Today’s post brings another Pandora AW17 sneak peek, with a preview of an exclusive Pandora Disney bead that’s coming up for the holiday season!

Pandora Disney 2016

We already saw a sneak peek of most of the Pandora Disney Winter 2017 collection, which brings us new characters in the form of Bambi, Thumper and Lilo & Stitch. This charm is something a little extra special for the holiday season, however, and will be presented in limited edition gift packaging as well. As far as I’m aware, it’ll be offered in all regions that currently carry the Disney line. :)

Read on for a Pandora Disney sneak peek!

Pandora Disney Limited Edition Charm 2017 Sneak Peek

The limited edition bead is a two-tone offering, which is nice to see, but does have a fair amount of pave detailing. On one side, we have Mickey Mouse in clear CZs, and on the other Minnie Mouse in red CZs.

Pandora Disney Limited Edition Christmas 2017 bead

The charm is essentially a variation on the Joined Together bead from the Pandora Valentine’s 2016 collection.

pandora valentine's 2016

The charm will retail for $149 AUD. I don’t have a name for this bead yet, but we do have a sneak peek at the limited edition packaging it comes with! I’ve been told that the artwork on this box might not be final yet, but it certainly gives you a good idea.

My Comment

This is again not a must-have for me, as I already have a fair amount of Mickey & Minnie in my Pandora collection (mainly Minnie, tbh!), and I’m always a little leery of beads that combine gold detailing with a lot of CZs. I do like the touch of red, however, and the box is very sweet! But I’ll be sticking to Bambi and Thumper from this year’s Disney collection. :D

What do you think of this latest limited edition offering? Is it going on your wish list?

52 Comments on Sneak Peek: Pandora Disney Winter 2017 Limited Edition Charm

  1. Hi Ellie
    Like you it’s not a must have for me. I like the Mickey side, but I actually think the red cz on Minnie ruin the overall look. I to am a fan of Bambi and Thumper?
    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the final Pandora rose preview?

    • Hi Janelle! Oh really? I can kind of see that they make it a bit less elegant, but I think the red is what gives it a slightly festive edge. But yes, the Bambi and Thumper beads are lovely! Can’t wait for those :D

  2. I received my Dumbo and Alice in a teacup charms from the Disney Store today.they are Beyond cute.Dumbo is so well done and Alice reminds me of being on the teacup ride with my dad :)

    • Aw, enjoy! My Dumbo is still on his way to me. I’m excited to review him! I did consider the Alice bead, as I have some fond memories of the teacup rides myself – including getting on them by myself when I got lost at a theme park when I was about six aha. I wanted to pretend that everything was okay and that I wasn’t lost, I think, haha.

  3. This one is not for me either, I don’t like the cz and gold combination at all. However I have a personal shopper at the ready to send me the thumper and bambi.

  4. I’m safe for this one, in danger of buying the Disney petite charms if I get a locket next month. I also know I’ll have to have Disney thumper! I got last years limited addition charm, one of my favourites .

    • Yes, there are a few sets of petites coming out – all Mickey and Minnie themed! I liked last year’s charm, but didn’t end up getting it as I already have quite a few Mickey/Minnie beads.

  5. I’m more of a retro Disney fan. The stories of my childhood or my son’s. Can’t wait for Bambi and Thumper. Love the Pooh offerings. But this one is not for me. I already have the one Mickey silhouette dangle, and that’s enough. I do, however, have to get the Jasmine dress and shoe to represent my granddaughter’s fave. Thanks for the sneak peek!

    • I like pretty much all of Disney’s drawn animated films – I grew up with the 90s films, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, etc., and those with some of the older classics such as Cinderella or Bambi are probably my favourites!

  6. Hi Ellie,

    I am in Europe on vacation and will be travelling home soon. I’ve enjoyed your posts, they have been a welcome respite after a long day of sightseeing. My feet feel like they are going to fall off because I want to see everything! lol. I’ve visited a few Pandora stores along the way. My husband has learned to expect at least one Pandora store per country. IDisney charms are not on my wish list but I enjoy seeing them, the Tigger charm is cute. The gold and pave mix does not appeal however, it would be easy to integrate into most bracelet designs if you aren’t into dangles or want something more dressy or two tone.
    I will be going back over your European exclusives to see if there was anything else I “needed” before I head back across the pond. I love your posts and I can’t wait to see what else you do,with your newly acquired retired haul.

    • Hi Lisa, have you noticed any travel charms for sale during your travels? I have noticed elsewhere that some retired charms are still available near a popular travel location. And have you picked up any specific Pandora European charms that you havent been able to get elsewhere?

      • I’d also be interested to know if you’ve found any treasures while out and about! Sometimes things can surprise you.

      • Hi Lozzie,

        Sorry for my delayed reply we were travelling back home yesterday. Yes, before leaving France I was able to buy several country flag dangles for 15Euros. In fact I was unable to get the Turkey flagin Istanbul because it was sold out but easily picked it up in Paris for on sale $15 Euros. Looked like the dangle flag charms appeared to be retiring, however I still paid 25 Euros for the French Flag I went to two Paris locations to take advantage of the sale & found the Dallah coffee pot also in the retired tray for 10 Euros! They had the wildflower tribute murano in the sale available on sale as well. The Eye of protection was easily available in both France & Turkey

        I hope I answered your question.

        Cheers! Lisa

    • Hi Lisa! Oh, I hope you’re having a wonderful time away – and I like that you’re fitting in a little tour of the Pandora stores of Europe, as well as Europe itself haha. I’d love to go visiting all the countries in Europe, that sounds just lovely, if a little tiring. You must share any European exclusives or interesting Pandora finds you have picked up as well! I will be talking a little bit about my latest purchases in my round-up for this month :D

      • Ellie & Lozzie,

        I reread both your questions and realized I missed a few key points, I’ll blame it on jet
        Yes, some Eropean exclusives popped up that really caught me by surprise for example In addition to the wild flower tribute murano the Olive green fascetted murano that never made it to North America due to production issues was available for a discount in all the France locations I visited. The Dallah coffee pot on sale for 10Euros was a complete surprise when I saw it in one Paris location (but not in Turkey) and grabbed the last one. Some locations had various limited edition bangles for 50% off. I picked up the pink pave clasp breast cancer.
        My husband bought me the gold Wanderlust charm that was discounted and on sale for I believe 100Euros. Early anniversary present.
        For me that was a surprise find. Most of the gold charms were discounted but I passed on these in lieu of the two Yonge & silver.
        There were Christmas charms such as the new Santa house and Mrs. Clause and Jared exclusive Christmas charms in the sale tray. Lots of pedants and coast years junk boat were discounted . I picked up the lace butterfly with pave clasp.
        When ever I have the chance to travel to Europe every 3years or so I look for the newly released and released charms that are not in the catalogue back home. This time I found a to tone charm called Romantic Hearts that is not in the NA catalogue.
        My personal souvenirs tend to be charms, I usually take a half empty bracelet when I travel so I can add charms and forgo the packaging, sorry Ellie I know how much you like the gift bags & boxes but I need to travel light. I bought a whole lot more than usual because my trip coincided with the sale. Pandora stores get me out into neighbourhoods and I make them part of my walking tour so when I need an break from the heat or rain I pop in to a store and explore the Pandira charms. My trip was amazing! I look at my bracelet with my Frence & Turkish flags, Dallah coffee pot and other finds and I can’t help but smile.
        I was thrilled to watch how the SA’s styled my bracelet & necklace with the new charms.

        Can’t wait for your upcoming posts on you new & retired finds!

        Lisa K.

        • Many thanks for your reply Lisa. You did well to time your travels with the sale :) You made some lovely purchases. Well done on getting the coffee pot charm too esp. as it was a bargain price.

  7. I like the mickey side but not so much on minnie. I expect this one to be very costly due to the amount of gold and pave. I have the last year one and looking to get another LE to go with it and the 45th Anniversary castle in the middle. Have to look at it in person before i decide whether to get it or wait for future LE disney charm.

    • By the way Aus estore is now further reducing the sale items by another 20%. I went back and got the petite bow TT ring and the TT crown heart safety chain. But felt a bit bummed by the 2 Jasmine murano that i got from my jeweller $35 each yday. They are going for $28 now. Should have waited for a day. But its unusual for them to further discount. They must be not doing very well in this sale or just a marketing strategy to get things sold at higher price and then further discount when closer to end of sale. As the beginning sale prices are not as impressive as in the past.

      • Same here! I went to a couple of jewellery shops to search for the oxidised bracelet in my size because it was sold out online and when I came home it had been reduced by a further AUD$12 and they had it in my size!! Bummed! Oh well, at least I helped out a local jewellery shop whose owner is really nice and helpful.
        The TT safety chain was at a great price and I debated getting it but ended up buying the two-tone sunburst clips instead.
        I have yet to start a Disney bracelet, though I definitely have the Pooh offerings on my list, this charm not so much.

      • Yes, I posted on Ellie’s other thread,that I went instore again today after receiving the email re a further 20% off. My store had alot of charms still available for the further 20% off including all the Jasmine charms. I would be bummed if I had paid full price for those.

        I am also a bit annoyed that as a VIP member of Pandora Club, they only show you a limited selection of charms before the official sale starts. Next time I wont bother with the presale.

        • I would bring it back for “return” and ask for the further reduction in price. This policy is abhorrent and a slap in the face to good customers! Just my opinion…

        • I felt the same Lozzie! Can’t really take it back either as I ordered from the eStore to my brother, who’s out in Australia at the moment, and I wouldn’t want to give him the hassle.

      • I saw that ! I felt a little bit miffed as I shopped their special VIP sale and now it seems like it would have been worth my while to wait. Never mind! Still a really good price on the things I got, considering GBP :)

    • Yes, I have the price now – it is rather expensive! :( It would be fun if they did something other than Mickey/Minnie for the LE bead next year.

    • I do have a soft spot for fancy packaging, although I do manage not to let it persuade me to buy a charm I’m lukewarm about for the most part. ^^ You’re welcome!

  8. I have brought the mickey/ minnie mouse limited edition charms the past 2 years, i will not be buying it this Christmas.
    I don’t think the red, gold & silver go well together,
    I don’t think that it will be worth the price that they normally charge.
    It would not be a chrm that I would like to add to my braclet.
    Thanks very much ellie for all of your reviews.

    • No, it is pricey! I used to pretty much always get LE releases, but there are lots to choose from these days :) I’ll go for the Black Friday bead instead!

        • Oh now I can’t wait to see it and add it the load of charms for my new Xmas bracelet which will go under the Xmas tree.???
          I am keeping everything in a special box until than.

  9. I like the silver character beads much more than beads like this one where a Moments bead is slightly altered with a Mickey or Minnie addition. So this one is definitely not on my list. I’m looking forward to seeing Bambi and Thumper.

  10. Hi Ellie,

    This charm is not for me, but I didn’t care for the original version of Joined Together either. Although I’m not a diehard Mickey/Minnie fan, I would like to have the Mickey/Minnie Ears clips for my Mickey bracelet. Soooo looking forward to seeing the complete Autumn/Winter Rose collection. BTW, like your latest bracelet on Instagram with the Shimmering Medallion. I had planned to pick up this charm during the 50% sale, but it wasn’t included here.

    • Hi Emily, no it wasn’t my favourite either. I just don’t like lots of CZ and gold together :)

      Yay, thank you! I really liked the SM last year, but it as just too pricey. I was so thrilled to see it in the sale :) I’m sure it’ll be retired in NA at some point as well, and then perhaps it’ll go on Rue or some other way that you could get it!

  11. This one won’t be on my list either. I am a huge Disney fan but feel that the dozens of Mickey and Minnie charms lack creativity. I do love the other characters though. Bambi, Thumper and LILO and Stitch are mine! I can’t wait to see whether Pandora will do a full body Simba !!!!!!! I have been waiting forever.

    • Lion King beads would be amazing! I would love to see more animals and other cute characters from the Disney back catalogue. 101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan, Aristocats, there’s so much yet to do!

  12. I will not be buying this charm either. I will definitely get the Bambi and Thumper, and heavens knows I love a lot of Disney charms, but this one is meh and does absolutely nothing for me.
    On a happier note, I just received my Dumbo charm from Disney Parks yesterday and it is adorable and I am glad I purchased it.

    • Hi Katie, glad to hear it! I can’t wait to get my Dumbo. It looks so cute from all the pictures I’ve seen ? I have a little space saved for him on my sky blue bracelet.

  13. Disney isn’t my thing, but artistically, (and my cred here is my visual art degree) :-) artistically, this charm is above some of the other Disney charms. I would have put Minnie and Mickey on opposite sides for better visual balance, but even with both on the same side, it “feels” balanced, unlike too many other Pandora charms.

    The box is hideous.

    • Haha, I have no cred when it comes to the visual arts, but I like the box and don’t really care for the charm ? but that’s primarily because of the materials used and the fact that I would prefer to add other Disney characters at this point!

      • A mouse ear shaped box would have been cute, in Christmas colors, maybe, but not garish, as the box pictured. LE should have as creative packaging as what’s inside.

        • What a great idea! I would definitely keep it.

          I don’t normally keep bags or boxes. I prefer asking the Pandora staff for a free pouch so I can store my precious jewels.

        • I’d just try to buy multiples of the box. :-)

          When I’m cruising antique shops and thrift stores, I collect little boxes, mostly wood, hand-carved, painted, little pieces of artwork, and then I gift them with little trinkets inside. But I don’t keep any brand boxes or bags, they all go in the garbage but for Thomas Sabo; their packaging is so beautiful my daughter takes it for crafts.

          I wish Pandora concept stores would take their boxes I receive by mail and reuse them. I’ve asked, and they refuse. Too bad.

    • Hi Nicola! Haha, well it’s nice to hear from someone who does like it :) shame you won’t be to buy it in the UK!

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