Today marks the next big event on the Pandora calendar, with the launch of the Pre-Autumn 2017 collection! This release offers up some new friendship-themed charms and bracelets, plus a couple of girls’ night out beads.

As is typical for Pre-Autumn, the launch is only small, and is limited to new bracelet and charm designs. For a full overview of all the new things coming out today, please see my HQ preview here. Otherwise, read on for some live images and my thoughts on the new pieces! :)

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017 Collection Live Shots

This great photo by Pandora Bijoux Jamaica shows off all the new pieces, including the new friendship bracelets. I can’t quite work out what I make of these from the live shots alone – it’s hard to get a feel for the quality of the fabric from them, or how the closure works, but the colours seem very vibrant.

Image by Pandora Bijoux Jamaica

One of my favourite shots I’ve come across, however, is this one from Pandora’s FAshion Place. Here you can see all the new enamel brights working together, along with the softer colours of the new friendship-themed heart dangle, and the silver bears. I do like the little heart closures of the new bracelets, too!

Image by Pandora Fashion Place

Some more close-up shots are available in the gallery below:

If you’re in the US, many stores are offering a flash GWP – this tote bag with spends of $125 USD between the hours of 5 and 9pm. The bag has a retail value of $45 USD.

My Comment

I’ll be honest and say that this collection isn’t for me, overall – the friendship charms are similar to things we’ve seen before, whereas the brighter enamel charms don’t fit that well with the beads I have. The one charm that I am so tempted by is the adorable cocktail glass. I love the combination of pink and orange, and I’d maybe like that one on its own on a fabric bracelet or a black leather, perhaps. So that’s my potential pick for when I go away on holiday next week and I’m looking for a little memento! :D

What do you think of this latest launch? :)

65 Comments on Pandora Pre-Autumn 2017 Collection Debuts

  1. Hi Ellie,

    I got a sneak peak at the new collection 2 weeks ago, in a concept store. The cocktail glas is bright in colour but lots of fun. It’s the only thing I fancy but, just my luck, my local store-in-store called me yesterday to say that the new collection had been delivered… with the exception of the cocktail glass – typical.

    The fastener on the bracelet is cute, but I didn’t like the fabric. The concept photos showed nice round strands but in reality they were squashed flat almost – probably because they are so thin. The smallest size was a bit neat on me and the larger size too big, so I don’t think I’ll be needing one of these.

    Have a nice day!

    • Hi Brenda! Aw, no! I haven’t had a chance to go and see the Pre-Autumn launch yet, but the cocktail glass is the only one I’m really considering :) I am so curious to see the new bracelets in person, but I don’t think I’ll end up with one. I just have so many, I can’t see myself opting to wear one instead of my silver or leather bracelets!

      have a nice Sunday! <3

  2. In the neterlands only the purple, light blue and the pink are released. Thats a real bummer for me beceause i wanted the green/grey and the dark blue

  3. I think I’m safe from the Friendship bracelets after seeing how they fasten, and the sizes. 16cm would be perfect, but impossible to fasten on my own given the closure, and 18cm is just too huge.

    • Haven’t seen the bag in person, but to put a price of $45.00 retail on it sounds way too high. I would say $20.00 is closer to the value. Will go to store today and report back.

      • My closest store is a two hour drive one way. :-) No, I won’t be going in, but I thought if the bags have a retail price then maybe they’ll be for sale after the launch. Otherwise, why give a retail value if they’re just for the launch promo–they have no value if they’re not sold. Lol. If no one else finds out, then I’ll call the store and ask about the bags.

        • I’ve never seen them put the promo items up for individual sale. They assign it a retail value to tell the customers what a great item they are getting for free:).

          My store is only a few minutes away. I will pop in tomorrow or Saturday to take a look.:)

      • Items never sold have no value. Pandora can say they value the item at 45.00, but that’s meaningless in retail if no one has ever paid that price for the item. It might be an utter trash bag when seen in person. Better if Pandora had simply called it a gift made for the launch and left it at that, without adding the scam-triggering “value” to it.

        • Found something else; on the pandora estore site, it states that if you return your purchase from the tote bag promo, but don’t return the tote bag, they will refund you minus the $45.00 value of the tote. Maybe that’s also why they gave it a price.

        • Good find! I’ve never paid attention to whether or not the other GWP have values. But I collect funky bags, Betty Boop especially, so the bag caught me this time.

    • Fair enough! I am pretty sure I won’t be getting one but I’ll take a look in store when I get to one.

  4. Also, if the bag has a 45-50.00 retail value, can we buy it separately? It’s the only thing I like from this release. Lol.

  5. Nothing for me either. I´m afraid I´ve grown out of girlie things and anyway none of the pieces from these release is my style. That´s good, my bank account is a bit shaken at the moment after booking for the holidays.

  6. I don’t see anything I’m interested in, which is good because I like a few beads from the Autumn collection. I like the colors of the friendship bracelets, but they remind me of the multi-strand bracelets which felt to flimsy to me.

    • Me too – my Autumn wish list is so long at this point! Hopefully there’ll be some good promos :)

  7. Hi Ellie,

    Thank you for this informative post & lovely photos. My first impression a few weeks back when you introduced some of the new pieces was this collection is very similar to the Chamilia charms, these photos solidify that impression. On occasion I have purchased some Chamilia charms, especially some of their Halloween themed ones and most recently their retired initials charms.
    Pandora has been my preferred because they tended to use less enamel and CZ’s. I can certainly see the appeal of the new collection to some, I agree a few pieces such as the cocktail glass and clutch purse on their own could be quite playful but would not work iwith my current designs.
    I think I will wait for the larger fall release and reprioritize my purchases. As for the bracelets, my next investment in that department will be in another open bangle.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! You are welcome:) I love Chamilia’s Halloween beads, and the cool gift sets and packaging they always put together for them. That’s when I like Chamilia best – when they’re doing their fun, quirky seasonal beads. :)

      The Cocktail glass is adorable, but I also think it’s tricky to style. I’m thinking of putting it on the pink pave clasp bracelet I in the US sales, with the white orchid and the pink glitters. But I’m not sure yet!

      Thanks for commenting! <3

      • I’ve been playing with the new palm tree Medallion, the new medallion with the sunglasses, and the new cocktail glass. I put them with some Galaxy Spacers, the fascinating orange Murano, the white orchid dangles, the fish, and the Cosmic Stars clips in purple. It’s bright, but it works. I usually don’t use multiple colors on the same bracelet, but in the summer I wear a lot of light neutrals and white, so the bracelet doesn’t clash. I agree with you that the glass is hard to style. I think most of the enamels are. The glass bridges the two medallions – it’s on the sunglass one, and is the same color combo as the palm tree. Hope this helps.

  8. There is too much bling for me in this collection so I’m not planning on buying anything from it. I’ll save $ for the new Disney Bambi & Thumper that will be released later. Wish Pandora would do more organic types of beads, like some of the Trollbeads.

    • Bambi and Thumper are top of my list too! And yes, a little more variety would be very welcome. :)

  9. In Australia the Pandora site only shows the friendship bracelets in black, pink & grey/green. No blue!

    • Oh no – maybe some regions are releasing the other colours later in the year? It’s a bit strange!

    • Sounds perfect! :) Would wear mine with one of the new orchid beads I think – but I haven’t decided whether to get it or not yet!

  10. Hi Elllie! As I mentioned previously, the champagne bottle is a must have for one of my bracelet designs. The rest of them are cute, but not for me.
    Which is excellent news for my poor credit card!

    Like you, I’m on the hunt for a few of the older charms. I have the wind clips, and would like to have the fire and water ones as well. Don’t know how I missed them while they were out. And a double clip to make a necklace design I saw the other day.

    Thanks for the pics!

    • Hi Deborah!Haha, yes, I was glad to have a bit of a break with this collection too!

      Ah, lovely finds :) i have bought so many beautiful older pieces over the past couple of months – I’ve taken a break now and i’m hunkering down for the Autumn release. I bought a few of the older animals, plus some older decorative muranos and clips. I’m all set for the time being!

      Thanks for commenting :)

  11. No there is nothing I have added to my wish list here, I have not seen the bracelets in real life but in the pictures they look like hair ties you might put round your wrist – perhaps I’m just too old for that type of look. I don’t mind that there is nothing for me this time as I am so excited for the launch of Disney charms in October, I am saving up for then! Thanks for the preview Ellie!

    • You’re welcome! Glad that you’ve got some things to look forward to later in the year at least. I’m not too broken up about this collection either as Autumn andWinter are big hits for me :)

  12. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the Pre-Autumn Debuts. I saw this collection last week when I took part in the promo. The Friendship bracelets come in nice colors, but are not for me. The heart clasp is cute, but very hard to open and close and the fabric very thin. I agree, the cocktail glass is cute, but I decided to go with the Night Out and Sparkling Stiletto for more versatility. I do like the Champagne Bottle, tho’. I got the black/pave’ Clutch, as I’m always looking for something in black. I picked up the smooth Open bangle during the promo and I love it! Perfect for showcasing muranos or those hard to style charms. The free tote is cute and the quality is there, but I doubt I’d hit a $125 spend just to have it.

    I’m most excited for the Autumn/Winter releases. Any news on a US promo for September? A Spend/Save would be great.

    Hope you’re having a great week. As always, looking forward to your next post!

    • Hi Emily,
      I asked my concept store manager (in the US) about a spend and save promo and she was thinking that she did hear that there is going to be a spend and save in September but she had no particulars, so I really hope she is correct.

      • Hi Katie,

        Thanks for the encouraging bit of news. The lady over Pandora at Jared’s had inquired regarding taking some vacation time off and was told she was safe until September. I’m soooo hoping for a Spend/Save event. There’s a good many charms I’d like to have from the Autumn release.

    • Hi Emily! No, I am never as keen to hit those spends for more novelty items such as an umbrella or a bag like this, cute as they are! I like to get free jewellery or pretty boxes as a rule!

      I haven’t heard the promo line-up for the rest of the year, but I do have more previews and news coming up so there’s that! :) Have a great Sunday!

  13. Hi
    This collection charm-wise for me is very poor , however I do love the variety in color of the friendship bracelets and look forward to seeing how they look in person ( hopefully the clasp hole won’t stretch over time) apologies if the question was asked already but I remember you posted three stripes Muranos ( different colors ) weren’t those supposed to be released pre-Autumn as well ?

    • Hi Alex,
      Maybe Ellie can fill you in more, but I asked my concept store manager (I am in the US)
      about those three stripe muranos and she said that my store has them on order and she expects them to be in store soon.

      • Hi Katie , thanks so much for checking , and wow such great news , from
        The one photo I saw on Ellie’s blog they were all great and something fresh and newer for Pandora , let’s keep an eye out :)

      • Hi Katie. Are you talking about those three Muranos Ellie put in her original Pre-Autumn preview that she said were initally supposed to be released in 2013 and that come in three colors? If so, this is very exciting news, as I love these Muranos–especially the pink and black–but thought they would never actually be released!

        • Yep, the store manager said it was those three stripe muranos from Ellie’s pre autumn post, so I am hoping she is correct and isn’t confusing them, but she seemed to know exactly what I was asking about right away.

    • Hi Alex! Katie’s news sounds exciting but personally I haven’t heard any more about those muranos… the only murano I’ve seen previewed is the new golden glitter stripe murano from my Autumn preview post. Would be so nice to see those striped colours coming out though! I would love to do a pink and black theme :)

    • I wanted those muranos too! So I called one of the corporate owned pandora stores, and the manager said no such muranos are coming out. It’s possible they may come out later and she just hasn’t been informed. I don’t know:(

  14. Hi ellie im not a great fan of this collection I will be interesting to see the new bracelet but nothing I’m dying to see. Have a good holiday ellie where are you going. I’m in Spain at the minute and one if the shop has a pandora sale I think it’s on till the 29th July.

    • Hi Nicola, ooh I’m off to Spain as well! I get there on the 28th, so if the sale is running until the 29th, maybe I’ll get to take part :) but I’ve found more than enough bargains as it is if not haha! thanks for the tip!

  15. I find the friendship bracelets very sad and cheap looking and don’t like anything from this collection… but Thank you for the update !

  16. Awe I wanna see the floating locket pitite charms & all the Disney pitite charms besides the 3 that we already know about

    • I’ve shown you all the one the Autumn ones, it’s just Winter and Disney to go. I’ll have a new preview up soon, okay? :)

  17. I agree with many others that perhaps the friendship bracelets are more for the younger people, my daughter for instance likes them, although I am not too sure about the fastening part, looks a bit flimsy. I would be wary of putting anything of real value as a charm on them. I like the look of some of the Autumn things to follow like the leaves openwork charm. I am also looking forward to purchasing a floating locket with the new designs.

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