Today’s post wraps up my impromptu little Pandora Disney week, with a review of another much-loved face from Winnie the Pooh: the adorably anxious Piglet. This is another charm that, along with Tigger, I knew I had to have from the SS17 collections. The Pandora Disney line is one where you can still get amazingly detailed character beads, and Piglet, with his little teddy bear, shows all those cute details that Pandora have historically bestowed upon their animal beads.

I had originally promised this review on Friday, but I’d forgotten that I’d be doing a post for the Memorial Day promo, so I thought I’d give both me and you a breather. ^^ I hope you’ve enjoyed the Disney posts this week, however, and I’ll be reviewing my purchases from the Summer 2017 collection soon after this! :D

Read on for a detailed review of Piglet, and some pretty-in-pink ideas as to how you might style him. ?

Pandora Disney Piglet Charm Review

Piglet’s face is much more close to the actual character when you see him in person – the shadows in the stock image distort his features a little bit, but he’s very nicely done. I’m not sure where the teddy bear comes from, however, as I struggled to find any pictures of him online holding one – but it’s a very cute addition! It’s almost as nicely detailed as Piglet himself, with a fully drawn face. Two little charms for the price of one. ^^

Piglet is detailed in a brighter enamel of a different code to that of Tigger or Eeyore; it matches the Latin Love Heart from the Valentine’s 2017 collection and it’s super vibrant. This makes it a little harder to style than the other two pink Winnie the Pooh beads – it is much more likely to clash with other colours.

Pandora Disney Spring 2017 review Piglet, winnie the pooh

As far as dangles go, he hangs quite low, but he’s not too heavy. I know that a lot of people don’t really go in for the dangle charms, but you can see how the format has given the designers more freedom with his pose and proportions. You’ll also be glad to know that I haven’t had – so far – any problems with him snagging on jumpers or pulling threads. He’s relatively free of dangerous edges!


You’ve already seen this bracelet, but I thought I’d post another photo of it for good measure. ^^ After taking this picture, I did rearrange this bracelet a little so that I could fit my silver Pooh Portrait charm on it as well. I took the Scottie Dog off and swapped Pooh on. Sometimes you get so used to charms being in a particular design that it doesn’t really occur to you that you can change them! The Scottie Dog has always been on this bracelet, and it was like a slap-your-forehead moment for me when I realised that he really wasn’t crucial to this design, haha.

My next styling is also pink – the majority of the Winnie the Pooh charms have pink on them, so it makes sense that you’ll most probably be looking to do a colour scheme based around that. This is a cute little mini bracelet, featuring the Cherry Blossom and Wild Hearts muranos. The vibrant pink of the Wild Hearts picks out the enamel in the beads really nicely.

Pandora Disney Spring 2017 review Piglet, winnie the pooh

A reader was asking me in a previous review what other dangle could balance out Piglet in a Winnie the Pooh mini design – my suggestion is a butterfly charm. Pooh is often pictured chasing a butterfly, and the pink Morning Butterfly is a great one for a pink colour scheme, too.


It’s so great to see Pandora continuing with more characters from the wonderful world of Winnie the Pooh: when it comes to Disney, my preference is for the cute and quirky animals. I’d love to see them do Bambi or Lady and the Tramp or 101 Dalmatians. Piglet is very sweet indeed, and goes very nicely with the other Pooh beads they’ve done so far. He’s not as much my favourite as Tigger or Eeyore, mainly as his enamel’s a little brighter and less delicate, and I prefer the non-dangle versions of the animals overall. His face is also a little harder to see. But he remains, nevertheless, very cute indeed and a lovely addition to any Winnie the Pooh- or Disney-themed bracelet!

The Pandora Disney Piglet charm is $60 USD.

What did you think of Pandora’s take on Piglet? Would you have preferred a non-dangle version?

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  1. Another lovely review. I think Piglet looks cute, but I would just prefer him, to not be a dangle, as he would fit so much better with my other Disney characters.
    It fits in lovely with all of your other charms.

    • Thanks, Sarah! :) I am kind of divided on the dangle issue – I can see how the dangle format gives them greater format with Piglet’s design, but it does make him stand out from the other Winnie the Pooh beads. But he’s very cute nevertheless!

  2. Hi Mora,
    You have made me a believer in childhood memories: for me, there is no one but Tigger & Piglet. Possible Summer 2017 purchases​, maybe to go with Pandora’s Leather white bracelet…n’est-ce pas?

  3. Hi Ellie once again I love this charm his face is so cute, like once I feel I have finished a design it’s rare my switch it around lol. I’m still hoping that one day they will do a lion king range, the film is so classic and popular I can’t believe they haven’t done anything yet, there still time thought. Just a quick question is the starry night moments bracelet getting retired in the uk. Have a lovely bank holiday.

    • Hi Nicola! I’m the same usually with finished designs, which is why I’m very slow a lot of the time to realise that I can change them in small ways like this. :) But the fundamentals almost always stay the same! I’ve not heard anything about the latest UK retirements – but the fact that the starry sky bracelet has been retired elsewhere makes me think that it’s probably not going to be a permanent thing here either.

      Hope you enjoyed the bank holiday too, and thanks for commenting! ☺️

  4. Piglet is so sweet, I love your pink bracelet! I do prefer charms that are not dangles, but I also like perhaps a couple of dangles on a bracelet, to make a change. I would definitely get Piglet as a dangle, even though I would prefer him as a bead to match Eeyore and Tigger. Ellie, have you heard when the UK sale will be yet? It has been in the last few weeks in May for the last 2 years, but I havent heard anything about it yet. Thanks for a great review!

    • Hi Debbie! Yay, thank you – really glad you like it! :D I’ve been told by a good source that the UK summer sale will be running in June, but I’m not sure of the exact dates. Will follow up when I hear more! Thanks for commenting :)

  5. I love piglet, especially after your review and pictures of him. And I do like dangles. However, my pink bracelet with Tigger and Eeyore on it doesn’t have any dangles at all. It would look strange just to have one dangle. But he is just so sweet he will probably be coming home with me in case I do another pink bracelet and move all these three Pooh characters to that bracelet instead. Your bracelet is just beautiful and always gives me styling ideas for the future.

    • There are a fair few other dangles that would work well with Piglet, I think – and maybe they’ll bring out another dangle Winnie charm to go with him! :) We’ve got Rabbit, Kanga and Owl still to go – and a little honey pot charm would be adorable too!

      Thank you very much, Susan. I am thrilled that you like it! ☺️

  6. Hi Ellie, I only purchased my Eeyore when Piglet and Tigger was released. They were my Mother’s Day present​ to represent my 3 daughters. My Eeyore is hardly oxidised at all. Very shiny like the other 2. And i hadn’t noticed a difference in the pinks. Maybe because it’s such a little amount on the other 2. I love the styling of your mini bracelet. Looks great with the butterfly dangle. Because i only have the 3 and not Poo i have just put Piglet in the middle. I think the previous suggestion of using the new white leather sounds like a great idea and would really make the pink and silver pop. Thanks again for a wonderful review. And your timing couldn’t have been better as my husband just left for a week and i am very sad and u cheered me up.

    • Hi Leanne! Ah, I wondered whether that would be the case – whether they would start lightening Eeyore beads to match the other Winnie the Pooh beads. I’m not surprised to hear that! In terms of the enamels, Piglet is EN117, whereas the other two are EN80. But as you say, it’s not so noticeable as it’s such a little in Eeyore. I really like the idea of the white leather, too; I think that the little silver bracelet styling I did here would be lovely on it. <3

      Oh, I'm so pleased to hear this cheered you up! I can't tell you how nice that is to hear. Thanks for a lovely comment, and I hope the week goes by very quickly for you until he's back :)

  7. Love, love these charms and the way you styled then. I thought I was finished for a while and felt a little let down over the direction Pandora is heading. I think I’m going to get the Poo collection and style them on my pink leather bracelet. This post really cheered me up and I know I’ll love sporting the new bracelet during the summer. Thanks Ellie you rock!

    • Aw, thank you! ☺️ Can’t tell you how pleased I was to read your comment and to hear that you feel a bit more enthused about Pandora again. A pink leather bracelet would be perfect for a mini Winnie the Pooh styling. Sounds like a fantastic idea!

  8. I love piglet! I actually haven’t bought tigger or eeyore and prefer the little pink, teddy bear wielding piglet to both of them immensely! I’m also surprised people don’t like the dangly charms. I love them! Aren’t dangling charms part of the quintessential charm bracelet? :) If I could, I’d have several colorful danglies on each bracelet. I’d really like to see more Disney dangles like a Bambi and flower the skunk, or Artisocats, or Pongo and Perdy from 101 Dalmations ^ ^

    • I love dangle charms too, but I was unsure to start with. My very first Pandora bracelet doesn’t have any dangles except for the safety chain. I was just unsure of how to style them without making the bracelet look messy. I liked the cleaner look of PAndora compared to traditional charm bracelets at the time. But I am a complete convert now! All my bracelets have dangles on. ^^ Oh my gosh yes, Aristocats would be amazing! I should have included them in my little list. :D

      • The Aristocats (especially Marie!) are number one on my list of Disney beads I hope Pandora makes. Alex and Ani just came out with the most adorable Aristocats bangle, which of course I had to have, and I know Chamilia has a Marie charm, so let’s hope Pandora follows suit!

  9. Hi Ellie,

    What a beautiful review, as always. I really enjoy reading them and admiring your pictures. Keep up the good spirit, we need you!?????
    I love your Pooh bracelet with the pink butterfly. I have seen this charm at Rue La La if anyone is looking for one.

    Would the fushia orchid dangle match the pink on Piglet?

    Have a wonderful week!

    • Hi Rachelle! The pink on the Orchid dangle is not quite the same – it’s EN69 and Piglet is EN117 – but I think they’d look really nice together nevertheless. They’re both nice deep pinks :)

      And thank you so much, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I am definitely feeling much more Pandora positive again, and I’ve been loving dipping back into some of the older catalogues and seeing which of the older beads I’ve missed as well as enjoying the newer Disney beads and the Spring muranos. Thanks for a lovely comment, and enjoy the week ahead. <3

  10. So adorable. I might have to get him for my youngest daughter. I wouldn’t have preferred this in a non-dangle. At least with a dangle, he won’t always be upside-down. :-)

    • That is absolutely the plus side of the dangle format! Flipping beads don’t bother me too much but I can understand why people get frustrated. ^^

  11. The Piglet dangle is one of my favorite Pandora beads. I like dangle beads, and as Lola notes, he won’t flip over!

    Yesterday I was at the Magic Kingdom and I thought about you when I went into the 100 Acre Goods gift shop (for Winnie the Pooh merchandise, of course). Earlier in the day I went to the jewelry store on Main Street and the jewelry store did not have the new Disney Parks beads in yet. The SA said they’d be in in a month or so (but surely they will be there sooner if they are released June 1st with the Pandora summer collection).

    Near Cinderella’s Castle, I was surprised to see a sign with this noted “Happily Ever After Fireworks Spectacular Presented by Pandora”. The fireworks show was really good. Thanks, Pandora!

    • Hi Judy! Aw, glad to hear he’s a favourite. I think Eeyore is mine! But Piglet is up there, too. ^^

      Aha, I can’t tell you how much I’d enjoy looking around Disney. I did go to Disneyland Paris a few years ago and brought back a super cuddly Eeyore that I really did not have room for in the house, haha. Hope you’re having a wonderful time, and that the stores there get in the missing Disney Parks beads while you’re there! Dumbo and ALice would be the icing on the cake I’m sure :)

  12. I love this charm so much. The only problem is working out how to get hold of it. I have Pooh and Eeyore from a trip to the US last year.
    I must confess that I ordered the Tigger and Eeyore from another brand available in the UK but I’m very disappointed with them and they don’t fit my pandora bracelet so they are going back.
    So annoying , I can understand having some regionally available charms but the whole world loves Disney.
    Thanks for the great blogs and updates.
    Looking forward to the new friendship bracelets coming out.

    • It’s contractual issues with Pandora disney and the UK / Europe apparently – originally reports said 2018 was when we might expect to see the line here but I’ve not heard any news for next year yet :)

      Thanks for commenting! ?

  13. Hiya!!

    Do you know when the next Disney release will be? I’m heading over to the states a few times this year so fingers crossed to get my hands on a few pieces!

    Love the styling of the top bracelet, just wish I could afford to do it all as often as I would like xxx

    • Hi Paige! The next disney release should be autumn, but they are usually smaller than the spring summer one :) xxz

  14. Hi Ellie

    Was just wondering. I came across the pandora e-store on line. They are having great prices for the end of the year sale.
    Is it legit to order from them? Are they authentic pandora charms?
    Please let me know.

  15. I loooove this bracelet! And what a great review of little Piglet. I’m curious, are all the charms on these bracelets pictured authentic Pandora or do you mix and match from other places as well?

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