Today’s post (finally!) brings a preview of the Pandora Autumn 2017 collection, with a comprehensive look at all the new charms and bracelets! The collection, due out on the 31st August, is another sparkling affair, with a lot of contemporary, geometric designs and an emphasis on rose gold and mixed metal tones.

This preview is dedicated to bracelets and charm jewellery (including the floating lockets); I’ll preview the rings, necklaces and earrings in a later post. :) I think that this is most, if not all, of the collection, but I will update this post if more pictures emerge! <3 If you want to take a look at some live shots and previous sneak peeks, have a look through the ‘Preview’ category. :) Otherwise, read on for a dedicated look at the Pandora Autumn 2017 release!

Pandora Autumn 2017 Collection Preview

As usual, let’s start with the new bracelets for Autumn 2017. We have one new charm bracelet – a heart clasp bangle – and one regular bracelet, a cuff signature bangle. I was hoping for another charm bracelet proper (despite myself!), but there will be other options coming with the Rose and Essence collections, as well.

Pandora Autumn 2017 bracelets

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Logo Heart Clasp – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Signature – $140 USD / $155 CAD

First up for charms, we have all the colour beads for this collection! Excluding the Rose collection, there’s just one new murano on the cards for Autumn – but it’s such a lovely one. This is the Shimmering Stripe murano, which is a peachy-orange colour. In addition to this, we have metallic enamel charms in silver, rose and gold shades.

Pandora Autumn 2017 Colour Beads

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Glitter Balls – $35 USD / $40 CAD

Shimmering Stripe murano – $45 USD / $50 CAD

One of my favourite charms from this collection is pictured below – the Sweet Panda! I imagine that his full enamel detailing will divide people, but I just love him. I think the pop of emerald green enamel is great, too. The other charm I quite like from this is the True Yoga, which has such a pretty combination of pearlescent enamel and intricate silver detail.

We also have one floral bead in this set, and the Glamour Kiss, which matches the Pre-Autumn 2017 girls’ night out beads.

Pandora Autumn 2017 Characters Panda

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Blooming Heart – $35 USD / $40 CAD

Sweet Panda – $55 USD / $60 CAD

True Yoga – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Glamour Kiss – $75 USD / $85 CAD

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Signature clip – $100 USD / $110 CAD

Signature pendant – (not in NA book)

Signature heart – $100 USD / $110 CAD

Signature safety chain – $150 USD / $160 CAD

Insignia Heart clip – $90 USD / $100 CAD

Glittering Shapes – $60 USD / $ 70 CAD

Radiant Teardrop – $75 USD / $85 CAD

Cascading Glamour charm – $60 USD / $ 70 CAD

Cascading Glamour spacer – $35 USD / $40 CAD

Radiant Hearts clip – $85 USD / $95 CAD

*UPDATED* These missing charms are now included in the collage above – however, I still don’t know why they weren’t in with the others in the NA catalogue I saw. However, in my previous sneak peeks, we did also see a few other pavé charms, including a diamond-shaped one, a heart design and maybe a spherical pavé charm, too. These weren’t in the pictures given to me, and might be Winter releases perhaps in NA, but just to include them:

Image by Pandora

Image by Eugenia Marcos

Next, we have a lot of family- and love-themed charms! I don’t normally like the family-themed charms, but it’s cute that they’ve added some bows and other sweet details to the openwork Family Tribute bead. The other one that’s pretty is the Love Makes a Family Bead, which has some really delicate detailing laid over pearlescent pink enamel!

pandora autumn 2017 family love

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Hearts Aglow – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Heart of the Family – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Love Makes a Family – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Family Tribute – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Three Generations – $45 USD / $ CAD

Dad’s Love & Granddaughter’s Love – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Family Union – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Heart of Infinity – $100 USD / $110 CAD

The next set of pieces has been rumoured for some time – interchangeable caps for the new open bangle! You can buy the two existing cap designs, plus the stoppers to separate charms out on the bangle itself; there are three new cap designs as well. My favourites of these remain the plain silver logo caps. I also really like how each cap has that cute little heart alongside the Pandora hallmarking. :D

Pandora Autumn 2017 Open Bangles & Stoppers

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Logo caps – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Classic Shine stopper – $15 USD / $20 CAD

Shimmering Caps – $80 USD / $90 CAD

Pavé Caps (all colours) – $100 USD / $110 CAD

Of course, charms don’t just come on bracelets these days, and we have more additions for the Floating Locket charm necklaces! There will be a new pavé version of the necklace itself, and some family-themed petites for Autumn. You can expect our first Pandora Rose petites, too, but I’ll preview those properly when I do a Pandora Rose AW17 sneak peek.

Pandora Autumn 2017 Floating Lockets and Petites

Interestingly, the Petites are now being sold separately rather than in sets of three. This does make them a bit more easy to mix and match, and it means that you can just buy one if you have the Floating Locket charm! Prices for North America are as follows:-

Family Script Petite – $10 USD / $15 CAD

Little Boy & Girl Petites – $10 USD / $15 CAD

Pink and Blue Heart Petites –  $10 USD / $15 CAD

Sparkling Pandora Floating Locket –  $10 USD / $15 CAD

My Comment

My must-haves include two of the peachy Shimmering Stripe murano, which I hope will go perfectly with a pink-and-orange sunset theme I’m doing on my Pandora Rose heart clasp bracelet. <3 I also really like the Sweet Panda, which will almost certainly be coming home with me, and the new two-tone safety chain is pretty too! I’m always up for more safety chains. ;) It’s just that this one is very pricey – actually, the whole collection overall is super expensive. With all the new pavé and two-tone designs, the average price of a charm is creeping ever upwards!

Two of the new family charm designs actually really appeal to me, so I think it’s a bit of a shame that the inscriptions mean I won’t be purchasing them: the Love Makes a Family and the Family Tribute. If they produced generic versions of them, I’d be tempted! I just really like the cute little details – the bows in the Tribute charm, the clustered hearts in the Love Makes bead. The same goes for the yoga – I think there’s a yoga inscription on there that means that the charm is instantly less versatile, even though it’s such a pretty design!

What do you think of this launch? Is anything going on your wish list?

94 Comments on Pandora Autumn 2017 Collection Preview

  1. Hi Ellie,
    Another fabulous post, thanks for all your hard work!
    The shimmering stripe murano looks lovely to me and I will almost certainly be getting 2 of those(I almost always double up on any murano) The panda looks really cute so will consider that one for sure.
    I know its more pave, but the Glittering Shapes charm is actually quite intricate and lovely, I will definitely get the Radiant teardrop, as I love the different shape of it, and the Cascading Glamour charm and spacer are also very lovely so will have a serious look at those as well. And I am with you, I love the plain silver end caps for the open bangle but will probably spring for the Shimmering caps because they have a little bling without being to much bling, and I can easily see myself getting a couple more stoppers in case I want to separate a bunch of charms on one bangle with 4 stoppers. The glitter balls may be an interesting look but would have to see them in person to see how they may fit. The silver one may fit pretty good with the blue enamel snowflake charm or may look good with my Mickey sorcerer’s hat charm and Fantasia charm, but silver is always classic with deep blue.
    Here I thought I would be pretty safe from Autumn, but several things interest me a lot.

    • Hi Katie! I love the Shimmering Stripe murano as well, and the panda! So we have similar likes from this launch. :) I agree with you that the shapes and designs of the pave geometric charms are, for the most part, really lovely – I like the paisley-style teardrop bead, and the Glittering Shapes & Cascading Glamour. My problem with those will be similarity to things I already have and, of course, the price!

      Aha, isn’t it always the way? So far, the things that interest me most are the murano and the panda – I’d like the safety chain, but would have to get that on promotion if it’s as expensive in the UK! I’m happy to have a couple of things I have to have from this collection. :)

  2. Hi Ellie! Your frequent posts are helping me get through this horrible and seemingly never-ending cold/cough I have! The murano looks very pretty and different, and I’m thinking about where I could fit it into my collection. It sounds like it would work preferctly on your sunset-themed design. The glitter balls look interesting and are very affordable. I am finally picking up the Mint Glitter Murano this week, and I have wanted to pair it with gold beads, but they are out of my price range, so I wonder what the murano would look like in-between two of the gold (or even rose gold) glittering balls. Come to think of it, I wonder if the Mint Glitter Murano and the murano from this fall collection would work together with one of the glittering ball beads in the middle on a champagne leather bracelet. The Sweet Panda charm is so adorable. I have wanted the most recent panda charm for awhile, but I’m glad I never got it because this one is so much cuter! The Love Makes a Family charm looks nice, but I don’t really get the large amount of family-themed charms in this collection. I like the idea of the interchangeable end caps for the open bangle, but they are really expensive! I have been really into open-style bangles lately and have the original Signature bangle. I would love this two-tone version to stack with it, but–again–it’s so pricey! I think there is going to be a matching ring as well, so I wonder how much that will be. I am glad Pandora is starting to sell the Petites separately, and I hope they decide to do so with the birthstone Petites! I would love to have a few colors of those but don’t want to buy so many sets. Ellie, do you know how much the Sparkling Floating Locket is going to be? You have it marked as $10, which I’m assuming is a typo haha (though I wish were true)! Finally, it looks like in the picture, there is going to be a version of the thick Radiant Hearts of Pandora ring with light pink enamel and rose gold. Is this correct? I have been wanting to buy the white or pink version for a while, but would probably prefer it even more with the rose trim rather than the silver (I am too impatient to wait for your jewelry preview haha).

    • Hi Joanne,

      The gold glitter ball beads would work perfectly with the glitter murano. You don’t need to buy the pricier 14k to get the same look!

    • Oh shoot, yes, that is definitely a typo on the Floating Locket haha. It’s $140 USD / $150 CAD. I’ll update the post (although I’ll probably forget by the time I finish writing this comment :P).

      So sorry to hear that you’re still poorly! That’s lasted a little while now, hasn’t it? Pandora is a good distraction, though. <3 I'm using it to get through a horrendously busy time at work, as well. I agree with Lisa, and I think that the glitter balls would go wonderfully with all the new glitter murano designs they've been releasing. A lovely affordable way to get a little rich metallic colour into your bracelet designs! <3

      Mm, I was a bit disappointed in the Love Makes a Family charm not being more generic. It's got such pretty detailing, with the swirling hearts and things, but it just doesn't have any relevance for me just yet. :) I mean, if my parents decided to get it for me or something, I'd love it and appreciate that aspect of the meaning, but they're not really that kind of people, and it's not a charm that I would ask someone to get for me!

      Glad to hear you like the panda as well - I was thinking his enamel finish would divide people, but reaction seems quite positive so far <3 hope you feel much better soon, Joanne! Keep on planning your Autumn wish list in the meantime :D

      • Hi Ellie. I saw your response to my older post, and I wanted to thank you for the well wishes! My night coughing has still been pretty bad and is affecting my sleep, so I hope it gets better soon! I hope this work week is a little easier for you.

        I was able to order some charms from the sale on the very last day. I got the Oriental Bloom charm, the Shimmering Sentiments, and the Coffee Lovers. I also bought the Christmas Bear as a gift for my bestie.

        Thanks for confirming the price of the pave floating locket necklace. That’s about what I expected. I’m glad you–and others–think the glitter Murano will work with the glitter balls. I can’t wait to see the combo in person!

        • Ah, not being able to sleep because of a cough is the worst. Poor you! :(

          Glad to hear that some Pandora therapy has been in order though :) you picked some very cute beads! The Coffee bead is a favourite of mine. Although how cute would a takeaway cup be, too?

          You’re welcome! And I did forget to update the post, haha. I’ll have to do it tonight. Also, I missed your question about the Pandora Rose ring. Yes that one will be coming out for Autumn <3

  3. Hi Ellie
    I always look forward to a new post from you?. I really like the family tribute charm, that will be a must have for me. I also like the two tone signature safety chain and the signature clip, will go great on my two tone signature bracelet. I’m thinking the gold glitter ball might compliment the bracelet also. The cascading glamour charms both look really nice, so I look forward to seeing them in store. I like the idea of the petites being sold separately, I hope they end up doing this to all the petites as I would like to just be able to purchase the different birthstone petites to much my coloured outfit?. Thank you Ellie for your time.

    • Hi Janelle! Aw thank you. :D I always enjoy hearing from you as well! I really like the two-tone safety chain as well, it’s just the verrrry hefty price tag that gives me pause. I’m sure I will work my way around to getting it somehow, some day, however :P

      The Petites being sold separately is a great idea, and from what I understand, all the existing Petites that have been released will also, sooner or later, be sold separately, too. Great for those who want to mix and match, or who have the Floating Locket charm which only holds one bead. :) I’d be more tempted by that charm now, in light of this!

      Thanks for commenting <3

  4. Hi Ellie! I see several things to tempt me in this collection, starting with the new panda. My son had a “Baby Oscar” stuffed panda when he was little shaped just like this one, so it definitely has to go on his childhood bracelet. I’ll reserve judgement on the glitter balls until I see them in person. The yoga charm I like. The two tone flat signature clips match the two tone bracelet, but I’m not crazy about them being signature. The radiant heart clips I will want for sure. And the extra end caps and stoppers for sure. The heart of infinity dangle maybe. Nice collection. And I thought the prices were maybe a little better. For example, $45 for the Murano instead of $50. Anyway, thanks for the preview. I’ll have to be good for a bit after hitting the sale so hard, but should be okay by the end of August! Hahaha!

    • Hi Deborah! Aw, that’s sweet. I had a panda lunch bag that I carried around with me at nursery school (although you had to unzip his neck to get your lunch out), but I hadn’t thought of that in years until you said that. ^^ I have the old-school panda charm as well, but he’s not as cute as this one I think. :D

      Glad to hear that there are things you like! <3 I have to go on a strict Pandora ban too after overspending in not one, but three different sales, haha. But I'm sure I'll be back off the wagon come August, too! ;)

  5. I do really think that I may like the open bangle much much better than the closed and I also love that the open bangle is not like a circle like it doesn’t look like it would hurt your wrist
    Like the dainty bow bangle I have is really tight epecially when I put even 3 to 5 charms on it and the medium one was just way to big cause they don’t really have sizes in the bangles it’s either small, medium or large & I just can’t get over of how gorgeous that new blue snowflake bead is

    And besides the new open bangle has 2 stoppers

    And they should definitely come out with a Disney Parks exclusive OPEN bangle and but the Cinderella castle on both ends of the bracelet OR out A crystal Mickey on one end and a crystal Minnie on the other end that would also look super nice cause Disney doesn’t even a bangle at all

    And omg I totally have a new design idea now and the new open bangle had inspired me to do this

    Is put the fabulous new Dumbo charm on there
    With the clear Mickey spacer and the matching pink Minnie spacer add the pink Mickey icon bead & the flower and garden festival Epcot bead I mainly wanna make it pink and try to celebrate the beautiful Dumbo charm on it

      • Oh gosh, I bet they do that at some point! Or at least come out with some Disney end caps you could switch on.

    • Aw, I absolutely love your little Dumbo idea! You should definitely do that. :D I like the idea of doing pink and blue with him, which will match the charm really perfectly (pink ears and blue coat!). I can’t wait to receive my dumbo bead <3

  6. Hi Ellie! Thank you for another preview :). You are really spoiling us lately,lol!
    Well, as far as this collection is concerned, I think I´m safe. Nothing really appeals to me. The only pieces I like are the murano, but then we already know that Pandora is doing a marvellous work with Murano glass and the insignia heart clips. I love that they are producing two tones again, I really like the mixing of metals. However I don´t feel attracted to the pieces above. It´s the shape. Button-like clips and safety chain?. Was that neccesary?. Is Pandora on the verge of becoming a brand that makes buttons?. If this trend goes on we will be seeing Pandora buttons for our shirts and coats and, and, and … :(
    Well enough moaning for today. Will there really be a RH clip?. How strange!. I was thinking some days ago that RH would make a nice claps for bangles!!!! So, I somehow like the idea of seeing them as clips, although they are too chunky. The rest of the pieces are totally uninteresting to me, which is good as I will save my money for ChristmasThanks again for this preview and happy Sunday!

    • Oh, I forgot to ask you if the stoppers can be used on regular bangles and bracelets. That would be interesting.

      • I was just thinking the same thing. I have not been putting any charms on my bangles to prevent scratches.

        • The bangles do scratch very easily, but that’s something I’ve accepted! I keep a couple of my bangles charm free and wear the rest with beads.

      • From what I understand, they’re not designed to be worn on regular bracelets – Pandora’s copy only mentions the open bangle. I’ll have to try it when I get my open bangle!

    • Hi Marie! You’re very welcome, although I’m sorry nothing takes your fancy! The collection is very button heavy, yes, but I’m hoping for some more individual designs for Winter, too :) my wish list is filled out nicely as it is, though – Bambi, Thumper, two Shimmer muranos, the Panda, the winter snowflakes bead and the safety chain! Not too shabby. <3

      Yep that's definitely a RH clip! I would like to see them in some more colours. Some of the blue summer ones as clips would be gorgeous! Have a nice week Marie :)

      • I supposse they will come out in more colours, as well as the teardrop and the diamond-shaped charms. I can´t wait! And I´m sure we will have them in rose, too. Oh my!! I don´t want to buy into rose yet!!!!
        BTW have you seen the verrrrry gourgeous blush RH in rose? I think I´m in love <3

  7. I think the new Murano looks like a prawn. Not a fan of any of the new charms. Too repetitive for me. As always I appreciate your update.

    • Aha, Lozzie, I’d never have thought of that! Im sure it won’t in person. And you are welcome! :)

  8. Hello Ellie

    As I am currently working on new styling this weekend, your post come along just at the right time :-)
    Thanks for it and your hard word to give us all this infos about next collection :-). It’s always a pleasure to read you.
    For the first time, I am quite disappointed because nothing appeal to me. The only thing I will be interested is the shimmering caps for the open bangle…..For now, I will really wait to see the collection in person. For the previous collection, I knew before I saw the new beads in person that I was going to buy some of them for sure. But this time, it’s not the case….. As I said maybe the Shimmering caps for open bangle…. The open bangle finally found its way to Belgium and I get one yesterday and I am absolutely in love with it ^3^
    At first I was sad reading your post and realizing that nothing really appeal to me….
    But after all, it is a good thing :-) and I am OK with it ;-)
    My wallet will thank me :-)
    On a top of that, I am currently on the hunt for the Tinkerbell charms and it will be costing me a fortune :-).
    Have a great sunday
    Take care

    • Hi Valerie,,

      Thanks for letting us know that the open bangle has finally arrived in Belgium. Can I please ask you if you purchased it in a Pandora concept store or a shop-in-shop (like that I’ll know where to start looking). Thanks for your help!

        • Hello Valerie. Many thanks for your reply, I truly appreciate it. My local shop-in-shop ordered the open bangle some time ago but still hadn’t received it. Today I told the store owner that you had managed to secure one and he informed me that he was expecting a delivery from Pandora tomorrow, which would contain part of his back order. Unfortunately though he didn’t know exactly what was going to be delivered, but he will certainly let me know if they come in. I’m getting even more excited now!!!

          Thanks again for getting back to me:)

    • Hi Valerie! Oh good, excellent timing then – although perhaps not, if nothing really appeals to you! Perhaps this collection will surprise you when you see it in person :)

      glad to hear that you love the open bangle! I am picking mine up this weekend, I think, and I can’t wait to try it out! I’m excited to hear that it fits Trollbeads as well, as I have one lone Trollbeads murano and no bracelet to wear it on. Theopen bangle could be my answer ^^

      Have a great week Valerie!

      • Hello Ellie.
        The hunt is over :-) I had the chance to made contact with a Pandora friends through a Pandora Facebook group I use to be a member.
        Soon I will get my Tinkerbell charms. The only issue is I was not able to choose between all of them, so I decided to not choose and made a huge purchase…. So no more beads for me during a long time ;-) at least until the end of the year.
        For now I am waiting for my precious treasure ;-). I am like a little girl just before Christmas.
        Hopefully, they will be there in 10 days more or less.
        Have a wonderful weekend and take care.

        • Hello Ellie,
          I had so much luck. Yesterday there was a note from the postoffice in my mailbox and I get there today. My Tinkerbell charms were ready for me to pick them up ;-) They are gorgeous and stunning …. so much more gorgeous in person that I even imagine. I am so happy :-) even if it was a little bit insane to make this huge purchase. But it is definitely worth it….
          Sorry but I had to share it ;-)
          Have a wonderful week and take care

  9. Hi Ellie,

    You’ve been quite busy lately keeping us well informed on what’s to come. Thank you! Your dedication and time spent is much appreciated. It’s a nice surprise to see yet another pretty murano. I like the peachy Shimmering Stripe. I’ll be adding a couple of these to my collection and I’ve already started to think of ways to use this color. I’ve been waiting for the two tone pave’ clips to use with my TT pave Signature bracelet, although I find them extremely expensive. With the bracelet priced at $100, the clips seem over priced at $100 each! And $150 for the matching safety chain!!! That’s highway robbery. The Sweet Panda is a must. I almost got the Panda during the 50% sale, but read somewhere Pandora was coming out with a new one. So glad I decided to wait. This one is so darling. I wonder if the Radiant Teardrop will initially be part of a gift set around the holidays in the US and sold separately at a later date? That seems to be the case with a lot of new charms here. Love Makes a Family is a beautiful dangle with the pretty pink pearlescent enamel. I like the idea of interchangeable caps for the Open bangles and being able to add additional stoppers. Now…if we could get the bangles here!!! I’ve yet to see them. Looking forward to seeing the Rose preview.

    Thanks again for the preview. Hope your weekend is great!

    • BTW, Initially, I thought the Glamour Trio was a cute dangle from Pre-Autumn, but nothing like seeing the Glamour Kiss to kill that thought!lol

    • Hi Emily! Thank you, it’s very nice to hear that. :) It’s been busy, but in a very fun way!

      I know, the signature collection is just so expensive! I’m hoping that there’ll be some way I can track down the safety chain a little cheaper. Luckily I think I’d find them a bit full on if I used them all together, so I won’t be trying to track down the whole set or anything.. Just the safety chain!

      Mm, I prefer this panda too! I was also tempted by the Autumn 2015 panda but was glad I held off. I already have the original very old Pandora panda, so having three panda beads without any particular diehard love of pandas would have been a bit ridiculous, even for me haha :)

      Thanks for commenting and have a good week!

  10. The murano and signature clips are a must for me! I also like that they are doing changeable end caps for the open bangle :)

  11. Always look forward to the previews. Can’t wait to see the rest of them.
    There are a few things that I like the look of, but need to see them in store to fully decide. I like the radiant teardrop, glittering shapes and cascading glamour spacer. I can’t resist a bit of pave.

    • Nice to hear from a pave fan! I picked up a couple of pave pieces in the sales. The price is often what gets me most about pave!

  12. Greetings Ms. Ellie, I really found the logo heart bangle at a great price and the glamour kiss charm is really a beauty as well as the family charms are definitely a big hit. Thank you Ms. Ellie and keep posting the latest update on the Pandora charms.

  13. The stripe murano looks pretty and i hope 2 of that will go well with my rose gold bracelet. I have the blush pink murano as my center piece, not sure if it will colour clash with this new one. Otherwise really not sure where to fit it in.

    • Hmm, it’s so hard to tell until you see it in person. I have pink and orange on my Rose bracelet, but I think it does depend very much on the particular shades you go for!

  14. Ouch on the prices for bejeweling, ouch, ouch, ouch. I think Ivanka Trump doesn’t even charge so much for her costume jewelry. :-)

    But the repetition of hearts and family and things nostalgic of childhood is understandable, given Pandora made their name on making sentimental jewelry. I doubt the “hearts of Pandora” will ever morph into the “skulls of Pandora.” :-)

    • Mm, I do think that they are unlikely to swerve dramatically in another direction any time soon. But they did use to do more character beads in with everything else. That is getting less and less, I find.

  15. Thank you Ellie for your lovely previews. It’s always a pleasure to read you while sipping my coffee on Sunday morning. God bless you.?

    I just love that little Panda. I wonder where it would fit on any of my bracelets. If you are getting one, I will wait until I see your design.. and might copy you hahaha

    The radiant teardrop is getting my attention too but find it pricey. If I see it at Costco for less than 85$, I might get one… but not my priority.

    The glitter balls looks interesting. I will definitely have a closer look in person. The gold one might be perfect with my new pink glitter murano so I’ll make sure to wear my pink/purple fairy bracelet on that day. I often shop at Pandora and wish I had all my bracelets handy. Hahaha imagining myself with a jewels suitcase.

    That’s it for me thank God.???

    • Hi Rachelle! Ah that’s so nice to hear! I often like to read through the comments in the morning, so I have a similar thing. As I’m doing today!

      Aha, that’s the spirit! ^^ I love looking online around the launch of new collections – everyone always has such great ideas. Although it can be dangerous, too – I had decided against the white orchid bead until I saw everyone’s stylings, and now I’m thinking I might *need* it after all. ;)

      A few people have mentioned putting the glitter balls with the new glitter muranos – I think that sounds stunning!

  16. Thank you for the wonderful post I love the new murano and think it would look good on a beach themed bracelet what do y’all think?

    Also Ellie I know you are busy but I sent you a email about a charm
    Thanks again

    • Hi Margaret, I’m sure you could do a very pretty beach theme with this murano!

      I am super busy but will try and get to my emails soonish! I also just found out that the blog’s contact form has not been working for the last MONTH and there are a bunch of emails that I never got sent (luckily they are all indexed somewhere, so I can find them). Technology, eh!

      • Man sorry about the email issue I may not have sent it to the right email address can you tell me what it is?

        • Hey, no, it’s come through, I’ve just seen it – I’ll reply when I have the chance. I don’t really authenticate charms any more as it’s just too difficult via email but I will do my best.

  17. I love your idea of a sunset themed design – can’t wait to see it ?.The peach murano will be ideal for it, I really like it in the picture but don’t know where I would put it. The sweet panda is a must for me, even if it might be a bit hard to style, I love pandas! I have the original full bodied panda and I think he needs a friend! I also like the new petites, it is a really good idea to sell them individually. I will be able to buy 3 to represent my children. The children are teenagers now and think it is strange I want to put them in a locket but I think it will be lovely, they don’t get a say, haha! I also like the flexibilty we will have with all the options for the open bangle, I will definitely get one but I haven’t decided which yet. I tried both in a shop a few weeks ago and liked them equally, so it will be ideal to have interchangeable caps. Thank you so much for the preview Ellie!

    • Thanks Debbie! :D It’s got some Rose & two-tone, and then some soft pinks and a dash of orange. I’m really hoping that these muranos look right, as from the stock image they look perfect! The Panda would be hard to style – I think your best bet would be a fun leather bracelet styling, or a bracelet that uses a lot of the brighter summer beads and isn’t too matchy-matchy. I’m thinking I’ll put it with my new pink pave clasp bracelet and some of the pave fruit beads, with some softer murano glass to pull it all together a bit. That’s the idea anyway!

      Aha, my family are always gently baffled my jewellery decisions as well. I’ve not tried to represent any of them in charm form yet, though – it’s just the dog and the cat that I have charms for. ^^

      You are welcome! :) Glad you enjoyed it!

  18. Hi Ellie,

    I would do the murano (2), the glitter balls, the blooming heart (for the milgrain work) and the shimmering caps for the open bangle ($80 gets you 2 charms, really, so not bad). These charms are reasonably priced, btw! I also want the radiant teardrop charm, so will shell out for that. I hope you are right, and that the diamond shaped charm is coming out in the winter collection. I can’t imagine that being a country exclusive, more likely it’s coming out with the winter beads.

    On another note, I think it’s very odd that they are making the radiant hearts bead into a clip. They have so many of these, why have one that just sits on the threads? Weird. And I agree with you about the prices. They are pushing (really) their logo collection with the gold. It’s all over the place, it really pushes up the price and it’s not that attractive, to be honest. And it’s free advertising for them… I liked the logo for the clasp, but really don’t need it to take over my collection. So will thankfully be skipping these.

    They usually don’t have so many family charms in the fall, do they? I guess they have to replace all of the character charms with something…

    I’m really looking forward to your Pandora rose post, because I love this line and am glad to see I can expand my collection here a bit.

    • Hi Lisa! I’ve since seen those missing beads on Autumn campaign images, so I’m thinking that, for most regions at least, they’ll be autumn beads. Possibly in the US/Canada they’ve been pushed back to winter. They did do that with a couple of items last year!

      I think with the Radiant Hearts, they’re just capitalising on a popular design and offering people as many variations as possible. I think they’d be nice in different colours as clips! I could imagine two of the new Summer aqua glacier ones looking gorgeous as clips.

      They had lots of family beads a couple of collections ago for Autumn I seem to remember. I can’t think whether there were lots last year. I tend to forget them, as they’re all so similar to each other!

  19. Hi Ellie not much for me I like the safety chain, the murano and the different colour metal beads. There not run out and buy pieces. I noticed the spring collection was quite expensive too.

    • Hi Nicola! The pieces I am most excited for are the panda and the muranos, so I guess they’ll be my day one purchases – the safety chain I could wait for, especially considering the RRP!

    • Me too, it’s so cute. I haven’t seen any pre-release material specifically for the UK but I sure hope so!

  20. Hi Ellie. Thanks for the post. Love your blogs on pandora. Pleased to hear that you are soon going to be able to buy the petites singularly rather than in sets of 3. Also will we be able to buy the panda in the UK? I’m currently trying to get together an oriental themed bracelet & this would look great on it! Roll on August ? Thank you!

  21. I had been wondering why they hadn’t made clips to match the signature two tone bracelet as that’s what I really wanted. I bought the Love clips so I’ll have to find somewhere else to put those now, if I get the new ones :-(. Obviously, I’m not going to buy these new clips without there being a free bracelet in it for me so it might be a while; I’m still mad at Pandora for taking away our October free bracelet promo so I’m only buying sale charms and ones off Amazon with my vouchers from dealer that I am sure are authorised dealers from abroad atm. I want the matching safety chain too, same applies, if anyone from Pandora is listening! Two of those clips and the safety chain is going to take a lot of saving up of my Amazon vouchers, if any of the trusted dealers offer them ;-).

    • Hi Pat,

      The TT Signature bracelet is one of the few I’ve actually paid full price for. Seems like it was released in the US after our Septem-ber Bracelet Promo. Not only is it a real beauty, but it’s the most comfortable bracelet I own. It stays in place without a lot of rolling around on the wrist. I think this is due to the clasp having a flatter design. To date I’ve been using the Friendship Flower clips which look lovely with the clasp. This is one of my favorites. So much so, that I would have bought another one, but haven’t had any clips for a second one. I’ve been waiting on Pandora to do matching clips ever since. Now that they are finally being released along with the safety chain, I find them to be extremely expensive at $100 for the clips and $150 for the safety chain! Guess I’ll have to fork it over if I want them, but I’ll definitely wait for a promo. Good news is, you won’t go wrong getting this bracelet. It’s lovely.

        • Yes, I did, and it is one of the things I have spent my Amazon vouchers on, it came all the way from Spain to me :-). I love mine too :-). I have 2 of the TT clips with the word ‘Love’ in gold (also from my Amazon vouchers) and the angel dangle charm (£15 in the sale) on it and it looks really nice. I was saving up my Amazon vouchers for the heart crown TT safety chain but now I’ve seen the new one I’ll be saving my Amazon vouchers until the end of August and hope I can get everything I want from there for free ;-). Of course, should Pandora reconsider our usual October bracelet promo, I’ll buy more as I also want the poetic bloom bracelet (for free) and I’ll need charms to put on it ;-), and I think I’d like the open signature bangle to match too.

    • Hi Pat,

      I agree with what Emily says about the bracelet being comfortable. This definitely has to do with the clasp being flatter. As far as the price of the matching clips and safety chain is concerned… I second your opinion!

      • I’m wondering how much they will be in the UK, that seems a lot in dollars and I wonder how it compares to how much the bracelet is in America :-?

        • With the bracelet being priced at $100 US, matching clips at $100 (I always get a set), and the safety chain at $150, it’s quite an investment. Not to mention charms to go with.

          Hopefully, you’ll have the promo in October and be able to get the Poetic Blooms. It’s another pretty bracelet. I got a lot of the charms in Spring promo of 2016 and added the bracelet this Spring during the promo.

        • That seems like a bit of a rip-off, the same price for the clips as the bracelet :-O. I’d be tempted to just buy two more bracelets and see if a jeweller could make the clasps into clips and turn the two chains into a necklace :-/. I must have a closer look at the clasp on mine and see if that might be doable ;-). I think that seals it for me, I’ll definitely be getting them with my Amazon vouchers if I can ;-).

    • Vouchers are a good way to get your hands on some of these pricier pieces! I think I will just have to be saving up the pennies, or looking for a good promo abroad :) I really like that safety chain as well, but the price is very high!

      • Yes, it’s all very pricey but I’ve got my heart set on it now :-/. I’m hoping that Francisco Ortuno will have them all and I can get them all off Amazon from Spain for one P&P. I want the signature dangle too, not the one here, the one from before, it’s £70 in the eStore but £75 from Spain, so I hope that some of them will work out cheaper to balance it out. I’ve got over £70 in Amazon money already and I’m hoping to have most of what I need by September, and if not then hopefully they won’t be on Amazon straight away, lol, to give me a bit more time ;-). I’ve got this new site that I joined in April and I’m pretty much getting £10 a week in Amazon vouchers, you have to put the work in but it does pay well, I think :-).


    There are a few others I like, but none that HAVE to come home like the Panda does! He shall live on a black leather bracelet. ? ❤️ ? Thanks for the preview, Ellie!

  23. Hi Ellie,

    Well, the autumn collection is taking shape! Thank you for the preview! There are some charms that I definitely want to check out in person, the peach Murano, the rose glitter ball and the “plate dangles”, specifically the yoga and the family one. I quite liked the idea of dangle charms with an openwork and an enamel plate together since the springtime one came out last year, but I haven’t bought any yet. I hope the inscriptions are not too restrictive as the yoga and the family ones are my favourite from what has come out so far in that style. I also liked the heart dangle with the pink plate from pre-Autumn, so I’ll have to see all three in person first before I choose one. The geometric pave charms don’t speak to me and I am glad that what I like from this collection happens to be on the affordable side! I also want to get the new open bangle with the shimmering caps, do you think it will be sold independently? Or do you have to buy one of the two current designs and the new caps as an additional item? I have to say though that the new rose Murano is what I am mostly looking forward to from the new collections so far!

    Take care!

    • Hi Victoria! I really like the enamel plate dangle as well – I think the yoga one unfortunately does have a yoga-themed inscription on it, or I’d definitely have had that one. My friend has been trying to persuade me to do yoga for a while, so maybe I should take it up just so I can get this bead haha. :)

      I’ve not seen any catalogue shots for the open bangle being sold with these new caps – I think the standard offering of silver or pave caps with the bangle remains the same, but then you can buy these caps separately to swap on. It would make sense for them to sell the bangle with your choice of caps, but that doesn’t seem to be the case now.

      Thanks for commenting!

  24. It looks like I’ll just be getting the Sweet Panda for Autumn. On the bright side, that will leave me more money for Trollbeads glass, stones and amber, especially amber! Thank you for the preview,Ellie!

  25. So So glad there are new two-toned pav’e clips and a safety chain!! My two-toned Signature clasp bracelet is needing them right now. The radiant hearts clip is exciting too, especially if they do it in colors later on. I like the glittery balls, they look neat and are affordable.

    • Yes, I was surprised by the glitter ball prices as well – a welcome bit of affordability and a cheaper way to add a two-tone effect to your bracelet <3

  26. I can’t believe I waited so long for my family clips and now there is a second one. So soon !

  27. Well the only thing I wanted was the sweet panda……and it’s not showing up in the uk release. It’s on the us site though. Honestly I’m getting a bit fed up with having to hunt down and import charms…’s pandora they are a global company, it shouldn’t be this hard. Getting to the point where I may switch brands.

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