Today’s post brings a heads-up that US shopping site Rue La La are hosting another sale on Pandora on Sunday (23 July)! The sale will offer discounts of up to 50% on retired Pandora products, starting from $23, and usually includes charms and other jewellery.

Rue La La have left me know that NFL beads will be included for the first time in this sale – I don’t know whether we can expect other new styles, but it’ll be fun to see on Sunday!

I get asked this question a lot, and so I’ll answer it here to be clear: Rue La La are an authorised US Pandora retailer and only sell the genuine article! So you can buy with confidence – I have been doing so for years.

The sale starts on Sunday (the 23rd of July). Rue La La have said that the sale is due to finish on Wednesday the 26th. Just a reminder, also, Rue La La have started offering international shipping to a select number of countries, and offer proper integration with international credit cards now! Plus, for certain countries (not all, apparently), if you spend over $100 USD, then you only have to pay $9.95 USD to ship internationally.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my affiliate invite link to access the website. Happy shopping!

36 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora sale starts at Rue La La on Sunday!

  1. I am so grateful for your updates on Rue LA LA sales! I’ve purchased several charms thru them! Great deals!

  2. Oh!! NFL charms!! That makes me the happiest! I have the Steelers helmet but also want the dangle. Hopefully they have it!

    Question – as a new collector (just started this year) I wasn’t sure how often Pandora came out on Rue Lala. Is this normal to previous years? Seems like they are on there a lot … I’m not sad about it, just curious ?

    Thank you for the updates and still being my blog of choice for my Pandora news!

    • Pandora sales on Rue used to be infrequent and there would be something of a mad frenzy every time one came up, haha. Nowadays they run regularly once a month, and there are often secret sales and little mini bargains in between. Pandora retire things in much greater quantities these days, so I think Rue La La have a lot more stock to sell then they used to!

      Thank you so much! <3

  3. With any luck, that’s all the new stuff they will have. My credit card needs a rest!

    Thanks for the heads up.

    • Aha, I’m always torn! I want to see new things, but I also can’t spend any more money after all my sales indulgences..!

    • I saw that! I don’t really get their secret sales and how they work (in terms of who can access them), so I tend not to post about them.

      • I think it’s just whoever gets the email sees the secret sale on sign-in. I’ll probably look at this new sale today, but given I’m still waiting for my orders from the July 9 Moonlight sale, I think I won’t buy until next sale. Shipping times are getting longer all the time and so many mistakes.

        • Wow another sale! I know I should not have looked since I just got my last order last Friday. My husband thought it was way too soon to get Xmas charms lol??

          I just ordered three muranos (folklore, cherry and daisy) and the light blue leather bracelet. I need colors for this new Xmas bracelet.??

        • Men! It’s never too early for Christmas charms!!! :-) Whenever I say to my husband, “Rue is having another sale,” he replies, “You better get in there then.” He has a Thomas Sabo list of items he likes for me and wants me to get.

          I got my July 9 – 10 Moonlight Madness orders yesterday, and 2 of the 5 bracelets are the wrong size, again. Not Rue’s fault though as the packaging is Pandora and the label gives the proper size that should have been in the package. In the stores that error would have been noticed because they measure all bracelets before handing them over, usually 4 or 4 times. Lol. It’s a good thing I’m full-up with Essence strands now; I have enough for all my 17 beads, even if I get more.

          I didn’t buy from this recent sale–it’s all the same stuff, I think, except for the NFL.

  4. WOW! A sale on NFL Charms! That’s awesome!!! And who knows, I might find a New York Giants charm. Happy shopping Ms. Ellie.

  5. I still have “free shipping” since I made a purchase at the last Rue sale, so I may get something. I think there are more Pandora Rue sales now since Pandora cranks out a lot of new jewelry and has to retire items to make room at the stores for the new items.

    • Me too! :) I think you’re right about that – although it’ll be interesting to see if Pandora NA continue their official sales and, if so, how that impacts on Rue La La sales going forward.

    • How do people get free shipping? I’m in Canada and I’ve bought from every sale until this one, and I’ve never got free shipping. Is it only for certain countries, or certain spends?

      • HI LOLA,i’m very new to purchasing from rue they gave me 1mth free post however no code so couldn’t apply As im in aus I have to go through border free for my purchases since registering with them I have received free post offers

  6. Ellie
    know this is off-topic but in several of your post I have seen you wear the beaded Tiffany bracelet and I was wondering is it the bigger beads 8mm or the smaller beads 4mm?
    And do you shower with it?

    • I have the smaller one :) It’s very dainty! I don’t shower with it, no – I treat it according to the same rules as I do my Pandora. The soap can create a film on the silver and tarnish it.

      • Thanks how often do you wear it? My husband just bought me one and I love it!
        Wanting to wear it everyday with my pandora charm bracelet but scares it night get scratched and banged up
        Especially since I work at a desk all day typing
        What are your thoughts?

      • Man my last post wasn’t typed correctly guess I should have had my coffee first
        Thanks how often do you wear it? My husband just bought me one and I love it!
        Wanting to wear it everyday with my pandora charm bracelet but I am nervous it might get scratched and banged up
        Especially since I work at a desk all day typing
        What are your thoughts?

  7. Thank you for the heads-up on the sale! I’ll definitely check it out!

    The Asian Sunny Doll Charm is now listed on the Pandora web site – but not available. Also I was told by the manager of my Pandora store that the Origami Crane Hanging Charm and the Chinese New Year 2016 Lucky Pig will be shipped to her store soon (be sure to check your stores!)

    • Hi Danielle! Yes, that’s correct – a bunch of Asian exclusives are coming to NA this season! :) I wrote about it in my Autumn updates if you want to see the full list. Enjoy shopping Rue La La! <3

  8. I just checked Rue lala site, and I am not able to see the icon for Pandora. This is the second time it happened to me. I’ve noticed this happening whenever I had previously ordered a pandora charm, and then another sale for Pandora happens within my 30 day shipping window,.

  9. So So Happy ordered for the first time on the full moon sale delivery came today was’nt expecting so soon down here in AUS have placed two more orders since sunday the sales need to stop for a while i’m getting broke

  10. I missed out on the last Rue La la promotion……does anybody know when they will be likely to have another Pandora sale ?

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