Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for April 2017 – and beyond! :D There is absolutely tons in this round-up, with previews of previously unseen charms & bracelets (yes, there are still some left to go!), details on promos for the UK and Australia, and updates on the Pandora Disney Parks Spring 2017 collection, amongst other things!

In terms of blog news, my first Spring 2017 reviews are coming very soon (other news posts keep cropping up and pushing them back) and my latest haul from the Pandora North American bracelet promo just landed on my doorstep – I am beyond excited to start reviewing some of those, too!

In the meantime, read on for all the news for the month. :)

Pandora Open Bangle & New Charms for North America in May 2017

In a bit of surprise news, the first item on the agenda are some last-minute additions to the Pandora SS17 line-up for North America! On the 11th May, the US and Canada will be receive these brand-new charm bangles and three new charms that we hadn’t previously seen. I haven’t heard anything about these launching in other regions yet, but I’ll update you if I do.

The new ‘open bangles’ come in plain silver and pavé versions, priced at $75 and $125 USD or $95 CAD or $145 CAD respectively. I only have low-res images of these two for now, but you get the idea. The ends screw off to allow you put charms on the bangles, while the stoppers pictured have silicone grips and divide each bangle into three sections.

Pandora Spring 2017 Open Charm bangles

I do, however, have high-resolution images of the accompanying new shades of the Encased in Love charm, also due out on the 11th of May in North America. These will now be available in pink, opalescent white and ice-blue.
Pandora May 11th Encased in Love Pandora May 11th Encased in Love Pandora May 11th Encased in Love

I think these new shades are just so pretty, and I love how they all match the new Field of Flowers murano from the Spring collection so perfectly, too. The look of all three colours together is stunning!

The new bangles are also a fun new concept, although I doubt I’ll be rushing out to get one (I prefer the plain silver, which Pandora advertise as giving a ‘minimalist’ look) as I just got two more regular bracelets in the US bracelet promo and I have to stop somewhere, lol!

Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 release

Gosh, it feels like Spring 2017 launched yesterday, and we’re already gearing up for the Mother’s Day launch on the 13th of April! The collection features a lot of heart charms and familial designs, with an emphasis on soft white pearly enamels.

Full previews of the collection and live shots are available at the following links:

In the UK, we already received a large proportion of this collection as our Mother’s Day falls earlier in the year than elsewhere. We will be receiving the remaining pieces on the 9th as well, but they’ll be marketed as being the second part of the Spring 2017 collection.

Pandora North America Price Changes

You may well have already noticed (and I know that some of you have, as you’ve been asking about it), but there have been some shifts in Pandora’s RRPs in North America. A lot of items have been either increased or decreased in price by $5 USD. Yes, some items have gone down as well as up!

The items that are affected are mainly pave charms and a lot of the ring collection. For example, the Radiant Splendour has gone up from $75 USD to $80 USD:

pandora autumn 2015 radiant splendour

But the Petals of Love openwork went down in price from $75 USD to $70:

pandora valentine's 2016

So there are some wins and some losses. :( I do have a list of all the price changes, but it’s in an odd format and I can’t upload – but feel free to ask about any specific items and I can let you know about how it’s changed! :)

Pandora Lion Dance North American Launch

The adorable Lion Dance launched in Asia and Australia earlier this year for CNY 2017 – the great news is that it has launched in the US & Canada for Spring 2017! It’s a shame that it hasn’t launched in more other regions as well, but at least it is slowly making its way around the globe! It’s retailing at $60 USD or $70 CAD, so most probably a bit cheaper than importing it.

pandora chinese new year 2017 dancing lion

This is just the most adorable charm, and it’s going to be a hard one to beat for me this year. It’s definitely my favourite so far! <3

Pandora Disney Parks Spring 2017 Updates

I’ve had a lot of questions recently about the status of the Pandora Disney Parks Spring 2017 collection, and why certain charms from it haven’t launched yet.

Pandora Disney Parks Spring 2017 sneak peek

Currently, while the full collection has launched in the Disney parks in Hong Kong, the US has not currently received Dumbo, Alice in her Teacup, the Carousel, Duffy, Shelly Mae or Gelatoni.

I’ve double-checked into this, and the latest I’ve heard is that the US will not be getting Duffy, Shelly Mae or Gelatoni – these will remain as exclusives to Hong Kong. However, the US should be getting Dumbo, Alice and the Carousel by the summer. I’ve not been given a concrete date for this, but I will keep an eye out for further information – and, if anyone knows anything further, please do shout!

Pandora UK 2017 Promotions

There’s currently a spend and save promo semi-unofficially going on in the UK. If you made a purchase at the eStore or in store over the past month or so, you might have received a voucher – this entitles you to a . You are supposed to have the physical voucher to get the promo in store, but if you go to the eStore online, you can access the promo simply with the code ‘TREATYOURSELF’. I suspect that, with such a generic code printed on the vouchers, stores would let you access the promotion if you asked about it without a voucher, too, but I’ve not tested this! The promotion began on 30th March and will run until 9th April.

However, I do also have some bad news for UK Pandora collectors. I’ve been told by a source from a UK concept store that Pandora UK are not currently planning on offering a free bracelet promo this year. They usually run one in September/October time, but it’s not currently on this year’s schedule. :( I’ll let you all know if I hear differently of course, but that’s what stores are currently being briefed for.

Instead, we’re looking at an Essence promo at the end of this month, wherein you spend £95 and receive a free silver Essence bracelet or bangle.

We’ll also be getting a 3 for 3 on rings promo later in the year.

Pandora Australia Mother’s Day 2017 Bangle GWP

Every year, Pandora in Australia offer the limited edition bangle from the Mother’s Day collection for that year as a gift with purchase – it’s a really excellent promo, and a great opportunity to pick up a few things from spring and get a limited edition piece for free at the same time! It does mean that the limited edition bangles are never available for individual purchase, but the promo is such a good deal that this isn’t usually a problem for collectors. ;)

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 collection
This year, the Mother’s Day bangle GWP will be running from the 27th of April while stocks last. It will be available with the usual spends of $150 AUD or $180 NZD.

My Comment

In terms of the Mother’s Day collection, nothing is a must have, thankfully! I think the new white leather bracelet is lovely, but I have enough new bracelets with my recent US promo haul, and I’m quite tempted by the new safety chain design, just because I always need new safety chains for all the bracelet projects I’m starting. ;)

I’m eyeing up the pink Field of Flowers murano to go with the purple one that I already bought, and I’d also like the new silver Insignia safety chain for this bracelet. It’s kind of taken on quite a contemporary look without me even realising it, and I think the new safety chain would go nicely with it!

What are you looking forward to this month? Are you getting anything from Mother’s Day or are you still playing catch-up like I am? :D

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  1. I’m glad we’ll be seeing Dumbo in the US at some point in the near future. I’m looking forward to that one! Pandora seems to be getting away from many of the character charms, and leaning towards more matched themed designs. The Disney charms are one sure place to get my character charm fix still!

    • Yes, he’s very near the top of my wish list too! I just need the pink Field of Flowers murano next, and then I think I’ll be looking out for him. :) I’ve also got the Club char still to get!

  2. Hi Ellie! You are keeping really busy, and I appreciate you more than I can say. The new encased in love colors are stunning, and I wish more than ever we were getting the blue Murano in the States. I think I will want all three of those, plus one or both of the new open bangles. I too just got new bracelets in the promo, but I like these too. The stoppers look intriguing… The Mothers Day bangle is a maybe, because I’m playing catch up too. I still don’t have everything on my list from Spring 2016, much less this year! And my 25th anniversary is in August so I’m planning a celebration bracelet for the occasion. Thanks again for the heads up, helps me budget, sort of!

    • Hi Deborah! Sorry for the delay in reply – but thank you, I can’t tell you how much it means to hear that! I’ve had a busy week so have taken some time off again, but will get some more posts ready this weekend. :) I’m playing catch-up a little still, too, but luckily the Mother’s Day collection doesn’t have much for me and I think the Pre-Autumn collection is also mostly a write-off. Which is something of a relief! ^^

      Wow, congrats on your 25th anniversary ? that will be a very special bracelet indeed! And there are so many charms that would work well for that one, both from old and new Pandora. :)

  3. I love bangle. Open bangle are good idea, but Pandora is not first. I hope, they are available in Europe.
    Blue open hearts- my colour I’m glad to see them :)

    Thank You for Your work :)

    • No, they’re certainly not the first! I remember Chamilia and Trollbeads doing them years ago, I’m pretty sure. :)

      You’re very welcome, thanks for commenting!

    • Hi! I don’t actually know their RRPs as I’ve not seen them officially advertised online anywhere! I saw them being advertised on Facebook for around $130 SGD each but have no idea how that translates to their actual RRPs – it certainly seems a lot, and I’m guessing some of that is mark-up.

  4. I’m so looking forward to the GWP promo in Australia. I have a few more spring purchases to make, which will well and truly make up the $150 and I have a few pieces I would like with the Mother’s Day launch, busy time for me?

    • I’m tempted to get some help with that one, as I have contacts in Australia, and the RRPs work out so much better there than they do here! And there’s still plenty from spring that I’d love to get :D

  5. Thank you Ellie for all the lovely updates and looking forward to your reviews. Glad you’ve finally received your new Pandora.
    I’m going to store this week, with my voucher and I am going to get another one of the poetic bloom bracelet and also the plain daisy and magnolia bloom rings, which are for Easter and my Birthday next month. Then I need to get saving for the rest of my list.
    It will be a shame if they don’t do the bracelet promo and I can’t understand why they would stop it.

    • Thanks Sarah! I am absolutely in love with my new pieces. I want to wear all three bracelets that they’re spread across at once aha!

      Aw, that’s nice! I did want to use my voucher but I’ve just spent too much with the promo to justify it, unfortunately. :( I’m going to wait, and then get the pink Field of Flowers murano at some point, plus Dumbo, the Club charm and the new safety chain.

  6. The open bangle with silicone stoppers is an exact copy of Trollbeads, just like the essence collection is a copy of the Thomas Sabo karma collection. Sometimes Pandora just disappoints me….

    • They had a great unique concept with the compose collection with mixing and matching earrings and what do they do? They retire it in favour of mimicking other brands… :(

    • I think Essence came before Karma, but both are lovely lines. The nice thing is I can put my Karma beads on my Essence bracelets between Essence beads, so I have a little movement, although two of my Essence beads have faulty silicone and move freely anyway. :-)

      If the above bangles are oval, then yeah, they’re exactly like the Troll bangles, but lower priced.

      • You’re right about Karma, Lola – I think it was February 2014, while Essence was October/November 2013. They came out around the same time though really.

    • I’m always kind of the fence with that as I’m a Pandora purist so I kind of like being able to get all the different styles with them… I agree with you that it’s sad that they’re retiring some of their own original concepts though!

  7. Well, I guess I’ll be waiting, and hoping, for the free bracelet promo in September/October 2018 before I get my second purple bloom bead now :-(, either that or wait for it to go in the sale! I’m not impressed! We get fewer bracelet promos already and now they’re taking our one away from us! I got 2 of the Essence bracelets last year and I don’t want another, plus the Trollbeads offer of a free bracelet for £75 is a way better deal :-/. I was in two minds as to whether to get that free Troll bracelet, can’t really afford it after the Pandora sale, but that’s made my mind up, I’ll get that on Friday when my credit card’s been made up and Pandora can whistle for my money until they do a better deal!

    • No, I know – I was pretty sad to hear the news as well! Hopefully they’ll change their mind. I know there’s the Essence promo, but it’s just not quite the same!

      • £95 spend for such a thin bracelet is way too much, the Trollbeads one was £75 and it’s a full sized bracelet that actually costs more than the regular Pandora bracelet at £75 for the bracelet and lock, plus their Murano beads are only £25 :-O. It came yesterday, it’s more oxidised than I like but the beads are pretty and it is a substantial look, I might try to clean the oxidisation off it as I prefer bright white shiny silver ;-).

        There’s only actually the Purple bloom that I need right now, so I’m not prepared to over-spend for an essence bracelet that should really be free with a £50 spend max IMO. I want the poetic bloom bracelet on a promo, just like they gave to America, not too much to ask if they want me to spend my money with them! It makes me think that some businesses have a skewed idea of how important they are, they’re nothing without customers wanting to buy from them!

  8. Hi Ellie,,

    I love the open bangles!! I have been waiting for Pandora to offer this for a while. Many other brands have them & I have been tempted but held off. This will be a nice edition to my collection, something different.

    The encased in love new options they are very appealing. The price fluxuation doesn’t surprise me. Pandora did this a few years ago with some of their muranos.

    The arrival of the Lion Dance charm in US & Canada is a nice surprise! Way to go Pandora !!

    Thanks for the news round up.

    • Hi Lisa! Yay, I’m glad to hear that you’re excited :D I’d like to know a little more about how the stoppers work and to see some shots of the bangles in action. I like the look of them, too!

      But yes! How pretty are the new Encased w/ Love charms? They look like they’d match the new Field of Flowers murano exactly. It’s funny that NA are getting the blue Encased with Love but not the blue Field of Flowers.

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  9. Are those bangles oval? They look round to me. I hope they’re oval. I passed on the “closed” open signature bangle, that appears oval, because the signature bits are ugly, but not the kind of ugly I buy out of pity. :-) I do like the one above, left, but not if it’s round. I guess I’ll see soon enough.

    The dancing lion is definitely above Pandora’s usual, and I would have got it last month, but it was sold out online when I was ordering. It would have been an impulsive–OMG HOW CUTE IS THAT!!!!–buy, which is gone now, though I’ll likely still pick it up. Don’t you just want to squish its cheeks? Lol.

      • Lola, I think the bangles are oval. I don´t really care, I like them anyway but I´ve seen other pics and have the feeling that they might be oval.

    • It’s hard to tell from the stock images! They look to me like the regular Pandora bangle with a chunk taken out of it, but idk. Aha, you are funny with your ugly Pandora pity buys! That funny little reindeer globe!

      And yes the lion dance is very squish able! That’s a good way of describing its appeal haha.

  10. I must thank you for bring us all this news your blog is a godsend to a new collector like myself.
    Well I just love Dumbo but unlikely to get him as I’m in the UK. I love the open bangles but i too looked at the Troll Uk site and I am wavering on buying one of their open bangles. To much choice really:) As for prices well I have been picking up 2nd hand pandora ( just cinched a retired reindeer dangle charm for £10) and I have noticed that the essence bracelets are much cheaper than the moments bracelets yet the charms seem more expensive is there a reason for this. And the lion is for sale on ebay already but well outside my price range. I love reading others comments too — a real education thank you

    • That’s so nice to hear, thank you! <3 I don't know regarding the pricing of the Essence beads, tbh - they're not made of different materials, although they do have the silicone lining. There's nothing much to them that makes more or less pricey, apart from the fact that most of the Essence beads are very heavy on the CZs these days!

  11. I am confused…doesn’t take much! I ordered from the estore on 31st march…didn’t get a voucher…was there a minimum spend?? Also tried to go back today & put in the code & although its on the screen, it says its ‘not applied’ so I am guessing its either not working or again there is a minimum spend…..Anybody have ideas??

      • Plus I think that you might have had to buy something a while before the 31st :-/. I got mine a few weeks ago when I first saw the sale and I had to wait for around 2 weeks before I could spend it. They knew I had the voucher and sent me an email to remind me so it may be that they know you didn’t buy anything earlier so won’t let you have it :-/. Just a thought, I don’t know :-/.

        • Thanks Pat, I suspect I didn’t spend enough, but its not clear, never mind…I need to save ….thanks for your help :)

  12. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the news! I love your blog!

    Do you know if there will be a promo for the Mother’s Day items for US?

    Thanks in advance!

  13. absolutely gutted! i only started out with pandora last june ish and didnt find out about the promos until after last years free bracelet so looks like i wont be able to partake in the promo :'( do you know if ireland will have a promo ellie as ive noticed ship to the rest of the uk :)

    • The Cork Pandora stores had a free bracelet promo last weekend Emily so maybe they’ll have another?

    • I don’t think Ireland have separate promos to the UK; Ireland and the uK are managed by the same head office, so it’s not likely that they’d offer a bracelet promo if the uK don’t :(

  14. Hi Ellie!

    The new encased in love colours are lovely! I bought the original in cerise with the red leather box promotion in February and it works very well with many other charms. I am thinking about getting that light blue shade, especially if it matches the blue field of flowers Murano! My birthday is also in May, so it might just be fate they are coming out then :) I always wait for a promotion to buy that charms I like, so there is a lot of catching up to do, but I might make an exception for this one! I am intrigued by the non-pave open bangle, too. Do you think the stoppers are included in the price? My only worry is if one end can accidentally unscrew itself :S I will see them in person I guess. Great round-up, as always! Thanks Ellie :)


    • Hi Victoria! I know, I think they’re just beautiful. I suspect all four would look gorgeous together, as well. THey’re very different colours but they do seem just to complement each other!

      Yes, I think the stoppers are included :) I don’t have any other practical details as to how the bracelet work yet, it would be great to hear from someone who’s seen them in person and has had a chance to play around with them!

  15. Thanks for the detailed updates! I was surprised to see the cny lion charm at my local store during the free bracelet event (I live in Canada).

    I’d like some opinions here. I got the statry sky bracelet for the free bracelet promo but it’s one size too small, and all the stores in my city do not have any more. One staff told me to place the bracelet on my doorknob at night to have it stretch out. Is this a good idea? Or should I just exchange it for a different one?

    • Hi Sd,

      I have been through the too small thinking It would stretch or too large because it was a gift and exchanged mine on both occasions. Ellie might have better insights than I on this matter. Here is my 2 cents worth . I know what fits me & I am happier with something that holds the charms I want to wear than I would have been if I had not exchanged them. Some of my bracelets have stretched a little but not much. I guess you have to see how far off your bracelet is from the next size up? Does having the starry night clasp outweigh the less than perfect fit?Will you be likely to wear it or go with another one in your collection that fits the way you like? Pandora used to have a saying expensive jewelry one piece at a time. I have a size that works best for me & have kept to that size. You could ask the store manager to check with if their Pandora Sales Rep to see if they get you the right size. I have never heard of stretching it in a door knob but it might work, if not can you still exchanfe it?

      Lisa K

      • Hi Sd

        I realized after posting my first reply I lhad started to make a point but lost the thread. What I meant by the Pandora slogan was Pandora pieces are pricey, so I think you should get the best value for the spend.

        I wonder if seeking opinions may be an indicator that you are having second thoughts about keeping the bracelet that is too small?

        Cheers Again,
        Lisa K

        • Yes you are right, I am having second thoughts. If it can’t stretch big enough to fit all my charms while wearing it, I’d rather exchange it.

      • HI Lisa, thanks for your reply. It’s 1cm too small, and I can’t put all my charms on it, because then it would be too tight and I can’t close the clasp on my own.
        I still have some time to exchange for a different bracelet. The starry sky bracelet is perfect for my starry themed charms so it’s too bad it was limited edition.

        • Hi Sd,

          Here’s my two cents worth…I would not try stretching my bracelet on a door knob for fear of damaging it. Your store should be able to get your correct size. The Starry Sky bracelet is listed in the book, so it should not be a limited edition. If your store can’t replace yours, I would try another place of business and get my money back . Good luck…I’ve had bracelets too small before and even if all charms fit, it’s impossible to close the clasp as you said.

        • Emily,

          Yup, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Not worth damaging or weakening the bracelet. If it is listed in the book a Regional Rep should be able to tack one down. If that is not doable I agree with you Emily exchange it especially Sd since you are having second thoughts, You don’t want to spend extra time working out how to get the bracelet clasped properly, you may be less likely to wear it.

          In my country you have up to a year with the original receipt, girl an exchange or replacement but of course check with your store.
          Lisa K.

        • According to this site, the starry sky bracelet has been discontinued. :(

          I think I will exchange it. Thanks for the advice!

        • Sd,

          After seeing your last post, I rechecked my catalogues and realized I, unintentionally, misinformed you regarding the Starry Sky bracelet. It was listed in the 2017 Valentine’s Day edition, but not the newest Spring book. I apologize for misleading you. I’m not sure where you’re located, but this bracelet is still available for purchase in the US until supplies are sold out. I would hate to see you miss out on this one as it’s perfect for the Starry Sky theme. I got mine as soon as it came out specifically for the that reason. As Lisa mentioned, a Rep still might be able to locate your correct size.

    • That seems like rather odd advice from a Pandora associate. I would take the bracelet back and ask your associate to order you the correct size. When I started collecting Pandora, I was advised to choose bracelets in a smaller size as I was told they would stretch. I’ve found that my silver bracelets have stretched very little over time. I was never able to fill the smaller bracelets with charms, as they would fit too tightly otherwise. So, I now opt for a larger size. (Interestingly, the sales associates always want to sell me the smaller size bracelet.) The leather bracelets are a different story. Those do tend to stretch. I like to wear my leathers sometimes as bracelets, other times as necklaces. So, I do not purchase those too small either.

      • Hi, Sd. I would keep to Pandora´s advise, that´s to say 2 cm bigger than your wrists. They always say that they can stretch up to 1 cm within a year depending on the use. Well i´ve had mine over a year now and use it on a daily basis and it is still 16 cm long. They keep telling me that it will strecht with time and it may be true because all metals tend to strecht but I think 2 cm bigger is the correct measure. If you are in the middle of two sizes I would advise you to choose the bigger one hand have it cut to adapt to your size.

        • Hi! I ordered my starry sky from Reeds Jewelers on line. If you are in the US, they still have some. You could exchange your small one for something else and order the starry sky elsewhere.

    • The Pandora staff might have meant for you to hang the bracelet anywhere, they just suggested hanging it around a doorknob as an easy place, given everyone has doorknobs. Hanging it allows the weight of the charms to stretch the chain. But it takes years, and will only stretch if you have heavy, threaded charms. If a bracelet contains majority openwork, without weight, stretching won’t happen.

    • Hi! I have had success in getting a stiff bracelet to loosen up a little through hanging it up on a doorknob or handle, but I’ve not had it increase in size significantly. It might work, but a safer bet would be to try and find another size. It’s up to you, and kind of depends on how much you’re set on the starry bracelet!

  16. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the April News Round-Up. It’s always good to get a refresher on everything coming up. I’m happy you’ve received your US Promo haul and looking forward to seeing your reviews along with your latest Rue purchases.

    Even after emptying my purse for the US promo, I still have a few things on my list from the spring collection such as Tigger and Piglet, as well as, the purple FOF murano. Sad, but true, my dollars do not seem to stretch as far with higher prices these days. I’ll be playing catch-up for the remainder of this year, especially with Mother’s Day just around the corner. My verdict is still out on the M’Day bangle…need to see that one in person. My next must haves are centered around those beautiful summer muranos and the Glacier Blue Radiant Hearts. I’m in a saving mode for those now.

    The open bangles with the end caps do appeal to me…something quite different for my collection, but I’m in no rush to have them. I do really like the pastel colors for the Encased in Love charms. They would be lovely together.

    Dumbo is on my list from the Disney Parks collection, but I may have to rethink adding him to my collection if the US isn’t offered Shellie May and Duffy as I had planned to style them together…but he might look nice with the new pink and blue EIL charms being released in May.

    Seeing the price increase for the Radiant Splender in this news round-up reminded me that I saw this particular charm in the ‘last call tray’ last week. I was quite surprised that so many newer charms are going away.

    Thanks again, Ellie, for the latest news. Looking forward to your reviews!

    Have a nice week ahead.

    • Hi Emily, thank you for such a lovely long comment! <3 I will be doing my reviews very shortly, it just has been such a busy time for me in other aspects of my life the past couple of months that it's hard to get back into the swing of things. I have one ready to go, but I still need to finish my Disney reviews! I'm hoping to get them up in time for Easter, as Piglet and Tigger strike me as rather Easter-appropriate, although I don't know why. ^^

      Dumbo is on my list, too, but I'm just going to add him in with a lot of regular charms, including my hot air balloon. He's such a lovely bead, it's frustrating that they haven't just released him in a straight forward way!

      Have a lovely week too Emily!

  17. Hi Ellie I really like the cuff bracelet, troll beads did one where you could add charms and I really liked it but didn’t want to get obsessed with another brand. I wish it was coming to the uk. That’s a bit sad about the bracelet promo I’m a tad gutted lol we don’t get many promo. Saying that I probly have enough bracelet to go on. Do you have to spend a ceartin amount with he treat me thing. Thanks Ellie for the update.

    • Hi Nicola! I know what you mean about other brands – it’s such a slippery slope, haha, and you have to be so careful not to overreach yourself! I just stick to Pandora for the most part. Yes, you have to spend £120 to get the money off :)

  18. Thank you Ellie for giving us all this great information! I really like the idea of the encased in love charms all together on a bracelet with the matching field of flowers muranos, that would be so nice for the Spring. Those soft colours look lovely together. Aw I am disappointed if we don’t get a bracelet promotion in the autumn! It’s so exciting to decide what you are going to buy to make up the spend, it’s not even that I need a new bracelet, but I will always be able to use one and it gives me an excuse to buy some of the charms on my wishlist! I did the Essence bracelet promotion last year and I already have two Essence bracelets, which I tend to wear with just my one gold charm so I am not looking to extend my Essence collection. I will probably still do the promotion though ?!

    • Hi Debbie! You’re welcome :D I am not looking to get more Essence for the moment either, so I probably will skip the promo, but only because I buy so much abraod! If I spent more in teh UK, I’m sure I’d time it more to coincide with the promos. :)

  19. Hi Elli,
    Yay another post!!! I saw it this morning but haven´t had the time to read it till now (23.20 pm). Oh those bangles are gorgeous! I hope they¨ll make their way to Europe anytime soon. And I also hope that they are made in the smallest size, which should be 16 cm if they are oval-shaped. I like both of them but I must confess that this time (to my surprise!) I´m more on the pavé side. I would use it as a stand-alone with the endcaps upright without any charms. That´s the way I like bangles best. Besides I love those stoppers. I wonder if they could be used with bracelets to prevent the pieces from moving around.
    Going a bit off topic, if I may, yes I know Pandora has copied this from Trollbeads but I p don´t have any problem with that. All brands copy from each other and to be frank, I very much prefer that Pandora keeps copying Trollbeads instead of other brands. After all, they seem to have lost their identity these days and the idea that they might end up releasing a very funny and verycolourful Merzedes, Volvo ( or whatever) van or lorry is too much for me, lol!
    As for the encased in love charms, I liked the cerise one when it was released for Valentine´s. These new colours, however, are not really my cup of tea but I hope to see more round facets with silver detailing in the future.
    Thanks again for this post and looking forward to the next!

      • As for my inmediate wishes, well my list is going crazy. While I’m still pursuing some discontinued charms, I think I’ve fallen in love with the new bracelet. That peachy shade has really won me over. And the clips to match too ???
        At first I found them too heavy on the pave side and I have enough of that, but now I can only see that peachy flower and the white daisy. They look gorgeous on the bracelet, so here are three new and VERY unexpected wishes to add to my list. Then, there are the galaxy spacers for the design I started last winter, the galaxy ring and I’m very interested in the upcoming acqua blue Radiant Hearts. If it doesn’t wash out I’ll get one. I’m also planning a small trip to France as I want to try a size 15 bangle on and in Spain they don’t sell it. I hope it suits me!!!!! And there’s still more on my mind. To put it short: I don’t think I’ll catch up with everything in a foreseeable (?) future ????????
        Oh! And there’s my ring list, too!!! I’m in trouble. HELP!!!!!!!

        • Aha, Marie, you are in trouble! And I’m definitely not the person to ask for help, because I’m always in the same boat and encouraging other people on to future Pandora-related indiscretions :P

    • I agree with you re the copying and brands, Marie! I find it hard to get worked up about it. Many other brands have emulated PAndora’s popular barrel clasp/clip station design, and I quite like the opportunity to be able to stick with just one brand!

  20. My local retailer has ordered Lion Dance X2 for me, but I am still waiting for them. Mother’s Day, as usual, has nothing for me, so I’m anticipating my Dancing Lions and the Summer orchids and dreaming of Autumn. Thanks, Ellie!

    • Aw, I hope they get them in soon! Mother’s Day has nothing for me either, but I still have plenty on my wish list for Spring – no need for me to dream of autumn quite yet, aha. :)

  21. I was in my local store today (in Sydney) and was told that this Mother’s Day bangle GWP is the last year they will be doing it (in Australia). As they seem to be doing in other regions, they may be changing promo format??? Hope the future LE bangles will then be available for purchase instead in Aus.

    • May I know it is confirm to start only frlm 27th Apr for AUstralia promotion? Seem to start a week later this round compared to last year

    • I don’t understand why everyone is stopping their free bracelet promos! :( Thanks for the heads-up, even if the news isn’t good :(

    • Hi Jenny! He’s not as bad a flipper as some charms, but I have looked down at my wrist to see him either way up :) if you packed him in with other charms tightly enough, I think you’d probably be all right!

  22. I was told my the manager at pandor that if Disney is in the spring release they have to release it they can’t wait till June she called tore in Disney they said mid April for dumbo and Alice and carousel

  23. Just went to Disney World and was disappointed to find out that the new Alice charm wasnt out yet. I did pick up the wishes and the pink mickey icon charms though. My daughter got to meet Alice and Ariel and they both looked at her disney pandora bracelet. we had added 6 of the signature muranos before our trip and enjoyed seeing them glow on the rides. FYI Frozen and Seven Dwarves rides were great fun.

    • Aw, sounds like you had a lovely time! I’m sorry that you couldn’t get the Alice charm, though, hopefully they bring that out soon.

  24. I received an e-mail from a retailer describing a promotion for a free jewelry box with a $125 spend from April 27-30. This is in the U.S

      • Just got an update that it’s a glass box with a mother-inspired quote on it. Heard that when I went to use my $10 off $100 code; today’s receipt has another code, but one that’s not limited to charms, so I might get a ring with it.

  25. Hi
    I am very excited about the open bangles with the stoppers. They would be great for some of the larger charms to be worn alone like pandoras box or the cupcake. Pandora needs to start doing more traditional charms.

    • Hi Donna! Absolutely, I miss the older beads so much. I get plenty of the new ones, but it’s not quite the same ! :)

  26. I’m glad the Disney beads will be out soon! I think I want to get Alice’s teacup and Dumbo. I also like the Minnie Mouse hat dangle just released. Pandora has created some great Disney beads this year.

  27. I was hoping that the US would get all the disney charms but I guess that would be expecting too much since I’m getting the idea that Pandora always make some charms inaccessible. Tow years of Pandora addiction is not much but I’m learning. Unlike the dancing charm that I paid quite a penny to get I really don’t plan on going out of my way for the disney charms , they may just turn up here later and I’ll be right on it.

    • I’d definitely wait and see which Disney beads come to the US later in the year before tracking them down, yep! :)

  28. Love the Encased in Love charms – do you think Disney Parks will bring out a Mickey head version? Think it would work well and loved last year when they brought out a Mickey version of the inlay hearts mother of pearl bead – I like to mirror a Disney version opposite a regular one. If you have any influence or Pandora contacts please drop some big hints x

    • That’s an idea! I have no idea if they will bring out a Mickey version or not, but that certainly makes sense to me! ^^ I have no influence whatsoever with Pandora and what they bring out, but you should definitely suggest it to them. x

  29. Awe I’m kinda disappointed that US won’t be getting The 2 bears I kinda knew it wasn’t gonna get that white cat charm as that looks like a Disney Hong Kong character anyways but Duffy and Shelly are both American charcters so it doesn’t make sense as to why Disneyland and Disney World aren’t getting them but I’ll be exteamly disappointed if they don’t get Dumbo in and it’s really starting to kinda scar me just cause I’m seeing a lot of the new exclusive charms are already released on the Disney store website and I didn’t see Dumbo on there and that’s the one charm I definitely wanna get this year when I make my way to Disney World yes AGAIN but at the end of December this time like after Christmas it won’t be during Christmas this time like last time was
    But if Disney World doesn’t get Dumbo I’m really gonna cry cause I’m gonna keep thinking about it till I get my hands on it somehow I’ll be in “Anger” emotion from inside out movie if it’s not at the parks when I get there if it’s just sold out it won’t be as bad cause then I’ll know that I can always get it somehow and Disney is always stocking up on their charms so I’ll have no problems if it’s just sold out but they HAVE to get it in at least cause that was one of Walt Disneys first rides at Disneyland in AMERICA not Hong Kong

    • I thought that Duffy and Shelly were primarily Hong Kong mascots? I get quite confused with it all, I’m not as up on my Disney as I am on my pandora ?

  30. Hi, do you know when the hearts of love ring will be available in the UK? (1 plain heart and 1 enamel) I thought it was today as it was the remainder of the Mother’s Day collection. Thanks.

  31. good morning!
    thanks for the preview ellie!! i know pandora are doing the free bracelet event this weekend but do you know if it will be thursday or friday it starts? i have a charm i need to exchange but not sure if i can do this whilst the promotion was running so wanted to do it beforehand and ask for credit on a gift card x

  32. Hola, estoy feliz porque por fin llegó a Panamá el CNY y ya lo pude comprar. Es muy bonito y la verdad tus fotos son exactas a lo que me imaginaba en vivo. Excelente tu página Web Mora Pandora y tus publicaciones.
    Gracias por el dato de la tienda Rue lala, Nunca compro en Internet pero me atreví y sabrás que no tengo quejas logré comprar un par de dije que quería y ya habían retirado de las tiendas.
    espero puedas traducir éste mensaje. Saludos desde Panamá

  33. I live in the USA, I’m so disappointed that the blue field of flowers isn’t available here. Then my hubbie announced he had a business trip to Germany and I said “great find a pandora store & buy me two blue muranos” but I just discovered by “changing countries” that Germany also didn’t get it the blue color. He was previously in Ireland, which got all three colors, but he was there 2 weeks before they received theirs. Guess I’ve gotta hope that Pandora eventually releases the blue color here some day.

    • Hi Karen, we got the blue field of flowers murano here in Singapore! I can help with it if you are interested :)

  34. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for doing such an amazing job keeping us all up to date. I did have one things I was curious about, with the price changes do you think/know if they would do a price match? I’m from Canada and I got the hearts on pandora rings in white for 70 and now they’re 75. I’m interesting in buying one for me mom in the enamel and blue for my sister but I’m not sure if I can justify since I got mine cheaper. Or should I wait for the ring event? I’d love to know what you think, thank you!

  35. Hi! This is my first time to leave a comment here but I’ve been a big fan of your blog! :) I am so happy to write that Alice in tea cup, flying dumbo and Mickey carousel are available at US! They are named as “Fantasyland charm gift set” and there are free lithograph in the set as well! The set price is $200 and I think the gift set price is reasonable compared to the prices of each charms in HK disneyland. Anyway I am so happy to see those cute charms in US too! And thank you for keeping me posted as you wrote that those charms seem to be available in US too in June so I got them with cheaper price! :)

    • Hi Jaeeun! Yes I saw – I’ve managed to arrange to get a Dumbo from someone who has bought the set but doesn’t want him ? so excited! Thanks for the heads up, and thank you for taking the time to comment. So nice to hear you enjoy the blog! <3

  36. Hey Ellie
    just reading back on this previous blog and saw your comment about the UK not having a free bracelet promo in Sept/Oct this year. Have you heard any more about this? I am planning on delaying some of my spending until Sept as I want another new bracelet (so obviously I want to get it for free if at all possible) but if is definitely not happening I’ll go ahead and dive right in now! I’m looking at buying the flower garden pendant from spring 2016. How are you liking yours one year on?

    • Hi Ali! I just asked my source again and they said that there’s no change – still no bracelet promo for the UK on the cards in September. Apparently bracelet sales had really dropped off because everyone was waiting for the promo!

      Do you mean the poetic blooms pendant? If so, it’s held up very well and looks as good as new still. No problems with the enamel! :)

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