The summer of promos continues today, with the launch of a rather fun deal for Pandora collectors in Australia and New Zealand! This promo offers you the chance to get the Medium Floating Locket for free – if you aren’t already shopped out from all the recent summer sales!

The promotion is running for four days, from the 13th until the 16th of July, and the rules are as follows:-

  • Spend $250 AUD ($299 NZD) or more in a single transaction and receive the Medium Floating Locket for free!

The promotion will be running both online at the official eStores and in participating Pandora concept stores.

I’ve not yet dipped my toes into the Petite Memories line, but I think I would be tempted if they ran a similar promo here in the UK! This is a great opportunity to indulge in a few of the new Summer 2017 charms and to try something a little different with the charm necklaces. There are more Petites coming out for AW17, and they’re being sold individually, too, so you’ll have more freedom than ever to create locket designs and combinations than we have previously.

Will you be taking part?

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  1. I’m trying to justify doing it ! I have wanted the locket for a while $299 nzd is a pretty big spend. I’d said to my husband he good hold on to order until Christmas. I don’t know if that would work though . There’s some cute peties coming too ! Oh decisions . I always want to do gwp promos

      • Yes I did!! I got my shipping notice email today can’t wait for my Locket to arrive! Three of the charms I ordered were on my wish list after reading reviews on your blog!:)I’m so pleased I found your blog as I do not live anywhere near a Pandora store. Your reviews are wonderful instead of just looking at stock images on the Pandora website when I can’t go in store to look.

  2. I already have the locket and I love it. I’m looking forward to the new petite charms that are coming out especially the little boy.
    Ido you have any more previews to share? They always make my day.

    • I do have more previews to share, but they take time to do and I have been super busy! :) I am getting there I promise! Another sneak peek coming today and then more later in the week. <3

  3. The locket is one of the few things I’m not tempted to buy. I have a superstition that lockets should be closed and the contents should be private. Silly I know, but I am a traditional southern girl whose upbringing is deeply ingrained.

    Thanks for the heads up! It sounds like an excellent GWP.

    • Do you mean the southern U.S.? I grew up in North Carolina and never heard of that, but it makes sense in a way. ;) What state are you from?

      • Virginia originally – the Roanoke area. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona now. You can take the girl out of the south, but you can’t take the south out of the girl! I still send hand written thank you notes on Crane paper by snail mail. And at Christmas, the cards all have handwritten notes and the envelopes are addressed by hand. And I still say y’all! Where in North Carolina?

    • I get that! I do think that these are quite attention-grabbing, so I’m not sure I’d want to wear any of the more sentimental heart charms in them, as I don’t think people at work would get it. :)

  4. I heard from Pandora that a lot more of the floating locket charms are coming out this fall.

    Do you have any information on what’s coming out for the floating locket charms yet this fall/winter?

    • Yes, that’s right. And yes I do! I posted the Autumn ones, and I’ll post the Disney ones and the Winter ones too :)

  5. Seems like a pretty good deal. But $250 spend is a bit too much for me after taking part in the radiant heart bangle sale and june sale. Pandora is sure running alot of promotion lately down under.

    • I checked with my local jeweller. They don’t have the locket but can choose up to $125 worth of pandora items. Not bad for a more flexible alternative. Quite tempted as there are things on my wishlist that i would like to get and seems like an opportunity to get them and have some for free.

    • Yeah, I am completely on a Pandora ban until my holiday in a couple of weeks! Then I’ll be hitting the duty free (moderately) hard, haha. :)

  6. If I were there I would definitely take part in this, I really want to start a floating locket collection but I just can’t justify the extra spending right now. I don’t know whether to go for the large or the medium though – I like them both but think they will suit different outfits. I really want both haha! Better start saving!

    • I think I’d probably go medium, as I don’t like the of the locket being too conspicuous and people asking me questions about it! I feel like the charm bracelets are a good compromise in that way, as they’re not quite so obvious.

  7. Great promo and something different, I would really like one of theses necklaces I like the three flower Pettit.

  8. OMG, I hope they give that to us in the UK since they have stolen our free bracelet promo in Sept/Oct :-O. I really want the poetic blooms bracelet as my free bracelet this year but if they’re not going to let us have it back then this would do and I’d buy it to make up the spend ;-).

    • Hi Pat,

      If my memory serves me well, Ellie mentioned in one of her recent posts that she’d heard that there might be a free bracelet promo after all in the UK. I think she said it was around July 20th or so, but she didn’t have any other details at that point. I wish I was in the UK!

    • Hi Pat,

      Ellie mentioned the UK bracelet promo in her July Round Up. It should run from July 27 – August 6. She did say she would give more details later. Maybe you’ll be able to get the Poetic Blooms bracelet soon! It’s a beauty.

    • Hi Pat, as everyone else has kindly told you, there’ll be a free bracelet promo in the UK this month! The spend, I’m told, is £125 for a silver bracelet.

  9. AUD is equal to CAD, and we can buy the necklace and medium floating locket together for 110 CAD. The large is 145 CAD. But I see prices are higher in Australia. Even so, this promo has an awfully high spend. Better to just buy the locket outright.

  10. This is a new twist to the typical Pandora promotions. If they offered this promo in the US, I would bypass it as I already have the locket. I usually don’t spend that much all at one time at the Pandora store. I spend in smaller increments…..but, sometimes too frequently! I’d be curious to know what the response is to their various promotions around the globe.

    • I know, I’d love to be a fly on the wall in Pandora HQ sometimes! Especially when they’re designing new collections… :D

  11. Hi Ellie,

    I have yet to get the locket, but I’d be tempted should the US be offered this promo. IMO, selling the Petites individually was a good move.

    • Yay…The Open End bangles finally made it to my store!!! After waiting and waiting for the Paved’ ones to come in, I bought the smooth one. lol. The paved’ ones looked dark and really didn’t have much sparkle at all, but I love the smooth. The Shimmer caps coming with the Autumn release will most likely look nicer. I have a very small wrist and the small bangle fits nicely. I did the promo twice today for two free pairs of earrings…my first ever Pandora earrings. I was able to see the Pre-Autumn collection today as well. In fact, the store allowed me to purchase the black/pave’ Clutch as part of my spend.I also got to see the free tote bag for $125 spend starting soon. It’s actually very nice and good quality.

    • Hi Emily! Yes, the individual Petites are a great idea. :) Glad to hear that you liked the new Pre-Autumn tote bag, and the you got to see some Pre-Autumn pieces too! It’s a shame, that collection just doesn’t have anything for me. I’ll be waiting until Autumn now!

  12. This promo came out of blue, it’s a very short duration and it’s straight after their sale. I wonder how popular this sale will be?

    Too big a spend for me but it’s nice to see a different promo and I do like their lockets.

    • I agree spent a small fortune 2 weeks ago would love to take advantage of the US promo I so want a white leather bracelet and they only have to spend $100 I’m afraid my christmas petites will have to stay in their package for a while longer

    • It is a big spend, but the chance to start with the floating lockets for free is quite a fun one, i think!

  13. When’s the North American floating locket promo? I wanna load up on the floating lockets & get em all including the Disney ones & the Disney ones are suppose to come out in September

    • There are more Disney petites, yes, and some for winter. I’ll preview them soon, I promise!

      • I have guiltily caved in and took part of the promotion on the last day online. I’m totally on a ban now till September, my birthday month. I bought the silver open bangle, white orchid earring and rose tumbling hearts to qualify the spend. I was planning to get them over time but well…. Luckily nothing i want from pre-autumn. But not sure i will be safe if pandora pull in another good promotion in between. I still thinking what petite to get in Sept. I like the poetic bloom set, celestial set & disney ones.

  14. & what other new pitite charms are coming out? Pandora told me that a lot more is coming out this year for fall & winter & they also told me that their gonna be sold individually starting in September so the Disney lockets will be sold individually as well but there is no word yet of how much they will charge per pitite Charm Pandora said probably around 10 to 15 dollars unless it’s a gold one then it’ll obviously be more money they probably said around 60 dollars to 80 per pitite charm but that’s just what’s rumoured so far & that’s what Pandora told me the other day when I stopped in

  15. & speaking of promos the promo in Canada really sucked

    It wasn’t a promo to get ANY item for 75 dollars it was get an item for 75 dollars that they had IN A BOOKLET & you had to pick one of the items that that spicific Pandora store had in the booklet you couldn’t just choose any item in the store which really sucked cause I thought it was get any free item for 75 dollars worth
    & it wasn’t the case at all it really sucked
    & the book offered charms that were either retiring OR charms that they had a lot of in stock & wanted to get rid of some of them & it had to be an item from the book it didn’t matter if it was a bracelet, charm, ring or earrings it just had to be from the booklet & if the item was worth more than 75 dollars than obviously you had to pay for the extra difference & you’d get 75 dollars off

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