Good morning everyone! Today brings an exciting little promo for those of us in the UK, with a rather amazing offer of 3-for-2 across Pandora’s entire collection of charms. The promotion is available both in store and online.

You can choose from any three pieces across Pandora’s full range of charms, safety chains, spacers and clips – the lowest-priced item will be the one you get for free!

The promotion is available from today until 1st October, so you have a little while to make your choices, too, which is nice!

My Comment

I’m so glad that I waited out the US’s September promo, as this is rather a fun offer! I’m still debating what exactly I’ll pick, but I’m thinking it’ll be from between these things:

I’ve yet to get anything from the Pandora Autumn 2017 collection, so it’s exciting to make my first picks from it. On the other hand, the Cocktail Glass is probably my favourite Pre-Autumn 2017 piece – and would be a good reminder of when I went to the Pandora summer party and got my nails done:

This might also be a good opportunity to get the UK-exclusive Pudsey bear, if he’s included in the offer.

I find it interesting that Pandora is even doing a promo this good, however. It’s pretty much unprecedented for Pandora UK. I think I heard that recent collections haven’t sold as well, and maybe they’re trying a few new things to generate some more interest. What do you think?

Happy shopping! Are you taking part in this promo? If so, what are you getting?

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  1. I saw this promo in an E-mail a few minutes ago and came to this blog to see if it had been posted! I’m very tempted to take part, I was hanging on for the festive season but I could do with cheering up now :) It’s also handy, as my sister will be getting her first Pandora bracelet this year(from Father Christmas of course!) so I may purchase some for her as gifts. I am disappointed the UK didn’t get the Sweet panda charm thought, I was rather looking forward to it. S

  2. Oh, I thought it was tomorrow :-O. Good job I’m up early ;-). Well, thanks for letting us know, I’ll have to love you and leave you now as I have Pandora charms to order ;-).

  3. Already purchased!! Starting a new Rose Essence bracelet and bought 6 charms (for the price of 4 -separate transactions!). No bracelet yet but I’m hoping there’ll be a Disney launch promo.

    Bought Happiness and Affection in Rose and Wisdom, Generosity, Friendship and Happiness in Silver.

    Sooo pleased, they look so beautiful against the Rose bracelet.

  4. I’m glad those of you in the UK are finally getting a great promo! I wouldn’t be surprised if sales are down from the recent collections. I personally haven’t been interested in many of the beads in the latest releases, buy yesterday I did order the Asian Sunny Doll dangle from the US e-store. Have fun deciding what to get!

  5. I was originally told by the store that it started on Friday 22nd for 10 days and I had an invite to the VIP early purchase last night. I thought it was strange to have that vip night with Thurs in between it starting proper! I bought the pandora heart signature charm,the dazzling daisy charm and got a my second open Galaxy for free with a lovely white pandora tote bag. I also bought my second purple glimmer murano, second pink petite facets and got my second flower garden murano for free (and another bag). I’m not liking a lot of the new releases so I’m doubling up on my essential charmd instead to give a perfect balance on my bracelets. Happy shopping everyone. p.s it includes spacers and safety chains as well.

  6. I bought two opalescent pink facets charms (one for my daughter) and one white orchid charm as well as getting the tote bag. All lovely, great value.

  7. Does anyone know if the US market will have this promo? Or when and what the next US promo will be? (I know we just had the Buy More Save More and I certainly did buy!) I think I maybe a little addicted to the Pandora promos! Lol!

    • I took advantage of the buy more, save more (Canada), also! I thought this the best it could get promo for the North America Pandora! The next big one will be in March, I think!

    • In the U.S. the next promo will Probably be in October, but it might be a ring or earing promotion. For the last two years on black friday they have had a free bangle with purchase, (last year the bangle had a cz snowflake on the clasp. And also, for the last couple of years they have had a free charm with $100.00 spend promo right after Christmas/before New years. It was only at Pandora concept stores and the free charms you pick from were soon to be retired ones. This particular sale wasn’t advertised and is only for 1 or 2 days. If you want to take part just call yr local Pandora store at Christmas time and ask when it will be. I dont know if all these sales will stay the same or will still take place. Lately Pandora has been adding more sales and changing it up a bit. it seems like every month theres something going on though. Last month it was a save on purpose bangle event and before that a free pair of earings promo.

      • My store (not a Pandora Concept Store) told me the next promo is in early October. I thought she said the 4th but she might have said the 14th. Anyway, it will be “buy $125 and get one item up to $65 for free.” I actually like this promo the best of all they do especially if I am wanting an item that is around $65. I will be getting some the new rings.

  8. How do people get notified in advance of upcoming promos? I get the e-mails from Pandora and from my local stores when the promos happen, but how do common folks like myself get advance notice?

  9. I really like that gold version of the cocktail a lot better than the multi-colored version. You should definitely get that, Ellie, it looks a keeper. I’d love to see how you use it on a bracelet.

    • Hi Lola,

      I wholeheartedly agree with you the gold martini glass is the better choice. I think it would look quite elegant on a bangle or regular silver bracelet. Go for that one Ellie!

      Lisa K

  10. I’m definitly taking part I wonder if bracelets are included, I’ll probly take part near the end as its near to pay day lol. I heard there might be a promo when the Disney collection comes out.

  11. This is a great promo! Caught me by surprise as I wasn’t supposed to be buying anymore charms until the new year but how could I resist this?!

    I got 2 flower burst clips and the springtime dangle charm from my concept store today. I then got home and went online and I just bought the oceanic starfish charm and oceanic teal (silicone) clips – these were to go with the starfish dangle I just got for my birthday :-)

    Very pleased with my purchases but seriously cannot be buying anymore now until at least March!!


    • Hi Nicola,

      There will be two new breast cancer charms for 2017. One will be a silver heart charm with the breast cancer pink ribbon on one side and Hope on the other. The second will be a special edition of the pink shimmer murano which will have the pink ribbon and survivor along the side.. These will be available from October 1 -31. You can see these on The Art of Pandora if you’d like to take a look.

    • I third this! I hope you are doing well Ellie.

      By the way, there are two promos coming up in the U.S. From this Thursday through Monday, there is going to be a wide range of items (apparently 450!) on sale for 40% off (not a tiered discount). I haven’t seen which items will be available yet, but this sounds like a great sale! Also, from Oct. 12-22, you can get a free ring or pair of earrings (up to $65, with upgrades available) with a spend of $125.

  12. I would like to add my “two cents worth”!

    We really miss you and hope you are well, just working too hard, which we all must do at one point or another.

    Haven’t seen a whole list of the 40% off Fall Favorites yet, but I heard 450 or so items. Was in our local store today, and they didn’t have the list yet, so maybe it’s still being tweaked at corporate or something. Rumor has it that some of the new stuff is on there, like the glitter balls and the glistening shapes. Guess we will know on Thursday…

    Take care of yourself. Hope you are back soon. We enjoy your perspective as much as or more than the info you pass along.

      • I’ve just viewed the collection on the Pandora website-Nothing I really want, shame as I really like the look of the free clutch bag! haha. It’s a £99 spend for the free gift. I’m not really a fan of frozen,Cinderella and Mickey & Minnie-More of a snow white & Winnie the pooh fan. I’m gonna hod on for future releases.

        • Hello Sofie, I have viewed the collection too and agree with you. I did like the colour of the new Muranos though but over all think I will hold out for the Christmas releases as detailed by Ellie.

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