2016 Winter blue muranos?

    Hopefully, Rue Lala will be getting more of this item.

    I was lucky enough to get the Forest Fairy this time. Can’t wait to get my last order. It usually takes 1 week to 10 days… Ah patience…?

    • I have no patience at all, and Rue can be very slow. I ordered on Saturday morning, and my shipment is still “preparing.” Says delivery expected April 5. I’m not so sure. But as long as it doesn’t hit the Easter long weekend shut-down, :-) I’ll survive. I think.

      • My order left Borderfree yesterday March 30 so I will expect it in my mail sometime next week. Can’t wait?

    • Hi Rachelle! I was about to say that I didn’t get the 2016 blue muranos, so I can’t check that for you, but then I remembered that I actually did. The winter blue muranos are too similar! I was getting mixed up with 2015. I just put them together and they are a great match for colour! Quite dark together, but would be nice with a couple of lighter blues or some white mixed in too.

      • I’ve noticed that the Jewel Hut have higher prices on a lot of the items so you do need to shop around as they won’t all necessarily be the same price everywhere. They always used to be but I did notice when the FMN button charm went up to £60 that Beadazzled still had for £55, so I had to get it quick before it went up there too ;-). Also, when I got the faceted blue charms they were a fiver cheaper at the Jewel Hut :-O.

  6. I love the movie UP as well as the hotair balloon charm. Will b nice if pandora make a charm with colourful balloon attach to a house like the movie. I’m sure to buy that. Australia don’t usually have a sale this time of the year. Will be nice to have one every season.

    • I went to the concept store today and can’t believe those charms that are going away. Can’t remember all, mostly Christmas charms. But i am very very suprised to see princess Jasmine dress, shoe and murano on the last chance to buy tray! At least i can look forward to buy them during the next sale.

  7. Lucky you all! I so wish we had online sales, or even other shops to buy from online besides Pandora central. :-( I’d prefer to get my stuff from within Canada, as delivery would be faster. Clearing customs from the US can be a hold-up.

    • I feel the same when I’m waiting for packages from the US! Luckily it’s been pretty speedy the last few times – a week or so is the average, which is pretty good. :D

  8. Hello Ellie,
    do you happen to know if they ever run any free bracelet promotion in France?. I check the french official site from time to time specially when I know it´s time for promos, above all in the UK, as Pandora France is under HQ in London but, so far, I´ve never seen one for bracelets.

    • Hi Marie! I don’t remember ever reporting one, but there are so many promos that I couldn’t say for sure. :(

    • Oh well done! I bought those couple of things, but feel like it was okay, as I’ve been wanting the balloon for such a long time and the murano was only a fiver! How could you not ^^

  9. Well I put on hold my spring list again and purchased some retired christmas charms and I am preparing a christmas bracelet for this year as I did not have one last year – also plan to use my £20 off voucher tomorrow:0

    • I plan on trying tonight after midnight on the e-Store ;-). I have everything in my wish list and I’m just hoping it will all still be there tonight ;-). Quite a few things I wanted have sold out but if they won’t let me have sale items to use the voucher then I’ll be waiting until the 7th when my credit card has been made up to spread the cost a bit more ;-).

    • Aha, very good plan! I did the same as you with the Christmas beads when I was on holiday in Amsterdam a couple of years ago – they had so many great deals on Christmas beads in the summer sale there that I just went for it. :)

  10. I managed to get more sales items, more of the christmas theme but also two snowflake charms to go with the “As Unique as you are” moments bangle So I managed to use my Voucher but as Pat says above, my credit card will also need a rest – maybe I will buy something from the spring collection this Christmas! Mind you has anyone noticed the presale offer from Soufeel they look to have a Pandora copy cat spring bracelet.?

    • Aha, Christmas would be a long time to wait for spring! Glad to hear that you got your bargains though <3

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