Today’s post brings (on time, for once!) my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for August 2017 – and beyond! There’s lots and lots going on this month, with the next big collection launch and several promotions to look forward to.

This month’s round-up will be a little shorter than usual, as I’m still catching up post holiday! I had such a wonderful time in Barcelona, and very much enjoyed switching off from everything for a week, but I’ll be getting stuck into comments and social media etc from this week onwards. :) There are some interesting tidbits included this time around, however, including some more info on the release of the silver mesh bracelet that got previewed last year but never released – so read on! :)

Pandora Autumn 2017 Collection Release

The biggest event will be the next major Pandora collection launch, with the release of the Autumn 2017 collection on the 31st August. You can preview most of the collection through looking through the Autumn 2017 collection tag – the launch focuses on geometric designs and hearts, although there are a few fun wild card pieces in there as well: a panda, a couple of new safety chains, and more!

Pandora UK Glamour Kit Promotion

Pandora UK will be running this fun little GWP over the August bank holiday weekend, from 24–28 August, giving away a free Pandora glamour kit with spends of £99 or over. I was lucky enough to get to go to the Pandora UK summer party in London over the weekend, and got to take a little sneak peek at the kit early.

The kit (in blue or pink) contains a Pandora nail file, a nail polish, a little Pandora cosmetic mirror and a Pandora sparkly pouch. The kit itself is in a gel bag with Pandora logos and symbols floating in it. :D

Pandora North American Promos

First of all, there will be a ‘Girls’ Night Out’ promotion in August, running in Canada from the 10th to the 20th: spend $150 CAD and receive a Pandora tote bag.

The next tidbit of news is not coming up in August, but a little further afield – the following event is coming up in North America next month! Running from September 12 to 17, Pandora will be offering money off your purchases if you hit certain thresholds. The prices on the poster below are for Canada, but I would assume that this will be running in the US, too.

Pandora NA September Save More event
(prices in CAD)

With the Pandora Autumn 2017 collection coming out a couple of weeks previously, I’m sure that there will be things to tempt you into those spends! ^^

Pandora Moments Silver Mesh Bracelet Release

My final item of news will, no doubt, make many people happy to hear! :) Last year, the appearance of the following beautiful textured mesh bracelet in a Pandora Autumn 2016 campaign image prompted some excitement; however, the bracelet never materialised, and sources suggested that it had been delayed indefinitely.

Pandora Autumn 2016 Preview

However, I’ve just heard that this bracelet should now be being released for the AW17 season! The bracelet appeared in a news update sent to stores in North America, and I’d presume that the rest of the world should be seeing it too (I certainly hope so!). *UPDATE* I’m told that this is due out on 1 September in North America, retailing at $60 USD. :D

We also have a bit more information about the bracelet. Described by Pandora as having an ‘edgy aesthetic and luxe vibe’, the bracelet’s effect is created by placing a sterling silver mesh tube over a titanium core – so the bracelet is not solid silver. This is designed to be worn with charms, although I don’t know how many yet, and will come in three sizes: 17, 19 and 21cm. :D

My Comment

There’s lots that I’ll be wanting from the Pandora Autumn 2017 collection launch, although I might be waiting until that spend & save promo to get it! The Shimmering Stripe muranos, the new enamel Panda, the two safety chains – and that’s just to start with. :D The silver mesh bracelet is also top of my hit list – I can’t tell you how excited I was to get that bit of news! I don’t have any bracelet designs planned that would really fit with it at this point, but I’m sure I’ll think of something. ;)

I haven’t bought anything from the Pandora Pre-Autumn collection yet, although I’m still super tempted by the gorgeous cocktail glass charm (especially since I got it painted on my nails haha). This lovely picture by @sarinak23 made me look at it all fresh, and it is super cute! <3

What are you looking forward to? Have you been buying any Pre-Autumn 2017 pieces?

47 Comments on Pandora News Round-up for August 2017

  1. I hate how all the cute promos that pandora gives out is always out of the us they give us a stupid cheap tote bag and not that cute little pouch ?

      • Touché ?
        But I wouldn’t call ot envy. For my part, when I seeall those promotions and discounts you get everywhere I feel bad treated. I paid as much for all Pandora items as every other lady in the eurozone and I supose it’s similar in Britain. So, why can’t I have the same treatment?. If beads in my country were cheaper, that would make up for it. But that’s not the case. I’m glad that you have your promos. I just feel offended because we are treated as if we were fool.
        Me and other spanish ladies want the same than everyone else. Not more, not less.

  2. THE MESH BRACELET!!!! YAHOO!! I had a couple of beads i was thinking of buying in the girls night event for the tote bag, but i don’t actually like it that much. I’m definitely going to wait for the spend and save event! Hopefully i can get the mesh bracelet and a couple of those stacking rings shown above!! September is going to be a good month :)
    THANK YOU for the update!! Made my day :D hahaha

    • Following up my own comment to add: have there been any previews/posts about the rest of the jewelry release for AW17? I really like the 3 ‘pointed’ stacking rings that are shown in the second campaign image shown on this page. I’d love to get some more information about them (and any other rings!) that will be coming out at the end of the month. I’m already planning out my spend-and-save for September!! ;)

  3. Yay! Spend more, save more again. I was hoping they would run it again this September. I love, love, love the mesh bracelet. I would probably wear it without charms though. There is a lot to love in the upcoming collections. I’ve been really good since the sale, saving up for September.

    Glad you had a great trip! And welcome back.

  4. Hi, Ellie! I absolutely adore Barcelona, so I’m sure you had a fabulous time. The panda and the mesh bracelet are my top picks for Autumn. As for the Pre-Autumn collection, I bought the Celebration Time champagne bottle to commemorate my son’s July wedding. Welcome home!

  5. Hi Ellie,

    Great news about the mesh bracelet! That is something I am interested in getting. Great for a Halloween design or for some of my abstract charms! I’m finally done my Masters Degree & will be convocating in October. The mesh bracelet would be a nice reward perhaps sporting my University initials & colours! I received a Pandora Promo notice today. The spend is $150 receive a Tote bag +$15 gift card. No substitutions. If you return what you buy to get the Tote bag you have to return the Tote or $60 will be deducted from the refund. I saw the totes a while back at my shop in shop,. The gals were sorting them out from their stock order the totes are ok but not something I would spend $150 to get. I really prefer the spend more save more! Took advantage of that last year & picked up some gold charms.
    Really looking forward to the fall release!
    Lisa K

  6. Hi Ellie

    Welcome back?. I was in my local Pandora shop yesterday buying more sale charms, yes if you ask the discontinued charms are still at sale price. Australia is starting the Ring Promo on Thurs 10th August, buy 2 rings get 1 free. I will definitely be popping back in to take advantage of this promo.
    I’m excited for the Autumn release but my plan is to hold off until we have the bracelet GWP promo. Love when I get something for free, especially if it Pandora lol?

    • I was tempted when I saw the ring promotion ! But I passed as the rings would probably end up just sitting in my jewelry box. I would love a bracelet (not bangle) GWP if we got one! I wouldn’t pass if we got one of those promotions. Been a lot of AU/NZ promotions the last few months, hard to participate in them all. I wish I had done the enamel bracelets one. But happy I could do the free earrings and the locket promotions.

      • I was so disappointed to miss out on the Enamel bangle. I rang 4 Pandora shops in my area, and all gone. I’m lucky enough to have both the pink and purple Enamel, at full price though? I am also enjoying all our promos. I’m trying to only buy at promo time even if I don’t really want the free gift as I know it will make a great gift for someone else?

        • It’s very wise! I’ve decided the same. I’ll be doing the November Christmas ornament promotion hopefully :) I do hope we get more promotions in the next couple of months before the Christmas ones start though :)

  7. Well, I guess now I can justify getting two of the blue snowflake clips, lol ;-). That’s £100, so almost just right. £99 is a strange amount.

    I really wish we could have the spend more save more promo here in the UK :'(

  8. Welcome back Ellie! You must be nice and tanned. I hear it was very hot in Spain. About time you got invited to a Pandora promotional event. Love the nails! My goodness, Pandora will have alot of bracelet options available once this new one is released It’s hard to keep up!

  9. Hi Ellie. WOW!, I can´t believe the mesh bracelet is going to be released. I fell in love with it from the very first moment. Shame that the smallest size ist 17cm, though- I really hope that it can be cut shorter. BTW is it a bracelet or a bangle?. I don´t know why I always thought it was a smooth bracelet. Not that I care, I like it either way, it´s just curiosity.
    I´m looking forward to seeing more A/W pieces althought I´m still considering a couple of them from the summer collection. To make it worse I want to take advantage of the sale running on the netherlandish and german pages. I´ll be spending my holidays in Hamburg, plus three more days in Amsterdam, so I can order and have it delivered to my hotel, yay!. And when I come back it will be time for the autumm collection to come out!!! Bad timing. Verrry bad timing. I already have a long wishlist. Again. Sometimes I hate Pandora.
    Glad that you enjoyed your holidays and thanks for this post.Very helpful as usual. Now I´m sure I´ll have to take a second job and work night and day to pay for my Pandora cuties, lol!
    Have a nice week ahead!

    • I was also wondering whether it was a bracelet or a bangle. The ones on the model’s wrist look different than the one in the stock photo. I would prefer a regular bracelet. And why only 3 sizes?

      • Yes, they definetely look different. And about sizes, well because those are the most popular ones. In my country a woman´s wrist is 17 cm on average. So 19 cm must be the most demanded size for Pandora standards. Then one over and one under. My problem is that I´m TOO thin for my age and height and quite often even the smallest sizes are a bit too big for me, so it´s a bit frustrating.

        • Pandora bracelets are meant for charms, so they size larger. Moments snake bracelets are impossible to wear alone as they pinch, even without arm hair. The model isn’t showing charms on the mesh bracelet, which is interesting. That might mean it’s more meant to be worn without charms, which would be nice if the silver is flexible, though the smallest size is still huge for me.

        • Ellie says above it´s thought to be worn with charms. However I think that it´s beautiful in its own right and I always imagined myself wearing one of them alone. If it happens to be rigid it will be pretty without charms, too.

        • I agree with you Marie, I think wearing it without charms would look chic. I will get one for sure if it’s not too pricey.

        • I also think these bracelets would be better without charms. They are too busy. If they look like the one s on the model I would consider them. The stock photo is very unattractive.

  10. Hi Ellie,
    I am very happy to hear about our next promo (Spend more Save more) here in Canada, so I will be saving until then. I want to get the Disney charms off my wish list ?

    The manager from a Pandora store mentioned that the tote bag is not so great so I will not show up to be tempted anyway.?

  11. Hi Ellie I think I might take part in the uk promo because there a few pieces I want. I would like the summer pink/orange leather then the button palm tree charm (I can never rember the names). I’m planning on building a sunset theme on my recent holiday the sunset were stunning and it inspired me. Iwas thinking about getting them but I will wait for the promo I would really be bothered about the little bag but if your getting something free I might as well.

  12. Hi Ellie I was just wondering if you had anymore news on those three murano. They were kind of stripe there was a white and pink, blue and pink then a black and white .

  13. Hi Ellie! I’m glad you enjoyed your vacation! I’m definitely most excited about the mesh bracelet. I didn’t think it would ever be released! It’s a must have for me. I would like to build a mini bracelet design using the Mint Glmmer Murano, the Shimmering Stripe Murano, and either the gold or rose Glitter Ball. I hope this design will work on the mesh bracelet. It’s good to hear there will be a spend and save promo in the US so I can take advantage. I also recently received some of the Pre-Autumn pieces for my birthday: the Glamour Trio, the Fruity Cocktail, the champagne bottle charm, and the Fabric Cord Bracelets in pink and black. You should definitely get the cocktail charm, Ellie. It’s adorable! I can’t wait to see the fall jewelry and full winter previews!

  14. FYI: I just got an email today (I live in the US) about a back to school promo running through the end of August. It is a silver chain necklace, a select murano of your choice and two select spacers of your choice for $99. Looks like the spacers are only the inspiration within but still seems like a good deal!

  15. Hi Ellie!

    I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip to Barcelona. I’ve never been, but I’ve heard it’s amazing. I’m sure your Pandora collection grew while you were away. Can’t wait to see the charms you picked up while vacationing.

    The summer party in London must have been fun! Neat manicure. You definitely need the cocktail glass and matching charm. I’m thinking you have the purple sunglasses already.

    There’s a good many charms I would like to have from the Autumn release…and now the mesh bracelet! I’ll be waiting for the spend/save event to make any purchases. I’ve seen the tote bag and it’s nice quality, but I’m not planning to make the $150 spend to get it. I’ll save my money for the September sale.

    I’m soooo looking forward to seeing the Autumn release in person and the release of the mesh bracelet! I think I’ll like it best without charms.

    It’s good to have you back. Thanks for the round-up!

  16. Ellie, thank you sooo much for that advance notice about the September save and spent event! I would have otherwise spent all my money on the tote promo which is so not worth it in comparison :) I have so many things on my wishlist it’ll be an easy promo to do…

    Just a quick question for you. You mentioned that some of the regional exclusives were coming to North America and in fact I’ve already seen the piggy bank, kangaroo, and koala in one of my local Pandora stores in Toronto, but, I was wondering if the Sunny doll was also coming to NA? I saw that the sunny doll is now on the Pandora website for Canada, and it even has a listed price in Canadian dollars which leads me to think it’ll be available soon – only when you try to add it to the cart it doesn’t let you. Do you know if it’ll be released here? I just can’t imagine why they’d list a Canadian price for it if it wasn’t, but maybe they always do that, I’m not sure! I really would like to find out because I’m going to Asia soon and might pick up a Sunny Doll while I’m there, but after conversion it is more than double what the listed Canadian price is currently on the website ($45!). Please let me know if you have any info on that charm, thanks so much!!!

  17. Hi Ellie I was wondering what size silver bracelet and double leather bracelet I should get currently I have a 7.1 silver bracelet and a 7 1/2 so silver bracelet which goes real low on my arm
    Ellie what size silver and double do you wear? With the double does it hang low on your arm?

    Also on the Tiffany bracelet question how often do you wear it? My husband just bought me one and I love it!
    Wanting to wear it everyday with my pandora charm bracelet but scares it might get scratched and banged up
    Especially since I work at a desk all day typing
    What are your thoughts?

  18. Hi Ellie,

    I purchased a love all around charm on the rue lala website last week and just received it, but I can’t seem to find the 925 ale marking on it… would you know where I should look for?

    Thank you so much for the link :)

  19. Hi Ellie!! I was wondering if you or anyone knows if Paris and Amsterdam have any charms that exclusive??! I will be visiting soon and wanted to know before hand.

  20. Hi! I just saw this morning, that the official German online shop started early (too early??) and the mesh bracelet as well as some of the new charms are already available :) – they only deliver to Germany and Austria.

  21. Elli, I just got a message from a friend in Germany telling me to take a look at their Pandora official site. The mesh bracelet is there along with some of the new charms, Yahooooo!!!!!!!!! I could enlarge the image and it´s beautiful. It´s also called a “bracelet”, though it looks so rigid, so it should be flexible. It will retail at 55 Euros. Apart from that, they have pics of some of the new autumn charms, too. THE paisley and heart openworks are priced at 29 E as well as those glittering golden, silver and rose. Ooooh, I´m travelling to Germany tommorrow!!!!! I´m in trouble.

  22. Hi Ellie,

    Do you know the save more event will be running in USA, or in Canada only during 12-17 September ?? Many thanks

  23. Hi Ellie . Can u help us to find out that the save more event will be held tomorrow in Canada or not ? Cause i dont see any upcoming events in Canada yet? Thanks

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