Today’s post brings a surprisingly early Pandora AW17 preview, with a sneak peek at the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017 collection! This release follows a pattern similar to last year’s, moving away from travel pieces and more towards charms with a more general appeal. We have a mixture of friendship and romance beads, and then some girly holiday night out beads, with lashings of bright enamel. I wasn’t originally going to be publishing these pictures until well into April, but they’ve been leaked on a fellow Pandora blogger’s site, which happily means I can post these now. Yay!

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2016
I don’t have prices yet, or bead titles, but in terms of release dates, the Pandora Pre-Autumn collections are usually due out in early July, so I’d predict that this one will be out on 6th July. Read on for a sneak peek at the new beads!

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017 Collection Preview

As I mentioned before, the collection features two main themes. The first is friendship and love related. I’m starting with the love & friendship style beads!

The Girlfriend bead is very standard and simple in style. It looks nice and substantial in terms of the silver, but it’s very similar to the Love is Forever charm from the Valentine’s 2015 collection.

But in terms of romantic offerings, this dangle offers something a little more interesting! With a sweet pink enamel disc and the words You make my heart smile, this charm closely follows the design of the popular Vintage Night Sky dangle from last year’s Winter collection.

There’s a corresponding charm celebrating friendship, too, (although I suppose there’s no reason you couldn’t give the charm above to your friend as well!), which has a pearlescent enamel disc and the words My friend a star. I find this one quite sweet!

This clip continues the romance/friendship theme and is very similar to one that came out last year:

The Friend of my Heart dangle charm is another friendship bead that looks like it is intended to be split and worn by two people. Like many of Pandora’s newer releases, one is more contemporary in style than their classic butterfly friendship dangle, although I’ve always been fond of that one!

This heart & bow charm offers a more generic take on the love & friendship theme; its central heart/bow motif is very pretty, but the button style means that overall the design blends into other similar button-style charms Pandora has done recently for me.

Lastly for this set, we have this silver teddy bear bead, which is very similar to the existing Bear Hug. This version is plain silver and a more affordable option than the two-tone version.

The next section of beads focuses on nights out – the bright colours make me think of nights out on holiday specifically, on some tropical island or something! I suppose you could argue that the girls’ night out theme matches that of the friendship theme, in that these charms would hypothetically commemorate fun memories going away or out with your friends.

First up, we have this vampy red stiletto:

Which is reproduced in miniature form in this next charm, with the addition of a lipstick and a dress:

The cocktail glass features some fun bright enamelwork and is probably my favourite of this selection. It would look great on the mixed pink summer leather bracelet or with some of the summer 2017 enamel icon charms:

It’s complemented by this wine bottle charm, which goes rather heavy on the pavé: Finally, we have this enamel and pavé clutch charm:

Additional Information

These news items come from a Pre-Autumn 2017 write-up from my fellow bead blogger at Art of Pandora (although the pictures are from my own sources!). Firstly, I wrote about these engravable charms some months ago – they’re currently exclusive to certain stores in the UK. Apparently, these might be seeing a wider release for Pre-Autumn. This would be good if true, as I think they’re a rather nice option for a more personalized bead.

The same goes for this Disney Parks black and white Mickey bead that I was originally told was part of the Disney Parks AW16 collection. This apparently might also be a Pre-Autumn 2017 release.

pandora disney parks mickey yin yang

Finally, we have a last interesting tidbit. I first came across these three muranos years ago when researching an older article in this Elle China news story; it turns out they were meant to be released for Summer 2013, but were held back for some reason. I never posted them as the design seemed to be dead and buried. However, they’ve now turned up in Dora’s preview, and so it looks like they might be  released, finally, for Pre-Autumn 2017. I’ll update this section when I receive my own confirmation on these various points. They’re rather lovely; the black one looks like some kind of harlequin design.

My Comment

This collection unfortunately doesn’t hold anything that grabs me particularly – I say ‘unfortunately’, but it’s really no bad thing, as I love lots from the Summer collection, with its pretty murano glass and vibrant tropical colours. I’m intrigued by the possibility of those murano glass beads getting released, though, as I really do like the cotton-candy feel of the pink one!

I think a couple of travel/cultural offerings would have been nice to see; last year’s koala threw a bit of a bone to long-term collectors who already have a lot of friendship/heart beads! It’s nice to see the plain silver teddy bears, but they are based on an existing design and don’t exactly offer something fresh.

What do you think of this latest preview? Does anything interest you?

112 Comments on Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017 Collection Sneak Peek

  1. Hi Ellie, firstly I must say I’m so appreciative of your posts and keeping me abreast and updated. I have to say am not fond of the Autumn collection. In my opinion Pandora is moving away from their fundamental designs, which I love since they are classic pieces and can be worn with both casual or smart outfits.

    The new designs appear a little more comical almost ‘toy-like’ and have lost the classy appeal.

    • I also agree, this upcoming release lacks originality and sophistication it reminds me of some of the other brands I have largely avoided.

      Lisa K

    • If you look through Thomas Sabo’s Club Charm collection of dangle charms, you’ll see lots of comical charms heavy on the bright enamels. They have a VW bus in red and teal, a running shoe in brilliant pink, teal, and orange, and a cheeseburger in red, yellow, and green; just to list a few. :-) They’re very popular. Pandora’s following that trend.

    • Hi Annaliaza! Thank you, it’s good to hear that you still enjoy the updates, even if the charms aren’t wanting you’re hoping for. :) This is only the Pre-Autumn collection, so there might be more you like in the regular collection! This seems to me like an extension of the summer brights and fun tropical beads, so they might sober the tone up a bit for the Autumn collection proper :)

      • O, my husband like this collection very much because only 2 charms I like ;) So, he doesn’t spend too much money for my birthday ;) Haha.
        And seriously, It looks like a collection for a girl who is interested in fashion and make-up and first love.

        Thanks to that !!! :D
        I will catch up on previous collections :) This is a huge plus: D

  2. Best releases are in Spring and maybe the Holidays- but charms are not versatile for a year round wear..Unfortunately the newer styles are becoming too redundant with hearts and ribbons:(

    • I agree. I’m fairly new to Pandora since I’ve only been collecting charms for the past two years, but these new designs don’t appeal to me. I’m finding myself searching for past designs more and more lately. I have a few of the summer charms on my list and will wait to see what they release for the holidays.

      • Yup, I’m waiting to see what kind of thing they go for for Autumn. I think with the holiday collection it will mostly likely be very similar to the previous three years or so.

    • Those are usually my favourite releases as well, and they’re still the ones I buy most from these days as well. it would be nice to see some more classic beads, I agree! Luckily there are so many in the sales for great prices at the moment – the only silver lining!

  3. Nothing for me, waiting to see what comes out for the essence line for autumn/winter and I have a couple Summer ones on my list, the white magnolia to accompany the magenta one from a previous summer and one of the sea ones for my sea bracelet. Always look forward you your posts and updates!

    • Mm, I usually really like Essence AW releases (they always seem to be the best!) so I’ll be keeping an eye out for that, too, even though I really don’t need any more Essence charms or bracelets!

      Thank you for commenting! <3

  4. I have to agree that Pandora seems to have strayed from more versatile pieces. While these are nice, the only one that speaks to me is the wine bottle. I am tired of hearts, ribbons and bows. I wood like to see more silver pieces and for fall, I would like pieces that look like fall. I also miss the Halloween themed charms.

    • Oh I know, I would be so over the moon if they decided to dip their toes back into the Halloween stuff. I know that’s pretty far from their aesthetic these days, but I’m sure they could at least manage something kind of cutesy!

  5. Nothing really for me, apart from the muranos how strange they were supposed to come out years ago. I hope they do get released this time. The blue looks really vibrant and I like the white with pink too. ??????

    • Yeah, it’s weird – I’m not quite sure what is going on with those! But I would love to do a black and pink theme with theme if they did come out!

  6. Nothing for me much anymore I’m looking for more timeless pieces! I don’t think they’ve done justice to the Disney range sadly either. Chamilia charms are way more appealing.


    • Aw, that’s a shame. While I do have my issues with some of the new pieces, I love so many of the new Disney characters. The Winnie the Pooh charms are so cute!

      • Ellie, I’ve got to agree with some of the previous posters that aren’t happy with the direction Pandora designs have been going of late, but I DO really love some of the Disney charms. I started a Pooh bracelet (that also includes a few Chamilia Pooh charms) and just added Tigger. The verdict is out on Piglet – I may wait to see if Kanga and Rabbit, or any other characters appear as dangles before I commit. Of the recent designs, the Disney charms have been my favorites.

  7. I totally agree with you Ellie. Nothing appeals to me in this Autumn preview. However, my wallet will really be taking a beating come the Summer collection! I have many charms and both leather bracelets that are on my must have list. So taking a short breather for now and then will be back in the thick of it come Summer!

    • Haha, I’m glad to hear it! I still have a loooong wish list from the spring collections, too – I want both the new safety chains, the new Rose heart charm, the pink Field of Flowers and Dumbo! So I have plenty to be getting on with as well! I also want the new summer muranos…!

      • I must tell you I have the new safety chain that clips on and I just love it! I also got the pink Field Of Dreams Murano for my new “pink” bracelet. I saw an auction on Ebay for both the Dumbo and Alice In Teacup charms that was from Shanghai. Said they are park exclusives. Heard they are only being released in Shanghai. What is up with that?! Can you confirm this?

  8. Thanks for giving us a preview, I’m not impressed really with Pandora’s autumn offerings, the charms look like they are aimed at 12-16 year olds, a bit child-like and simple. It doesn’t look like a lot of thought was put into their designs. Such a shame, it doesn’t look like these charms even belong to Pandora.

    • They are definitely on the bright side, although I will hasten to note that this is just the Pre-Autumn collection and there’ll be so many more offerings for Autumn. :)

  9. I collect 14carat gold but i have most of them why dont you bring more styles out you dont do enough there are no new ones advatised hope you got some new ones coming out

    • It would be nice to see some more gold – but you might be better directing your comments to Pandora themselves as I am just an overly invested blogger! ☺️

  10. Nothing for me either. I like the look of the pink dangle with the heart and the cocktail glass dangle, but I am not tempted to actually buy them. More autumn designs with leaves, butterflies or animals would be nice! Thanks for the pictures Ellie!


    • Btw, have you noticed the price decrease on some pieces? For example, some of the earrings (daisies, dahlias) are $5 cheaper now. I was wondering if you had any information why Pandora is doing that, since the pieces are not old and there is a general increase in prices on everything else. Just curious! Thanks again!:)

      • Just my thought…they raised some prices and lowered others. I think it is a pricing strategy to offer buyers some items at a lower price point. They can make up the difference in the already expensive higher priced charms. This move gives the buyer more price options for gifts, themselves etc.

      • This is actually how Pandora is providing margin support to their franchise owners. Closing the gap in how some products have been marked up vs others. For instance if a Pandora store retails a charm for $50, the company probably bought it for about $26, but if they mark it down to $45 and only charge the franchise $22, the franchise is making a higher % profit, but the customer is paying less :)

      • Hi! I work at Pandora, and while some charms / earrings/ necklaces went down $5 a lot of the Rings, some charms and earrings went up $5 or $10. Based on what we sell the most of as a whole company.

      • Thank you all for the input! Price decreases are welcome, even if they are on pieces that sell less. I had never seen them before in Pandora. It is good to have options!


      • Yes, I have! Going to be reporting on it shortly :) some have gone up, some have gone down in NA.

    • I’d agree with you there – I like a couple of the pieces and think the cocktail glass is really fun, but they’re not quite my style. Will be chasing up what I want from the spring & summer collections and seeing what they go for for Autumn!

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  11. Thanks Ellie! The only charm that I would be interested in is the cocktail glass. Everything else serenade a bit “young” for me. How Pandora has changed! Think I am getting old ??

    • I like the cocktail glass as well, but it doesn’t really fit with my Pandora style very much!

      Aha, they have changed with such a rapid pace over the last couple of years. I do miss the two-tone characters!

  12. I like the pink girlfriend and white friend dangles, and the two bears are sweet, but in common with some of the other posters, there is nothing I need to put on my wishlist – and my immediate reaction is thank goodness haha! I loved the Spring collection and there are several I would like from Summer, and also I am trying to source the Beauty and the Beast bangle, enchanted rose and Snow White from overseas, so I have either been buying or planning to buy far too much this year! I have plenty to be going on with. So while it is always nice to be able to get excited about a new collection, I am not too worried about not wanting anything from pre-Autumn. I think when you have been collecting for a while you do tend to own something similar to the new beads coming out, and don’t always need a new version (although i do own a little forest of Pandora Christmas trees, just because I like Christmas trees!) It is still nice to see the previews though, thank you Ellie for bringing these pictures to us so early!

    • Yes, I was a little relieved as well haha! I still have so much to get from the regular collections. The Rose and silver versions of the Insignia safety chain, the Rose Filled with Romance, the pink Field of Flowers, Dumbo – whenever / wherever he turns up…! And then I want the weather doll and the mint muranos from Summer. I am going to be very busy and it’s good that I’m not keen on anything from this collection. I expected them to do another bracelet for it, though, so it’s bit of a relief that they didn’t as I am a sucker for the special design bracelets! <3

      You're welcome!

  13. Nothing really appealed to me for the fall. I’m hoping something gets released from the Disney line. I just started collecting in January of this year and have just about filled up my bracelet. I have a gap I would like to fill with something that is fairy tale / Disney theme but nothing looked appealing. I too will be getting some summer charms. I’m planning on starting a Little Mermaid themed bracelet and some of those summer charms would go well with the bracelet I’m planning.

    • I wouldn’t have thought we’d see new Disney designs until Autumn proper, but it will be interesting to see if the Mickey Yin & Yang bead does come out with this collection. I was wondering if it got shelved due to quality control issues or something (white enamel has been problematic in the past..).

      A Little Mermaid bracelet sounds beautiful! Those new Summer muranos would be spot on for it – the mint green is perfect for Ariel as a mermaid, and the pink for her as a human in that pink dress :D

  14. I appear to be in the minority, but I actually adore this collection! I love girly themes, and I think these pieces look great with the enamel–though I could definitely do without the CZ on the bales (bails?). I especially like the cocktail glass and the shoe/lipstick/dress (3-in-1) charm. Also, I absolutely love the Muranos–particularly the pink and black ones! It’s so strange that they were supposed to be released four years ago and are finally being released haha.

    • Well, it’s nice to hear that you do like it! :D The muranos are lovely, but it’s weird for me as they’re not at all new for me as I first came across them so long ago. Will be very curious to see if AoP is right and they do come out. If so, I want to snag a black and a couple of pink ones and do a kind of candy stripe colour scheme. ^^

      • I love the idea of your candy stripe theme with those Muranos Ellie! It sounds like such a pretty combo. I didn’t start collecting until December 2013 when my friend got me my first bracelet, so I missed the original preview of those muranos haha.

        • I never even previewed them! I only found out about them after the 2013 previews had been and gone – they got pulled and never even made it to the catalogues. I only found them in a few Asian articles a few months afterwards when I was researching for a 2014 article and that was when I investigated and found out that they had been pulled from the summer 2013 collection. I was tempted to write about it just as an interesting tidbit (which is where that collage with the old morapandora web address comes from) but then thought it would just disappoint people so didn’t!

  15. Hi Ellie

    How exciting, sneak peaks already of Autumn. The pieces shown look cute, and I can see the appeal to the younger generation. They already have let’s say us mature, not old, Pandora lovers hooked?. I do like the you make my heart smile dangle, I think it’s the pink enamel I find appealing. The friendship begins with living hearts button charm is also simple and elegant. The engravable charms have my interest, they would be the only charms so far that would maybe make it to my wish list. Like already mentioned I think of leaves and birds, nature in general for Autumn. I hope there will be charms of this genre also.
    Thanks Ellie

    • Hi Janelle! Well, this is just Pre-Autumn – but it is super early for a Pre-Autumn preview! I wasn’t expecting to be posting these for some time yet :) glad to hear that you are positive about this collection – it’s nice to read another perspective! I would like some more forest beads from Autumn, as that would fit with my new Tinker Bell green design, but it would also be kind of cool to see them just go a bit off piste and pick a random theme for it, like they used to with the fairy tales or what have you.

  16. Hi Ellie! My credit card is taking a beating this Spring. I don’t think I’ll do much of the Mothers Day. But summer is going to be a melt down in more ways than one! I’m liking the new enamel things very much. I got the white bangle, now I want them all! The pastels for Spring and the brights for summer. And then maybe the rings. I really like the two wide ones. And the new Essence charms, especially the white and pink. So I’m going to maybe add the martini glass out of this collection and not much more. I agree with you about it going well with the Summer enamels. I enjoy the juxtaposition of the new decorative charms with the older character charms. There are so many ways to style now that look really sophisticated. The older charms, while smaller, had a heavy folkish design that I didn’t always want. Paired with the new decorative ones, there is a thoughtfulness to styling that I enjoy. And options to dress the bracelets up or down to suit the occasion. Of course, I take my bracelets apart and rearrange the charms quite often. And I by no means like everything they come out with, old or new. But with charms, that is the point I think. To individualize your jewelry. My friend and I often start with the same charm to design a bracelet around. But the bracelets turn out totally different. So I guess I don’t understand all the complaining. If you don’t like the new ones, don’t buy them! Wear the things you have that you love! And I’ll get off my soapbox now. Sorry for the rant, but I don’t enjoy reading all the whining. And I do love reading your posts. They are super informative and help me plan my purchases throughout the year. And make me look so smart when I arrive at the store. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Deborah! aw, it made me quite happy reading through all the things you want! It reminds me of all the lovely things I still want to get from spring & summer, as opposed to this collection which is pretty much a miss for me. I quite like the star dangle and the cocktail glass, but the other things are not so much for me. I’m not counting the muranos and extra bits in that for now, as I’m not sure what’s going on with them!

      I can understand people voicing their opinion if they don’t like a collection – it can be disappointing to have a collection be a complete miss. I am personally a little bit relieved as it means I can concentrate on cleaning up my spring and summer wish list! But yes, it is nice to read your positivity. I agree with you when you say it’s great to mix the new decorative colours with the older character beads – which is why it seems a shame that they don’t do any new character beads, as they’d look so good with these decorative charms! But I will keep hoping! <3

      Glad to hear that the blog is so useful - and thank you for taking the time to write such a sweet comment to let me know! Thanks Deborah!

  17. Thank you for the preview, your always up on the new charms. I’m kinda of tried of the hearts. However, I’m loving the lipstick, purse and shoe charms. Those are a must for my collection.

    • I am tired of hearts as well, but glad to hear that you do like at least one of these new beads! :) I miss the cute animals and character beads.

  18. Hi Ellie,

    Your posts are always a wonderful edition to my day, regardless of what Pandora releases, I appreciate the time you take out of your day to craft these reviews. You either help me spend money or save it! I do like, the selection of engravable charms. It is nice to see a couple of non dangle options. In the next year I have a couple of key events to celebrate and the button or heart charms are perfect for capturing these memories. Fingers crossed these option come to Canada.
    I truly wish Pandora designers could strike a better balance or ratio between the use of pave or enamel with silver. The enamel martini glass is too busy with colour for my taste as is the pave encrusted version, however, if I had to pick one it would take the pave over this new enamel version. Why not a silver glass with a pave rim or a few nicely places CZ’s. Or a silver strappy shoe with a few paves or a red bow Lord knows Pandora designers love bows! Perhaps I’m not the intended audience. I love the whimsy that Pandora can tap into, haven’t seen it in a while. I am disappointed at the lack of travel or culture & Arts charms. Recently I have been seeking out retired charms from way back. My fingers are crossed that there will be other charms that I can fall in love with. On the upside I love that they have kept some of the bails free of pave! The friendship theme is nice, I hope they continue on with that. One of my favorite charms from the Autumn 2016 or was it Winter 2017 release is the I love reading book & glasses. I bought that while a way on business & the all silver design is so very classy. If the shoe, lipstick & dress were all silver I might have gone for that far easier to integrate with the other pieces.
    Sigh, not a lot here for me, unless there are other items to come. So I will enjoy the ‘bobbles’ as my husband jokingly calls them and wait for the rest of the release.

    Ellie thanks again for your enthusiasm & hardwork.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you, that is so so lovely to hear! I’m really glad that you enjoy the posts so much, and that they’re helpful. Your comments are always very well considered and thoughtful, and are v. enjoyable to read as well. Your comments regarding ratios here echo my thoughts exactly. This style of bead is fun and I don’t dislike it, but it doesn’t really fit with my personal style, and it would be nice to see them counterbalance the sparkle and bright colour with the traditional Pandora silver and two-tone beads that made them so successful initially. :)

      Their whimsical and quirky beads always appeal to me as well (the weather doll is adorable, but as it’s slightly off the beaten path, they of course won’t release it everywhere!). It would be so nice to see more of the riskier cultural beads. A heart might appeal to everyone everywhere, but I’m sure they can afford to put out a few beads that tap into more specific themes and cultures too. :) Like they used to do!

      Thanks for commenting Lisa! <3

  19. Thanks for the previews! Nothing for me here, unfortunately, unless the engravable ones appear elsewhere. I would’ve loved some new travel charms. Oh well… the Christmas beads are always a big draw for me ;)

    • Yeah, I always thought the travel/pets combo they used to do for Pre-Autumn was something of a winner :)

      • Agreed, I loved that collection! I think I got four of the pet-related charms from that collection and still have the black camera on my wishlist!

      • Agreed, I loved that collection! I think I got four of the pet-related charms from that collection and still have the black camera on my wishlist!

  20. Thank you for the preview, Ellie! There is nothing here to get me excited, but then I never expect much from the Pre-Autumn release. Autumn is the collection on which I always pin my greatest hopes. Fingers crossed!

    • You’re welcome! Interesting that Autumn is your favourite – Spring is mine, followed perhaps by Winter. Mother’s Day is my least favourite!

  21. Hi Ellie!

    Thank you for keeping us informed with such wonderfully written posts! I absolutely adore reading each and every post, even if I do not reply to all of them. I showed my mom this post and she is THRILLED (over the moon) for the pre-autumn charms. She adores pave and bling; this is certainly right up her ally.

    For me, unfortunately, I will not partake – only because it is not my style. Although, the only charm that holds any interest to me is the teddy bear best friends charm. I think it is absolutely adorable – but I WOULD think this as my husband recently bought my the bear hug two tone charm as one of my anniversary presents last year. I just think it is unequivocally adorable! :) If Autumn and Winter keeps in theme, perhaps I will complete my everlasting grace collection and add some more retirees and /or older charms before they retire.

    I want to THANK YOU so much for all of your dedication and hard work in keeping us Pandora fanatics informed – WE APPRECIATE YOU IMMENSELY!!~! :) <3

    Margaret :)

    • Hi Margaret! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! It’s so nice to hear that you enjoy reading the posts as well as seeing all the new charms. :) And yay that your mum likes the new beads at least! My mum often points out beads that I wouldn’t go for either, she’s much more big on the brighter colours and sparkly things than I am. It’s interesting to get that other perspective!

      The bear charm is lovely, but I almost feel like it doesn’t count as it is basically a reworking of the lovely bear Hug! <3

      Again, thank you!! I appreciate you all too for reading and taking the time to comment - you write such lovely & thoughtful comments Margaret!

  22. Hi Ellie, thank you for bringing this post. Its raining heavily here due to cyclone in Australia that causes plenty devastation in Queensland. This post actually brighten up the gloomy day for me. I actually like the clutch and wine bottle. So cute… However not something i would buy. Like some ladies commented, a bit too cartoony with the bright colours. I can appreciate it, but just not my style. I will buy what i love most and get maybe those not must have during sale if i chance upon.

    • Oh no, I hope you and yours have managed to avoid the worst of the damage :) and I’m glad that the post has gone some way to brightening up the day for you. I am with you on the Pre-Autumn beads. I like the cocktail but can’t really imagine wearing it!

  23. Hi Ellie,

    Pre-Autumn releases are usually my least favorite of the year with only a small collection to choose from. I did get the Starry Sky bracelet last year though. I guess I’m in the minority with Joanne. I, too, like girly themes. The dress, stiletto and lipstick dangle, pave’ clutch and wine bottle would make such a fun bracelet. I like the pink and black muranos, although I would have preferred all black with a sprinkle of cz’s inside. At least we’re getting closer to that black murano we keep wishing for. I also like the Disney Yin Yang. Even though a good many charms from this release have been done before, I don’t think it’s a total loss. The little hugging teddy bears are so cute. I especially like the details on the back with their little arms hugging each other. I think the engravable charms are very pretty, too.

    It’s nice to see the Pre-Autumn preview so early this year. Thanks for the lovely post. Your hard work and dedication to this blog is very much appreciated. Can’t wait to see reviews of your latest haul!

    • Hi again Emily! yes, the koala and the bracelet were my only Pre-Autumn picks from last year. Not even one thing from this year’s preview interests me, unless the muranos do get released. I’m very surprised to see them again, but would absolutely love to see them come out finally, so fingers crossed eh!

      You are very welcome – and your appreciation is appreciated! ;) Thank you very much for all your lovely comments, they are a pleasure to read!

  24. HI Ellie, I am interested in the engravable charms. I do hope they have a worldwide release. One of the charms is the same design as the “first my mother/forever my friend” charm. It’s a lovely design so I would be interested in purchasing that one and adding my own personal message.

    For the rest of the collection, only the champagne bottle appeals but I am unlikely to purchase it. Thanks for the update.

    • Hi Lozzie! Yup, I think the engravable charms are a lovely option and I’m surprised that they felt the need to test release them to a smaller market firs.t They seem like they would be a safe best!

  25. Hi Ellie nothing really for me, apart from the murano, how funny that they were supposed to come out years ago. I hope they manage to make it out this time.i think my favourite is the blue it look so vibrant then I like the with with pink too.

  26. Hi Ellie, pre-autumm collection already!. I really love it when I open my mail and see there is a new Mora Pandora post, be it a review, preview or a promotion alert!
    Now, to the collection. Well, I´m afraid I agree to what most ladies are commenting. I cannot see anything so appealling as to spend my money on it. Which doesn´t surprise me, as pre-autumm collection toghether with Valentine´s and summer are usually not my thing.
    If I had to choose I would go for the bears and the round engravable dangle. And maybe the clutch if it didn´t have so many czs on it. However I´m not crazy about any of them. That´s good for me because there are still a good number of older pieces I really want. And I have a nice list of rings. Besides I see that some Essence beads are being discontinued if not retired so I´ll have to catch up on that too. From a more objective point of view, though I would say this is more of the same thing: either too blingy or too colourful. In both cases too repetitive and thus not appealling. Only my opinion.
    Let´s wait and see what they are comming up with for autumm and Christmas.
    And to end up, I´d like to make it clear that I do appreciate the hard work behind your posts, that´s why I always try to comment although sometimes it´s not the best moment for me to think in English or to find something interesting to say and may seem as repetitive as Pandora, lol. But anyway I see it as a kind of aknowlegment to your work. We may critisize Pandora here, but I´m sure all of us are thankful that you show us what´s comming up next. I, for my part, am.
    Have a nice week ahead and looking forward to your next post. As always ;)

    • Hi Marie! Yay, thank you! That totally put a smile on my face this morning, I’m so pleased to hear that. A news round-up is coming up soon so there will be another post shortly!

      I’m not crazy about these either, but I would definitely get a couple of the muranos if they did come out. And you could put the black and white murano with that Yin & Yang Mickey bead for a pretty cool black and white zen theme, too! The big colours and holiday/night out beads are really not for me, and I don’t find the friendship/romance charms that appealing as I already have so many of those!

      Thank you, Marie – I love reading your comments, even if they’re not always a positive response they are always constructive about the jewellery and usually tap into what I think about it pretty well too. So the time you take to comment is very much appreciated! <3

  27. Hi
    Nothing for me from this collection but thats no shame as I will be still catching up with the spring delights — as I went for the sale items and used my £20 voucher on christmas charms and the lovely moments unique as you are bangle — Which I was secretly hoping for Christmas but I guess my hints were far to subtle!
    I too am new to collecting pandora but I must admit to seeking out those “older” moments. :)

    • Hi Jacqui! I get plenty of new beads as well as old, but the majority of my new acquisitions this year have been Rue La La or sale beads. I am quite enjoying mixing my new release beads with them!

  28. Hi
    I’m not really keen on this collection. I have purchased 2 of the poetic blooms bracelets and received 2 X £20 vouchers for using against purchases of £125.
    I’d just like to say that all the £20 vouchers have the same code ( a bit naughty really) so if anyone wants to use the code to get £20 off its TREATYOURSELF

    • Hi Kay! Thanks for the tip – I noticed that with the codes as well! I wonder if you even need the voucher in store?

  29. I love the black and white murano. But what’s with Pandora and their odd phrasing? Sometimes the sayings read like bad translations. “My friend a star”, I just want to stick “is” in there, or a comma. :-)

    • Lola,
      Right?? I was going to purchase the free charm, but when I saw the use of the word “gotta”, I realized it’s not for me. Not because I oppose that word per say, however, this is a word I do not use. It’s just not me. I am glad I am not the only one who caught/felt this way about some of their phrases.

      Margaret :)

    • Lol, Lola, I thought that too! I work in publishing and have to proof a lot of things, and my mind immediately wanted to mark it up to be changed haha.

  30. Hi Ellie,

    I’ve yet to comment on the US bracelet promo, so I’ll do so now as it will quickly become old news. I did an upgrade and got the Poetic Blooms bracelet and matching clips. I had two PB hearts from last spring and the PB mixed enamel dangle. I decided to add the PB pink enamel dangle for a centerpiece and use the smaller dangle on a necklace.

    Fortunately, the Beauty and the Beast bangle was eligible for an upgrade. I was able to add it to my collection also, as the inscription holds a very special meaning to me. I got the matching Shimmering Rose clips, Tinker Bell’s Dress, Shoe and Star.

    I chose two pink Field of Flowers muranos placing the Magnolia Bloom button charm as a focal piece with two MB spacers next to a set of the pink Open My Heart clips.

    For my additional free bracelets with upgrades I got the Fancy Purple, Fancy Pink and Royal Blue Pave’ barrel clasps, Pave’ Heart and Sparkling Heart. For my final bracelet, I decided to try the Essence line, so I chose the smooth one.

    I had placed an order for the Lion Dance charm a week prior to the bracelet event, and to my surprise, it was in the mailbox when I returned home from the bracelet event! Totally AWESOME!!! It was a very good day.

    Looking forward to reviews of your latest hauls. Hope you’ve had a good day.

    • Hi Emily! Yay, awesome bracelet haul!! I got the Poetic Blooms bracelet as well, it is gorgeous! <3 And the Tinker Bell beads. I haven't got the pink FoF murano yet, but it is on my list! I just need to be good and not spend any more on Pandora just for a little while ;)

      And the Lion Dance as well! What an amazing time you'll have arranging all these beads. The Lion Dance is undoubtedly my favourite release of the year so far, I'm very glad that NA got him as well. Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  31. I was scrolling down saying “ok, nothing for me here”, but then I saw the dangle charms… I like them all, especially the champagne bottle.
    The stiletto, clutch and triple lipstick-stiletto-little black dress dangles would look great on the same bracelet. I have a similar clutch, so I will probably buy this one. I also love red enamel, however I would prefer it on something more similar to a tango shoe instead of a plain stiletto, as there is no charm for latin/tango dance and I really want one (the First Dance charm refers to marriage, so it doesn’t count).
    I think the pink martini dangle will look great with the sunset button-like charm that will come out in summer. We just have to wait and see, of course.
    I thought I was almost done with my wishlist after the winter sales, but, with the new releases, it will keep getting bigger and bigger…

    • Glad to hear that you like some of these! <3 The little martini charm would be great with the summer enamel buttons, and I'm sure that's what they were thinking of. I'm not planning on getting either so will sit this collection out!

  32. Hi Ellie,

    I’m sure I will have to have the muranos! The rest is either too repetitive or would really go better with the summer collection, I think.

  33. I don’t think I’m interested in any of these, but that’s fine, because I’m still wanting to get some Essence beads and retired beads. I do kind of like the dangle beads with the enamel disks, but I don’t think I’ll get them (too much pave). Thanks for the update! Even though I’m not interested in these beads, it’s still fun to see what’s in the release.

    • Yeah, I’m not too worried about giving this collection a miss either! But like you I do like to see what’s coming out, regardless of whether it’s for me or not!

  34. Nothing for me siince beginning of 2017 until this release, I only got 2017 Club Charm. I enjoy go Pandora outlet hurt for retired silver and 2 tone classic charm. I really don’t like CZ everywhere, CZ is not diamond.

  35. Happy April’s Fool everyone.

    This morning, the sky is all white and it is snowing again in Ontario Canada.

    I just love ? the champagne bottle which would look great with my new celebration glasses (coming in the mail sooooon I hope)Ellie, where is the monkey going?

    I am so happy to finally see the Yin&Yan Mickey and hope to get it for my TaiChi bracelet. Hopefully it will be sold in our stores here in Ottawa.

    I find the muranos quite nice and I might get the blue one if it goes well with my starry night beads.??

    That’s it for me. My list is already too long ???

    • Haha, happy April fools to you, too. Should I have done a Pandora-themed April’s fools?!

      I’m still noting that I haven’t had confirmation that those extra items are coming out for sure with Pre-Autumn and when I asked AoP about it, she wasn’t sure either. So we will have to wait and see!

  36. I have to say I am really sorry Pandora has gotten away from classic silver/or gold designsfor their charms.Most of the collections have consisted of flowers hearts and sparkle.Aside from disney and essence I will search for retired silvers. I really have not liked most of the collections in the past two years.

    • It would certainly be nice to see more of the traditional beads included with the new releases! Not only are we not getting more of them, but they’re also retiring very quickly all the ones that they did before :(

  37. I am SO excited to see the new release. Like many of the other commenters this isn’t my favourite release, but I did stock up during the free bracelet promo and now have both blush/Pandora rose and cerise bracelets on the go. I will use this time to stock up on some existing beads for these bracelets and hold out home for the autumn collection!

  38. I am SO excited to see the new release. Like many of the other commenters this isn’t my favourite release, but I did stock up during the free bracelet promo and now have both blush/Pandora rose and cerise bracelets on the go. I will use this time to stock up on some existing beads for these bracelets and hold out hope for the autumn collection!

  39. i must say i love the red stiletto… i had one from thomas sabo before but as it was a small hook clip type, it doesnt fit my bracelet. ive been thinking a lot about a girly thing and this would fit perfectly well.

  40. More hearts,really? Valentine’s Day is over. I’ll save my money for the next release. I’m so disappointed that they didn’t release the blue Field of Flowers Murano in North America? Anyone know why? It was the only color that I wanted, besides too many hearts they’ve also released too many light pink beads in my opinion. I’m hoping my hubbie has to go to Germany sometime this year so maybe he can buy me two at the airport. Does it match any of their other blue beads, like the small facets? I’ve also been patiently waiting for a teal essence charm.

  41. I Love Pandora but seriously do they have to produce anymore heart Jewelry. I for one am not a big “Heart” fan to begin with and feel heart jewelry is more for children. Please Pandora produce some classic grown up jewelry! I would love to see more Black enameled pieces maybe some black and gold muranos just more sophistication. The Autumn lines plays right into the “Childrens theme bracelet too!

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