Today sees the start of the Pandora free leather bracelet promotion for Canada! Running from today until the 18th of June, the promo offers you the chance to get a free leather bracelet of up to $55 CAD in value.

The leather bracelet promo usually runs in the US as well as Canada, but the US recently had the Memorial Day Spend & Save event, which replaced this one. :( There will be another promo for the US next month, which I’ll update with more about soon!

Pandora Canadian Leather Bracelet Event 2017

The promotion rules are as follows:-

  • Spend $125 CAD in a single transaction and receive a free leather bracelet of up to $55 CAD in value.

The promotion is in store only; stores will be allowing upgrades to certain charm-carrying bracelets. It seems a safe bet to see that you could upgrade to a regular silver charm bracelet or bangle, but I’m not sure whether the new Open Bangles will be included!

My Comment

I absolutely adore the leather bracelets – they’re so great for doing mini stylings or stacking with regular bracelets. For example, this is my mini Arabian-themed leather bracelet: I don’t have enough Arabian charms to do a full bracelet, so this is perfect! I love the combination of the brown leather with blush pinks. If you’ve not considered them before, then you really should. ^^

I’ll be taking part in the promo, with a little help from a Canadian friend. However, this time around I’d like to be able to upgrade to the new plain-silver open bangle, if possible, despite my love of leather bracelets. If not, I’ve decided on the new mixed-pink Summer 2017 leather! ?

Are you taking part in the promo? If so, what are you getting?

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  1. I got my Tigger charm yesterday which my partner asked his daughter to get which she was in Disney there is nothing I can say about it reslly sorry from WOW It is gorgeous.


    • He is just the cutest! If ever someone I knew went to Disney I’d have to stop myself giving them a very long list of things to look for for me haha :) enjoy!

  2. Great offer and seems quite flexible this time too. I’m in the UK and don’t have Canadian friends, so won’t be taking part. If I was, I would also be choosing one of the new summer leathers, they are both lovely. I’m really looking forward to the UK sale next week instead :)

    • Mm, I’m hoping to get the open bangle but the summer pink leather would be very nice too! It’s just that the bangle is something a bit different.
      Can’t wait for the uk sale either tho!

  3. Hi Ellie,

    I won’t be taking part in this promo since I’m not in Canada, but looking forward to the upcoming events here in US. Would like to get a few more things from the Summer release and the Open Bangle. Love your Arabian bracelet!!!

    Hope you’re having a good week.

    • Hi Emily! The open bangle is very much on my hit list too ? I’m hoping I can get it in this promo! Have a lovely weekend!

    • Ah amazing! That’s one of the special clasps I don’t have – I’m quite tempted by one at some point to do a purple and two tone theme. I don’t see myself ever splashing out on the two tone bracelet proper again, so this one would be good instead! Enjoy your new bracelet ?

  4. I just finished up at my local Pandora store and got the mint green murano, white orchid (non-dangle) and two rose gold charms and so was able to get two bracelets – I chose the mixed pink leather and upgraded the other one to the new open-ended bangle. The new bangle is great – I put the mint green murano on it and love it!

    • Lovely choices! I was looking at the white orchid charm in a local store today, and it looked gorgeous on the leather bracelets. I’m also super jealous of your bangle, I was very tempted to just go and buy myself one today but I’m trying to wait and see if my helper’s local store will get them in in time :)

    • That is the Pandora Arabian Coffee Pot charm which was released a couple of years ago,. The charm has not been widely available, with only a limited number of regions having it for sale. It is such a cute charm with a lot of detail, albeit very small.

    • Ah, that’s the Arabian Coffee Pot – it was never released in most countries. If you search ‘coffee pot’ on my blog, you’ll see my review and some posts about it. :) It’s a beauty!

  5. I was planning to take part in this, but then I did the Thomas Sabo promotion online yesterday, so I’ll pass on this and save the gas money. I think I’ll pass on all Pandora promotions now until they offer them online in Canada. They’ve taken away all easier buying avenues for some of us by closing all of our nearby shop-in-shops and online stores that did promotions by phone. They’re not eager for my money, obviously. :-)

    • Fair enough! I can’t cope with collecting other brands, I’d actually never stop spending money ^^

      • Oh Ellie, I know this feeling! I was introduced to the world of troll beads by social media and was so intrigued by the beautiful glass beads, but not only are they more expensive than Pandora generally speaking, but the Pandora addiction is expensive enough on its own!

  6. I’m in the US and am sorry to be missing out. Will eagerly await your post on the next US promo!

  7. Ellie,

    Picked up my promo today and went for the new teal leather. The new mint Murano’s are lovely and I am happy to have the Kionobori murano. The new open bangle is now available so that came home with me too. The SA at my shop in shop made a great point that the new open bangle is great for customers who have arthritis. She said some customers have had to pass on Pandora because getting the bangle or the regular bracelet done up is too much work.

    The new open bangle has become my instant favourite – however, the balls at the ends of the bracelet are slippery little suckers so I have to be paying attention when I take them off. I thought they would screw on and off but you have to push in then twist, that means it won’t just fall off from moving around on my wrist. I was quite surprised by the sizing, currently the largest size is a 19inch which would be a medium in a bangle. I have small wrists but needed the 19 inch open bangle if you want to be able to put 3 -5 charms on them.
    The woven leather teal is really nice paired with last years green leather bracelet. I often wear my leather bracelets empty along with several bangles. The past few years the leather bracelet colours have been bright and fun to wear.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa,

      I purchased the cz open bangle yesterday. I noticed that they changed the hook that holds the endcaps on. Originally it was thin and broke off easily, which must be why they recalled the bracelets. Now the hook is thicker and the endcaps stay on much more tightly. I was surprised that I liked the cz version better!

      Also, since the bracelet sits close to the wrist, you have to buy a larger size to allow for the charms.

      • Hi Lisa, just butting in to say that that’s really interesting! I figured that there had to be specifically that they changed from that first US batch, so that’s interesting to read – and reassuring for people to know as well!

    • Hi Lisa! Ah, amazing – it sounds like a lot of Canadian stores are getting the bangles in, so hopefully I’ll be able to get one too! I can see how the new bangles would be easier to put on. I had to remaster the art of doing up my bracelets after I started wearing them on my right wrist instead of my left, after I got given a watch for my last birthday ^^ it’s definitely not easy!

      Interesting to read your own comments on the bangle too! I’m very keen to get to try it myself. I was eyeing them up in store today, and they looked so elegant and shiny. I hope they wear well and stay that way! Love the sound of your stacks, that’s always really fun for summer :D I’ll probably be doing the same when I go away on holiday. For work, I’m just boring and stick with a single bracelet haha.

      Thanks for commenting!

  8. Your Arabian bracelet is gorgeous. Unfortunately i can’t get brown leather here. The brown and dusty pink is such a good match and has an earthy feel. Something different of the usual pinky, purple & blue theme that we often see and people go for.

    • Thank you! :D I don’t actually remember where I got the brown leather, but I seem to remember that it was retired here at the time – or at least, the single version was. It’s really pretty and goes with a surprising amount of different colours!

    • Well, hopefully! ^^ I’m getting the Rose and silver versions of the Insignia clip safety chain :)

  9. Thank you for the latest update Ms. Ellie, I just wanted to know if the leather bracelet will be in the United States. Hopefully by next week. May God bless you.

    • The promo? There will be a version of the promo in the US next month, but it’s not the same as this Canadian one – you won’t be able to upgrade to other bracelets.

  10. I just love your arabian bracelet. Such a beautiful combination.

    For the promo today, I went for the navy and the light blush pink leather bracelet since the new Summer colored ones did not appeal to me in person.

    So I choose the white orchid dangle and the Mr&Mrs charm for my wedding anniversary bracelet (this one is almost done)…

    For my Fairy theme bracelet, I choose the vintage butterfly dangle, the fascinating blush pink crystal murano (last one on the last call tray) to go with the new pink glitter murano which I fell in love too! They look gorgeous with my light pink cherry blossom clips and my pink butterfly kisses murano. I might look for the radiant blush pink (after admiring your picture and reading your reviews once again) if I get lucky since it might be on the last call tray. I have put all pinkish charms on my Poetic Bloom bracelet. It looks fabulous! Once it is finish, I will take a picture.

    Have a lovely weekend Ellie and may your dreams come true??

    • Thanks Rachelle! ^^ I’m surprised to hear that you didn’t like any of the new summer ones. I really quite like the white and the pink :) but the ones you went for are lovely, I have both. The pink leather is a favourite of mine!

      Love the sound of your fairy themed bracelet, all those pretty pinks sound just like the kind of thing I go for. You should definitely take a picture once you’ve completed it! Enjoy your new pretties <3 I'm excited to get mine! Have a lovely weekend and thanks for commenting!

  11. I got the floating locket necklace with 6 little charms and another thing is How cute would a plain silver Bambi dangle charm look with a little butterfly on his tail

    Funny thing about Disney Pandora charms is that all pandora designs are made in Thailand except for the Disney collection
    The Disney collection is actually designed BY Disney Company them selves and the Disney Parks merchandise designing people that help design the Disney merchandise
    I seriously WISH WISH I can do that
    There is just so many ideas I have for Disney Pandora charms like not just Bambi I also have Goofy in mind Pludo, a Minnie icon charm to match the pink mickey & it would be like a baby blue color icon charm I’d design more exclusive Disney bracelets like one of them would have the tree of life carved into it and it would read Disney’s Animal Kingdom one will be rose gold with Mickey swirls like the 14k gold one that Disney already has out that one can afford
    I’d somehow design a mickey safari charm along with a minnie safari charm both would be dangles
    I’d do a thumper charm don’t know if he would be dangle or not probably not cause Bambi would be a dangle
    I would do a young Simba charm and a lion king styled murono glass charm I would also do a Hollywood tower of terror dangle charm a tree of life dangle to go with the Cinderella castle that Disney already has and Epcot we already have as there’s not much more you can do with a ball being the park icon I guess there’s chef Mickey to represent Epcot but still I guess it’s better than nothing
    I would do all muronos or charms and design them in the styles of all the Disney villains & another bracelet would present the Disney villains somehow so we can make a Disney villain themed pandora bracelet which would be awesome I think the only villain that would be hard to do is Gaston but I would try
    I would do stitch, a young Nala one to go with young Simba, I would do a Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh, I would somehow do I Mulan dress charm & tiana as well

    • Ah, and now I need a little Bambi charm with a butterfly on his tail! They have to make one <3 I'd love that all in plain silver.

      I didn't know that Disney were responsible for the designs of the charms. That's weird! I can see that the Disney Parks people have a lot of influence over designing the Parks beads, as they often tie very closely with the other merchandise, but the main collection surprises me. Love the sound of all your ideas, particularly for the cute animals! I'd totally make a little Disney menagerie bracelet, with all the cutest animals from the various films. And villains would be super popular among collectors, at least!

  12. Hi, I saw a post on here a while back from a lady that said that Pandora would be opening an outlet store in Pittsburgh Pa soon. I was wondering if anyone knows if this outlet is open yet? Also is this at the Tanger outlet in Washington County? I would like to go but don’t want to make the trip if there wont be Pandora there. I live about 50 miles from Pittsburg. Thanks for all information.

    • Hello. I live in Pittsburgh, and the Outlet is open! Yes, Tammy, it is at Tanger in Washington County. I haven’t been there yet but can’t wait to go! The store also has a Facebook page called “Pandora Store at Pittsburgh Outlets” that shows some of the items they have. According to the FB page, the store has a promo running from June 16-18: receive a free honeysuckle pink leather bracelet (last summer’s style) with a spend of $100.

  13. I have unabashedly taken full advantage of this promo and bought Mrs. Potts who was on my list for a while now (it was sold out in one store, but I got it in another), and I finally caved on the Disney dresses and got Cinderella and Belle. I also picked up some very pretty rose gold charms. To be honest I was not enthusiastic about the leather bracelets at all and used the credit towards another bangle, but the second promo I did, I actually did get a leather bracelet in the pearly champagne, and use it as a choker with some of my other jewelry! Most of all I’m so happy with my Disney bracelet with all its new additions! As usual, thanks for your wonderful blog that gave us plenty of advance notice on promos so that I could plan this one ahead of time!

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