Pandora have been rather generous with the promos lately, and the trend continues today with a rather snazzy 40% off sale for the US! Running from October 5–9, the sale offers a generous 40% off ‘fall favourites’, which include a wide selection of beads both new and old, including some that recently launched with the Autumn 2017 collection!

The sale is available both online and in store – there are some in-store sale exclusives, too, I believe.

Pandora Free Ring Promo for Canada

Unfortunately, Canadians don’t seem to be included in this rather exciting sale – but there is a 3-for-2 offer on rings starting today. This runs a little longer until 15 October:

The US and Canada always used to share the same promos, but it’s funny how they’ve abruptly split off from each other this year.

My Comment

This seems like another very fun promo, and I’m extremely tempted by a few things I’ve spotted online. Hopefully things don’t sell out by the time I’m back from work, but the range of things included is rather show-stopping, so I need some time to browse properly! ? What with this and the Pandora Disney launch in the UK, I’m all turned around! Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like the Sweet Panda is included in the sale, though. :'(

Are you buying anything today?

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  1. This is nice for buyers in the luck, but unfortunately, Canadians are unlucky with Pandora. I’m not buying. I spent rather hugely during the recent Trollbeads free bracelet promo, which Canadians get online — thank you Trollbeads!!!!! Lol.

    • Yeah, the US promo does seem more exciting! :( It seemed fairer when the US and Canada pretty much always got the same deal :/

    • I bought 50% off Trollbead items including 100 cm amthyst necklace when I was in Hong Kong last month. I am not a ring person so will skip this promotion, wait until Black Friday to get the LE charm.

  2. I took a look at the website. Oh my… lots of goodies on sale. Mesh bracelet, dancing lion, piggy bank, newly released charms etc I’m so jealous. Hopefully there will be one like this in Australia.

    • I know, I was amazed! I added *so* much to my basket and then made myself take it all out again haha. ? In the end, I got the new two-tone safety chain but was super tempted by the new mesh bracelet, the flamingo summer bead, the wise owl, the best friends butterfly…

  3. The temptation was too great, so many things from my wish list on sale. I was surprised there were a lot of retired items (I shopped online with an authorised dealer, not Pandora estore). I put everything in my cart I wanted, but could only feasibly afford half of it. Stuck to things not available in Australia, mesh bangle, starshine spacers. Also got large locket necklace & shimmering endcaps for open bangle as the discount was so good!

  4. Does anyone know of Pandora stockists in US that would ship to Uk please? Has anyone done this.. if so do u incur custom charges?

    • Hi, I use a mail forwarding company to purchase from US as I am in Australia e.g. Shopmate, Borderlinx. Pandora stockists cannot post to outside their region. Even with this though, the Pandora estore won’t accept my PayPal or Australian credit card. So you have to find a stockists who accepts your method of payment with US delivery address. I then pay the mail forwarding company to post to me. Some mail forwarding companies do offer a concierge who will purchase on your behalf if your method of payment isn’t accepted (for a fee of course).

      • Please don’t use borderlinx as forwarding company as their service has been really really bad as of late. You can go to their FB page and you will see a lot of angry customers. I have items with them with many problems which I am so looking forward to ship right now. Initially they lost all of my items and I have to email them numerous times to search for them. When they did find them, they say the could not ship them as they contain prohibited item which my items have none. That too I have to email them and show my invoices. I use another shipping forwarder for several years and never this messy or complicated.

    • Not officially, no – retailers aren’t allowed to ship internationally. You can use a mail forwarding service, but there are usually customs charges, yes. I have a friend in the US who helps me with this kind of thing. :)

  5. oh yes, and also in the U.S. ,later in October there will be a free ring or earing sale with spend of 125.00

    • I have a mailing from Jared that says that offer is good from Oct. 5-15, online and in store, but I couldn’t get the offer to work online and it’s not mentioned on their website. The 40% off at Jared is good only in the store.

  6. I took advantage of this to buy some gifts for my mom who is starting her first bracelet. I wish I would have bought the eternity spacers when they were in the 50% off sale but I didn’t so I bought them this time (in case they are not included next time). I also bought a few ribbed clips bc I needed some and they came out to a good price – $15 each. I am sending my husband to get a few for birthday presents (the splash splash, charming owls, and money bag).

    • Oh that’s exciting! I could never persuade my mum to get into Pandora. She’s too harsh on her jewellery and was afraid of getting suckered into spending too much, too. Nice picks, the ribbed clips are very good staples. :) Enjoy!

      • I made my husband take to Pandora at the Mall on my birthday. He kind of felt guilty because he got his days mixed up and he thought my birthday was the next day. So, while on his guilt trip he bought the Pandora floating pendant, 3 petites-the white heart and each of our birthstones- and the Geometric ring! He also applied for a PANDORA CREDIT CARD!!! Come on Christmas!!!

  7. Hi Ellie!

    Welcome back. I went to Pandora Mall of America, or Be Charming, and went a little crazy. No sales tax, which helps when you are overspending. Got several things I needed to finish up some existing designs and started some new things. The suitcase, airplane, passport and globe clips for travel Story bracelet, plus the home sweet home for the end. The geometric Radiance in silver since I only bought the rose gold last time. The end caps for the open bangle. The galaxy Spacers, because I never got them for some reason. The glitter balls in all three colors. I may go back for more later today. I really want the family roots dangle.
    Oh no! But it’s a good sale. And then there’s Rue Moonlight Madness tonight…

    I was sorry the new sweet Panda wasn’t there either, but I want some earrings so I’ll get him next week. The origami crane too.

    It’s a Pandorasmorgazboard!

    Again, welcome back!

    • Deborah, I got up early to check out what was being offered at, and like you, I found a lot of charms that I wanted. And I do enjoy saving another 6.5% off the top with no sales tax. I have the suitcase and the passport on my travel bracelet and considered the airplane, but didn’t get it. Maybe I’ll see if it’s at the store this weekend.

    • Hi Deborah! Thank you! I so almost went a bit crazy, but managed to talk myself down, haha. I like that you went for a good mix of really classic pieces and some newer beads, as well. The Glitter Balls were a great release in the latest collection. I went for the two-tone safety chain in the fall favourites, but luckily didn’t see anything I wanted in the Rue sale!

      Aha, I love that term!! I must start using it posts more haha. Maybe to introduce news round-ups?!

      Thanks for commenting Deborah! ?

  8. The selection was much better with online jewelry stores than Pandora. My list of wanted charms is endless but I got a lot. Thank you Mora, I think your blog is informative and I enjoy it.

    • I know that and have the sale online. I think there were others but I don’t remember. might be another one…?

      • Precious Accents, Urban Fusion, Reeds, and Elisa Ilana are some I use. There is sales tax on these sites though.

    • It’s available at the US estore, and I think some other online retailers are doing it as well :) be charming are good as you don’t have to pay sales tax.

  9. Ellie glad to see you back as well!

    Does anyone know if the eternity spacer in royal blue is available anywhere or on a website? I desperately want two of those. I agree that the websites seem to have better items from what I saw. I even saw leather bracelets on one authorized site!

  10. I’m not there so nooo, but I just bought the Russian fairy tale fish localy! I didn’t know it was to be released!

  11. Hi Ellie!

    I shopped the Fall Favorites sale yesterday and picked up a few charms I had pushed to the “back burner” for a while. My budget was pretty much blown during the Spend/Save just prior, but I was able to get a pair of Open My Heart clips for my pave’ heart bracelet and a couple of Oriental Fans to go with my Lion Dance charm. I also picked up the adorable Piggy Bank I’ve wanted for so long. I was quite surprised to find it at my local Jared store. I was disappointed the Rose wasn’t included in the sale. I guess Pandora are confident it will be a big seller during the holidays. It’s gorgeous! Hopefully, I’ll be able to add some to my collection during the free ring or earring/20% event coming up soon. I’m sorry you didn’t get the cute Panda in the UK. I was able to get it during the Spend/Save.

    Hope your weekend is great. We’re getting prepared for hurricane Nate predicted for late tonight through early Sunday morning.

    It’s been so nice to see you on the blog again!!!

    • Hi Emily! Ah, lovely choices – the Asian beads are some of my favourites! Pandora are pushing Rose atm, so I would guess your reasoning is right. I didn’t take part in the spend & save so I could take part in this sale without (too) much guilt, haha. I got the two-tone safety chain, which will finish off one of my bracelet projects for this year, along with Bambi & Thumper when they come out. :D

      I did have a nice weekend, thanks! I had a mosey on down to store today to look at the Pandora Disney range in the flesh for the first time. :D Hope that all is well with you, and that your hurricane wasn’t too disruptive.

      Thank you! :D I needed a break, but it’s fun to be back now. :) Thank you for commenting!

  12. I think I went a little crazy with this sale. I bought another mesh bracelet because it was such a good deal and I got a bunch of charms and clips.

    I also got (via the SO) the new gift set that comes with a “I Love You Forever” bangle that includes a “Me, You, Love” dangle charm, 2 vinitage inital charms, and 2 clear Shining Elegance clips. The set also includes a pair of clear Dazzling Droplets stud earrings all packaged in a neat green travel jewelry box. Regular price is 299USD and it’s part of the 40% off sale, making it 180USD.

    • I don’t blame you! I was very tempted by the mesh bracelet myself as it was so cheap, but I had to remind myself that I saw it in store and wasn’t head over heels for it. It was nice, but I have so many bracelets that it has to be something show stopping for me.

      That’s a great deal on the set! Is it available online?

      • I couldn’t find it he set online anywhere, nor could he find any info on it. It was very odd. And I mentioned this at the store I purchased it from and the store manager said it’s supposed to be a Christmas set (similar to last year’s – the one with the silver carrying case) which I thought was odd since it t was part of the Fall Favorites Promo.

  13. And . . . I forgot to mentioned the store manager said Thursday’s (10/12) sale (which will run for a week or two) will be spend 100USD and get a free 65 USD ring for free (or a higher price ring but pay the difference). In addition, you can also use the 10USD offf that you get when you fill out the survey at the bottom of the store receipt (you get 10USD off for every 100USD you spend).

    I also saw a preview of the new items that will be coming out for Chinese New Year and Valentines Day. There’s a little Chinese man dangle charm that looks like the little Chinese girl dangle charm and for Valentines Day, there’s lots of neat items – eg. dangle heart ring!! (I love dangle rings). However, a lot of the items remind me about the Tiffany jewelry – heart locks and keys. Maybe some of you have seen the samples? If so, what do you think?

    • Thank you for the info :D The Valentine’s info doesn’t sound the most encouraging – I always hope, completely without foundation, that they might do something a bit different for Valentine’s Day each year. I do like heart-lock motifs though so maybe there will be something there for me! I have enough dangles for my CNY bracelet so would prefer a regular charm too… we shall see! ^^

  14. Hi Ellie! It is so nice to see you back and I hope you are doing well!

    I was so surprised to see this huge sale. Considering this is the second such sale in the U.S. within a few months, I wonder if Pandora is struggling with sales.

    I took advantage of buying quite a few things from the sale that have been backlogged on my wishlist for a while now. I got the Pave Inspiration Safety Chain, Red Pave Inspiration Spacer, Galaxy Spacer, two of the Green Radiant Droplet charms, the silver Smooth Clasp Bracelet, and the Ballerina Dangle Cham. I also bought the Silver Glitter Ball and Cascading Glamour Necklace as gifts. This was after spending quite a lot during the “Spend and Save” promo. Plus, I have a long wishlist from upcoming Winter Collefction, so I am in big trouble haha!

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