Today brings my next Pandora SS17 review, with a closer look at one of the collection’s cutest charms, and possibly my favourite from the Pandora Disney Spring 2017 collectionTigger! I’m actually going to be doing a full week of Disney reviews on the blog – a little bit of a Pandora Disney week, wherein I’ll be following up with another Disney-themed post on Wednesday, and another on Friday. (If all goes to plan.)

Pandora Disney Spring 2017

I can’t tell you how thrilled to see that they were bringing out more Winnie the Pooh beads – Eeyore is probably in my top five Pandora charms of all time, just for sheer cuteness and attention to detail. Ever since, I’ve been wanting a Tigger bead as well. I get all my Pandora Disney beads via the help of a friend of mine in the US, who knew how excited I was – when my parcel arrived with my Pandora Disney haul in it, she had even wrapped everything up in Pooh bear-themed paper! I was sat there on my living room floor, like a child, surrounded by wrapping paper and beads – Christmas come early ?

Anyway – read on for some Tigger-themed close-up shots and the usual styling inspiration! <3

Pandora Disney Tigger Charm Review

Putting Eeyore and Tigger side by side really shows off Pandora’s shift to making charms less oxidized these days. Tigger is so much shinier and smoother looking than Eeyore; he’s actually quite different in style. Eeyore’s features are raised and polished, set against an oxidized face, whereas Tigger’s are inset and filled in with oxidation in a much finer way – this does seem to have allowed Pandora a greater accuracy when it comes to making his features look just like the actual cartoon character. His face is spot on! I remember saying that I thought Eeyore was a tiny bead when he first came out in 2015, but Tigger feels even smaller. While he’s roughly the same width as Eeyore, his body itself is much narrower, and he feels lighter.

I love all the detailing on his face in particular; it’s just so cute and well done! Even his ears, tiny as they are, show the attention to detail that Pandora have historically employed when making their animal beads – they’re indented and oxidised, and I didn’t even notice that until I was looking through these photos! The pink flower makes him a little less versatile when it comes to styling; while his flower is technically the same shade as Eeyore’s bow (EN80), it’s bigger, making it a bit bolder and more noticeable. Of course, I love pink so I can’t say that I personally mind this little detail at all.

The detailing on the back is one of my favourite aspects of this charm, with Tigger’s stripes sketched out in dark, oxidised grooves. The lines almost look shaded in with a pencil; it’s a really lovely, natural effect.

Like other Disney beads, the branding on this bead is rather overt; the entire base of the charm is given over to the hallmark. This is the only part of the bead that doesn’t demonstrate that adorable attention to detail. <3

If I did have a question mark in regards to this charm, it’s the styling/position of it. If you recall, the wonderful thing about Tiggers is that they’re – ahem – bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, and fun fun fun fun fun. And yes, Disney’s Tigger is usually portrayed as such; if you Google ‘Tigger’, you get this: 

However, in Pandora’s version, Tigger’s pose is much more calm, and sweet – a Tigger who has obviously been bouncing all the livelong day and is now tired and having a little sit down. ^^ I felt like the really great thing about the Eeyore bead is that his is just the classic Eeyore pose – kind of gloomy and slumpy, but very adorable nevertheless. You picture Eeyore sitting like that. You picture Tigger, on the other hand, bouncing up in the air. Or I do, at least!

I get that that is not very doable as a charm, and that you’d probably have to make him into a dangle to get that kind of feel to him, but that’s the only thing that popped into my mind when I was giving him a closer look the other day. He’s adorable, but just not quite as Tigger-ish as Eeyore is Eeyore-ish.  


My first styling features a healthy dash of orange, for extra Tiggerishness! This is one of my works in progress, which mixes the bright Tropical Flowers murano with the softer Field of Daisies – Tigger slotted in perfectly! The flower he’s holding matches nicely with the floral muranos. The Tropical Flowers murano is cropping up a lot in sales at the moment, and it’s just gorgeous – I’d definitely advise picking one up if you haven’t already! The Pandora Rose collection is also very coppery in hue, and adds to the overall orangey Tigger effect.

Of course, I had to do at least one bracelet styling that featured all the Hundred Acre gang! The Pooh Portrait normally lives on my sky-blue silver bracelet. I wanted to get that classic Winnie the Pooh red and yellow, but also to do something a little softer and easier to wear than brightly coloured murano glass. Consequently, I’ve put them on the red leather bracelet, and used the Field of Daisies murano again – it has a little yellow centre at the heart of each flower, adding that touch of yellow. 

Finally, this is how I’m actually wearing Tigger: on my pink oxidized floral bracelet. I already had Eeyore on there, and you can see the logic for making both Piglet and Tigger match Eeyore in colour scheme: they both fit in with him and my existing colour scheme perfectly, whereas the yellow-and-red enamel Pooh charm would be trickier. It’s nice that my Eeyore bead now has some company. ^^


The Pandora Disney releases are always some of my most anticipated, as it’s where you’re most likely to see the most interesting and character-based designs from Pandora these days. Tigger, for me, is a delight – the detailing on his face is scrupulously observed and very true to the Disney original, and the old-school Pandora oxidised stripes on his back are also beautifully done. My only reservations are the size/lightness of the bead compared to other Pandora animals, and that his pose could have been a little more Tigger-y. But, all in all, I’m thrilled with him!

The Pandora Disney Tigger charm is $50 USD ($55 CAD) or $59 AUD. The Disney collection needs to hurry up and come to the UK though! It’s tough buying charms sight unseen and having them shipped over, sometimes.

Did you buy this bead, or is it on your wish list? Have you bought any of the latest Disney collection?

48 Comments on Review: Tigger from Pandora Disney Spring 2017

  1. I love my Tigger charm, he is so cute. I love all the detailing they have done on him. He’s my favourite Disney charm. Hope they keep bringing out more like these.
    A great review as usual and lovely stylings. Look forward to your other reviews this week.
    I put my tigger charm with the rest of my Disney characters. I don’t know if you saw I posted a picture of my bracelet design on my Instagram page and did a post on it on my blog as well.

    • Hi Sarah! I hope that they’ll do more Winnie the Pooh, as well. I think the ones they’ve done so far have been rather popular, so it makes sense for them to do more I think. ^^ Eeyore is my favourite so far, but Tigger is a close second! They’ve not done a Pooh Bear that I’ve quite loved yet, although I have the portrait silver version. I’d like a full-bodied one, really!

      I just checked out your blog post and you have a lovely collection! <3 I love your little Disney design!

      • Yeah I’d love a full bodied pooh bear and also piglet not as a dangle.
        Glad you like my design. I felt it was only right to put them all together.

        • Definitely, I’ve just moved my bracelets around so that all mine are together too!

  2. Yes, Tigger has a place of honor, along with Eeyore, on my pink bracelet. The bracelet is done and very full from one end to the other. I’m sure I will eventually do another pink bracelet in the future. I just love the details on both Tigger and Eeyore! And since both of them are holding a pink flower they fit perfectly with the pink theme. As other reviewers have said I also really miss the character charms. They really just help bring the bracelet to life! I do love the older beads but I think a balance of both are what make up a beautiful bracelet. These are the only two Disney charms I have purchased. I am still trying to decide if I need a total Disney bracelet.

    I keep trying to find out when Alice In The Teacup and Dumbo will be released in the US but all I hear is sometime this summer. I know many others are also anxiously waiting for these two charms. If you have any info on the release date it would be greatly appreciated. I must be spoiled that I am able to just go to my local Pandora store to purchase these Disney charms. I didn’t realize they haven’t hit the U.K. yet. But for those UK buyers that can’t decide on whether to purchase these charms sight unseen I can assure them these are just darling!

    • Sounds gorgeous! I have a few pink bracelets in my collection. ;) I love pink too much, and Pandora releases too much pink, for me to just have the one. And yes, balance is exactly what I like too. Character beads and decorative colour beads. It’s always fun to mix really classic Pandora beads with new collections.

      I keep trying to build a purely Disney design – I even bought the Disney charm bracelet last year, but I ended up mixing all the Disney beads with regular charms and it’s not very Disney-ish at all now! But never mind. I quite like mixing in my Disney beads with everything else anyway. It’s fun to play around with themes! :)

      The latest I was told re Dumbo & Alice in the US was June with the Summer collection, but I’ve not been able to get that confirmed. It’s very difficult with the Park exclusives if the pre-release information doesn’t include release dates! :( I’ll let you know if I hear any more, but fingers crossed.

  3. Hi Ellie! I love your reviews… and this one is exceptional! I love Disney, and now I’m working in my second and third Disney bracelets, Tigger and Pigglet are in my wish list, because when the spring collection came out I was getting retired charms… I hope they’ll come home soon. What a beautiful detail from your friend… Open a Pandora package is exciting, but a Pandora charm wrapped in Pooh themed paper is too much!! :) I like a lot your last design, one of my new Disney styles is pink, and Eeyore is the center piece, so Pigglet and Tigger are going to be part of this. The other is a mini green and orange Moana themed bracelet, and I used the Tropical Flowers in it. I can’t wait for your next reviews! Have a beautiful week!

    • Hi Priscilla! Yay, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. :D It was fun experimenting with new places to take photos in my new flat, as the light is so different from before.

      Wow, second and third Disney bracelets! Tigger and Piglet definitely deserve a place there, and they’ll look lovely with your Eeyore bead, too <3 Which pink beads are you putting with them? And oh gosh, I love love the sound of your green and orange bracelet! The Tropical Flowers has become one of my favourite muranos, I am just in love with the vibrancy of the colour combined with the delicate white flowers. It's gorgeous.

      Have a lovely week, too, and I hope you enjoy the next reviews too! Thank you for commenting! :)

      • I used the Marvelous Mickey murano and the Pink Mickey bead, the Aurora Signature murano and the Fairy Godmothers charm, the sparkle Mickey icon and the solid Mickey icon, the new Mickey clip and the pink facets. maybe I’ll make changes when Tigger and Piglet come home. I’m not a fan of green and orange color, but I’ve to admit that I love the way they look in the bracelet, I’m using the Chinese Piggy Bank and the The Rooster as Púa and Hei Hei.

  4. I was given Pooh in his pot for Mother’s Day. I’m hoping to add to him but wishing he didn’t have red on him while the others have pink. I’m also not sure how I’m going to arrange them as there are three of them plus one dangle. If pandora made Owl or Rabbit as a dangle that would be perfect. Fingers crossed but I doubt that’s going to happen. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to balance these charms?

    • I just do mini bracelets (beads in the center only) and often use one murano, 3 other beads, and a dangle. You could consider a single murano on the far left, but with the “conflicting” colors, it seems like white may be the only option. The cherry blossom murano (available at the Rue sale I think) is white with pink and red. That may be an option, but I think the honey pot Pooh may look funny with the other beads. We need an all silver full bodied Pooh!

      • I’m not sure still. What do you mean the far left? I was thinking I might have to make the bracelet any Disney and use Dumbo to offset the dangle Piglet.

      • I like your idea of the Cherry Blossom, Judy, as that has both the pink and the red! I think that would stand a good chance of tying the two different colour schemes together quite nicely. :)

    • My other thought for a matching dangle for your bracelet would be a butterfly – isn’t Pooh often pictured with a butterfly on his nose, or chasing a butterfly? That would fit in nicely with the other charms, and there are a lot of butterfly dangles to choose from! You could go for one half of the best friends butterfly, or the Spring 2016 Fluttering Butterflies pendant.

  5. Hi again! I am doing a childhood bracelet for my son. He’s 43 and still won’t give his Winnie the Pooh “piggy” bank to his daughter! So at least Pooh and Tigger, his favorite, are on my list. Going to be part of my promo $500 spend! I hadn’t seen his back, now I really want him! The attention to detail is why I love Pandora so. And I think he stopped bouncing long enough to offer us his flower!

    • Hi Deborah! Aha, that’s adorable! I’m sure I’ll feel like that about some of my childhood toys ? I have a cuddly Duck that has come along with me since I was two, but no Winnie the Pooh toys, as far as I’m aware. ^^

      Excellent picks for the promo, and I like that you’re going for the full $500! :D I am sitting this one out I think, as the saving doesn’t actually work out that great in terms of GBP (thanks, Brexit!). Haha, I like to think that it’s just a momentary pause in Tiggerishness that they’ve caught him in ^^ I’m sure you’re right and that he’d be up and bouncing again in seconds!

  6. I actually don’t have many Disney (silver) beads, but I do have Tigger and Piglet. They go together so well! I put them with a pair of the pink Field of Flowers Muranos and a brand new, not oxidized Picking Daisies openwork bead (my older, oxidized Picking Daisies bead did not look good with the very silvery Tigger and Piglet, but my new non-oxidized PD bead looks good with them).

    Generally speaking, I like oxidation on beads, but sometimes it is nice to have some very silvery, shiny beads.

    • I have quite a few Disney beads, when you factor in the muranos! They are so great for adding a bit of colour. And I do have a couple of Cinderella beads, some Minnie mouse charms, and then there’s my beloved Maximus from Tangled as well, haha. Oh, and the White Rabbit from Alice. So quite a few! More than I always think I do.

      Yes, the Picking Daisies is a really great example of Pandora’s shift in style. I bought the Picking Daisies a couple of months ago and really noticed just how shiny it is! It’s very pretty, but almost a different bead from the original. I’m sure it looks beautiful with your mini pink design :)

  7. Tigger and piglet are on my wish list I already have pooh in his honey pot and eeyore on my disney bracelet. I obviously need to pick up a few styling tips but I wear them along side other silver disney charms and do not worry about the colour combo as they all make me smile:)

    • Sounds really lovely and fun! The Disney collection is all about fun and colour, anyhow, so I don’t think you need to worry about coordination if you don’t want to. :D

  8. Good morning Ellie,

    It is so fun reading about Winnie the Pooh’s friends.

    It must be wonderful to have a friend whom you can trust and be able to receive your Disney charms… Wow and this special wrapping paper. I am so happy for you. You deserve it Ellie!

    Looking at your pictures, best of all, I prefer your pink theme bracelet (to match the pink flower of course lol) The orange murano looks great but it’s just not my color.

    I agree with you. I would have preferred a Tigger in action, maybe as a dangle. Piglet on the other hand would have look cute as a regular charm just like Eeyore. Nonetheless, they all look very charming and I can’t wait to have them all on a pink bracelet too.

    I do have the Chamilia Winnie the Pooh dangle and love him very much; he is with my Chamilia Tinker dangle on my Chamilia bracelet with light pink muranos from Persona.

    I am so happy that some Disney charms are available in Canada. It is fun and easier to pick up our favorite charms and go home with them. Disney Parks exclusive charms is another ball game. I need to get someone to go to Disney this year so I can have my dangling Dumbo. Mmmm who could I convince… LOL

    I will be enjoying your next review (no laundry to interfere this time, hahaha).

    Have a great week!

    • Hi Rachelle!

      Yes, it’s so nice to have her help with the Disney beads. Especially when there are cute little touches like the wrapping paper! I was so over excited that day, haha. My boyfriend found it hilarious! ;) That’s the nice thing about the Disney charms not being available here, I guess – they’re extra exciting, as I have to wait for them to come across the pond and then it’s exciting opening up the package!

      Glad to hear you agree regarding the Tigger pose! After writing this review, I went and saw the latest Chamilia Disney launch, which features a lot of Winnie the Pooh. Their Tigger is kind of more what I pictured – it’s a silver dangle, with Tigger mid-bounce. This version is lovely and so so cute, but Chamilia’s version is truer to that iconic Tigger image I think!

      Haha, I hope you do enjoy the next reviews – they’ll be going up on Wednesday and Friday I think! :D Thanks for commenting! <3

  9. Hi Ellie,

    Tigger and Piglet are on my list to go with Eeyore. All three are adorable with amazing details. I keep hoping for a full-bodied Pooh to go with. It’s an added bonus that all three characters have pink. The colorful Disney charms can be rather difficult to style. You’ve done an amazing job with your designs. I especially like your last bracelet with all the pinks. Thanks for sharing your designs. As always, another great review!

    • Hi Emily! Oh, I know, I’d love a full-bodied Pooh bear as well. Or a honey pot, like the old-school Chamilia one. Thank you, I’m so pleased that you liked them! Getting back into reviewing charms and putting together designs for review was fun last weekend. :) Thanks for commenting! <3

  10. Hi Ellie! I love the Disney charms but being in the UK I can’t get them usually, I just have to beg friends and family going abroad to get me them! I saw on your Instagram a rumour that they might be available in Disneyland Paris, where I am going in July – is this really so? If it is I may well pass out with excitement! Also I will probably have to sell my car to get enough spending money to buy everything I see!

    • Hi Debbie! I am doubtful regarding the Disneyland Paris thing, as I don’t think that that’s something I’d have missed – Pandora don’t have a license currently to sell Disney beads in Europe, and that has always extended to Disneyland Paris as well. As far as I’m aware, that hasn’t changed. I will try and find out for sure though, and let you know! I’m hoping that the Disney collection will just come to all of Europe and the UK some time soon though :)

  11. Hi Ellie tigger is so cute I did realise how detailed he was on his back, he definitely on my wishlist. Can’t wait to see the rest of the Disney pieces ????

    • Hi Nicola! I know, I was very pleasantly surprised by all the detailing on this one. It’s really old school Pandora in style! :) Yay, I’m glad you’re excited – thanks for commenting! <3

  12. I love the details on tigger and Eyeore. But just not sure where they can fit. Piglet is also very cute with that teddy. I will either adjust my current pink bracelet to slot them in or think of a design around them. Thanks for detailed pictures of tigger that highlights it.

    • Sorry I missed these! :) Tigger and Eeyore only have a dash of pink so you could try fitting them in elsewhere in your collection – but Piglet is quite heavy on the pink!

  13. Hi Ellie,

    What a well timed (and lovely) review…my little Tigger just arrived this week and I’m really pleased with him! The detail is fantastic, all his stripes and the facial expression is great. I agree that his pink flower is a little hard to combine with other charms though. I really like your pink bracelet but I don’t personally have a huge amount of varied pinks in my collection and I find the pink of his flower quite a strong shade. However, I think he tones in nicely with the flower garden murano and I also like the opalescent petite facet beside him, it seems to pick up the pink shade of the flower quite well, at least mine does anyway!

    Thanks for another great review, looking forward to your next post :)

    • Hi Jennifer! Yay, I’m glad to hear that you’re as pleased with him as I am. The pink is a little stronger in Tigger than it is in Eeyore but I think you could probably get away with tucking him away into a different colour scheme. Piglet is a bit more problematic! I lvoe the sound of him with the Flower Garden murano – I don’t have any of the opalescent beads, but I bet that’s a lovely combination too.

      Thanks for commenting, and sorry for the slow reply! I missed these extra comments on this post. ^^

  14. Hi Ellie for Mother’s Day i was given Eeyore and Piglet to go with Tigger i recently purchased. I have put Piglet in the middle with pink cz lights and the old flowers with oxidising and a pink cz centre. These 3 charms are very appropriate and meaningful as my oldest daughter always had Eeyore toys, my middle daughter Tigger and my youngest Piglet. She also loved her big Teddy bear. And my favourite colour is pink. So I was very happy with my gifts.

    • Hi Leanne! Sounds just gorgeous. There are a few older flower charms I’m picturing with a pink CZ centre, I’m very curious as to which one it is haha. So glad you got such lovely things for Mother’s Day, I hope you had a lovely day!

  15. Hiya hun ❤
    Firstly can I say I love your reviews, always enjoy reading your opinion on the new charms it helps me decide if I like them or not as the stock photos are usually rubbish! So thankyou for taking the time to write these.
    I love the tigger charm as tigger is my fave Disney character and tigers my favourite animal so I was over the moon to hear they were releasing one finally! My only issue is I am in the UK also :(
    Which website would I be best using to buy one from? One that would ship over here obviously. Unfortunately I don’t have a usa friend to help me out :(
    Any tips would be awesome hun.
    Thanks in advance advance keep up the good work xxx

    • Hi Samantha! Really glad to hear that they’re useful! I love to see live photos as well. Stock images can be deceptive!

      The only official way you can get Pandora Disney beads here in the UK is to order through the US Disney store, although the shipping and taxes make it really expensive. Your best bet is to try and join the Pandora Facebook groups, as people are good about helping each other out and Disney crops up a lot there. There’s a Disney Pandora’s Angels group or Pandora’s tribe. :)

      Hope that helps! Sorry for the delay in reply, I missed some of these xx

      • Hi hun, Thank you for the reply and don’t worry about missing it, I know notifications are a pain sometimes lol. I will look for the group’s now :) thank you for all your help.
        Best wishes

        • It’s also just that there are lots of notifications and I’ll try and just go through each post – I forgot to check this one! :) good luck!

  16. Hi Ellie, I would never consider buying the oxidised bracelet but every single review you have done using that bracelet has been stunning and this one is no exception.

    • Hi Lozzie! You leave some of the loveliest comments – thank you! The oxidized bracelet is a real favourite of mine, as you know ?

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