Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for June 2017 – and beyond! This month, I have some updates on and further live shots of the new Summer 2017/Disney Parks charms, a sneak peek at some Pre-Autumn 2017 campaign images, and further details on the Pandora UK summer sale, plus other promotions!

I already have my Pandora Summer 2017 reviews lined up for the month, plus a few Spring catch-up ones, I hope, so look out for those later! In the meantime, read on for all the details on what’s coming up for Pandora collectors in June. :)

Pandora Summer 2017 Launch

We’ve already had our biggest event of the month earlier this week, which was the launch of the Pandora Summer 2017 collection! I posted lots of live images and shots on the day, but I’ve now had a chance to go the store and see what I think of everything.

As usual, stock images do not do these pieces justice. Of the three new leather bracelets (white/ivory, mixed pink, and mixed blue), I absolutely loved the pink leather in person. It looked gorgeous with the orchids. A really nice combination would be the white Orchids with the pink leather, and then the pink Orchids with the white leather, I think.

The blues were just as pretty as I thought they would be, and it’s only that I have two teal/blue summer leathers finished already that has stopped me from indulging in any.

The plain silver open bangle has shot straight to the top of my wish list – it looked like the perfect way to showcase a favourite murano glass bead. It’s elegant and chic, and I think it looked amazing with just one or a handful of charms. On the other hand, for me, the sparkle ends of the pave version detracted a bit from the charms that were on the bracelet – your eye was drawn in two different directions at once.

What I did come away with was two Mint Glitter muranos. ☺️ I’ve been going on about how I wanted them to be more green than blue, so that I could pair them with my green Tinker Bell charms. Alas, as soon as I saw them, I realised that they’re definitely on the blue side – however, they were just so gorgeous with their lovely sandy glitter that I got them anyway. And, they did actually go surprisingly well with my green beads despite being a slightly different shade. I’ll show you this properly when I review them!

My other Summer 2017 purchase was the adorable Asian Sunny Doll. It arrived with me this weekend, and accompanied me out for the day on Saturday, already bringing with it the good weather! ^^

As a reminder: if you’re in the UK, then authorised retailer The Jewel Hut have the new jewellery in stock online!

Pandora Disney Parks Fantasyland Gift Set Update: Dumbo, Alice and the Carousel

I have a few updates regarding the newly launched Pandora Disney Parks exclusive Fantasyland gift set, retailing for $200 USD. It’s currently the only way for US shoppers to buy the much-sought after Dumbo, Alice and Carousel charms from the latest Disney Parks collection.

To clarify, according to this article on the Disney Parks blog, the Fantasyland gift set is currently available from the following stores:

However, they also state that they expect the charms to be sold separately at ‘a later date’. More specifically, a friend of mine who was visiting the parks in Florida was told by SAs that they should be sold separately from the 1st of July at the Pandora store at Disney Springs. It seems likely the Disneystore online will also sell them separately, but no confirmation on that just yet.

I have some lovely live shots courtesy of Judy S, who bought the gift set already. You can get a nice sense of how big the lithograph poster is compared to the charms. Dumbo looks just the cutest, and I cannot wait to get mine! He looks bigger than I thought, though. I’m getting one courtesy of a kind collector who didn’t want him from her set.

Judy also noted that the ‘special presentation box’ mentioned in the copy online is just the regular Pandora Disney Parks box.

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017 Campaign Images

We don’t have another collection launch to look forward to in June, unfortunately – our next release is a fair way off, with the new Pre-Autumn beads and bracelets launching on 20th July. For a full preview, check out my post here!

In the meantime, I have a few extra campaign images to whet your whistle:

Pandora UK Summer Sale 2017

I’m happy to confirm that the UK Pandora summer sale is scheduled to start on the 15th June!

I’ve been told that there are some rather exciting bits going in it this time, including lots of two-tone beads (the Swan Embrace, the limited edition Bound by Love, for example), rings, some 14kt gold, and the Black Friday 2017 Poinsettia. Sadly, I’ve also been told that the oxidised bracelet – an absolute favourite of mine – will be included. This provokes mixed feelings in me: on the one hand, it’s an excellent opportunity to stock up on some oxidised bracelets on the cheap, but on the other hand, I’m gutted that it’s being retired.

pandora stella charm

Pandora Leather Bracelet Promo for Canada

I posted last month about the upcoming Pandora Canada leather bracelet which will be running from 8th-18th June. I’ve had the Canadian spends confirmed as being $125 CAD for a free $55 CAD leather bracelet, with upgrades to other charm-carrying bracelets allowed, too.

I’ve had conflicting information from different sources regarding this but, overall, it doesn’t sound like US stores will be offering this promo. The US just had the Memorial Day weekend spend & save promo, so perhaps that has bumped this leather bracelet event, which is a shame.

pandora pink primrose silicone clip leather

Pandora Retired Mini Haul

While new things are exciting, a lot of my recent Pandora pennies have been going on retired beads as well as the new muranos, and I thought I’d do a little update on what I’ve been buying lately!

Image from Pandora’s Spring 2012 campaign
When thinking of future designs I might put together, I find my attention wandering back to character beads from previous years that I missed or passed over for newer things at the time. I’ve put together a little list of beads I’d like to find and, through researching this, I’ve discovered my favourite ‘era’ of Pandora. From 2014/15 onwards, I love lots of the murano glass beads and gorgeous decorative pieces, but there are fewer plain silver / two-tone classic characters; meanwhile, up until 2010/11, I absolutely adore all the quirky little characters, the animals, the nods to fairy-tales, but find the glass beads are often a little simple, the enamels a bit bright in places. There are very pretty beads, and you have the cabochon gems etc, but overall there are fewer decorative beads that pop for me.

However, from around 2011-2014 – this is my personal Pandora golden age, marrying gorgeous decorative pieces and quirky, thoughtful character beads. So far, I’ve picked up the Forever Bloom dangle (pictured on my bracelet below), and the beautiful two-tone Beehive, which I’ve yet to take a picture of.

Going forward, I want to put together a blue and silver bracelet, featuring older Pandora periwinkle blue muranos, moonstones, and some original silver characters. I’m really excited to get started with it! But I need to finish a couple of my current works-in-progress first. ?

My Comment

I’ve bought my immediate must-haves from the Pandora Summer 2017 collection – the Mint Glitter muranos and the Sunny Doll – but I will definitely be back at some point for the silver open bangle, if not this month. I’m really looking forward to the UK sale, where I hope to pick up a couple of oxidised bracelets for future designs, and maybe some two-tone classics – and the Canadian bracelet promo is tempting..! I’d like to get the Spring 2017 Insignia clip safety chains in silver and in rose, and it would be nice to get the free bracelet to go along with them.

In the meantime, my hunt for retired beads will continue I’m sure! :D

What are you looking forward to this month?

85 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for June 2017

  1. Whaaaaaaat! The open bangles are back already?! I thought it would be a lot longer until they were
    (re-?)released! I’m very excited about those, I’d like at least one of each ;)
    That is also GREAT news about the newest Disney charms! I’m so excited. I only wanted the Alice teacup, so I’m another month I’ll be able to get it. Yahoo! Thanks for the info!!!

    • Yeah, me too! I was super excited to see that they’d managed to sort out the production issues with the bangles already. I’m hoping to get one soon :D Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hi Ellie thanks for the round up it looks like a good summer so happy the open charm bungle is coming I am excited I have some charms from the summer collection they are very nice thanks for your posts up to now waiting for the rest of the year xoxo

  3. I’m saving my pennies from this collection right now so I can spend on items in the US, fingers crossed it will include the Disney exclusives. I’m a little disappointed at the inclusion of the carousel as I have the original, but I’m a sucker for exclusives. So I’ll live. :)

    • Yes, the Carousel is a bit of a rehash, but I think it’s quite a cute little twist on the original – nevertheless, I have the original bead so I wouldn’t get this one too!

  4. Is the carousel in the Disney set different from the other carousel? And if so, in what way-TY for the great info

  5. Looking forward to the UK sale. Such a shame ‘re the Disney charms like you I really really want the dumbo charm with alice as a maybe . Thanks for the updates lovely to read as usual. X

    • Me too! I’m hoping to get a couple of oxidised bracelets. Swag UK has posted some of the items that are going to be included already (they’re not discounted until Thursday though), and the Shimmering Medallion from last year is there – I’m quite tempted by that! x

  6. Hi, glad open bangle is back. Would like to get the all silver one in later months. Saving pennies for mid year sale. Any idea how much dumbo will cost on its own? Thanks. Your green bracelet looks lovely with the mint glitter murano. It actually matches quite well. The Asian one is spectacular too.

    • Hi, me too – the open silver would be my choice as well. Really hoping I might be able to get it as part of the Canadian promo :) I don’t have any info on Dumbo’s RRP I’m afraid – if you go by dividing the gift set in three, you would guess around $70 USD, but I don’t know for sure.

      So pleased you like my green bracelet ? it’s a little bit different for me!

  7. Thanks for the info about the Disney charms! I really want Alice and Dumbo, but I can do without the carousel. The thing is that I love the artist that made the lithograph so I’m still trying to decide what to do. :) I think that Alice charm is my favorite charm ever. :)

    • Oh really, I don’t actually know anything about the lithograph or the park feature it represents. I am very uninformed when it comes to the Disney Parks and Disney in general :) Alice is cute! But Dumbo is the one who steals my heart, haha.

      • I was debating ordering the charms and when I finally wanted to order it, it was sold out. Do you know if they’re re-stocking these? Or if it’s going to be the same total price if the charms are purchased individually?

  8. Hi Ellie I thought we weren’t getting the sale because it’s so late so happy to see that. I’m yet to see the new collection, I hoping I will be able to get some of the oxidised bracelets. I have the bee hive charm you was talking about its so lovely

    • Hi Nicola! I know, it feels like Thursday in so far away! I’ve got a couple of things I definitely want to get.

      The Bee Hive is gorgeous. I have no idea why I waited so long to get it! Pandora should do some more bee jewellery, it’s very on trend right now. I have an Olivia Burton bee watch and would love a little charm that matched it!

  9. Thanks Ellie, I’ve been looking out for news of the UK sale date and “lots of two tone” sounds great to me! I’m certainly hoping to pick up a few older treats from that and have a good look at the new summer releases too. I managed a brief first look at the weekend and really liked both leathers and muranos and the petites with the little enamel fish was lovely too. I really want to try on one of the open bangles though, they seem to be proving popular on here! :)

    • The UK eStore sale is often very good for stocking some really old beads in the store – they had the Ladybug muranos for £5 each last time, so definitely worth checking there if you’re after some of the really old stuff. I’m excited to get my hands on an open bangle, too; I think it would be perfect for showcasing a particular murano.

  10. Ugh I have been looking forward to the leather bracelet promotion in the U.S. I did not do the save more promotion last weekend to put my money toward the leather one. I was looking forward to getting the new murano beads this coming weekend. I guess I will go without any new charms now until they decide to another promotion here.

    • Me too! I was waiting for this and skipped the Memorial Day promo! Kicking myself in the butt now as I have to buy no matter what since the items I want are for an upcoming birthday!!! ;(

    • Shannon, looks like there will be a Free Ring, Earring Pair or Leather Bracelet US Promo running from July 6th – 16th. Spend $125 and receive free ring, earring pair or leather bracelet valued at $65 or under. Only from these categories, no substitutions. Upgrades available on rings and earrings. Excludes Disney jewelry. Limit of 3 free items per person.

      There will also be a Pandora Happy Hour Promo/Ring Bar on Saturday, June 24th. Spend $150. Limit 1per person. In store only.

    • Aw I’m sorry! I didn’t get confirmation on this either way until really late in the game. There will be another US promo next month though :)

  11. Awwww are you sure theres no free bracelet promo for the US?? i didn’t participate in the bmsm promo because i was waiting for the free bracelet one…. plz update us if u get any news:)

  12. I have seen some gorgeous photos of the mint glitter Murano with gold charms – makes for a stunning combo. Gold charms are out of my price range though.

    The plain open bangle is a definite maybe. Love your “baby ghost” dangle. So cute.

    • Yep, that’s one of my review stylings for my upcoming post on the Mint muranos – it’s a real winning combination. They seem to look pretty beautiful with just about anything though haha!

      Ah I know, isn’t the Sunny Doll adorable? I wish they’d make some more beads like it, they’re so much fun!

  13. I started collect Pandora 2014 March, as you said 2014 was almost the peak of Pandora so this was why I got crazy buying many transaction during promotion. 2015 I still didn’t miss any promotion, 2016 kind of slow down in regular store. I spend my budget in Outlet store for retired classic piece until now, I go Outlet once a month to hurt for good pieces, still hurting. 2017 only spend once in regular store during promotion. Pandora CZ and enamel charm are not my cup of tea.

    • Hi Michele, yes I always love hearing about your outlet hauls! We don’t have anywhere near as good deals here :(

  14. Hi Ellie

    Great review. I have the pink two tone leather bracelet & the new petites but would love the Asian sunny doll. Anyone out there heading that way or anyone who would ship to U.K.?

  15. Hi Ellie
    do you know if the sale starts just after midnight online (as soon as it turns into 15th)? Going to stay up and get the best pick if it does.

    • Hi Ali! In previous sales, it has ticked over at midnight on some, if not all, major retailers. the eStore sale is normally pretty prompt. They are doing exclusive in-store sale preview events on the 14th though – they sent out email invites to various Pandora club members inviting them to RSVP to their local stores. I don’t know whether anyone will get access to the online sale early though.

  16. someone posted on the summer release update that she heard the leather promo in the US will be starting july6th hope that helps

    • I hope this is true!! I was so disappointed when I heard the promo probably wasn’t going to be held in the US, as I had been planning my whole summer purchase around it. The problem is, can I wait until July to get my summer items haha! There is usually a ring promo in July, though, so I do fear this will replace it. It was easier when Pandora had a predictable promo schedule!

      • Hi Joanne,

        Check my reply to Shannon above…looks like there will be a Free Ring, Earring Pair or Leather Bracelet US Promo running from July 6th – July 16th. Meantime, a Pandora Happy Hour/Ring Bar Promo on June 24th.

        • Yes! I just saw this Emily. This is a great promo that gives a lot of flexibility! I may actually take part in this promo a couple of times to get some rings. The Happy Hour promo looks like it is only taking place in the Mall of America locations.

      • Joanne, I spoke with a SA later this afternoon and was told there will be a sale starting June 15th – 25th with 350 items eligible to select from. First item 30%, second item 40% and third item 50%. I don’t know all the details yet, but SA should know more after meeting with rep later in the week. I’m not sure if this is all Pandora stores or strictly for Jared’s since she works there. I’ll post more info when I find out.

  17. Me, I´ll try to get a couple of the rings that are on my list and I hope to grab some older pieces, as I have been doing since the beginning of the year. Also, I´m looking forward to a sunny Saturday to take a trip to France, where I expect to get hold of that blue Radiant Hearts before summer holidays ;). Pandora is killing me!(lol)

    • Ah, sounds like a very nice holiday! I always used to get so excited if I was going away, as the European stores had lots that wasn’t available in the UK. I remember being super excited to get the silver Hong Bao lucky money bag charm in Paris ^^

  18. The summer sale is a definite for me I have a list of wishes and I am sure if those on my list are not in the sale I will pick up something that I had not thought of. But for me Pandora is about the character charms; having those little characters with me each day:) being more brave and wearing more silver than leather bracelets on a daily basis and the pleasure of rearranging charms on different bracelets.
    Thank you again for a great blog.

    • Yep, I am very excited for the sale – I hope it’s a good one :) they’re retiring the character beads very speedily, so I’m kind of hoping that there’ll be a good selection. I also love to look down and see the little characters on my wrist! I always where my very first bracelet with my silver elephant when I’m nervous, as it’s very special to me :) thanks for commenting!

  19. Hi, Ellie!

    I just love your Sunny Doll. It is so cute, and we could use a few sunny days after our wet spring. I wish it were available here.

    So far I have indulged in white orchids, Koinobori Muranos and a couple of the fun, bright enamels for my orange bracelet.

    I’m satisfied with Summer, and hoping I will like the Autumn collection. Thanks for your roundup!

    • Hi Angie! It’s adorable, although its efficacy with the weather has unfortunately worn off this week. It has rained on my drive into work almost every day, haha.

      Ah, amazing haul! I think you got a good spread to tide you over until later in the year. I am well satisfied with my Summer purchases – just the open bangle to go, I think!

  20. Hi Ellie! I haven’t bought anything from the summer release. I’m not going to get anything for a while due to my splurge on the Fantasyland set! You’re going to love the Dumbo bead. I’m sure you’ll be reviewing it.

    I’m glad you’re happy with the Mint Glitter muranos. Later I may get the Pink Glitter murano to go on my Pandora Rose bracelet. And I may get the Koinobori murano.

    Enjoy shopping the UK summer sale!

    • Hi Judy! Oh, I’m sure you’re right – I can’t wait for him to get here! I still have my space marked out on my blue bracelet for him. I hope he looks right!

      I think the pink Glitter and the Rose would be wonderful, if you do go for it. And the UK summer sale should be good, or so I hope – I want some more oxidised bracelets!

  21. I have always loved charm bracelets and I have the traditional gold and sterling bracelets. I was acquainted with Pandora for a few years and bought my first bracelet a year ago. I was soon designing a bracelet and from there thought of a dozen more. I discovered you, the Pandora outlet, Rue La La, videos, Instagram. Why such an obsession? I surprise myself. I design some with a family member in mind and others by the typical themes. I wish so much I could go back in time as you said to purchase some of the old charms like Dew Drops. I have concentrated on old charms and the retired ones. Thank you for the special on Rue La la that I took advantage of. Keep up the good work on your blog, It is a great information source and I appreciate your personal views.

    • What a lovely comment, Susan, thank you! I surprised myself with my Pandora obsession, but it made sense when I analysed it a bit more, haha – I’ve always liked collecting things, and I’m a complete magpie when it comes to hoarding pretty things. I didn’t foresee that I’d get so addicted as starting a whole blog about it though haha! I often wish that I could go back in time, too – it frustrates me that I was actually collecting when a lot of these beads were around but I was always so focused on the new things coming out. I didn’t foresee that so many of those lovely beads would become so HTF!

  22. Hi Ellie,

    The Summer release is gorgeous! I saw the collection on Friday and came home with two Mint and one Pink Glitter muranos, four Glacier-Blue Radiant Hearts and the Sparkling Palm Tree. My muranos are nice and plump with lots of glitter. I’m planning to add the pink one to my rose bangle as the glitter appears nice and rosey against the pink color. Later this month, I’ll use my $100 rewards on double redemption day for another pink murano and pick up the Tropical Flamingo to add to my teal themed bracelet. The White Orchids went on my list after seeing them styled with the purple. I took my Fancy Purple Pave’ clasp bracelet with me and worked out a design in store…stunning. I’m hoping we’ll get the Open Bangles in soon. As you mentioned, they will be great for showcasing pretty muranos. I’ve also added the Rose Insignia Clip safety chain to my list. It’s pricey at $100, but gorgeous!

    I see you’re Sunny Doll arrived. It was the perfect addition for your Asian themed bracelet. As much as I liked the Koinobori murano, the ones I saw were much too orangy for my taste.

    Thanks for letting us know the Disney Parks exclusives will be sold separately beginning July 1st. I see you have Dumbo on the way. When it arrives, would you describe the blue color in detail. Sometimes the color appears a little more teal.

    Thanks for the June Round-Up and for sharing your lovely bracelet designs. I’m looking forward to the Summer reviews and Spring catch-ups. Hope you enjoy shopping the UK Summer sale. Can’t wait to see what you end up getting!

    Have a lovely week ahead.

    • Hi Emily!

      I know, there are lots of nice things. I was good and stuck to the Mint Glitter muranos. I’ve got to the point with my collection where I really shouldn’t be buying things I’ve not planned for, as it’s just too sprawling as it is ? I was so, so tempted by the White Orchids after seeing Sarah’s photo, too, but I really don’t have room for it. The Rose insignia safety chain is also on my list, and the silver version. I am always on the prowl for new safety chains, so I’m more willing to pay a bit more for them – and at least they did make a cheaper silver one for Mother’s Day as well!

      Of course, I’ll do a full review on Dumbo :) I’m very excited to see him myself! It does look quite teal in some shots, so I’ll make sure to take some pictures of him with different blues so you can get a proper sense of the colour.

      Thanks, Emily, I’m excited to see what’s on offer in the sale too. Hope you enjoy your Pandora shopping this month too, and have a lovely weekend!

    • Mostly through Rue La La or the Facebook Pandora pages :) the Facebook pages are better for tracking down the really old beads; Rue La La is better for picking up bargains on more newly retired pieces.

  23. Hi Ellie,

    I thanks for the news roundup. My you have been busy snapping up retired charms, well done! I think many of them will work well with the new charms. It will be fun to see how you use them in your designs. The new green mint & gold murano compliments the Disney slipper charm well. I sometimes the individuality of pieces get lost when the colour palate is the exact same. The pieces of the Story see more defined when they can stand out. I remember your Arabian Nights themed bracelet. The two midnight effervescent muranos anchored the bracelet but left room for each piece in particular the Dallah Coffee pot yo stand out. That is still one of my favorite designs of yours.

    This week is the bracelet promo, I have my items set aside and only a day away from pick up. Still no word on the open bamgle although it appeared on the Pandora website but the size I was looking for was sold out. Probably for the best, I really don’t know what size will would fit best. I usually take a 19cm bangle so I. can fill it half with charms. I prefer the all silver ends version of the bangle. The Pave would be nice for a dressy occasion but I doubt. I would wear it as an everyday bracelet.

    Again, your retired haul is great!

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Yes, I’ve gone and bought since this post as well… it’s terrible! But I’ve found a few for good prices. <3 I must do a post on some of them when they all arrive, as there are some fun older animals and things in there! I agree with you - sometimes matchier-matchier designs seem a bit too seamless. So I'm very pleased to hear that you think this one works - thank you!

      I've heard from a few Canadian readers who've managed to get the open bangle, and a few stores on IG have posted about having it in stock. I'm hoping my Canadian helper will be able to get me one before the 18th :)

      Thanks for commenting Lisa!

  24. Hi Ellie,

    My open bangle arrived today and i’m very happy with it. I only have one charm on it because it’s a bit thigt but a size larger was way to big.

    I want to have the pink orchid for on the braclet wich i will buy at the and of the month on holiday in Spain because in Netherland we only have the white one.

    Thanks for your round up

    • Hi Manon, sounds beautiful! I would want to wear mine with a single murano in any case, so that sounds good to me. :) the orchids are beautiful, have fun buying your pink one when the time comes! ^^

  25. Hi! I noticed on your double leather bracelet you put the charms through both layers of the bracelet…..idk if u know what i mean lol….if u do, do all charms and clips fit both strands of the bracelet through them? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Lena, I think you will find that they are only on one strand and the other strand is sitting behind it in the photo.

        • Hi Ellie
          do you know any trick to stop the strand of the leather bracelet hat has charms on it from hanging down lower than the other one (or two) strands? I have a double purple and a triple black bracelet that I don’t wear charms on any more as it hangs unevenly on my wrist. I just wear them empty with to coordinate with my purple and black colour schemed silver bracelets. I need something to do the job of the old double clip that you mention (also in triple)

    • Hi Lena! Ah, no, that’s just a quick of the picture – the second strand is just hidden from view. :) You can only fit charms over one strand at a time. They did used to do double clips that you can could use to join the two strands together, but they are long retired :)

  26. i want the alice when the sell it separately. also, in pre autumn collection, i want the pink and orange cocktail dangle to go with my new pink and orange summer sunset charm. i really like the fun colors in these.

  27. Hi! I have to say that I love the open bangle. Are those silver stoppers at the end of the charms (with silicone or rubber?)? Are these sold separately? Although I have to say, the Mint Glitter murano and the silicone silver ends looks very suspiciously like Trollbeads (TB). The ends (or stoppers), especially the murano, where TB calls “Oasis”.

    I have both TB and Pandora, both multiple bracelets and bangles, (I stack TB and Pandora together everyday), and there are days that I like one more than the other, but the similarities are very much noted… Like the pink murano ribbon charm, looks totally the same with TB.

    Just an observation, I will not probably buy the murano (since, originality…), but contemplating on the bangle.

    Thanks for the post!

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