Today’s post brings my next Pandora AW17 preview, with a full look at the Pandora Disney Autumn/Winter 2017 collection! I previously posted a couple of sneak peeks, but we now have good quality stock images, prices, and the full set of new beads coming out for this collection.

Pandora always release two sets of Disney charms with each collection – one that’s exclusive to Disney Parks locations and one that’s sold in both the Parks and Pandora concept stores. The charms pictured here will be those sold in all locations. They should also be launched in all regions that carry the Disney line.

My understanding is that the first set of Mickey/Minnie petites will be out with the Autumn 2017 collection at the end of August, with the other charms due out for Winter 2017 in November.

Pandora Disney Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection Preview

FIrst up, we have nine new Disney Petites, all Mickey & Minnie themed. There are sparkling classics (top row) that are suggested to be worn together, and then some bright enamels to represent Mickey & Minnie’s signature items of clothing. Mickey’s glove and shorts are really wonderfully distinctive, but I’m not so sure that I’d have got Minnie’s skirt without being told!

pandora disney autumn 2017 Petites

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Sparkling Mickey & Minnie Petites – $25 USD / $30 CAD

All other petites – $20 USD / $25 CAD

Next, we have the regular Moments charms, which I think will be coming out for Winter. The Love Icons charm is a limited edition for the holidays, but the rest are regular additions to the Disney line-up!

pandora disney autumn 2017 Petites

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Bambi & Thumper – $50 USD / $55 CAD each

Lilo & Stitch – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Mickey & Minnie Love Icons (limited edition) – $125 USD / $140 CAD

Expressive Mickey – $65 USD / $75 CAD

My Comment

As you know, I could not be more thrilled for Bambi charms, and I already have a bracelet made up and ready with two spaces for each of the dangles! I’m a little concerned that they might be a tad heavy/clunky, but the detailing on their faces looks adorable, and you can appreciate it more from these stock images. The bright sapphire enamel of Stitch on the L&S charm is very pretty, too, but I have never seen that film!

The Mickey/Minnie petites and charms interest me less, primarily as they’re very similar to what has been put out before – but it’s cool to see them in Floating Locket form, too.

What do you think of this set? Does anything take your fancy?

37 Comments on Pandora Disney Autumn/Winter 2017 Full Preview

    • My guess is that the price is for each individual charm, not the set of three. Pandora’s prices on their website for other Petites sets range from $30 to $50 per set of three, and Disney charms are always higher than similar non-Disney charms.

      • There actually is no such thing as & pandora charm being non Disney
        That doesn’t make any sense at all

        The ones you call non Disney are just considered as normal pandora charms cause their in the normal pandora charm line
        I just wanted to let you know
        There’s no such thing as non Disney
        it’s either Disney or it’s not
        But there is such thing as Disney exclusive & non exclusive
        & there just normal Disney charms but that’s it
        That’s as far as Disney items go
        Some items only belong to Disney Store & some are only to the Disney Parks

        • It’s simply a matter of terminology. By non-Disney charms I meant Pandora charms that are not created under the agreement between Disney and Pandora and are therefore not Disney-themed. Regardless of the locations where charms are sold, all Disney Pandora charms cost more than similar normal or non-Disney Pandora charms.

  1. Thank you for the wonderful post! I love Disney. I had been waiting to see images of the Disney petites ! <3 Hopefully I'll be able to get an enamel Minnie for my floating locket . I'll eventually have to have thumper too :)

  2. Hi Ellie I commented back on your last post about Tiffany bracelet I know you have been busy but I was wondering
    Howoften do you wear it? My husband just bought me one and I love it!
    Wanting to wear it everyday with my pandora charm bracelet but I am nervous it might get scratched and banged up
    Especially since I work at a desk all day typing
    What are your thoughts?

  3. Hi Ellie
    Thumper will definitely be coming home with me. Not only do I love the Disney movie, but my very first pet was a rabbit called Thumper?. Thanks for the memories Ellie.

  4. Yes, please!

    Definitely Bambi and Thumper. Love the Petites too! And the expressive Mickey!

    Just when I thought my checking account was safe… *Sigh*

  5. Bambi and Thumper are cute, but they do look clunky, not much drop, I think that’s why. It’ll depend really on length. Pandora doesn’t give dimensions, but other shops do, so when these come out people can judge before buying online. Pandora should add charm dimensions to their online info.

  6. I am absolutely in LOVE with the Mickeys!! I’m a HUGE fan of him/ OMG those petites!!! Can’t wait!! Thank you for the post and pictures!!

  7. Bambi and Thumper will take a place on my childhood reading bracelet. Now, I need Lady and the Tramp! Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Oh, how I so agree, I could go on for ever, my biggest wish snow white and the 7 dwarfs, I think I would have to robe a bank. hope these would be enameled. Bought up on all these great movies snow white is as old as me, bought my kids up on Disney too. such wonderful memories.

  8. Lovely post! You always help me keep up with the latest news! :) Do you know if there will be any promotions for the US in August? I’m having the hardest time finding this out. Thank you!!

    • In the U.S. September is usually the month they have a big promotion. it used to be a free bracelet with purchase, but i think last year it was a free charm. so who knows what it will be this year.

  9. I’m glad DISNEY is doing animal charms. but I think they should be finishing the princess charms too. I’d like to see a dark blue signature murano for Merida and maybe a charm with her on her horse. Maybe an Autumn leaf colored murano for Pocahontas, they could even have leaves in it. And how about Mulan and Tiana, hope they dont just leave them out.

  10. I’m safe from these Disney ones for a while. After seeing the Alice teacup, Dumbo and Carousel, i’m hoping they continue with ride themed charms! I’d love a haunted mansion hitchhiking ghosts bead ;) and i’d also like them to continue with the princess dresses, especially Tiana and Moana!
    Quick question for you (unrelated to this post! sorry about that!). The “girls’ night out” promo in Canada that is happening in August for the free tote, is that the same tote that is shown in the Pre-Autumn debut post? With the lips and lipstick on it? Or is there a different one for that promo? Thanks for any info :)

  11. Hi Ellie,

    This is no doubt a welcome post for the Disney collectors out there. I have a couple Disney muranos. I will say find myself drawn to the Thumper charm, perhaps a nice Bunny edition to my Easter Bracelet. I will wait for your review as I too am wondering how weighty these dangles will be.
    Thanks again for a wonderful review.

    Lisa K.

  12. Hi Ellie,
    Great post about the Disney charms. It is always exciting to see a new preview from you. It’s the Expressive Mickey for me all the way. I have a black and white Mickey bracelet and this will be an absolute perfect addition. I may get Thumper as well for one of my other themed bracelets, but I will have to see it in person first.

  13. Haha I would not put it past myself to eventually collect all the moments charms… but to begin with I will definitely buy thumper and Bambi! I think they be similar in size to Maximus! They’d look sweet with some cherry blossoms I think. The scene that stands out in memory from Bambi is when all the animals fall in love during springtime, and Bambi gets his antlers stuck in a branch of tree blossoms and shakes all the petals down.

  14. I will probably get one or both of these. I’d like to see them first. They both would look good with the field of flowers muranos. That’s great that you already have a bracelet ready and waiting!

  15. Thanks Ellie for your Disney preview; my favorite! My butterfly bracelet will be complete with Thumper and Bambi. I might just add my daisy and cherry murano coming from Rue La la. One of the reasons I prefer long bracelets to get extra space hahaha Having Disney character charms adds joy and they are fun to design.???

  16. Thanks Ellie for your Disney preview; my favorite! My butterfly bracelet will be complete with Thumper and Bambi. I might just add my daisy and cherry murano coming from Rue La la. One of the reasons I prefer long bracelets to get extra space hahaha Having Disney character charms adds joy and they are fun to design.?

  17. Hi ellie any news of the colection coming to the UK ? the bambi pieces ate really cute I actually really like the lio and stich charm a lot more u really like petit pieces too.

  18. Any news the the uk bracelet promo? I’m sure I read that it was going to be the 27tthof July but then I couldn’t find the post.

    • Yep, 27th July and it’s on for 10 days. £125 – £145 spend, both online & in store. The choice is-£125 silver bangle, silver barrel clasp snake chain or silver heart clasp snake chain OR £145 Rose bangle, rose barrel clasp snake chain or Silver Pave heart clasp snake chain. (info from Pandora FB and people who work there)

  19. Hi Ellie,
    I want Bambi, Thumper, Lilo&Stitch, and Expressive Mickey. I’m really interested to see what park exclusive charms they put out! I really hope they are based on rides. I think it’s going to take me a while to get all these, because I have a little bit of a backlog of charms that I want.
    I hope they avoid the princess dress/shoe/tiara charms going forward. I didn’t care for those very much. It would be nice to have the glass charms and an animal character and/or a charm like the fairy one for Sleeping Beauty or the Snow White 80th anniversary charm for the other princess movies they haven’t done yet. I’d really like to see the carpet, lamp, or Genie from Aladdin also.

  20. My posts aren’t posting for some reason :/ I love seeing Disney updates, can’t wait for them to be released in Europe! We Thumper and Bambi, they would be the perfect gift for my mother for Christmas. Off topic but I’ve just seen a post on Pandora’s FB page that there is a offer on from tomorrow for 10 days-spend £125 – £145 to receive a free bracelet, online & in store. The choice is-£125 silver bangle, silver barrel clasp snake chain or silver heart clasp snake chain OR £145 Rose bangle, rose barrel clasp snake chain or Silver Pave heart clasp snake chain. Don’t think I will take part as waiting for the Disney release, Christmas promotion and hoping for a promo on rings(Don’t think I’ve ever seen one in the UK though?)

  21. So for the pattie charms
    Are they really gonna be sold separately or sold together as a set OR are we gonna have both options

    I personally hope that we get both option

    Where they sell the sparkly set together for 30 dollars & charge 12 dollars if you wanna buy them individually which would be only fare if you have to break up the set but tat least we would have the option to either get one pitite or buy them as a set of 3
    I really hope they keep this idea as an option cause if I have to pay 30 dollars for 1 stupid patite I’m gonna freak out cause 30 dollars for 1 & if you get all 3 that’s 90 friggen dollars in CAN & 90 dollars for 3 little patite charms is WAY not worth it there’s so many other things that I could get for 90 bucks

  22. & really pandora is gonna pass up the opportunity to come out with new Lion King charms?
    The Lion King movies are due out for another realease on Blu Ray this August of 2017 which will join the Walt Disney signature collection & I knew the lion king was gonna join the signature collection someday I was just waiting for pandora to respond to this idea & they know Lion King is coming out

    • Hi
      The new Lion King action movie is due out summer of 2019 and my hope is that we are not disappointed by Pandora! Please, please- Pandora , release our Simba full bodied charm. Some of us have been waiting since the original blockbuster was released! Not to mention all the millions of us who have sen it on Broadway? / 3 times ! ( ha, ha)?

  23. Thank you for your lovely post as usual. I will defo get a Bambi charm irrespective of size, length Etc. My Mum used to call me Bambi when I was a baby. xx

  24. Hi
    I’m just wondering if there has been a release date for the Disney floating locket yet?? Anywhere in the world?? Or Australia??
    Thanks so much for help??

  25. I see that the Disney charms already have been released in Europe. When will the release date for the United States?..

    • I live in the United States and found Lilo and Stitch and the other Disney charms in my Pandora store, you have to ask them because they have not started to advertise them yet.

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