Today brings another post from me, with a quick updates post on several Pandora news items that have cropped up over the past couple of days! Pandora seems very willing to chop and change their promo schedule at the moment, throwing new ones in and changing existing ones, and it’s hard to keep up with haha. So I wanted to round up a few of the latest events going on!

On the agenda today, we have the Pandora Disney UK Winter release, October gift sets for the US, a promo for Canada, and more! :)

Pandora UK Disney Winter 2017 release

Collectors in the UK had a nice surprise on Thursday, as Pandora decided to release the UK’s Pandora Disney Winter 2017 charms early! These include muranos and characters from Frozen, the new Lilo & Stitch bead and – be still my heart – two beads from Bambi ?

I’m not sure why they’ve pushed this forward, and I’m excited that they did but it did put me to something of a dilemma – I was originally going to get Bambi and Thumper as part of my Christmas ornament GWP spend, but I was just unable to resist and got myself Bambi yesterday ?

You can still take part in the UK Pandora Disney clutch promo from some retailers online (until 25 October, officially), however, and perhaps your local store might have some left!

I have some close-up live shots of all the new pieces – how adorable is Thumper! :D and the blue in the Lilo & Stitch bead is super cute.

Pandora UK Ring Promo details

The other item of news I have for the UK is about the upcoming ring promo. I previously posted that this was running from 26–29 October, both in store and online; I’ve now had confirmation of the details, and this will be the usual 3-for-2 offer! :)

Flash sale for Pandora’s Canada

There’s an unexpected bonus offer running for Pandora collectors in Canada this weekend – until 23 October, the eStore online will be running a flash sale. If you spend $125 CAD online, then you get a free $25 savings card and free standard shipping. I’m pretty sure the original offer, when it first launched, included a jewellery box as well, but it seems to have sold out.

The $25 gift card will be shipped with your order, and will be redeemable both in store and online from 9–22 November.

Pandora October gift sets for the US

This is really late in the day to be clarifying this, but I am still getting a few questions about these Pandora US gift sets. These seem to be on sale this month, but only in store – I haven’t seen them advertised online anywhere. There are five gift sets, offering discounts from 20–30%. I’m not sure whether they will still be offered after October, or whether there’ll be fresh gift sets on offer for the Winter 2017 collection.

Our first gift set is the Love You Forever bangle set, retailing for $299 (RRP $415). You get to choose the two letter charms, and the bangle is inscribed with ‘love you forever’.

pandora gift set us october 2017

Meanwhile, the Pandora Rose Jewellery set retails for $379 USD (RRP $475), offering 20% savings.

pandora gift set us october 2017

Both sets come with a green leatherette travel jewellery box, as seen in this instagram shot from crisdacollections:

The following three sets come in the same Shine Bright keepsake box that was offered with the Cascading Glamour earrings last month:

The Sparkle and Shine earring set retails for $124 USD (RRP $180 USD).

pandora gift set us october 2017

The Pandora Rose Earring set is priced at $179 (RRP $230).

Pandora rose earring gift set 2017

Finally, the Sparkling Elegance set is selling for $99 USD (RRP $130 USD).

pandora gift set us october 2017 sparkling elegance set

Pandora Rose Australia & New Zealand promo extended

I previously posted an alert for the Pandora Rose promo running in Australia and New Zealand – this had now been extended until Sunday!

My Comment

There are just so many promos at the moment – it’s very hard to keep up! And way too many opportunities to spend your money, haha. I’m trying to be good and wait for my favourite promos of the holiday season – the ornament GWPs – but staying on the straight and narrow is tough!

I’ve already succumbed to temptation, too! I have just embarked on a whole blissful week off work, and I am SO excited! ? Greg, my boyfriend, is off for a stag-do this weekend, so I have gone back home to see my family. I was able to go for a mosey with them to look at the new Pandora Disney winter release in UK stores yesterday and came away with Bambi <3 but Thumper was beyond cute, too, and I didn’t have to plan my spending out, I would definitely have got him too! He’s even more detailed than Bambi.

I’m not planning on doing the UK ring promo, but it’s hard to plan out my spending for the holiday season at the moment, as I’ve not heard further details about whether there’ll be a Jared-exclusive Christmas ornament promo again like last year…

Have you taken part in any of these promos?

42 Comments on Pandora October 2017 Updates (UK Disney Winter release, US gift sets & more)

  1. We always get standard free shipping on orders over 125.00, so that’s not a deal, and 25.00 for 125.00 plus tax (140.00 total) to be spent only during Nov 9 to Nov 22… I’ll pass.

    It’s a start though, but they have to do better. Fingers crossed.

      • I’m not sure why they put the FREE shipping as if we don’t know it’s not a capital thing on a 125 spend. It’s a bit odd. There’s nothing good about this promo. It’s like Pandora just figured they finally had to do something for us online, so they did as little as possible, and didn’t bother to hide the fact. We’ll see what they come up with next for us; something a little more toward a real sale and a little less transparently reluctant to offer us anything of real value, I hope. :-)

        • I ordered some things online because it showed the jewelry box in my purchase and then about 15 minutes later I received an email saying the jewelry box portion of the order had been cancelled. I wouldn’t have bought anything if I knew they weren’t going to include the jewelry box. Not impressed, Pandora!

        • @ Lola I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! ^^

          @Sierra Aw, what a shame. Can you not cancel your order?

        • Sierra, that’s terrible. :-( More than an apology is necessary from Pandora. I had a similar event with Trollbeads and came out of it with what I should have had to begin with, AND an apology.

          Ellie, in my experience, it’s impossible to cancel an order from the Canada e-store. They dispatch so quickly, though delivery is very slow, all you can do is request a free postage label to return the items.

    • Hi Lola,

      I had to cancel one of my online orders last year and was able to do so via phone. The order had been listed as shipped but it hadn’t actually shipped..

      If you can’t cancel then you should definitely return and I believe returns are free.

      Best of Luck
      Lisa K.

  2. Hi Ellie,

    I love the retro Disney packaging! I have a couple Disney muranos and the Frozen Snowflakr CZ charm. The promos are flying out of every knook & cranny! I passed on the Canadian Flash promo. This has been an expensive week for me I finally convocated with my Master’ s degree. Between dinner out new outfit, and shoes, photos etc it all adds up! Hubby had already bought my grad gift during the spend more save more promo.
    I finished my Master’s Bracelet after my last course in July. I’ll have to send you a picture of that, it was four years in the making. Anyway, I am trying to hold out for the Christmas promo. You are right, there are so many promos! I’m happy to see Pandora offering more options around the globe. I know some a pandora fans from other countries have not had much in the way of promos, that seems to have shifted somewhat.
    Bambi would be hard to resist, he is adorable. I think a nice fall treat was in order, so why not Bambi!
    Thanks for another informative post. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing week off work, fall is a great time of year to take some vacation.

    All the Best,
    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! Oh, congratulations, Lisa! That’s wonderful. I would absolutely love to see your Master’s bracelet. Such an achievement! :)

      I know, I’m a sucker for packaging as well.And the Disney sleeves are pretty cute! I don’t think the lady serving me was going to give me one, but I explicitly asked if they had one they could give me, and she gave me this rather indulgent smile and popped one on the box for me, haha.

      The problem is that Bambi would be a good fall treat, but now I want a second fall treat and to go back and get Thumper! Bambi looks lonely on my bracelet ?

      My relaxing week is still to come! I had a day off on Friday but the week off proper starts from this coming week :D

      Thanks for commenting Lisa, and congrats again :)

  3. I was at the Pandora store here in the US and the only promo I saw was the ring/earrring promo. No gift sets promo. I too will be buying the Bambi and Thumper charms because they are cute, but waiting for the GWP promo. I wound up buying the black cat Halloween charm and a braided leather bracelet to put it in. Unfortunately the store has only receiced one of the 4 Halloween charms so far, so I’ll check back with them on Monday because I want the My Boo charm. They already received the Christmas charms too, but those can wait until next month.

    • Mary,

      I’m in the US and 3 of those sets (Love You Forever bangle and the 2 earring sets) we’re part of the 40% off sale from about a week ago. I mentioned / inquires about the bangle set in Ellie’s post regarding
      the 40% sale as I got one but no one seem to know about it. So those 3 sets in particular are not a deal since you were able to get them for 40% off the price they are advertising for now.

      • That’s what first alerted me to them – your comment. But it was so incredibly hard to track down any info on them!

    • They seem to have been very inconsistent these gift sets – or, at least, tracking down the information on them was really hard! Not everyone seems to have got them, and they never appeared on the US eStore.

      Yay, glad to hear that you got one of the Halloween beads! I’m just sticking with My Boo for now, but I was tempted by the cat. :D

  4. Why is it that here in the UK we miss out on so many of the promotions and the only way that we can get some of the GWP items is when they are for sale on eBay at grossly inflated prices and usually with considerable postage charges as they have to come from USA.

    • You are right! I live in the UK too, and since finding this blog, I also noticed that we don’t get very many offers here :( But since I discovered the outlet section on the Pandora UK website, it is very hard not to buy any of the very lovely sale items! Have been buying few pieces from the sale since August this year and I bought 2 letter pendants from there today for my Mum & myself! Now I will definitely wait until Christmas to purchase a Disney charm.

      Ellie, thank you for updating us through your blog :)

      • Yes, I love that they have a permanent outlet section online for us now! It is rather fun to have a mosey through and see what’s on offer – although dangerous! Enjoy your letter pendants ^^

        You’re welcome, thanks for commenting!

        • My letter pendants arrived today, having ordered them on Saturday afternoon so very impressed with the delivery! The letters look lovely in real, and I recommend adding them to your collection :D

    • We actually get more at the moment than we have in recent years… :( but yes, the US and Canada have historically always had more than us!

      • I was able to take part in the US 40% off sale recently from the UK:
        I didn’t know that Pandora E store US would accept a UK credit card but it did and I was able to get the items shipped to a US address that is a neighbour of where I am staying on holiday in Florida later in the year.
        I ended up saving almost 50% on a mesh bracelet, Pandora signature open bangle and Pandora clip (the one like the clasp on the bangles. I was so pleased. £160 worth for about £85.
        I’m hoping to sort out a system with the same neighbour in which I can ask her to post to me from the US throughout the year and me then send her the postal cost so I can continue to take advantage of the US promos

  5. As you say staying on the staight and narrow is too tough and I´ve being good since September, so it´s time to treat myself to a couple of new charms ;)

    • Above all because I want more charms from the autumm collection than I had first decided and the winter release is only a week(?) away ;)

    • Sounds like it’s more than time Marie! ^^ I’ll admit that I still have some Autumn beads left to get too, though, haha. Shimmer Stripe muranos and the Pudsey bear.

      And the club charm from spring! So I’m really behind! :P

  6. I saw some of those gift sets in the 40% off sales as well. Didn’t get any of them, as I already owned some component of the set. Heading in to my local Pandora store tomorrow since I’m now back home. Hope they have the Halloween charms!

    • Ah, fingers crossed! Stock of the Halloween charms have also been super inconsistent. I hope you find them!

  7. So excited to see the next Disney release has been brought forward – but it is so bad for my budgeting! I am going to get Bambi and Thumper, and I have wanted the Frozen muranos for ages, so I think I will have to space them out. I know I will want the Christmas ornament GWP, so I think I will follow your idea Ellie and save up my purchases for that – but it will be difficult to stay out of the Pandora shop for that long!

    • I know, isn’t it terrible? I got Bambi ahead of time, too, and now I want to go back and get Thumper. I have this little space marked out for him opposite Bambi on my bracelet, and the Pandora store is a fifteen minute walk from where I’m staying. The temptation is real! ? I think the UK’s ornament GWP should start on 2 November, so it’s not too long to wait…

  8. Hi ellie hope you had a good week off work, I had the week off too. It’s strange that the Disney collection was released earlier I can’t wait to see the new pieces there all so cute. I will most probly be doing the promo even thought I shouldn’t lol. Thanks for the updates ellie.

    • Hi Nicola! My week off work starts next week, so I’ve still got it to look forward to ^^ Yes, I was surprised, too – not sure why that was! Aha, glad to hear you’re also being tempted by the promos. I ended up doing the Disney clutch GWP even though I originally had absolutely zero intention of taking part lol!

      You’re welcome, thanks for commenting Nicola!

  9. Hi Ellie

    I took part in our promo twice lol. The first week the promo ran I bought myself Two rose charms to get the free bracelet, which is now the beginnings of my Rose bracelet. Then, when I received an email that they had extended the offer I couldn’t help myself I bought the Rose Essense bracelet and the spacer charm to start my first Essence bracelet. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing with the free bracelet, but I’m sure something will be on it in 2018. Like so many others it’s really hard to be good, as much as I’m wanting quite a bit from the next release as I have a vintage blue bracelet to finish off, I’m going to try to be good and wait for our next promo in Dec. Hopefully there is a unexpected promo before then lol.
    Thanks Ellie and I hope you had some R&R in your week off.

    • Hi Janelle! Well, I don’t blame you at all, as it was such a good offer! If I’d been able to take part here, I’d have been tempted to get the all-Rose bracelet :) sounds like you got some lovely pieces (I really like the Rose collection) – and believe me, one always seems to think of something to go on a new bracelet! I’ve done that a couple of times, and then you suddenly notice an older bead that you hadn’t thought of before, and a whole new design pops into your head ^^

      Thanks for commenting Janelle, and enjoy your new Pandora Rose pieces!

  10. Aww Bambi & Thumper! I wish I’d known before I went shopping earlier in the week-but do I go back and buy them now or wait until the Xmas GWP like I was going to? Decisions! I didn’t purchase anything from the original Disney release because I didn’t particularly like anything (apart from the GWP! typical)I will probably take part in the ring promo as that will mean my Christmas shopping is done.

    • I know, this is what I was struggling with! In the end, I caved and got Bambi. I might even go back and get Thumper. I know that I can get the Shimmer Stripe muranos and a couple of the Winter beads to make up the spend, so it wouldn’t be a disaster – just way more money than I meant to spend originally!

      sounds like a plan with the ring promo! I don’t think I’ll get anything, but it is a good xmas shopping opportunity!

  11. Does the limited edition charm come with an exclusive box like you originally stated? :) if so do you have pictures of it?, tempted to get it soon.

    • That box was from the Australian market, but I was told that the box art wasn’t final and might change- I haven’t had an update on that since I’m afraid. In the US it will come with a dark green charm box, which matches the gift packaging for this year :)

  12. Hi Ellie,
    Just received an e-mail from Pandora – Canada’s event:
    October Earring Event! Starting October 26-29 receive a FREE pair of PANDORA earrings with your purchase of $150 or more. Receive a FREE PANDORA Jewellery box with earrings valued at $65 or more.

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