Today brings the UK’s next big Pandora promotion, with the arrival of the free Essence bracelet GWP!

pandora essence uk promo

The rules are simple: spend £95 or more in a single transaction and choose from one of three kinds of Essence bracelet – the snake chain, the bangle or the beaded bracelet.

The promotion will run from today until the 1st of May, and you get the deal either in store or online. All major UK online retailers will be taking part, including my recommended retailer The Jewel Hut!

I haven’t bought anything from the most recent Essence collection, but I highly recommend the mosaic pearl beads from the Autumn 2016 launch – and have a mosey through the Essence tag if you’re looking for more inspiration! :D

pandora essence autumn 2016 review

Are you taking part today?

18 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora Essence bracelet promo for the UK starts today!

  1. If only British retailers could send abroad! ? Two of the mosaic beads are on my list as well (white and blue). In fact they will be my next purchases. I’m planning an Essence binge now that I know some beads are going onto the last call tray! Thank you for letting us know. Your info is hugely appreciated here!

    • I know! The shipping restriction are such a pain :( but the price varies so much by region that you can see why they do it! People would always be shopping around for the best deals!

  2. You’re lucky to get these promotions online. I wish we did in North America. I bought a second beaded bracelet recently. Love them. I haven’t purchased a snake chain yet because I fear the chain pinching like the Moments chain does when not full. I know I asked before if the Essence chain pinches, but I lost that thread. :-)

    • Hi Lola. My sister has the snake chain Essence bracelet and complains about pinching. I have the beaded one, so I can’t say for myself. Anyway I usually get my arms epilated, so I don’t have any problem with Moments either.

    • Hi Lola! I have the Essence snake chain which I wear with just one gold bead and also the beaded one which I usually stack with it, and neither of them pinch at all. They are more delicate and light than the moments ones, and i find them very comfotable to wear. Hope this helps!

      • Helps hugely. Thank you both! I have virtually no hair on my arms anyway, so I’m always amazed at the Moments bracelet pinch. I’ve read the pinch is less with fewer charms if you wear a size smaller, so the bracelet doesn’t roll as much. I wear an 18cm Moments snake chain, but 16 to 17.5 in all others. I might try a 17cm Moments snake chain and see how the pinch goes.

    • Yes, having them online is a bonus – but then you guys get so many more promotions than we do! I have never had pinching with the Essence bracelet, but then I find them softer and a looser fit than a new Moments bracelet, even from new, so they don’t cling to your skin as much.

  3. I was on line last night just after midnight ordering to get my freebies! :D I already have 3 Essence bracelets and 11 beads which I usually wear stacked together but I wanted a bracelet up a size so that I can wear all my essence beads on one bracelet, so that I can change it up now and again!

    I already have both the blue and white mosaic beads, which are both stunning. Last night I ordered the moments purple field of flowers and purple shimmer muranos and an essence safety chain from the Jewel hut and got the standard essence bracelet free! I then went on to John Greed and purchased the moments purple radiant lines and purple radiant hearts and opted for the essence bangle free!

    I have been saving for months for this promo and haven’t purchased any Pandora in that time! Its been difficult but now I have my reward!!! :D

    Super excited for the post man tomorrow!

    • You picked beautiful pieces also! I have both those purple mutants and they are gorgeous. It’s so nice that Pandora have done some more pastel-y purples in recent years. They always used to do really deep purples, which were nice, but the pastels are just gorgeous!

  4. I was determined not to spend on Pandora for a while as I am saving for my holiday, but I would really like the locket – and with this promotion I would then get the Essence bangle free! I have a birthday coming up so I might see if any of my family would like to contribute ?!

  5. Hiya,

    I’ve been waiting for this offer! I’ve had my essence bracelet since Pandora first brought them out – actually it’s what got me into Pandora and I got my smooth moments bracelet after my essence one. Consequently I’ve been neglecting my essence bracelet so I was so pleased to see this offer!
    I got the enamel happiness and joy charms (they are so pale and pretty!) and the milky white mosaic charm and the pink mosaic both of which are just gorgeous and I’ve wanted them since they were released!
    I chose the ball chain bracelet as my feebie so I can stack my 2 bracelets together.
    Soooo excited to have updated my essence collection!

    Shame we haven’t got a moments offer this year in the UK :-( but never mind!

    Thanks for the great reviews and styling ideas! xx

    • Oh lovely choices! The mosaics are beautiful – some of the best Essence beads they’ve done in recent collections <3 xx

  6. Hi Ellie I hope you are ok I have missed your posts I am taking part I’m going to get the bangle. To hit the spend you don’t just have to buy just essence. Are you taking part.

    • H Nicola! <3 Glad to hear that you took part in this one. I am very happy with my Essence bracelets as they are so I decided I didn't need another one! A rare sensible decision for me haha.

  7. I’ve got a question, not about the essence collection but about the summer/spring. I’d like to purchase the new running shoe dangle but it’s not available in Holland:( My parents are going to Berlin and I’m planning to ask them to get it for me. Does anyone know if this charm will be available in Berlin? And if not, will it be available in the UK?

    • Hi Eva,

      I’m not sure if this charm will be available in Berlin but it is available now here in the UK. I’ve just been on line to one of our certified retailers (The Jewel Hut) to check for you, and they do have the running shoe in stock, its £35. Unfortunately they don’t ship outside the UK though :( Maybe if you have a friend here in the UK that could get one for you?

      Hope that helps. Jess x

    • Hi Eva! A really handy trick is to go on and change the country – for example, if you wanted to see if the shoe dangle was available in Germany, just click the German flag in the country locator :) I just did it and it doesn’t look like the running shoe is available in Germany, unfortunately. We do have it in the UK though!

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